[Anime]URUSEIYATSURA 2 Beautiful Dreamer

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Anime total pnts rank Rank 553in 6,557 titlesTotal 55 / Deviation 56.62
Anime avg pnts Rank 698in 2,880 titlesAvg 1.31=Good/42 reviews
Anime rank of 1984 Rank 5in 58 titles
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Graphic2.38(Very good)8
Voice/Actor2.38(Very good)8
Character/Setting1.88(Very good)8
Story1.75(Very good)8
Music1.62(Very good)8
Made me think88%7/8
Learned something25%2/8
Hot heart0%0/8
Shed tears0%0/8
Information about this title

Rumiko Takahashi
Mamoru Oshii
Hidenori Taga
Junji Nishimura
Kasuo Yamazaki Yuji Moriyama
Yasunao Aoki
Katsu Hoshi
Shichiro Kobayashi
Akira Watanabe
Weekly Shonen Sunday
Pierrot Yoshiko Miura Matsuda Ryo
Tokiko Kato
Fumi Hirano Toshio Furukawa Saeko Shimazu Akira Kamiya Kazuko Sugiyama Ichiro Nagai Machiko Washio
Mayumi Tanaka Shigeru Chiba Akira Murayama Shinji Nomura Issei Hutamata Kenichi Ogata Natsumi Sakuma
Mitihiro Ikemizu Masahiro Anzai Tomomichi Nisimura Takuya hujioka
Japan Released:1984/02/11(Sat)
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2017/03/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3756 Host:4025 Browser: 5171
With the mother of Asataru as the protagonist, we further developed the TV series 101 series "Misoro! Ai wo masa !?" that depicted as being touched by the boundary between "fiction" and "reality"? " "Yatsura", instead of diluting the color of love-made comedy, "Suspensionality", which is called "extraordinary to erode everyday", has been strengthened, thereby leading to "protruding" specificity "among series of theatrical version series To call it Oshii Mamoru's 'Genbunsei' ... ..., the experimental character is too strong though.
"A memorial presence that became the foundation of the subsequent Oshii work" "Author, a problem work that made Rumiko Takahashi furious" "A gem that was elected as a fictional" Kinema Spunban Reader Selected Best Ten "" " Endless Eight "original neta" ... well, it is popular.In topicity regardless of bad reputation it is "Beautiful. Dreamer" which has a sense of something outstanding in the theatrical version series, but the previous work "Only You." As a sequel "Remember. My Love", I would like to roll something "Let's Star" 's Lovecomponent element in the direction of "Sentimental" as a body I was frustrated with the animation version' s style, "Festival and Fantasy The list of images skillfully blended in the original style of this work fits into the key point - it is another matter whether it seems like "Urusei Yatsura" or not.

Introductory department who opened the curtain with an event of tension rising for students named "Elementary School Festival", a feeling of euphoria similar to the "night of school excursions" arising from situations where people in a friendly school stay in a school building with each other, A cold air drifting in the office town at midnight and a vague terror caused by a scene different from daytime, a hot spring mark that tells a sense of incompatibility to "endless eve festival" and a cherry blossom that denies the inner worry of cherry blossoms Unstable camera work, residential streets such as the other world seen from the window of the bus, lighting of the platform which disappears with the passage of the train, public telephone in the city ragingly shaking ... ... It makes me excited just to remember It was full of situations and it was a workmanship that could be said to be "perfect" even if it was around the time of searching for friendship high in the late night.
Shinobu is getting lost in the alley as it is invited by the Fujisuya (?), And the scene which is mocked by the sound of the bell, coupled with the completeness of the fantastic visual and the excellence of the camera work Even a kind of "sentiment" is evoked and caught up in a sense that it is difficult to name it each time I look back. If you are asked "What is the name of this work's work?" Personally, I will list this sequence first without hesitation.

On the other hand, although surprising people are recognizing the accident, the survival (?) Part from the middle stage where the men who have revived and kept onsleep at the same time can enjoy enjoying themselves including the mystery element "gradually disappearing friends" , The point that "just listing slime butterflies" sounded, the height of the tension which existed until searching for friendship high was considerably reduced and the stalled feeling was not denied (around here, "endless It seems like it is inherited like "Eight" ...).
Dream as a "masterpiece" Demon evil appears on the front stage and reaches the endless nightmare world which is also wrapping quotations from "The Butterfly's Dream" to the endless climax, after several Oshii works It was interesting to see the origin of motifs to be used heavily but it was a nightmare, even if supporters of supporters of "BD" supporters showed clearly to hit "death" of Ram. These are resonating, and even now it is a difficult place to argue that "BD" is also a "masterpiece of Dantotsu", but it is also a difficult place ....

However, the theme of "the breakthrough to satisfied days", "the importance of looking at the reality" is that it was pleasant for the slapstick, in addition to having a weight and resonating in the heart, "only you. There is a feeling that sentimentalism full of different nostalgia is comfortable, and the hope for this work is extremely strong.
It is not only the enclosure as "Theatrical version of Urusei series" but also the opportunities to repeat through and see through a series of Oshii works because I want to taste the goodness of the throat repeatedly after appreciation. The perfection degree of BGM which made fusion of fantasy and Annui produced by Mr. Hoshiaki for this action was also excellent.

Although it is not about glasses for drift, I was glad about what many permanent turns & lines of favorite character Perma was w