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Kouji Masunari
Hideyuki Kurata
Okama(okama) Noriyuki Zinguuzi
Nasu Sinji
Yoshihiro Ike
Hiromi Kikuta
Besa Me Mucho
A-1 Pictures
Kurosawa Tomoyo
Tamaki Matsumoto
Keiji Fujiwara
RyuuseiNakao Rei Igarashi Masaya Onosaka Masanori Takeda Mitsuru Miyamoto Hisao Egawa Chiwa Saito Kazuaki Ito Noriko Hidaka Banjo Ginga Nobuo Tobita
Japan Released:2010/06/26(Sat) Movie
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2015/03/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25468 Host:25636 Browser: 5701
[good point]
Nothing in particular
[Bad point]
Nothing in particular
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works seen on the JAL flight. Works which are also not possible. The extent that it will be a time killing time on the plane.

2011/11/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36207 Host:36084 Browser: 11751
It is summer holiday setting in the work, and it has compare with Hosoda Mamoru's "Summer Wars" by all means.
As the evaluation of "Summer Wars" in myself was high, I saw it with a prejudice prejudice that it would not be exceeded, but it was betrayed in a nice sense.

[good point]
Descriptions of the summer This point surpassed the Summer Wars far above. I felt strongly the commitment of the producer.
Children of elementary school students (character)
Five elementary students appear, but each had personality, and there was no one person disliked personally. In most cases, when there are many such main characters, there are one or two who are hated, but this time it was not uncommon. This point may well show the whole work well.
I am feeling as if I was making the best use of the reality that can be brought out just because it is an amateur of a child voice actor. Especially Natsuki and Amamune were so wonderful that they could not complain.
Consistent themes At first glance, various things seem to be occurring cumbersome, each one seems inadequate, but the underlying theme is consistent, and furthermore that theme is very relaxing for me was.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there is not any special brand newness, I was crying awfully at the scene where Summer is helping Azumi.
I also wanted to travel to space. Of course with them. It was a movie that makes me feel that way.
I felt like I was able to meet a really good movie after a long absence.

2011/08/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 640 Host:531 Browser: 3990
Looking at the evaluation here, it seems that whether you watched it at the theater or watched on TV greatly affects the impression of the entire work.

Actually, the screen is very beautiful. I think that country scenery, miscellaneous landscape of the space city, such things were well drawn, and the actions and the story of the character were made to feel many times as "Oh, it is probably that it is probably to see in this movie theater" It was. I think that this is very wonderful, proud because it is a work for a theater.
However, if TV watching where the weight of image beauty goes down, I would not be worried about various things. At least I did.

Although I have no choice but to be somewhat adult's eyes, from here I will write down points I recall from my feelings and reasons I was enjoying when I was a child.

[Lack of fun time]
First of all, it has already been pointed out that time is too long as a work directed towards children, but as far as it is not possible to enjoy it after all, as long as the child sees it as grazing as long as it is not long time I do not mind.
The problem is that you did not draw enough "fun" time filled in the universe although it took a long time purposely.
It is OK until I go to the moon after the first rural interaction, but after sightseeing a little for a while it makes it easy for me to part-time to earn my returning expenses.
"was fun"
"I want to come back"
"I still want to stay here"
"I want to go here also"
I could not feel the charm that makes me think so. I should spend more time in these places, I wanted the interest of the moon city and wonder to draw interest (for me it was there, although it was there, it was unsatisfactory).
Though going on the way back, things will not proceed so easily and will adventure. There are still a lot of events in the universe, but from here it becomes a development with a feeling of tension, so there is no time to spare a good time. After all, I feel regret that the production which attracts with the pleasure of becoming envious in the moon and the train was insufficient was inevitable.

[Hard to understand the story]
I was also curious about the difficulty in understanding the reasons for the relationship between Pochi and the enemy, but this may be a story for adults watching together. The contrast between Pochi, which faces the past, and children who run in the space show and spectacularly run to the future is not bad. But I think that it was better to understand more easily and to unify the threads.
According to the word "do yourself yourself", each has its own thoughts and stories, but it felt too "separate", there was a side not connected to catharsis.

[Children are "ordinary" too]
Of course, it is not that there is no individuality never, each personality is divided and I think that there are likes and dreams. But weak. Acquisition is too much. Apart from being poisoned by late-night animation it is not seeking to say that. For example, it is easy to understand like a member of "Doraemon" or special skill. I think that there is not enough fun that they talk about it and they are going to hit the enemy. It seems that children are having fun (I may be the only one ...).

Nevertheless, because summer is longing for a hero, because it is not a professional voice actor, since he appoints a child role, this normality is on purpose as one of reality, ordinary children close to the reality are unusual I think that fighting in the world is the concept. The catch phrase "School excursion was the universe" also represents that (If you are a real voice actor, it may be advantageous to put it in a romantic affair in the work as a real extension. There is also a fear that it may not be familiar to unrealistic conversely), but there are also contradictions that there are too many lines for which children are unlikely to say.

[good point]
But unexpectedly, the voice actor was good. Especially children of the role of summer are almost unlikely to have complaints (Boys 'pairs will fall slightly compared to girls' groups, especially in Kiyoshi.) As a matter of fact, girls are dressing or they have a chief of a day (sweat)) .
As in this work never relying on name value, if it is only this performance, you can feel convinced that it is a "natural acting" that is often used for reasons not to use professional voice actors.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is supposed to be "ordinary" on the "good" side. After all it may be a work to watch at the cinema.

Aside, when I saw the seat deformed in various shapes according to my preference and body shape (perhaps) my child seemed to associate with "ours" when I got on a space train.

2011/08/17 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 4895
Anyway it was boring.
It was an animation movie of a fight with sleepiness after a long absence.
Hey, I slept in the second half and I do not remember much of the contents (laugh).

First I did not like character design.
The design of the monster was also cheap and dasy and there were also things that made it unattractive, but the drawing itself was also not good.
If this was the image of Kamichu, it may have been seen yet, it is not a translation of face, it is a way of moving, there is no sense, there is no sense in normal, it is plain and it is trying to show it extra though it is bad It was only wanting to do a thing from me and I wanted to imitate the gesture of a child or the like I could see the intention and appeal cute but it is not cute at all and it is a difference between a person with good side and a bad person Especially I thought that depiction of children would come out clearly. (Scenes stroking cats and dogs and scenes that lick their lips are also intentional)
It's pretty drawn by an adult's eyes that it's pretty bare and it's not childish as I can not draw nature's cuteness and I do not have any other experience of painting but in my everyday life my child is in my eyes As I do it, natural gestures are imprinted, and I know that it is a lie.
There is no boringness of what it knows, there was no cuteness or fun in there.

When it sees the whole thing it seems to be deceived for a moment as if it is not so bad, but after watching it and looking back one by one, you can see the boro.
Even though it seems to be simply boring, although each one of them has overlapped and it seems to be superficially arranged, the contents become scarce and it becomes a thin work and the impression seems not to remember anything It will be such a work that will not remain.
Even scenes saying a good lineage is a connection to that and there is no character description, so I can not recall at the least what kind of things I said the dialogue.
Normally it is impressive that superimposed emotion and superimposed words reminded of serifs or impressions, but probably I did not know why to say that line even while I was watching, only the lines floated up I will.
Even if you say a good line even if you say a good line, even if you do not have persuasive power to that line, it will be meaningless and you will not be able to move your mind, but because you will understand just wanting to say it, you will destroy the character itself If only the content that spits out the line is not accompanied, only the lie will remain.

There is only the setting, since the story or contents can not be made, it does not come into the head at all.
I do not know at all what the meaning of wasabi was meaning, I do not know what the purpose of the enemy was, I can not draw anything as a relationship between a dog and an enemy or a relationship with a woman, I do not know what they're fighting and there is no reason to enter the story.
Although there are too many explanations, there are few explanations and content is not made because it is not enough, as long as it does not show what happened in the past at least it was different, the dog pulling long will fight desperately I can not emotionally transfer anything to the figure, I do not convey it, I have no meaning, and what I wanted to do with a woman 's dog I could not understand the best translation I do not know why I came to the enemy side.
The woman was just a setting and I did not need it because I could not draw the area around, so I thought what was it though it was conspicuous.

I do not know if I could not draw or halfway on the way, but I do not say that I will not make a story differently or to devise it, but as a work to communicate to the viewer at the very least it is a professional job Absent.
As a common pattern, it can be made up only with setting or world view alone, but with that momentum only the first one can be made, but the heat gets cold and it gets burnt down.
So there is only a setting called a faction, and no woman is needed anymore.
Even if you can not use unusual characters, even if you make it a chase after the space show, even if you make it as a friend of the enemy, it seems that the character chase after the space show has to be involved in the story of the latter half and this something Even if it was chosen, it was only setting as chase.
Since there are many meaningless settings and characters, the story becomes Gudaguda and I have to think about it for a while.
There is no excitement in the expansive of something like the last development, and although the confrontation of the dog is the point of view, what is it, although the content can not be made, it ends with impression of impression.

It can be said to the whole story, but I have to go more and more and I want to have the depth of the story's width as to the development from the second half get in, but this is not limited to this work Where Japan is not good, I can not make a deployment that the viewers can enjoy in the bottom of my heart, becoming small and that I feel that there is still much difference between Disney and something.

It was necessary to connect the enemy's purpose and the wasabi, and although it may have been explained somewhere, it is not in the head, and if I thought that wasabi would be the key until the end, the last sunlight was completely sunlight rust I had misplaced it.
So I do not need to know it and I think that I put wasabi only in the first kikake.

There are people who think that it is good to throw in various fine points and this is a child animation or only an existence of an enemy setting exists, but at least it is necessary to make it within 2 hours at least.
I do not have a child 's ability to concentrate for 2 hours, and it is too long to be around 2 and a half hours with this content.
Child animation is just an excuse, it is not only a temporal part but also preaching places.
In the part where it collapsed the child's character in the part that was not a good dialogue, the child obviously draws an adult with an adult's eyes consciously in the part thought that it would not say such a thing ~ Part.
Children are much simpler and there is no need to get lost as to whether they will go for help (also as a work). (How about going to help if you get lost)
The dog stops but I thought it was straight forward like going forcibly.
It is the part that I messed up the most, and it is a part I thought was superficial and a part that is nothing even with child animation.

I had to worry a bit more about the first boy I was counting on the first place to say and to show the contents.
Do not say it is not there either.
It was probably because of this scene that I was saying insistently, but that alone can not make it misleading and there is only setting as well.

It was abrupt as if one person wanted to say it for everyone's sake too.

It seems suspicious that the setting became inconvenient because it came to be inconvenient or I could not get into the story so much, but I did not have any content but I had to break up with a dog The scene was also cold, and it was pushy to get red just by looking at the kiss, and if you add it at the end too, you had to make a meaningful surprising punch.

It was unexpectedly thought that the idea could be seen through from a room not like a girl, I had a bad feeling but I was not able to use the setting called a hero, either, the boy or the dog was more like the hero.

Well it seems that the voice actor roughly matched and it was good.

I did not say that waste of time, but it was just a sleepy work.

2011/03/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10195 Host:10288 Browser: 6681
[good point]
The level of art and drawing depicting the country is very high. Children also work well.

[Bad point]
I just drawn a plumply thousands of past plots for children worn out without adding new ones. The story is shallow, character shaping follows the template. Likewise, I remembered the "cat's turn back" of the story's shallow Ghibli. Even though it is for infants, the unhealthy things such as kissing and blushing are noticeable.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2011/02/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7763 Host:7451 Browser: 8846
[good point]
Although it may be pros and cons, personally, the character including the summer voice actor was good
.Very beautiful

[Bad point]
There are plenty of tsukkomi (for example, will elementary school students want to byte out in an unknown land just because they do not have money)
Too short to talk
There seems to be many settings and developments that I had seen somewhere

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will do it normally

2011/02/11 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5290 Host:5180 Browser: 4540
[good point]
It has been only for a few years and overall paintings are still, but the background art of the countryside is still amazing as usual.
In this system it is unusual for voice actors to have no sense of incongruity, I think that it was very natural and good for the character called elementary school student.

The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓orking part - time in the country to go back to Earth after going to space was only interesting.
I guess that it was better to do that in the TV series. It is a story that made each child the hero, and it seems to be able to make one episode each week.
If it was a story to return to the earth under the cooperation of the universe who helped with that, it was good. Well it's a story about where thousand and Chihiro.
As I thought, director and screenwriter may not be accustomed to it, but it felt like me for TV. Including erotic description which can not be hidden completely.

[Bad point]
The point is only by replacing the gods of Kamichu with an alien on the Templar 's junible summer vacation animation.
Well, I do not really understand why you did purposely make things covered with such dirt,
I just added one more such rotten child animation.
No, at first it got a certain evaluation in the past work, but nearly truncating those elements (fans)
I admired that it is amazing to challenge the original work on the family layer,
I wonder why I made such a story full of stuff like this .. Is not there any meaning of the original?
If it were this it would go to see Doraemon and Pixar.
Screening time is too long in the first place. Do you need a battle scene with a pet star?
On the contrary, that Poti and those two feuds have not been drawn at all and Mashi is better if it is such a half-depicted portrait.
Besides knowing that the adults are saying the sermons and sermons with their children's mouth saying,
It is already too unnatural for kids to have good children, nothing more funny as a story than this.
I guess it is only adults that I want this to look like a family for the end.
The first half is a child's space trip and the second half is just betrayal and jealousy that made adults of adults alien.
This polarized style can not be established as one work,
As a result, it will be a long and boring time for the kids, and for adults (Masunari fans) it will be unsatisfactory and who are making it for?
In a nutshell, you want to do for children or whatever you want to show off the elementary school student! (Well then the rides that resembled the galaxy railroad or rogues are nothing wrong "various monsters. Ink" and various Kurata-like parodies probably laugh Well, I guess.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Eh, Masunari-san I'm disappointment, just disappointed by the feeling that I really wanted to do this for five years.
Please also work on the work of the second semester with the meaning of reflection too soon.

2010/08/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24331 Host:24353 Browser: 7384
This movie is like Ponyo! It is a bad day.

The adults (of Dorothycon) got out of their ideals and came out to their noses, and the erotic line of sight against the girls was not tolerated! As a story the growth of children was the theme, I do not think so. Looking from the top of adults like "You guys like this children ~" Barebare, firstly you can become adults.

Whether it is a recent trend or not, this work is also set in the country, so do you want to return to such a good old days, do not you hate it now?
I do not think to make it a future-oriented story? Otona Empire is finally becoming a reality I'm really worried about the future of the animation industry where such inward-looking works have become more.

2010/07/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28160 Host:28224 Browser: 10806
I wanted to watch it on TV carefully. I want to taste it slowly taking time to every corner of the screen, every step of the story. Even though it is a store that delivers very good food, it seems to me that you are leaving the restaurant soon after you finish eating. Taste the finish.

Regarding contents, Mr. Supe 9 is written below (Hey, I do not feel like writing better than that ...). It was a wonderful content.
However, it is too much to include as a movie. There are multiple lines in the story of this work. Then, the plurality of characters are shared by a plurality of characters. The hero does not control all of the story. Even if you are chasing only the hero, you can not follow all stories.
It is a road to reconciliation, a sense of responsibility of the elders, a pale love ... The story that the five main characters advance naturally under these episodes is very good. However, even when a good and beautiful story is presented at the same time, the stress on the viewer is quite strong.

In the wonderful scene it is said that "KUUU" will start to worry, the next story will start soon, even if it is stimulated by the lacrimal glands, it will be the next scene before tears come out. This may be able to accurately grasp each story with an adult who is familiar with animation, but if it is a child it might end up being unable to digest the contents at all.
I think that you can evaluate the skill that packs that story without collapse in just a couple of hours. But it seems to have served all the full course on the platter. No matter how brilliant it is, after all I would like a full course to be served every dish.

At the time of writing, although it has been over two days since we finished watching it, I have not felt that I have tasted all the stories yet. Many items are included, so I can not pretty much feel indigestion.
Although it can be forgotten when it was not good, because it was very good content, the feeling of "not being able to taste" disappears. I continue to feel mysterious frustration.

This feeling that I feel regrettable for being very good is painful ...

If you do as a normal TV anime with NHK education (probably, it would be a muri in private commercials), you may have won "highest". That's good work, that's why I can not wipe out unsatisfactory feelings. Such a good work, I can not be satisfied with a little time.
So I will keep it "very good".

Aside Amane's voice is too perfect.
Aside from time to time, the thigh is erotic. The sleeveless borrowed by Poti's parents house is unpleasant.
Aside digest 3 Gachapin? Well, it's Gachapin.

2010/06/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19772 Host:19709 Browser: 7373
I also have poor physical condition, so I slept in the cinema a little, so I do not remember the content but I will evaluate it.

In a nutshell, I got the impression that I told you "a great feature of Doraemon made with quality as good as Ghibli."
Well, this is a compliment, but something was unsatisfactory - it is an honest impression to say at all.
It is said that children's voices were done by real child men, but I think that it was good if the kids were doing it. However, it was a minus point that there was a line (in a bad meaning) like goose bumps in some places.
I was a little worried that there was a phonetic choreographer (in a bad meaning) to part with "the one person for everyone" and the line of the latter half also zawazwow.

Although I also wrote above, I thought that I could not keep up with the sleepers in the vicinity of the start of the last battle, so I fell asleep a bit and I thought that I could not keep up with the rapid setting in the second half, When I asked a friend, it was said that the friends did not understand the setting of the neighborhood so much. It is said that the setting detailed in the pamphlet is listed, but does not it make sense if you can not explain it in the play?
I think whether it is on the brochure, but the point which I felt doubt as I saw
What on earth do objects similar to wasabi use?
What is it like composing it? (This seems to have been explained when I was asleep, a new world from a friend told me to explain, but what is the new world? Why is she?
Why are both Pochi and the opponent 's boss so strong that what is the police of that star doing?
And so on.

It is not a movie, it seems that it was better to do it with about 10 episodes of TV broadcasting, making it feel like a galaxy iron degree 999. (Although the quality of drawing etc. will fall, but it will)
Well, I think that it was not bad for the world view. However, although it was not enough sleep last night, I felt asleep in the past movie theater because it was about "bridges of Madison Gun" and "paradise paradise" so I think that it was a work that does not suit myself.

2010/06/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23613 Host:23807 Browser: 11271
A big adventure that boys flew in the summer of the summer. "Birdie" "Kannagi" "Soraouto" "WORKING!"
Although it is a small grain, but A - 1 Pictures repeating Ryosaku, and Masuzeni 〓〓Kurata 〓〓fallback (Beth thmeho)
Theatrical original work on which it plays.

I watched the late show on the first day. The theater is free of charge and you can secure the best location on the day if you have a net reservation. It seems that it will be closed soon as it is in this condition, so if you are lost please do hurry. Since there is a spoiler below, I am pleased if you plan to visit there, please refrain from it, if you are not willing to read and go looking.

It is the best Juvenile. The plot is simple "pick up a dog (alien)" 〓〓〓"exciting adventure" 〓〓〓"end of adventure"
It is. It is amazing to show it without being bored at all for over 2 hours. It is a structure that is faithful to the basics and a layout that is sticking to the full story and has no omission and is backed by a contest drawing.
It's about 20 minutes to get up and running, "traveling to the aliens and traveling adventure" "Alien." It is quite short from the work length of 136 minutes. It is avoided that sagging is long if this is long, and it is also normal to incorporate action scenes suddenly at the beginning also (Coco, it is surprised by a considerable large sound).
It begins to bear faster as the work begins. The first stage, the precision of the art of the hero's cold village,
Beauty, the splendor of the summer landscape, the layout supported by them and the mood of summer vacation.
This perfectly surpasses "last summer wars" last year. Moreover, it is good also to be able to describe the one of the hero five properly in "this", "in the screen" of this "birth".
Even in the "Wakuwaku Space Tour" which corresponds to "Akira", the density of the screen does not go down but also rises to the right.
Showing the cradle of Hubble and Eagle and showing reality, I feel SF more than absurd in the setting of "Great beginner" behind the moon which is groaned as SF. "Immigration review", "translation function", "food culture" and so on. The idea that I had to work part-time because I was in the mood of a customer also helps not to make the story monotonous. This byte also matched each of them and was assigned to them, and the character's knowledge is further deepened.
"Rolling" where the circumference goes to the star of Pochi as an unexpected roundabout. Gradually Poti's past, the position is revealed, the relationship between the two main summer and Zhou is also definite. Here also the action scenes are intertwined firmly, and it is pleasant to the eyes again and again. And the process of change of relationship between two people who are vertical streaks of the whole story is shown with honesty that this is Juvenile.
Four people and one go together to unite and go to help Zhou. The characters that appeared so far meet together and become the big stage of the climax. A little summer dream of wanting to become a super hero will fruition in the full power throw that helps the circumference. Synchronization where space adventure and vertical streaks of coin arrive at the same time are said to be wonderful. It is good contrasting with the small five summer vacation that five small minorities evolved into a major incident in the entire universe.

Anyway, there is not any compromise on the screen (drawing. Container layout) (Well, Poti's gambling scene was chi rough). Since the layout is solid, there is no stress because the eyes go to the tokyo which should be properly seen even in the messy cosmic scene.
And anyway the amount and density of the setting is not a bum. The universe and the earth. Especially in the universe it is a different style in "a different world", but it creates an atmosphere that makes you feel the life of "people (broad sense)". This salt ume is nice. If you do too much, the screen will become cold and shallow will be thick. A good example of Poti's house art.
Also, the work is bright and fun anyway, with the expert knowledge of five friends.
Kiyoshi who stands on everyone in a small six, in the summer, which is said to be "an actor", Yasuji Kago of books of glasses,
Even though she is a sweet boy, Zhou Zhou, an ordinary human girl, and her allocation of personality are solid. It is truly comfortable that five people pulling a story with the same life style of elementary school students.
It is also good for sub-characters but it is good not to throw away all characters in all the characters, there is no wasteful use.
The temperature of the work may be close to Ghibli work. But the enthusiasm for putting on the screen until it is simple,
Rather, I feel something resembling the late-night work (a small part of it) that anime mania usually watches.
Especially the play of the character is a musical production without sincerity. And it is a great adventure that will have a lifelong memory of boys and will have (good) influence on future dreams and way of life, personality formation. Although there may be objections, is not this big difference that the Jubilea element is actually not in Ghibli work? It is probably the direction of the whole staff who was convinced much from "Kamichu!" That led it.
I can not count my favorite scenes. Overall late summer scenes of the summer, triangle base in the evening,
Natsuki who is the most troublesome in immigration review, summer in the stomach attacked by livestock at the house of part-time job, station railway, Pochi,
The last partner, Ah yea anymore!
While five of casts are child workers, although animation has little or no career, it is really addictive.
I was surprised that Noriko Hidaka was at the edge.
Those who are satisfied with the work, please buy a brochure by all means. Now it is 800 yen in average but full color 40P is outstanding in volume and interviews and artists of staff.
Excellent appearance such as a storyboard.

Evening school where my family came to pick me up. At this time, the passport (ring or necklace) you got through immigration control is red. The red one is a sign of the world that the technology of the alien does not extend. It is a nico way of impressing the end of a bit of lonely adventure and parting with Pochi. There is no waste to tricks.
Next day bicycle under the summer sky, Summer and Zhou rushing out with two people (important coco). The summer vacation for the five people has not ended yet. Even after going through a great adventure, it was a brilliant ending that honestly jealous of the limitlessness that the boys are likely to go anywhere.
Let's go to see once more, let's do.

Aside: Impressive, good-moral (but a bit small Aniwata chick) work that disguises work that you can not hide. Keep an eye on the summer's unprotected cut which is woven into places.