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Other media: Comics:Blue flowers (Aoi Hana)
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Character/Setting1.82(Very good)11
Graphic1.73(Very good)11
Music1.64(Very good)11
Story1.64(Very good)11
Shed tears27%3/11
Made me think27%3/11
Learned something9%1/11
Hot heart0%0/11

At the start of Aoi Hana, Akira Okudaira, who is an entering high school student into Fujigaya Girls Academy, becomes reacquainted with her childhood friend Fumi Manjome whom she has not seen for ten years. Fumi is attending Matsuoka Girl's High School where she quickly becomes friends with a handsome third-year student named Yasuko Sugimoto. Akira joins her school's drama club with her friend and classmate Kyoko Ikumi, who is in love with Yasuko, though Yasuko turns her down. Akira meets Kyoko's fiance (in name only) Ko Sawanoi. Yasuko and Fumi become a couple, and Fumi comes out to Akira who is at first unsure on how to act, but still tries to support Fumi's new relationship.

Akira's drama club does an adaptation of Wuthering Heights for a drama festival; Fumi helps out with her friends Yoko Honatsugi, Misako Yasuda, and Miwa Motegi. Yasuko breaks up with Fumi, who learns that Yasuko's older sister Kazusa is marrying a teacher at Fujigaya named Masanori Kagami whom Yasuko had fallen in love with. Time passes after the wedding, and Yasuko decides to study abroad in London after graduating. Miwa and Akira's older brother Shinobu start going out, and Fumi tells Akira that she was her first love, much to Akira's embarrassment.

When Akira and her friends enter their second year of high school, an energetic first-year student named Haruka Ono joins the Fujigaya drama club. Akira and Kyoko are split into different classrooms, and Akira meets a tall girl in her new class named Ryoko Ueda. The high school division of Fujigaya does the play Rokumeikan with Akira, Kyoko and Ryoko playing lead roles, though Ryoko only agrees to act because Akira also agrees to act alongside her. Fumi and Haruka become friends, and Haruka confides in Fumi that she suspects her older sister Orie may like women. Not knowing how to respond, Fumi seeks advice from Akira, but ends up confessing her love for her instead. Ko suggests to Kyoko to break off the engagement, but Kyoko wants to marry him. The play goes well and everyone praises the actress' performances.

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Takako Shimura
Kenichi Kasai
Masayuki Otochi
Ai Takabe
Chiemi ishimatsu
Sayuri Yahagi
Aki Toyosaki
Yuka Iguti
Kanae Oki
Yuko Gibu
Yui Horie
Ryoko Ono
Tomoko Nakamura
Mamiko Noto
Yukari Fukui
Mai Nakahara
Atsushi Ono
Shoko Tsuda
Nobuaki Kanemitsu
Kobayashi Mina
Ayumi Fujimura
Mitsuru Ogata
Miyazawa Kiyoko
Shinji Kawada
Kitanishi Junko
Tsutomu Densaka
Fuyuka Ooura
Kenji Hamada
Shintaro Asanuma Tanakaakiko
Sachiko Kojima
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Japan Released:2009/07/02(Thu) 02:08-02:38 Fuji Television Network, Inc. TV / End:2009/09/10
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1. http://www.aoihana.tv/ (Translation)
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Aoi HanaAoi Hana [Fan reg.]
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