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Other media: Game:Utawarerumono Itsuwari no kamen / Comics:Utawarerumono Itsuwari no kamen
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Anime rank of 2015 Rank 230in 264 titles
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Keitato Motonaga
Tatsuki Amaduyu Misato Mitsumi
Masahiko Nakata
Shunya Kimura
Ebina Yasunori
Naoya Shimokawa AQUAPLUS
Keiji Fujiwara
Risa Taneda
Kentarou Tone
Inori Minase
Ai Kakuma
Yumi Hara
Nozomi Yamamoto
Takahiro sakurai
Ayane Sakura
Japan Released:2015/10/04(Sun) 01:00-01:30 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV / End:2016/03/27
Official sites
1. http://utawarerumono.jp/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. http://twitter.com/UtawareOfficial
Opening movie (2)
うたわれるもの 偽りの仮面 op 不安定な神様
Compose:Naoya Shimokawa [Fan reg.]
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2016/11/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24962 Host:25012 Browser: 5137
As long as all this throwing all the episodes of supplementary explanation of the previous work as an epilogue 25 episodes I felt like I did a long time ago The previous work was funny I guess disappointment is terrible

Where Kuon uses power, there is nothing with that much story Unless you know the content of the previous game version, you can not imagine what happened. I could not imagine using the plot or I felt like I was talking about the plot as it was I can not express it with episode without any supplementary explanation Because the supplement has been ended with one word of a character and excitement I do not feel excited and do not feel like catharsis at all

Even in the previous work, Onkamiyukai and other events are suddenly connected and are not traditional?
I think that it is useless that the event comes out abruptly because it is the SLG original, but I think that it is anime to cover that

2016/09/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23309 Host:23477 Browser: 7919
Original unplayed, animated previous work has been watched.

I think that it was good as a clean PV.

About 17 episodes were preliminary or whether it was an introduction of the world view and characters and it was kind, it was kind, but from the outline of the story it was supplementary and felt redundant.
And it was structured not to know what the story wanted to show in animation.
Although it will expand at a stretch after that, since it itself treats like a preamble of the final story,
I am excited about excitement but I am wondering if there really was a meaning here.

[good point]
The character is pretty, I think that the background was drawn firmly.
It was nice that the birdish rides were lovely.
Although it is composed of a harem, since the distance feeling was neat except for the heroine, I did not feel unnaturalness in the movement of the hero.

[Bad point]
Although it may be neat in the original, though various important things come out abruptly,
I received an impression that is not functioning on the flow of the story.
The stubborn relation was not the deciding factor of the escape, and the death of Emperor was only the mission of the civil war,
If the seal magic is also done at an early stage, he did not do it? Or incomplete burning with indigestion.

The main character does not like it.
It may be interesting that there is no sense of tension in any situation, but it seems to be felt in this work rather than feeling fresh or frustrating, it is fantastic or gorgeous. It is painful to endure until the origin is clear.
Because it is lifting and raising it when the main character of a sub character is possessing a rare temperament and talent, it is not pleasant feeling.
Although I saw a proper world view already, I felt dreadfully that he was the main character of the viewer's eyes.
I think that it is a kind of script as a design, but I felt the impudentness.
Although the origin of the hero became clear and I understood the causal relationship of disgust,
Since that setting had to be retrofitted by any means or was too convenient, there was no power enough to soak in the world by feeling charm with one shot there.

Small net general of BL. Instead of directly tying the BL itself, I draw persistent girls who are sprinkling on BL,
It is not a story that can be made interesting at the broadcasting level, and although it was a part that I did not care about even if I was watching it,
Because it was too persistent to plug in between stories, the sense of discomfort became rather large.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a work of impression that it was overwhelming whether it was disappointed anyhow.
Although it is big that I expected ... ... There are 25 stories, drawing and voice actor are good and the world view is also firm,
Even though the characters are rich in personality, the story did not go to an interesting place.

2016/06/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13632 Host:13463 Browser: 9313
I was expecting it because I love the songs from the previous work.
At first it was not bad, but it got more and more boring It is a shame why I got this way.
Although I like the original game, I'm looking forward to the sequel, but it is impossible to see the animation anymore, but it is fully visualized for game sales, but it is doubtful if there is someone who wants to do the original work by seeing this

2016/04/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11433 Host:11538 Browser: 8385
Completely game promotion.TV animation. The purpose is satisfactory, although it is fine weather, in contrast to that, a single story, two courses this time it's a luxurious TV series It's a wasteful thing to do.

I cast "minus" as a negative assessment for my previous work, but this work can not help tougher in a different meaning from the previous work. Although it is an interesting thing even if the previous work is included in SF as the SF, it is not a thing that will become more detailed in the story, but it is a waste to abruptly "spoil" in the absence!
There must have been evolving sweating every time as long as being gradually revealed in 2 courses, such as Hakuro of the previous work, Haku of this time, relationship of the Emperor, Akuruka who also wore Hakuro? But there is almost no such development, the emperor is surprised. What is this disappearance of this shoulder watermark? The "convinced excitement" of the appearance of the old character also eventually confirmed that the old character does not get involved in the core of the story itself "Otaru" "unfinished"
I have not finished my hands or feet because it has ended.

Perhaps it is aiming for reanimation with games sequel release, sales. Even so, recently, it is not uncommon for game original to be animated, so it is not unusual to have confused work that is not made as a drama like this (not interesting), maybe it made it to the TV grammar as it is grammar?
If you look favorably, you can take it as if you can "do it if you do it" Haku passes through 2 courses and finally burdens the burden at last.
But if it's one course, another game is enough for the game sequel. We must say that we spent two courses on the sponsored abundance game company.

As written at the beginning, as a commercial of a game, drawing is good, so it seems that the minimum responsibility (?) Has been fulfilled is rather annoying, it is a waste. If it ends with this item separately I will make it "ordinary" according to my criteria, but since I think that it is probably a deposit to the next work, I will make this evaluation because I want him to recover the honor.

2016/04/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23003 Host:23078 Browser: 4721
Personally, it was my favorite work, but as I expected, there are too many points that do not fit in the setting, meanings unknown, unexplained points, left behind etc so much that there are no bad evaluations I have stopped finishing.
It ended in a nice feeling that seemed to be way too close, so it was where I ended up getting closer to the end.
But I do not know whether there is a sequel or a movie, but I do not know if the game is a sequel, but it was halfway half way end to say halfway.

As the character was good and there was something fun to interact with, the early stage could really be enjoyed and if I did only the loose world view of the early stage I think that it was a normal evaluation.
But as the war began, the story became funny as I gradually began to understand the truth, I felt it was not engaging what I was doing.

First of all, the main character is not such a wind when thinking whether it is going to become like a commander because he can not fight at the basic hetare, too, so it only becomes escape after all, the deployment to fight and the setting of the protagonist are not in agreement It was.
As long as the main character does not ride in the flow of warfare, it would have been better to make only loose stories, as long as you get something special, decide on your resolution or polish your skills.

It also feels convenient to give the role of bringing supplies by involving them in war to the hero of an ordinary man who can not fight.

And the early stage was drawing loose feeling all the time, it was a sense of discomfort to go participate in a real war that killed or killed being a weak maiden character.
I think that I did not draw too much so far that I can do strong and fight, I also learned the feeling that the view of the world changed.

There was nothing to tell why Yamato and Tuscul were waging war, so there was nothing to tell, but it was meaningless why Kuon came to Yamato and was supposed to fight home.
Even if you know someone you know about Yamato or a friend you can not be a bit kind of softly to fight home or you can still be convinced if you go to the hometown even if it comes to war.
I wonder why I betrayed my hometown or how I felt disgusted as I felt it was a war because of the circumstances and the process is not depicted almost but there is only the result of expansion, so why can not I enter the scene fighting with my father at all? Only the question mark of "?" Came out.

Because there is no reason for Yamato to invade Tusquol, there is no reason for the main character 's elder brother to see only a domineering king, and even the hero who lends power to it can be seen as a bad man and no one can empathize.

In the place where the hero's past and the truth were revealed, I thought that it was grand I thought that it was originally unexpected good, but it was unexpectedly spreading the wrapping cloth and the setting mistake disappeared and it became irresponsible I have gone.
Why has Haku found in that place? Why is the hero's older brother living for hundreds of years? Why could only Haku return to the original? Do not think that the setting is not filled with just thinking stories I did it.

If it is supposed to be based on the realistic story of the past, it will be impossible to explain what the power of the mask is.
Because of the unnecessary truth in the past, it has become impossible to balance with the fantasy world.

Unexplained Points The points left behind and the points that I do not understand in translation are many others and there are many other ways in the beginning also like a war at that time Girls who were crying at Osttle when they were killed by their father Although it was there, I thought whether the character came to take revenge, after that it was totally left behind completely left behind.
There were only such thoughts as I thought that the enemies were just a gimmick and that they were forgotten and what was it?

The technique of Kuon that I used in the last person was also abrupt and I did not know the translation, and I do not know if it is described in original works or games, but for some of the first-time people there are too many meaningless points.
If it is an animation, you have to explain it in animation, and as an animation it has become very bad with a poor setting and a story left behind.

Every single story was fun because there were good characters, but overall story, bad composition was outstanding work.

2016/04/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16884 Host:16896 Browser: 7911
[good point]
Everyday stories and characters are attractive and funny.

[Bad point]
I wonder if it is the gap between 1st and 2nd cool.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If I have never seen the previous work, I have never played games. However, from the introduction department gradually blended into the city, there seemed to be little felt the feeling that the number of friends increased, I enjoyed quite well.
After that, from the second cool, the situation will change to gallerly, the real war, the subjugation, conspiracy and story will develop at a stretch.

Oh, it seems that it is such anime, it is understood by the second cool, but in that sense it was polite that I made one cool to Haku 's everyday life in the city, but it may be just too long. Also, although there seemed to be various forces, the correlation was not understood at all.

Personally I think that development of the last round was sloppy. I think that it was possible to make it more impressive.

2016/04/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11608 Host:11541 Browser: 4894
Because I had not seen the previous work, I should have never seen it. Nevertheless I saw one reason, Keiji Fujiwara was playing the leading role of a young man. It seemed quite interesting that the veteran was struggling without being able to grasp the role.

However, it is not because veterans can not grasp the role because they are not simply playing. This work, although it is a live coveted two consecutive telecasts at this time, it has not drawn any attraction of the main character. Despite being a story that can not be accomplished unless the protagonist is attractive.
What I did using the first half of the course was to just drink and drink and take a bath. With this, the person who hits the voice will be troubled.
Nevertheless the talk itself develops over and over, so the surrounding characters raise the leading role only for drinking and drinking and taking a bath. People putting the voice of the surrounding characters also worried, the embarrassment that why you should praise this guy is obscured behind the voice.

Furthermore, not only how to make a story is bad, but how to show each scene as an anime is too complicated. Especially when a battle scene enters in the second half, scrupulous spur is applied. I may think extra though because I do not know the original, but the necessity of walking with soldiers is zero, right in the case of this world. I will set something that seems to be something strategy, but if all of the initial placement units have map weapons, it would not matter how you operate.
And the only thing, I do not think that the protagonists who do not have map weapons or spirit commands will do a great success nevertheless. Indeed, just going out and walking with the battlefield on the battlefield. Even so, the super powerful unit with map weapons puts you at a glance at the unit that does not work. Why?

Prepare a ship and prepare to escape, I'm coming close to the ship, why do I take a detour and escape. A fellow who left a corner of the town collapsed and escaped by the remaining fellows who stopped the pursuer drove to the point where they are alive to live. What do you want to do.

I think that the production team who crushed consecutive two courses of such a time in such a form should reflect deeply. I know that I am bad, but I have no choice but to put "bad" on running water. Even Keiji Fujiwara was about the board at the last moment though.

2016/04/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21947 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Although I have not watched the previous work that has been broadcasted much in the old days yet, I can not say it anything, but what I mean is personally the name of the leading characters of Katakana notation and the name of the indigenous peoples of Hokkaido I forgot the name) I was feeling the impression of being like ~ is not it?

A hero who was comparatively common sense but was unable to depend on somewhere as an atmosphere. Still it seems that the rotation of the head was far better than Demopomponpo, it has taken over the crisis by the hero's revolution for many times, and it came to be established, but since the original was surely a game, the hero was Of course, because it is a player, it seems that there was something very unbearable when doing it. Although it would have been rather ruthful indeed to seek that part with animation.

Even so, although the characters themselves were just as cool as they were with individual personality in their own way, I wonder if they were digging down for each other, it was a bit unsatisfactory.

Even so, there was only a doubt that the heroine looking into the scene of the bastard's batting in the early stage was honest and who could get it.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

2016/04/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20429 Host:20481 Browser: 4695
[good point]
We have handed over the world view of the previous work.
Drawing is quite stable and splendid and beautiful.
Deployment in the second half of the story is good.

[Bad point]
The farce from the beginning to the middle is terrible.
There was also a sign of that in the previous work, but most of the beginning of this work is filled with a farce.
Since the character of the previous work also comes out quite well, I thought that it was just for Utawarele fan.
The main character 's voice was Crayon Shin - chan, a familiar Hiroshi voice, so it was the first incongruity sensation.
The ending of Kuon who is a heroine (~ Kana?) Was also a strange feeling.
The design of the heroine in general is not so cute. Kiuru who is a man is the most cute level.
I do not feel attractive to the hero.
There is no clarity and the scenes that broke through with the protagonist's idea can not wipe a successful feeling by chance.
Normally, the subjectivity is thin but it is incongruous that becoming behavioral as people change as they are in need.
Behavior in the final story is too different from the personality that is too old, even if it complements in the brain, it makes sense of discomfort.
From the time when I ran away with no experience of war, it was strange that we could possibly have weapons and we could afford to win by themselves.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the comedy part in the middle stage of the early stage was boring and I could not talk a bit more at a tempo.
In the latter half of the development there were contents that lead to the previous work, it was an interesting place that I could think about variously.
Evaluation is "good" which is usually close.

2016/03/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1071 Host:788 Browser: 5171
As for this series I thought that it was a beautifully completed object with no previous marker so I did not expect that a new work will come out for the first time in nine years,
Just as a myself I love Mugen in my previous work, I expected it even for this work,
Unfortunately as impressions of viewing all 25 stories, it is far from what I expected,
As evaluation, I think that it is not possible to add a popular system even if it is seen as a favorable one.

First of all, as for the composition of this work, the 1st course in the first half was fully dedicated to the daily part,
Well, although daily part itself was enjoyable as it was,
But as the progress of the story was not seen at all, it seems that many viewers have already dropped out at the early stage except for the original play played or the previous viewers,
To talk about grabbing it was bad to be honest.
Although I may have turned off early if I was not the previous work audience,
By the way, Mugen in the previous work had good grasp from the beginning and content was excellent.

Well, like that, with this work I expected the 2nd cool story that the story would work,
However, it entered the second cool story and surely the story itself started to move,
However, in terms of content, to the point of view I did not see enough excitement I expected,
From now it seems that the episode of the Emperor and Haku past revealed 17 episodes are personally peak,
About the past episode of episode 17, it was fun to see the relation with the previous work,
I thought that I was looking forward to seeing the connection with the previous work that I was watching this work again.

It is a place where I ended halfway when I told the impression that I saw all 25 episodes here,
Well it's a reasonable way of thinking as a promotion to the next game of the game,
Just when you see this work as an animation alone, the first half's emphasis on everyday life is bad,
Moreover, even if it ends to the end, it ends with the throwing of hints uncollected,
Unfortunately we can not make a high evaluation with this work alone.

2016/03/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5213
[Comprehensive evaluation]

Was it necessary to broadcast 2 courses too?
There are many stories that are irrelevant to the main line, and it is running down.

It does not come nicely in the way of finishing.
It became a feeling that I was decided to get on the flow somehow, I could not feel my own will much.

Because many female characters are cute, I have seen it to the end somehow, but there was nothing to mention in content.

2015/12/27 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13688 Host:13582 Browser: 9039
Although the main character looks very similar to the main character of the previous work, there is no memory and it is almost the same as myself that there is no tail or beast ears, but personality is quite different, personality is not sticking, he immediately skipped work and got a drink full of drinks It is a lazy person who is lazy to work with Kuon of the parents heroine, because the previous work was pretty much a work of the past Or the image side is beautiful and the appearance characters are evolving into pretty cute direction, the previous work Some characters also appeared and it seemed probably not to be 10 years probably from the appearance and it seemed like a sequeless atmosphere

However, the story does not proceed until the story is terrible, since the first time Haku comes into the snowy mountain without knowing why it is in the snowy mountain by the memory loss It enters the bath from the entrance of the caught system and enters a bath and enters a bath and fights and takes a bath I entered a bath and took a bath and entered the bath, especially since the enterprise entered the Teijin, the talk has not advanced by half a step, this time there were strangely many service scenes and there was no bathing time There was a story There is a lot of such H situations in general gee 2, why do not you think that excessive public health guilt to an extent, and together Haku has not taken an active part in 〓〓〓〓〓〓due to the habit of sabotage as well as Haku combined with it Even if it is told that it is said that it is not convinced at all, if it is contents of this degree it will not need two courses