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Keiichi Hara Studio Uni Right Foot
SHIN-EI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd. DENTSU INC. Dentsu Tec Sony Music Entertainment(Japan)Inc. Sky Parfect Tv Well Think TV Asahi
Kazeto Tomizawa
Tamaki Matsumoto
Naoki Tanaka Cocorico
Naomi Nishida
Yoshito Yasuhara
Michio Hazama
Yuzuru Fuzimoto
Kousei Tomita
Yasuo Iwata
Rokuro Naya
Tessho Genda
Keiji Fujiwara
Akiko Yazima
Gori Garezzisell
Japan Released:2007/07/28(Sat) Movie
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1. http://www.kappa-coo.com/ (Translation)
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2013/08/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7612 Host:7822 Browser: 7873
[good point]
A depiction of human ugly part. Satire is supposed to have been done tens of thousands of times until now, but how to draw this director has become art. I was surprised that there was such a way of drawing. As a result of this, the Japanese should learn the ugliness of the act of taking pictures on mobile. With TV animation, a mobile manufacturer is a sponsor, so you can not do such satire.
This director, I like to draw bullying is good. This is good, because humans really love animals and bullys, but I ignore Japanese animation almost.
Since animation characters perform truly raw performances, they forget that it is animation. This was not in Ghibli Animation or Hosoda Animation.
It was good that art became a background as a picture rather than "colorful" which was too realistic and a photograph.
Tono was beautiful. I thought I should go.
Anyway the scene scene, the fine elements are interesting. I often portray the reactions when a female talent when on TV comes to be smelly or the ugliness of Japanese variety show.

[Bad point]
Although I do not say that it is an animation picture separately, I feel that I am not interested in the cute aspect of this director, the appearance of a character, and the beauty of drawing. There is a place somewhat displeased in the picture. It is a waste if something does not make this work too popular among the world. It is a shame that 100 times of Arrietty is a good work, but I also do not earn 1 / 100th of money.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
ET, Nobita dinosaurs, Nobita's Tama-chan felt like a work that seemed to add up, but it was more amazing work. The first samurai scene was stolen. I wonder if this was for children. After that I was already absorbed and watched. It was undoubtedly the best, but not as colorful as good.

2012/02/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
We will draw human, nature and civilization in a multifaceted manner with the growth of the boy centered on encounter and separation.
Although the basic is a heart - full story, it is not a work that is sweet ideal, such as a murderous scene at the beginning.

A human being
Warmth mainly in the Uehara family, with a well-balanced depiction of shallowness, mainly in journalism and the masses.
The four people in the Uehara family are clearly distinguished by their individuality and personality, and women play Tsukkomi for men who shine their eyes on unknown encounters.
Moreover, compared with the good sense and separation of parents, the childlikeness of Koichi who came up to the TV appearance is exquisite.
The point that the samurai at the beginning was transmitted in the form of "mischievous kappa got up" by the mass communication and the masses, while the teacher was wonderful, Descendant Mr. Shimizu is a good person holding attachment to Kappa,
(You regret your ancestors' actions and your arms returned.) If this person asserts rights it can not be adjusted)
It is made to think about the psychology of human beings who unconsciously look away from the fact that they are perpetrators.

"Beauty" in the beauty of the image of the landscape represents the point that "should be protected" through the existence of Ku, while from the power that sleeps in the big earthquake and the quake (Ryujin's descendent ability?) Power "angry "And the" strength "that adapts to the changing environment in the presence of the last Kizimuna is also drawn.

Because it infringes on nature, there is not much good impression, but the face-ups of the Uehara family are quite useful for Queu.
Especially the strobe of people who regard "Kuu" as "heresy" becomes a terrible stress,
The production of the Uehara family who accepted me as "family" is not important at all, it is important to the ground.

A masterpiece that carefully depicts human beings, nature, and civilizations have a undeniable connection.
After watching it will make me feel strange as if there were some significant meaning even for the quake buried by the earthquake.
Personally Ichoshi works above "Totoro" which made rural and children idealized too much.

2011/10/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18839 Host:18912 Browser: 4785
I also watch it as a famous director.

Although it is a refreshing family oriented entertainment movie,
Actually it was a movie with a weight that threw cruel and important things gently.


It was very real and scary such as the reaction of neighborhood residents and the press, including Uehara Family such as Koichi.
It is not good because there is reality. It is hard to describe with words, but it is still very important.

And last but not both happy ending and bad end.
This was also very reality.
It is not good because there are reality because it says many times. Something more different.

It is not like a movie

Also, this work is not like a movie in various places.
I try to draw ordinary movies more loud, exaggeratedly, romantically, and movingly.

However, this work draws it quite plainly in various ways.
But say, or why, maybe I should say.
It is strongly transmitted strongly.

Waiting outside the convenience store to deliver corrugated cardboard,
Koichi 's feelings for Kuu chasing that track, Ku' s thought for Koichi.
I could feel it firmly.

Is the middle stage boring?

It certainly is not a good movie with a good tempo.
However, there are no wasteful scenes at all, I think that every scene is important for Kou for Ku.

Voice actor

There was a case that it was not a professional voice actor, and there was a part that certainly felt discomfort.
However, I think that it is not something to drop the value of the work.

~ Overall ~

This work gives viewers a very important thing.
I think that it is something unique to Hara. I wanted to see it again.
It is "good" better than very good.

2011/02/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4182 Host:4161 Browser: 6184
When I first saw this movie, I was rather scared. Because there are few good people on the human side, right? Not just the press trying to pick up queen funny, people protesting to confinement Kappa, those who take pictures without trying to help even if the dogs are repelled, etc ... Heroes I was delighted to be on TV .....

I wonder if this is a work that is sending a warning to humans.
In the world that became an animation circle in which the work pursuing only the current Moe character and good-quality is bound. It is awfully meaning that you can create anything like this without hesitation.

2010/08/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15253
I do not need anything anymore. All in this work. If you talk about not saying something or saying it is not possible to speak, it makes me feel like I'm going to be a lie and arguing and making my work worse.
Everyone is this kind of feeling at this time or this scene has such meaning, family behavior and behavior of the character, etc. It is not a work that thinks about such? Or such, it is all explained in the work I will forgive that it is a work that does not make everything natural and doubtful. All I entrusted to this work.

In a sense meaning Kappa or youkai, it is fantasy but there is reality, so there is persuasive power and it is wrapped in the warmth of this work. Theory does not pass and it does not matter how good it is or what I do not understand meaning. However, since becoming an adult, I will see various details, and I will feel it and I want to thrust in. It eliminates such dirty and unpleasant thoughts unnecessarily. On the contrary it became a feeling that I was shown a dirty one, I also became disgusted and I felt like I was wiping it with a warm wind blowing and wondering. I really wanted to see it purely when I was a kid.

I really do not want to talk about it but I want to keep it in myself, but then it will not be an appreciation or an appraisal, so if you say a little, it is normal if you are going to aim for excitement, exaggerate, show off a director, etc. Adults' personal feelings Emotions and things I want to convey are obscurity, but it is amazing that there is absolutely no such thing.
It is a story that it is not a meaning that it is not a thing to make it though it is made though thinking of a story or a start-up renewal or a raising way, but it is a feeling like a story that only makes it to become.
It will be impossible if you can not do it properly until you understand it (properly becoming suitable) Nature that does not make it feel like it is somewhat unlikely that it might be something like conversationalism or story nature.
Even if I am in love with a scene that returns bullying or a scene where a dog will die, it is okay to make it overruled more, but it seems to me that it makes me feel moved. But if you do, it will not be this work.
Even though Koichi makes a dog dying scene it looks cold but I guess it is natural.
It does not look exaggerated by stains of human beings or story, but it is issued with a fine one-cut or the like, so it is real and it looks more dirty and scary.
For example, when Kappa appeared in a magazine When thinking that it is a terrible creature when Kuu was exercising though it was a gigger noises without thinking about troubles of the neighborhood or inconvenience of the house or the annoyance of the cou himself, it is our annoyance from here I extend the placard that goes away. It was a scene where human selfishness appeared well, and the scenes where dogs were pulled by cars and crying screams gathered horses and shoot out shoots. I am taking pictures while saying that one of them is sorry.
I thought it was more than that. It was exactly true that the human being seemed to be a monster when seen from the side like Ku said.
There is somewhat grotesque, but this is also absolutely necessary, and scenes where the crows rupture were message nature that anger to humans was put in and it was not cleared up by cleanliness.
After that, there are cuts that humans are seeing from a distant view and there may be a case where they could not approach from fear, but it is a superficial reason and I think that there was actually regret. From there you can also feel humanity not only bad things.

Anyway the portrayal was wonderful and the depiction of the child was excellent.
It was a cut, a look, a change in facial expressions, etc. It was more polite than in a fine place, and I say and avoid a terrible thing in the mouth against the girls I like, but I am glad that one word was told It makes me feel nostalgic because there are many opportunistic clauses such as being encouraged and my sister hiding things in the gap of the chair.
Of course the relationship between Koichi and Ku was good, but my sister and dog would be the essential role for this work. It was funny to see each girl's sister 's gestures and reactions, reactions and clues, something funny and pretty, and the smile of the dog was tragic and it was too cool. I also felt bonds and friendship with Ku, and I thought that Koichi could not move Koichi took a place where the guy took Kuu or was more firm than a man, so the dead scene was a little more moved emotionally There was a thought that it might have been good. Although it appears only a little, it remains in the impression with the street straw stubborn good office, it appears in the back of the man and the facial expression is amusing It is attracted only by it and the feeling and attention to the character is felt and it leads to empathy .

There is no unnecessary explanation It is not pressing but sermon It does not smell but I will let you explain on the screen so it will naturally be transmitted without disturbing the tempo.
The scene where the dragon appeared was also finished just when it appeared if there was something more, even the scene where Izashiki Zashiki appeared can be sung just by the singing and it will be transmitted well enough, and the scene where the girl throws away the mother's infidelity shoes I will not say anything at all after that alone. Although any of these can also be seen halfway, although speaking, the person's thoughts become cheap and conversely, the strength of the unexpected feelings and the sense of trust that thinks of the receiving side are transmitted.

Although it became a little long, although depiction of summer was well done, the coldness and the comfort of when entering the river have also been transmitted, the sound and the music were also good and the music is moving and the most important is the water surface, the forest and the country landscape And the background was beautiful, I could feel the splendor of summer and nature such as where the light shines from the water and where the trees and shade are reflected on the water surface.
It is a royal road that is picked up by the mass media or attracted to humans and the end is parting or royal road, but it is a royal road, but there was unexpectedness in the way people react and divide. I could make it more terrible to humans or dramatically excite my family's reactions, but I did not do it so I did not feel tense there, but when I made it into a drama the realness fade away, I put it in a cardboard box and show no face. So I think it makes me feel the same as Koichi, my emotions are directed to Kuu, and there is a hint that I talk about in my head, which is rather natural and very natural too.

In an impressive scene it is a scene where people can see the place where ku goes out at night and walks so steadyly pleasantly as being struck by rain and is playing with a puddle under the streetlight. The way between was the best.
When my sister took off Kappa and my mother looked back, I learned from Crayon Shinchan and scenes that flew away, and the sense of gag was preeminent.
The place where Kuu pulls a pillar on the pillar is also a painful scene It should be a place not to be too dark with taking a laugh at the exquisite depiction gap.
There is warmth, not a seriously relaxing family, not too seriously thinking about brain weather conditions too heavy.
The scene where Kikuchi and Koichi separate from the scene where Kikuchi has become one person and is facing forward looking forward is not trying to show it in a small place but the persuasiveness of the dialogue and message nature are included.
Kazuichi said that he will not turn around on a scene where he goes on a trip alone, he fainted his father and remained in the place to show the difference in his mind's feeling that he was anxious about his son's mischievousness.
Personally I got a personal story that Kikuchi tries to move and tears and cries out and left Kaichi left behind and the scene where there was no man in the doghouse. There is also a case where I am going to explain that my old man has gone by crying, and I could hear it in a message that I could walk alone because there was no comfort when I had an old man.

There are strange things like traveling, adventure and friendship and can enjoy the summer vacation.
After finishing watching the line called Goody comes to Jean that I'm glad to meet your catch phrases.
It is a work that continues to remain in my mind for a while as an event of one summer vacation, although it is so for both character and audience as well as love and belief that I believed.
Perhaps the person who saw it for the second time could cry.

2010/02/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27275 Host:27615 Browser: 7351
[good point]
Drawing and directing are beautiful.
Various human patterns and psychological depictions are often portrayed.
Bullying and mass media coverage often satire social problems.

[Bad point]
There are many scenes that are quite scary to see, such as scenes of bullying bullying and death of characters.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I rented a DVD by renting and I looked it up.
It was a very well done work, I was truly amazed by the dense content that I can not believe it is very suitable for children.
"Director's adult empire" of the director's work, etc. Why is the director's work wonderful only?
I think that it is a work that you want various people to see by all means.
There are at least cruel scenes and scenes of bullying of bullying in the main part, and it is a work that I can not think of looking back over and over on my own terms, but considering contents with high message quality and high density, evaluation is " Best ".

2009/01/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21240 Host:21281 Browser: 4984
Once in summer, I had a chance to see it once in winter so I had my impression.
Although I was Hara, this work was first contact (although I was listening to the reputation of the Otona Empire as a collection of name scenes), I would like to make a good work nohow.
The boy encounters with Kappa coincidentally, and it is supposed to live together with the house ... ... It is a translated translation that is likely to be easy to understand and is likely to be good, but since then the existence of the mass communication and the coverage that he has heard about Kuu rumors Changes in the attitudes of the children around Koichi received at a later date have a terrible human taste ... There were many parts that I think is good at expressing.

In such a situation, the story of the owner in front of the Osan (dog) is very heavy, there are scenes that are comfortable in mind even for adults. It is not a matter of not being able to live together never, but "Yokai" is difficult to coexist .... It is so complicated and toothy current situation is in reality (in fact I want to keep a dog, but house dust is useless. ..And). It was a fantasy but realistic work.
The scene where the leader took over after Koichi grabbed the end of Kappa bacterium call, the leader gave in, the right women's boys left silent was surreal w (Actually there is a situation of being ah ...)

It is also good to communicate with Sayoko and Koichi elementary school students, and finally feeling that both Koichi and Sayoko have approached adults again.
And Kuu said "I will go on a journey to find Kappa, I will go to see Koichi then I will go to see Kaichi" and then disappears into the clear river of Yambaru ... I think that it was a well-organized way of finishing.
Background and movement of CG etc was polite and very good. We will comprehend it as "highest".

2008/07/31 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30194 Host:30470 Browser: 6326
Looking at this work, I want to recommend it to marvelous people.
It is a wonderful work that makes people around you feel that they feel emotions embraced by them.

2008/02/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12763 Host:12474 Browser: 5234
Works that children and adults can enjoy.
Anime movie directed by Keiichi Hara who gained popularity in adversarial counterattacks and Sengoku upper. He received high praise, including taking the Grand Prize of the Animation Division of the Media Arts Festival of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
It is very good that it is not just to cry but to make it so that the viewer can feel something. The friendship between Que and Kouichi is also a sight, but the family love of the Koichi family stands out more than ever, distinguished by a trick with Ku. Besides, various themes such as bullying are studded, and it becomes a movie which does not get tired even if you watch it many times.
If I made these movies, I felt that no one could be on the right of Hara.
Then I can expect what kind of work will be the next work.

2008/02/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38066 Host:38222 Browser: 4203
Modern version of Otani.

(Like Kappa in this work) "contrasting with pure existence to highlight the absurdity of human society"
That way is itself commonplace.

Natural portrayal depicted in beautiful and firm drawing, landscape depiction,
Natural friendship of boys and kappa that are not too far away,
Representation of a boy's first love affair (precisely one step before) for the age-appropriate (may)
Descriptions of natural family love,
Distortions and absurdities certainly existed in schools and society,
Confirmed reality is brought about by a serious creation that is cloudy and carried together.
(Especially the reality of the hero's sister is amazing)

Although there is a scene that the hero's boy picked up Kuwaku ku, there is a scene to meet bullying, but the comment at a certain place of the creator's (like Hara Makoto) "The hero is not myself If someone was picking up Kappa the position might have changed. "
To the comment of the meaning,
It is the creator who has this work drawn as a moderate human drama,
I recognized again.


There are scenes in this work a lot of terrible scenes.
Allow me to show it to small children, please.

2007/09/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15218 Host:15018 Browser: 4487
Director of "Crayon Shinchan called Molecz! Strikes of the Empire Otona" directed by Keiichi Hara This is a work he worked on.

If you look at the title, announcement CM, etc., there may be those who are sweetly seen as "amusement movies for children"
In fact there are also heavy parts such as scenes, bullying and depiction of extreme coverage where the key character dies,
It was not finished in a simple "entertainment movie for children".
Especially the scene of bullying is the gloom itself, and the guys looking at Kuu are also drawn realistically,
In those scenes, it showed us ugly and dirty parts of human beings still, so I became feeling worse when I was watching.
Nevertheless, I think that it was good that the last of this work was content with salvation (at least for Ku), it was not just a work that was only depressed.

Speaking of the entire work, the stories are very well merged,
Moreover, I was able to read the message included in this work firmly and was very spectacular.
Character design (especially human) was slightly confused at the beginning, but in the end it was hardly bothered.

From the above, my evaluation of this work will be as I mentioned at the beginning.
Although this work is supposed to be "for children", I personally thought that "rather it is a work that junior high and high school students and adults should watch".