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Koudansha Good!Afternoon
Tsutomu Mizushima Michiko Yokote Reiko Yoshida
Kunio Tsujita
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Yuusuke Kobayashi
Asami Seto
Ai Kayano
Ayako Kawasumi
Rie Kugimiya
Shiori Izawa
Shiina Natsukawa
Asakura Momo
Natsumi Hioka
Iida Yuko
Sayaka Oohara
You Taichi
Kana Asumi
Ai Matayoshi
Mari Shiraishi
Yuka Kuroda
Miyuki Sawashiro
Mamiko Noto
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Noriko Shitaya
Harumi Sakurai
Mai Ishihara
Ikumi Hayama
Yuiko Tatsumi
Yuka Saitou
Aya Hirano
Japan Released:2014/01/05(Sun) 22:30-23:00 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV / End:2014/03/23
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2017/01/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24964 Host:25036 Browser: 4721
[good point]
It is a truly Mizushima work.
Both OP and ED are good, but there is a possibility that ED may cause poisoning symptoms, in particular.
It is built tightly as one course of 12 stories, and it is beautifully summarized though it is not completed.
There is personality irrespective of ally or side of the enemy, and characters are standing.
Enemy's beast ears are giving good taste!

[Bad point]
Although I have not said this, I strongly wanted you to describe in detail the relationship between the encounter of the hero and the fireball village, the part of the identity of the Princess.
As a result, it seems that some people feel that the contents of the final stage are indigestion difficult to understand in watching with only animation?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
First of all it was fun.

It was rare as a recent one cool work, it was firmly incorporated.
The voice actor was luxurious in some places, and the beast ear and sister who plays the gag part, the heroine of the natural, the naive knowing? And the enemy ally and the ally have strong settings ... or if it thinks well, there is no serious character .
Everyone of the characters may have been a gag part (laugh)
Moreover, I still feel that it was a stable Mizushima director's work that finished 12 episodes without becoming Gudaguda yet.

Ultimately, because it is one course so it was obviously not all completed and hints and mysteries remained,
I was satisfied because I ended up delimiting in a good way.
Personally, I do not like the style that I will not be able to complete the animation of today's animation, but it made me think that this work is meant to pursue with the original for the first time.

Lastly, as an aside, it was seen in the OP that Mr. Keiji Goto was in charge of a storyboard in the number of talks on the way.
There was also a memorable part in those who were in charge of character design such as Martian Battleship Nadesico's Hoshino Ruri.

Evaluation is very good.

2017/01/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36121 Host:35946 Browser: 5171
"All of them are witches"
Gakuen Witch Fantasy.
Cool heroine who is big tits but blatantly does not make it crapy is fun. Elbow injury ...
The story is so impressive, well organized. Although the balance between comical and serious is good, the development of the last stage was impressed too much by the bomb demon weekend. I think that the way to draw weekend is a little more comical.
Tsukkomi was good as the personality of the hero. It is a feeling that this ordinary character is alive because it is only Bokechara around. Also, my sister character was interesting.
The fine production was interesting and the tempo was also good. Also, the visuals were packed with very charming anime-like charm.
There were a lot of characters, and some characters were not drawn sufficiently, but unexpectedly there was no dissatisfaction or unnaturalness. Maybe because the depiction was polite even if there were few turns. Also, it was funny being drawn carefully until it seems like a magician. I want a figure of Fukui.

2016/12/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21278 Host:21162 Browser: 10229
Already laughing awfully On the way In the middle This is a high-temp comedy to think that it is 5 minutes anime and watching seriously as if I remember thinking whether I was scattered lots of laughter in various places I'm really busy animals Seeing other people's impressions There is also quite a few impressions that I could not laugh at all when I was doing, so I can taste preferences.

2015/09/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11232 Host:10980 Browser: 4721
It is a witch child full of nonsense gags.
Characters and settings that appear are unexpected and very funny.
The background of the era is like the Showa era.
The opening theme song is good, and the ending is also interesting.
Mr. Takahiro Tani got irritated by her stance too much.
Because of the story of nonsense gag, it is painful to understand because the talk is crowded.
Moreover, since most of them are fighting, there is little ties of facts, which makes it harder to understand the story.
In the second half, I can hardly understand the meaning.
I have not even completed it.

The evaluation is [very bad].

2014/12/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
The heroine is good not to take over too much. The surrounding characters are functioning so much and making an overall atmosphere.
While deciding to restore the world in exchange for the final story and life, what about the hero who warms like a kiss? While life and death are being questioned ...
Other than that it was fun.

2014/11/20 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8274 Host:8168 Browser: 8937
As this work is a "monochrome fighting heroine" work, it seems that it was recently being broadcast, so as the setting of the work I tried to watch, the hero is like the owner of something terrible magical power, it is the enemy As the organization is targeting it,
The heroine is a work that struggles fighting gently and protects its hero, the work itself is similar to "Shakugan no Shana" It is also the magic of the heroine in terms of the magic of the heroine, and battles with the enemy Even so, because it releases the basic flame, it can be said that it is similar

However, very unfortunately, the impression for this work is "boring normally" ... really, that's just it. Originally, my own hands of "hand-fighting heroine" series works are As a genre, I like it very much,
Among them, I really like the situation "women fight to protect men" (of course, likes the reverse)
To put it briefly, again, although it is solid, because "a woman fighting evil for the one you love" is a principle that personally feels very beautiful,
Recently this work, "Fighting heroine" series works also highly valued work is quite a lot Of course, although it is also a good work that female characters fight purely regardless of protecting someone else,
After all, personally, I prefer the heroine to fight for loved ones (hero) in a situation-like manner

Although this work is also a work of the same situation, I thought that the reason I felt so terribly boring was the point of "(1) depiction of heroine" "(2) depiction of enemy"

Regarding the former, this work of this hand that I personally liked, this "depiction of the heroine" is still very important in evaluating the work,
Even in this hand work that I highly appreciate, the point that is common to all works is that "the depiction of the heroine is very good." In particular, "why does the hero think the hero carefully?" , And the depiction of "the feelings of the heroine to the hero (and its relation)
It was essential as a work of this hand, it was really deadly that it was almost absolutely absent in the case of this work, first of all, at the time when it was erroneously warmed only by "mission" It is useless and it is not worthy of evaluation because it is almost impossible to describe the most important part, mostly, for example, in one episode, suddenly the main character is attacked by the enemy, the heroine rescues immediately , That question, "Why do you think that heroine will help the hero?"
In the case of this work, "You are disgustingly terribly disgusting," if you keep silent and helped me ("like a princess hold me!"), That's fine " Even though there is no explanation, even if you suddenly say, "You protect me! (__. 腴〓)", The story suddenly goes abruptly, I can not reach the scenario at all,
Even though this is the situation, there is no weight on the words themselves at all, even though it is called "I protect you! (__. 腴〓)" Or something scattered loudly, and there is no convincing power in the beginning In the first place as a problem of this work, Heroine is a reticent reticent heroine "problem,
Basically, there is little to put emotions on the table, but I said so, seriousness did not convey at all on the aspect of "feelings to the hero"
However, it was only visible to "Animation that the heroine only protects the hero" (animation which is done only by form)
As she said, "I will do my best because there was something in the past in the past"
If so, it should be inserted in the work "About the past editing the relationship between the hero and the heroine", and there was almost none about that part as well,
The relation between the hero and the heroine is not felt at all, it is a problem Also, even if the hero has a great power, there is almost no concrete explanation about it, so said, "Why, the hero Do you have a great power? "
Even so, I think that it was a problem in the early stages of the scenario, I think that it is a problem All of them are not watching and listening, so I do not know what will happen at the end, but this kind of important thing should be tightly explained in the early stage It would be fun to watch it for the first time if it is not so)
I mentioned somewhat also in other works, but the work that I think was good with this work recently is "Mahoromatic ___"
You should explain and describe more specifically, "Why do you attach that to the hero?" Or "Why do you think to protect the hero?"
You should also draw a lot more of the depiction of the heroine's thoughts towards the hero (more "Shakugan no Shana" "Mai-HiME" was also good, if not so, the work of this hand is not fun)
I can only think of escorting the hero only by his mouth, and simply speaking, it can only be seen as a "heroin thing that does not have content", but it can only be seen as a work. Through the hero, If not, it is not popular in this site, but "Shakugan no Shana" "Quicer of the Stigmata" is a good work at all "Especially my feelings towards the main characters are not painting" Especially, the heroine is not a thing to grow ", it was this work,
Anything, anything, with the word of "free mission" "mission", at the time of clearing up everything, I can not have a favorable impression on the work As described above, the very important thing in the "work that protects someone" is " Thoughts to those who do "" How does a person trying to protect affect the person's behavior and psychology?
Descriptions about this neighborhood were contents not worthy of arguing, so it was personally not a shit to fuck (I can not draw psychological changes of herself through the hero, etc.)

Although it becomes the latter person at last, the reason why you can not like this work is because "it is not the charm of an enemy character", it can be thought of as a haste first If it is another example, "Anpanman" There are abnormally many enemy characters like Bikin 'Man in this work, there is no individuality in Omake, and there are many useless characters,
Most of the enemy characters were similar small objects, I was a little disgusted (as I was saddened, the on parade of small objects)
Seriously, in analogy with "Anpanman", people who brought their bamboo man to 10 people and others,
Even if we fought against the enemy, seriously, it was nori like "Anpanman vs. Bikinman" and it was not interesting at all
In addition, although this work is a work involving magic, witch and such kind of system,
For some reason, if you are watching that there were several super-meaning unexplainable developments that "giant stuffed animals battle each other and evade the city", seriously, "What is this anime?" (Taka, it is no longer related to magic and witches),
In the middle of the work, there are many developments with mixed cold gags, so I also hate it because there were also super-meaning unknown deployment like this, just simple, "Although the author likes big Robo, Robo Because it does not match the view of the world, it will inevitably make the stuffed animal enlarged and I will fight against the pseudo robot "It seems only as an implicit indication

Although it is above, still, in this work of "fighting heroine" system, "How to draw a heroine?" Is extremely important,
Especially, as in this work, if "heroine is the work protecting the hero", the depiction of "the feelings of the heroine to the hero (and the depiction of that relationship)" is extremely important, but in the process, It seems that heroine seems to protect the hero only by his mouth and face-up,
Also in the relationship between these two things, it is not a thing that can be said to be quite a good thing, the main character is useless even though it is not useful,
The heroine was also a heroine, as a hero who fought this hand, it was totally unattractive. The heroine of this work actually sets the female character I personally love, "fighting heroine" "busty breast" What is it?
As a heroine, despite getting a huge advantage, I could not feel any dust at all in this work because of her charm and goodness,
For the heroine of this work, "There is nothing like a word" (^ 〓〓^) ", which means that there are so many good conditions, (in a sense, it is terrible!) (I do not know seriously this merit of this girl seriously) )
In the early stage, there was a scene to make her kill her girls studying bad students, which was actually a trap,
At that point, when she ordinarily abandoned girls students, it was no longer felt favorable for this heroine (whether it was not anything other than the main character, Yukino of the future diary)
So, as a "monochrome fighting heroine" mono work, this work is definitely a bottom piece work as compared with the work mentioned recently, and as a person I could not enjoy at all, at least, as far as to watch this work If you do, it would be better to watch another piece of this work

Although it is a digression, as I thought by viewing this work, the view of the world of this work is nature, the age of the hero and the heroine should be higher on the heroine Magic is involved in the world view If you do, those who set themselves in nature have an impact as a work, and from the height difference between the hero and the heroine, you should make the heroine an older heroine. Although it is full marks, although it is a story of such a system like magic or witch,
Basically, it was disgusting that it was a view of the world like the city (I think the stage is like a country but the countryside does not seem to be a country)

2014/07/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2202 Host:2306 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Various characters and characters. Many characters do not dislike.
It is ED.

[Bad point]
In the end what was it like? I only expanded the setting, but I do not seem to collect it at the moment.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Yes. Miyoshima Tsutomu's directive that seemed to be director, work such as character shaping that can not be disliked, animation of characters, etc.
Although the work itself is an orthodox harem thing, the position in which the hero's sense is rather protected like a heroine and the other works are in a position where the position is reversed between men and women.
I also do not get tired of seeing characters as diamonds with serious elements, gag characters.
However, among the 1 cool works, three powers of Chronoir, Medusa and Weekend came out, and there were also a lot of friendly sides, but there was not much explanation about it, and it took some time before the power figure could be understood It is a shame that there were some things just like to just came to do episodes without collecting much of that relationship above.

2014/06/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32210 Host:32238 Browser: 5666
It is a type of work that I do not see much in terms of setting.
It is neither a lily nor a harem. (Although I thought that Aya Fire's surrounding was the princess, perhaps because it seems that there is no romantic feeling, it is judged that it is not a hundred)
The man 's hero was a witch and fought while being protected by a girl' s Aya Fire.
Ikki is a girl with a good style and a relatively good girl and it is a sister type and it is far from the mainstream of the modern age. It looks beautiful, beautiful, the profile is dignified and the shoulder width is wide and the line of the body is peculiar, so the model of appearance Personally, I thought that these women are also good. In the battle or the like it is not impatient to respond to calm and it is a feeling of insensibility It is a flaw in the ball, but still I think that the figure that does its best is cool.
Just a feelingless feeling is calm when the other woman is about to take the power of the cluttered but it is quite good for showing how to show jealousy in the inside as it is unusual

Although it is a type that looks weak in appearance, it is a type that is weak and weak, but I thought about my sister being harassed by herself and thinking of helping a student who is tangled, and internally the sense of justice is strong I also like to do hot things.
I also like that kind of positive personality because I am desperately resisting to motivate mental attacks of enemy women and motivating them.
It is not a hot translation on the outside, but I personally think that feeling like a girl who supports girls as a girl behind the scene is rare, I think that feeling like a boy is nice and it is a role that a princess hugs or kisses and awakens Aya fire It also looks like a heroine by reversing real men and women. I do not know if it is good or bad, but it showed an unusual sight.

Battle is not saying why you do not understand why the battle is not to understand the translation Do not say that you are recording with pressing the stop button It is necessary to think whether it is correct whether it is correct or not contradictory It is a type of labor.
Moreover, since there is only one course, magic can not be made to be worn by hardships and hardships and it is becoming an ordinary cheat system ESP ability battle.
Even when I was pinch, I was doing such a thing behind the scenes in fact It was okay so I think that there are many other developments that are fine, after all ... honestly with honest feelings There is a way of saying how bad the way the words are said There is nothing felt as lullish It was an enemy with many dangerous characters in kitchen two animation and I could not feel brand newness in particular.
Drawing is very good and moving, there is power and there is a good depiction of the power of the blasting, so that only that point will be a charm point.

Although it is a confrontation over the power of a story in the story, since the battle color is few in the opening part, it is interesting and a comedy which is daily depiction is also funny and about half of one course was interesting. A new character such as a sister came out to a relatively early number of talks and the tempo is good, so it is not easy to get bored. However, after the second half battle battle color became deep, it was strong that the convenient development and I do not know well and it was not that funny.

Evaluation is "good" Occasionally boy supported while being protected by girls is not bad, too.
It is minus that the second half battle color becomes strong and it is not so interesting.

2014/06/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 534 Host:636 Browser: 4721
I felt like I was once again fascinated by the nori peculiar to this work, while feeling the goodness of an ordinary - that is, an orthodox thing again, I was enjoying listening from the beginning to the end as soon as I noticed it.

First of all, I was impressed by the heroine.
A Japanese-style beauty with a long black hair honed face. But my heart cuts out of the standards. While looking at the physical characteristics, the contents were great.

That's right, it's cool day.
Even though I do not show embarrassed expression, the behavior against the hero is very sweet. Although there was never a smile in the main course in the main course, it is.
"I do not know what I'm thinking" from the impression of "this heroine" "Thinking only about the hero, this heroine" many words of action. I was struck by this really cool deal.

With such a girlfriend, this work is only a character whose affection is coming up.
Kasumi [Sister is justice] on the ground. A bit strange tsundere, saying that there are only delays in action though the remarks are tight. I'm embarrassed and I'm not waking up. It was something fresh.

The KMM group was mainly shining as a comedy staff. They who appeared as the first thugs to target the hero. That private life is fun with the feeling like ordinary school girl high school student who does not feel like Kagari 's "a witch of evil".
The reason for aiming at the main character is also from the desire to use the teacher who is longing for it, no matter how many times he fails in his duty, every time he releases stress with a game named Reflection Society, he wants to see it next. Indeed the guts are settled down. It is lovely around where you care about targeting what you care.

Kasumi is suggesting to help first at the time of pinching, and devising the next strategy in the KMM group of the resignation mode, Osamu Suzu is an adult appearance and the actual personality is modest, but he asserts I firmly insist on sharing scenes while being shy. lovely.

It is too bad that I can not say anything about the rest of the three, but still it was made to make it say "KMM team was cute" 〓〓〓
Oh, I like Torigetsu the best in appearance. It seems to be serious, but it is such a tough thing that it is easy to flow.

Also, the villains of this work are not limited to just those who have changed.
Probably the original one is going to be rasubosu Chronoir has appeared from the early stage with Wari and speaking mainly on comedy staff is what you do with the animated feature. It is too unexpected. Why are you tortured in the middle stage?
Mr. Kugimiya's acting is also brilliant. While thinking out a little devilishly there is a calm voice, I think that the unknownness of the acquaintance was expressed. He is a person who can make fine arts.

Medusa with petrification capability is a boss-minded boss who loves his men as daughters. Well, usually it is a person who sees only a subordinate as a piece, and if the hero of an ordinary person gets mad when it comes to that idea ... And at first it thought, but those who like this work well if I think well Because it would not want such a development for this work, it matches with this.
Also, Mr. Medusa, the ribbon of the head when human being is cute.

Week end which became the rasubosu of this animation. It is rare that he is one of the best minded brains in the work.
It is perfect as a character against the heroine of cheat spec. Since the surroundings are all gorgeously pushed characters, their behavior reflects freshly. It is not the side that the protagonists are not trying to capture, but the deployment that the enemy turned to the side to capture is not usually seen much.

This work which all the people with such a habit are complete. Naturally the story can not be an ordinary thing.
The introduction part is a story that should have been ordinary. It is deployment that "it is"! "That the number of thugs increases to five at the end of B part.
I think that four people have already been caught and undergoing torture already in the next round ww It is too unexpected.

Even after that, I went to the weekend edition without boredom with continuous unexpected episodes.
Finally, I became like an ordinary magical fantasy. I thought that the promised development of a kiss to the heroine ... ... and even though the kiss was a kiss, it also showed a different place here as well.
After being settled the case is extreme. Kuronoiru make a weekend that scoffed the hero awfully hard. Besides, they are the strongest candidates in confrontation with her. In addition, my mother will win.
Perhaps after that, I think that the weekend was tortured by the ugly face of the face ... ....

I wrote a variety of things, but the thing that I like most is that it can be enjoyed without knowing the settings.
A great force is sealed in the hero and a bad mage attacks it aiming at it.
The heroine of the strongest protects from the hand of such a demon.
Just know the minimum setting of that, you can enjoy the rest. Because it's a basic comedy.
Rather, I admired that the setting of a true fantasy thing is functioning as a stage for a comedy. Even with the same setting, the impression will change like this one way, one way to show it ... ....
If it was made seriously according to the setting, it was probably only an ordinary work.

The setting which is not revealed in this work is neither a mystery nor hints in the first place.
What happened between the hero and the heroine? What is the true purpose of Chronoir and Medusa?
Who is Evermion?
They are not very important things.

For whatever reason, it is fully transmitted that Kagari is the main character, even if it is not revealed.

Although I have seen what I have seen, it is a work I have not seen. That's it.

2014/06/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27205 Host:27132 Browser: 4682
As SKYP Corporation became HD compliant, I updated the receiver, so I could watch AT-X for free for 2 weeks because it was a trial period, but this work was being broadcast during that period I have tried it.

I was able to enjoy it more than I had anticipated.
It may be that the heroine 's Mr. Tsurigori was a cool cool woman with a long body covered in a key point.
I am vulnerable to a long body cool heroine such as Himemiya Chiken's sound of "Kannazuki no Miko" or Hanazono Hanamakana of "Strawberry Panic" or "Blue Steel Arpeggio" congo.

[good point]

At first I thought that it would be a medieval Japanese disease magic anime but it was easy to swallow as a reasonable explanation of the view of the world and he liked Mr. Tsurigori of the heroine, so attracted I could listen to the end.

The depiction of the battle scene was also fancy and thrilling, and the last 4 episodes were dragged into the screen with a sense of urgency.

It was likable that it was a type of hot-blooded boy who managed to catch up with Mr. Tsurisato, not being a hero who kept the main character 's multi - Kaitomiya being kept.

It is also interesting that popular voice actors who often play the role of regular heroine such as Rie Kugimiya, Miyuki Sawashiro, Aya Hirano played different types of villains, respectively.

Also ED songs are really funny.
It matches exactly the image that the KMM group is being tortured and it is a burst of laughter

There is a point to worry about, but since the answering machine (cassette tape type) of a long time ago came out because of the speech and the next notice such as "You should hit the police from the public phone", the era in this work Perhaps it is not around 1978 - 1986?

[Bad point]

There are too many characters.
Even though only five of the Kemomi group (KMM group) can not draw a character, three people of Chronoise Six and Star group and the witches of the workshop and their surroundings and guys who are impolite are going to pull in, so the latter half is extremely I got a messy impression.

Even though Mr. Mizushima's previous work "Girls & Panzer" has too many characters, each person's impression has become thinner but in this work the feeling that the bad place is getting worse.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Almost entirely in the drama under fire of the heroine of the fire full of heroines, so it is possible to recommend it to those who want to be scared.
Even with bare hands that do not use magic on invulnerability, they are capable owner who can destroy powerful enemies.

I think that scenes of urban warfare and magical warfare by 3DCG are also powerful and I think that there is no loss even if you see it in your free time.
Evaluation is unlimitedly close to ordinary [good]

2014/06/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 832 Host:564 Browser: 7916
[good point]
〓〓〓Thorough reversal of gender. The reverse princess Hold from the husband, jumps the cliffs first and raises his / her hand up to the scene where you often see it with animation. It is fresh when thoroughly done so far.
〓〓〓No expansion can be read. There were many surprises many times.
I do not have time to think like anything anyway.

〓〓〓KMM team who gets ridiculed w
〓〓〓Kasumi. Bracon, stalker, mean sister raped all three sisters.
I am sorry for loving beautiful women.
〓〓〓There is no choice but to praise that ED.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓Does everyone have a long face? Especially the fire spirit fire.
I am sorry that I did not feel so beautiful though it is a favorite combination of black hair long and cool.

〓〓〓The way to get through the pinch is actually behind and it is just like fire - spy fire like this.
I felt a little dull.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The setting is mediocre but I can not read the development at all. Such a work.

Fire spirit fire is suddenly sweet in the hero anyway, so it is a must - see for women to be spoiled w

But .. How does the feeling of the man held by the opposite princess?
Although I'm happy, I'm afraid I will lose something important as a man.

2014/06/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10292 Host:10246 Browser: 7912
Original unread. An animation-like work produced by JCSTAFF.

After creating the academy action system, it was a wonderful production and animation work called JCSTAFF.

Recommended anime for those who like the view of the world of Chanas and indexes.

Just personally, heroine and sister's character design could not be spoiled.

I can not see animation without emotion if I can not be spoiled by the character design of the heroine. . . Because the heroine is a setting of enormous popular characters at the school. . .

Personally, it was a high-score animation.

Very beautiful graphics as animation were impressed.
Because there was a story and laugh, there was also a part made deeply, so it was good.

Personally high evaluation is also casting the voice actor, Kugimiya Voice and Hirono Aya.

Overall, with a good evaluation.

2014/04/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 396 Host:308 Browser: 8831
Original unread.

The first impression was that various parts were huge Shana.
Although the hero often lost consciousness, it was made to be strange even in the serious scene, but it was also interesting to use the easiest loser in the last one.
There are also a lot of technical terms and characters, it is hard to perfectly understand, but various witches are aiming at the great power that many Takaomiya kun (the hero) has, and Mr. Tsuritsuri (heroine) I think that it is enough to understand that it protects it by being on your own. If you look at those cute, interesting and such things, you can enjoy this work with nature.

Based on that, I'd like to especially praise the good point of this work is the goodness of tempo.
Taking two episodes which is the most prominent, a scene where my sister tells Masamiya Kun a phone call from Mr. Tsuriga. We start talking with the sister already in front of the hero who is carving wood carving in the room, and Kazo Takahiro who takes off the handset is drawn in the next cut ( Even if it is mostly a gag work, I will describe the face up of the hero before that). And in the next moment is in the meeting place. I think that there is not much in this waste.
The family scene was also good. While the waitress and Mr. Tsurigori are talking, Takahiro Kun who struggles against the frozen parfait is drawn on the back and draws the two things at the same time, so there is no waste and the screen is interesting. The visual production is excellent.
This time, the chief director and the witch acted by Rie Kugimiya were also talking about at a family lesson, but it was fun to know the preference of the character by what kind of menu was ordered or how much sugar is put in the coffee.
Do not say something like "Do not put too much sugar!" In the dialogue, it is good to know the personality by watching the screen. I think this also has a positive effect on the goodness of the tempo.
Although I remembered with the meal, I was expressing the personality with the meal that appears on the screen even in the same story of Mizushima Tsutomu's "Girls & Panzer". It is the amount of rice, the difference of side dishes etc. (However, the position of chopsticks is injured).

Talking back to this work, 4 talks were also interesting. That is a monster wrestling, is not it? I thought that I saw a scene where a monster walked through the clearance of the building. The production of this time is "Taisho baseball girl. "Takashi Ikebata was somewhat surprised as to do this kind of thing.
Anyway, say monster wrestling and say rabbit army corps, this work is good at using CG. ED's silhouette was also good. It is nice to hear Mizushima's ED stick. Bright and bad taste (laugh). Perhaps the director himself is in charge of the script for up to 5 episodes, was he making this work with a stork?

However, although serious is not bad, since this work was attracted to the bright part and the direction of gag and was watching it, it is also true that the final stage had a little boredom and disappointing thought. However, I think that there were many sights such as rasubosu who cunningly wanders, battle scenes that often moves, and so on.
Director himself wrote the final story for a while afterwards, it was a wonderful work, just as I was in charge of directing. A kiss poundingly transmitted from a gossiping love affair.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Since it turned back again in the last round, it is somewhat sweetly "good" side "very good". Ryosaku can taste Mizushima taste to the extent that it is not so poisonous.

2014/04/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48962 Host:49032 Browser: 7465
[good point]
Ending: Good minor characters and talented tortured songs and good expressions
Footage: Although there is no technical knowledge, it is good that there are quite a lot of dynamic images

[Bad point]
Character: Each character has its own features, but how many minutes are too many

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it understands saying the original unread reading character it is a little outright expression of fire spirit fire a little overwhelmed it was able to enjoy it somewhat It was not striking ... It was not something like that ...

2014/03/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18598 Host:18642 Browser: 9673
[good point]
The theme song .. I heard somehow fun from ED about 6 episodes ...
Character fairly Well picture design

[Bad point]
It is impossible as a grip as for the bully part of the beginning ...

It is exaggerating to say that it is bad, but the story is dark fancy fantasy?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I am looking forward to seeing it in the notice and hurdle is individually raised too much and it is rather expensive, so it was pretty unique, so I could not cut it a little bit .. But I thought that the heroine's bond face was good.
Well, I think that development that is protected by "older sister with older style" (school's Madonna) is quite good considering from the student's main point of view .. As a sister likes this kind of situation is enviable, Deployment is dizzy, but it is enviable to be protected by a beautiful older sister, so sweet eyes are "good". (If you think that there are many people thinking that you can protect a woman!), Since it is a longing to the last in a situation ..)

2014/03/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17515 Host:17466 Browser: 10345
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was very good from episode 1 on the heroine of Takamiya-kun and Mr. Yandere plenty. There were times when it seemed that explanation was insufficient as halfway information was cluttered, but I enjoyed it as feeling that it was a gag round that faked as serious development to the end. It is expected for the second term.

2014/03/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22619 Host:22769 Browser: 4180
[good point]
- A well-designed setting and a story, and a lot of variety of rich characters are characterized. It is amazing just to have an amount of characters that can be said to be unusual as one cool animation, but in addition to that, it is amazing because it finishes the stories that they weave firmly in a logical sense. We are developing a battle between witches that swirl like that in such a way, with a scene that makes us feel ridiculous somewhere.
〓〓〓hile using the witch as a theme, the color of the pretty image with pops throughout the work.There are also many designs. I think that it was turned into a work of friendly impression overall.
〓〓〓rawing is high quality on the whole. Especially the magazine's drawing was pretty interested and it was supposed to be powerful.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓here is no delay in deployment, the feeling that the story is being forcibly pressed is becoming stronger. The scenario itself is well thought and it is interesting in that sense, but because of expansion and character as much as you can put in the setting anyway, the tone of the character is odoring on the whole, "just I will give you the impression that the story goes forward in front of you. "
- Although the story goes down one step at a time, it is still over in the future and it can hardly be said that it is becoming refreshed to enjoy it by itself.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Director: Tsutomu Mizushima. A medieval high school student, Taikyuan Temple is a classic Madonna from a disciplinary work.I know that fire spirit fire is a witch and it will be protected by her from the evil hand from various people.

The feature of this work will be that there are many characters anyway. A lot of characters come out that I can not imagine a very cool animation. According to that, the settings that lurk behind it increase, but this setting is quite elaborate again. Of course, the story becomes complicated accordingly, but it is interesting also because it has become a reasonable development in chitin and its work world. It was such a totally bustling work and there was also a visual image of pop witches, and it was also impressive that there was a comical atmosphere somewhere even in a serious scene.

On the contrary, I could not say that making the atmosphere was not very good. I think that the story is done well, but overall I have packed up episodes and characters entirely, and as a result it has fallen into a state of information overload considerably. A lot of serifs of explanation tone, rather than showing a story, it turned out that it was better to say that it is imposing a story.

Although it is not bad as a story, I think that it is a work that had been killing a lot of characteristics of the fun of the story itself and the characteristics of the media such as animation, although the restlessness is the busyness through the whole. Where I wanted to trim excess amount of information just because there is solid personality.
Evaluation is "better" than usual.

2014/03/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31652 Host:31778 Browser: 9580
I watch it with the mouth that fits into Mizushima director with "Garpan".

[good point]
A picture. design.
Nori at the beginning.

[Bad point]
Bullying depiction (not bad good, not preference)
A lot of characters.
Being not completed.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
While listening to the positional inversion of heroes and heroines, hero Takamiya is the owner of a hidden talent and "who has". Meanwhile, the heroine was personally interested in having a magnificent power inflation from the barefoot, as strong as strong from the beginning. On the other hand, it was interesting that the last enemy (with animation) himself is not a strong witch never.

Because the impact of the psycho sister and psycho sister in the heroine who drowss Takamiya was great, it was the main story of the end of the dispute that broke out, I felt nostalgic for the first half while I was a story. At the very least the last time I wanted to see the beginning of the early days (as I wanted to see the changes in the relationship between the two main people after the fight).

Although characters are many, although each personality is strong enough to be distinctive, it is pleasing to identify, but it is too bad that the amount that can be torn apart from the main cast is overwhelmingly inadequate, the personality and individual abilities have not been seen (for that reason, I wanted to read the original, and I wanted to see the sequel of animation ...).

However, as it was felt everywhere with fun and uplifting feeling of watching paintings such as pro-wrestling battle between stuffed animals, outgoing dress of unique witches, rich colors, catharsis of fierce destruction and flying in the sky It was a work that I enjoyed very much.

Evaluation is "good" while expecting a sequel.

2014/03/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19992 Host:20147 Browser: 5171
[good point]
A flashy battle between witches
A scene that fly in the air with a broom
The boy 's Takahara palace is a girl, hero and heroine' s position of reversing that he is hugged in fire
.OP Theme Song
Mr. Tsurigori who is serious but he is too strong and becomes a gag
Comical movements of bear and rabbit soldiers (?)

[Bad point]
Although it will be restored, the city is destroyed too much
Just a little scraping ED animation Do not copy it even if you make a mistake (lol)
The composition of bullying is bad mood Well I guess early, but the main is not there

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was interested in how to draw magic as animation,
This work was firmly drawing in the picture.
So the scene using magic was very spectacular.

The interesting thing is that Taiwan Palace is gently reluctant and indecisive, fire spirit fire is fierce, aggressive and pushy,
It is the opposite composition to ordinary story.
I think that this will be a social gender difference (gender) rather than gender (sexuality)
Because there is a gap in the person setting of the image of the side and the story there,
It is creating a unique one.
Personally I enjoyed watching it.

I want to watch this story talk with animation if I can.
I think that there are parts where the circumstances are too good,
Because it showed us a fun and spectacular work,
I will evaluate the highest.

2014/03/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27550 Host:27619 Browser: 4894
Frame of the current term "Ah, why did you see it?" Frame. The reason is described later.

I do not know the original, but maybe it is probably the original work. The picture is pretty, but when asked if it is interesting as a cartoon ... I feel like a work like it. The animation is brilliant, the picture is beautiful and moves well, so why do not you say what?

It seems like there are many settings, but in the end it is only a cheat of magic, and in the first place the existence of a witch is like a cheat in the first place. That neighborhood has not become an atmosphere anymore.
Witch's values 〓〓〓〓〓nd ways of thinking are also quite different from ordinary, but we do not treat it actively as a laugh but treat it as such. Taika Miya-kun originally abandoned the role as Tsukkomi in the first place.
The battle is also basically Ionazun one shot and the giant Nuigumi battle seemed to contain power, but if you turn backwards it is only that there is no place to put power into it.

Then, what did you see? Because the heroine was decided.
No, the girls character with Tappa is not rare, even though it is a minority. However, the heroine of this work is not just tall, it is deca.
Especially shoulder width is good. Eyes tend to be on the size of the chest (Personally, I think that a bit more modest is better), but her beauty is on her back from the shoulder. If you put on your hair and dress like a dress that opened your back boldly, you would shoot messed up.
The height is a measure that complements the beauty of a woman and does not hurt. No, with sufficient height it holds a proportionally proportioned proportion.
And if it comes with detailed face length (high fish eye taste also high points), what do you say without saying this as a beauty. Kinkin does not echo Downown voice is also good.

And it was only the work I was watching from simply because there was my favorite character. However, I think that it is quite risky to make a work with a distant model heroine in such mainstream. Was it wastefully hedging the risk that I was issuing a large number of supporting roles?

2014/03/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7884 Host:7844 Browser: 7910
Normally it is a story that battle seems to be the main story but this work seems to be serious and laughter is caught quickly.
It is a big characteristic that the air is made to be crowned and progressing while becoming Ayayya.
However, it is likely to be confused as to whether to receive it as a battle or a laugh.

[good point]
ED carries out a character by inheriting the series of Mizushima Tsutomu's Nukado Magical Girl series and puts it on torture.
Things that were right after I introduced myself at the end of one episode, although the supporting role will remain strikingly strong from the stand out, I think that it has more meaning than just playing.
It also helps to clearly show the direction of the work itself, along with the handling of the supporting role in the future.
In other words, this work shows that it is one thing to tell you that you should enjoy the parts other than main lines such as supporting characters and gags.

Also, although the battle enters, the aim of that fight is to let the witch of the tower dismiss and let the hero send an ordinary school life.
2 story "If you suffer, you should suffer with that kind of thing"
7 story "I will go to school together with any kind of hands"
It is told several times that normal life, such as nine stories "important things are at school" is important.

Even though it seems like a real story to fight as a development of the story, the main living as the result is mainly the main.
I think that this is overlapping with the usual loose air that makes us fighting while fighting.
It is the most important thing here that little neta sandwiched between places is a bit interesting.
It works very well about communicating where things are enjoyed.

[Bad point]
In the final stage there is a part where it is difficult to understand a sudden talk that "In fact, I could do such a thing in advance, I was preparing such a thing in advance".

2014/03/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18979 Host:18960 Browser: 4894
Viewed until the last episode. I do not read the original manga.
Recommended object: I want you to see the OP and ED of the work anyhow and I recommend you watch it if this nori match.

[good point]
Character stand of KMM group with Dandelion as a leader Witch statue drawn leaving cute places firmly
Production of OP.ED Pleasantly written with pastel colors and pleasures of movement

[Bad point]
There is a surprisingly complicated speculation for each power and it is interesting, but it also makes it difficult to understand.
Because there is not much explanation in the work, there is a part whose purpose can not be understood.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A strong heroine to the hero guarded. The witch-like atmosphere is outstanding. Although it is a feeling that is ridiculous, I have some ingenuity in how to set up characters, so I have firm elements.
It is a story of so-called witch's battle and it is a work that is loose and enjoyable with characters like a daily system.

One of the charm of this style is a witchcraft gesture and movement. A figure that fly across a border just a little exaggerated, and a figure riding a doll like a pretty gigantic Robo. Together with the glamor of coloring, this is the pleasure that characters move around.

The story itself is not very complicated, but the purpose of each witch is definitely chaotic with clear distinction and it is never easy to understand. However this is the root of the mysterious atmosphere where witches exist.
It is like a magical mechanism that it is interesting because everything is not explained, leaving good merit not to chew.

Among the characters in appearance, the existence of the dandelions KMM group of the bare-eye ear was especially good. As a result, she continues to stir the main story of Mr. Takahiro Takahiro who is just being helped to the extent that it does not have an influence, and is playing a clown role perfectly.
Its presence exists itself as a gag, giving a relieved relief.

And the flowing OP and especially the ED with the theme song expressly expresses the charm of this work which can not be put into words. Just watching it makes me realize that the synergistic effect of character image and world view is a work that draws well by animation. It was probably because the director grasped the interestingly that the director made it a cheerful piece that made the cuteness and craftiness of the witches cute, with a bright director not too serious.
I would like to say that the evaluation is "good". Just a little hateful, it is a work that you can enjoy a pretty witch's competition.

2014/03/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31059 Host:30950 Browser: 5949
[good point]
Theme song, especially ED is excellent.
Songs that the KMM group sings at karaoke are also excellent.
The main character was a boring character, but there were many charming characters in the supporting characters anyway.

[Bad point]
There seems to be a fresh impression that there is not a work that looks like a gusset if it looks at only the point of the overall picture and the world, so it was very enjoyable in the first half and I had expectation.
But as I went back to the second half I got dull. Though they have a lot of opponent characters on their supporting characters, they do not come out at all, such a late half.
It is just a scenario that only Taka Miya and Mr. Tsuritsu are taken out, it is a scenario where we are looping the development like without much twists. These two people are leading, but the design, personality and speech also lacked appeal. It is obviously losing in terms of appeal to the side of the supporting role. Probably, I think that it is great that the main character and the protagonist whose leading role plays an active role is shallow.
In the first half, because all the members were making a work regardless of the protagonist, all the members lived a good side and succeeded and the latter half took a spot on the lead players, so it might be that the shallowness of kneading became frightening and it became boring .

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Normally the hero's sister, KMM group and Chronoir were the charm of this animation. The first half appealed these characters funny and amusing. Although introduction and attraction were good, it was a pity that we did not do it until the end of the second half to sublimate it to the work.

2014/03/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48093 Host:47942 Browser: 11144
In this season there are many works triggered by this time evaluation. It is not because it is over since the base of this work is at the height of the level of 1 story 1 talk in the first half. What I do not care about the latter number talks is that it is different from an animation writer that the original work has an original work - the story is solid and it is because P and Mizushima director sees and judges it. I will not choose any work whose creator has been revealed. Just I can shift about 1 episode, but what about the front and back edits? Medium movie? I do not know but maybe I can expect. Perhaps because Mr. P's valve and Mizushima director, I do not think I will alter it aniori.

Well, why should we evaluate this time? Although it is a good place for this work, it is not remembered that it is not compelled to develop the story that accumulates that there is no tension in the battle. Its all dimensions are different. If so, did you want it to do seriously? It is not so simple, after all, the weak end makes the enemy better. After that the lightness that seems to be this work is not lost in a good meaning.

Although I do not know the original, although it is speculative, it has a considerably large added value as an animation. Director Mizushima is unexpectedly good at modifying. First of all, this person editing ability is high. Next, how to add value is good at attaching to animation without breaking the fundamentals of the original. After that it is normal to only add value added in that case, is there a coincidence in this work? It seems that added value is attached quite boldly. Whatever you think, I think that the video of intense action is overworked with animation, is not it? The movement is too violent. It is reconstructed with motion logic in video format. Manga is an imaginary aesthetic that reminds me of coma and coma. It is animation to make it a real aesthetic. That's pretty solidly done. A poor creator can only degrade what an imaginary aesthetic has. Actually this cartoon of aesthetic genius of this imagination is not an animation, it becomes a right choice. So I appreciate a thin advancing giant with a charm of painting. Probably not that level. Because this anime seems to be abnormal because it is too animated. Because it is a format of a robot battle or a battle of huge stuffed animals. Why is the original robot thing originated in cartoon but it does not develop in cartoons? Because it is boring because it is picturesque compared to the animation of the picture even if watching a robot with cartoons.

Yeah yeah, that was a favorite thing I liked the light content of the first half as I left it. But then it will be an animation that is good with normal animation but it is fun but memorable animation. At such a high level it was a high level, but that was changed 10 episodes. I just do not understand well. I can only say that it is good, because it is good. Because I thought that this dimension is different interesting ten stories.

Well the fun of the first half supports this animation. Where is not it well understood. Because I did not intend to evaluate until I saw this ten story. After watching and comfortable and watching it has a light satisfaction.

If you say it, dandelions are weak as enemies but they are cute. The other way is a way of disciplining the settings like Lanobe's original though it is original manga. Because I thought that the basic structure of Shanna and the world view resembled just as I saw it. The witch of the workshop looks exactly like Flame Haze. The witch of the tower looks just like a ladle. But because the fundamental part is said to be magic, freshness that the world view does not seem to be the same. Of course also the relationship between the hero and the heroine. I will shed a basic 1 episode 1 episode with a light comedy of a light touch.

I do not know what will happen from now until the end, but I see it as trustworthy from the sense that shows my unique maker.

2014/02/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2362 Host:2076 Browser: 7910
[good point]
Battle scenes drawing may be enthralled

Sister is cute


[Bad point]
Contents are broken down Honestly I can not keep up with it, I do not know what I mean, I flew too far in a bad direction, this is a place I can enjoy so much if I try it as a gag

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is "normal"
Well ... I feel like I can not see it

2014/02/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45203 Host:45033 Browser: 10478
[good point]
At the moment (6 episodes) anyway the fidelity of the original scenes such as battle scenes and scene joints, the level of paintings and sounds complementing the insufficient in the original is basically better than the average of the JC staff Wonderful OP with power on screen, evil ED
Dandelion is cute

[Bad point]
Because the sharpness is effective in the color where 3DCG is noticeable by chance, it is difficult to understand by the animation of the broadcasting minutes only the back setting seen on the back of the original cover feeling a little difference with the pale image of the original

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is an exaggerated blessing animation that it is said to be an animation in the best form according to the original.
If you like the original, I think you are satisfied first (if you are dissatisfied with this, staff are poor).
It is fun to watch because small neta which was drawn in the corner of coma are picked up a little while.
A depiction that was omitted, such as battle with Medusa, was added and you can see it even with a new look, "Oh, that was it."
I feel that the tempo is also good because the deployment that took months and years to spend on paper jumps.
ED is fairly intense with the impact picture + sick songs combined.
It is likely to be expected in the future.

2014/02/04 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21926 Browser: 1959(Mobile)
The opening is pretty good. I write the conflict between the witch of the workshop and the witch of the tower, the heroine, the witch of the workshop, is overwhelmingly cool and strong by the witch, but it is being bullied by the hero being protected. Witch hunting or something interesting? However, the hero may be gentle. Although the costume is unique and funny.
Expression is also somewhat artificial. The battle scene is powerful. Although hero is weak.
But it is better to say that you do not fight alone but make it a disciple.

2014/02/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2350 Host:2366 Browser: 13483
[good point]
It is good to have seemingly poetry with the heroine's overwhelming strength (strong smile even if there is no magic).
Although saying, although it is a pinch of a heroine, it is Taikyu Martial God who is following firmly, or the source of the power of Mr. Tsurisato is Taka Miya ...

I have watched until the last episode and I felt it was quite funny.
The witch of the tower and the opponent of the witch of the workshop Relationship of the witch of the tower KMM group is feeling sloppy, and wherever it always goes tough, the place to go is good taste out.
The last round is a particularly moving content,

The final word of Mr. Takahashi's words that it is good that this everlasting unchanged daily life should last forever is impressive.

Together, it can not be helped to see a dub that is in danger of this dangerous contemporary daily life that can get caught up in the swirl of war.
I can not stay without the necessity of constantly striving to maintain this constant everyday life.

[Bad point]
I can not find it

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is the most interesting in this term.

2014/01/13 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26645 Host:26759 Browser: 7407
[good point]
Magical depiction and battle scenes are powerful

[Bad point]
Heroine is not cute with facial length Moe heroine is not there is no appealing scenario of painting collapse

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seems to be only a deteriorated copy of "prohibited" or "Nyaruko". Although it is a good idea whether it is a theme, though it is boring story and character is not attractive, I do not think I want to watch a continuation. I think it was obviously a failure to make the main heroine unfriendly

2014/01/11 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21928 Browser: 1973(Mobile)
I only watched a story but ... ....

Because of a beautiful witch and an excellent witch, the hero is made to be miserable by her classmates, being bullied ... And when the enemy that comes down comes up, it is protected by a witch ... no work piece of originality.

The main character is the hero, just being protected ... ... Honestly it was boring.

I will not watch the next episode.