[Anime]The Sunday without God (Kami-sama no inai Nichiyoubi)

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Other media: Comics:Kamisama No Inainitiyoubi / Literature:Kamisama no inai nichiyoubi
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Irie Kimihito Fujimi fantasia bunko FUJIMI SHOBO CO., LTD.
Tomoko Komparu
Motoyama Tetsu
Mizutani Hiromi
Aki Toyosaki
Daisuke Namikawa
Rina Satou
Mamiko Noto
Keiji Fujiwara
Kakihara Tetuya
Mikako Komatsu
Kouki Uchiyama
Eri Kitamura
Nojima Hirofumi
Akeno Watanabe
Eiji Maruyama
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Asami Imai
Sayuri Hara
Ai Kakuma
Takahashi Minami
Japan Released:2013/07/07(Sun) 01:30-02:00 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV / End:2013/09/22
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1. http://kami-nai.com/ (Translation)
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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi EDKamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi ED
Song:Mikako Komatsu [Fan reg.]
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2015/02/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26967 Host:27004 Browser: 10202
[good point]
The atmosphere of the original was out. It was good that OP was conscious of the work.

[Bad point]
Original cut. Since there are limits on the scale and the budget, you can see that there is no choice but to cut the inner surface or scene cut. But this story is the most powerful aspect of eye growth story. So it's cut squirting 4 volumes. I think that it was better to end it at the world tower as a break. If we divide this work into two, it will be said that the World Tower is one part and two from Ostia. Although it still has not been completed at that time, I feel like I can understand such a thing, though. As a result it is also the last .... There is a subtle discomfort when you know the original.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A little more, it would have been nice if you did 9 volumes with 2 courses. I do not know whether it is profitable.
I think that the content itself of the animation was good, but why is it impossible to end with Ostia?

2014/01/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 314 Host:487 Browser: 7858
Madhouse music work is still Ryosaku.

Although the original was unread, I felt something very deep inside the world view. I think that light novels can draw heavy and thick emotional work.

I think that the performance of Madhouse was great, as there was a limit on the scale to express that work as animation.

Beautiful graphics and animation, stable drawing,
And acting wonderful voice actors.
I think that which was very top notch.

The method of directing ED of each story and the goodness of OP are noteworthy works.

2013/10/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53408 Host:53228 Browser: 7459
[good point]
The view of the world: Although it can not be said that it is considerably decadent and bright, it has been made with its own world view

[Bad point]
Last episode: Unknown, Alice can not go outside Although he said something unavoidable to disappear, did he normally go out to see miracles happened or was the vision that Ai saw?
Story: Is there a problem with the way of making, a connection is not felt so much in a stuffed state every talk, after a while many well understood parts

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the original unread world view is unique, it seems that the impression is sold as a general novel separately as a reasonable actual light novel in proportion to what it can be done as an animation, but in any case the content of the story is not so much Ranobet in any case I felt it was not good

2013/09/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19530 Host:19441 Browser: 10416
〓〓〓utline of the work. (No spoiler)

Works set in a thematic-oriented fantasy world that creates a fantastic or mystical atmosphere.
Personally I like it a lot but it seems to be a little troubling if it is said that people can recommend it.
I also heard from the atmosphere that the mysterious feel is too strong.
〓〓〓Even if you are watching me, I do not know what things are,
〓〓〓On the contrary, if you care about the narrow place and turn your eyes there, you can not help it.
〓〓〓In addition, it is not good as entertainment work because it lacks excitement.

〓〓〓I think that it is a type of work that "I feel the contents with full power".
Although it is described below as contents, it was very deep and had consideration.

Regarding quality, almost no complaints.
Among them, making the atmosphere in BGM and drawing was very well done.
It is also a good place to produce! However, it is undeniable that poor depiction will pass if there is no longer a scale.

About the theme. (With spoiler)

If we say from the conclusion earlier, the theme of this work is "Balance of Happiness and Misfortune." It is almost like that.
First of all, the world under construction is in need of a dragon ball that "anyone's wish will come true".
The most prominent "dead comes to life" setting in the play, also because the person who dies normally wishes "I do not want to die".
As another example, 3-4 pairs are exactly out of wish,
Alice 's ability, Scar who is no longer a tomb guard, etc ... Everything is a state that "a wish of a person is not prevented".

So, the problem is "Wish has come true and eventually people became happy?"
Alice 's ability and 3-4 pairs, there was nothing to be happy like a dead who became like a zombie. But that's not all.
The other half of the answers is the dead country of 4 to 6 stories falling in Chapter 2, the dead were definitely happy with their wish fulfilled.
More than anything, there was myself who was glad that Alice did not disappear at the end.

Because it seems so. I usually feel happy when my wish is fulfilled.
It is better not to have a sad farewell, and if there is a happy-only life, it is not happy if it is not happy.
Nevertheless, it is a terrible contradiction that people will go away from happiness if misfortune disappears.

"What on earth is true happiness?" Ai will continue traveling to find the answer .... "

...., I think that was such a story.
The existence of the main character 's grave protection will have a meaning of balancing happiness by giving death to the dead.
In a nicely rephrased way, "〓〓〓grave protection is like existence giving life with death 〓〓〓quot;.

At the same time, the OP of this work is exactly what it represents solo,
"Freely inconvenient" "What is the real happiness? Who knows the answer is not here", such phrases can be seen.
Also, regarding the title, it is a student who speaks Sunday, it is a holiday that society people desire,
When adding a missing character to the title and setting it to "Sunday where there is no shinigami," it completely represents "the world without obstacles" itself.
As an alternative, thinking of God = rule, you can take it as a world without obstacles.

It can be said that it is beautiful that you obviously died if you think regularly that you used Hampney or Alice once,
I think that it may be to keep the gray zone for letting viewers think about by including the aspect that they think that they did not disappear.


The work of this hand is true, personally pointed points. It is fun to be thought about. So, it is even more fun when I put together ideas with evaluation texts.
So I do highly appreciate it, but as I said at the beginning, there is a place to push the explanation by the atmosphere in the atmosphere.
Specifically, it is a place to bring characters to a good atmosphere, without letting the viewer understand the feelings of the characters, to be a thriller.

There are quite a few abandoned explanations rather than an unkind explanatory lack. There is more solitude at the end of each chapter, so it will not be understood anymore.
What it says, it even feels like being made by kicking off the things that make viewers understand to the far side of the universe.
(Perhaps, I think there is no choice but to do so due to lack of scale .....)

It is not a consideration to think about the thematic part but it is not fatal to a consideration of a type that draws up the event and the feelings of characters.
So, I even think I am a subtle ~ ~ ~ choosing a person ... I enjoyed it.

Evaluation is "20% premium by personal preference," very good ".

2013/09/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20051 Host:20241 Browser: 12322
[good point]
.View of the world
I think that the drawing was beautiful

[Bad point]
It seems impossible for. 1 cool.
The final round was too meaningful.
I mean that you can not understand without reading a novel ... ....
The hero is the basic selfishness.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I liked the world view very much.
Does life and death feel awful feeling ...?
Looking at one episode, this seems to be interesting! In the last round, it is regrettable that I could think only as "What was it?"

As the hero is a type that acts without permission without listening to the surrounding advice, I think that those who are not good at this type of hero will be irritated w

I talked about 3 pairs of 4 pairs, but it was fun ....
I am sorry that I do not know the meaning of the ending.
I wanted you to do it in 2 courses more carefully.
If promotion of the novel is the purpose, there is no choice.

2013/09/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 290 Host:267 Browser: 7424
Originality setting, unique worldview and atmosphere. At first glance fine work. ...... But, as I opened the lid, it was no light novel original work.

This work was a work consisting of four episodes. Among them, many characters are coming out, but since each episode has only 3 episodes, honestly, it is impossible for guest characters to appreciate that charm.
Then, it is a natural idea to expect from the depiction of Ai, Yuri, Scar who keeps going out through one course.
But I could not figure out the inside of them all the time.

Ai may be useless because it is a child who keeps trouble at all times, but still contacts Wari with a normal person (who does not show emotions more than emotional emotions corresponding to the year) to a person who killed everyone in the village So in spite of being informed that the grave protection will be killed as soon as it is found out, the sense of crisis is eliminated gracefully in the town in the town (at least half of which is the blood of the grave protector flowing ...), anyway the behavior is too childish .
This is not a bad point, but I wonder if he / she is too childish.

So, she begins to travel to save the world.
Through her she asked the viewer "Do people die or should live?"
Hampney said. "The only wish to make use of you is" I want to live. "
Well then, if you want to live, can you live as a dead man?
Or should I die as a living because I want to live?

To find the answer, Ai tries to know the world.
Father's way of living, town of Ortas, Gola school, and Ostia.
Ai knows what is the world in which life and death become obscene.

And, in answer to the answer, Ai indicated by [last wish for resuscitation of deceased Alice] at the end.
Perhaps, that is the result that happened because Ai wished from the bottom of my heart.
In other words, Ai is the one who chose the former. Maybe.
But in the play the process of eye to the conclusion is not drawn as if it were.
Whatever you think, you can only see as thoughtfully thought.
Something like "It would be interesting if I do this kind of theme" seems to be coming to me as a result of just thinking, it was the last time I could make it quite a bit stronger ... ....

I do not deny the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓hortening each episode and trying to show more episodes.
But, after all, it may have been transmitted to Eye, but it was not particularly transmitted to me who is viewing it.
Episodes and settings are interesting though.

Returning to the character, when Yuri wondered whether he had caught the eye from Humphrey, he showed the bad head to take that eye to the hostage this time and embark on himself to rescue himself despite being dueled in the duel Wow, what happened while Ai was being kidnapped at Gola Gakuen I wonder what was there, "I will protect you, I will protect you, come silently and arrive!" I have come to think of Scar, and where I can start talking Dairy ......; casually I did not hand over the shoulder of Scar.

And Scar says Mr. Scar, who should have been pounced from Hampney for typical grave protection and Haempney, was surprised to be pregnant without any pulsation at Ortas. If it is normal it should have felt the view of the world with the explanation that "imagination pregnancy suddenly increased since the person no longer gives birth to a child", but the typical tomb protection is imaginable without any context, it is surreal that pregnancy I win, I'm having trouble reacting.
Then Scarr lifted Celica and said, "This child is my child," and that just two episodes abandoned childcare. Hey, there is no emotion in the grave protection Setting where I went ......;
(It is unknown why Celica originally called Scar)

After that there was no conflict with Yuri 's proposal, OK and I sent a happy life. ...... How did it happen?
I thought that a combination of quiet voices of Mr. Noto and an inorganic character would fit this work, but when I looked it, it turned out to be a usual Character that seems to be the usual Noto san ... .... (Not limited to Mr. Noto, is the cast of this work feeling too conscious of animation overall?
Yuri 's coolest thing is, it is time to call himself ... ....

Then, what I can not understand personally is Humphrey. Because he is immortal and immortal, he faced seriously to [life] and [death] more than anyone, and he showed a strong life.
... ... but when I realized that Ai was my real daughter, I acted out to revive one day contrary to justice within myself.
It is unknown what the author thought and brought it to this development, but this was already the worst. It is because all Humphney 's lines have become thin.

To make my eye memorable? I thought it was wrong, remembrance is not something to make it trying to make?
Once I can not meet that person, the past with that person will be my memories, will not it?
Eye thought that I was already not knowing my parents at that point, but I was given a lot of memories with Humphrey.
Actually, afterwards, Ai looked back on the memories of Humphrey several times in the traveling destination, but the image at that time is confined to the scene where he talked with him before he died. If so, you do not need it as much as you made it alive?

So, Alice 's treatment of Alice was a bit unsatisfactory.
Because he did not mention at all what he will do in the future.
He said that the wish should not come true.
That is why he was releasing everyone and trying to accept his death. Perhaps, while holding the desire to be revived.
But his wish has come true by eye. So how does he face the situation that wish has come true?
If it is not drawn, you should not draw back the scene that was reborn.

With this kind of feeling, I'm lacking in fun because I can not enter the characters all night.
In particular, I think that it is a fatal disadvantage to make a work because it is a work that attracts the appearance and thought of the people living in the world, so it is a work that is nothing but a feeling of the character.

Then, while there are settings of living and dead, [general correspondence and reaction of living for deceased people], conversely [general idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ead to living people], such part of the feet of the world view was drawn at all Sorry for being personally talked about without being able to speak.
I am just talking and are not fascinated with painting. Then it is far better to read the original. Both explanation and description will be better than this one.
Eventually, the world of this work has not been seen and it has ended.
The part of the basic setting and its influence are not expressed as video, but it is a bit disappointing.
I think that the dead was getting better and better as I was getting ridiculous or being corrupted.

Considering that music, the story itself which contributed greatly to making the atmosphere of the work itself was not too bad [good].

...... Or rather, there is no battle, it is impossible to animate Ranobet which is not the main comedy, is not it, yeah.

2013/09/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27550 Host:27619 Browser: 4894
I saw it to the end, but it worked like that. I know I'm trying to do something difficult, but I feel I made it without deciding a clear reaching point. This may be a problem of the original one.

If you prepared a stage setting called the world where people no longer die, the only thing to talk about is a point of "whether people should die or not". Should I do it in a short course of 1 cool, should I have made a strong claim to provoke the receiver?
Whether you "should die" or "people should not die", whether it is written separately which one is correct, it is also possible to lead the opposite conclusions paradoxically from there, so let's dare to clearly claim the assertion I wonder if it should have been done.
By vagueness of the boundary between life and death, the meaning of life and death will inevitably be questioned. So if you make it ambiguous until the conclusion, the story itself will remain ambiguous.
If we want to conclude that ambiguity, we must assert that it is "more ambiguous" more clearly.
The step was too shallow for the basic setting of the work.

If you avoid explicit arguments and focus on the atmosphere of the work world, it should have aimed at a more fable-like way of drawing. At least, you should avoid how to paint by releasing your pistol and blowing fresh blood. (Just pulling your eyes with shocking video, there is a bad taste as well)
The voice of the hero should also demand a calm voice and performance according to that atmosphere. I do not quite know where the effect was made in a young voice halfway.
The voice of Yuri is not the voice of a usually cool brother, I think that there was a bit more work. Because it is not a contemporary drama, it seems that we should ask for a different performance.
The painting of this work is not alive for the drawing method that makes it a mysterious fairy tale that the person no longer dies, with a ticky development, focusing only on the atmosphere of the world that has surpassed the character and set the stage as the stage. Cow.

After all, the shallowness of the bottom of the work itself can be seen and hidden in that it is inevitable to be an academic object, but it is a work which I felt regret to think that something was a little more worked.

2013/09/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17751 Host:17896 Browser: 9673
[good point]
Drawn voice actor character atmosphere theme song

[Bad point]
Grasp is bad

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although it is a feeling that the father edition up to 3 talks did not understand well well, the attractive place is the beauty of the background of the drawing, but while it is the beauty of the character 's looks but it is lucky, the transience peculiar to this story (also called darkness I thought that it felt good).

2013/09/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:18954 Browser: 4894
I have watched until the last episode. I do not read the original novel.
Recommended Objects: If you like a story development that emphasizes ideological atmosphere rather than logic

[good point]
Mysterious 'Still' world charm as much as difficult to express with words Anyway the atmosphere is good

[Bad point]
Unknown points pile up including a battle face Lacks considerably in entertainment elements Deploys feelings are suppressed and many lines are expressed in the eyes so it lacks sharpness

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Clearly, it was a very troubling work to write the evaluation. It is difficult to make a word anyway.
At the time of the first episode, it was a story that I could not understand at all. After broadcasting it was a feeling that I could finally understand the sentences which read the summary page and explained the explanation. Is not it because the feelings that become the behavior standard of the hero's eye have not been easily transmitted? Even so, even if you do not finish reading after every chance,
It came to be understood somehow. Because I noticed that there was no need to understand.

Anyway, it might be easy to understand the world that was compacted with a gentle lie. And it got easier when thinking that this wonder is born from the bias of the information given from the story.
To put it briefly, you should be aware of the fun and challenging subject matter of life and death.
I do not recommend this work for those who dislike it if it can not be understood at all. But the division that makes emotions into words without escaping to word play with words is quite unique and interesting, I feel that it is well done even as visualization of words. In the second half of the scenario, the school will be the stage, so it will be a little easier to understand.

From the animated works of the crying system 18 ban game represented by Key, the explanation of works that excluded entertainment elements such as love, moe, hot blood, friendship and battle might be the closest. However, emotional import into all characters including the hero's eye is becoming weak. Of course, the direction of the world view relatively stands out, but still I wanted to add elements that enhance the charm of alternate characters.
As a result the atmosphere is good and it is not enough fun to watch and it will be exhausted to that point.

Well, let's talk about the contents of the story. I feel that this work Kimo is drawing a view of life and death.
The existence of death that everyone has to undergo experience. It is a familiar but, therefore, a very difficult theme.
Half descriptions are sure to feel like a childhood story. Although this work depicts living there, he brought the fun of the contradiction of drawing the world of the dead. Eye saying that it will save the world has a side of a religionist, but it is also very interesting to draw living from searching for secrets of strange phenomena without doing the approach of teaching and guiding It is a point.
In essence, you are looking for answers from places that you do not know as well as viewers. So I feel almost preaching odor.

And this work draws from the story of the grave protector of the early stage in a rather fantasy world among fantasy.
As I wrote earlier, since the school is a stage in the second half, relatively depiction and words are easy to understand, but from the first half of introduction, terms that are hard to imagine are arranged side by side to construct a world view. And even if the number of friends increases, only in the end is that the eye is confronting the contradiction of this world hard. Also as I wrote earlier there is no amusement entertainment, but this is also a religiousist. Fight against so-called trials and find answers and overcome them.

But the fundamental part is not solved and happy end can not be enough. It is also a problem solving only between eye individuals and their subjects. So it's very crisp. And you only have to figure out the answers from the dialogue.
It is a word that we apply it to ourselves from the incident of "teaching" written exactly and think about it.
Is not it quite mean? However, it can be said that it is using the fantasy fancy part well there.

I want to evaluate as "ordinary". Bad points can also be a paradoxically good point and feel that it is not a bad work.
Offsetting plus or minus, the content being drawn was a lot of interesting things.
However, it was disappointing that it was weak in terms of entertainment and entertainment. Keep it "good" close to good "normal".

2013/09/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10974 Host:10914 Browser: 10678
Works that are not suitable for animation. It is diverse but it is impossible to tell everything. I am not familiar with animation so far. But the only important part is the character. I can not get in because the characters are hard to understand. Because the important entrance as an anime is closed, it is not that funny.

So why did you watch it all? Because it will allow you to enter the characters to a certain extent when you are watching stories gently. In the first place, I try to unleash extremely characters, so it does not make me so much trouble.

I think there are other points that are not suitable for animation as much as anything else. But I think that this work is not suitable for people who like many animations probably because it comes with pins probably this work is boring. Because this lanobe is not suitable for enjoying animation.

Leave the drawbacks, the view of the world is too creative. That's interesting. Moreover, it is good to get involved in the feelings of the character there. However, it is impossible to emotionally empathize characters unless you enjoy entering the story with intricate settings. It is a boring work if you plunge into a personality like? It is not a world tough. However, it is mixed with the empty of the human beings in some places, so it is a very hard part to see. Anyway, it is made to inhibit emotion transfer from every aspect, so it is better to stop watching people watching the work with futsu and commonsense reality.

This work dealt with life and death, but do not look at it in a sense of football. Because it is a world where death is not tough. If it does not involve another life or death with this important work more important than this one more fun will not come. Especially because Gora Gakuen seems meaningless when looking at life and death, the special ability given by God connects this work and Gola Gakuen. Life and death are only one of the actions that God did. I am watching the most important thing for this work is God? It is the same as a grave protection. I think that this does not match the feeling of Japanese people. Although I have nothing to do with religion, I do not dislike Western religion as knowledge, so I am watching this work from that point of view if it is interesting. I think that if you look at the title you know that God is important.

Just the opposite of the theory of reason. The world God intervenes. But since God has abandoned the world, there is ESP in this world. This is a mystery. But this is not revealed yet. I think that thinking about these gods will come in due course. Originally this work is similarly made to the Bible, so I do not believe it makes it totally unrelated. I also have part to see this work Metafic play. It is thought that God knows as author = author. It is unknown whether it will be like a setting like such a fun. I think that it is at least a metaphoric god. Because it seems to me that this is God = author, as much as you think if you think about it. I am watching that it is this place to treat the old ones while being modern.

I do not think that this work structure talks about something, I am seeing that I aim to make the world experience fragments of the world fragmentally. That part is similar to Galaxy Express 999. What is different from Tetsuro is that there seems to be an identity and is not left to the god of the story. Ai is the active hero That is no doubt. However, in fact the main character of the story has something like an observer somewhere that is divided by its edition. For example, Chapter 1 is the story of his father, 2 is the story of Ulla and Kiriko. 3 are children of Gola Gakuen, especially Tanya. 4 is Scar. 5 is Alice and Dee. It is certain that eye is lubricating oil. It is himself to make a story, but often there is an eye as a cue. Even in Chapter 1, my father's story closes because Ai and my father know the truth. Because 4 is one of the members who positively search for Scar. Since the eye is a lubricant-like work, it is a part that can not say anything as the whole work. Perhaps I still think that chapters are not enough to close the story. In that respect I think that it is impossible to feel something cohesive with this one cool.

What you see there is that the thing that the author who feels from this whole work shows is the world. It exhausts to it. Unlike the Galaxy Railway 999, it is not a fragmentary world like Gulliver's travel book. It will be the same for Adventure in Sindbad. The point which is clearly different from such a world is that it is connected with knowing God by knowing the world by experiencing the wonder of this world made by God. There is an intention of some personality person in every wonder of this world. That's the point. You should not look at this piece only for life and death. Even that is just one of God's intentions.

Final chapter I think I will evaluate it without looking on purpose. Probably the story I want to show the most creator of the story. But even if I do not see it, I think I probably enjoyed this work. Because I realized that if I compiled this sentence I am enjoying it. Because it is my point. Somewhere I was waiting for persuasive power against others who tell the interest of this work. I do not care such a thing.

Thanks to this work chapter being divided, it is easy to see short-term fun. This point is clearly suitable for images. Only there I would like to appreciate as an animation. If I could do with a story that I could not understand, I think I denied it probably.

2013/08/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11738 Host:11841 Browser: 5344
[good point]

Music is very beautiful.

Although there are difficulties in the world view, the idea itself is interesting, I think that the material is good.

[Bad point]

Because the behavior of the character is inconsistent, I do not know what it is.

There are many points that can not be understood if it is only an animation because of lack of explanation.

Because there is not much difference between "raw" and "death" ... the weight of "death" is sparse.
I understand the theme, but I think that it has not been successfully projected on the work.
Therefore, you can not feel any kind of impression when you look at it.

Moe elements are unnatural.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I like the material, but it is very disappointing because how to cook is not good.

2013/08/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
I watched it till 6 episodes, but it is about time.

Creating a hard-looking world that the dead are swagging, I'd like to show the hand but it is divergent from Moe and beautiful priority characters.
Rather than drawing world views and themes through carefully fleshed characters,
With them, the characters are the explanatory staff based on speech, the worst pattern of Ranaobe animation is the first impression.

Typical of symbolic bracketed characters such as Hampni Humbert who first appears.
Talk hard boiled on your back. One way to smoke cigarettes There is something called gesture!

Although it was dangerous that the living enters in "the city of the dead" over the next three episodes, it was dangerous, but the hero's eyes were going out outside without difficulty just by covering the mask,
Unnoticed a setting saying "Children under 15 are OK"
Treating each other "Until another me" to the extent that I talked with Ulla who is the princess of the city for a while,
Without a sharp development, this series of episodes is over ....

This work seems to have a theme that is in common with the early "Galaxy Express 999".
In other words, as dead = mechanized human = eternal existence (although the physical preservation of the deceased is treated only for verbal explanation)
I draw the preciousness of the living beings to the utmost ... ... I can not draw the character because I can not feel slimy or breathing.

Evaluation is "worst".

2013/08/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4412 Host:4202 Browser: 12702
[good point]
Where you are observing the settings of the grave protection.

[Bad point]
Impact of hero is weak. (I do not know if it is amazing or ordinary.
Toyosaki Aki 's voice does not fit fantasy type. (To be accurate it does not come true.
The setting is easy to understand, but the story tempo is bad.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is the worst that evaluating the tempo of the story and the story of the main character which is the nucleus of the story is many.
One of the stories is not amusingly overwhelming among the animations that were broadcasting synchronously.

2013/07/26 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4936
If I had time, I might have watched it, but I did not care about time and did not feel so fun that I thought it was good to crush the time.

After all the world view is good, but the tempo is too bad too.
For that reason we are wasting the goodness of the world view and we have been bored so extraordinarily so we watch while watching and watch it and it feels like it was long after watching it.

Why is tempo bad and you feel boring, because there is sermon odor and explanatory tone.
Even in the conversation scene, explanation comes in and everything goes preaching, so the tempo stops and I can not make full use of the goodness and beauty of the pictures.

Although the original tends to tend to be a novel 's guy, even if you make a relationship even once, even if you set it even if you set it, even if you set it up, I will explain without any doubt in a tense situation, so the story will not go forward or the novel Since it can not see the image, it is necessary to have detailed explanation, but in order to make it an animation it is necessary to be conscious of going to explain it in the flow and images a bit more.

I do not know if the hero is a terrible person, but it is too preachable odor.
The sermon smell not only stops the flow but also drops the charm of the character.
I feel compassionate and it is self-theory that I am selfish. Because I feel like it is said with my eyes from above, rejection reaction comes out as a viewer.
It will be different if this can make it show me meaning in the story, but I will place only the sermons, so the author's face will be visible.

That and the main characters themselves, behaving selfishly and leaving selfish hands, the story goes on its own, so there is no likable and there is sometimes a case of a way to bring a story there.
I am conscious of hints and mysteries and the lines do not pass through the lines of the main character.

Also, although I feel the vastness of the world view and the image, I was too aiming to see the childishness of the speech unique to these novels or the conversation, so it was not accompanied by contents.

The part where motivation for seeing it did not come up.
I was afraid that I was destroying the world view because I was stunningly laughing (gag) or Moe by character depiction.
If you make it seriously, you should make it seriously and you will feel the limit where you can not do it.

2013/07/22 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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〓〓〓There is spoiler.
Probably because I think that it is about the end of the original volume, so please comment.
The story is not bad, but it is painful to enter the work somehow.

I think that it is a story to draw things such as life and raw from various aspects through setting who does not die and tomb guard. It itself is good and the story is quite good quality, but there are other things ... ....
Whether it was revealed to animate, the feelings of the character are very unstable and difficult to understand.
Eye of the hero normally touches Humbert while talking about grudge in the mouth to Wari who was subjected to the process of being killed entirely by people in the village. Considering her personality, she seems to be a girlfriend in a way, but at least she wanted to have had a close relationship that Humbert slaughtered the villagers until we knew why. If you think that you reprimanded Humbert severely, Yuuri shouted "Do not treat him as a monster", which one you shouted.

Well, Yuuri. This man is already a real mystery. I thought if I had protected the eye from the Humbert's evil hands suddenly I took the hostage on the spot this time, and when I met again even though the duel had been dodged, I was talking about Humbert When I treat it as a friend calmly, what is something new anymore;
Perhaps it was probably wearing a race inside of himself when he was waiting in the church, but it is painful that there is no depiction that can show it.

Also, in the episode this time, Mr. Known Outside Mr. Scar and Mr. Scar are only doing pretty good appearance.
The enemy is just like it appeared just to kill Humbert, and Scar is a character that helps appear when a character is in trouble. Especially the enemy wanted me to prepare something that looks like a hint for some time in advance. (For example, when Yuuri raided Humbert, "Humbart asked" What about the group? ")

Regarding the story, the last scene of Humbert's death was good. That certainly is undeniable [death]. Was good. It was really good.
......, but it was too short to explain; honestly, I could not understand why it was so at first look.
Immortal Humbert, I will die at the end of the three episodes, but it is very difficult to understand why he died of immortality.
He became immortal by wishing eternity now at the time of 17. That's what he wants such as wanting to die in peace while being missed from his immediate family and friends.
The problem here is being told as his wish [If that wish is fulfilled Humbert can die,] I have not been told that it is in the works. (Maybe I just missed it?
So I saw that he took his breath to sleep, and I became "What?" So it was up to the point that the intersection finally came after finding it on the net.

Then, if you look up the part that you did not understand well, it will come out next time, there are a number of settings that are not told by animation.
First of all, I wonder why people in the village where Ai lived on deceiving A and continued as a tomb guard.
This is related to the characteristics of the grave protection.
Basically, it seems that the grave protection is decided in principle with only one person staying in one place. If a tomb is already present in the village, it seems that other grave protection can not interfere.
Also, when creating a village with only dead people it is impossible not to be found in the grave protection. Because grave protection has the ability to detect dead people. In other words, in order to make a village only by the dead without being interfered by the grave protection, it is necessary to have a tomb protection that does not burial the dead.

In that village, the mother of Ai who served as a broken guardian deity (who kept a grave protection but gave birth to a man, who loved people) served that role.
And, as she died, he was taking over the role without knowing that role.
...... I just do not know about animation;

But yet it is unknown why Scar was near the village.
In other words, Mr. Yuki who was a father-like position in the village like Ai's father is a wonderful murderer because he is a living came to look after the deceased Anna's true identity.

Though it is possible to have expectation with the last development of three stories, it is possible to have it, because of the sudden development due to the shortage of the scale and the comedy of the character which can not be enjoyed at all due to the atmosphere of the whole work, it is interesting due to a weakness of the directing surface I get the impression that is missing.
Evaluation is unpopular comment.

...... The representation of the light ball is comical [Final Fantasy X], but I wonder if it's useless ^ ^;

2013/07/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Bad point]
Not interesting There is no dangerous and exciting scene overall

Many scenes of actions impossible to understand due to abrupt talk

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Eye is cute, OP is good, good thing with a character deza and drawing is evaluable content "worst", otherwise "good" .. taking a while and it is "bad"