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Other media: Comics:Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai
Anime total pnts rank Rank 530in 6,604 titlesTotal 57 / Deviation 57.02
Anime avg pnts Rank 1,050in 2,888 titlesAvg 1.06=Good/54 reviews
Anime rank of 2010 Rank 15in 189 titles
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Wakaki Tamiki SHOGAKUKAN Weekly Shonen Sunday
Hideyuki Kurata
Akio Watanabe
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Hayato Matsuo
Hiro Shimono Kanae Ito
Ayana Taketatu Yuuki Aoi
Nao Touyama Kana Hanazawa Tomo Sakurai
Japan Released:2010/10/07(Thu) 01:50-02:20 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2010/12/23
Official sites
1. http://ani.tv/kaminomi/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. http://twitter.com/kaminomi_jp
Opening movie (1)
神のみぞ知るセカイ OP 第三幕 God only knows OP Past 3 [Fan reg.]
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2011/05/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26125 Host:26127 Browser: 11759
[good point]
The setting that GALGERE MASTER takes advantage of its knowledge and experience, to capture "real" women in reality.
An impressive OP song. Beautiful ED animation.

[Bad point]
I feel that the above setting is set down.
How is the way the relationship between the hero and the real woman "in creation" actually ends up being a template gallery that lacks reality (How does it differ from just a mediocre gallery story? Did you know?
Where I wanted to expect scenarios like Galg莨〓 (extremely rare) of ancient and east-west to be well-prepared scenes that make excellent use of story and fashionable exchanges, "stylish" interactions to the 'under construction' reality and convincing development is. If you are a gal-gamer of all places, I do not want to know him, I think you would like me to take advantage of it as much as it got me a god.
Also, in connection with the setting collapse above, in the end, the main character of this work is related to the story development, between "a general girl gigantic hero who bothers himself with a heroine without a big deal" There is nothing special except that the official setting that features like being able to draw a line is tenderly being a handsome.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If you settle for the setting collapse above, the picture is also beautiful, the voice actors are also stable, and the story is not bad, so I do not think there is any particularly bad point. However, since it was not interesting enough to penetrate one step as a harem work of this hand, the evaluation is normal.

2011/05/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3382 Host:3598 Browser: 11756
It is an evaluation of the original unexamined.

[good point]

It mixes with the story gag and serious, it is interesting.
Meta is different, but personally I like sky editing, because I was addicted to the trigger!
The scenery also appeared in the new sea breeze taste, the image and the song were beautiful and good.
It seems that it was related to the maker of "HARUO to", I am convinced.
Mr. Sakurai was worried about singing ability because some people of "song" came out at Macross 7, but it was not very special, but it was nice to have a taste.
In the game world, she regained her true smile, because I knew it with the ED.
There is no bad heroine in the heroine of the game, is not it?

It was good to teach Keima important things in each episode.
Outside of the sky, Shiori was favorite, I dared to provoke her, but when you teach her what is really important.
I do not understand trauma so far, but I think that it is wonderful to relieve her in the way of Keima tribe.

In Kanon version, the last song singing scene was deep emotion, because it is the accumulation up to now.
It makes me think variously, because I sold it, I am worried about it.
One episode was quick to expand and it was a bit unpalatable, but I think that it was good after that? (Except for the final story and cake)
I could laugh two episodes.
Elsee is cute and there are parts that are gag characters, but Keihime Cool is showing good parts.

Kyara Keima, Elsee, I do not care Temple though.
I think that everyone is excited and attractive.
Each of them seems to be "living" properly, is not it?

OP is not spectacular, but I like it with a refreshing moe song and unique pictures.
It is also an entertainment coming that the singing heroine changes, I bought a CD.

Gag Dragon Quest Paro, Takeshi 's Challenge Story and other things I could laugh!

[Bad point]

Last time this was awful in bad meaning ... Kurata 's worst rush bursting up.
I feel I knew why Kurata work does not end in a decent way.
It is interesting if it is an ordinary story, but the sense that it makes this last round can not understand the dust as well.
Well, it was good that Shimono song and the sky was in the last round.
Kurata & Shimono which is not well-established in terms of how to end the flowing stone ... (Mr. Shimono is not responsible)
The story itself was good, but the final round is only forgiveness.
I thought that Kannagi was going to end up strange but compared to this ...

A useless story Although it seems to be a Mage and a younger sister, Mr. Kurata thinks that it is a bad habit to hold a boring story on useless.
Especially the story of cake!
If it is a series composition, please control about a waste talk like a cake, although it is a script writer.
It is proved by Lucky Star that it does not make a good result even if the manga artist write a script.
(Tezuka Anime also writes himself screen, but Professor Tezuka is out of the standard in various ways)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Is not it good or bad about a voice actor? Because there is a character that does not match a character that matches.
I thought that sky and something matched, but I think that Aumi mats did not match, personally.

So I enjoyed it except for the last episode and the story of the cake, so I think "good".
I want you to welcome the end of the second term, like the recent Kurata + Shimono ended way dracula.

2011/05/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24212 Host:24038 Browser: 10225
Original, read as far as the latest publication.

Although the animated version is basically faithful to the contents of the original, the original water increase has been done in places and I think that it was just as good as finished animation.
But the progress of the story is a bit late, but even though it is one course, even the first volume of the original books 1 to 3 volumes ...
Especially Kanon Hen and Sakura were felt somewhat long by many original insertions.
It may be good to put the story of the two together in 2 talks and put 3 volumes of Kusunoki ..

There are many young people, such as Kanae Ito, Taketomi Ayana, Yuki Aza, Hanazawa Kana, etc. On the other hand, the role playing actor of Nakao Ryuushi and Garuga character's veteran Sakurai Tomo etc. is also good taste You did it.

Evaluation is "very good".

2011/06/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15396 Host:15488 Browser: 11756
[Comprehensive evaluation]

The original is unread and all the story has been viewed.

I think that setting is interesting, but I realize that game and real are different, still feel a sense of incompatibility in the story where love stays with game strategy method. As the title of the work, it may be the only world that it can be understood only by the protagonist who is called down to God.

What I was most surprised when I thought that the original was Ranube, it was being serialized by "Weekly Shonen Sunday". I can not agree with that much to say that I exclude everything that seems to be harmful to children. However, if the series is a juvenile magazine, you can not help saying that the story that the game's strategy strategy is correct is very bad.

Although I was able to enjoy the comedy part, I can not wipe the strange feeling of strangeness in any way, and the evaluation is "ordinary".

2011/07/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34548 Browser: 3448(Mobile)
It is Shiori.
This time ... I would like to critique the animation "God Only Knows Secret".
(... you should first introduce this work? ... some people do not know ...)
This work is an animated version of a comic series serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday ... Its its first stage ...... In the original, until the first episode of the three volumes of the comic book ... is the content of this animation.
The main character of the so-called "Galge -" otaku, Keiki Keima ... Talking with the girl Elsie of the running soul came from hell, you capture the girls possessed by the runner.
(... Maybe some people do not understand even if you say anything! I guess you get sick or not ... ... but I do not know well either ... Was it good to say it was a romance game ......... I do not have to worry about such things any more, I have to keep going, the other people are in trouble ...)
Uh ... well ... It was a good start but ... Ayumi's story and ................
(I can not say ... I can not say it! It sounds like I'm self-praising, I feel like a very disgusting person! ......... But my story, tempo and BGM are good, evolved more than the original I think that it was ... ...... Mulli after all !! .... I have to tell something in the meantime ...)
Oh ... I'm sorry ... Um ... the story of Mr. Atsumi was good was the tempo after all ... I thought that it was wonderful to summarize the contents of 60 pages in the original ... beautifully in one story.
The voice actor was also consolidated by the young person ... well acting ... I think that Mr. Elisi's Ito Kanae was a campaign ... ............ But Ayumi's Taketa Ayana ... At that time other animation also Because I was watching ... There was a little discomfort.
(Well, it does not matter how I do !! ... It's okay if time passes but ... Bakabaka ... ... I do not have to tell you anything right ...)
Oh ... ... There's nothing wrong with it ... ... Kana ...
(To be totally speaking ... Although the story of Mr. Kanni was a little long ...... I do not have to tell this ... ... But it is a work of evaluation "good" How about that? ... should not there be some minus element? ...... While doing such a thing, the number of letters has become insufficient! ...... What do you do, what do you do !!)
Er ... I'm sorry ... Although it is a confusing evaluation statement, evaluation is "good" ... ....
Please read it ...
Of course ...
............ !!
(... Tohoho)

2011/07/24 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35983 Host:35873 Browser: 1974(Mobile)
It was a fresh animation and so it was very fresh for me.

I think that it was not until now that Ota (Keima) who is doing only gargogies capture the real girls ...

Moreover, I like the place where the way of capture is similar to Gargue.

His voice actor was also luxurious, Hiroshi Shimono who is a role of Keima, most of the role played by Kanae Itoh, who is role of Elsee, was good.

I like OP and ED, too.

OP was a song that I had never heard before, but I did not get used to at first, but it was a song I liked whenever I heard it.

ED is pretty and I like it.

2011/08/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18312 Host:18312 Browser: 6403
I usually collect an original if I like watching animation, but I already had an original before animation. As it knows the contents, it is an animation that I watched from a so-called "believer" viewpoint different from usual animation viewing.

In a boys' manga magazine, it is a popular original in Love comedy strong Sunday, because it was made in an oratorio style, it is said to be a "divine song", an ED not to be a foot fetish, a character deja drifted by an aura, a topic voice actor, a beautiful drawing It is blessed. Also, since the third capture character Nakagawa Kanon was set to be idle, there was insertion song push, but I think that it contributed to the evaluation of the animation itself because it was good, though it may be a favorite of the original fan.

However, when viewed in total, the evaluation of animation fans was not high. Originally it is a juvenile magazine, even though it is a late-night animation, there are restrictions on expression, and it seems that the main audience layer is greatly different from the conventional animation viewer layer. Because it is difficult to broadcast as a daytime animation in the setting of kissing and kissing high school students with troubles, because late night animation is unsatisfactory. After all, I think that only those who understand the original remain.

This animation is said that intervention by so-called authors separated fate. Of course, the original author never put constraints on the staff with dissatisfaction, and it was rather twitter that it was trying to cover the defect of the original, it can be confirmed from a blog etc. Originally in the original, Kanon and Shiori made popularity immovable at the beginning of the series, but on the other hand there was a strong criticism of "being overwhelmed and forcibly". The authors have made comments to the effect that they emphasized speed even if it was forcibly pushed for the popularization of the work, although the original author made it if it thought that it would do thoroughly, the revenge for the criticism of the original disappears in animation.

Since the original author himself was also surprised, such as Elsei who was not popular in the original and restructured, it became popular in animation, the appearance and evaluation method for animation viewer's anime differs I think that I was not particularly concerned about it. Furthermore, in the original work, "Cake times" which became a trigger of Elsi restructuring was greatly altered by the original writer script but rather it was disappointed to the original fan by scraping out the point of Elsi's cheek pero which was evaluated only in the original As a result of continued miscalculation, it was not possible to recover with the shoji which supported popularity in the early stages of the original and ended. It seems that the evaluation of the original part is also bad even in Shiori. Originally pure anime fans want to see how the animation staff cooks the original, and also because the original author tends not to like to come out in the foreground, the original authors became evil prominent also became minus I think that.

Well, about the contents of the work, the original part which corresponds to the 1st term and the 2nd term has taken the former City Hunter type guest heroine form, the event to approach the core is few, and it is related with the past captured heroines There is no daily part. It was contents that only one-pattern strategy could only be taken due to restrictions of the original which can not release past capture characters until the 2nd stage Chihiro. In City Hunter it was supplemented by the multiplication of Liao and incense, but in this work Elsee can not deepen involvement because it does not get involved in the heroine in the context of capture, and this defect can be compensated also in animation There was not. In the second half, the only cake times were the last chance, but it was not a script change.

In animation it is not necessary to be 100% faithful to the original, cutting only the redundant part of the original, how to organize it leads to the good or bad of the work. Conversely, it can be said that it was against the principle of animation by putting original which is not even even supplement of capture. That's why the popular beauty edition is higher in the original than in the original. Also failing to bring a story with impact in the first half of the course failed. The animation 12 episode is also a strong impression on the original protagonist Keima which is the protagonist who penetrated, so it was supposed to have been broadcast in four episodes. In addition, there is also a lack of entrance and conclusion as the first part of the work. Originally if Elsi's growth is also put in place, I think that I switched the order of capture and brought the 2nd period Hakua edition last, and it got together cleanly.

Anyway, I think that the reason why the second half of the animation suddenly stalled was that the original work was successful and the concept of "high speed spinning love comedes" was forgotten including the stunning authorship of things.

Finally, I only wrote the problems, but I am highly appreciating 7 episodes B part and 12 episodes. About Kanon's song, I got the image that I had with the original by "5 Happy Crescent" in the story, brought about the damage which is destroyed by brainstorms, but it stopped in 7 episodes. I think that the connection to Happy Crescent was a failure, but the live scene of Happy Crescent is powerful and it is the point of this animation. It is probably the first time that I played over 100 times in anime live scene. Kanon's CV is a newcomer, but I am looking forward to his future success.

2011/09/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16392 Host:16517 Browser: 5941
[good point]
.OP, ED, insert song
Voice actor
Descriptions of Elsy
.Final episode
[Bad point]
The development of each story is long or short
Impression that the depiction of the hero is thinner than the original

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I liked the original, so I tried it.

The protagonist who was keen in the love simulation game is going to "mobilize" the real girl by mobilizing all the knowledge of the game from a certain thing,
As it is the main story, as in the original, the actual 'capture'
If anything, it is close to "there is gallery"
It is obvious that it will be a story that is lacking in reality ... ....

As a result, compared to the original hero, the depiction of Keima is somewhat discreet,
It was a way of drawing that seemed to be "a hero with a bad feeling to capture the heroine with a sense of game"
It was a bit disappointing as an original lover.

Also, the expansion of each story also had a relatively long "capture process", and on the contrary there was an impression that "last" was short.
Personally I think that it was good even if there was a depiction like a conflict of mind in the hero and a heroine a little more in the development to the kiss of "last".

However, Elsee, which was not so noticeable in the original, was conspicuous as it surprised the animation,
Stable drawing and OP. ED. Insert song was polite making and acting of each voice actor,
I was pleased that there was hardly any dissatisfaction with the basic part.

Also, there are pros and cons for the final round of flying, but I liked it.
Although the original also seems, the hero when heroine 'capture' is not done.The Keima,
It is a strange expression, but it is really nice to be lively and totally obsolete.

Also, although I have not yet seen the second term, from the remaining condition of the original,
Is it true that the story will progress with animation until the heroine reappears right now?
Although each heroine wants to expect re-appearance only as a good character,
It seems that it will not arrive until the appearance again in about the second term ... ....

Evaluation is "good".

2011/09/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19360 Host:19606 Browser: 4784
[good point]
The story that dared to compliment GALGERE and REAL ice each charm of heroine God
OP and ED
[Bad point]
Some pace allocation, Midaira

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Each heroine should have a template like element and deeply drill down to establish personality.
Also, the main character Keima is trying to capture girls on his own rail called Gargue theory so that it changes to a route by adding another aspect (attribute) of the heroine and runs into obstacles to disturb the rail, so far I think that the evaluation of this work will change depending on whether the love rice is the biggest feature of this work and you can like it.

It is also good to enjoy the story between intervals of heroine attacks.
By the way, I like the last round personally.

Evaluation is very good.

2011/12/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36185 Host:36061 Browser: 2057(Mobile)
[good point]
Heroine is cute
Innovative settings
I will study (laugh)

[Bad point]
To incorporate extra story before capturing the next heroine

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the innovative setting that girl gamers capture real girls was very good. I think that anyone can enjoy GALGERE, and even people who have never done it is made to understand as it is, so I felt that there was no problem. Keima's game theory is nothing but a strange thing in reality, but it is only a strange thing, but if it's a gal-gameer, it is just a matter of understanding and I have a lot of empathy. All the heroines are unique and cute, I thought that I wanted to do this with such a game. Mr. Shimono's performance is a highlight in the voice actor. I'm hooked on characters. As for the heroine, there are also voice actors who are currently talking about such as Mr. Hanazawa and Kanae Ito, so there is nothing to say that it is quite luxurious. Anyway, it is an indispensable work for girl gamers. Therefore evaluation is "very good".

2012/02/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25395 Host:25343 Browser: 10030
From the speed of the Gargge strategy and so on, the story that Galg莨〓Otaku Keiki Keima with the alias of "Drop God" riffs down a real girl in a way to capture that gargue.

The idea was surprising and fun. However, even in reality a gesture in a game can pass, and it seems that it was good even if the unfamiliar appearance of Keima was described at least for the first time, as it is too wonderful to be too overwhelmed too much. And if the method of the game so far passes to the actual girls, it is the same thing as doing the game and it is somewhat contradictory also in the dialogue that "real is what it is gay guy !!" It feels like there is nothing.

Personally, as mentioned above also, I did not feel such a thing in the main story, but in other scenes than Kei Keima talks about punishment about girl games, and laugh at a stupid scene that talks deeply about girl geek think.
Especially the most impressive was that the final round was going to be awesome because spending time on hunting the last running spirit and uncleared games had gathered. Well I could laugh especially at that Keima's game scene, but it's not usually the scene to bring it to the "final round" because the second term was decided, over there (lol) I even had a feeling of having fun making it ..

Thinking now, setting the setting that the memory of the target person is erased if you capture "running soul" was shallow but it is important. If not, the hero is treated like a person with disabilities. With regard to Mr. Kanoe Itoh of the role of Elsee, after the role of "Ika daughter" Sunae Changchi, Kana Kashiwazaki, the image in the brain becomes a member of the system and it may be a bit incongruous if you look now Hmm.

Over the main story girls' strategy was a bit tired of late in the final stage, but it was a sense of imaichi, but overall we appreciate your evaluation "good". It was normal even though it was ..

2012/02/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20126 Host:20217 Browser: 11756
The main character Katsuragi Keima 's kuruma is dull. I think that word is exactly the symbol. And that is interesting. It was an extremely painful and unexpected animation, although the way to capture the heroine is just a game feeling itself and it really lacks the reality in situations such as it actually appears in the game. Personally I like talk about bookmarks the most. I have an irresistible feeling.

2012/03/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30835 Host:30801 Browser: 4895
[good point]
Hero, heroines, stories

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I watched this work for the first time and it has stopped being addicted. I think that it was a satisfactory work as long as 12 stories were unsatisfactory, but if you turn the back, it was lengthy. It was a good work that anyone could recommend.

2012/03/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16478 Browser: 3012(Mobile)
Character, drawing was very good.
I think that it is interesting to see the contents,
I think that there was no interesting thing to explode so terribly.
After tapping each and every one, I talk about a story that is not related to the main line (is it cool meaning?
That story was not very funny.
The main line also talks about that about women,
Story of anime game as well, although there is no reality, there was a sense that it is strangely convinced w
The place I liked best for myself was that I did not get tired at all when I saw this animation.
I think that you can look through without thinking about anything.

2012/12/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2870 Host:2740 Browser: 11128
I enjoyed this. People who are watching lots of rice are particularly enjoyable.

Since the latter half of 1990, under the keyword "Moe", it is overflowing with the symbol characters of GALGE outgoing.
Tired of being honest.

Just this work, let me embellish a symbol that is too symbolic to the contrary.
I will also capture it according to the template again.
Heroines who insist that they are sign characters themselves.
Despite being Moe animation, I'm brawling out Moe animation. The structure is already interesting.

Also, is the influence of Kurata Hideyuki?
Paro as if I was thinking of the idleness of the idol character and the girls themselves.
I personally dislike it.

2013/01/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16610 Browser: 3468(Mobile)
A high school gamer with a superhuman brain.The story that Keiki Keima will help the heroines who were heart-inflicted by running demon monsters in the manner of Gargge capture.
[good point]
Character of the hero. Brains are lucid and cool, but it is nice to be tired with tears.
Begging Elsi Girls are cute.
[Bad point]
Nature of Nakagawa Kanon. That is just a moment that passed the Yandere or DQN 〓〓〓
Keiki Keima sings a strange song.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Normal" on the "good" side.

2013/04/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14183 Host:14162 Browser: 13707
[good point]
Where various heroines come out

[Bad point]
I do not care for Elsee

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I like love things, it was interesting that the various girls' goodness and strategy was different.

2013/05/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3394 Host:3477 Browser: 5131
Demon Elsei who came from hell is a god of the girl who has the alias of the falling god.Karataki Keima and collecting the soul, as a "god brother", they handle a lot of real girls' opponents with hands. Keima, saying "Real is a fucking gee", is still a girl in the athletic department of the athletic section.A seemingly lady girl.It is an idol girl.Will capture with the library girls.
This story, it is difficult to distinguish between real and game (animation) because it is anime, is not it? Also, because Keima is really a good person or because it is cut off if it is a breach of contract, it is said that it is totally incompetent, the motive of action is not well understood.
But, like this, the character setting "Behavior is a nice person, but I do not really know what to do" was a little fresh among the girls like harem animation.
It is fun to say clearly. Personally this fun has been since "Ouran High School Host Club". The manga original is more interesting than the Lanobe original by a higher rate.

[Good point] Elsee is cute.
[Bad point] Real and animation are indistinguishable at least in animation.
[Comprehensive evaluation] It should be evaluated more highly.

2013/06/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19227 Host:19078 Browser: 4894
I have watched until the last episode. I have not read the original.
Recommended object: Person who felt playing so-called gargue and felt it

[good point]
OP has a good atmosphere!
If the voice actors of the heroine role played gorgeous gorgeous, it nods unexpectedly

[Bad point]
Scenario development that seems to repeat the same thing Another step in the part of honesty to the heroine (an important element in Gallege)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I thought the first look was interesting. If you have played gargue, you can understand what the hero talks about.
Thanks to the mechanism that memory is reset when heroin strategy is over, many people can make a relationship with the heroine. I have an idea. Because it is a basic one-on-one story, show simple deployment.
The heroine of the opponent role has a popular voice actor, so that's a pleasing point as well. The gag part of the deformed character is also cute. The parody also mixes occasionally, centering on game relations.

However, because it is a development that is too extensive as a template, you will not feel freshness while you are watching.
Even if you change the setting of the heroin, what you are doing will look the same. It's interesting as a story but it does not develop. There is no surprise. It is a waste.
Even the one-to-one story mentioned earlier is somewhat disappointing that there are not many things to tell about the feelings of the character and it is difficult for the heroines to think hard. I wanted more sympathy for the gaps in my heart.
Regrettable place where Elsee 's presence is not good. Is the presence of the hero too big? I will not rush another. The setting is interesting, but can not you reach where you can utilize with a cool one.

As a result, from the first expectation, it will eventually be like this. As I felt "normal" evaluation.
Not bad, but the impact of this was not enough. Is it due to the simplicity of the scenario?

2013/06/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13936 Host:13873 Browser: 10295
[good point]
[Bad point]
I think that it was not particularly

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I thought it was fun

2013/08/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37676 Host:37670 Browser: 4936
I began seeing behind at a delay.
I saw that the target age was over 40 years old.

Gag (nonsense) and parody are the main works.
There are several unexpected conversations, and nonsense gags are silly.
Because my mother's settings and the story of the library are parodies around 30 years ago, I think that I do not know what parodies are.

A little nice story is idol.
What was not good is Elsy's story and the story of the library.
I do not need Elsi 's story and the story of the library is overpowering.

Nearly one episode is complete and the story does not expand.
Since it is not completed, the rating is lowered by 1 ranking [good].

2013/09/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13581 Host:13719 Browser: 5386
[good point]
The story that the charm of the heroine is transmitted is also interesting.
Unlike the original, I think that it is okay and I think it is working well.

[Bad point]
It is too expedient. I think that whether this can be ignored is a division of viewing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I thought that it was just a bad harem love comedy, I tried to avoid it, but it was really fun to look at.
Recently the harem Harlem Lovecomb is not a combination of both old love and comedy, it is in the form of a scam school, unrequited love, erotic scene etc for comedy, meaningless bad flag It is a story to coalitate, but this animation is incompatible to make various heroines appear, because there is a clear reason to have to capture the heroine, that the heroine captured is erased the memory. It is established without it.
In addition to that, the heroine to be captured is a groundbreaking way to tell the viewer that it is such a character, with attributes and voices like Galga in the beginning, telling the attraction of the heroine each time he talks So, I think that even characters with attributes that I do not like very much are cute.
Settings and deployment are packed with many elements I do not like, but somehow it is very interesting. That is such a story.
Evaluation is the highest.

2014/03/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Thanks to Miki Wakaki

2014/07/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Read the original

Proceeding almost as original, drawing, directing, casting etc. are perfect so I think that the original fan can be convinced. Even if the original is unread, it is easy to chase the story, as it is a mechanism to understand the basic in the first episode.

Because I've decided to capture the main character Keima in order to fill my heart's skimmer and that it will be successful, "ending" is decided, so how do I make a difference with the "route" there It is a big point of this work, but I am getting bored with changing by getting a different type of heroine every time. Also, the main character Keima is profitable, selfish, self-esteem, professing that girls of classmates will not reach girls in the game, if it is actually total skun (although it is to girls even though they are in fact) it is a mistake character, but give me an eye for it It goes on my own path and it seems quite appealing. Of course, the main heroine, Elsee came suddenly in a pushing-up, involving Kima horse in trouble with a dojo, hiding a faint feeling in Keima while rolling it, ideal form as fiction, viewers chase their favorite heroine be able to.

In general there is no place to say, but works that can enjoy the struggle of this unique strange galg莨〓nerd.

Of the OP / ED, ED is average. All OPs are rare as English, but it is quite nice.
Also, one of the heroines Nakagawa Kanon has been showing off several songs in production, but it is too good to end "Lovecour" with a play song. Though I think that "Happy Crescent" together with the skill of directing in the live scene produced a lot of Kanon fans, even if you listen to songs without visual information, "Lovecour" can give a high evaluation. The lyrics written by the original author are also good things that can visualize the scene, there is not much habit there, and the voice of Higashiyama Nao of a clear voice is added. It is Higashiyama 's fair with no complaints, but if you can, I would like to listen with a cover of a female singer who is powerful.

2014/08/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although the original is like Sunday in this work, the content itself is originally a work by Gallego main,
It is also for those who have played GALGAGE

As the setting as a work, Keima of the hero is "the god of the gallery world"
Somehow, according to the agreement with Elsei, "If you do not capture a 3-dimensional woman, Keima will die"
Keima himself declared, "Three-dimensional woman, I am not interested at all" to work to solve the troubles of three-dimensional women in order to fulfill her contract (a strategy in Gallege) While I was leaving,
Actually, it is the protagonist of the feeling like "LULL" of "Code Geass", as well as the three-dimensional women, as well as the GALGERE heroine, it is an expansion to take a strategy

However, this work was very fun at the beginning when I was honest, I think that Keima and Elsy's characters are ordinary fun,
Regarding Elsi, it is a fucking cute heroine, although it is a work that has been somewhat set up from "Urusei Yatsura", I think that the material itself of the character is good, but the problem is that "the scenario is not entirely funny" Four episodes, etc. were ordinary fun,
Basically, this work was a so-called complete "work mono animation", it was absolutely fantastic to have made it "work depicting the heroine and the heroine everyday" in a normal way, Elsie of a hero is cute So, daringly this evaluation, I think that it was definitely criticized if she was not there

In the first place, as a composition of the scenario of this work, it is a scenario "save people in need"
Originally, personally, the situation of this hand is a very favorite person, but in the case of this work, it was not interesting at all Its reason is simply because there is no good intention in the hero ", regarding this part Is similar to "Nyankoi!" Which I evaluated the other day This work is a work "The hero of a cat allergy suffers unwillingly to the troubled cat"
In the case of this work, it is a work that "The main character who dislikes three-dimensional women is unpleasantly rescuing the troubled three-dimensional woman", so fundamentally, "Although there is no good intention in the hero, since the hero is a scenario that saves the people in trouble, This work is a wake-up that is impossible to impress "This work is a mystery setting that" Kei horse dies if not helping, "but honestly this setting is obviously not needed If Keima is purely" in trouble I thought from the bottom of my heart that I would like to save people, I will help people "If it is developed, I was very impressed,
Actually, in fact, "I do not want to truly, but if I do not help, I will die, it will be unavoidable and help people," it is a kind of feeling, so at this point, at this time, as a work that saves "troubling people" Shou "Nyankoi!" Is also true, but if there is no good intention on the side to help, the priority will be "myself> others"
Even if we can help people, since there are no good intentions from the original helpers, we can not impress anything. In the first place, "helping people" is "to say for human beings because we do it for people"
In the case of this work, I do it for myself (because I do not die), so I will not say anything at all. In addition, the female character on the side that can be helped is handled as a basic "disposable character as much" ,
It is treated as a so-called full guest character, but the deployment of "high saisonara" when "finished, it was extremely disgusting" When the land portion of the early stage and poverty tsundere women were completely used immediately, Well, as long as they are the main characters,
It is really stupid to spend time in vainly talking to such an ad-hoc guest character, and I am amazed. Moreover, when this gargenic development develops, Elsei will definitely become god of air It is a problem,
Also, regarding Keima, while setting to hate three-dimensional women originally, when they come in contact with a 3-dimensional woman,
Easily interacted, such as "I am nervous and I can not speak well" or "I do not have a female experience, so I do not know how to talk"
I also expected such developments as "being baffled severely (learning the difficulties of reality)" against the difference between 2D and 3D world,
Keima himself normally goes things as smoothly as Gargge and so it is basically that the scenario is not funny If it is normal it will be the case that a man who is only interested in girls' In this case,
Absolutely, it is terribly frustrating, tense, frustrated, and desperately despairing of the difficulty of handling such reality and fantasy,
In his case, I did not have any interest at all because I did it without difficulty

Although it is above, this work is from "Urusei Yatsura" of the same Sunday work,
It is something like a work whose setting was somewhat ("The hero is Tsundere in the heroine", "The main character is abnormally women's favorite (However, in the case of this work is two dimensional)" "The sound effect when the heroine flies"
So, I think that it is absolutely one hundred times more interesting to make it "a work depicting the daily life of the hero and the heroine" There are quite a few other works of this hand, but if it were, this work, Pakuri work Because it may be told that it is said, more should have taken out as a work as a work The Elky of the heroine is fucking cute, but when it gets expanded to Galue, she absolutely gets airy,
Even if Keima talks with a guest female character, in the end it is a disposable character in the end, and Keima himself also has no good intentions to help human beings at all,
Besides, the composition of the talk was also very long, and the story of the idol was quite Gutaguda (this story was fucking real fuckingly)
For each guest heroine as well, although it is good to have a one-talk completion type method, three talks will last for a margin and it will make you feel sleepy as you are watching it, although this work originally felt very interesting, Ultimately, it became just "super one pattern animation"
Since it has entered into patterning, it is an impression that it has become completely "just work that sprouts the heroine" completely now, if there is not Elsei, there is no doubt that it is definite "worst" definite So, it was a work that has nothing but a "good looking side" other than "she is cute" Once, it was a perfectly warm-hearted evaluation, but if it was such a feeling after the second term, the possibility of criticism ), But it seems to be very high
Due to the fact that the two-stage production was already decided, the final story was a terribly appropriate scenario, and it was the final story that symbolizes that the content of this work is completely absent

2014/09/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
All appearance characters are all good must-see for the times

[Bad point]
There is a redundant part. It was four heroines, but depending on the composition, I think I could have gone up to about six people.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
With laughter, it is well done with moe. Originally I had it.
Keima who is a girl gamer uses the love affair method as a means to bridge the gap of the heart in order to drive out the running soul that got into the gap of the heart.
There is a trend of getting a love story little by little while solving a viewer as a gag by getting involved in the game's raison d'罍〓re.

Unlike the original, I thought what kind of image Kanon is coming in, but I was idle properly.
However, when Happy Crescent flowed, it was to crush the image he had in Kanon's cartoon, but it was rather addictive song that became a habit.

For the time being, the character songs were collected for the whole heroin, but all the good songs including Rabuho.
It is also a debut work of Kanon Higashiyama Nao, I think that it is worth seeing at that point as well.

2014/10/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The main character, Keishi Keima's intense character gallege Ota is a prodigy, a girl who is able to drive so far in one thing is cool!
The character is cute as a whole.
Although the heroine strategy is the main story,
Keima is the most favorite thing to play a game

[Bad point]
I hate Chihiro so I could not like it

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation changes depending on whether Keima felt appeal Whether the character hero's character is leading Keima because he is leading the work "highest"

2014/10/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Comprehensive evaluation]
The basic flow is connected, but it is easy to see and not get bored as it completes separately for girls. Because it is every few talks, I do not dig deeply into the story, but I think it is well organized. I was surprised at the beginning of the story of Kanon became hot. I think that it is very interesting.