[Anime]Spring and Chaos

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Anime rank of 1996 Rank 64in 114 titles
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Kenji Miyazawa
Shoji Kawamori Hiroshi Masumura
Takahiro Kishida Matsuharahidenori Kazuchika Kise Ichiro Itano Mahiro Maeda
Shiro Sano Mariko Kouda Hiroshi Isobe Minami Takayama
Chikao Otsuka Ikuko Tatsu Hirai Naoko Mizue Otsuka Kazue Ikura Shiho Niyama
Noriko Uemura Nakamura Keiko Hiromi Nishikawa Airi Yoshida Taro Ishida
Michio Nakao Masato Hirano
Japan Released:1996/12/14(Sat)
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2003/01/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:2398
It is still a masterpiece of Fantasy Romance that depicts Miyazawa Kenji's own everyday that produced a fantastical work that captures the minds of many Japanese people and does not separate!
This work is not a fairy tale but an animated version of Kenji 's life, and if you know Kenji, various episodes you've heard have been portrayed throughout the whole story,
It is still dramatically connected.
"Meiji", "Taisho", "Showa"
There was a young man who was running away ...
Miyazawa Kenji's 100th Anniversary Works Ihatov Fantasy "Spring of KENJI"
Supervised by Director: Masami Kamori Director: Eiichi Sato Director: Takahiro Kishida Artist Director: Hiroya Ohno Color Design: Miyoko Ichise Special Effects: Takashi Maekawa Director of Photography: Hajime Noguchi Acoustics Directed by: Atsumi Tashiro Music: Uchiyoshi Kaze
CG Production: Satellite Production: TV Iwate, Group. Tack Theme Song "Ave Maria"
Lyrics: Red Ryu Shirasaki Emi Composition: JC. Bach. Gnut Arrange: Uchimen Fusenki Insert Song "Rain Nimomakez"
Poetry: Kenji Miyazawa Composition: Masatu Goto Arrangement: Uchiyoshi Kaze
Kenzi: Sano Shiro Toshi: Kokubin Mariko Kanai: Hiroshi Isobe: Takayama Minami Mother: Takayuki Hisako Takagi: Ryota Otsuka: Kazuhiro Ichura (former name: Ichinobu)
Taichi: Shinzan Shiho Tadaaki B: Hirano Masato Farmers: Mikio Hirano Student: Keiko Nakamura, Hiromi Nishikawa, Hiroyoshi Yoshida If Husband: Masako Takahashi Father: Otsuka Shuuo Hunter: Ishida Taro Kuni: Hirai Naoko (Television Iwate)
Farmer A: Keiichi Fujii (TV Iwate)
Shiho Takeuchi, Kaoru Hirata and ... Kazuhi Hirata ... and then Ichiro Ishino also participated in the original painting team.
First, as Mamura Hiroshi is involved in the production, the character of a cat that reminiscent of Sugii Gisaburo (Yasaburo)'s "Ginga Railroad Night" is impressive.
But why did you need to be a cat? Is it a mystery from "The Galaxy Railway Night"?
Various episodes set in the hometown Iwate (Hanamaki) of Kenji, Iwate valves used in the works, and the licks of the background and mountains and Fuchigawa river (Kitakami river) etc ... etc,
Indeed, although there is a sense that it was built only for the meaning dedicated to Miyazawa Kenji Mr. and its fans and Iwate Konjin?
As a production, there are things that can be attracted without using unexpectedly, such as using color pencil drawing or CG, and innovative depiction, scene images, and the like.
Although the contents will be somewhat different, basically it will be composed based on the facts,
It is supported by religious spirit and scientific spirit and it is transparent transparent Kenji's unique fantastic atmosphere as "Ginga Railroad Night" or "Wind Nozaburo" (Rin Taro (Hayashi Shigeyuki), narration: CW. Nicole) There is a sense that I could not feel it, but I could not immerse fully in Kenji's original world (outer space?

2003/01/04 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:2366
Shiro Sano's simple acting complements the merit of this work.