[Anime]Tale of Pollyanna, Girl of Love (Ai shoujo porianna monogatari)

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Pollyanna is an active and cheerful American girl. After her father dies, she moves from a little town in the Midwest to the East, where her aunt lives.
She is Pollyanna's only living relative, but is a very cold and self-centered woman.
Despite her adverse circumstances, Pollyanna is always positive and brings happiness to everyone around her.
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Nippon Animation
Eleanor Hodgman Porter
Kozo Kusuba Koshi Shigeo SUNAO KATABUCHI
Yoshiharu Sato
Kawaiken Hiroyuki Hayase
Reijiro Koroku
Hideyuki Tanaka
Etsuji Yamada
Taeko Nakanishi
Mitsuko Horie Masako Nozawa MIYUKIMUROI MayaOkamoto Eiko Yamada Naoko Watanabe Run Sasaki Mika Doi
Hideyuki Tanaka Toshihoko seki Banjo Ginga
Masako Ikeda Rihoko Yoshida Yumi Takada KeatonYamada Natsumi Sakuma
Keiko Han Kenichi Ogata Takako Kondo Hideyuki Hori Kyouko Tonguu Rei Sakuma
Japan Released:1986/01/05(Sun) Fuji Television Network, Inc. TV / End:1986/12/28
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2013/07/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18633 Host:18519 Browser: 2705
This work is the most impressive work of myself in the name series.

The main character. Polyanna's character is already satisfactory. The owner of a gentle heart that is cheerful and cheerful and lively and invisible. That kindness is a deceased mother's yield. And, from the deceased father, you will be instructed "Looking for good".

It's a wonderful way to shed tears for others and think kindly. It will be a perfect human being anymore. I'd like to grow up as a child like Polyanna if I get married and have children in the future (lol)

Also, as a result of death of his father, unlucky lower part due to automobile contact accident, a benefactor who led it to complete civil war, three accidents of Chilton accidental death and three unhappy strikes Polyanna, but to the shape of Polyanna living a positive attitude without hesitation I was impressed.

However, this work also has drawbacks.
It's a theme song (both earlier and late). From this work to Peter Pan was appointed a new idol of Pony Canyon (then Canyon Records) but I think that I should have stopped this.

Today it is worried that the child 's communication ability is declining at last. It is a work that I want children to see by all means.

I'm really glad I met this work

Evaluation is the highest

Additional notes
634 Masterpiece Theatrical Edition Oshin is "Katri"

2010/05/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12347 Host:12288 Browser: 11173
The best feature of this work is Zubari! It will be super luxury of a voice actor. Pollyanna is Ms. Mitsuko Horie, John Pastor & Chilton teacher Hideyuki Tanaka (co-star even after the two of you "My Daddy Long Legs"), Mr. Palais is Masako Nozawa, Nancy Keiko Han, Tom old man Kenichi Ogata , Darugin is Takako Kondo, Mr. Timothy Hideyuki Hori, Mr. Souther & Gillen that Camp Pendleton Bell Holdings Hill Banj〓〓Ginga, Jimmy Eiko Yamada, Mr. Masako Boston of potassium wife that Maetel Ikeda (with Masako " co-starring in Pollyanna "is" 999 "series since the ultra-impressive!), della Rihoko Yoshida, Mr. Jamie is Naoko Watanabe, Sadie is Sakuma Rei's, Mary Mr. Shinobu Adachi, Brigitte Ms. Natsumi Sakuma, Susie Yumi Takada Mr. Kyoko Tsunemiya for Mickey, Keiton Yamada for Perkins, Dr. Carr and Ames Muramatsu Male's, Millie is Zhuang Mayumi, and narrator & casting snow Mrs. who said Taeko Nakanishi gave me a super shock to our viewers our time. Also I remember having a super shock by a character by Mr. Yuzuno Sato who was said to be the first character designer brought up in Japan animation. And Mitch style of acting and Yoshiharu style of character both of the effect of have thought that was good (By the way, my favorite Yoshiharu character is the de la and Pollyanna). But Mr. Yoshiharu before production of the "Pollyanna", seems to have been very If you do not have to undergo a very ordeal that must be animation director is also in charge of all the talk about what to main animation staff who were missing several people (That's why I was glad because the assistant director for painting was there for that reason). Anyway, recently "Polyanna" is a work that gave me super shock during my masterpiece theater work as well as "Anne". So the evaluation is the highest, no super!

2009/04/14 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16436 Host:16372 Browser: 3876
I am watching it twice.
For the first time, I remember that I could obediently watch without having any doubts or discomfort. However, recently reviewing it is not good (Showa was good for this, but ...). The masterpiece theater can be said that this work is undoubtedly classified as a missing piece although the hit is large.
Then, I think that it is good. First, luxury voice actors. You guys famous act. Also, Pendleton who plays galaxy and generals, you can see it now when you see it. In this era, in other works, this person who was doing "I do not need love" is doing something similar this way and it is interesting. In addition, although it is a bit out of time, the image of the galactic river around this time has laughed in spite of the impression of "Cha - Pero Pelo" being very strong and subtly wearing characters. Then Kudo Yuki's song was nostalgic. I wonder about this.
I think that it is bad. First of all, you can not set a setting like collecting past master theaters. Tired of the scenes that started with Tom Soya and made me think of many works. Although the original may be the only thing, it is such an opinion as not knowing the original. I can not sympathize with the good search he came out. At first glance it looks very positive and smiling but it is only selfish. I also want you to push a biased idea. A word of this hero is annoying. In the era when this stage became such a strange thing comes to a wealthy house, it is probably the best thing to say that the story ended by being thrown into the bodyshell. In addition, while working in the palay is initially being drawn like a strange person, the strange is this hero, and the parade can be said to be an ordinary adult. I treat this ordinary adult as a weirdo and brainwash. This work is unpleasant looking. Also, the palet is not a millionaire but as rich as it is, there is a sense of discomfort in saying that such a rich family is hit and the perpetrator is left alone. Also, after having married a doctor, if Palay prepares a box for a clean hospital for her husband, it is understandable to say that she works as a nurse, although it is understandable. And the biggest problem of this work is to discard the child of a person and to decide foster carelessly like cats and stray dogs and say "It was good" There is no opening in the mouth opened at all.
I just want to say thank you to everyone who was swayed by this hero.
Evaluation, but it is very bad.

2008/01/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
[good point]
A girl who is not even ten years old suffered from injuries in the spinal cord due to a traffic accident and unrelated lower part!
(Heidi came to the animation magazine at that time and a neta manga was said to be violence encouraging)
Besides, parents who should support her already are already dead.
Among the adversities prepared by the masterpiece hero, Dangerous is a battle for one or two.
Although Nero of "Flanders" has frozen to death, since he passed away with a full feeling, he is happy as a subjective subject, and it is comparable to the midfield of "Perine" who seemed to be unwildable.
And it became possible to walk and the first part finished! Yeah surely was "It was good." Impressed things.
"Heidi" and "Annet" are also so, it ended here "It was good" ... Is not it?

[Bad point]
Did not personally accept "searching for good"?
Adversity, even if you are in trouble, living positively without losing the brightness is the royal road of the famous plays hero, but if you put it in the mouth and is told, it will draw a bit.
However, if this is an unnecessary rendering thought by animation staff, it is subject to criticism, but having chosen a subject that can be easily shown to a low age viewer with a royal road stance that exists from the original is rather a wise idea (rather It is only useless if it is omitted) and it does not suit me who was feeling close to the aunt of the early afternoon Palais.

Is not it good impossibly in the second half just because the first half is good?
The cause of this tension down is due to the difference with the original which I examined later ....

After that I did not accept songs like idol songs. It may be more disgusting than the first half of the year.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
How to tailor an original novel to a one-year animation work is an assignment that has always followed the masterpiece theater staff. In the case of this work, in the case of this work "two girls Palaisana" and two sequel works of that work as one animated work It takes the form of broadcasting.
Although it is favorable that the production side is making a drastic remark that "It is a two-part composition and part and two parts are different works", it is favorable, but considering this comparison with the original at least the better one I feel that it can not be said that it was demonstrated to.
Polyanna in the first half is 8 years old, lowering the age of 3 years from the original, but it is still acceptable.
However, the second half is still a story involving love love of 13 to 20 in the original, but it remains 8 to 9 years old.
Although there is a famous movie whose tumbling girl grows up as an adult woman like 'Anne of Green Gables' or 'My Ashinasan Uncle', 'Polyanna' is advancing the story as a child and it is impossible to make impossible Inevitable.
The attitude of the staff who is too conscious of the low age viewers who can catch a glimpse of the above "good looking" will continue to "Wakakusa Monogatari" trying to place Amy in the next work.
This work was produced during the transition period from the first half of the masterpiece theater to the second half, and it is no doubt that acquisition of a new low age viewers became the most prominent proposition of the staff in line with generation change of viewers.
(This is exactly the same trend as "Gundam ZZ" aired in the same year)
If the goodness of the drastic surprise to draw the high teen 's polyauna is in the second half just because the first half's high quality of the original reproduction is good,
I feel sorry that the perfection degree of the work has fallen due to the time it was made.
On the other hand, Mr. Horie who was in charge of CV of Polyanna should say irony again that it will be playing the lead role again in a few years later at "my Ashinasan uncle" where romance is involved in the second half ....
It is interesting to see the trial and error of the staff in the history of the masterpiece theater.

2007/05/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16388 Host:16273 Browser: 4184
Before seeing this animation, I was badly blue in front of the competition.
A friend of mine looked at such a blue one and recommended this animation.
I immediately borrowed a DVD and saw it ...

I think that this work is truly wonderful.
Even if there is a time of depression, Polyanna is always bright and trying to think things positively whatever happens.
Eventually, Polyanna melts the hearts of the people of the town.
Now that the community lack of community is worried, should children show such anime?
I felt that I was taught the wonder of life for girls only 8 years old.
Even now, I'm looking for a good day everyday like Polyanna (no game to be happy with the original), no matter how dark it is.
When you see it when it is really depressed, this work is shining.

However, if we speak of one difficulty, I was concerned that there are many scenes that animation is overwriting with the original and ending with a beautiful thing.
Final round or ... ... Palais Oshima is too good.

Still, for the sake of life, it is an anime that I have to indispensable.
Evaluation is other than "highest!".

2007/03/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8065 Host:8191 Browser: 5234
In any case what is the point "looking for good" from "adversity"?

However, there is a part that seems to be "evacuation of reality" after this degree (it seems that it is followed by Polyanna syndrome)
Rather, the part that I should not think so ... (bitter smile)

No matter how bad things happen, I think that it is better without thinking that it is bad.

Well, the aunt who is a reasonable story, "Polianna's head is crazy".

In the novel version, it is quite a dark story that the parade will not be saved,
Although it seems to be very salvation because the point is solved in the animated version,

There are many parts that think that it is not escape from reality?
Also, also a bit on the part that the main character Polyanna is too stubborn ... ...

However, it is a good work in that it is "good at mastering skillfully and being good at the world" in searching good.
Well, on the other hand, there is also the possibility of getting into trouble escaping reality .... It reflects on what I should reflect properly,
I think that there is no problem if it is used as a study material that it might be able to find a new "good" if I improve the point that I regretted from there.

2006/06/27 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 658 Host:388 Browser: 2775(Mobile)
I read the original novel "Girl Pareana" without looking at animation at all, but the impression was the worst. The content was not bad (... maybe) There was a scene I did not like.

When a hero's girl Palaisana lived in a church with his father (... maybe), a crutch entered the goods sent, "If there is no person who uses crutches", Palaisana is disappointed, the father said " I was glad the body was not necessary, "and I started looking for good things like that. ... I read that scene and I remember being very angry when I thought that my father was "disappointing for being a disabled person".
Since it is now, there is no book so it was really discrimination remarks (I could not confirm whether I made a mistake reading, the translator made a mistake or was it such a remark) I do not want to read it again).
So, after all, no matter how much I encourage friends, "It's a good story to touch!", I did not feel like watching anime at all.

Since I do not see the evaluation truly, the evaluation is not so much, so I make it a "bad" comment (the novel version is privately "worst" ...).

2005/12/24 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28377 Host:28295 Browser: 4487
My aunt who was frozen at last until Polyanna kept looking forward, and the scene which melted and comprehended the hearts of the Palau is actually one of the best names scenes in the masterpiece theater, is not it?

If you think about it, Polyanna could have been relieved because Jimmy of an orphan boy Junmy and Pendleton, a young maid of Nancy of the house of the palace and Timothy of the co-finer and Tom of the father's gardener Tom etc. unknown. And Tom knew before Palais had frozen his heart yet it was a nice thing to be an understanding person of Paret (as a disappointing Parais could be isolated).

One of the scenes that I personally remember is the mother of Polyanna and a scene that makes her feel like the divine brightness that Jenny shines even with her sister of Paray. When she was still a little young and disgusting daughter before she got married to Pastor John yet jumped out of the house, when the parette was still a young and unfeeling girl, scenes where she got hurt puppy and she was taking care of it and a multiparty with her mother There were plenty of scenes that make her feel attractive indeed. so,
If she does not leave home like this ... how much it makes me feel like a parade .... Since Jenny jumped out of the house that brightness disappeared and I could see that the house got dark at once.

It is never meant to recommend or recommend that the praise will not be punishable even if it hurts John Pastor and his daughter Polyanna that the Palay robbed her sister Jenny because of that,
I will make you feel like you can not understand.

It is because Jenny's daughter was a certain Polyanna that caused the mind of that paradise to melt away and regain the bright part of the past.

Even so, in this work Mr. Masako Nozawa has performed superbly a middle-aged woman (although there are such experiences in other animation works and overseas drama dubbing works), I wonder if he is playing Rascal and Tom Sawyer If you are aware of yourself, you will feel a sense of altruism.

2005/12/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13007 Host:12820 Browser: 5234
It seems that it can be said that it is considerable ryosaku in masterpiece theaters.
Although this work is not adversity, many people would have liked the attitude of Polyanna trying to live brightly, rising up facing only for the front, even though it came up to the word "masterpiece theater version Oshin" etc. Even though I was bullied like Oshin, I still think that the story was good.

Oshin did not feel a sense of sadness, and the scene that I can understand as a palette is a sightseeing, just as a character of Horie Mitsuko's long time ago, if I search for the merit of this work, it seems to be found in various ways.

If you look closely it is a work that two people of "Galaxy Railway" are appearing, it can be said that it is a work worth seeing even by just that.
Although there is resistance in the first half development and the second half ... ...

2005/12/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41331 Host:41176 Browser: 5908
The same world-class masterpiece series as "Heidi" and "Mother-in-a-Miss Three Senri".
Polyanna who lost her mother in childhood and lived with the pastor's father grew up cheerfully and brightly with the game "Looking Good" from anything that my father taught me to find joy. However, even his father died of illness,
Polaiana who became one person will be taken over by a lady who dislikes children.

Regardless of any adversity, I will strive to find something that seems to be good, and I will strike my heart to live strongly positive.
Recommended for those who want to find "healing" and "fine" in this era.

This work was the first time that I wanted to read the original by looking at animation.
Please also read the original "Girls Palaisana" and "Youth of Pareana".
If you like animation, it is a novel without doubt that you will like it.
It was a big hit in the United States and the name of the hero became in the dictionary.

2005/07/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28374 Host:28111 Browser: 4487
Animation of the OP which I drew beautifully in my understanding of my understanding of my aunt in the first part, a pallet, remembered. Sometimes my aunt who is leaving behind that bright OP song is challenging but chasing with Jimmy and driving a car, overtaking the train where superb parettes are riding, and finally seeing the palettes can be met, It was enough to make me think that it would be a long way ago when I could not understand it in this volume. In this volume, it seemed to be better than the previous album Sara, as there was a friend such as Nancy (maid) and Timothy (coworker) in the viewpoint of Polyanna, and also that the parade itself is not a bad guy from the ground up.

I can not comment because I do not see much of the second part. What I am talking to compared with one copy ....

2005/03/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12598 Browser: 3045(Mobile)
"Girl Palaisana" masterpiece movie version. ... something, quite old aged and started when we started. It was definitely small or 3 and 4, so it was quite memorable because it was middle school because the broadcast was probably small, and it was good if I looked it out as a different thing (there were plenty of plunges and a bit overkill).
However, it can not be like the Board of Education recommendations.

2004/08/04 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11313 Host:11120 Browser: 4925
Something very impressive. Why are you finishing in an exciting style? Smiling face is coming up Works that make such a feeling very easy. I feel calm when I see it.
The scene where Polyanna was drawn was very shocking.
Still it's a very familiar piece, so it's fine.

2004/07/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50701 Host:50635 Browser: 3875
I saw it when I was 4 years old. It was already a touch of impression. When I notice,
Imitating Polyanna, he talked to people around and was looking for good.
Although I was shy so much, it is mysterious that myself who is changing now thinks now.
I also love the lyrics of happy carnival.
〓〓〓So let's try it 〓〓〓Let's chat Let me tell you this song, that dark personality has changed completely.
Certainly, there may be a problem as a composition of some works etc,
So much, the love girl Polyanna story that changed myself is the best over the highest.
I think that it is a heartfelt work. I sympathize with Polyanna I really feel the world will open wide. From this kind of animation, feeling kindly feeling the other person,
I learned the identity of myself. Surer of the previous year is surely delighted.
By the way, Sarah and Polyanna are somehow similar. It sounds like a sister.
Now, even though I remember, something, a bright hope can come up. Searching for Polanna's good feeling seems to find something big hope. At the same time, Polyanna refused acceptance of adopted daughter from Mr. Pendleton with a resolute attitude. I was trying to take a resolute attitude that bad things are bad, and that I made a mistake that I made a mistake, I also tried to recognize my bad places and try again. That is why Polyanna is persuasive in what he says. Polyanna is not only cute, it is really beautiful and beautiful. Really ... ... from this animation, I received a lot of hope. Thank you.

2004/05/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20827 Host:20569 Browser: 3875
I am not good at something like this one now

2004/05/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24808 Host:24480 Browser: 4184
The brightness and runaway of Polyanna was feeling too much, but the gap from the accident to the end of the part from the accident was shocking.
There was no excitement after seeing wonderful good in 2 copies in 1 part.
The first pillar, Kariu lady said not so much as to say the situation, there was no point of view where Polyanna struggled.
As for the important person to recover and to recover, both Polyanna and Palais painted in a part and the death relation of Doctor Chilton, who is the second pillar, looked dim.
Still, I think that it is not easy to make it invisible even after 1 part. I think that when I fixed the details and replaced 2 copies and 1 copy, I closed the curtain with a big impression as the whole work as well.
Whether it's a little skiing to play with, nothing to do with the story ...
Rather than trying to imagine the last cut, it looks dirty. I wanted you to finish with OP.
Although it is quite different in composition and bad, there are many people who liked runaway characters such as Polyanna, good search for Sato, character deza Sato, voice actor and so it is very good in total.

2004/01/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5504 Host:5350 Browser: 3646
It was a masterpiece series that suffered a crisis of program abortion with a low audience rating of "Ranch Girl, Katri", but Sara and Polyanna rebuilt the viewer ratings again. It was unexpected that that veteran voice actress was doing the voice of that woman's person.

2003/12/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50974 Host:51077 Browser: 3646
Looking good. I am also looking for "good" everyday.

2003/07/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13237 Host:12989 Browser: 3875
* It is an animation that started with searching for good and ended up finding good. Is not it a place that its spirit is to unravel everyone's mind? Would it be a long way to go without getting hit? Recently, since bastards have increased, many of them will attract such ideas, but basically, It is quite abnormal person to harass and find good points.
* Polyanna, the father of the pastor dies, goes to the lady of the mother's parents' home (younger sister's mother). Aunt Valais, thought to be the father of Polyanne, thought that the misfortune that occurred one after another after my elder sister disappeared with the poor pastor as well as elderly, while thinking that we must fulfill our responsibility as an aunt In a dilemma called .... Although it is going to progress in a relatively common setting, it is a miserable production of many masterpieces theaters, compared to situations, attic is an unexpected treatment (laugh. ... And, the maid of Nancy is kind! It is such a work that goes a relatively flat road that Aunt Valley is also sensitized. In that sense, other than "good looking", it would be a masterpiece theater work with low impact or low punch power. It was a good work with "good looking".

2003/07/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26718 Host:26531 Browser: 3646
Looking good. However, I am doubtful about Polyanna's remarks ...
I can not do such a way of life for myself ~ ~

2003/05/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5736 Host:5775
It is the greatness of the teachings of God to survive bright speech brightly. If that bad Kudo Yuki 's OP / ED also complements the Columbia cover plate, it is. Was good.

2003/02/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:3381
I liked the first half OP and ED. Even though I was somewhat good at something

2003/01/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:1979
I like to have real feeling in adult characters such as John Pendleton and Aunt Paale.
That's why Polyanna is "such a human being !!!" But

2002/11/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:3898
It was a cute protagonist. There used to be addiction when I was talking about it in the past

2002/08/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:2125
It is on TV now on TVK. The comment is exactly the same as Mr. Likes Dorakue. Education as a child is a certain meaning kawaii.

2002/08/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:1771
I think that it was a work that was being rebroaded until a while ago.
When I saw it when I was young I was touched obediently "I'm a good story", but once again I looked at it,
I felt like I was lying for some reason .... With a little impression that the way of thinking is biased.
Well, well, it is certain that people who are smiling brightly are more likely to spend than they are complaining.
What was that game name .... Was it "looking for happiness" ...?