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Hidenori Taga
Kasuo Yamazaki
Yuji Moriyama Dokite Tukasa
Tomoko Komparu
Rumiko Takahashi
Micky Yoshino
Yukihide Takekawa
Hijikata Takayuki
Shichiro Kobayashi
Shibashigeharu Akemi Takada
Katsuhiko Nishizima
Studio Deen
Fumi Hirano Toshio Furukawa Saeko Shimazu Akira Kamiya Kazuko Sugiyama Ichiro Nagai Machiko Washio Shigeru Chiba Akira Murayama Shinji Nomura Issei Hutamata Kenichi Ogata Natsumi Sakuma Ritsuo Sawa Reiko Yamada KazueKomiya Noriko Ohara Yuko Mita Tessho Genda Mitsuo Iwata Sumi Shimamoto Hisako Kyouda Masako Sugaya
Japan Released:1985/01/26(Sat) Movie
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2016/10/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24962 Host:24925 Browser: 9081
The third work of "The Urusei Yatsura" in theatrical version actually seems to have been a strange work incorporating also the previous work, "Fear that may break down the foundation of" Urusei Yatsura "based on a meta-viewpoint" I will.
In a sense, it seems that a sarcastic part of "familiar previous work is also a sarcastic tale of Sazae who is everlasting" was seen, but even in this work, "The rum ceases to exist, the causality is disturbed, the shinobu can not use the strength, "The announcement of manga expressions" became to be drawn, such as the face guards can not talk with octopuses, and the warriors advance to third graders.
I do not know what it is like "This is Urusei Yatsura of animation", but I do not know whether it is different from animation in such a form, or in cartoons "I'm a gag, You tend to see such trends.

So, in the first half you will be made into a pink hippopotamus with everyday going crazy, but returning crazy everyday is like "fundamentally devoid of everyday life = exclusion of rum" You can feel it in places.
I certainly went back regardless of the actions and efforts of the main character, but I thought whether it seems that it is not even a bad depiction if the neighborhood is also a thing related to the psychology of the character, or it is also a thing symbolizing the work structure I will. Because it was also Kimo that suddenly the absurd is getting away, it was that I wanted to do this work in the form of erasing "Urusei Yatsura Nori" presented in the first half in the second half Kana
The story that Lam was involved in the causality of the earth was quite magnificent, and when I looked at the depiction of that area somewhat, "If Lam really erased the memory of the Earthlings at the final round of Urusei Yatsura" Then ... Imagine it or not quite possibly. However, in other words, in the last round, if you forget about ram, will it surely come back to regain?
Considering from this meta content, even I thought that it is also the original story of the final version of "Masked Rider Decade".

As animation, I made a mirror drawing drawing something well, I feel that the quality is different after all. Well, I think that there was something I thought was amazing throughout.
It was in contrast to the first work that "Lamb is a hero, but a haru is a heroine", and it was good that the hero changed properly by subjective action, including there too.

Evaluation is "good".
Although ending was a good song, it would have been a work that you can enjoy as it is in its entirety.