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BANDAI NAMCO Games Shin Unozawa
Takao Noriko Takahashi Tatsuya
Matsuo Yusuke Nagai Chiaki Yuniko Ayana Michihiro Tsuchiya Go Zappa Kouji Masunari Mamoru Kanbe STUDIO EASTER Mishima Syouki GRAPHINICA Uchida Tetsuya Hidekazu Tanaka Nippon Columbia MONACA
Toba Yousuke Akihiro Ishihara
Tomonori Ochikoshi A-1 Pictures Cygames ANIPLEX Anime Consortium Japan
Ayaka Ohashi Fukuhara Ayaka Sayuri Hara
Aya Suzaki Sumire Uesaka
Maaya Uchida
Hiromi Igarashi Yuka Ootubo Naomi Ohzora
Rei Matuzaki Nozomi Yamamoto Kurosawa Tomoyo
Natsuni Takamori Aoki Ruriko
Saori Hayami Yosimura Haruka Minami Tsuda
Hitomi Harada Nao Touyama Chinatsu Akasaki
Ayana Taketatu Yui Makino Ousagi Tiyo
Takehana Rika Imai Asaka Nagasima Mima Marie Miyake
Eri Suzuki Noguti Yuri Waki Azumi Tomo Muranaka
Kaneko Yuki Matsuda Satsumi Morino Mako
Fujita Akane Shimoji Shino Tomaru Thiyo Kaneko Mayumi
Kiyono Yasuno Hiyori Nitta
Misaki Kuno Masumi Tazawa Misa Kayama Arisa Date
Haruka Terui Natsumi Haruse Haruka Chisuga Juri Kimura
Iida Yuko Lu Ting Takano Asami
Mao Amina Sato Nanami Yamashita
Eriko Matsui Mai Fuchigami
Ayumi Fujimura Huminori Komatsu Rina Satou Atsuko Tanaka Takeuchi Syunsuke
Ryoko Shiraishi Nobuaki Kanemitsu You Taichi Yuusen Isamu Mitsuaki Hoshino
Japan Released:2015/01/10(Sat) 00:00-00:30 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. Chiba Television Broadcasting Totigi TV Gunma TV (GTV) TeleTama TV Kanagawa KBS(Kyoto Broadcasting System Company Limited) Gifu Broadcasting System BS11 TV / End:2015/04/11
Japan Released:2015/07/18(Sat) 00:00-00:30 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. Chiba Television Broadcasting Totigi TV Gunma TV (GTV) TeleTama TV Kanagawa KBS(Kyoto Broadcasting System Company Limited) Gifu Broadcasting System BS11 TV / End:2015/10/17
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2016/12/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 643 Host:719 Browser: 10229
[good point]
High completeness Songs Unique idol beautiful images

[Bad point]
The existence of Miyoshi Miyagi who is frustrated by the behavior of a thin character as a shadow of New Generation

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a wonderful animation as to give the highest evaluation, the rough which can not be defended is also a remarkable work.

If you mention a good point it would be saying that there are lots of unique idols. There are also idols with strong impacts such as Kyoritsu Kyoritsu, Futaba Kyo and Kanzaki Ranko, and there are cute idols such as Kanako Mimura and Tomo Ogata. The entanglement of these idols is wonderful and very healable (although this part is also a bad point, it is described later).
Next, the quality of the video is very high. Descriptions of the background such as the character's paintings collapsed received a polite and elegant impression.

The bad thing is that the above idol is attractive, while the main player, New Generation, is on the verge of being eaten. Even though there were some main character times, there was not much detail because it was mostly content dealing with the members' squeezing on even less.
Next is Miyosaki Managing Executive who appeared in the second cool. This can be said to be the biggest problem in the work. Many things are said about her, but it is a person I do not know well when I talk about my impression.
It is irresponsible to forcibly change some idol's characters to follow the company's policy, or to terminate the program (even though it is not because it is not sold). There is WUG Shiraki in a character similar to this, but in his case he was taking a tough stance so far because there is a creed that dedicates itself to entertainment and fans. In short it is to say whether there is one side that is commensurate with a cruel and dignified person. Miyagi is somewhat adult short compared to Shiraki but a good side has not been found but a bad impression has remained to the end.

This work is very interesting, it is a high degree of completion, it also becomes a rough search at the same time ... Although there is also dissatisfaction element as described above, it is not a level that inhibits interest, and there are also elements to be drawn, so it is <highest>.

I want this, I will make a sequel ....

2016/10/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12243 Host:12616 Browser: 7921
Although Mobage's original game was touched a little, only Rin Shibuya had favorable before viewing.

[good point]
It brought life to characters. Especially my favorite is Moto Honda and Mikuraku Maekawa, likes Tada Tomonari and Shimamura Uzuki. In the 1st cool, it was overwhelmed by the charm of Honda Mio, but in the 2nd cool eyes episodes of each character piled up until then blossomed as individuality.
Especially the development centered on Honda Mio was good as a human narrative, it was very good. I love the scene of one secret flower garden as well as one place up to six stories. I cried where I declare to start a solo career. He was shining as a leader of New Generation.
Maekawa Miku is not only pretty, she is solid and can be likable very much. Where to make a strike, Tada Takeshi Rina and Abe Nanaki's entanglement, the second college and the place to face the producer was also good.
Both songs are masterpieces of opening songs.

[Bad point]
The conflict between producer and Misaki Managing Director was only to advance the story, it was not meaningful as a story.

As an idol animation, the point that idol fans do not show their existence may be dissatisfied. I did not feel as to what they are trying to do for idols for what they do. Of course, if you show such things, it is correct that you avoided the screen because it gets dirty. Since the viewpoint is fixed between the idle and the producer, it did not cause discomfort.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
For example, I thought that Kirari Kirari, honestly, was a disgusting person at the beginning, but I became more and more like seeing animation. Although New Generations and asterisk are drawn particularly attractive, the charm of the surrounding characters is complemented by each other, and it is done well. If such a wonderful animation is born, I thought that I did not throw away Soshage too.

2016/09/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6896 Host:6944 Browser: 7919
〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓Basically spoiled, so please note 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓

Almost real-time watching. Although the original game began around the time between the 1st season and the 2nd season, it seems that it has been left unattended recently.
Those who got out later saw that they originally liked sound games, and they do it pretty well.
Before the start of animation, almost no knowledge. 765 people knew so much on the video site.

[good point]
Character rich in character
Only in the Cinderella project of a large household of 14 people, such as Lotus child of the two gossolitic diseases, cat earing, Rock rash Lee Yukina,
There were many characters with an easy-to-understand personality, but at the same time, I think that it was not only that charmable character.
For example, Kirari who loves cute things and has capi capi is actually watching the surroundings, a daughter who is distracted,
Kyou who is dazed by the neat temperament has sensitivity to sensitively perceive the surrounding curious line of sight,
Rika, who often has childish behavior all the time, is a daughter who felt things that my friends would care about.
Producer who is big and quiet and often caught by the police, grandiose, severe, and surprisingly poemy Miyoshi Managing Director,
Besides idols, it was just funny people. Also, I'm not human, but Hanako of one episode was cute ww

The persuasive power of a piece of pain is animation, so it may be slightly misleading to name it as a "good point"
The persuasive power of the picture which is the key point of that story alone was strong.
Some stories such as 3 stories and 9 stories, when viewed throughout, were somewhat broken in paintings, but the impression that we aimed closely at each scene.
The most obvious thing is the smile of Uzuki of 1 story after all. Together with the expression of Rin who is attracted to it, it is a name scene.
In the unit times of 8 stories to 11 epises, there was always a good piece of picture in ED, and Mika of 17th episode was also accepted and received himself accepted.
After that, although it may not be a single picture, "smile" of a producer poor in expression, shown in 24 episodes, was very impressive.
By contrast, "Crying face" of Uzuki who uses a smile as a weapon is also a cut left in impression in 24 episodes.

Acting for a voice actor Because of the characteristics of the "idol master" series that plays the same character for many years, acting was really good.
Especially, there is an impression that putting emotions in short words is very good.
Even in the 1st season and 2nd season, the MVP is in the middle. I was doing better and worse for my success as I was told the first half of the main character.
In the 1st season, it was good that the "sweet ...!" In the park of 7 stories is fighting desperately against fear.
If it is the 2nd season, the 21st episode "Oh, sorry, let me wait" is the best. It made me feel relaxed from the acting with a high tension.
Other than that, emotions were on short words, such as "... Yeah!" After the third episode of Live Rin, or "Yes, that's right!" Of 17 episodes.
Conversely if it is a long line, is it the scene of the park of 23 stories after all? The secret garden of 21 stories was also good.

Goodness of song Just because many variety of rich units came out, the songs were also rich in variety, I did not get tired of listening.
As a personal hobby I love popular songs and rocks, so "Memories" and "LEGNE - Enemy Sword Light Melody -" pretty hit.
I liked the OP's "Star !!" and ED's "evening gift presents" quite a lot, and these two songs came a lot more individually.
The lyrics along with the main animation of "Shine !!" and "Mind Willow" were good when it was the 2nd season.
Originally I like Anison, but regarding this animation, it may not be an exaggeration to say that it entered from music in particular.

Narrative and directing I personally liked talking about stories by accessories and circumstances without talking so much.
Especially one talk, the production of flowers was beautiful. The central anemone was also easy to understand that he explained flower language firmly.
There are scenes in the room of Rin overlapping with seven stories later, and recollections of Rin overlapping with 24 episodes, a cut effect to be connected later,
It was a story with more discoveries than I had a simple amount of information, even if I saw it later.
Speaking of overlapping cut directing, the most favorite thing is Uzuki of 3 episodes, the middle of 13 episodes, the cut of Rin's smile of 22 episodes.
It is strongly impressed that all of that is for producers.
I felt that the movement of the mind is expressed by repeated pictures is the strength of TV anime broadcasting continuously.

[Bad point]
I liked the sophistication of somewhat overproduced partial production, but there were parts that I thought was a bit overkill.
It was remarkable that after all the darkness and rain of the room. I understand that both were imagining the spiritual depression.
Particularly in the former, there was also a part that I thought as "dress up electricity w w" in the darkness of the room too much.

Serious and comedy balance I liked the serious story, but I also like the slapstick play brought about by individual persons,
I thought that I wanted to watch a little more about their funny everyday life.
Especially in the 2nd season, since 14th episode was serious all the time, it might have been happy if there was something like a relaxation a little more.
Cinderella Girls thinks that it was a gorgeous stage, each pursuing a "smile"
I thought that 'smile' when I got off the stage is about the same, so I wanted to see it as well.

I do not think that handling of Krone was bad, but I wanted to see the live scene even a little in the final round.
Where possible I wanted the whole song of Krone, but I wonder if it was difficult to scale.
In 22 episodes I wanted to see a powerful live show that their cinderella project helped them show their original power.
Especially, I was sorry just because I wanted Fenka rebounding in 22 episodes to reveal it.
In that sense, I also wanted a live scene of Miwa who had collapsed in 13 episodes as well, with 22 episodes a little more time.
Well, as for this dissatisfaction, my personal feeling that I like "Venus Syndrome" too much is mixed, but ww

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Ordinary girls competing hard and going towards the idol statue that each draws. I think that was such a story.
The symbol of "ordinary", after all, Shimamura Uzuki and New Generations.
Only the brightly shining smile is a weapon, singing and dance are ordinary girls, Shimamura Uzuki.
It always seems fine and seems to push everyone and pushing hard, but in reality it is honest Honda Mio.
Rin Shibuya who has coolness and high singing ability, but also has a narrow field of view like a high school student.
New Generations which features such "ordinary" child, "ordinary" girls' schoolchild characteristic,
Along with friends and producers, I gradually climb the stairs to the top idol.
It was a story that I could honestly support the Cinderella project and the producer who are breaking the shells little by little.

It has been several years since I started watching animation, but "ice cream" and this is the most addictive animation so far.
Is it a common thing that it is quiet, but a steady progress story and a lot of direction with pictures.

Evaluation is "very good". If you stopped by comedy for a while, it was "the best!" Without hesitation.

2016/05/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14172 Host:13912 Browser: 4721
[good point]
Evaluate it easily, but I think that it is not so controversial work.
I see ordinary producers watching it, and the composition is still unchanged as before and it is still told even after one year.

[Bad point]
Well certainly I can admit that the second season is not fun (I can not like Miyagisa.
But it was even more pleasing that the spotlight began to hit the idol I had ever had. It is the original goal to enjoy growing idol.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There were various things, but I think that it is a good work

2016/04/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2263 Host:2309 Browser: 7499
Although the original was unplayed, when looking back at the end of finishing the first period, it is an idol animation that I was addicted to in the awakening.

However, the second phase was a work that was disappointing in the end as it became an unexpected development in a bad meaning in myself. It is a bit disappointing.

[Story] "Normal" (Episodes 1 to 19 "Very good" 〓〓〓Episode 20 ~ "Normal")
[good point]
I think that it was well organized in the first term. Especially the times of each unit of the eighth talk to the eleventh episode were wonderful contents complemented with each character. The first round of the first round (episode 13) also ended up grandly. By the way, I think about the sixth episode and the seventh episode, it is unavoidable that there is something that has not been understood yet because it is the first one.
In the second phase I was enjoying until the end of each unit (up to episode 19)
[Bad point]
The main line of the second term, mainly the final stage (after 21st episode) The story of the new generations The main line of the second period was really dark. Miyoshi, managing director, content that gets obstructed by the character of "Cruelty mother" position in Cinderella and faces it. Still, as mentioned above, times other than new generations were good. But since I started talking about new generations, my motivation has fallen to the right. As for the detailed content, other people have already written, so it would be better to refer to that than I write each time.
Postponement of succession, summary

[Character] "Very good"
[good point]
All idol characters Characteristic characters. I think that the screenplay is a problem because it seems to be a bad impression, is not it? I think that such an original character is not bad, so I decided not to score points for idol characters. Personally I liked Miku-chan, Kirari and Kaede.
[Bad point]
Original character of this animation mainly
Takeuchi producer Takeuchi P 's bad places, I think that is not a communicable place, I do not learn. For example, in the eighth episode, Rin proposed that "You should speak," when you actually talked to Rancho, you could grasp what the character thought. If you talk, you think that the story is early characters. However, the experience is not at all, and in the 23rd episode it is a deception to leave Uzuki for over a month. As others wrote, we should have consulted with other members a little. If Rinyo and Miu were not pulling out, I think that I could not come out no matter how long I passed through Uzuki 's mind. I wanted the second phase to work a little more as a producer.
Miyoshi Managing Executive As stated above, it is a character that appeared from the second term at the "Unknown Mother" position that gives Cinderella 's (the idol characters) a challenge. For this character, the impression that depends on what you think of the contents of the second phase talk will also change. Do you think that "It was wonderful because there was this character in the second term" or "Do you think that the second period could not be enjoyed because of this character?" Unfortunately, I am the latter.

[Voice actor] "highest"

[Video. Music] "Normal"
In the third episode the face of Uzuki slightly distorted, and in the ninth story there was Kanako fat, but within this level was a tolerance within this level collapse.

The problem is the second stage live scene. The staff did not keep up with the schedule, there were a lot of stop pictures and recollection scenes, I could not get too hot. Because of that, the songs of the second stage (especially the assignment songs) did not remain in the impression.

The first period was good.

[<Overall Evaluation>]

Even if you see any anime on this site, it is a similar evaluation. If you are on this site, you will be able to take pros and cons for animation by looking at the evaluation average entered in the "good" and the beautifully broken evaluation statistics.

Regarding the content at the end of the second term, looking at the evaluation of others, and looking at people who have received a good reputation, I think that my reading comprehension is insufficient or people who have similar ratings When I see it, I think that it was still a difficult work, I do not know if this animation was good or not, I can not deny that I was discouraged.

However, I think that we can affirm that idiot characters made too much behavior that one viewer seemed uncomfortable with. In the fifth episode, Miku strikes strikes, in the sixth episode the mid-vent comes out as "quit idle", and in the second stage two of TPs are made to appear as a villainous position on the managing side Setting. Although I think that there are various things, as for this site, it seems that there is a view that "There was a character that seems to be uncomfortable" on the site, although it is a work on the Ryosaku line though, as an animation selling characters If I saw it, I think I could not have completed a complete success. (Of course, there were many characters that would have raised the stock with this animation, which is why it is OK).

Overall evaluation, I was at a loss as to whether it was "ordinary" or "bad". As I was having fun at first, I evaluated strictly about disappointment in the second half, thought about making it "bad", but since it was not an original fan and I thought that there was no point in requesting from that standpoint Considering, we will draw on "regular" evaluation.

2016/04/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19760 Host:19912 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Like the idolmaster, the drama of each character was well drawn.
The content was well drawn and it was very good.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is one of works that you can enjoy enough.

2016/03/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39093 Host:39102 Browser: 10931
[good point]
Takeuchi P's clumsy innocent feeling

[Bad point]
Some characters are disliked

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The second term was good

2016/03/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30478 Host:30690 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Gently collect hints stretched at an appropriate stage. This process was done with all the 25 talks with a good tempo.
I think that the style of director Kaohsiung, Takahashi Screenplay, who sticks to details matches well with the elegant world view.

Character. Absolute good and bad people do not exist either, it is good to have both advantages and disadvantages.
Personally likes Miyoshi Managing Director to be an embodied person of a very heartless society.
I can sympathize with the problem of idol and its solution method, and it is also good that it was originality that made use of idol's personality and setting.

Not only is this music including the first song of this animation good, it also links well with the work.

[Bad point]
Drawing is not special beauty. There is somewhat rough setting.
I did not put out a producer other than Takeuchi P. There is a place that became unnatural due to that.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anyway I think that the overall balance was good.
Screenplay and production, painting and character deza, acting of music and voice actor, it would have been possible because all were engaged.
I think that it is a masterpiece made as an idol animation, making full use of the charm of an anime medium.

2016/03/02 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23003 Host:23078 Browser: 4721
I watched only the first term in the first half and attached "very bad", but I changed it to "worst" because I am very bad with watching the second half of the second half.

I can not keep it here and write comments on the second part of the second half.

Producer who is too incomparable as usual.
You can say that I do not take responsibility by leaving judgment to idle, I forgive idleness selfish selfishness, listen carefully and do nothing, or treasure or respect individuals often, but I just say It is impossible to abandon the role of the producer or to do such a thing as an idol and it is impossible to aim very much.

At first I thought that it was a unique and unique character, but in a certain sense I had to take the immature idol at the root and I had to go and I could only see it because it was full of defects, including expressionlessness, useless, so show the whole work as well It seems like a farce contradicting what you want.

One theme of this work will be a smile, but it is getting more and more stupid to say smile and smile as if you remember it somehow, and it seems that idle feels the pressure rather than feeling like a smile pushing I thought.

The biggest reason I changed the worst when I saw the second term is the woman's boss, and what I'm saying indeed is incredibly messy.
If the producer was incompetent, it was amazing how incompetent to go beyond that.
I came out suddenly from the second term and came up with a little wave at a great pace and I said that I'm going to disassemble idols suddenly.
The reason for that was also very limited.
I thought about planning by myself and decided what other parts and units without permission without permission, so it was meaningless whether it would lead to reexamining the survival of the department.

If you bother to disassemble and unite with an idol who you thought was promising, it would be only a mistake of this woman.
If a producer does not try to take responsibility, this woman will not take any responsibility against departments or idols.
I think that this is no longer the company itself.

It seems like a robot that played a role of scratching an idle without content that seems to be a great taste or looking up from above and just setting just floating.
So there is no consistency in saying action and saying, and it does not hold even as a character harassing.

Although it is possible to say in this work as a whole, the deployment that I want to do is coming first.
That's why the behavior of the character is incoherent, the path and the flow are funny and I can not do empathy at all.

It seems only to make a pinch and dare to make troubles and dare to go into the mire.
Even with the action of Uzuki who is the last person, I can not throw out all the work and arbitrarily decide it without permission and do it from the trainee as a reason for selfish reasons.

Since the character has been developed and the character acts, various unnaturalness comes out, so even if it is done with an impressed scene or the like, there is no persuasive power and the contents do not come.

Even though there were characters, there was only one thought that seemed to have touched the collective psyche, as if only one color could be seen, so there was a feeling of bad feeling that I was personally seeing the ideal village .

Especially the last person has a lot of preaching and talking tone adjustment, so I wonder what this piece was all about.
The character 's true intention did not come through, it seemed to be moved a lot by the invisible power.

2016/01/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 704 Host:613 Browser: 7956
[good point]
A lot of cute idols!
Directing live costumes that make it possible are pretty! Cute Kirei!

[Bad point]
It really comes up a lot.
Initial, especially for Mr. Kami, a bit of strict live movements are unsatisfactory

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The most appealing of this animation comes about that a lot of cute idols come out! When we say a specific number of people, there are 14 people alone in the main idol and 75 others in some form, with a total of 89 people It is a terrible large household. This so-called AKB method works simple but it works. The spirit of winning a few shooters makes the viewer find the child you like. It is usually difficult to make so much appearance, but the production of this animation makes it possible. That the liver does not use a monologue. Expressing expressions, eyes, backgrounds, accessories, comparisons, etc. without expressing the emotions of the characters directly in the pictures. Originally from Soshajge originally from the genre of strong individuality, when it comes out, how truly painfully marked how to keep it out of the way, as a result it has succeeded to write a lot of characters without taking time. As I said at the very beginning these are disadvantages. After all, when a lot of dark characters come out, it is easy to learn and it is hard to memorize the name. Moreover, since the amount of information in the picture is very large, I think that it is difficult to accurately read the feelings of strange characters from there. It often seems that this character seems to be a disadvantage because "Character seems to move with the circumstances of the script" that you see in the comment of this animation. (But the recognition that the story was sacrificed as a result of respecting the character is not the fact that the character was not sacrificed due to the story

Also about the live indispensable for talking about idol animation, the good part is the outstanding costume! In association with the story, even in costumes that are rich in variety and looks the same, each person's personality is taken out and the end of the costume It is finished in very nice things from accessories to accessories. The idol wrapped in such costumes is very cute. The disadvantage, however, becomes a movement. There is something about costumes for costumes, but something is not enough. Of course, even at the final live, 14 people frequently moved at the showroom, but I was wondering if it was impressed by the movement. The impression of the direction of directing such as to reflect a fan with 'something with the best ally!' In the lyrics of the song was great.

The advantages and disadvantages are anime that goes back and forth in the background, but I will make the evaluation of this animation the best. The reason is the completeness of the content as a lot of idols weapons and idolmaster Cinderella girls. Cinderella Girls is very fulfilling with the drama CD that directly connects to the story, and the density of the bonus drama that does not change from the main volume. These are updated as well as the broadcast, the amount is just over the broadcast time of all 25 episodes of animation. Especially about the idol of Uzuki, the circumstances of Anya, the Kirarin complex, the relationship between NG and TW, the thinking about P's managing director, small items like a fan letter full of boxes, etc. The story involving deeply with CP NOMAKE to be expanded is a must. If there is more time, I would like you to listen to the magic hour where the spot hit the idol where there were voices such as Kurone and Aiko, who dug down the CP unit. People who like to see the animation from now on, of course, if you do not have time or a critical person has seen up to 25 episodes anyway I recommend you!

Thanks to these, I feel that the animation of Cinderella Girls was finished in a work with a deeply dense story while idling 25 episodes. As you can see, each person's character begins to have a strong side of the live group movie, and the disadvantage caused by the many characters raised above disappears indeed. In this way, there is a work such as the first generation of animation in the past in the animation which has the pleasure to dig deeply by himself deeply, but I think that there has never been anything to which the whole is directly connected. I showed the interestingness of such new animation, so I will assume the evaluation is the best!

2015/12/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19329 Host:19365 Browser: 8322
[good point]
Through the work, I was able to find the new charm and possibilities of the idols.
The growth of the idols such as Shimamura Uzuki was carefully drawn.
Psychological description of idols and producers, scenic portrayal, image production, acoustics etc. were high levels.
The fact that the character who became a villan was drawn as a beliefed existence, not just for collecting the hate.
It was able to uncover talented person Takeuchi.
[Bad point]
Although it could not be helped in a limited frame, there were also aspects that were not depicted due to idle.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it was a very interesting animation. By looking back and forth many times, I felt strongly that it was a work that I could find fine directing and descriptions, and that the goodness can be realized.

2015/12/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2915 Host:2835 Browser: 5386
[good point]
The first episode was very interesting. I was convinced of the success of this piece in the first episode.
〓〓〓n addition to the basic line of "aim for top idol", the growth of Uzuki gave a tie between the first and last times, the story did not shake.
〓〓〓akeuchi P to lead the idol, Chihiro chief clerk was well balanced.
〓〓〓lthough all foreshadowed lines are noticed, there are pleasures to be done if you "realize this!"
〓〓〓iyoshiro Managing Director is seriously a villainer, there is no unpleasant hatred. A villain perfect for the atmosphere of this animation.
〓〓〓GM flowing where is perfect for the atmosphere, making a great contribution to the excitement of this work.
〓〓〓niform live performance of Uzuki, which is said to be the best climax of the history of eyemasu.
〓〓〓he best key item ever in the history of shoes.
〓〓〓asting is determined perfectly. All characters are Hamari.

[Bad point]
Although it was useless thing, I could see the convenience that I had to put out a character by force.
〓〓〓n airy idol is in the main character.
〓〓〓 am short of playfulness

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally my favorite animation.
The first episode of funny animation is very interesting, but this Cinderella Girls is the animation in which the first episode was funny among the idol animations I saw.
In addition to showing it with an overwhelming live scene, it is nothing but the best that drew Rin to Uzuki, Takeuchi producer encounter and ambition to idle exactly.

Uzuki is a pretty idol of a training place or a good one. But with Rin and Mio, you will carry a burden that you will have to sing as a fresh idol.
But that does not mean that it feels a sense of tragedy, always a refreshing smile. Occasionally it makes me smile to show the natural blurred place.
It was a gentle, pure, truly fascinating heroine.

In addition to her, the individuality of each character was clear and the balance was good, so the impression that members were taken leadership is strong.
Also, there are many serious characters and there are many scenes that I train, so it is very good to have a strong mission as an idol.

Miwa was also serious and seriously striking, although the slightly blurred impression is strong but I think that the character as an elders was well kept because the members were well organized.
The Kiriri and Kyou combination was stronger than we thought. I think that it is an attractive and loved character.

Rin, Ranoko and Li Kun are also cool, but there was a gap and there was a place where disgusting one side caught off with cute one side was fun.
Miwa and Rika also have childlike places, but there are many scenes that cooperate with the members, I think that the place of thought was drawn everywhere.
Miki has a very serious impression. There was also a place to idle, but there was reality and it was drawn as a life - size girl.

Many characters have other tastes of idols, and the characters that support them aside are also very good.
Takeuchi P leading Cinderella project, Chihiro Chikawa of the assistant, President Imanishi of the boss had no waste.

However, Among the 14 people, Anya, Kanako, Eri Tomo was unsatisfactory.
Because of its personality, there is a feeling of failing slightly in character setting.
Since it can be counted among the main characters, I wanted to have more presence and satisfy all needs.

Miseru's managing director was also good.
I never tried Takeuchi P and I did not turn to the side of this side thinks that it did not destroy the world view of this animation. It was a person who was not shaken until the end.

It is a convenience story that I mentioned as a bad point for a character, but although it is a work citing the idol in the front, it is a feeling that live is nowadays "What is this?"
It will be nice for idol producers to say a voice to the character, but the temperature difference with the new one is hard to fill.

Idol animation has a fate that the intention of the sponsor can not be ignored, but even though it is also pregnant, the place which should not be able to be brought is tightened without blurring.
And the Cinderella project that was encouraged by the excellent senior idol at the beginning was the last who cinderella girls became.
I think that it was a work that made it firmly from the beginning to the end.

It is a masterpiece of idol animation without complaint that let me entertained until it ends.

2015/12/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9205 Host:8947 Browser: 7867
[good point]
Fine scene depiction, depictation of emotions.
Not only the good part of idle but also the point that drew the difficulty of work.
The point that various lines of hints are stretched and connected to expansion.
The point where a personality with a lot of shortcomings in progress, depicting reality progressing by half step.
The point which draws a woman with a viewpoint unique to women.

[Bad point]
Animation with separate evaluation.
It can be said that how to draw a story unique to women who does not answer by reason alone.
Moreover, there are parts where depiction is missing or difficult to understand, and actions feel unexpected.
The character does not take reasonable action.
Moreover, the whole story is heavy, it is hard to get pleasant like a success story like fun.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally it is close to the highest rating.
Effort ... Friendship.The success story of victory looks more pleasant and fun but in reality it does not work so far.
It is better for the characters to take correct action, but it makes me feel comfortable, but in reality people often make mistakes. Sometimes the judgment becomes cloudy.

Impression that there is a lot of parts that are likely to be in such a reality, either in a good sense or a bad meaning.
Symbolically looking at the behavioral principle of the character, this animation can not be understood clearly, but it is not ideal from a foreshadow that was sprinkled into fine elements but it is not ideal Why will it lead to action when envisioning a normal life size person I think that I can understand it.

2015/11/28 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38078 Host:38265 Browser: 5171
Nina: "What are they talking about from that moment?"

A strange problematic person was still seen as usual, but it ended up being a matter of concern.
Speaking somewhere about the nice thing about this work, I'm sure to answer like this. An enthusiasm to make it a "Cinderella story" that I threw away on the day of garbage such as troublesome evaluation of aged otaku.
Although it was a glimpse of the posture to be somewhat embarrassed to Moe Otah at the time of Animas, this work has completely scooped up the vector to impress.

I do not understand the main viewers who firmly hold down "P's excitement & crying points" that you can not afford to watch and listen to cheerfully on the animation and do not know about the main viewers who do not understand, I felt it was not penetrating!
The things you do not understand at first glance, the impression changes, and new discoveries are made by seeing at once or seeing it repeatedly.

Probably it is easy to predict that Boroko is said to comedy-oriented society when new works are made in the future, but by all means exquisite exaggerated gaqi without exacting without giving up to the heartless condemnation of the layer that does not drop money alone I want you to penetrate the posture that struck the story.
An embroidered masterpiece anime no matter where you put it. That is Dereiani.
With this condition, I'd like to expect a sequel or theatrical version as well.

2015/11/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47101 Host:46879 Browser: 5779
[good point]
The story is good at all compared with the animation of the person of the idol master. As for Animas, characters were allocated for each story, and a story was made among them, but overall consistency was not taken out, whereas Delemas was still good.
Personally, although the animation was supposed to have become a top idol at a stroke but the indicator showing that the popularity has gone up as an idol was nothing at all (sales of CD etc.)), all the developments in the second half were floating, but Delemas ... Although Delemas did not have a popular indicator as an idol, there was nothing to worry about as it was drawn mainly on how to be a company as an idol and what it would be like to do, .

Were there many episodes allocated even though there were a lot of characters? Still it was only the main character, but each inner part was also drawn and it was finished as chitin as an idol's growing drama.
The directionality was also good for the 2nd course.

The picture is beautiful overall. You can say it is gorgeous. I think that the idol and the live director were drawn attractive.
There was also a partial collapse, but I guess that it was stabilizing as it was.

[Bad point]
There are a lot of characters. Although it is more than Animasu, it seems that idol drawing still draws much, but due to that, last descending of Uzuki was overwhelmed for a while and there was no catharsis. I think that it was better to dig down about three more people about these three people because three people of the new generation are main.
I understand well that the answer to Uzuki's "You can do anything with a smile" is alleged, but it seems a bit stubborn to just say psychology.

The compatibility between activities at solo and group activities was drawn at Haruka Haruka's episode at the end of Animas, but Delemas is acting in solo = acting like adventure and taking a positive and positive way of thinking I thought it was, but I think that this is the correct answer for Delemas. If it is not, there is no future for activities as an idol.
I guess that answer to Uzuki who said that I do not have anything to draw it is a little throwing out a bit. I wanted you to draw a little more carefully.

It was good to affirm the solo activity as an adventure, but instead 346 the solidarity as a pro 345 became dilute with the last course of 1 cool .... I think that there is no choice but to deploy it, then I wanted the group to show more of the idols who came out on the main at the last live.
Reuniting the Rock Band Somehow it mixes the activities in solo and it's like something as a key band and it's like "Is that what you are not?"
So at the end idols are doing their jobs hard The fall is too lonesome.

Managing director. Because this person's back horn is not drawn at all, it seems only to be harassing. Compared to Animas' 961 pro president, I think that the character is hardened as a working human .... The appropriateness of just letting the atmosphere that seemed to be something with a character made just to scratch the second cool something is too subtle.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
. Cool is good, second - second is very bad. Taking a while out of bad than normal.
It was pretty good as a direction to draw the second cool eyes, but depiction is totally outclassing and it is very appropriate.
Although it was better than Animas, the nail was sweet. It is such an impression.

2015/11/14 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15003 Host:15100 Browser: 4721
[good point]
Acting skill of voice actor. A story of a wonderful song such as percussion by Ayaka Ohashi of the role of Utsuki of 23 episodes ... was not so bad

[Bad point]
Miscellaneous of the live scene. The point that it was making the feeling drifting that it is only a picture or a song is cut like a picture-story show and it is only necessary to put out an idle. Whether the song was decorative or not, it would have been like that ... Well

Deployment of the story. Especially I felt conspicuous when I entered the 2nd cool eyes, but I feel that this animation is the guidance of the creator throughout the whole morning, or the feeling that the creator's "I can do it" is amazing . There is no reason or reason, only fluffy air exists all the time. Only the things you want to do, such as "I want to do Cinderella" or "I want to do a secret garden" or "I want to match the lyrics of a song" are preceded, and the scaffolding is neglected, so that peeling and consistency with a part of the idol's original character are not so sweet I think that it is not in a state.
Regarding the last round, I did not expect to do a recollection scene in live performances as a summary gathering in the previous week. I think that the two comprehensive two were put in a hurry.

Managing Director and Takeuchi P. With regard to these two people, I could not find anything in myself other than the role of a director in animation. Managing director eventually increased idol appeared in Krone, only Taiwan P which is only Giant Robo without a mouth is an adult, only idle only created a space to work hard. First, these two people, how experienced in the past and what kind of backyards exist There is no such a recollection scene and it is hard to empathize with just dialogue, thanks to this, I can sympathize at all with the idea that these two people hold There was not. Even though these two people stand out conspicuously, the two heads are toppling over, but since this animation is the first existence, I wanted you to draw in more detail. Things are not only transmitted through the atmosphere.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Thinking about this animation, I think that the magic had been performed only by the viewer on this side. In other words, the atmosphere animation is the essence of this animation, it is not enough in the atmosphere = I think that the viewer who solved the magic became a face like "???" from the beginning. Animation of self-satisfaction with only the creator at all times feels like a little evil, but as it was an animation that left a negative existence as an individual as well, I will attach a proper evaluation

2015/11/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7231 Host:7226 Browser: 4723
I hoped to watch 7 episodes in real time and expect to be "anime I will love for a lifetime", but my expectation was not betrayed and I was able to see it until the final round.

Hints, metaphor, imitation, repetition, contrasting, montage, which are relentlessly laid from the first course of the year ... A delicate picture making full use of all expression techniques,
"Talk on video" Kaohsiung directing was further refined from Animas, and every time I had a fascination.

Attractive character, Takeuchi P that keeps avoiding face-to-face with idols from past hurts,
The basic information about what the idea and what goals are aimed at are gathered up carefully by 14 personally rich idols,
Honesty Delemas was able to smoothly enter in the unknown area (the strength of this introduction is the strength of this series!),
The process that aims also fall apart and communication does not continue The process that they overcome difficulties and unite, too,
I think that it was a good contrast with 765 where a sense of solidarity like the family had already been established at the beginning of the story.
Miyagi, Managing Director, who will be the key for the second consecutive year, also considers the success of the company and the idol as the first priority,
The exquisite exquisiteness that makes it not a mere bad guy, such as being fair to some extent against Takeuchi P who is rebellious, was attractive.

Also, contrasting with Lobbyka who started from a state of no experience with the New Generations that emerges from dramatic success,
Takenouchi P who has overturned the Miyuya Miwa by the clerical maneuvering, which was overwhelmed by reality and frustrated by the responsibility as a leader,
Senior idols who go through their freedom in an unreasonable environment, P and Cinderella projects to find new possibilities at the beginning of Krone,
Uranus bomb that will face up at the same time, Miwa sent out Rin through dialogue which is similar to "secret garden"
In the Uzuki who reveals his true heart Mi Ame speaks to become a friend "once more"
P which presses the light which had been lighting the destination of Utsuki towards Uzuki himself, P to oppose the decision, while opposing it, P and managing affairs that mutually acknowledge each other's policies ... and so on, the difficulty of "connection between people" But the bloodlike plays that serve as the key had no impression.

The best evaluation is unshakable even if deduction of midterm is brisk both in the 1st and 2nd cool stages, even if the expedientism of some development is deducted.
It was regrettable that it was a work of "choosing people" that can not go along with watching scratching only the superficial parts.

2015/11/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5325 Host:5112 Browser: 7868
[good point]
A voice came out to a voice without part.
1 talk live scene.

[Bad point]
Everything was dark in the 2nd cool look and the story.
Managing director, the producer's incompetence.
Despite having tried three times and made tea turbid with summary comprehension, official meaning unknown that raises hurdles from myself in a mysterious countdown on reflectionless reflections.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
An unusual animation that interestingness falls to the right shoulder from one episode. The last stage was able to go far down the hurdle which fell downward. And it is made to make haits gather in some characters, and if a new person sees it surely I will dislike the idol master.

2015/11/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52180 Host:51958 Browser: 5171
Nice to meet you. I am HN love Delemas.
This time, I will post evaluation on this site for the first time.
Thank you very much.

[good point]
Realistic psychological depiction Main deployment There are 5 episodes in this work revealing real intention, Miwa stiffens his determination as a leader in 12 episodes, Mika and Rika let himself establish in 17 episodes, 23 There is plenty of strange constitution which was calculated in anyway, such as Uzuki talks out the feelings hidden behind the smile. Of course there are lots of character growth as well.
I like such serious animation.

There are 14 idols who participate in the Cinderella project with 14 idols are quite a lot as two - anime animation.
There are more than 100 idols in the original, and many of them appear in animation.
The more idles are simply more vibrant, so I enjoyed it very much.

The main character of this work The main character of this work The setting of the Cinderella Project is a pretty smiley Uzuki, hot Rin who looks cool, Miyo which is a mass of communal power, Anastacia of mysterious beauty, Miwa, a parenthesis but a sex root is a pure love child, a kyou that is usually full of ability but a real ability, a kana of a healing system, a wisdom wishes for happiness, a spirit full of charity, an innocent Rika, an energetic Milia, a man I felt it was all attractive with Lee Riki who is aiming for a serious passion and a locker. Also, the seniors also have their own personality, often cinderella project has been communicated. I think the producer of this work is very cool. The story was an impudent man at the beginning of the story, but from the middle stage I will support idols with my own will.

Hidden theme The theme of this work is a wonderful thing called "smile". Therefore, from the creator of this work you can read the message "If you are struggling when you are in pain and smiling without compromising a happy future will come".

Tribute of the past idol master series In this work you can see tribute of the past idol master series everywhere (such as the deployment conscious of the previous work and the appearance of the theater version camping place). These are often said to be annealing a past series, but for me it is rather thankful for these homage.
I'd like to also watch the past idol master series, but they already broadcast both main and film.The screening has ended and there are few opportunities to watch. So, I was thankful for seeing the content of some stories of past series by seeing tribute of past series at Cinderella Girls.

Connection with the real world It is also appealing that this work is deep in the connection between the play and the real world.
For example, when a voice is attached to an idle, voices are also mounted in the game, and power has also been included in linking with the game.
Also, the costume of the New Generations of the last round was the one of the SSR of the "Starlight Stage" just delivered.
Such a connection with the real world makes the work taste and depth.

[Bad point]
Commonly saying primarily aimed at something other than the original target, such as girls' cartoonistic. I think that this is attractive and at the same time the preference is different.
Deployment of the final stage is Rin Haru. Extraction of Anastacia and plays of the Middle East etc.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This work perfectly matched my taste.
I have watched over dozens of animations up to now,
The idolmaster Cinderella Girls is the first animation that took away my heart and made me crazy.
Through this work I got enough to fill my heart with my dreams and hopes, emotions and smiles.
The nine months I felt very short was really fulfilling.

I am sincerely thankful for this work and the staff involved in the production.
I'm really thankful to you.

I really appreciate being able to meet this work and having the opportunity to evaluate in this way.

Until the last day with a smile, thank you Idolmaster Cinderella Girls! I will love you all the time!

2015/11/08 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3304 Host:3271 Browser: 7866
[good point]
It was nice that the song was unique.
(Animas, equivalent level to Mbimasu)

[Bad point]
The last two stories open too much
Personally there are doubts about directing the director.
(Personally I dislike President Kuroi Animasu)
I wanted live video a bit more
(Evaluate the quality of still images)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is watching from Animasu, Mubimasu.
The first period was pretty good,
In the second stage I feel a bit stalled.
(It feels like the content tends to be thin because this is a large number of characters)
Animas 2 Cool, Delemas 1 Cool x 2
It seems that this difference has influenced production and production.

I was expecting quite a bit though I was expecting quite a bit.

2015/11/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14424 Host:14670 Browser: 8415
Characteristic song, rich story, strong character of the strong.
I can see it over and over again. Do not get tired of. Because I am committed to details, I notice the height of completion as I look back if I look back.

Production of weather and brightness. Since it is a secondary dish, it is not good.
Preferential treatment among characters. Although I have many characters, I wanted it to do anything more.

Game original, there are so many characters that it does not seem to work quite so far.
If you can afford Nomake and Magic Hour, you may want to ask them.

2015/10/27 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10457 Host:10403 Browser: 8339
As I said about what I would like to say about the contents of this work in the last evaluation, I will not write more than that.
The only thing I'd like to say is "Why did you do this style as a work to be a flagship of idol animation?"

If true this year, it was supposed to be like a dream of a hundred flowers for idol animation.
While the works such as Love Live theatrical version, Akatsu, WUG crowded, there were many fans who regarded this work as the center of such movement from the high degree of completeness of Animasu.
In circumstances, there was something close to the expectation of the Haruhi 2 period of the time when the Ranobet animation boom was rising ten years ago.
However, as a result, what I was doing has become something similar to the Haruhi period. The height of the will of the production side,
And it was a betrayal of expectations reminiscent of Endless Eight including that much idle.
As for the competition, the director was too embarrassed, the charm of Tohoku was not able to be seen, and as a result of unfascinating developments like licking customers with the charm of an unappealing leading role, as a result it is believed that love live It was only the situation.
To those who are making idol animations including this work, the consciousness that "they are providing entertainment" is too short.
Mr. Masahiko Tsugawa, a famous actor said, "In Japan it's easy to understand, there are many idiots that art movies are a market, movies are entertainment."
Although I leave the word saying, this is true for idol animation as well as movies.
The reason why the majority of fans requested the idol content that I was offering was "fun without choosing people" and I was able to recognize that "the source of tomorrow 's energy" is Kizutani president of Bushiroad Was not it not?

By the way, although I'm playing Dereste now, playing this place is tens of times more fun than watching anime.
While criticizing the animation version, it seems to be said that the game is going on, but Delete is purely fun as a game and I do not want to see anything more than the idol's off figure or behind the scenes (commun) I do not have to look at it and I skip it The best difference is that it is OK.
Failure of this work is based on idol 'sanity' and 'Icon nature' (as it is a two-dimensional idle rather than three dimensions in this respect), as well as emphasis on the layer that demands a "life-size girl" in idol It can be said that it is superior)
Would not it be in the place where you have missed the layer you are looking for?
Even by seeing the end of a certain group who appointed it as an advertisement of Deleste, the policy aimed at by this work is not "what was required in this age" even though it is "real" You can understand well.

This year that was supposed to be spring of idol animation, it ended in the winter waiting for the light of the day of love live eventually.
Although this work which became the main criminal will become interesting in art even if it becomes interesting, it will not be liking in future.

2015/10/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38642 Host:38591 Browser: 5137
* Game unplayed but appeared Idle and relationships in the game somehow grasped and watched
[good point]
A stage that can be done in the first term, a small miniature girl who knows it by watching and listening many times It did not make it animation zoo. Challenging difficult subjects
Screenplay of one episode complete is overall Good character variety of variegated diversity idol original character (producer, managing director) character sex actor's acting

[Bad point]
Overall scenario. The consistency of the composition is not taken / Because of the character's deadness stuck to too much, it is excessive. There are too many characters on which the bowl of delicacy is too much (although there are 200 original works, it can not be helped)
I will throw a hint that seems to be important. Explanation is inadequate catharsis shortage I understand what I'd like to say ultimately and I think that this is only the development of the last thinking about the aspect of game original, but it is not persuasive

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that this animation can be judged as good animation if it is possible to imagine what you want to convey on the production side and accept favorably
At the end of the first term, I got a masterpiece certificate. Well, though it was qualified for masterpieces until the middle of the second term, it started to break down little by little from where the second term started, the executive appeared, the characters other than the central figure (CP) increased, but still thought that it was good until the middle of the story (19 stories) I will
Even after the 20th episode, the evaluation falls at a stretch as I was able to convince to some extent (we can also sympathize with the cause of Utsuki becoming depressed, I liked Serious development itself) but I watched until the last episode and looked at the whole story.
I do not think it bad to convey the intention of the production side in the production. Rather, the expression method of the girls' manga technique was dragged in by the symbol of Dereiani, but it is overdoing. Even the problems related to the second term / the whole are trying to be solved by the production,
I did not know exactly what I wanted to say, after all, the explanation became halfway and there remained Moyamoya.
Conclusion. Is it important to clearly and accurately convey the results of the production side?
You may wish to see only one term from now.
The following are specific dissatisfaction points (〓〓〓and NG, because the producer liked it, please consider it as an evaluation which added that part)

When did Miyoshi Managing Counselor evaluate CP and P? What is the evaluation criterion? After all it is not known at any moment, and even if the evaluation criteria are unknown, any question will remain. Because we made this ambiguous, the managing director said, "People who tried to reform the idol department with the company's interests and ideals"
Not to have the impression of "just hated aunt" (together with the fact that the CP room was vacant)
Miyagi Managing Director and Producer is not poem battle too much?
Whether it's okay with fluent words and company management policy about the position of the manager Ms. Miyoshi Managing Executive VS I agree with the final result of the producer, but do not poem battle until the final round at that conclusion
It is better to finish it by 24 talks refreshed talking ...
I do not know the reason why the producer sticks to smiles after all
I was thinking that there were something special reasons related to the neighborhood because the director was talking about the producer's past in seven episodes because it was a keyword from one episode.
There was a word which is not the reason for wanting to see the smile of the idle, but as a result that there is no reason for this,
The producer stuck to the smile without any meaning, I felt it was a thick character
Shimamura Uzuki 's depression is solved in a way that is too complicated & catharsis is missing
The problem gradually went from the 20th episode to carefully dig into the problem of Uzuki with 22 to 24 talks, but the solution is slightly vague and catharsis is missing. First of all, what is the meaning that Uzuki and Mio did not come out in autumn festival?
For about two months when Uzuki is going to training school, Mr. Rin and Mio, why was CP not taking concrete actions other than calling?
Do you think that 2 months is too overflowing to fossil? (NG and CP do not unite well in this area as well)
Before the live, although time should have been, why did Uzuki go out live in uniform uniform? (I understand this intention, but it looked overdirected)
Less of follow - up to Rin Shibuya. Unit hanging over "minus element of" pulling out "problem
(At least in the play was causing a rejection reaction) handling the production side consideration
- Rin's feeling that "Both are important", was not felt Imaichi Personally, from "P who did a bowl of about three times," Is it fun idol? "Have you found anything you can go through?"
It was super minus that I did not return the question of P directly to P. Production team who thought that it was good would come out to the table and if this hints collection it was not necessary to describe the bowlers?
At the beginning of the second term, if I thought that the unity of CP is the theme, 20 stories say new possibilities ... ... In the final story CP graduation falls apart but my mind is connected. The possibility of idle is infinite. I understood what I would like to say at the end,
So what does it mean to unite at the beginning of the second term?
As long as I looked back at the second term, it was only the last ball only moved by the whole unit, and the units were united, so was it able to unite well enough?
Scenes where all 14 CP people gathered and talked, did not they just count?
Since there was impression that it is not united so much, it seems that the main axis of the story seems to be blurred. In this conclusion, if it is not necessary to set up to disassemble the idle division with 14 stories ...
Both idol, producer and managing director think little about fans (to the extent that it touched in the 2nd term 15 story)
I thought that how to be with fans was also an important factor
I was impressed with the image of "Cinderella" and "watch" too much? I was sticking too much and I received the impression of pulling my legs in reverse

I think that fine direction, how to put out small neta, how high the level of individual times was good, but it is just regrettable when I look at the whole. As there was a part that was nice, I was absorbed only very sorry, but I got cold sharply with the final story.

2015/10/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4863 Host:4636 Browser: 4687
* Original game Not yet played.

[good point]
There is no service scene
Facial expression drawing
How to pick up a theme
How to use music

[Bad point]
Severity of the production situation

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is an animation that tried to make one story in a well-organized form like a song structure of classical music (like an arch style with coda), on the premise of 2 cool, or so it is quite puzzle. No, it was a serious animation. I never saw idle animation almost, so it was information that animation of character-oriented soshage was made so this making was very surprising.
Just as I finished watching the whole story, I think that if I hear the genre of this animation, I answer youth rather than answering idle animation. In other words it was such a work.

<< There is no service scene >>
This was privately happy. Though it is likely that such scenes are likely to increase if there are lots of such girls! Anime, this animation was really absent. This is a blessing. Because it's an idol, it's so easy to shop for service shots.
Costume is very pretty girls and cute (especially like Krone costumes).

<< Facial expression drawing >>
I think that it can be said that there is almost no monologue in the place where it is thought that probably made consciously of this animation. Indeed, excessive monologues will shrink, and if it were used it would have been much less alarming about that discouraging feeling.
In this story the viewers are basically put in objective, there is no consistent empathy destination, there is no consistent and empty place to make (probably occasionally to make viewers understand the feelings of the characters in a specific scene I will switch to subjectivity suddenly, this is pretty good, 22 story Shimamura Uzuki etc). Among them, without any monologue, there was a way to convey the feelings and intention of the character, and eventually to the viewer, and it became natural that it was very powerful to express expression.
In addition, although this is described below, this animation is not totally scaled. Among them, facial expressions played a very strong role to fill out emotional information. The creator must have bothered the head how to express the emotions shaking in the interval between emotions and pleasures.
There are several impressive facial expressions, but if you give an example, Rin Shibuya last season 6 episodes, producer of seven episodes, 13 episodes of Nitta Mihami, 23 stories Uzuki, 24 story early times Uzuki Honda Mio, the final story Mr. Misaki etc ... etc ....

<< How to pick up a theme >>
〓〓〓Dispcommunication 〓〓〓Identity 〓〓〓Complex Typical grand. It is a hotel format, and each character of the Cinderella Project has its own scenario. However, it almost seems to be taken from the above three elements as an element almost consistently. After that it is a variation for each character. These are very adolescent themes, it is a sort of factor that definitely picks up if it is a youth drama. Personally I recall a bit about "The sky is gray" (cartoon) with a very good place where selection of the theme and emphasis of negative part is very good, gaps of pretty characters, cinematic screen composition, but maybe such a viewer I'm the only one.
Clearly there are many character settings like storytelling, but it is quite likable to have taken such a way of thinking, without having to bring that personality to a direction to play. However, since such a theme is eventually internal, the story becomes static. So it is quite difficult to express the sense of accomplishment by overcoming it, but I think that this work is quite abundant and has been quite abundant in many attempts to direct its overcome with pictures and music, not scenarios (impressive is 8 episodes , 18 episodes, 24 episodes)

<< How to use music >>
I touched a little, but the usage of music is very good. As long as you listen to the story, this animation needs to guide the audience to not only the game but also the music CD, and insertion songs are entered in addition to OP / ED quite often. Is it the same as having to sell a robot with robot animation (I wonder ...)
Originally it may be something that is put in business meaning, but its insertion is incredibly skillful. Although it may be good at directing, if there is no scales, you need to compress the expansion that should be on the scenario, the insertion song (or special ED) enters at the timing of "only here", and scenario I am impressed with the method that I recommend.
A concrete example is the live scene of 1 talk, 6 talks, such as the live scene of this episode (this is a terrible rendition of the New Generale flash forward of a painful expression), 11 episodes, 22 episodes (live scene of triad prims).
OP is a content that neatly suggests the contents of this main part, both the 1st and 2nd course, especially the 2nd cool eye is made very suggestive video of the back, even as a picture as a foreshadow very much It is excellent.
ED is also very thoughtful from the timing of the introduction, and the lyrics are beautifully linked with the scene in the back of the epilogic scene which is interposed while ED is flowing at full chorus in 13 episodes. It is a perfection degree that can only be said and it has been reexamined only after I finished the main part unexpectedly.
Together, the level of music is very high.

<< Producer >>
It is super cool. I did not lose sight of the position.

<< 腟〓〓>>
... and it is easy to imagine that it is an animation that took quite seriously and tackled the staff's full power, but the scale on this number of people is truly impatient and impressive . If there are only 5 people in the Cinderella Project ... or if there are 3 people in the current number of people ...
It is stronger in the impression that the number of people who narrows down the number of people who watches the whole story and treats it as a general tendency is stronger. Giving an example, I think the episode that depicts New Generation, centering on 8 episodes of Kanzaki Ranako and Shimamura Uzuki from 21 to 24 episodes, is very wonderful. Another episode narrowed down to the relationship between the two of the 11 episodes asterisk is also good. However, although it seems that the story is wonderful in 30 minutes in the time to describe in one story in parallel with 3 people, 4 people, it is a fact that it was a very wasteful feeling at the same time. Moreover, even if it scrawls when it becomes such as the whole thing, the depiction can not catch up in 30 minutes and the talk progresses like a momentum digest. So 12-13 stories and 25 stories are actually not that impressive so much individually. Especially, if there is a scale, the element of 25 stories should have divided into 2 episodes. And if there was a scale, you should be able to describe more meaningful interactions such as Producer, Miyagi Managing Director, and Imanishi Director. This is personally the most wasted part.
Shimamura Utsuki who will lose sight of her identity from inferiority feeling and escape from everything ... Such a story plot should have been quite challenging for the producer. Then use a little bit of the challenge spirit to cut down the number of people or increase the scale ... I wanted you to do either.

<< Severity of production situation >>
It is a work that has to write the number of people this much, so it was natural that the production seemed to be difficult all the time. Although it finally reached the final story after two special programs at the second cool, it has become a finish that makes us feel the severity of the production situation even after that, and it is wastefully wasted in front of the screen ... and murmuring It was a waste of waste to the extent that it would be over.
Because I think that it is hard work but the staff themselves chose that subject ....

〓〓〓Conclusion Anime of youth who was made seriously seriously. It is a theme of idol, but it is rather a conflict between girls who are less than idle "It has become idol" that I wanted to draw rather. It seems that the motif called Cinderella, which is frequently caught in, seems to accompany it.
From the absence of the scale for what you want to draw, there are many stories that will just scrape the surface of the water with hands, and it has become a fragmentary scenario except for a part. In it, since the one line is passed through the whole series in music and production, the sense of unity is barely kept ....
Like a stage theater motif directing and metaphorical expression are frequently used, and preference will be divided.
Episodes I personally liked are episodes 6, 8, 11, 22 and 23. On 23 story overall the voice actor's performance is wonderful, there is a sense of urgency as if it actually came out of the character of the game in reality.

2015/10/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Introductory part of the first episode Actor of the voice actor of the triad and the character song of the asterisk Mr. Uzuki role

[Bad point]
Screenplay of general concerning NG, especially 21 story 23 story excessive production overall live scene overall poor closing of final story absence of service scene all over again repeated deficiencies of schedule management

[Comprehensive evaluation]
To put it briefly, when I saw the first story of the opposite animated cartoon "When it finishes it is all good", I had a feeling that it seems to be a masterpiece

The story of Mika of 3 episodes has also increased (I also liked that song)
There are remarks that the Middle is quitting idol in 6 episodes, I think that this is due to immature P, it is unavoidable that there is such a conflict in the first half

Especially the individual times of 8 stories to 11 episodes were not complaining especially, and the 13 live CP live was also good as a tightening in the first half

But in the second term the air has changed completely The days we are swayed by the animated original character called managing director

Up to 19 episodes were as good as it was in the first term, but even in the 20th episode the rating was dropped even among the 21 story and 23 episodes,

Episode 21 is a form in which Miwa has assumed the participation of Rin 's TP in theater, but I think that Rin is not such an indecisive character There are no original blue rin, there is nothing more than "Never say Never "It does not match the lyrics at all and Mr. Mio wanted to support the remaining Uzuki rather than do solo activities.

Regarding 23 episodes, I think that I'm as terrible as I wanted to make a black history.
First of all, since Uzuki stayed in the school, I feel angry that the period of more than one month has passed before Lin and Mio take action, P who left Uzuki stayed in the school for the past month Honest P I think that it is disqualified Let's at least consultation place within CP

I can not even understand the scene that puts Uzuki when Rin and Mio who took out the Uzuki to the park by returning from the park, I think that Mr. Kaohsiung gave this scene with the intention of directing, but the opponent who brought him to the park To think about leaving it as is, I think only as selfish behavior if you think normally

And what I could not forgive is Rin 's "smiling face of lies" remarks Rin only has been around for half a year since I met Uzuki, and I was not able to build a deep friendship during that time. It is too rude to utter saying "a smile of a lie" though I do not know real Uzuki very much At this point the evaluation for Rin of "Anime" fell out of Naraku

Although it is about the last round in the end, although it raised a hurdle beforehand, there was nothing serious at all at all, and the live scene which was exaspatable also moved a little, and it stops a little picture, and the live one of 3 talks and 13 talks is It was good enough

In addition, it was really disappointing that "only Cinderella", the biggest song of Delemas in the last, was an intro that was really disappointing There was no lingering in this way of finishing It can be said that it is considerably worse in the final round of many animations not

Although it is "very bad" as an evaluation, it is close to "worst" emotionally
There were times when I was disappointed with the 21 story 23 episode, but at the very least I wanted you to finish with the perfection degree of the final round

2015/10/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Characters with strong individuality.
It is fun to see the figure moving all around in the story with all members standing without regard to the department.

As the "smile" advocated by Takeuchi P, the composition of one episode one episode was unexpectedly seen as many of the drama-touch things that unexpectedly realize the wonderfulness of the smile.

Character design is cute too!
Takaya Uzuki who is a high school girl who is good or bad now, I think that I was expressing Lori Chara moving around Chikamaka in design rather than previous work, and I think that it was very much.
Although the appearance is grown-up, the personality is ... .... It is a world prevailing in characters that ... ....

I also told that there are many stories with a strong serious feeling overall, I raised it in the item of Takeuchi P ~ but it is highly appreciated among me.

It seems that bad weather and lack of lighting were also inserted, but it is most easy to use "weather, lighting" to express the idolized situation most accurately, and it felt that it was bad There was not.

[Bad point]
Too many characters to be able to finish out with 2 courses.
It is as everyone else in the very different direction that considers the previous work pointed out.
However, I do not think it is a thing of excessive eye. The story of the one story included is different.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I can understand why it is said that it is said that other animation, dinosin, etc. are said.
But it seemed to be a work that appeared to be much appealing to exceed that point.

P likes pretty characters, and it would be better to use deployment that seems to worry in order to convey a trial such as "to overcome adversity" to P partner in an easy-to-understand manner,
I think that most of the causes of bad reputation for this work are due to the nerds who are talking about on the Internet, the so-called "net locust".

I enjoyed it very much, so I made the evaluation "highest!" It is easy to understand!
Since the strong dialogue of secondary creative color such as "Hito" of the main characters of other works or "live delay" seems to be more for net locusts or the original ignorative setting, setting and description It should be clear and easy to understand as clearly as works.

Is not it that it was "good or bad P (for existing fan)" when it sees from an average anime fan?

2015/10/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Cinderella girls who had not been expecting since the announcement of the decision to animate last year.
Let's convey its charm.

From the idle of nearly 200 people, because the original social game which produces favorite children is produced, the rough storyline will definitely become an animation original.
Such a thing that I was forced to decide as unreasonable as I could not undertake if I was a maker was a staff with a proven track record in other works.
First of all, Ms. Akiko Takao is known as a director of Kyoani's work, and Mr. Tatsuya Takahashi serving as a series with her is a former Leaf writer.
Both of them participate in the previous work "THE IDOLM @ STER" (hereinafter referred to as "Animus"), and it is also a co-star with Leaf and Key in any mind.
The staff with these two leaders will draw a story till the ash suits become princesses.

Part 1. Presence of Takeuchi P It is well-known that in Animas, interactions with producers, Akabane P and so-called idols, who are not quite habitually gathered viewers' support.
Then, attention was drawn to what kind of person this P's animation is. as a result〓〓〓

A man who appeared suddenly = a producer (Takeuchi P) has an appearance which can not be thought of as a hero of a boy of a beautiful girl named a bass voice strong with a gigantic body near 190 cm,
While giving a shock with a clumsy character while clumsy, at the same time, the young of the voice actor in charge also assisted the viewer's topic.
Although it was designed to attack at first glance, I admired that it is calculated exactly like him when adding the characteristics of P in game cartoon.
Each time we increased the distance to the idle, it became one of the most beloved characters of Deremas.
Personally, if Akabane P is P version Chunka, Takeuchi P is like P version Chihaya.

Part 2. The luxurious living castle Cinderella Girls, as mentioned above, has a lot of playable characters and various walls await the mediaization.
Therefore, it is "346 production" of this work so that many people can be idle.
Of course it is impossible for the entire idol to be idle during the two courses, so we will focus on "Cinderella Project" (hereinafter referred to as "CP") including Uzukiri of the signboard,
Other idols are basically good seniors and lead CP as a colleague.

Mika who is deeply involved in CP is often noticed as much as possible, but of course it is wonderful to talk about establishing herself through mutual exchange between Miria and her sister.
Kaede who takes care of exchanges with fans, the vegetables that showed spirit of penetrating your character, Nishi and exploring characters that appeared Lee Young and youth appeared one after another.

When suddenly Chie and Haruna talked in the second episode, a shock ranged so that the contents of the talk would not be included among the players. If two persons are in charge, well well.
Starting with this, a voice actor was assigned to an idol that had no voice until then. With this, it became possible to expand the topic by voice expectation.

Part 3. New relationship between idols Miwa and Anna, Mituto Lee Yuna, who had few contacts until now, will spin a fresh relationship.
Love-shooter was beautiful as an orthodox idol lining up with New Generations.
Asterisk is a manifestation of the word that we are on good terms with each other. It is a miracle unit.

CP only solo.Ranzo (Rosenburg Engel), after communicating with Takeuchi P, to cooperate with Love-aka who taught the importance of team work.

And it was surprising that Kyou and Kirari which were classic in the classic were separate units.
Candy island expresses a high level of specifications in the original work, as if Kyou (though not the mind) tows a child that is somewhat unreliable and Tomomi.
Kuraray overflowing with maternity is a chubby combination.The figure encouraged by the two at times sustained while supporting Rika and Milia.

Part 4. Youth group group image Deremas idol is a factor that treats specific held stories many times repeatedly as a basic gag character. Many people expected such a funny story by them.
In this animation, a Cinderella story will be developed to prevent idols from finishing with the odd man and the gangster.

Politeness of episode 1 is no longer a legend. You can say with confidence that you have passed Animas here.

Large selection of sudden in the third episode. At first glance it is the success on the first big stage (as well as the live scene)
It is probable that the one who showed a weak one side in the last round in the sixth episode got confused and ran away ran away. However, it is also the fact that he also convinced me that "I will not end with just idol animation" in the same way.
P who was saved by the smile of Utsuki persuaded Miwa did not even remember the beauty.

Uzuki was seized as a story to be ridiculed as "Gambarimasu Robo" because of his uniqueness. As the surrounding children keep nesting one after another,
A new record "S (mile) ing !!" that I went through tears I showed with 23 episodes when I had nothing, a special education that confronts myself in 24 episodes, I was touched that such a girlfriend became one person It is an episode that can be done.

Of course, you can see that other characters also pick up elements of the original as being the first to fight in the Mikuwara original work.

Certainly, I can not deny the short time of moving in the live scene. Still, I was able to sense the intention of moving the owners with different personality, face, hair, and clothes within the limited time and budget.

Miyoshiro managing director who appeared from the 2nd season was a character that can also be taken as a metaphor of a gachip player in a certain sense and gave the CP a challenge. She also led the prestige of the Miyagi group to the face of "Project Krone" led by her.
Because Takeuchi P respects individuality and autonomy, he does not deny even the executive director. Rinzo Anya was also able to open a new road with a pull - out case.

P or poetical debate about managing and the epic staging involving the theater "secret garden", depiction of emotions is the taste of director Kaohsiung.
Contrary to the dynamism which Animus' director Nishikori showed in the Gainax work is selling, it is why it is met with a boys' manga and a girl 's cartoon.
That's why I bought a bad reputation for many male viewers as it would not suit the skin.
Well, I do not even understand that I wanted to see where the idols are performing fresh and active.
Everyone wants to see a smile in charge who is in charge.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Courage to progress with your own foot to the other side of 12 o'clock. Even if you do not expect it to be yourself.

Respect to Animas, Cinderella homage of fairy tales,
I feel the dark-pot feeling that seems to be Delemas around where various elements are stuffed in 25 stories.

At the same time, however, the weight of the theme that the theme of themes accumulated for each episode is different from the height of perfection that can be read by hints is wrong.
Idol and P, and the unity between the idols became a symbol of the variety of Deremus 's dance called Cinderella' s ball, and CP became the best last to be the second generation Cinderella Girls.

A dream can not end with a dream. Someday I will definitely grant, no, I will show it!
Thank you for your smile until the last minute! Cinderella Girls!

2015/10/18 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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CG is a work that draws a successful story.
To do so, a lot of characters appeared, so we had to raise the trunk to support that branch.
Failure of CG is in that this could not be done.

346 production that is the stage of Cinderella Girls (CG) is the industry's top production.
CG also plots to draw idle growth and success according to the idolmaster format, but since production is the industry leader, it is difficult to draw external obstacles and it is already top and it is difficult to draw the difference in success.
In addition to the main characters, many characters of the protagonists level appear, so the density of the story against each person has become thin.

The main trunk is thin, and the impression of the big flow story is thin, so we are not satisfied with the whole story. It is difficult to empathize with the feelings of the character drawn as growing.


This failure is due to bad composition.
Although the new generation was placed in such a standing position as to be the core of the story, it was not structured to pull the talking subjectively, and since it was a matter of individual individuality, the sense of unity of the entire story progression I could not put out.
Especially I brought the problem of Uzuki last as the landing point of the whole CG, but this was also drawn as a personal problem, so it was very unsatisfactory.

As the heroine could not prepare a character that could pull the whole story, instead of giving the role as a protagonist for the producer to tow the story, this also ended up in halfway and the experience of growth and success was thin Because it has been drawn, you can not get the catharsis of the story.
Besides that, Mikuya Kirari became an important spokesperson for the story in many situations but it did not reach the story of the story.

There was also outstanding in individual talks, and the director was felt wonderful though it felt a clear intention, but it became an impression that it was wasteful although it was able to be better as a whole.


It is regrettable that even the animation part is a regrettable point that the live part has not reached the level required as an idol master, that is, the 765 pro level of the previous work.
The painting is beautiful, the effect is rich and the amount of information to be written has also increased, but there are parts that feel sorry when scenes that are not moving often see the whole as animation.


Also, personally, scenes expressing characters' images with songs are also small due to the small number of songs, so I feel sorry for this part as long as I evaluate it as an idol master.


CG had many glowing parts, it was a work that was not very directed, but the composition was bad and it was a work lacking in the whole set.
If this content were to be made, it should have drawn the success story of the producer as its main axis.

2015/10/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The introduction part of 1 story to 3 talks where the main three played their debut at the first live first live
Five stories depicting dissatisfaction to see not becoming heavy
. Members introduction times of 4 stories and CANDY ISLAND, convexism, asterisk, Ranzo times
A character not necessarily popular in the general election also got a voice
.STAR !!, SHINE !!, GOIN '!!, Evening present

[Bad point]
End of development (after 20 episodes)
. The turn of the main character Shimamura Uzuki was intentionally trimmed for the development of 23 to 24 episodes
The scene where the content of the conversation is vague and the staff is trying to impress can not be impressed
Physical strength of animation staff who seems to have not been suitable for idolmaster work which handwritten live can also be called a motto

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the seriousness entered half way on the way, I think that I had taken it to the last live without much discomfort It was a bit abrupt that the miun made a misunderstanding but the content of 7 stories complements it I was convinced that it was something

Although the 2nd cool eleventh took out the opposition forces of the end at the end of the rain but it was not a good ability though this was a bad ability but there is no convincing power but there is only a depiction as an incompetent boss who just pulls a leg and it is absolutely necessary I did not feel gender

The development of the last stage is for 24 talks that decide to make ashuku no Uzuki doing as an idol which is supposed to be an original without any original, but this is the story that the director wanted to do most, Even if it is thought that Rinyo Mio is insensitive and self-centered for this deployment, that it was painted depiction, the turn of other idol's turn was cut off, and the original Shimamura Uzuki It is a shame that the image of the image collapsed

I wanted to see not only the unit but also the multiplicity of more characters, and the development that the Uzuki wanted to draw the heroines of Cinderella Girls who is becoming "smiling face" which is being emphasized more easily by this animation is also going forward If you are doing early, you have not drawn to a cramped development

I think that it was satisfactory to the original fan until the middle stage of the 2 nd cool eyes, but since there is a feeling that it has ruined the whole by the development of the end of the problem, the evaluation is "very bad"

2015/10/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
This animation was divided 2 courses, so I was expecting very much.
In the 1st course, the number of people in the idol was just right, it was a very interesting work.
I think that it is good to draw the heartfelt feelings of idol one person in the second cool.

[Bad point]
Mainly two.
The first is that the number of people has increased dramatically since the second cool eyes, and who is who is not understood. I can not remember a bit even if I increase it so suddenly.
The second is where the producer is too particular about smiling. Besides smiling, I thought that there are many treats ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally I liked the first coolest one.
I feel the bright feeling of the office was fun and interesting.
I thought that it entered the second cool and I thought that it was a bit stalled, but I think that it was because one course was very good.
Looking at the second cool as an ordinary animation, it was very good, there were many times that I was impressed.
As long as we leave the final round, we are hoping that it will be a good last round.