[Anime]When the Wind Blows

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Anime rank of 1987 Rank 21in 88 titles
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Raymond Briggs John Coates David Bowie Genesis
Nagisa Oshima
Peggy Ashcrof John Mills
Hisaya Morishige Haruko Kato
Japan Released:1987/07/25(Sat) Movie
Outside Japan :Released:1986
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2012/07/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20695 Host:20761 Browser: 5390
"Very good" work, but at the same time it is also a "very scary" work. Because I was interested by seeing introduction in a certain TV magazine, I saw it when I was broadcasted during the summer vacation of junior high school students .... Although it is a mid summer to a terrible horror, the spine froze and chills went. I love "Snowman" I saw on TV before seeing this work,
As I remembered this author, when I saw the picture for the first time in a magazine introduction column, I misunderstood that "Snowman" drew an illustration, "but immediately after reading the original the original also When I noticed that I was in charge I lost my words so much astonished .... Aside from that there are no bad points, so list only good points.

[Good point] 〓〓〓rawing. For a work whose adult is the main character and depicts the real misery of a very miserable nucleus, "Snowman" is changing style, but to the tragedy of an elderly woman who is infrequently irradiated with radiation by a simple and cute pattern As I draw the connecting days, my heart is strongly tightened strongly. Prior to this work on the subject of nuclear weapons version and picture book version of "Barefoot Gen", picture book "Hiroshima no Pika", and "Sadako's Thousand Cranes" picture book I was reading on .... Literally in the picture book of "Gen" and "Pika"
The appearance of the atomic bomb victims who changed in Hiroshima which became a pyrotechnic hell, as well as the appearance of Mr. Sadako who is going through more and more weakened by radiation exposure also strongly left impression, but my chest became painful. Mr. Sadako was far away from the hypocenter and I got a proper treatment at the hospital but I had a sad last week.

But this elder couple is blown up at home at a place not so far from the hypocenter and falls into a situation where they have to go right and forward with no one being able to get anyone's help, their end is more miserable It has become one.
It was such that the diseases and symptoms that developed due to the bomb victims clearly showed it were also vivid and unable to watch.
Wishing to strongly hope to call for help, it is also true that you continue to believe in governments and countries that do not do anything.
Heartwarming and rustic and precious heart shaped figure of a character and the appearance of a charming character (Although this work is a heart-full bocco work that is commonly told ... ... (sweat) it is very real I will suffer further the heart of the side where big gaps like being contaminated by Noh and debilitating will die.
Every scene is burned to the eye, but after all the two have fallen into the terminal symptoms, the shocking was the last that greeted us with the last moment that is too miserable and sad. Work depicting the horror of the nucleus is accompanied by grotesque descriptions, but this work has nothing to do with it, and his heart is excavated. The elder couple is also conspicuous in ignorance,
I think that character design as if it was a good couple everywhere, as if they were calm at any time, copied the person who does not forget the trust and compassion to others and the country is also excellent.

〓〓〓tory. The damage caused by the nuclear thing is that many people suffer from a big burn directly receiving a bombardment and the appearance of victims who continue to wander around in the vicinity of the hypocenter where the whole body was burned and burnt are often closed up However, since Japan places great importance on these impacts as it is the A-bombed country, it tends to pick up.
Despite being in a remote place due to the splash of radioactivity with a tremendously wide attack range,
I think that the achievement made many people aware of again that many people are suffering suffering from a huge illness while suffering from a hibakusha while the number of victims who have accomplished a miserable end is also many. Even now it keeps ringing alarm bells to appeal the fear of radiation and the tragicities at the time of use, as the same as in the past, the head falls to the author who created this work.
Even in Japan and in other countries it did not receive a bombardment, but those who have a sad outcome with disease due to radiation exposure and victims still suffering from serious illness are countless .

Speaking of fear of nuclear weapons, it is the largest collaborator of the United States who is excommunicating the atomic bomb while the war is still wartime, while the work drawn by the Japanese as a victim side shows the devastation of the nuclear weapon positively A British writer,
I never dreamed I had written such a work. Many people think that it was the end of the war by dropping the atomic bombs, but in reality it is possible to victory even without using nuclear weapons, under the misunderstanding of "punishing Japan in Axis countries"
It was said that it was executed to conduct human experiments using Japan and threaten other countries using nuclear missiles.
Although I watched it on TV, I saw the scenery taught in the class that children in the US "Our country that ended the war at the atomic bomb is completely correct" is seen in the class, "In the UK similarly I thought that it would be ", but the impact of encountering this work was great. Many people show keen insight unique to third parties, but it is no doubt that some people in the Allied Powers are able to talk about the state of the nucleus calmly and quietly from an extremely neutral perspective ... and the author I was greatly admired.

Author Raymond, Mr. Briggs says like this. "Although this work is to promote anti-nuclear,
It is not based on a special political intention. What will happen if nuclear war breaks out,
I just wanted to figure out how the warning will be cleared and what people will do next.
This old couple is typical people of the working class in the UK. Everyone was the same as them, and my parents were still alive, they must have acted like them. "When.

[Comprehensive evaluation] It is immeasurable the strength of the message nature of the work that pierces what the problem we are having now with the actual person and the reality as a viewpoint. Of course, what is said to be infringed by radiation is not only positive, ignorant, too optimistic but because of late elderly couple's positive overdoing,
It is a theme song of refreshing famous songs, there is no salvation that keeps chasing the spirit of those who are seeing with jiwiwa,
Through this work I hope that many people know what the reality visited by nuclear dropping will be.
The evaluation is "very good" with gratitude to the author who drawn this masterpiece with the above message.

2012/03/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15458 Host:15408 Browser: 7541
Difficult content with the theme of war.
Because the character's multiplication is "light" it is "scary".
Originally it was a strange couple who started blurring, but since the atomic bomb exploded, it seems that my head is blurred unnecessarily, their tragic decline to say "killing" is really sad.
At the same time with the bombing of the atomic bomb, the scene where their couple's picture breaks is too sad to see.
Ultimately, they end up in the scene that I think is about to die, but all the scenes are horrible, everything is a good movie that stands out.

2010/10/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1290 Host:1214 Browser: 7469
That's nostalgic.
If it raises the trauma movie best 5 it surely enters the work.
Originally it is a picture book drawn by the author of English snowman, so the picture is very cute. It was deceived at that time at that time.

The story is "life after the nuclear war", but the salvation is too little to bear to watch.
Better yet, I hope to paint in "barefoot gentle" or in a dramatic style, but this work thinks that this pretty picture is unnecessarily expressing "a figure of people weakening" in a real way .
Yea Honto ... From childhood, war movies and others were made to be seen considerably by parent's policy, but I thought that immunity was attached, but when I watched the video in the third grade of elementary school at that time (about?), I remember falling asleep in shock as much as day.

I think that it is a work that includes a variety of messages, such as sloppiness of published information, but this is all "scared of radioactivity, nuclear scary".

It is the worst aftertaste that I have seen, but it is still a work I would like to recommend.

2010/10/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9528 Host:9439 Browser: 14013
When arguing about nuclear weapons, it is certain that the evaluation that the use of nuclear weapons ended that war was definitely rooted in the victorious countries, and possession of the nuclear weapons of the state functioned as a kind of deterrence in the present world situation I think that it is certain fact that I have something. But this work is drawn from the front that we should never forget when discussing the pros and cons of nuclear weapons. (Evaluation with part of original work)

The original is British illustrator who was published in 1982, Raymond cartoonist, graphic novel of the same name by Briggs.

The world situation that continues to deteriorate eventually develops into war and nuclear bombs are dropped. An elderly couple living a pension life in a UK countryside: Jim and Hilda escape the difficulties with a shelter set at home, but eventually the invisible fear will surely eat the two bodies waiting for relief. .

Although other people have also been pointed out, the best thing about this work is that the couple's helplessness that the couple after the atomic bombing can not obtain any information, only accept the situation as it is Drawing point.
Because of the works depicted in the '80s, the old Soviet society is drawn as a virtual enemy country with the cold war structure of the US and the former Soviet Union against the background, but the situation outside the situation such as the situation of the situation after the use of nuclear weapons and the situation is told Not. Although the couple gained knowledge of the nuclear to some extent by the brochure issued by the government, the position where they are currently present also declines without noticing any fear of themselves.
It goes without saying that the nuclear use and eventually the foolishness of warfare, the most sneaky thing is exposed to the threat, and that being the biggest victim is an ordinary citizen who is neither participating nor involved in war. I do not say anything such as the ideology of the background state in the background, but it is wonderful to say that it is wonderful to justify that folly because of civil impotence and regret without being unilaterally regarded as a victim.

On the way, there is a reminiscence of the previous great war (World War II) by Jim. While raising the names of powerpersons of those days such as Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler and Gering, although he was miserable, he was either a friend or an enemy, he or she was observing the face of a fighting human Jim says. On the other hand, as the computer society became the present, it seemed as if the face of a person could not be seen.
It is said that satire to the inhuman aspect of the computer age is put here, but I think that it is splendid to show more emphasis on the powerlessness of one citizen by that.

Though it tends to be told at the national level, when nuclear weapons are actually used, it is our citizens that are exposed to the threat. Draw it through the couple and every human being must consider the pros and cons of the nucleus at the individual level. This is the most appealing thing to this work.

Nuclear weapons in our country There are few works that singled the foolishness of war. However, although the thought put in these works drawn by the Japanese who is the only A - bombed country is an advantage, it does not seem like there are disadvantages.
For example, "Barefoot Gen". Author: This name was drawn based on Mr. Keiji Nakazawa's experiences of the atomic bombings, but the size played by this work that preached the stupidity of war, on the other hand, the author's principle, resisting parts based on thought. There are not a few readers who embrace. I personally think that the thought of the maker based on real experiences is reflected in the work because it is an A - bombed country, and I think that it is the one that can only be carried because it is the only atomic bombed country, but those ideas I can not deny that some kind of disturbance has occurred. It is stupidity of the nuclear foundation of "Barefoot Gen", it is foolishness of war, but it can not be denied that repulsion against assertion makes it difficult to see the part think.
It returns to "When the wind blows" again, but what makes it stands out is that it just purely discussed the horror of the nucleus by blocking information outside the world (the world). I think that it is a difficult expression for the Japanese who are the parties, but I think that this significance was in this way of showing unique to the third country's creators.

The story begins with a gym lasting, two psalms in the darkness of the night. One is "Bible Psalm 23" which is included in the British National Association prayer book. And the other is "Charging of light colored horse racing" which talked about the heartbreaking of 600 British light armor teams that Tenison of the 19th century knew the stupidity of command in the Crimean war but went for the country. The silence darkness wraps the couple while singing appreciation to God and love to the state.
A work that makes me thinking the dignity of the country and individuals all while tasting the lingering finish. Individuals once again talked about the necessity to think seriously about military and arms. This is the work I would like specifically to touch for young people in my teens to 30s.

2010/10/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 823 Host:861 Browser: 6425
A work that the fear of nuclear bombs is conveyed over the portion that the design is heartwarming!
The main character is two elderly couple but the two do not have any knowledge about nuclear weapons, and I truly believe that it would be okay if I was hiding in the shelter that combined door with what!
And the falling nuclear bomb, the world that transforms into a scorched earth, but they do not even know what happened, but if there is a change such as a house blowing off, they will know the horror, but unfortunately the two houses remain unchanged (Perhaps it was the change that the strong wind blew because it exploded in the distance, so these two people could not feel it, just the title "When the wind blows" as it is)
But surely the impact will extend to the two environments, when one wife screams "a mouse from a drainage ditch" and tears out (probably sewage has been torn down) Husband I will lose my physical condition more and more, I do not know what happened to the two people, at last the two of us will give prayers to God as they are hung up in bed At that time the picture shows up on the sky Of course the sky is not blue sky, it is not blue sky, my wife says to a husband who prays even at such time "You are already alright, it's alright!" So the story ended, but probably the wife escaped from death even though he prayed You probably knew the reality that you can not, just before you die on the bed .....
It is a terribly sad story. Because they are advancing the story about the two elderly couple, it may be easy to make such mind. But it is better animation to know.
It is doubtful that people in countries wanting to have nuclear watch this animation.

2010/10/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
I remember becoming disgusted when I was made to appreciate at school when I was a child.
I think that it was the intention of the production side to make it feel sick.

The world of elderly couple in Jim & Hilda who spends peaceful pension life changes completely with nuclear bombs.
However, it is horrible that the two people can not understand until the last against what is changing completely.
Without mentioning about the war that was in the background, we also draw the figure that two people who do not know that they are exposed to age gradually weakening without feeling undulating in the story.
The painting and the character deza will further emphasize their "goodness" and "ignorance" (against radioactivity).

People who have nuclear weapons and who only recognize nuclear powers as "powerful bombs" wish that they will feel uncomfortable watching this work.
It is a work I do not think I would like to see many times .... (I watched twice in total)