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Character/Setting1.82(Very good)11
Graphic1.73(Very good)11
Music1.64(Very good)11
Story1.64(Very good)11
Shed tears27%3/11
Made me think27%3/11
Learned something9%1/11
Hot heart0%0/11

At the start of Aoi Hana, Akira Okudaira, who is an entering high school student into Fujigaya Girls Academy, becomes reacquainted with her childhood friend Fumi Manjome whom she has not seen for ten years. Fumi is attending Matsuoka Girl's High School where she quickly becomes friends with a handsome third-year student named Yasuko Sugimoto. Akira joins her school's drama club with her friend and classmate Kyoko Ikumi, who is in love with Yasuko, though Yasuko turns her down. Akira meets Kyoko's fiance (in name only) Ko Sawanoi. Yasuko and Fumi become a couple, and Fumi comes out to Akira who is at first unsure on how to act, but still tries to support Fumi's new relationship.

Akira's drama club does an adaptation of Wuthering Heights for a drama festival; Fumi helps out with her friends Yoko Honatsugi, Misako Yasuda, and Miwa Motegi. Yasuko breaks up with Fumi, who learns that Yasuko's older sister Kazusa is marrying a teacher at Fujigaya named Masanori Kagami whom Yasuko had fallen in love with. Time passes after the wedding, and Yasuko decides to study abroad in London after graduating. Miwa and Akira's older brother Shinobu start going out, and Fumi tells Akira that she was her first love, much to Akira's embarrassment.

When Akira and her friends enter their second year of high school, an energetic first-year student named Haruka Ono joins the Fujigaya drama club. Akira and Kyoko are split into different classrooms, and Akira meets a tall girl in her new class named Ryoko Ueda. The high school division of Fujigaya does the play Rokumeikan with Akira, Kyoko and Ryoko playing lead roles, though Ryoko only agrees to act because Akira also agrees to act alongside her. Fumi and Haruka become friends, and Haruka confides in Fumi that she suspects her older sister Orie may like women. Not knowing how to respond, Fumi seeks advice from Akira, but ends up confessing her love for her instead. Ko suggests to Kyoko to break off the engagement, but Kyoko wants to marry him. The play goes well and everyone praises the actress' performances.

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Takako Shimura
Kenichi Kasai
Masayuki Otochi
Ai Takabe
Chiemi ishimatsu
Sayuri Yahagi
Aki Toyosaki
Yuka Iguti
Kanae Oki
Yuko Gibu
Yui Horie
Ryoko Ono
Tomoko Nakamura
Mamiko Noto
Yukari Fukui
Mai Nakahara
Atsushi Ono
Shoko Tsuda
Nobuaki Kanemitsu
Kobayashi Mina
Ayumi Fujimura
Mitsuru Ogata
Miyazawa Kiyoko
Shinji Kawada
Kitanishi Junko
Tsutomu Densaka
Fuyuka Ooura
Kenji Hamada
Shintaro Asanuma Tanakaakiko
Sachiko Kojima
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Japan Released:2009/07/02(Thu) 02:08-02:38 Fuji Television Network, Inc. TV / End:2009/09/10
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1. http://www.aoihana.tv/ (Translation)
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Aoi HanaAoi Hana [Fan reg.]
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2017/01/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1830 Host:1884 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Gender, gender, age and other boundaries are actually uniquely vague, likes and likes same sex, less prejudice to love. Even in the process of growth, there are a lot of changes, unchanged, as some people go through, the animated version sells more precisely the feeling of psyche, the story is composed, you can see it without dislikes It was.

[Bad point]
Even girls are disappointed, there is a conflict in the communication with emotions with other girls, and it may be decided whether they can accept or refuse it because of their heterosexual position.

[Comprehensive evaluation] Although the original book tells you to go away, there are expressions of actions that have further stepped one step or two steps, so if you are interested also please do so.

2016/05/04 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 482 Host:300 Browser: 7866
[good point]
Staff who made drawing, voice actor, OP, ED, how to get between, etc. felt excellent
[Bad point]
It's just boring, nothing excites nothing or excitement or sadness
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is an animation made very carefully.
But perhaps the original itself did not fit perfectly with me.
I forced it to the end by force, but it was boring for the rest of the time.
I am sorry for the staff I am making but the evaluation is "very bad".

2014/01/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33235 Host:33297 Browser: 5143
Even though the last round still remains, I will evaluate it.
[good point]
Transience, beauty, sadness First of all it is exhausted.
After that the cherry blossoms were bright and cute, Mr. Ikushi and Mr. Sugimoto were also cool.
[Bad point]
I think that it was perfect if pleasure was added.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a work I was interested in five years ago but I have not had the opportunity to see it but I could finally see it in few years.
It was really beautiful ...
Evaluation will be "highest".

2013/11/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7612 Host:7822 Browser: 7861
[good point]
Pale literary background art exactly the same as Taisho baseball girl.
Akihabara's neta, cat ears, big tits and weak pretty girls, such as the hero of Nakaji's second disease (like going to Stague), it is free from poison who plays in such otaku viewers.

[Bad point]
There are no themes. There is no overall configuration. Feeling that it was only made by shallow and disjointed small stories made with only Nori "Uh, in literary-like atmosphere, I got this character and such character like this, this likes this ..." .

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2013/01/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2749 Host:2629 Browser: 11128
Poetic, delicate and beautiful.
It seems to be broken but powerful, I carefully depict such adolescence.

It belongs to a genre called so-called hundreds, so it will be a special classification, but never never draws female love affairs nastily.

Mind description is the liver of this work, miso.

Flames of a candle's flames Hand and hands connected to the hand room, and shadows Every cut, things make sense, depicting feelings.
Because it is a girl of adolescence It is the transience and its beauty.
Conflict and its answer. Beautiful image production roars.

It was supposed to be that production team that gathered JCSTAFF's talent at the time.
Although it is lacking in the impact of Utena, it was a spectacular Ryosaku.

2013/01/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31737 Host:31825 Browser: 4895
Shall I call it Pure Yuri?
I think that it can be said that it is a work that depicts a very limited period of time that "anyone with same sex is more fun" that anyone can have.
I think that it is an unusual work called lily system with pure system which is neither loose system nor hard system.

Especially there is no discomfort, but it is beautifully drawn.
The flow of time and events is also gentle, and there are a lot of aggressive works I feel unusual recently.

Just to the contrary, I can not deny an unsatisfactory feeling.
I saw it in a relaxed time of the New Year, but it would be better to think about how close it is to the back that is doing something.

Therefore, there is not a big shocking event.
I draw a theme of fake love and parting between girls.

Since it is not impressive, evaluation is "good".

2012/02/14 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40682 Host:40938 Browser: 4789
[good point]
Cute characters

[Bad point]
It seems that a girl with a lesbian is played by a woman who is a bye and is in love with her childhood friend who was an air character until then in the final round of animation.
Something just a hero feel sorry.
In addition, he or she is also being played by his cousin. worst.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I do not understand because I have not read the original, but I only see bad places if I just saw anime.

2011/09/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19717 Browser: 7726(Mobile)
It is an original unread person.

A lesbian girl who loves a senior Fumi, a girl who supports that love.

It is a work that draws many friendship and love around them.

The point which was good was OP and ED first. It fits the atmosphere amazingly. BGM was also good.
Then it is a depiction of the character. Each character has a depiction enough to feel reality. Sometimes it feels ashamed. Rather than being polite, I feel delicacy.

Tempo is not too bad, it is tightly summarized by all 11 episodes. It was also brilliant here.

The point that was bad was that one of the hero was not so noticeable. It was a foreman of Fumi. Even if it is not necessarily a - chan, I also noticed a scene. It was a necessary person in the work, but a little shadow was thin.

I will beat a bit of the forcing of the final round of the final round. However, the last word of A-chan's words was really good.

Evaluation is "good".
At first glance, it is a work dealing with Lily, but it is neatly "romance" that is drawn heavily in the work.
It was a perfect love drama. It is a work that you would like people to watch as well as people who do not like Lily.

2011/04/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 16542
Orthodox lily animation. It 's pretty serious compared to scissors. Takako Shimura has become a work that you can enjoy her unique world by being an original. I feel a sense of closeness to the fertility that characters can not think of as creations. The character that this person draws is really attractive.

2011/03/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35983 Host:35867 Browser: 2057(Mobile)
[good point]
I feel less uncomfortable in a century

[Bad point]
It is not clear after all
Too much pushing lily
I do not have a gag.
Serious in vain.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that preference is divided perfectly for this work. Unfortunately, I did not meet up at all. First of all, it is a story with the lily as the main story, but at that point the opinion can be divided. Besides, it is a muddy place. Well, it was my first salvation that I did not get stuck. Because the hero is a dark personality, I felt it was becoming a dark feeling on the whole, and since there are few gags, it was hardly possible to see it in a fun feeling. Love with Sugimoto-senpai ended as incomplete burning and finally ended with a feeling that I liked my childhood friend, but I did not feel anything refreshed either. I wanted you to be active in male characters a little more. Therefore evaluation is "worst".

2011/01/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13497 Host:13454 Browser: 5941
[good point]
Two strange friendships are funny
The psychological aspect of Fumi is well portrayed
.Ere is beautiful

[Bad point]
I want a little more depiction of A - chan

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I do not like Yuri so much, but this was pretty interesting Fumi 〓〓〓My thoughts to A-chan gradually arrived, the last was a lot crazy Just ah-chan was not so much a hero is a little I think that it will be a good success if we think about 11 episodes

2010/11/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22284 Host:22263 Browser: 11725
The original is unread

Well, if I look at it without expectation, it is an ordinary animation, but director Kasaikenichi, the composition of the series is Fumihiko Takayama, I saw that staff, I expected it

Both are supposed to be very good at expressing the emotions of the characters, but somehow this work seems to change the heart of the main character Fumi, with a characteristic scene Why, from a person named A to a person named B Has the subject of favorable shifted?
I do not smell the explanation, it is supposed to be good at expressing it in an impressive scene, but such a scene is not like that.
So why did you feel unnatural?

I do not know if it is due to the original work or the scale, but clearly speaking, it is "normal" in a bad meaning by a masterpiece, although the master made it.

2010/10/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18781 Host:18858 Browser: 3876
[good point]
Friendship close to the lily of two friends
Four sisters are funny

[Bad point]
Play in the middle half

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it was a play on the Arashiya river, but I thought I was going to push a bit further, but it was a background. I wrote that it is bad, but I have halfway feelings saying that it was still good.

Four sisters did not have much depiction, but my older sister also existed, but it was fun to like someone marrying older sister.

And because she does not simply like homosexuality, it is not a story of a special person so it can be seen as a woman 's story. I do not know if he's a man or not. When I got married this senior, I laughed what I had to do once more again. Because I thought that this is a thing that the surface skin is thick.

Even if it says anything, it is the two strange friendship. This can be likable.

I have a relationship not Platonic in the past, but it is strangely refreshing. I do not know how to look around here simply as a lily. I think that it is useless without a lily element, but I think that halfway is the appeal of this work.

2010/09/01 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15253
No, it is awful. It is unusual that only the impression that it was terrible that it finished watching until the last episode came out.
In most cases when you put on the worst, you often cut it on the way, but somehow I watched it until the end and I was betrayed much.
If it was true, there were lots of places to worry about and I wanted to do more tingling but it was the worst final story that I could say that they all blew away.
A halfway place is also a nice place It did not think that it was the end of this.
There is no way of finishing this by putting out meaningful hints and draws that are not finished on anything, right?
Seniors are not talking about relocation or relationships are incomplete, and it is certain that seniors apologize that Fumi would become more adult to seniors just before the final story.
This line itself was not a line of characters of Fumi itself and I looked down and I felt something to the seniors feeling uncomfortable and irritated, but since my seniors apologized there was something like this before I thought there was something or something there It ended as it was.
It may have been convinced if there is something, but this time Fumi only seems to be the woman who is the worst.
Not only in this scene but at times the conversation is contradicted and the characters are collapsing and it seems that many times I thought that this character is saying like this or what are you going to say?
I do not know what it is because the original is on the way, but there is no way to finish leaving such a viewer behind, at least I can not clean up something together and finish it all together (I will settle somewhere), I will not clean up anything It is unknown whether it will be the last story to tell a story of moving.
If that is the case, I should get to the place to move.
If you've always drawn my seniors 'story, you must end it with seniors' story.
Well Originally as it is in the OP and so on, as well, Ah-chan is also one of the hero's translations, so I had to bring this story to the center, but continued to pull the romantic story of a good character with Daradara Dara .
It is wrong from that line and it becomes the final story and I am going to fix the route conveniently and bring it to A - chan.
I can hear the scarcity of scenarios and it is not an omission to the original on an original, and animation is animation, so if there is only 11 episodes, I have to make a little more thought (I did not translate it did not it).
There are lots of useless talks and there is no expansion and there is no excitement, but there are only 11 episodes, but scenes that remained in the impression are hardly felt inside.
Although there is also a world view and atmosphere of this work, it is necessary to make it more speedy and develop more speedily.
I only thought of repeating the same thing.
Even when fumi is in love with seniors, A - chan almost does not get involved, and A - chan gets more in the center and this means that the contents also comes out, but even if it is honest, it does not matter whether it is like it either . There was not the content or charm of the character coming from the story with the feeling that somehow took with only the character.
I thought that Fumi is the hero somehow in the final story, but until then that seniors can be said to be the hero.
I do not know what I wanted to do then so I do not know what made Ah-chan because of what.
Since I do not know what I wanted to do, I did not feel content and ended without finishing anything, so it was impossible for me to come up with any impressions, only things I just did not leave.

Not only because the last episode was hidden, it was not only because the last episode was hidden, but before watching I heard rumors that this work is a good work and it was really good as I talked about to the second episode, I was expecting it later, but it was good It was up to the second episode, and after the third episode more steady rags came out and gradually declined the evaluation.

First things that are fundamentally bad are trying to do and the world view is incomplete.
Do you want to do homosexuality that considers Moe, do you want to do homosexuality pursuing real things?
I think that it is trying to do something real as aim, but it is not done at all and it is not developed at all, there is nothing unnatural, such as expansion, character depiction, conversation and so on, psychological depiction until everything is abruptly touched by everything It is not made, and it is understood that it is only a story in a delusion after all.
I am trying to do real things but what I'm doing is only moe There was a chaotic feeling there and if I tried to do real things absolutely aimed too much and my feelings should not have gone out before However, in order to prioritize the story, the collapse and setting of the character were abruptly put out, and there were many unconformity of the conversation.
I could not describe to convert it into a real thing so I did not have the persuasive power to think or something for a person.
The next thing I could not understand was whether the world view was not going anywhere and that is what it is natural (initially it was), in a realistic world I think that they are not supposed to want to hide or not There is no inquiry as to why he or she likes the same sex, after all, it draws only on superficial consciousness and setting, and it is nothing different from the moe work of the area around where only Yuri wants to do It has become something.
Because I am a high school student, I do not care about strange things, I just wanted to do something I liked just because I was a girl, but if that were you, it would be a reaction of a man or a reaction of my family or a realistic depiction halfway through I should not have.

Anyway, since the conversation and what I want to bring to that story are visible, the development in the conversation was already abrupt. Since there is nothing I have drawn so far, I can not understand the emotion of the character, I could not even do it.

Each person is a good character and stands up and the setting itself is good, but there were many times that only disgusting women could see it because there was a collapse of the characters who had prioritized the story.
Even though the attitude has changed a bit (and not that kind of character) until a while ago, what we said until a while ago and so on.
For example, in the first place I tell you that Fumi is going out with a girl for a girl, but although she says that she does not want me to be hated or disliked to feel hurt, I can confidently disclose without any preceding story . There is no convincing power and there is no trouble, and only Konsea who does not want to be disliked by Kase A-chan will only reflect on her self-only woman who thinks only about herself.

Basically there was a lot of places where the story and the setting of the story did not suit, so the script was entirely Gudaguda.
For example, although my senior sister's former teacher said that he was only one time without remembering Kyouco, he told me that he went to the art room many times to see his seniors, that scene was also there, once I told the student that I taught only to tell my sister if I would like to ask my sister for a professor.

I do not know what it is and there is nothing I do not understand the meaning There were many cuts such as speechless lines and unnecessary lines of sight.

In the case of real homosexuality things that you can not read as if you are thinking about the person's psychological state or behavior.
However, in the case of this work all imagination was done, but even if the woman changed to a man, it was only incongruous or ordinary.
It was easy to see that it was a work that was not real.
Besides, it made it strangely pretty beautifully, and there was no feeling of excitement of realistic unpleasantness or unexpectedness.

Generally speaking, the voice actor was suitable, and among them, the voice of the high part of the role of Fumi was insanely cute and healed and the performance was also not good for the first time as I thought it was the first time I saw it to the end was Abe Takabe It was enough to say thanks.
It is regrettable that I could not fully utilize it by stories and contents.

If I say it in a minute detail I will be absent from work (laugh).
Even my sister 's older sister or advisor to the theater department had only the worst characters.
Even in this case there are parts that are too targeted and abrupt parts so that the word seriously sticks to the nose and thinks only about myself, thinking of the other's feelings, there seems to be only the lowest character without communication There was not. (Even if it makes it to my older brother)
For example, another older sister liked the teacher suddenly came out, Kazusa tried to win by knowing that his sister liked the teacher, thought about his sister's feelings (at the wedding ceremony) "I cry I said "Wow." (Because I am thinking it may be said that I feel like crying, but if there is compassion or sympathy I do not have this line of speech, it's a gentle setting)
It seems to be thinking at first sight (like facial expression) about my sister, so it is still poor quality.

The fianc莨〓#39;s teacher had something like sorry for my sister, but she turned out to be a married character and suddenly suddenly became familiar with her distance (shit only discomfort) little sister I am happy to be liked by my sister in front of you.
It is a stupid remark of the protagonist who is the motemote anime of a certain girl.

On the other hand, it is my sister or sister, I do not show any reaction and I do not have jealousy.
That's why I do not get anything to say that she reflects her sister's back behind (not crying) at the wedding ceremony.

There are many more bad points, but there is no dirt so I will do this.
Anyway, I have not seen any work that I have seen as far as the end and only felt wasted in time.

2010/08/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24304 Host:24237 Browser: 10415
[good point]
It was impressive that the depictions of depictions were carefully depicted in real terms such as romance and friendship between women. I think that the complicated entanglement of appearing characters was well structured.
Love with Fumi and Sugimoto-senpai, broken heart is impressive.
The picture and atmosphere were healed with warmth.

[Bad point]
I think that the place where Fumi notices the feelings of Akira in the last round is well organized, but Kyoko is still good and Sugimoto-senpai will not be saddened .... I sincerely wish to be happy in the future!
I can not beat it as much as I can successfully describe Mr. Sugimoto-sen's sentiments and stories of the past with 10 episodes.

I think that all 11 episodes are still too small. Although it is well made, it was a way of finishing with frustration for a while.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There was awesome in depicting a delicate and delicate sentiment very delicate.

2010/05/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1165 Host:1082 Browser: 10777
I watched "Sasameki" first. "Sasameki" was a work that was as good as it did not become a comparison (although it does not mean "do not hate Sasameki").

[good point]

〓〓〓Before watching, I expected anticipating contents similar to "School Days", but it is ridiculous when I see it.
Despite being an impudent OP, he painted a delicate theme of love between girls very gently and delicately.
It is not a love that focused only on Fumi and Sugimoto-senpai's only, but Fumiyoshi Kyoko, Kyoko and Sugimoto-senpai, Sugimoto-senpai and each professor, each department teacher and Kyoko, and middle arias .... Various love, it was good to have developed a friendship drama.
One of the trio of the theater department, Miwa's unrequited love was also funny.

〓〓〓At first, the total number of talks was too small, I felt that there was no room for content.
However, thinking afterwards, it is excellent that the curtains closed with exquisite drafts of excitement and freshness, after answering each drama of each character through twists and turns.

〓〓〓Although the last may be halfway in a sense,
It was good that it made the Fumi who had undergone the twists and turns break the life that will allow him to imagine freely what he watches.

[Bad point]

I wanted a little more explanation about Chizu-san.
Just like that would be just a terrible woman ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I was despised, but I was surprised by the unexpected completion.
A masterpiece that personally enters the best ten.

I felt the beauty that led the work to completion in only 11 episodes.

2010/04/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17936 Host:17813 Browser: 13663
[Overall rating]
I think that it is a masterpiece remaining in the lily animation history and want to evaluate [highest].
It is not an unreal world such as Marimi, even not to run erotically, it is an unprecedented work which tried to draw reality girls to the last, drawing is also wonderful, 2009 animation with K-on and Bakemonogatari The personal best 3 of.

[good point]
〓〓〓Descriptions of feelings appearing on Fumi's expression and gestures. I felt that I was being carefully written to the movement of each hair, such as a person 's worrying about being alone in a bed, a happy appearance when going out with A - chan, and so on.
〓〓〓A picture like a gentle and warm watercolor painting. Both people and landscape painting are wonderful.
Also slimy and moving often. Descriptions of the movements of the two scenes that Ah chan came to Fumi's house and hugged are the most remembered.
〓〓〓voice actor. Ah-chan's cheerful and cheerful character, Fumi's weak and delicate character was performing well.
Despite the fact that Fumi 's person is a professional actress, acting was wonderful.
〓〓〓OPED is also good.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓I felt that the story with my senior was somewhat stalled since the middle stage.
〓〓〓Personally, I wanted to see the girls messing up with Fumi chan and Ah-chan after the last round.

2010/03/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44978 Host:44866 Browser: 7144
[good point]
Soft atmosphere
Points dealing with subjects of real homosexuality

[Bad point]
Fumi ah - chan 's relationship

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There were many Moe characters for male fans and soft lion animation which is less than friends than lover, but as in this work I do not add extra settings such as fantasy and draw love affair of purely ordinary girls to the last I think that there were not so many works.

Recently "Sasameki" was the theme of love affair among girls high school students, but while they are dealing with homosexual lightly brightly,
In this work, the hero is realistically facing his sex, and it depicts the fear of being different from ordinary people, anxiety about how it can be seen from the surroundings and so on.

Still, I do not feel heavy, I think that the atmosphere of the work was comfortable, such as soft drawing, relaxed BGM and thematic song, casting the same age girls as the main character without using professional voice actors .

It was very lively that the woman who was going out with the protagonist Fumi ended up marrying a man or actually loving another male, and he was capturing homosexuality with a different criterion than a serious play.
Among them, the character of seniors is very good, at first glance it is a princess type like a male in Takarazuka who is a girls in high school, but in fact it is very childish and the surprisingness that the feminine part is stronger than anyone was interesting .

Personally my favorite part of this work is Fumi's breakthrough with seniors, the last part of the ten stories where seniors face their own weaknesses.
My senior noticed that he had hurt Fumi from his weakness, and my scene of apologizing three times, "I am sorry ..., sorry .... I am sorry" sounded very much in my heart.
Each word "sorry" has a different weight, and I felt like I could hear the words of apology from the bottom of my seniors' hearts that I hid.

In fact it is wonderful enough to attach "very good", but as long as I guess from the OP and early childhood memories, probably the original thinks that Fumi and ah chan 's love is the subject of it (wrong If it's something,
Love with seniors and cousin as a result is strong part of Fumi's unrequited love, I feel that it was a stage of prologue as a story.
Seriously faced with homosexuality and struggle Will it not happen after developing into a relationship with A - chan, if you think so, I wanted you to step on a bit more & for the personal reason that I wanted the second term "Good I decided to attach it.

2010/02/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1485 Host:1161 Browser: 7003
[good point]
The first thing to mention is OP. The air corps song is wonderful. Above all, the video taken by Mr. Kohara Kunihiko (including lyrics) is also condensed contents of the whole work, which is quite good enough to lead to appreciating the animation as a whole with only this. Even if you take one movement of a finger, it is finished as art.

Mr. Takayama Fumihiko is participating as a series organization. Mr. Ikihara and Mr. Takayama are known for their small number of work and I think that the rare and heavyweight craftsmen gathered together to create an unshakable personality of this work.

Including subtitles that make you feel aesthetic sense, there are things that should be called literary emotions throughout the work, especially in the middle stage, spice called "theater" adds some kind of unique beauty.

The cityscape is beautifully drawn. Drawing is also stable. Drawing the background on watercolor tic (?) Works positive.

Based on the realistic high school student 's image to some extent they draw their deep feelings, female romantic feelings seriously.

Moderate humor, good conversational tempo.

People inside the protagonist are not really professional voice actors, but they are not good at all, they match the character called Fumi Anything more than anything. I feel that the goodness of late is not an ordinary voice actor.

[Bad point]
Although it is highly praised, it does not reach the evaluation of [highest].
The reason is that it is painful but lacks comprehensive power, it is not universal.

=========================================================== ==

〓〓〓Shigemi Fumi's heart sway 〓〓〓

Fumi 's romantic emotion swaying by choosing Sugimoto - senpai or choosing Akira (a - chan) is the theme through which this work penetrates.

Fumi is floated by what he sees as a senior of admiration, but he tried to place a distance with suspicion of his seniors many times, and always returns to get a peace of mind under A - chan. When a selfish senior has been swayed by it and it gets frustrating, Ah-chan always gives up. The detailed depictive feeling around that is very excellent, and it is expressed not only by serifs but also effectively by using music and images (such as depiction of Enoden).

The greatest value of this work is in the last which usually adult Fumi sticks clearly to seniors in ten stories clearly noticing the irreplaceable existence of truly important existence in eleventh episode.

The hint of that last is stretched both in the OP and the ED and in the beginning, and when it is recovered, nothing impressed embraces us. Moreover, is not it a curtain deserving to empathize many people (regardless of lily lovers)?

Still Sugimoto-senpai is not drawn as a simple dirty person. She is an ordinary girls high school student who can not abandon the feelings of first love held by older teachers and draw a state to start walking on their own way, such as winning by basketball and winning by basketball and deciding to study abroad It is settled with.

In the final scene, an elementary school where I spent my childhood days, I remembered the memory of those days, and they returned to the form of "Fumi of the crybaby" and "Ah-chan of the firm". Everything is beautiful at this time, such as the movements of two people holding hands and the effect of dancing petals, but the word "Fumi will cry soon" in the last. Everything is connected in an instant with this one.

I wonder if there were other ways of finishing to evoke this kind of excitement with only this kind of serif.

2009/12/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36447 Host:36383 Browser: 8782
That word jumped a bit over the ten year 's date.

It is a work seriously dealing with girls not like girls, but girls.
A story of the so-called "lily".
Exquisite distance feeling expressing the relationship of people, exchange of gaze, scenery of light Kamakura is also beautiful and synchronized with feelings,
That air feeling is wonderful. It is painful and refreshing.

The blue flower for Fumi is a story that fell in love with Sengaku Senpai, broke up with Senju, broke up, broke heart, and remembered an important first love.
For Akira, a story to see Fumiya Kyoko's love affair and know the weight to fall in love while cheering.
For Sugimoto-senpai it is a story that you do not care about each teacher, and you like to flatter, like Fumi, and look back on yourself by breaking love again.
For Kyouko, I chase Sengaku Senpai who is longing, I am a broken heart, a story that notices the important existence that has been lost in my side.
Delicate feelings, tremor of the heart were dramatically expressed.

Evaluation is "very good"

2009/10/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2926 Host:2887 Browser: 9640
[good point]
I think that Yuri is the main, and expressing each love affair that exceeds sex with bittersweet blue

[Bad point]
When I finished watching all the stories and getting something, I did not feel like that.
Although I thought that the love of many characters did not fulfill, it was thought that the teeth had touched but in general no matter what the ending that existed as a royal road line in various dramas, animations and reading materials, I met a person and hurt while being hurt I could not feel the premise of growing to anyone.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The bad aftertaste felt there was no dream or hope there.
Each subsequent action tends to be common, but it is too realistic and my chest hurts.
But the best salvation is that the two main people will take care of each other forever and so on ... I think that it is the last and first depiction of the person of the first 〓〓〓
It was a story that made me feel complicated.

2009/10/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13954 Host:14258 Browser: 7186
For a long time, I was watching with interest, no matter where the scenery was. There are felt nostalgia that makes you want to live somewhere like old school, such as a commuter train that always appeared in the works, a school where grove lives, a sunlight through sunlight, a depiction inside the school building, etc., beyond the area of 〓〓〓〓〓ostalgic hobbies. I drawn the world view attractive to that extent (I will clarify where it is at the end).

Delicate depiction at a relaxed pace is good. BGM (especially piano) which produces atmosphere and mind is also great.
Two of the OP 's naked body are like "naked association" in a man, though it will be an unnatural paraphrase.
With the involvement of Fumi and Akira with family members and friends, the process as if memories sublime to bonds through twists and turns is politicized with the emotions that can not be distinguished from love and likeness to same sex It is drawn in.

Where Fumi liked Sugimoto-senpai who liked it carefully, I felt the sincerity of the maker, but ... I feel a bit surprised to hear that once the feeling of her being blown off is transmitted. Although her end goes itself is drawn indirectly with the natural course of hope, I felt quite sympathetic (it was the youngest of four sisters who are high-sided family but from the sisters pretty eggs are ... It is no wonder that it puts out pressure like that).

"Yuri" is dealt with, but the focus is focused on the part of feelings, making it for all.
However, as entertainment is sober and bitter it's for those who can taste it.
I was a bit tired because I watched a whole-time clip.

Still expressively it is "very good" intuitively.

2009/10/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17717 Host:17806 Browser: 4532
Evaluation on original unread, all story viewing.

Original creator Takako Shimura is one of my favorite authors

In "Wandering Son" it is a work saying "a girl who wanted to be a boy, a boy who wanted to be a girl" but this time it is a work that is handling a century thing ... is a challenging artist w

Even this work shows how to draw the feelings from "Wandering Son" without any problem.

It is not only a thing to say that it is just a lily, it is a faint, fragile, fragile, and painfully warm story.
Not only the two heroines, but also the feelings of the people around you are well depicted.

It is a shame if you think that it may have been drawn deeply one more step if it is drawn two more talks after the number of talks is less than others by saying NOISE frame.

There are people who shy away from saying lily animation, but if there is opportunity, the work which you want the hand to see.
"Wandering son" is also recommended w

2009/10/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11727 Host:11626 Browser: 10832
Original is unread
[good point]
I think that I can handle lesbian good material which is difficult to handle. I did not ride on the current flow of animation, and I was impressed with the enthusiasm of the production team who made it carefully.
Massive music on the background of watercolor painting, expressive feelings produced by elaborate drawing is exceptional. How to convey emotions is pretty good.

The story itself can express the feelings of a more complicated woman not only among girls but also by adding love affair with a man there. The story such as "Wuthering Heights" which is woven in the middle also implicitly shows them, making the story more thick.

It is a work that can be enjoyed internally when excluding extra prejudice.

[Bad point]
Fumi and Akira of the hero have not grown anything in the end. Especially regarding Fumi's love affair, the passive attitude is maintained all the time, only by the kindness of others, only the impression that I retire myself when the circumstances become bad remain. If you think that you will grow after having known with Kyoko from a relationship with Kyoshi at all. From the beginning to the end, my partner is hurt, and Akira licked a wound, it is just a person justifying myself.

Only Akira promotes it. There is no depth of just being behaving like unbelievable kindness and inclusiveness.

Kyosuke and Kyoko who had the most twists and turns also contain a lot of interesting elements and still growing properly, but depiction of human relations with surroundings is thin because it is a supporting role to the last. I wanted you to describe why the last got steamy step by step. Even though the way of finishing itself is correct, it sometimes looks like just a schedule harmony because we omitted the stage and summarized it.

The last was good. If you go out with Akira as it is, this work would have fallen into a cheap story just to keep justifying Fumi Mansei from beginning to end.

There is no way to make Kyoshi a stepping stone to notice Hatsukoi. Although Kyo himself has reasons, what kind of notice such as romantic love that cuts off too much?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I was made to see it very funny, I am very sorry that the result I was worried about on the way and it fell short of the idea.
Fumi and Akira have no choice but, despite the circumstances of the scale, I wanted Kyomi and Kyoko to draw more carefully.

2009/10/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 598 Host:423 Browser: 11318
[good point]
Social value.

[Bad point]
Because there is a lily, there is a person who does not see it until the end because he is the first.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The best.

2009/09/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7763 Host:7453 Browser: 8712
When I first came rice, I put a rating of "bad", "Lily is physiologically impossible" (now I have erased)
However, I thought that it was better to see it properly at the height of the reputation after the broadcast, and I saw the whole story

In the case of this animation, the impression is that it is a loss that you do not see it prey

I changed the rating to "highest" I was deeply impressed by the end at the end, I think that it is the best animation this year for now

2009/09/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2832 Host:2916 Browser: 11080
[good point]
Screenplay showing the abnormal theme smoothly.

[Bad point]
It would have been better to quit the nakedness of OP.
Sugimoto's older sister's voices are not consistent with the character at the moment.

I did not know the original, it was a translation I saw as an animation of Fuji broadcasting
At the beginning of the 1 story I was honest when I was suddenly a lesbian depiction came out, "I'm (Moe aimed daigo anime)" I thought.
However, as I look at it, there are few such expressions (the extent to which a kiss scene was once?)
It seemed to be something that drew a daily life such as love pattern and friendship when she was a high school student.
Actually, although it is a lily story, it was probably because of a skillful way of not having felt bad feeling that I felt uke with the feeling that the subject of love happened to be a woman.
This is a character of A - chan and the existence of three people was great.

2009/09/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4985 Host:5140 Browser: 9103
[good point]
There was a sense of unity throughout and it was beautiful to talk about Yuri.

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Despite the theme of lily, it was very refreshing.
I think that you are an angel.

2009/09/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6307 Host:6402 Browser: 11318
When I saw OP, I thought if we were going to do homosexuality with gashi, it seemed like a story depicting a narrow space between a little pale friendship and love affair because there was no occasional depiction when opening the lid.

The most interesting thing in this work was Sugimoto-senpai's heel for the first time, but Sugimoto-senpai's admission to the facts was personally strange, but finally to Fumi saying "Please become more adults" I was strangely skirtful when I was (laugh). Even so, Fumi, a retraction man, said seniors that such bullish words could be said. As for the last, it was a beautifully assembled place to no more, it was a surprisingly good work.

2009/09/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 292 Host:3 Browser: 10221
What does it mean to love people? He showed me a page of teenage "love" who was not able to understand even of course of course others with pain but also refreshingly.

Mamoru Fumi who is injured in her marriage to a couple (I thought) is reunited with my childhood Akira Okuhira. While being healed by the vigorous Akira, "Her sister" Kimi Sugimoto has become a good atmosphere Fumi.

I longed for my teenage love affair with misunderstanding. At least not "love" but "love". It is the same as if the partner is heterosexual and homosexual, and in the case of homosexuality self dizziness and longing are doubled. Whether it is real or not (I do not know examples of women among families), it is forgiven because it is young and it is beautiful because it is young "a longing to love" is obediently beautiful as a human emotion , And I envy. There is no reason to like people.
Even if the opportunity was a price, it would be correct if you "love" as a result.

Kyosuke starting to associate with her as long as she can not cut off her side love for her sister's fiance. I understand that it is not a serious attitude and confess that I can not associate with Fumi. Fumi who strives to give up on Kyo himself and unleashes Kyo himself who is willing to relieve his sister's "woundedness" at his wedding ceremony. There is no longer a 'lady goggle' lily world here. It is liked by people and people, there is only life that seriously faces that "bargaining".

Showing the sweet and sourness of youthful love affair with Enoshima's scenery and spring-summer-winter scenery extremely naturally. Wrapping in "happiness" of "love" and "spicyness" nothing in everyday life. Mr. Fumihiko Takayama is skillful when it is made to draw the days without an event like surprising. Episode 11
I think that the color of Mr. who is involved in 7 episodes is stronger than Mr. Kasaki Ichiichi of the director. Also, a storyboard of four stories, I was nodded by Mr. Sakurami Shinbushi who is in charge of the production.

As animation, though there was scarcity of characters and events, it was probably the existence of Akira who became refreshing agent. Thanks to her full of energy I got a breathtaking low tension lifted at the main points.

Episode 11. The time of the characters flows, there is no longer Kyomei Fumi's side by side. Was it a sad ending, or was it wrong? Perhaps it turns out that it will be a long time ago. And Fumi who remembered emotions of those days at elementary schoolyard. The universality of emotion and its beauty is my life's hard to change. How about this beautiful drop office? It showed us a temporary high school freshman a tight show of premature drama. It is a waste not to shy because it is a lily item.

Aside: I said what kind of girls are comfortable just being comfortable.