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The main character is Raoh the dark lord. It's a side story
of "Fist of the north star" anime series. His brave story is
to fight and persuade other arban fighters to join his armies.

He expanded his own empire successively. He had reliable servers
that Souga and Reina were siblings.

Raoh's team was at first 3 persons. They gradually got other
persons to join their team by persuading or threating other
brave fighters and excellent commanders.

Sakuya the misterious tactics user, Ryuga the Sirius star,
Kokuoh-go of Raoh's horse, Uighur the boss in Kasandora jail,
these four persons joined Raoh's team. Raoh's rivals were the
holy emperor Thouzer, and Juda of Thouzer's server.

She had many tactics and negotiation skills. She adviced Raoh
to decide the strategy of Raoh's team. She was a brain of Raoh's team.

She was't always royal to Raoh's servers, so she was't trusted by
Souga. Without Souga's and others's assistances, Sakuya was forced to be lonely and careless.
Finally, Sakuya did't prevent Raoh to fight Thouzer as strong as him.
Raoh might be heavily damaged to die if he had been fighting to win Thouzer.

It was a time that the peaceful agreement was needed by the two strong men.
At last, She succeeded to stop the fight of Raoh and Thouzer. It was peaceful and beautiful,
but Raoh was suffered from Sakuya's loss.

Raoh was very ambitious to desire the king of the world. When he
helped Reina, it was comical that he flied by the reaction of
firing a big canon.
And, we can watch many sexy ladies that were Reina, Sakuya and others. Sometimes they were
captured and would almost lose by other strong fighters.

Raoh was too strong to win any other enemies except Thouzer.
It was very excited that Raoh fighted Thouzer and Juda.

Altenative Raoh and female soldiers are good. Their stories continue to
the new movies of "Fist of the north star" anime series.

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