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Tatsuo Sato Mitsuyasu Sakai
Ichirou Ookouchi Katsuhiko Chiba Katsuhiko Koide Makoto Uno Seikou Nagaoka
Washio Naohiro TV TOKYO Corporation XEBEC.
Ai Nonaka Takahiro Mizushima Yuki Matsuoka Fumiko Orikasa Rie Tanaka
Mitsuki Saiga Yuji Ueda Akio Suyama Ryo Hirohashi Megumi toyoguti
Daisuke Kishio Romi Park Nobuyuki Hiyama Naomi Shindo
Keiji Fujiwara Katsunosuke Hori Masayuki Tanaka Michiko Neya
Yuusaku Yara Jurota Kosugi Rumi Kasahara Kazuo Hayashi
Ryuji Saikachi Masato Hirano Gara Takasima Osamu Ichikawa
Mitsuru Ogata Hirohiko Kakegawa
Japan Released:2003/04/03(Thu) 01-01:30 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2003/09/25
Official sites
1. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/stellvia/ (Translation)
2. http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/stellvia/ (Translation)
Ending movie (1)
Kirei na YozoraKirei na Yozora
Song:ANGELA [Fan reg.]
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2004/07/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 23071 Host:22899 Browser: 3646
Stellvia is Best!
I will very expect Stellvia 2 !!

(Sorry.my English is bad..)

2004/02/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 53792 Host:53865 Browser: 3875
I just love it.
I have never seen a anime that is better.
It's beautifully drawn, the story is really great and the characthers are so cool to (Arisa and Akira is the best) ;D
I was really sad when I reached the final chapter.

2003/07/20 Normal comment [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history / Provider: 10386 Host:10510
it's a very nicely done anime. Great op and end song, very good graphic, good charater and I still wonder what the story will be.
Watched it until ep 12 already, but they keep continue it till 26. So I really wonder, since the great mission is finished on ep. 11 ... .

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2016/11/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18826 Host:18942 Browser: 5213
What I thought about looking at this work is not at all unbearable to see but there are no places to think that this is interesting.
As the work proceeds progressively in a loose atmosphere as a whole, no matter how large and serious the catharsis that is occurring in it, its tragicities become very dilute among themselves It is transmitted.
This work deals with what is like a girl's growth and the end of the world is such a royal road tick, but this is such a warm feeling like this, the creator says, "The conversation of a school girl is like this There was a place where I felt that it was very stale as a result of everyday conversation that seemed to be making dialogs together thought.
So, in the first half I was watching almost daily part with patience. At least I thought that it was a style that did not fit me.
However, as it came in the second half, the seriousness increased more and more as the scene where members could be scored by unidentified flying objects such as Genesis plan came out.
When the main character, Shoopo, got sick with her helplessness and loneliness on the way, Arisa and Yayoi, the time to fight their true feelings with serious quarrels was personally the most visible and impressed I thought that.
However, I peaked on it and stopped the Cosmic Fracture at the final round and I thought that it was such a common pattern until I got a big circle.
I do not feel much appealing to the character (I think that it has made quite a characterization, including oral habits) but I felt it all unintentionally. It is just a character like an aggregation of ideal images that it would be nice to have so many such characters around.
The way to finish the last is also too brilliant It was something satisfied with something that the problem was solved in Beta so it was not impressed so far.
But there are some places and points that can be touched normally, so the evaluation is normal. I thought that it would still be interesting if twist is added to the work a bit more.

2015/09/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28005 Host:28084 Browser: 4685
It is a terrible work.
There is no instrument as the hero in the character of the hero.
That child is very selfish and always thinks only about himself.
All that trouble is also personal. There is nothing to worry about for others.
How can you like such humans?
It is a character that is inappropriate for a hero.
If you are just a Moe character you can also love, but that is not the main character because that is the hero.
Not only that, it is a poor part, but the basic drama is also poor.
Procedures for supporting deployment are not entirely satisfactory.
I explained what you should not do with the explanation, and finish setting with a setting that you should not do with the setting. Everything will not happen if there is no main character genius setting.
In other words, since all the protagonists are geniuses, you can explain with, and all other elements are meaningless.
I do not dislike character design and I think that drawing is also generally good,
Everything else is useless. It is only a top surface.
Without such a work, Moe elements there would have never been popular.
I am disappointed at the director because I liked Nadesico.

2014/06/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13304 Host:13262 Browser: 8937
This work is a work set in "space", the heroine hero of the hero leaves her parents and admits to Stellvia of Space school. And, although it is a translation to enter school of space, various colleagues Meet and cooperate together, studying about the universe,
In addition, at some point, trouble occurred inside the school or outside the school, and everyone cooperated and solved it,
In addition, there are also developments that develop into love comings at some point, in short, it is established as a work "SF of the Universe" & "Gakuen Mono" work

However, when reading the sentence so far, it tends to be thought that it is quite interesting (〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓, but in reality, it was the impression that "Ah? What 〓〓〓 (〓〓〓篋〓〓〓〓" Whether it is awful is described in detail below, but when you say this work personally, it was "a work whose world view is completely dead"

The problem which is considered in this work is the point of "(1) depiction of an appearing character is seriously serious" "(2) the view of the world is not fully utilized" "(3) the drawing is terrible"

First of all, regarding (1), this work is certainly very good at the time of 1 story Personally, recently, "a work whose hero goes active in the new place" highly appreciated There are many works,
Originally I like the development of such systems, there is a big advantage when evaluating such a work However, among these advantages it is only a few that "from the beginning, it is not interesting at all" The work of that development was this work (of course it is personally)
At the point of 1 episode, it was extremely exciting as the expansion, "Shima departs from parental school and enrolls in Stellvia at Space Gakuen", but the problem has been very exciting, but the problem is after the entire content, after that First of all, it is a development that "Arisa, suddenly suddenly a lot of friends can be made in Shima (about 6 to 7 people)" It is useless here and it is useless, like this, "The main character works actively in the new place However, in the case of this work, "Although everyone who entered from another place suddenly was treated as a best friend from everyone, Because it is an expansion called "gag gear ups and downs from the early stage of them", so in short, RPG works can also make friends and friends one after another, is not deployment the basis?
In such a situation, let each person join as the main character, if it was able to describe the goodness of the character to some extent, increase the new character newly ...
It is a basic form in the basic "works with many companions" (if it is not so, it is hard to have favorable feeling for each character)
However, this work has suddenly become very familiar to everyone, suddenly comes in contact with Shima, especially Alisa, already from the beginning of the scenario,
"Shima is my greatest friend (〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓" or something, but it is enough that you can think that "Do you understand Shima?"
The friendship play of all these guys was too cheap (I was treated as a good friend as early as 4 episodes, although I have not seen each other for a while)
Rarely, the good side of each one of the main characters is hardly portrayed in this work, but it is strange that the main characters are increased in large numbers from the beginning of the scenario,
Besides, not only the charm of each character, nor depiction of such a system, such as a spiritual aspect, none of the depiction of such a system is done at all, additionally, also about the good aspect of Shima himself,
Here, first considering this work as "school work", it will not be anything other than kidding (there is no depiction of the main character's human nature at all)
Besides, there are no particular reasons, but the surrounding people are the treacherous manse in Shima abnormally,
The more I thought seriously, "Where is Shima good?", The meaning was unknown (goodness of Shima can not be understood seriously)
In short, despite the abundant number of main characters in this work, the goodness of each character, psychological description, growth depiction, etc. are hardly portrayed,
In addition, unusually for Shima, it comes in contact with friendly as much as unpleasantly bad, and there is no particular meaning to make a mansee for her (so I do not like the main characters in general)
For her goodness, almost nothing is depicted, but as the feelings are bad, the surrounding guys are lifting up,
They are misunderstood about something of religious corps or something (it is understood after the scenario has progressed to some extent, but there is no close friends deployment from the beginning of the scenario to fluff)
The reason why it is fatal in this work is, of course (2), originally like myself, "Star Wars", "work with the theme of the universe" is not the basic reason why "see the outer space Trying to get drunk (lol) ", then," Why did you see this work?
In other words, "I think that a work that makes people like that person, but it is a really amazing work" In other words, "I will let the universe be liked by those who dislike the universe, Work "and that,
In short, this work has hoped that "works depicting the wonderfulness of the universe in its entirety" However, as a matter of fact the content of this work is "Just a lesson about the universe, It is a development that we are only doing and can not describe the merit of the world view of the universe at all. "In any work, this" depiction of the world view "is very important," that world Although it thinks that it is a very good work, I think that it is a very good work, but in the case of this work, "Even if the universe is taken into the world, it is natural that studies of the universe, Because it is a work that is not done yet, it can not draw attraction of the universe at all ", even if you watch this work," Oh, the universe is nice ~ (〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 ", such emotions of such system, It will never happen first and it will not be possible For example, I think that it is that "I installed Stelvia's school in outer space" to think that I made the first failure in this work, for example, it is easy to understand in "Dragon Ball" The reason why I think that evaluation will change greatly when Stevia is on a planet such as Namek star, etc. The reason is that "By placing the base place where the hero's activity becomes activity on some planet or something, the activities of the heroes It will be easier to expand the range and describe the goodness of the universe ", so Shima will live on some planet (the one with Stelvia)
From there, it is a feeling that depicts the goodness of the universe (or, in this case, a star) to the viewer It is good to explore various places, and various problems on that planet It is okay to solve the planet and save the planet from disaster,
I think that it is truly "treating the view of the world", and in short it would have been better if you set the world view as a more specific place But in fact this work is " As I am always in outer space, I will do only studying in a school or manipulating a machine "In other words, even in" Dragon Ball ", when Goku heads for Namec stars, Although I was treating the muscle with myself, this work is also like this "Although I set the stage as the stage background, in fact in my life in outer space, because most of what I can do is limited, the view of the world is spoiled" (Life almost the same as life on the earth)
It is a matter of course because it came to space, such as "studying about the universe" and "maneuvering the machine", and it is a work that only shows the audience to such a common scene,
Regarding depictions such as the splendor of the universe, almost nothing is depicted (So, there is no meaning to make the universe background as it is, if it is normal, it is good for school items that set the earth as the stage)
If it is "daily life with the planet or the like set", as a stage, it is more "star" than "universe", but at least it is far better than the former, even in baseball, "your special skill It is not a bad guy who says things like (! `腴〓)" (Even if you are a juvenile baseball player)
That's why, since it is this work that is "a school life that only celebrates the universal thought, it is a matter of course, it was very boring." As mentioned above, "As the stellvia is on the planet, It will seem a bit somewhat like "Oh, the universe (star) is good ~" if it is developed like "desperately protecting you"
In the case of this work, since it is "a work that simply replaces the stage background of an educational item of a school which is anywhere in the universe", it does not feel any appeal at all and can not understand the distinctive merits of this work In short, "Shimamachi's Gakuen life is a school life that is possible even on the earth separately "and that means" I do not feel like living in the universe "
There are as many other robotics works as manipulation of the machine, and it will be a work that just replaced the background of it with the universe
And (3) is also fatal to the plain, basically, "When mentioning the drawbacks as a work, I do not touch much on the matter of drawing"
After changing the style of the evaluation contribution sentence, I was very conscious, the matter that "drawing is bad" was basically almost through thru (after all, once a word) after changing the way of writing , This work is so terrible that I think that it is the most severe thing among the animation works which I have recently watched ...
I can tell by watching this work, but the modeling of the face of each character of this work is a drawing of a feeling that "the modeling of the face is very funny and it is really ugly"
I can not understand this without actually watching it, in short, it means that "staring at the face of each character for a long time is mentally challenging (seriously)" It can be said that drawing is bad Although most animation works say "I can do it" even if asked, "Can you stare for a long time?", In the case of this work, "In case of this work, because the face is abnormally bad feeling, It is not so mentally impossible ('. 腴〓)', It's so bad, this work is an animation work in 2003, but 'I have not heard in 2003, is not it?' It is the worst for drawing as much as I think

Although it is above, after watching this work, I was thoughtful about ("Oh," Jewel pet 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓"was super awesome animation!) (I watched it the other day ...)
Although this work is far away later, it is 4 cool anime and the main character Akari is not a character to live apart from her parents, but basically I mainly do activities in Jeweland everyday And, Even in this work, as in the case of this work, there is a common part that "the stage background is broad" and "everyone is the protagonist Mansa" However, this work of "Jewel pet rinku 〓〓〓quot; is " "It is a work that can describe the charm of each character and the charm of the world view in a pleasant way." Is simply "each character is cute", such reasons, the goodness of each character, friendship and the like for each character It depicts the depiction of the process till the bond develops very deeply and deeply,
Even in the world view of Jeweland, "Ay, I want to go to this jewelland ~ (* '〓〓〓 *) "I was thinking in the bottom of my heart In short," Describing the goodness of the world view in full That's why, it's exactly like "the view of the world with a dream" If children ask, "Do you want to go to Jewelland?", Many children say "I want to go!" However, in the case of this work, when asking "Do you want to go to Stelvia?", Most children think that they would answer "I do not want to go!" Why "Why?" Reason Is simple, "It's just an animation that made the stage background a" universe ", so it means that there is no dream world view (the goodness of the universe can not be drawn at all)", the above works are originally complete It is a work for children, this work itself is not for children at all, but w
Even in the top works, not only do studying magic at Jeweland (commonplace) but also visit various places, various events,
Details of various settings, various incidents occurred and it was a work of contents that it overcomes it with everyone. Besides, even if each character develops a manse in the main character, even myself ordinarily made a manse It was a convincing goal Although this work was also good to have such deployment, it is a development that "suddenly from the beginning of the scenario, the hero and a great buddy set up & the main character are developed as super masseuse" The number of main characters is abnormal Even though there are many, about the impression of each person, it is a thin existence like a hair of Nakagira,
Regardless of the name of each character, everyone suddenly came out from the beginning of the scenario, so I did not get up at all as to memorize the names of each character
In short, this work is "I can not draw a basic human figure depiction of each character (goodness, friendship, depiction of the process until the tie has grown)" "The world view is completely dead"
Besides, "It is mentally severe to see, it is a terrible painting", so it is enough to put "an extraordinarily cheap love comic element" in Todome's blow,
The expectation value of the work before viewing was considerably high, it was superb "It was 180 degrees different in impression after viewing and the impression before viewing (of course, it was a bad meaning) work)
If this work, there is no scenario nature, "K-on!" Is more descriptive of the goodness and charm of human character of each character, the good relationship to build each other,
Like this work, everyone strangely makes a manse in the heroine, there is not a super-pleasant bad development, so it seems that the work of this work is above at the same as "Gakuen Mono" work, as usual this work is " K-ON! "(This college life in this work seriously stressed my heart's stress)
If you want to make use of the world view, you should have made a screenplay that made use of the goodness of the world view itself more like the "ARIA" later, so setting up a school in the universe itself was absolutely unsuccessful I think that, as mentioned above,
Those who were living in a leisurely life with a somewhat star planet can also understand the merit of the world view (in that case, it will be "planet 's stelvia") w)

As a whole, it is a work that is not worthy of evaluation, since basic things are not done at all in this hand's work "to make important friends one by one" "At the time of 3 episodes, it is impossible for a hero to have a lot of friends (about seven people)" is impossible (I dislike this kind of work,
Well, so, if there is a "depiction of process until mutual bonds start to grow" firmly, I think that the eye of Oita has changed as a work, for example, I think that "hands-on school work" In the work "I will make important friends little by little"
Besides "jewel pet 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓quot; it is also a long way to go but it was "Little Busters!" "Love Live!" Etc,
Since "the depiction of the process is solidly done until mutual bonds grow apart" is common, so it is probable that this work with no such thing is definitely done

In addition, to put it other way, that super cold love rice development (especially in the first half of 16 talks, a scene where a man asks questions of a shima), I do not normally need "a piece with a love comedy", "In the midst of a scenario, Couple ", it is no longer a losy mon (this kind of lover development should be placed in the end of the scenario)
Nevertheless, the depiction of the fundamental foundation itself in love comedies is not made, and depictions of relationships attracting each other are not done at all, so it seems to blow jerk in the bottom of your heart

2014/04/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13420 Host:13521 Browser: 4181
[good point]
〓〓〓t is precisely made as a disaster SF disaster drama. The view of the world view is pretty solid and it is supposed to feel the reality that such a world will visit in the future. For this reason, "SF disaster drama" to respond to space-scale disasters became feasible as substantial thickness.
〓〓〓ery polite politeness of making the academic drama they are going to have with the hero like life-sized young people who seems to have a "student likeness" as a major. Normally it is funny to say laughing, but sometimes jealous of friends' abilities and there is Isa Kosa in opposite sex, there are "immature" that they seem to be really students. I think whether the place which draws such negative part firmly from the front properly combines well with the above "SF disaster drama", it became a storyful story.
〓〓〓haracter design by Ukraine Makoto is turning roundly from its rugged style and it has become rounded and lovely, I think that he successfully rolled up the scooped genre of science fiction SF.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓verall it is modest anyway. As SF, there is almost no battle like battle due to lack of painting power, human drama is too polite and lacks keren taste. As mentioned above, since negative emotions are also drawn from the front (especially from the middle stage), it is not a kind of work that is just looking and fun. It will not be like at least seeing it as a "simple" entertainment piece.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Director: Tatsuo Sato. In the year 2167, an extremely large fight with the existence of the earth's existence of the human race prepared for a long period of 189 years to prepare for the second wave to come, suffering from the supernova explosion caused by a distant star, The main character of the student, SF Drama drama drawing through Shima Katase et al.

The charm of this work is in the place where the SF drama drama depicting the human drama which confronts the space disaster with the human drama of carefully drawn students are linked. Starting from a seemingly comical introduction, students gradually understand each other, become aware of the "difference" between themselves, and if they are hurt they will recover. It is fascinating to link such a "teenager's identity establishment" to "the way human beings are hurt while fighting the disaster to protect the earth". Although the picture is pretty, the view of the world in which it is developed is very precise, and the drama is also life-size. If good aspects are also drawn, bad side is also drawn. Where the children are immature and the big people are matured properly, such as Director Sato.

On the other hand it has become quite sophisticated work, it was not a work that was simply looking and fun. If you hurt the human drama the catharsis will be stronger when it gets bruised enough, but even so, I feel a little more refreshing feeling. The charm (especially action) on a pictorial aspect also has no point to mention such a thing, it is plain in such meaning too.

There were many boring parts as entertainment animation, but even if it deducted, there was a unique charm in the fusion of this polite human drama and SF disaster drama. It's a bit muddy but I recommend it to those who want to see a polite human drama.
Evaluation is "very good" rather than good.

2013/12/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9658 Host:9500 Browser: 5870
Gakuen things + SF works.

Although the scenes of Machida seniors who ruffled the tone of the talk with 1 to 10 talks are somewhat uneasy, such as the scenes of Machida seniors who ruffle the tone of voice, basically it was bright and the maneuver was initially bad, the manpower was improving with Kota's advice It was a story that I participated in the event with the Astro Ball and the Great Mission and grew beyond the regret that I lost.

On the other hand, it changed from 11 episodes.
Serious development will increase more frequently from Machida-senpai's runaway.
The crisis of the entire solar system and relationship with friends seems to collapse not the ratio of the second wave that has been taking measures over a hundred years ago ... and so on.

It was a feeling that we were watching a straight growing story that was like what I was saying 1 - 10 talks, but I feel that the latter half was emotionally transferred completely in the second half.
It felt that scenes where 16 units of ally aircraft are exploding.
When I cried in this scene which frequently cries in the death scene of the person I have been looking at but scarcely dramatic characters that I do not even know, "Why are you crying ... Why am I crying ..." I thought, but the feelings of Pine were conveyed to Bari Bali.
In the last direction, Alisa acted looking for things to do and showed that she has different possibilities for people.

There was no balance between the male - female ratio of the character gakuen 's element with one of the extremes too, and it was balanced.
Of course the students' characters are good, but the teachers were also good.
Taka Actually the character I like the most in this work is Daisuke Tensei!
Even with the determination ability at the time of being embarrassed, students can become hot, praise when praising should be praised, not when blaming failure even when depressed, next encourage them to do their best ...
Also, Mr. Tsunemi was the most anguish of having students participate in the battle, and I love Mr. Tsunemi like Mr. Tsunemi in such student thoughts.

Although it seems that the budget was small, but both OP and ED use the main part video, and OP says that there is no change except the last round ...
But that's why the pleasure of changing the footage in the last round was so amazing that it can not be said that it is definitely bad ... w
The song itself is only good songs that angela is singing.
I especially like the OP song "brilliant road to tomorrow" in particular.
I feel that the scene in which this song is used within the main part was just a good scene.

In the end way Inside the main story such as the scene of a letter from my mother was impressed by the connection with my family only It was a bit disappointing that there was no moment scene of reunion ... I wish you were just crying Rowe w
I wonder if the scale was not enough ...
But I drew the world two years later in the main story I went to Stelvia and I wanted to overtake my older sister and I wanted to overtake - the future of hope of my brother's husband begins I think that this way of finishing was good for me.
After all it seems that it has gone out but in the second phase of the project I guess Pope 's brothers were the leading characters?

I think that the content was an interesting animation that is clearly understood by many technical terms.
Evaluation is "very good"!

2013/05/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16639 Host:16486 Browser: 10415
〓〓〓utline of the work

First of all, this work is SF work set in a good quality universe.
You can not help feeling romantic with the excitement of having a comfortable flight to the extent that the technical term as SF does not matter, or the excitement that leads to the vast universe. Even this alone was excellent.

In the inner part the title "Stelvia" is the center.
Stelvia is the name of the school 's school in the universe which is the center of the stage under construction.
There, a figure of a boys and girls learning with alumni, encouraging, growing and hitting is drawn.
I think that it is the place where I say that "the ideal school growth tale" if the creation of that growth story is a first-class product, if it briefly expresses this work.
It crawls moderately against a wall and crawls up, and when you are watching the hero who is getting up seven times in a good condition, I want to support you,
I can not help feeling catharsis at the moment my efforts come true in response to Sore.

Well this magical level is why we are not doing at NHK with this educational content.

About the theme of the work.
Although I wrote, ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0
First of all, Shima is good at doing tasks given by entering school, following discontent with friends and growing up,
While doing so, I suffer from worrying about my absence of ability,
Shima keeps growing little by little as it is likely to be crushed by the pressure that was bought by ability and entrusted to a big role.

There is a big event for such a girl. Great mission.
Considering from the age etc. of Shima, if you consider the position of the Great Mission ...
I think that it is equivalent to a high school entrance examination in real terms.
It is a big place to test your ability to do something if you work normally.
Shima is a great mission, even though it is not perfect.

After experiencing Sore "School" is a one step power up. Or say difficulty (?) Will increase.
For example, if you come up with a incident from Pride of Primary Ka, love with Kota, new goals etc,
Quarrels, reconciliation, groove deepening, frustration etc etc .....
After experiencing various events and getting over, she grows further.
Even if Shima himself does not have confidence or hardships,
As I saw it from the side, after all, there was moderate obstacle and it led to ideal growth ... and so on.

And the final challenge is Genesis Mission.
If you look like a great mission, "Starting towards the future" = "Beginning for adults"
Do you think that it is a university entrance examinations or employment involving the future in full swing?
As a big difference with Great, we do not do what we have been told before,
It is a point that you have to move thinking from ourselves.
Indeed, at the Genesis mission, the other characters performed "their respective roles, work".
Then I will step one step to adults.

And as to what happened as a result of its growth, "As well as looking up, I would like to see straight from the front"
The genius of Gachi, the last thing that Shima who was delicately competent to Shah as a god that Amuro said in Gundam catches up with her own way and becomes equal.

Shima's efforts can have courage and favor, and the result deserves impression. I think that it was such a work.
Why is not it done with kore NHK? (Second time)

Also, I do not dare write about SF depiction as I think that it should be enjoyed watching rather than speaking here. I want you to see it for yourself.
The only thing I can say is that the exciting terms, settings, descriptions, etc., popping out,
The thing that excitement is also perfect as a story. The result was very good.

〓〓〓orse place. Evaluation

Beginning with OP where the scene of one episode is cut and pasted into MAD state,
It is a bit of a cheap feeling from the whole including the picture ... and a smell of low budget can be entered.

There are places where the music relationship is somewhat disappointing, there is no conversation between Shima and Mother eventually, and in the drama direction of characters it is not good to dig into other characters (in particular, it is unforgivable that only the main character Kota is alone) )
I was dissatisfied with where I was.

Nonetheless, "growth of Shima at school" and "SF work set in the universe"
The two major elements of it were perfect so I do not mind it much. Evaluation is "very good".

2013/05/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9783 Host:9749 Browser: 7397
I never thought that it was such an interesting animation.
At the beginning of viewing - or the second mission, which is the second mission, the human threatens to come up with a framework of nations to face the upcoming threat and stands together all the while Until the first part is over I will [borrowed the framework of SF, what kind It was aware of "Space love comedy".
There is certainly a hero, Kimase Shima's thoughtfulness, setback and success success story, but although the crisis of mankind has long been convinced for a long time and its crisis is approaching, humanity The majority of them are already preparing their attitudes, and for Shimaa who is a student's status, it is a story that does not feel realistic, and it is the same for audiences pursuing Shima.
Because of that, the center of the story was basically a slapstick comedy.

So somehow, I was just watching with "a comedy funny" feeling.
However, starting with the apocalypse of Ayaka of 11 episodes, the story will accelerately increase its interest.
First I was surprised that Ayaka's doctrine seemed suddenly fruit, that the fruit was tidy up with hints properly from the very beginning.
No, although there was something that got something to be said from the early stage, I could not think it would do anything. The air up to ten episodes was supposed to think so.
It was a comma where we managed to get a connection called Kouta, somehow we were going to do, but when everyone became unnecessary to be one, the people who will reveal their true intention one after another with Ayaka. The scene where Akira's jealousy is exposed is also unreasonable, and it was surprising that he was natural.

Finally, Shima is keenly aware of the distance between himself and others. It is specialized from Akira, but Shima himself is confronted with the existence of Kouta that he is not a special existence.
There is no reason to be desperate. The scenes where four girls fought each other was really heavy. However, the hatred director attracted me here. It is a reconciliation that made Konpei back.
In the first place, a person called Sima is a girl with a sense of unity with others. It can be read from scenes that give Konpei which is a symbol of family's thought to others. In addition, it confirmed that he confessed that he wanted to share sensations with Kota later in the conversation with Professor Hutter.

So, Konpeito. Shima who is keenly aware of loneliness will eat cheesy sticks alone as if he wanted to heal loneliness. It is "empty ... ..." that I said in the ear when it sooner comes to my ears. It was a comma who did not listen to Arisa desperately trying to understand the clouds and the voice of Yoyoi, but this time she jumped into her eyes. Her crying scene which finally noticed that all three of Arisa, Yayoi, Akira faced to myself - in other words the thoughtful hearts are turning on, is a thing coming. If that person cries in that scene everyone will cry.

However, it is skillful not to let everything go well here. It is confusing or somewhat complicated.
Aside from that, it was a comma that was reconciled with Alisa and others, but it remains gloomy with the crucial Kota. Of course. Anything that Shima wants to share most is Kota, and nothing has been solved with Kota.
These two gakushaku relations will tangle till the last story, but the wonderful is the strength of the Shima. Kouta who wants to repair the relationship and her gets toppled many times. But that is not a rejection.
I and the counter are different. She is keenly aware of that, she is scratching to stand in the same place as Kota, but from a different perspective from Kota.

Shima not only looked up to Hutter, he said he wanted to see the universe directly in front of him. It is the same for Kauta. In order to face from directly in front rather than looking up. Even if I spit a weak tone, but let's throw out a gero, but her luck she does not give up, she can not imagine from the early stage, but she is cheerful in a form that can not be had without accumulation from the early stage I was myself.
Having said that, it is also a sign that the bean pierces the coaster. Taking a look at the shima, the way Kota contacts is like not watching a comma. Perhaps, Kota first recognized Shima as a shima when it became consciousness full of that noise and mosaic ... ....

It was Ayaka 's intervention that was fascinating with this sima and Kota' s misguided genka. That Ayaca is surely actively acting as a senior this far ... .... Or, asking what happened to Kota, I could not advise like advise and I was cute only for a moment that I could be a bit shy.
Ayaka like that. Needless to say that her resurrection scene was of good quality, what was more impressive was the exchange of Ayaka at the entrance of the station. The way it came back Yonen 's appearance - The moment when you overlapped her when you were a friend of myself, Yayoi's "I'm home". And, with tears, Ayaka's "Welcome back." With this, Ayaka and Yayoi safely accomplished reconciliation.

And although this is the impression of the character 's drama, even if you exclude the character drama, the world view of the foundation is interesting.
To break the deficit crisis by unifying themselves, to obtain encounters with aliens against unprecedented crisis, to cope with the spectacularly, to advance into the solar system, SF obediently to expand SF I am excited.
And the detailed setting that appeared in the picture. Even if it is a pilot suit or a topic about meals, I feel the universe even in fairly fine places. (It seems to be quite radio waves to feel the universe, but in essence I'd like to say that the production is conscious of the world view)
Once you start to become conscious, this is unexpectedly scattered throughout and it is worth watching just by watching these kind of things.

And eye catching. This is really a good idea. Not only the outer space, but also the concentration of the air condensed in one cut is amazing. If I sell an eye catch collection or something, I probably bought it for one coin. (Of course, 500 yen) ... No, I bought even 1000 yen, probably.

So, it is a bad point from here.
One is the consequence of the story of Katase Shima. In one episode, the Shima who cuts off his mother "I will come back after being respectful!" Has gone through a great deal of experience in Stelvia.
... ... How about parent-child conversation?
If this work ends, Shima returns to her mother, I think that it was necessary to say "I'm home." Because, as humanity advocates from the future, Professor Shiroganie will say that each one will follow their own path without uniting.
Before that, Shima needs to go back to where he should return. To do so, I should have brought home without having to talk with my mother on a winter vacation that was an interval. This last is not bad, but it is certain that I felt the badness of tightening at the same time.

Second point. Personally, this one can not forgive.
Music - or rather that is the skill of sound director. Something is already very much complaining. BGM's song selection is funny, the length of BGM playing is funny and it interferes with the story and character drama. I wonder how many times I thought "I can not play music for a while".
What kind of case was there, for example, the scene is a conference room. While adults are playing a serious conversation, a dark BGM is put on. There is nothing wrong with this. However, it is funny to continue playing that music even if it enters a talkative part of the student's serious conversation from that serious conversation.

Besides that, the scene where Sima and Ayaka played one-on-one matches. From the viewer it was obvious that the defeat flag of Shima was set up, and it also became such air.
Despite this, somehow BGM that flowed during that battle was a theme song. I do not understand what you are attracted to and what you are choosing ... ...,
Besides, encouraged by a letter from my mother in the bottle of Konpeiten, with a determined expression, Shima challenges the Great Mission, shed an uncanny BGM that stirs up anxiety (in addition ED as it is), serious conference scenes and strangely going out BGM flowing, everything is caught. Also, movement and voice of the character 's mouth are staggering. This is unavoidable, but I guessed it was probably sound supervision as to how to pick up the scripts other than the scripts, so I guess they wanted something a bit more ....

It is certain that it was an interesting work to watch and it is a work with a lot of umami that the world viewer will also be able to enjoy it this time when viewing it again with the contents in the head to a certain extent, but a character full of contents Considering the fact that there are few, the consequences of the story, dissatisfaction with music, the evaluation is very good [good].
...... I wish Lina-san to be active a little more.

2011/12/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3412 Host:3423 Browser: 8879
[good point]
The world view of the work / contents of SF setting. In the first episode that briefly explains the essence, it is attracted to the work in a few minutes at the beginning.

As the axis story is clearly presented in three parts, it is easy to understand what to look forward to. - It is composed of three of (1) confrontation with the second wave (2) Ultima recapture (3) Cosmic fracture confrontation, and among the frameworks of (1) - (3) Even at that point it is making it tired. It gets excited beautifully with the flow just before reaching "Ku" of these (1) - (3), and it gets nailed to the work.

.OP songs / ED songs are catchy, increasing the willingness to watch. Especially the ED song of the last episode is still favorite, and the satisfaction feeling increases after I finish watching this work (feeling)

[Bad point]
About 5 to 6 talks in the middle stage, I leave the SF development and I get bored of bringing the daily life of the students to the neta. - Specifically after Ultima Return - Stelvia until before the move. To humans who have fun in how to deal with Cosmic Fracture something suddenly stopped talking or feeling as irrelevant stories began to be developed, dissatisfied. I do not care about the daily portrayal before Ultima recapture, but only in the midfield, I do not think that the story is going too far and will get on my nose. . . Even if the 26 episode of this work was omission of this middle talk slightly and it became 24 talks, was not it good? I could have enjoyed it because I could purely immerse it in the SF setting.

There seems to be a meaning, but there are scattered parts that do not appear at all. "Why did you come out with the uncle of the army that comes out at the beginning of the opening ceremony?" Or "I tried to point out to Daichan's program but what is that?" Is it time to make up for it or is it an important depiction that supports works where I do not know? At least I can not understand why the above content was visualized.

The magnitude of the attitude of the predestined ladies' group of the hero to the group of the school student living together.
Even if I like that boy group, even if I like it, I think whether it will rebound a little.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there are some complaints, I prefer to tighten each of the SF developments that advance with three big frames, and I like to watch it quite a while.
Especially, although it is known that the development of the last Cosmic Fracture annihilation will be so, it seems "I did it!"

1 story - 17 stories (Ultima recapture) / 24 stories - 26 talks are "the best." Middle 18 to 23 episodes are "bad" because the progress of the work stopped somewhat and I felt bored.
Take the above middle and make it "very good" ((20 * 3 + 6 * (-1)) / 26 = 2.07).

2011/09/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40880 Host:40959 Browser: 11947
[good point]

The axis of the theme is very good Depth of description of Shin Katase Shin characters surrounding Shima

[Bad point]

The battle depiction does not have a feeling of lively dynamism Pure school girls should not be things, but students are active too much

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The story was supposed to be the content that the end of the approaching solar system was united with the strangers trainee students, regular students, faculty members and other people and grabbed the future.

Although the story itself is reasonably acceptable when comprehensive, it was rather good at character and direction, rather than good.
The first half tends to care about the absence of tension, but the final goal has been decided, and the basic axis is established to face it to the opposite,
Since the way of showing the engagement between the characters is good, the goodness of the balance is conspicuous, and it felt it was good.

From the serious part of the second half, the human pattern such as the sense of distance between the characters is depicted as a good feeling.
Particularly because it draws carefully that it does not like Shima, the part that has humanity to Shima is good.
It is also a good point that the part that anyone hits the wall from that person's eyes got out.
Also Machida Hatsuka was well able to paint the resurrection from the frustration.

However, the mechanical system including battle scenes is not good.
First of all, although it is a battle scene, CG itself is good, but there is no feeling of dynamism and it lacks powerfulness.
Beams such as beams also have a monotonous impression without longitudinal excavation.
I only need 2 robots, so I want a more attractive movement because the base is a flying system ride.
Design is also not good and I can not feel charm .....

It is good for depiction of human patterns and expression balance itself is good one,
Even if the bad fighting scenes are bad and the students are too active to deduct the part that the adults do not stand out, it will be a class of Ryosaku.

2010/08/08 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13359 Host:13437 Browser: 9466
[good point]
Basic setting. A crisis of destruction will come to humanity 180 years later. This is funny. The world that has been decided before in Tow is what we have to do. So mankind has no real freedom. It is highly appreciated that it focuses only on those who chose to fight the story with SW as the main axis.

Attractive (?) Character. It is easy to distinguish each character from each other in proportion to the same face.

A depiction of a meal. In SF animation, the food tend to be jumped is drawn surprisingly finely. Earth production is the best in vegetables, or meals in the dining room are not replaced. Where I am cooking is something interesting.

The still images around .CM are beautiful. Whatever the truth is, I do not care.

[Bad point]
Tempo is bad. A blank hero wakes up to his talent. before you could say Jack Robinson.
The mingling of tense missions such as school life and destruction of humanity. It can be hard to say that there is a delay.
Fight with love. Public and private confusion is also a good place. Or rather to say gdgd unfolding. Is this the original of a girls' cartoon?

The .SF setting is insufficiently drawn. What did the human race do for 180 years? How did the foundation occurred? Is the existence of a small machine necessary for the SW in the first place? How many people ride in Stravia in the first place?

Mecha is out of style. Stelvia as well as Infi, small fighter aircraft (fighter of the second half alien) Some miserable design. Semi-gravity boat with sounds like a mountain house. Even if it is said that such a ride is refused. There is Fujiyama. That form is exactly Fujiyama. Moreover, the movement is so sad that it is embarrassing. I want a faster feeling. Because afterglows are beautiful.

There is one character that can not exist. Coater, you.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works that used good topics and failed to show.
Mankind has few options. I find things that I have to do rather than what each one wants to do and I will do it. The best of them connects and we build history. And overcoming the crisis of the destruction of the human race that comes at the end, the future is the real beginning. It's a great theme. The theme is.
Even though they are under such circumstances, they are selfish. Akira, Machida, you mean that. That's why I take a nice scene. It is rude to the characters who found the best (hope, unwanted) that they can do.
There is no genius, only there is a difference. It is too bad that this one is supposed to be one theme but the existence of one who does not know it is destroying the whole theme. Coater, you.
Finally, the leading character of gdgd, the main character of this work, Shu Pon. If this guy is not the main character I think that this work may have sublimated, but at the same time this also felt with ants. Amuro and Shinji were equivalent gdgd characters. It may be a bit of a shit that replaced this girls beautifully. Just by the difference between boy's trouble and girl's trouble. But.

[One word]
Compared to that masterpiece, this work is too enormous. I want you to overcome with effort and guts.

2010/06/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26446 Host:26458 Browser: 11287
[good point]
Setting Seapon Shoto Tsuneo burning development Serif picture of each character

[Bad point]
What was different from last usual seapon that I wanted to see more about Seapon and Kota's love love

[Comprehensive evaluation] At the time of maximum hot deployment, when OP flows, it became tension max. The last genesis mission was looking exciting all the time. I think that I was using my colleagues and adults well. Everyone was a good person and it was awesome.
Also, I liked Seapon as well as Kotato so I wanted to see more love love. Seapon cute

2010/05/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17997 Host:17896 Browser: 10771
[good point]
Even in the imaginable situation that the human crisis that the human crisis, the new journey of mankind, a long-term situation which can not stay in the solar system takes a new step, it is imaginable that SF can be imagined from the perspective of the pilot student to the last, It was possible to draw from a viewpoint not even boys and girls or less.

There were various dirty emotions and beautiful friendships, and everything was in youth.
Even in the universe, youth was a blue spring. It's embarrassing and blue, but that's the teenager.
It seems to grow strongly in touch with space in the center of two geniuses.
Mission full of tension. I think that it is a good production to be impatient as much as possible by the co-ordinator Kauta.

Beginning with Shu Pon, classmates and Big 4 also have a presence and presence.
Relations with adult teachers, seniors and classmates were also drawn firmly.

[Bad point]
OP, ED is sluggish.
A moving picture scarcely.
Subtle CG. However, it is not conspicuous because it is not used because it is confused with a person.
About 23 to 25 episodes of Shippon are subconscious. I am annoyed with watching. I think that Sho - Pon 's goodness is a place of doing what he is doing is genius.

Pilots other than school students, regular students, and faculty were like being present, but they do not show their appearance, and even though genius is a genius or anything like infinity, it is impossible to have a pilot who is suddenly put on a student and can not continue. It's fine, but if it is SF, I think that such fine detail is important.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
very interesting.
Good balance.

There are still elements that can be used like Big 4 so you can make extra edits and sequels.
If you search now in Stelvia, I would like to see the sequel as well as the sequel as it appears.

2009/11/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1871 Host:1911 Browser: 15184
Unique characters are weaving together,
SF goods balanced with serious, gag, friendship, love affair.
I am convinced that there are many people who long for the second term.
I am sorry that the theme song was very good, the OP was incomplete with the goat haagi.

2009/10/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23595 Host:23533 Browser: 12345
[good point]
Gakuen drama style story.
I put the concept of program into maneuvering technology.
Character is characteristic whether it is a good meaning or a bad meaning.

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was pretty interesting and I watched it all at once.
However, the production is bad. Anyway it seems to be only making it deliberately making it so as not to rise up as if it would rise.
And until the end Gudaguda seappon and Kota get me irritated anyway.
How many times have you talked about seeing these two people ...
Seapon realizes the difference with Kota Well I am going to be a slump, but it seems as if I got the chance to get on the way and I guess the next time again Gudaguda ...
It will end soon until the end of the end after all until when the final story is already close.
No, it was really fun but the stress and frustration calls for the end.

Especially when the last die is meaningfully saying that the program of Seapon is something different and it was tidied up for quite a long time that it seemed to have been noticed by myself, I wanted to go crazy.

And unexpectedly seapon and kota that are contained in the original sheath ...
A scene where two people reconcile if they sell like Arisa's sister ...
Well, it probably did not come up with a scene corresponding to it in the pulls that pulled to the end.

There is no animation which finishes watching much and is not clear, but still it was a different story as I wanted to evaluate that it was very good for some reason.
Just be careful as you will be pretty annoyed when watching.

2009/08/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23098 Host:22953 Browser: 10669
The first one did not feel much fun, but Arisa Mr. Yuki Matsuoka plays, I saw Glenn North 's character was good.
It became increasingly funny since becoming a part of Second Wave, Cosmic Fracture, and I have seen it to the end.

It was quite interesting also from the aspect of mankind confronting the threat of the approaching universe, and human relationships were quite well depicted.

In particular, the fight between the girls was pretty spectacular.

However, the hero who sways around with a sensible child, I did not like it much until the end.

2009/06/18 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20133 Host:20107 Browser: 8456
Watching for reason why Mr. Charadesa is in charge. It is not particularly attracted to the contents etc. Evaluation is "bad".

2008/11/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30269 Host:30458 Browser: 7505
Works that will make me think that SF works set in the universe are numerous but "I want to go to the universe!"

Basically these students are growing up at the training school in space, if you can say that they can be evaluated as school items, the world view around them, the exercises and practices in the pod, the dialogue with the universe The theme is interesting.

Regarding the story, I particularly like the second half, Shapo is growing rapidly at the beginning, Yaoyui, Machida related story is something awesome and slightly weak. How to break out It seems that the way of reconciliation was ruined and the story property was not felt there, it was a flow without contents.

2008/09/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4420 Host:4478 Browser: 5234
[good point]
It has not been drawn so heavily that individual boys and girls who became a savior of the world have become heavy.

[Bad point]
The picture until the title of the opening comes out is cheap.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was awesome because I was impressed by 4 episodes of LASTDVD ..

The end of the world Supreme about the ear

2008/06/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8858 Host:8682 Browser: 7653
Basically it was pretty fun, but I got a feeling like "I wish for the top!" Putting emphasis on the story.
Instead, "directing power" and "heatiness" were far inferior compared to the top ... (Removing these two elements from that work makes it a perfect "dirty" .. )
Would it be "ordinary" if you look at the deduction for a moment?

The song of OP, the same person is singing, but it looks just like "Fafner of the Azure" without distinction. I compare and hear what is different.

Afterwards, I think that the picture is ..., even if it is okay, but I thought that if I made another picture I could empathize.

2008/05/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9642 Host:9619 Browser: 8090
Although the development that humanity unites to save the earth was favorable,
The character deza was everything ... and it was only emotional instability children that appeared,
That part was very uncomfortable.
I think that the existence of the alien was still short of explanation.

Overall the story is "very good", the production is "bad"
"Good" in total

2007/12/29 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31928 Browser: 3049(Mobile)
Okochi Screenplay, but it is clear when this person is good and bad.

Good time ... Planetes, Oberman King Gainner

Bad times ... Stelvia, Code Geass

The story was abruptly planned harmoniously, no character was standing at all and he could not be likable.
Because constitution is bad and it is inconvenient, of course, empathy can not be done.

The battle scene was also worst and overall lacked excitement.

2007/08/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10245 Host:10185 Browser: 6306
A story of the future world which makes a novel of Star musical novels and Star Trek such as Asimov, Hainline line. Many of the SF works of the universe are dealing with war and adventure mostly,
Unlike those general theories, the setting that mankind must face all of the natural disasters of the solar system scale is unique.

In the first half, the foundation is centered on student students who entered Stelvia, who are studying or interacting with classmates. Effort. Friendship
The trio of growth is drawn exactly, the fight between the hero who will bloom talent by overcoming various conflicts, and the classmates and teachers who admit her is smart.
In the second half, a major mission that bettered the survival of all human beings began, the future is unclear, countermeasures turn to desperate circumstances such as the fumbling state. A scenario carrying scenario that predict the desperate situation deserving climax skillfully produced a sense of urgency and made me expect the deployment earlier. But,
Some people, including the hero, for the pessimistic situation at hands are Going My Way routes. Especially with respect to the main character, emotional transfer becomes difficult to be done by starting a delayed youth drama. My head is filled with private things such as inferiority to others and worries with opposite sex, and eventually those sufferings have been undigested without uncovering any mind I was curious that it did not go well.

2007/03/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42836 Host:42876 Browser: 4984
The picture was beautiful.
Also, personally, the theme song is favorite. I feel comfortable listening.
About the contents of the talk, I think that it was able to be done firmly as an unexpectedly severe incident with the school one.
However, it is the impression that the tempo of a talk has become bad a little in the second half.
Comprehensively I enjoyed it very much.

2007/03/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13782 Host:13788 Browser: 4926
The first story that was good that the movement of the heart of the main character was carefully drawn was honestly boring but it surely became increasingly interesting as I was watching while telling myself that this animation is a slow starter Tempo's tempo There was also quite good comfortable viewing But the main character and the boy were too genius and the last one got bored, the first half was very good and the second half bad ... ... Anyway it makes it "good"

2007/02/16 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1986 Host:1947 Browser: 3875
The early stage is the feeling that the interaction between the characters was smiling,
There are stories that can not empathize to the main characters after the middle stage.
Whether we can enjoy this animation or not depends on the degree of empathy to the character.
As a division whether it can be enjoyed afterwards, it is used to the shoulder-widespread deployment which is often seen in director Sato's work ^ ^;
The story brings out a tranquil expansion that seems to be the place where fire will stick from here.
"I wonder if I am doing such a thing now", it will be out if I get frustrated. Especially Sho-Pon is not excited about excitement where Hydoy is exciting, does not punctuate where it should be cheap, staff motivated?
Well, all these are the art of Satotsutsu. "Very bad"

2006/11/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31888 Host:31885 Browser: 3646
I liked the work of this director, so I was looking forward to those days.
The first half is as interesting as it is, and I think that this is the feature of this director, there is something so intertwined with my colleagues, but there are not any things that could make it impossible to make something smoother.

With the number of stories advancing, it fun disappears and I think that it will become interesting a little more, while I last saw it with inertia.
There seems to be a weight in the talk of pretty romance, but it does not matter whether the romance does not rush or is shallow.

Something, I thought it was a make-up feeling for the time being.

2006/10/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36963 Host:36854 Browser: 5234
The final story was very beautiful. I think that the scene where two years of welcome party, Shou Pin's brother and Arisa's sister are shaking hands was very good at reproducing one episode.

I think that it was good that the feeling of Shu Pom of the last stage was drawn finely.
It is an anguish because of genius. "The path of a thousand miles is also one step" It was a development that made me think exactly.

What I do not understand a bit is that Kota and Shiba 's fighting disappear (unlikely thing) unexpectedly.
I guess that it was better to draw that slightly more carefully.

I like the big work of such scale. So the evaluation is pretty sweet.
Reason why I came to Space's universe "I wanted to see it not looking up." I was strangely convinced ....

2006/10/13 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21108 Host:21088 Browser: 5234
Looking at the rental video shop from the point of view of interest, and seeing it, it was a work that had only the impression "What, this?"
The hobby of the author is fully opened in a bad meaning. Even if there are many gorgeous voice actors, only that image appears and it did not take so long for the minus image of the work to increase.

It was a kind of style that did not seem to apply to anything in this work, what was it that you wanted to say? Friendship? Love? SF ?, only if it hangs halfway There was only the impression that this kind of work is just like contemporary occasion, it is an image just like attaching various elements of work halfway to the rough sky and the concept is completely dangling.

There is also an image in which "Nadesico" or "Raeias" and others are fused in halfway, and for me which had only a minus image in these two works, this work only spawns the image of the same category work as those works, that kind of Even from the point of view it did not have a favorable impression on this work, even if it seems that the content is also taking a good stone cut of overseas science fiction, it is not effectively utilized, and Japanese-style 臂〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓t is a pattern that is included, troubled, and it's a pattern, and for me that did not like that style this work was a work that does not suit the skin.

If you can suppress the catastrophe with gorillas like this game sensation, Japan will not be a disaster power country but will become a safe power country in all aspects.

2006/10/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I like the SF setting of this work and the world view, but the character did not suit me. Especially it was uncomfortable to see that it was self-centered in the latter half of Shin-Pon who is the main character and that it was overprotecting everything around it.
Because she has more talent than me .. her husband is told hurt by saying it, but she says she tells her boyfriend 's line of words he did not like being told at the end of the game because he is told to his boyfriend. I feel like I'm going to talk about it without apologizing for that.
Although the extinction is on, although I do not like calm characters, the style of this person is always strange as the parties are masculinized although great events are going around, but it is not subject to penalty points.

2006/10/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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What is myself and other people? Suffering each of talented and non-talented people. Although Mr. Makoto's cute character is a focus of attention, the theme flowing at the bottom is heavy and painful from the beginning. It has been noticed since he watched Hisashi for a while since the main broadcast. At that time I was only watching the "Great Athletic Meeting (TV version)".

Early inning, hero Shima is a typical boy. However, in comfortable mood up to 3 episodes, 4 episodes the first half leader Machida Machida begins to reveal the identity. She is a hard worker and a man of genius revealed, she learns to be impatient with Shima who gradually began to appear. It is Miso that Mika does not get caught quickly here, Until 11 episodes cover her "crime", basically "Athletic meeting"
Based on Noh's weather stories, while accumulating Shima 's talent as a subdivision, the play which the first Ka thinks and the Yayo past linking to it will be shown. At the same time, the feeling of frustration of the representative of the "general people", a hint of super-genius Kota exceeding Shima is already set. And, even if it is "again" First ka that kicks down those who threaten yourself!
Of particular note is that it is not easy to get help here, but it is glowing. By doing this, Hatsuka is told that "The act of kicking a person is pointed out in a straightforward manner", and at the same time "Double the punch" is eaten, saying "I have done it before, superior genius like Kota is not worth anything" It will be done. This is intense, after this, there is no point not to recover until the 17th episode. This episode is finished for a while with the help of Fujisawa Yayoi, which is nothing other than this, but this "Happy Man" girl will be given episodes afterwards is a trick!

Fairy tale work, this work's only "eyeganecho" Fujisawa Yayoi, scenes where tears flow with Santa clothes in 12 episodes that unique wearing eyeglasses. Although this work with many tears and screams crying, this fly "DLS" maneuver the spacecraft with the system of "invisible" design. Since the number of cells can be reduced, mouthpaks are unnecessary, the design of a helmet whose mouth is hidden is a traditional phrase of limited animation, but it is rare that the eyes are hidden (like bottoms, Gasaraki? Votoms are hidden Although it is the final means of reducing the number of sheets 〓〓〓. Moreover, it was "animated" like this work
In character design, eyes are the few acting means. Even so, let's play with the mouth, let the acting at the neck finely, or rather, the emotional expression of the character is abundant, so the head falls. And like "glasses", the impact of tears flowing from under the headset with this headset attached (pretentiousness, sadness) is quite intense. It must have been "playing" properly, which should not be deceived by Charad.

Now after 13 days talk, from 14 to 17 episodes, Hatsuka is still the main character. Her resurgence is painted on the basis of a painful encounter battle with the alien. It is painful to see her "downright" as she says she is always victorious and she is always victorious. Persuasive material that makes it blown away confronts war. For several hundred years, there is no war, the state is also gone, there must also be a fight with death of a man, she can not resurrect. What I should do,
You can send an ale pleasantly to her return where you found a place. Yes, "Stelvia" is also a story of setback and resurrection of Machida Hatsuka.

Cruel talk time. There is no war, neither the nation nor the military. This setting reminds me of the "Star Trek" series. Although this work that drifts in an amusing mood all day long, it is not a story of war bokeho. The arrival of Second Wave was also "incident" that was predicted from 189 years ago, and people were "prepared" firmly. Although it is an excellent work as SF anime, it can be said that it had rare interpretation as a human emotion theory. Speaking of which, "cosmic string" came out to Statle.

Well the end. Stelvia will end with Machida Hatsuka story as it is, but at the end it shifts to the task of "myself and others" centered on Shima. Politeness of fine points shines while expressing the situation which is often seen in "Animal and girls" and "Kids and girls" and "How friendship exists". At last, Akira revealed jealousy to Shima, and Shima manipulated Infphy who was the base of the connection with Kota "I am not as genius as Kota"
I realize things and go hard. The mid-point 19 episode "Nikonbo Okoribo", also here, Yakoi Fujisawa Yayoi's agony is interwoven. But honest man does not know about the girls' unique reconciliation ... That is why I feel a fantasy of men (like something I'm coming out all the time).
Finally, even with Mitsuhito of perfect human beings, I breathe on my shoulder with the heavy responsibility that carries the entire human race, and Shima training repeatedly until I exert guerrilla. I am alone and can not rely on anyone, the urgency around here is truly grave. That is why each has done his best,
As a result when you do things you can do, you can help each other, connected. It is polite at the end of the game, the first Ka that the attachment has fallen completely and the rendezvous scene of the Yayoi, "Please clearly show their decision" in the last.
Epilogue is also attentive. The grown characters, ramen of Shima, by Shima's younger brother and Arisa's sister. It is a moderate final round that does not feel long or short (incidentally, it is said that hints of Arisa's family circumstances are collected in such a place).

Because light girls and pretty depressive episodes live together, the thresholds are too high, if you prefer a casual girl animation.
People will die out as well (although the place that does not clearly appear on the screen is better than the work that shows without using the head, the viewer is required to imagine). Although it might shy away from the SF side of the SF fans, it is a pretty high level SF in both the setting and the mind. As an animation "Pictures are playing well" And we "geek.
Mania "with the pattern you like (If you return the back, you can not show it to the general people). It is understood that this is according to the hands of "Nadesico" staff.

As a digression, Visual Book published by Media Works is very good as an explanatory book. As a mechanical setting book, it is 0 point.
Another digression. CG of eye catch is good. I wanted you to record it on DVD as a collection of artworks or image benefits.