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Tsuneo Tominaga
Hidenori Taga
Matusita Yuko
Rumiko Takahashi Weekly Shonen Sunday
Tomoko Komparu
Akitaro Daichi
Fumi Hirano Toshio Furukawa Akira Kamiya Saeko Shimazu
Kazuko Sugiyama Machiko Washio Ichiro Nagai Noriko Ohara
Yuko Mita KazueKomiya
Tessho Genda Hirotaka Suzuoki Mayumi Tanaka Masahiro Anzai Kaneto Shiozawa You Inoue Kouichi Kitamura
Japan Released:1988/02/06(Sat) Movie
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2016/10/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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That "Urusei Yatsura" also gained popularity, it seems that there was a voice that he wanted to screen only the final chapter of the original finally as a movie, thus the theatrical version of the title "Urusei Yatsura Completion" was released It was.
Original element by "fashionable and moving fidelity and often moving pictures and sounds" original element.This is also made with a different purpose from the animated version "Urusei Yatsura" with many original episodes I guess it is this movie.

Well, after all, although animation finished earlier than the original, if the final episode of the original had greeted the final round of good quality that much, it is not so easy to say that it was regrettable unless it was animated. In this way, it may have been just good to have made it into a movie in such a way that it can be accepted also as "an original fan with a refusal response to animation version" in a form separate from the animation so far.
So, from the original, after the last round in the last round, a new character appeared and it reached the climax in the form of stirring the story, but when you are watching this work, it will fit in the climax at the position like "original movie character" after all I think that is natural.
Among the drama with continuity, it is not a character that came out all the time or a character that is suggested to exist, but a character that shakes the basis of the story just coming out last is coming out Was a bad habit of Takahashi love comedy which I felt even in the original or "Ranma 1/2".
The reason why I did not feel unnaturally when I looked at it with just such a movie was that there was always a "movie original character" in the movie so far, so that I could ride miraculously in that trend It will be big.
In addition, because the two of Oriyara himself were pretty much men and girls who clamor almost as if they were "hit", they also became a good contrast, because some people noticed it because they watch this story through the original work .

This time, Kenichi Ogata and Haruharu Inoue were playing the original character, but regarding this casting it was a bit disappointing that I gave a voice actor of Rupa = Ogata Kenichi, a conventional character. Although I am satisfied with respect to acting, I wanted you to stop using it there.
On the other hand, as a voice actor who plays Carla, it was good that Haruka Inoue who had played a run in the past came back to "Urusei Yatsura". The acting of the accent was also good, and in addition to that, "The early voice actor is descending and coming back in the final version" is also the best.
As a character Carla was also very cute and it was good, and Rupa also decorated a lot of carra goods in the room although it is a character like "I can not be honest though I really think Carla essentially." I laughed a lot in a surreal scene wearing clothes of Carla design.
I like Lupa which returned "I can not say I can not say it once again" to the words of Carla like "I can not say a single word." When I read it in manga, I thought "What are these guys ...?"

The story has drawn until the relationship between Ram and Tsuyoshi who was tired from misunderstandings returns again, but the funniest last that welcomes the two as "clumsy" and "not honest" is called "Urusei Yatsura" It is a wonderful work.
It is a wonderful thing from the original work that one word of a warmth will be lived because I drew it all this way, but it was a wonderful scream that remained in the history of animation with the performance and production of Furukawa Toshio as well think.
Well, although the first mistake is just a little sticky, the psychology that "I dislike being told that if I told you that I like Lamb thing on that condition" is a matter of life-sized man's involvement in the world I felt a lot in sympathy with feeling of opinion.
Even if you are involved in the world, you will never exceed a line that you can not yield as a man, and the figure of Arau who comes from the front straight to the end can not be thought of as "Urusei Yatsura". As long as the character of meaningfulness develops to the world scale, it feels like "to be amazingly cool".

Besides Tear 's eyepiece tears and "Saiwa" are also brilliant lines, and the director' s tears of shimmer shining under the eyes of the man waking up at the next moment was also inspiring. There are impressions that the orchid was using the unexpectedly firm parting with the Earthling person, or the one scene of Ram 's parents, including the supporting role as well as using it considerably well.
Besides ram, not only are they lonesome but they are all lonesome towards the end of everyone but I guess it is also wonderful as this work that sums up "Urusei Yatsura" However, this area is a reader, it would be great if the viewers were lonely enough to be united.
It is a total settlement dedicated to everyone who enjoyed that slapping but it can be said that it was a terrible and solid finale.
In the last scene, the original was in the school, "Its everyday continued from the next day again" There was a feeling of feeling, but I think that there was somewhat somewhat alteration there though.

Evaluation is "highest!"
Despite the contents that the story itself returns to the first episode, the longer the history of "Urusei Yatsura" that has been accumulated so far, the more ending that comes with a long time.
It would have been said that it was a wonderful story suitable for completion. It was a wonder that it does not feature much as a nostalgic animation final product, but it is a fact that I read it without knowing it, so it is a fact, so it is a fact that it has been featured easily and it is not good to be famous among the unseen You can say that.
Today is the 35th anniversary of the animation "Urusei Yatsura" broadcasting, I tried evaluating this work with "The Only You."