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Other media: Game:Utawarerumono Futari no Hakuoro / Comics:The stated one
Anime total pnts rank Rank 248in 6,558 titlesTotal 114 / Deviation 66.41
Anime avg pnts Rank 750in 2,880 titlesAvg 1.28=Good/89 reviews
Anime rank of 2006 Rank 10in 229 titles
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Music2.29(Very good)7
Graphic1.57(Very good)7
Voice/Actor1.57(Very good)7
Hot heart14%1/7
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Made me think0%0/7
Learned something0%0/7
Information about this title

Chiba Television Asahi Broadcasting Corporation(ABC-TV) TV Aichi TeleTama TV Kanagawa AT-X Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp.
Naoya Shimokawa
Tatsuki Amaduyu Okuno Toshiaki
Makoto Uezu
Masahiko Nakata
Takaya Mizutani
OLM Digital, Inc.
Susumu Aketagawa
Gaku Iwasa Katsumi Koike
Oriental Light & Magic Inc.
Tomoki Kobayashi Hitoshi Nanba Tanaka Motoki
Yutaka Nada
Masashi Suzuki Naoto Hosoda Seiji Okuda Kimura hiroshi Jouji Shimura
Rikiya Koyama Ryoka Yuzuki Miyuki Sawashiro Hisako Kyouda
Daisuke Kiri Mai Nakahara Akeno Watanabe Yoshimitsu Shimoyama
Atsuko Tanaka Kaya Miyake Daisuke Namikawa Tsuyoshi Koyama Masayuki Kato
Sayaka Oohara Rie Kugimiya Hirosi Sirokuma Kondou Takayuki Tsuguo Mogami
Akira Tomisaka Shouzo Iiduka Kaori Mizuhashi Nojima Hirofumi
Hiroaki Ishikawa Satsuki Yukino Hiroyuki Yoshino Toru Ohkawa
Mitsuru Ogata Yousuke Akimoto Shuichi Ikeda
Japan Released:2006/04/04(Tue) 02:40-03:10 Chiba Television TV / End:2006/09/26
Official sites
1. http://www.vap.co.jp/utaware/ (Translation)
2. http://www.mxtv.co.jp/utaware/ (Translation)
3. http://www.aquaplus.co.jp/uta/ (Translation)
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Song:Suara [Fan reg.]
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2016/12/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17819 Host:17760 Browser: 9307
[good point]
Cute of Erle and Arru
.OP / ED

[Bad point]
Expansion of the story is overdoing
Happy main character Hakuro
Battle scenes

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well, it was an animation I did not see until the end, but it was overall boring. What I wanted to draw is Hakuro and Erleu 's love story and girls' characters. There is a lazy story composition like that attached to the appropriate only after that. Do not battle the battle scenes. To be honest, I think that it is so boring animation.

2016/10/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20228 Host:20302 Browser: 8809
[good point]
Nothing in particular

[Bad point]
Just bored. The battle scene is dull and conversation is a waste like a time earning.
Deployment is expedited, it is overdue. With the story also fighting and increasing the number of friends, it is predicted that there will be no deployment that is distracting in the same thing repeatedly and there will be no choosing just to win.
The conversation between Hakuro and Erluu was just a love story at a love comedy.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a loss to see until the end.

2016/05/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1830 Host:1884 Browser: 5171
[Good point] Growth of the hero.When I see it as a story of success, I am satisfied but I did not think that falling beyond the times will come. In terms of unexpectedness, it is interesting although it is variously upgraded, but it is funny and funny too. I felt embarrassed as to whether I should look seriously or should switch my head.

[Bad point] I understand that the friend increases in the hero's nemoru, but there is no end to it. It seems like making endings by mixing fresh cream on natto ...

[Comprehensive evaluation] Since it does not know "original" as an original, if you critique purely on animation, I think the part is interesting, but as a whole the story of the details is disjoint. Characters are also a set of partial connections, and if you look closely, there is no disjoint and emotional connection. I can not taste the real impression. I do not have an impression, I do not feel like seeing it again.

2016/01/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11385 Host:11332 Browser: 7428
In this work, what did the author want to tell the viewer about?
I did not understand the author's claim at all.
Was not it a story depicting getting back memories of people with memory loss?
Immediately, the work becomes Sengoku, the end is a mobile suits, is a magic thing with angels come out?
I feel that something was caught, and that the author drew it as it was in the work that the author flashed at that time.
In other words, it was the impression that it was made only the first setting, and the scenario was not made for a work.

After all, whatever the last in the ant kiss scene has become a romance thing.
It is the completion of the work that was scratched.
It seems to me that it would be a strange work if you combine the climax of [Robocop], [Terminator], [Sengoku Self Defense Force], [Back to the Future] and [Pretty Woman] anything ... Anything.

Issuing such a work in the world itself is nonsense.
Evaluation is [worst].

2015/10/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
I watch it on the BS rebroadcast. Although I knew that it was a work expanded to multimedia at the time of this broadcasting, it was 18 convincing gains ... I was convinced.
Even if it is forbidden, there are works of solid scenarios, but this is not the case.
I expected the war record thing which deformed (to some extent) animationally the minority ethnic group conscious of the Ainu ethnic group, but the essence was "cat ears moe".

Anyway the terrible is beauty form, ally face, ugly face & action character is the simple structure of enemy.
Tuskul who is the collector of the villagers of the early stage died, Hakuro who has no memory of myself will serve as a leader and Ooboro who was worried about a sickly sister who was involved in this series of flowers was called "the elder brother It is good to be around where we pledge loyalty.
However, Benaivi who are killing each other with each other on the battlefield are friendly and friendly.
Hakuro who leaves care of Carla which can not be slender and can slay dozens of soldiers easily to Erluu. (There is deployment to become a friend from the beginning)
Touca who called Hakuro as a coward was a misunderstanding, and he turned over again ... and so on.
Especially I could not believe that Touca was regarded as "samurai of faith".
Sengoku type where it is called "three masters cut!", Which is drawn by emotion priority and caught in a specific individual.
Although Sengoku is preferable as an individual, it should be useless unless the person who is trusted among the people knows the multifaceted nature of justice.
Oboro sister 's weakness setting is also missing from the way ....

Mr. Yuki has already been pointed out as Takkomichi as a war-memorable thing, but roughness stands out even without detailed verification.
Since the last overturn of the world view was not attracted to the development itself, there was not even a reluctant catharsis.
Is not it an excuse for Nanchatte development that I brought up robots and other monsters? Evaluation is "very bad".

2014/10/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8274 Host:8168 Browser: 8937
This work is, but the original is of an erotic, even in the erotic world, and was a very famous works,
Personally, I knew the famousness of this work from ancient times I thought that the famous degree as an eroge work is as familiar as individuals like "Fate" personally,
Originally, since it is a very highly valued work in the world, the content as a work that I decided to touch this time is primarily concerned with "era (warring States) thing", "history item", "war thing thing" of "Senki things" work is a scenario expansion also, starts from the deployment close to the pseudo "the last Samurai",
The main character is saved by the villagers and it is a development that protects the village from kudzu who is going through evil in order to do it for repaying It is completely concerned about this neighborhood, with the development which is not different from "the last samurai", the head of that kudzu It is around 7 episodes to kill

To be honest, however, it was fun that this work was so far, as for the later content, it was "contents not worthy of evaluation" ...
Since Eruruu of heroine is transcendence fucking cute, dare, but I just want to go and compassionate evaluation,
If she was not in this work, it was a serious thing (seriously broken, "worst" fixed animation)
Even if you are watching, there is nothing to get "," I can not learn anything "," Scuska scenario ", the content is Sukarakan,
Regarding war as well, it is packed full of Tsukkami Tsukkomicho, and it is a comment like "Why did it become like this? '(腴〓`) "
To be precise, "Since the angel came out (the end of seventh episode), it got dull" "The fundamental depiction of nation building (expansion of organization)" (omitted in 〓〓〓 I think that there is none

The problem of this work is the point of "(1) the scenario after the eighth episode" "(2) It is not interesting at all"

First of all, with regard to (1), certainly regarding the early stage of the scenario of this work, the main character Hakuro who was able to say it is very good condition of being saved in the village in the state of memory loss, gives back to the village In order to fight for that village,
Also, the villagers also had many people with basic warmth, began the elders' old woman, the depiction with the theme "family" that was really good was also the same development as "last samurai" However, I thought it was a very good development,
It seems that Hakuro gradually became acquainted with the villagers, psychological change in the everyday, etc. I think that the scenario itself has become extremely fast-paced development, evil policy The villagers and others conflict with the Gozu Kuzu government,
After the elderly lady was killed, the village revolutionized and destroyed the evil government Kuzu government surely, "to defend the important things (small things), avenge evil (big things) Although it was a very good development, it was a very thrilling point even though I was watching it, but it was quite easy to finish early in seven episodes, after the eighth episode, Hakuro died This is the biggest problem of this work, which is the biggest problem of this work instead of the government of the Kudzu who replied, it is the biggest problem of this work, clearly speaking about the scenario after this piece of the work, even if it is looking at, "waste of time It is not anything but anything other than that. In that regard, it is concretely described in (2), but this development is too cruel. If you compare this with professional baseball, the Okinawa Hirano Koki fork and the scenario's head It is fierce Shin ... (in front of what this ... batter, felt the fall as "Suton'!")
Originally, "Code Geass (2nd term)" is also true, but because it is the development that "to defend the important organization (small things), a big organization"
In this hand, the work of "war wrestling" is interesting, but here, if the hero suddenly built up a major force, there will be no interesting (it is real, although it is understood as "historical thing works")
Hakuro is governing the country or elsewhere in the habit, it is too obtuse, and until recently the guy who fell down with memory loss,
Suddenly, at the beginning of this part, there may be more to playfully as a monarch of the great power that governs the country (docking, there is not enough talent)
Also, as for the heroine 's Erlu, the time when I was in the village early in the beginning was really vivid,
After that, when she spends in the castle, the base she has a lot of scenes expressing lonesome (too many fellows have increased, the number drastically decreased)
I did not think much about the animation that was seen before, but I only thought that it was "a hero who was hidden in the castle by the castle and became air badly" In the village, it really exists Although it was full of feeling and a good existence, her treatment after Hakuro reigned the country was quite terrible (it is a gagging air heroine too much)
It is something that (2) wants to complain about first, but in the first place, this animation was "Animation that I can not understand at all what I would like to draw" originally, simply thinking, "until Hakuro regains memories "If you are going to draw the process of" drawing the importance of the family "
Separately, even if Hakuro does not rule the country, it is a normal thing to draw, and even though I think that it is easier to draw a person who is warmly spending time with everyone in the village like the early stage, Many settings that are strangely incorrect in the habit of "battle memo goods" work are many, and in any case, "angel", "robot", "giant" or something like "cat ears"
I thought that there is no Kore (like this, I do not match the era background at all, I will incorporate the elements of the ultra-superfiction, so the story will not be interesting)
Originally, this work is also "age (Sengoku) Mono", "History thing", "War Mono" work, but I can not draw the foundation of that merit at all,
Even though I was looking at it, it was just a painful development and I was honest (I'm not having Robo (laughs) ... the final giant also does not understand well, it is already the scenario collapse and I want to do it all www)
For example, "(A) Although we govern the country, there are few scenes such as training of soldiers, draft recruitment, cultivation of the country, commercial, etc. (If it does not do it, we can not rule the country)
"(B) Basic, only depictions of ally forces, there are almost no depictions of enemy forces, almost no information on that enemy army is understood"
"(C) Basic, all favorable deployment to allies and all, only good news shit development" "(D) Although it is a war, it is a terrible and simple, war without a strategy at all Fucking war) ",
"(E) Join a powerful military wastefully in vain, and strengthen your ally friendly power"
Regarding (A), as long as you govern the country, these fundamental things are the minimum obligation to do, but in the making, there is almost no such depiction (nation building)
I am doing harem, etc. I am strange, I was honest I was shocked (especially I thought about ensuring weapons to war, do not you think absolutely?)
In the development after the eighth episode, already there is a lot of general soldiers existed in Hakuro, and kore is too appropriate for fluffy. In order to govern the country, it is necessary to draw at all It is not, and basically, it is deployment which is just chatting with fellows inside the castle, and honestly amazed The work "The hero is a monarch" of this hand says, "How does the hero go about extending that power?" Although it is one of the highlights,
This work is not draw exactly the kind of surface, in almost all omitted plight, not if Once you go cruel
Especially, although the hero builds up the power, it is 〓〓at the time when it does not gradually build up, and on this side, should have followed the same year's work "Code Geass"
With respect to (B) as well, depiction of the ally side is performed to the extent of disagreeing, while the depiction about the enemy side of the essence is rare, I like my own country, so if you dare to speak of it like kore, It is not like doing any depiction of Wei or Wu "
Therefore, in this work, I do not know the information on the enemy forces at all, and even though I will try to fight from now on, even the depiction of that opponent can not be drawn properly, so it was a real honor
With regard to (C), in development, only deployment that is convenient for basic ally, deployment of just good news Most of the development is full-fledged, but not all in all, but development that is related to the survival of ally forces, Of course there is not much interest in the war death of the main power commander of the ally side and development of the general general Hakuro falling into crisis, there was nothing interesting at all (although there is no tension feeling although it is war)
Regarding (D), it is quite fun even if you think about strategies that only battle such system, such as basic, "surprise attack", "special trauma", " It was not a thing, it was just "a script as thought of an amateur"
Even if you fight, just fighting, there is no such thing as "bargaining, tension and weight in war," no basis, no ally never defeats in battle, so there is no tension feeling itself, was "What is this?" (Heck, "war things" Nevertheless, psychological description of the hero's a none)
(E) is also a problem, in the middle of the work, very easy to join the powerful warrior is very much, and many warlords other than Hakuro are military officers, but the basic type of fighting type There are a lot of guys with no civilian, everyone is a military official)
Regarding the personality aspect of characters, there is also a very bias (main characters do not have personality)
Also, from the beginning of the scenario, these powerful main battle commanders are joining the camp so easily, but against the enemy army, there is no such fiercer as to beat it, so kore is also not ordinary funny, for example, It is similar to Sangokushi, but this work is like "You are suddenly under Liu Bei, General Shita has", "After the end of Kuroda's disorder, Liu Bei will control Han Chinese and become King of Han Chinese "As far as scenario development is concerned,
Although the hero is a principal, the situation of his hard work to build up that country can not be drawn at all, almost everything is omnipresent (although there is also time concern)
In addition, the ally is extraordinarily abundant in force, the enemy army is not able to respond to it at all and there is no interest (if it is then, even if there is a rank orderer like Lu Pu in enemy power, it would be good)
So, "If there are a number of generals on this side, there are many brutal in the enemy army" or something that should be set up for such a system,
For some reason at the end of the day, the enemy forces use the mysterious secret weapon's robot ", they smile unexpectedly, the artist will appeal to the audience, such as" the real thrill of war " There is no word to say, "There is no word, only with" I am a fantasy of the author, I built a war memorandum. "In addition, in this work, I can draw at all on the human nature and goodness of each person's character Nevertheless, because there are many ally characters in vain in vain, the goodness itself can not be drawn at all,
If you look as "era (Sengoku Mono)", "History thing", "war thing thing", and "war battle thing" in this hand, it will not be anything other than rushing
Actually, enemy characters were almost all small items, and charm is nothing

Although it is not only in the Three Kingdoms but also in the Japanese Sengoku, "the process of building up the country" "depiction of each warlord and war"
It is the foundation of the interest in this work, but this work is not understood at all in this work,
Although the theme is good, it is a severely simple scenario, so I was honestly disappointed (There is no drama nature and I am watching and I get anti-emesis)
In the first place, since the hero Hakuro is a character "the ruler who governs the country" "cheat setting", "It is obviously not suitable for the hero of eroge"
Because this work itself can be said as "paculi of" last samurai "
"I should have been in a scenario where one man will desperately protect its village (and his family) in order to give back to the village." Even throughout the scenario, there is no way that Hakuro will become the monarch of the great power , Obviously I do not feel the need,
Besides, because of that, Err腴〓's turn drastically decreases and you can not see the kind of communication like the early days,
Regarding the scenario of this work, there is no thing to see (purely, staying in the village as it is, protecting the family, regaining memory)
The average rating of this work is "1.50" before posting, but I think that even if it is lowered to "0.50", it is still overvalued at all (I think that "-0.50" is reasonable )
In fact, in the process, I can not draw the charm and goodness of that "era (Sengoku Mono)", "History thing", "War Mono", and "Battlefield Month" (even with zero depth)
As mentioned above, it was a work without any good points (though I thought it was a very good work until seventh episode)
Even if you change your view as a work, there is no other point of view for scenarios (even war, basic, hero and ally)
Indeed, you can afford to say that the scenario was definitely more interesting if Hakuro did not become a monarch of the great power, spent in a small village as it was, regain memory, and passed through family love

2013/10/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22081 Host:22220 Browser: 5140
There are no attractive characters including the hero,
Even if it is an enemy, just for the story, only the enemies that exist only to be attacked by the hero,
I think that the story was a lack of persuasive development.

The last Hakuro and Leru scenes of Erlu,
There is a feeling that it depends on BGM so much that it cries,
After all I thought that I just wanted to do this.

I do not think that it is ragged, but I think that it was a very tasty work in a bad sense.
"it is normal.

2012/11/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47657 Host:47659 Browser: 5941
A memorized man, Hakuro who wears a mask that can not be removed, is supported by his colleagues in the medieval national takeover story,
A story that depicts until I regain memories I lost.

The original is an 18 ban game, then PS 2 and PSP are also on sale.
Also it seems that the radio for program promotion was famous ... ....

As content, beginning with the Ainu style costume and name,
A wonderful world view that makes sense even if "characters are beast ears"
Although it is somewhat intertwined with the work, it is a beautiful OP,
Screenplay full of mysteries that can not be read ahead ... etc,
I felt that there are so many works to see.

But at the same time, it was also a work that saw Moro as "The problem of being a game original animation."

In the game, there is no problem in order to be "written in letters", each name of the Ainu style such as the country name,
In the case of animation, it turns out to be a "mysterious katakana word" that appears abruptly during a conversation,
As a result, the viewer is in a situation where the name of the country, person's name, etc. does not come into the mind yet.

Although the characters are attractive both male and female,
Because each individual episode was not drawn as much as the original game,
It became an overall impression of light taste.
(Especially those who appeared in the second half)

And more than anything else, although it is a script, whatever you think, you can not fit in 26 stories "Hakuro's past" "the formation of this world"
Like the original game, as a result of putting together in the latter half,
Even so, "Robotic enemy super weapons" came out,
"The story in the second half, where the style is becoming uncomfortable, gets even worse,
To some disappointing result.

The problem of "I can not explain the work in the middle of the work" is a development which tends to be in the animation of the game original, but since it is particularly conspicuous in this work, even if it somewhat spoils,
In the area around "Robotic enemy super weapons" came out
I think that it is good to see Wikipedia and others.

From the above, my evaluation is "normal" by offsetting good points and bad points?

I certainly think that likes and dislikes can be divided,
I myself, it is an attractive work that seems to be "I'm going to play a game" after watching it.
The first half and the last round have a particularly good impression.
If you are not resistant to "super deployment", I think that it is good to see.

2012/10/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45765 Host:45886 Browser: 5141
Is this really from the 18 ban game?
I thought that the fantasy color was strong and the former was 18 games and the game feeling did not feel any dust.
Anyway Hakuro is cool. The story was quite modern.

2012/07/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17964 Host:17908 Browser: 5345
I do not play games

In a sense, it is a gorgeous work.
Fantasy, battlefield, action, magic, harem, SF, home drama, etc.
It is an animation with all optional equipment attached

However, if all these elements are speaking "tasteless" poorly, it is "miscellaneous" Of course, this is what the production team did intentionally.
It is impossible for two animals to properly digest all the elements raised earlier.
And when drawing any detail in detail, the balance of works will collapse.

So, if you see seriously the individual elements are full of plunges.
From those who want to enjoy these individual elements properly, what's this?
Even if criticism comes out, it is natural.
However, if you want to taste "gorgeousness" that you packed everything, it is a fun animation that you can enjoy so much. I will consider it as "ordinary", thinking about that.

2012/03/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19543 Host:19466 Browser: 8880
Somehow recently it became wanting to look back asexual, so it has been viewed since real time,
Well it was so fun that I could look back at two stages at once, but rather the impression got better than real time back then.

First of all, if you briefly mention the fun of this work, a story developed under a magnificent scale is drawn attractive,
Although there is a thing close to the feeling of watching a single big river drama around here, what becomes the starting point of the story of this work is the main character of this work which was brought to the village and carried asleep in the village Hakuro woke up with Erly 's treatment,
Then, after waking up, Hakuro gradually grasped the villagers' minds while solving the difficulties of going to the village one after another,
After the death of the village head Tuskul, Hakuro became the leader and bundled the villagers,
Uprising against the Incala which has been tormented by tyranny until now,
From this point on, Hakuro will become the Empress and govern the country,
First of all, it was nice to follow the flow of the first half that Hakuro's virtue was admired by Oboro and the villagers, while Hakuro was drawn to be reasonable and convincing as a person standing above a person,
The process of setting up the neighboring country was very good and it was perfect as a grasp of the early stage.

If the place where Hakuro becomes the emperor is beaten in the first half, some who aim for Hakuro newly appear from the middle stage onward,
Nieh who fights with Haikuro 's anguish holdings and war just to satisfy his desire is aimed at Hakuro,
And while keeping worrying about the way as the emperor forever while finally having a tragedy Kuya etc. intertwined with Hakuro, and repeatedly asked questions on his own constantly troubled by becoming the Emperor Hakuro's complex feelings part also the story of this work Although it is a highlight of the point, but speaking of the traction that is the best in the story of this work, Hakuro's own identity who has lost his memory is enveloped in a mystery and the part which is not revealed until the second half is anxious and see continuation You made me think.

And the point of the drama of this work is the pure love drama that the connection between Hakuro and Erluu deepens as the story advances and the scale grows and the relationship between Hakuoro and Erluu is also a point of interest, and it is something to be pulling everyone and becoming empress Eruruu gently wrapped Hakuru support by Hakuro that seemed to be crushed by anxiety because he was not sure about it,
The part of the drama depicting Hakuro's pure love that is attracted to Erlou by remembering the peacefulness of that Erluu is carefully made, especially the scene where the inserted song "Kimigata" flows in the final story I thought that it was a touch that was truly touching when I thought of the process that the two people stacked up.

With regard to this work, while the scale of the talk gradually increases from the first half in the 2 cool composition,
Among them, the development to carefully accumulate drama of name characters watched really interestingly,
The only point to worry about is that this part will be revealed the details of the worldview as SF part came out in the second half,
To tell the truth, it is impossible to grasp the SF part around here when it is first seen,
Although there is a place which has not been grabbed by somewhat now even though it is re-watched, still thought after finishing the re-viewing this time is the work which develops a dramatic drama with such a large-scale view of such a scale Because it is few, so in that respect it is a work six years ago but freshness was felt conversely, and it was interestingly seen,
And, above all, there was a thing that was inspired by the story that was drawn in the journey that Hakuro walked in all 26 stories in this work.

2012/03/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36387 Host:36278 Browser: 1974(Mobile)
It is a wasteful work. The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he last punch line seems to be Nausicaa, but it was fun.
You were a descendant ah.

Many female characters obviously do not need

It is because it is an original game, but the battle was boring Always friends (especially women cheat) are not so strategic

Robot animation ___ ___ 0

The girl who was talking with the hero meaninglessly invaded

Monster showdown

Drawing is also subtle, battle is frequently used

I did not like that

2012/01/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11718 Host:11669 Browser: 8121
good point]
OP and ED want to watch for God This level painting character deza is pretty cute Mega If it is somewhat boring the level of Oboro is good every time

[Bad point]
Tsukkom no matter where the hero is unveiled clearly the voice of the invincible hero Ultimately but eventually disappears but the collapse of the world view by the last Plot Cara strongly depressed

[Comprehensive evaluation]
OP and ED are gods, and characters are cute, but I admit it, but there are too many tsukkomi

1 Honorable with a minority of excellence 〓〓〓Do not take only eight people. Anything less than anything else
2 Somehow a few elite troops have Erlu (heroin) 〓〓〓The main character "Do not leave me, Erlou" After all I guess it's legs!
3 Eating conditions of Mukkuru (the strongest beast) 〓〓〓About three episodes there was a clear description of food but there was nothing after that. Well then it's really invincible.
4 Arleu (young lady) who got on top of the muckle 〓〓〓Since the muckle is unbeatable, it is nice to put it on the battlefield, why is the young lady on top? Once it is shot down, it is over. Obviously disturbing
Aruru died on 5 muckle. But I do not know the meaning Revived with power 〓〓〓If you think you can not say it this enlightenment. Well then with this power let everyone, Revive! War will not happen, this is it !!
6 Illness of Yuha Ha 〓〓〓It was dying about three episodes, but there was absolutely no trouble with symptoms until the last episode since then.
7 Yuzha was dead in the final story 〓〓〓No, Yuzha will help you with the power that raised Arruu ... just to contract. I do not know the meaning
8 Robot comes out 〓〓〓Collapse of world
9 Unity nationwide by the power of robots 〓〓〓All the people killed themselves. No, it is useless to think normally ... is not it a head, the emperor here .... I would like to say that you should look up the meaning of control in the dictionary
11 The mediator can not participate in the war 〓〓〓I was participating in the war of the grudge normally. Moreover, it is invincible because it can fly in the sky and use magic. Okay, lend me your strength when you clearly had a cause in Nie ... You helped some people, so .... Since when did you become a friend, you
12 Robot obviously scooped his arms with his arm broken, but the pilot in the scream screams, but is Robo here the same as Eva? As it is, when you escape from the machine it runs slowly. It was obviously weak, so it has become funny
13 The robot's blow may be taken by the living protagonist 〓〓〓It may be due to the setting, but nothing is invincible at all. I think that it is too big for God
14 Promising Max at the moment the hero encountered Maximum 〓〓〓This may also be due to the setting, but since the heart is said not to be dominated by animation, it is still becoming the default of erosion just as it is declining.
15 The protagonist of the outsiders is about 3 episodes, the village chief 〓〓〓the night god light about a warrior, this guy
16 SF setting, after all, I do not know the meaning 〓〓〓It may be understood after doing the original work, but I do not understand well with this animation, I can not help lowering the evaluation

Perhaps, I think that it is more interesting if I think more closely, or I can manage to look at it with the cuteness of the character, but somehow it is not the thing that the latter half was terrible Carla stuff I was terrible, the voice of the hero does not exist I like San as normal, but I guess it is a person who shines on an objection or a foreign movie. Even if I talk to the hero of a young man in this voice obviously, I think that it does. Well, I got accustomed to it at the end, but it is no doubt that it was better to hit a different person. It is also a depression in the places I thought I've always seen through to the end. Moreover, because the story is obsolete, I feel sorry for it. It is because I think I managed to manage it somehow.

At first it could be enjoyed normally as Tsukkoman animation without feeling discomfort, but it changed to a level that can not be defended from Carla edition,
I ended up getting fucking from the SF of the last.
Everything is terrible

So the evaluation is very bad and the radio seems to be funny, but you can not put it in the anime rating

2011/02/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7013 Host:6757 Browser: 12340
From the first half to the middle stage, the story until Hakuro became the Lord of a country was very good. I thought this was a little strange as the latter half had flew away so much ... I thought I played the original at a later date, but the original is as it is. So, I also thought that I was doing well when I looked at the second half after doing the original work.
I think that casting of the voice actor was also good, it was quite good animation.
Also, the song of OP is really nice.

Evaluation is very good.

2010/11/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47318 Host:47295 Browser: 11756
JOJO 〓〓〓〓〓〓masked animation!
The hero is masking and the enemy is a voice actor of Char
Well, that does not matter

Although it can be enjoyed on the whole, in the second half what kind of deployment of setting destruction is done until now ...
Because it is hard to remember a waste name because it is difficult to remember because there are many strange points because it is a bit small but it is a minus element

After that, the reason for becoming a war is too weak, so it is strange that war with unnatural unnatural warfare is objectively observed!
Even if there is something that is manipulating behind the scenes, it is a reason that it is too unnatural, so it does not matter if you do not mind feeling insufficient power of the script, but it was good that the neighborhood was more real ...

It is very regretful that there is a story of a battle that makes a good move and a story of a battle like a picture-story shit Unfortunately I know that I can not bring up a sense of tension that makes my friends like a story, but show me a powerful battle I feel like

Somehow, I gave a negative factor, but since I can enjoy considerably except for the above three things I can recommend

* Personally I think that the performance of Hakuro's Koyama and Camus's Kugimiya was not so good

2010/10/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21569 Host:21670 Browser: 6426
[good point]
I think that the story composition was good. In the first half, until the hero became the king of one country, the middle stage was fighting with other countries, the second half was a battle with Godlike existence and enjoyed to the end. Honestly I was thinking that this animation is heading to where I was honest in the original unplay, but it became increasingly interesting as characters got together in the middle stage. Although I felt like running fast at the end, I was able to convince myself and I was able to see it without getting tired of the last episode.
In addition, the main character, of course, each other character was attractive, and the daily part was also good. Looking at each individual setting, it was a royal road, but I felt that it was very lively by the bonds between the side chara except the hero and the acting and directing of the voice actor.
[Bad point]
Proper noun. Anyway, it is difficult to understand many things that you do not get used to. (Tribal name, country name, etc.) It took time to grasp the view of the world.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I thought that OP was initially subtle, I also liked the merit of drawing as time went by. Anyway it is made carefully. It was good to see the production of the final story well to the end.

2010/09/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14614 Host:14357 Browser: 3876
There was meaning in the setting of the animal ear in fact. The past EP like it was pretty interesting. Not to say it, it is said that the base of the mechanism of most of this world is caused by past experiments. This spoiler was very good. Nausicaa is famous anywhere in the world. It is structurally similar indeed. There is a similar thing to say that it responds to deterioration of the environment. Where we go back to a pre-periodic life.

Just about religion is pretty funny. It is not a religion like Christianity (although it was later developed theoretically and originally derived from ethnic religion), there are many points that are consistent with mythological religious views of ethnic groups. It is also very good to interpret the fact mythically and make an abominable people like the descendant of Cain. Anyway this past EP is wonderful. And the struggle of the badger is also fairly interesting. The subordinates who pointed to disgust with the current regime and things that fell in love with personality are gathered one after another. The battle that thinks that it will be too successful will also seem to be impossible because there is such a base. Just on the way, this is a scene I think is painful, avoid the real appearance of the struggle to avoid. It is fascinating that another mystery is allocated from here as well and its missing point is worrisome.

Solving the majority of these mysteries will be the above EP. This flow is very good.

Even though Eva is important in this work, the hints and its mystery that were shaken earlier. This is the most important thing. Secondly, there are a lot of works that are not good here, but if the flow of the story during that time is not quite interesting, it will only be a story of wanting to know the mystery that was given. This is pretty boring as a story.

The closing of the last is also good. A story that was finished cleanly. There are places where I think that there is somewhat protruding power of the wig, and there is excessive inflationary condition. Since its development does not go on and on, it quickly tidies up and closes, so it feels exciting and comfortable.

I do not care what is origin, but the work I like most about this manga Nausica story. Eva is similar in structure to the talk, though. The past and the future, the civilization that has retreated is like the one of Nausicaa. The planet of the monkey is the closest as far as I can tell. However it is pretty important to thrust until saying that a systematic human body remodeling was taking place. A story that is a person and not a person is interesting. Later, as the uniqueness of this work, something like the mask of JOJO comes out. I do not know this origin, but I think it is good with that.

2010/07/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14860 Host:14763 Browser: 11751
I think that it was quite interesting work.

There are quite a lot of characters, but each is a battle and a light gag, so I kept it alive and it was a lot of fun.

Although it was difficult to understand in the latter half by rapid development, I think that it is masterpiece overall.

Evaluation is "very good".

2010/02/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19304 Host:19247 Browser: 4357
I think that each character and the world view was amazing.

I think that it was not good to have a place that understood the meaning after looking at the site etc and the last one was a little difficult to understand the meaning.

Also, I think that OP and ED were very good.
Especially, I think that Kimigatame of the song at the last round which was flowing in the story was good.

2010/01/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47332 Host:47300 Browser: 11168
[Good point] Character The male character in particular was particularly cool. There is no story complaint. Voice actor
It was good that there was OP and ED animation.

[Bad point] I have no idea.

[Comprehensive evaluation] Anyway it was all good! I think that it was good to see this animation.

2009/12/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25270 Host:25209 Browser: 9831
Attractive characters and world view, OP and ED are also very good,
High quality Okawa fantasy animation.
Hakuro's parenthesis is a must-see.
Although I felt somewhat disappointing in the last, polite making which can be enjoyed even in the original unplayed is brilliant.

2009/12/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24077 Host:23876 Browser: 7940
[good point]
Difficult story development in the first half.
Battle scene moving around motion
Attractive Characters
The skill of daily part without battle

[Bad point]
Expansion of the talk progressed with lack of explanation in the second half

[Comprehensive evaluation]
For someone who has not yet played the original, it is difficult to understand the settings around the hero.
From Hakuro's reminiscence scene which is fragmentedly dispensed, it is impossible to imagine something like this, but it is somewhat of a degree to the end, after all it can not be grasped in detail only by the main part, at the Wiki I complemented it.
As a result of supplementing, I thought again that it is unnecessary to understand the difficulty of understanding the main story and running fast. Even about the world view, about the hero, Rasubosu and God, there was a setting that was made really well, but in this volume I felt that it was not enough to make full use of that much.
Perhaps it was easier to present the hero's past remembrance by gradually dispensing it rather than submitting it at a stroke where it came to the final stage.
Especially, it was not good to pull the episode that Hakuro and Dee had divided into two until the final round.
Hakuro's past is very sad and it can not die, it is an existence that carries a very difficult rule to consider common sense, that we have to live alone in watching human beings forever but as soon as we realized that Because the main part ended, I thought that there was really unnecessary there being no time to empathize a little slowly.
Even though Hakuro had the potential to be drawn by an attractive protagonist as much as Vash of Trigun.

The idea that the purpose of Dee being rasubosu was "to evolve mankind by fighting" and that the behavior came from "loneliness" was also very interesting.
The thinness of the impression through the whole of Dee is also regrettable.
I wonder if it is more a feeling of Dee or that he wrote the sorrow of Witz Arne Mitea in detail.
I think that ED's "Madroma's Ring Tachi" is a wonderful representation of Witz Arne Mittea's sorrow.

Although I said, it was probably the limit in all 26 stories, was not it?
This work is a work that tried to do greedily despite the short scale.
The animation "Zoido Genesis" is also doing similar war memorials with a similar world view, but over there is an ordinary boy whose hero is not a special birthplace, and who knocks down with Rasubosu Even though there was no more than a person to be knocked down, there were 50 ordinary story.
This work was originally a necessary story for four courses.
If you are trying to paint something solid, write the charm of the female characters, the fate that the hero carries on the back, and if you try to draw the faction of Ras Boss, there is still something that is sacrificed somewhere.
If there is a volume of information that has to be drawn in that limited number of stories, if you settled in such a form, you could say that the screenwriter did well enough.

Personally I think that it was quite a good work.
Although it may be said that it is incomplete as a work that can not grasp the whole picture with only the medium of animation, I think that female characters were drawn sufficiently attractive, and the battle scenes looks awfully awesome It was. I think that the depiction of the daily part not fighting anything was excellent.
There are people who have extended their hands to the original because they "wanted to know more detailed though it entered from animation though they also entered from animation," and from the point of promoting the original, this animation could be said to have been successful.

2009/11/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 694 Host:342 Browser: 13054
[good point]
Because the drawing is very good (what is also here to compare) The lecture of the story which the character deza is overwhelmingly overwhelmingly more than the three sisters of the wonderful powerful in the battle scene
OP, ED God voice actor
[Bad point]
A robot at the end of the morning where the deployment is dark from the second half. That is irregular wwwwwww
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was boring from the second half, but the story composition was superb so it was superb.

2009/11/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7763 Host:7450 Browser: 8715
[good point]
I was able to see it without getting tired and enjoyed it

[Bad point]
There were plenty of tsukkomi where the second half was terrible

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2009/10/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23098 Host:22953 Browser: 11687
The story begins because the hero who has lost memory and was lying full of scratches is helped in a rural village out of town.

The first half of the hero who protected the village from the lord of the mountain, led the rebel army, becoming the king of a country was quite interesting and it was interesting.

Although the second half was not bad when the truth started to appear and disappear little by little,
I felt that the world view was ruined due to the modern design of gigantic Robo (Abu Kamu) and divine being (Wit Arnemitia?).

Overall, it was a work with a sense of stability, which was quite interesting.

2009/09/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26485 Host:26697 Browser: 9986
This evaluation in the sense that the goodness of the original is greatly impaired.

It was hard for me who had resistance because of the voice first.

2009/09/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30851 Host:31116 Browser: 10178
[good point]
Picture is cute, beautiful
Op songs are good. Pictures may also have a feeling of dynamism!
My ears are cute.
I like the world view.
Character is attractive!
[Bad point]
After all too late. Suddenly Robo .. !!! Ignoring the era? It was meaningless that he was fighting with the sword so far ... !!

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original and unplayed.
Is originally eroge?!?!! I thought. I can not see it at all.
It will be easy to know who will become a friend though OP !! But, I think that it is fun to think that it is that guy!
The last cried.
Whether it was secret of Camus, it was interesting, or was it a bit too rashful ~. I wanted you to practice more!

2009/09/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18946 Host:18783 Browser: 7539
The original is unplayed.
It was interesting although it is spoiled too much with OP.
I do not know if that OP is good or bad, but I liked myself.
Especially the profile of Arru as it straddles the first muckle.

I was relieved that the hero was always calm.
I wanted to know the secret of the mask, but I could not understand it.

I wanted the final group friends more conspicuous.
I wanted to see Carla and more battle scenes.

Erlou's last words were good.
The evaluation was "very good" because it was entertained.

2009/08/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16029 Host:15909 Browser: 16137
There are a lot of attractive characters, and the voice of the hero is smart.
It was also nice that there was no such thing as a pathy that is not related to the story.

Although I was enjoying watching it like touching game until halfway,
Since the hero became a monster, the story suddenly became science fiction since the Sengoku period, so I could not keep up with it. .
Last episode Last did not understand the meaning at all.

Personally, Nuwangi's opening scene was good, but there were not any things that moved through the whole story.
Finally I felt that someone suddenly died or did not know the original did not know the story.

Still it was good as I could enjoy until the middle stage.

2009/07/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14175 Host:14198 Browser: 8617
The content was good as usual. When the ending theme matched anime and it was the last round, I could cry a little.