[Anime]Ushiro No Shomen Dare

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Anime rank of 1991 Rank 52in 120 titles
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Ebina Kayoko
Katsue Miwa Norio Wakamoto Masako Ikeda
Nozomu Sasaki Masako Nozawa Michiyo Yanagisawa Terue Nunami
Japan Released:1991/03 Movie
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2011/10/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30580 Host:30303 Browser: 11755
Speaking of war experiences movies, I think that there are many people who think of this with the fireflies' graves, but in the first half the description was mainly in daily life.

The main character was forced to go to the shamisen class halfway, but what happened to the teacher and other students after the war? I was bothered by just being disgusting guys. (Bitter smile)

I was encountering bullys of evil girls too and I thought that Kisaburo brother helped me, but my opponent 's complaint came, but surely Kisaburo was a bit overkill.
I knew my father's punishment and he was lazy, but when I heard that, I was also a cell VS Goku. (Bitter smile) The father who played this powerful young woman,
If you think that you scold the older brother Tadayoshi who was typing typhoid in front of other family members,
It was childish thought Tsundere father such as trying to cook red rice with a cheerful celebration. (Lol)

Many such smiley scenes were also seen, but Japan, which was not allowed to succumb to China, was eventually forced to evacuate in the second half of the war when the war was overwhelming.
Letters from family, other family members sacrificed to help Kisaburo brother,
The figure of the hero who was desperately searching for dishes etc from the burning home of the house after the war ended,
And after the soul of the family who tried to travel to heaven just after ... .......
There was not a vivid depiction of firefish 's tomb, but it was very sad and unaffected.

Besides the powerful wakamoto mentioned above, Mr. Katsue Miwa was also skillfully played the role of the main character and narration, and also Mr. Masako Ikeda was exactly the casting as image.
Even now after more than 65 years since the end of the war, troubles in the Senkaku Islands, the Northern Territories issue, cultural invasion that was also criticized by an actor, etc. can never say that it is peaceful, but Mr. Ebina Kaeko does not have such a "sad time I want you to be fine in the future as a living witness.
Because evaluation was made certainly made me think, it is "very good".

2005/10/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8533 Host:8564 Browser: 5234
This work was brought to my parents and appreciated at Kobe City Cultural Hall.
It seems that the sequel was also made recently ... ....

The story is a war from the general public (child) of the time based on Mr. Kaeko Ebina's actual experience.
At the beginning (in the beginning of the war, or before the war situation worsened), the depiction of peaceful everyday was the main,
As the war situation gradually worsened, the cell doll made dolls and families who cherishes carefully delivered an iron pot that ate Sukiyaki to make it a material for gunpowder and bullets, etc. As the situation worsened, the dark depiction increased, then eventually evacuated 〓〓〓Tokyo It became a flow of a large air raid.
A scene where a ghost (?) Of a family appeared when a girl modeled by Mr. Ebina picked up tea bowls at home burn mark is impressive.

Although I also wrote it in the evaluation section of "Grave of the Fireflies," I saw this after studying about World War II for a while than I saw this work in an unfamiliar state like I saw (showed) Is not it better?
It is also important to know the unreasonableness of war, but I think that it is a bit biased that alone.

Evaluation is "normal" because it is difficult to put a bad stick on the work of this hand.
Anyway, as a work of this genre, the voice actor is luxurious (the image of the "Grave of the Fireflies"?) Is not it?
However, from the face it was alright to understand the design of the character such as the characters of an unscrupulous shamisen classroom (bitter smile).