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Other media: Comics:Uchu Kyodai / JP movie:Space brothers
Anime total pnts rank Rank 944in 6,762 titlesTotal 30 / Deviation 52.53
Anime avg pnts Rank 862in 2,935 titlesAvg 1.20=Good/25 reviews
Anime rank of 2012 Rank 36in 241 titles
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Character/Setting2.31(Very good)13
Story2.08(Very good)13
Learned something54%7/13
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Shed tears23%3/13
Information about this title

Chuya Koyama Koudansha Weekly Morning
Watanabe Ayumu
Makoto Uezu
Undou ryuuta
Toshiyuki Watanabe Tomonori Ochikoshi
A-1 Pictures
Hiroaki Hirata
Miyuki Sawashiro
Yuko Sanpe
Masayuki Kato
Masako Ikeda
Shou Ryuuzanji
Mayumi Tanaka
Official sites
1. http://uchukyodai.com/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. http://twitter.com/animeuchukyodai
Opening movie (7)
宇宙兄弟 ユリーカ 〈高音質〉
Lyrics:Takuya Ohashi Shinntaro Tokita
Compose:Takuya Ohashi Shinntaro Tokita
Arrange:Takuya Ohashi Shinntaro Tokita [Fan reg.]
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2017/03/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 980 Host:1039 Browser: 10136
[good point]
Even if reading to the original, there is no discomfort in the voice
Opening and ending, a good song
I worked hard at the characters / people who are trying hard are almost rewarded in a gentle world

[Bad point]
How many times the same story telling the level of prolonged milestone turns out that the same story lasted for about 5 episodes only because it was a terrible place
Would it be less than half if DVD rental or something like "Is that the same borrowed?" Without being prolonged by the confusion

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I want you to make a complete version without elongation

2016/08/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2149 Host:2092 Browser: 7914
[good point]
Although it is a hero who is blessed with BGM in the work which is very excellent in the aspect of directing, although it is a hero slightly rare, there are many points that users can also sympathize with in real, but in a cool scene that shows it occasionally it is attracted to the main character's deviation What I am trying to bring up a little laugh, myself I was dreaming, I give up I am forced to give up, I am lost in my hesitation, I am smoldering myself, a scene where many people can sympathize with me ...

[Bad point]
It's a long work because it's a long work, but there are a lot of funny developments, but there are not a few productions that are necessary

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a work that I think I want my continuation to be animated! I can impressed, laughable pieces!

As evaluation, I will assume it is very good

2016/06/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18715 Host:18744 Browser: 7868
[good point]
My brother 's relationship It is very healthy, trustful but strong but expressive is not exaggerated, it is real and very fond of.
Recent anime seems to have many animations showing unusual obsession with your immediate family,
These brothers can watch with confidence because their hand setting is not good.

There is a dream, there is a reality There are also some dislikes that there are too many dreams, but it is fun to watch that person, I thought that this animation is a good work.
Nonetheless, seriously equivalent aspects come along,
There is a fairly severe reality, too, but the fall around it feels intense.
There are parts where the waves of seeing and feelings intensify, so it may not be seen unless there is time to spare.

The parents of the Nanba family seemed to be pretty blurred parents (and not both but one side), but I thought it was very wonderful.
Do not take out too much of your hands.
But I am watching firmly.
In such a situation, it seems strong that both of us experienced stretching and experiencing a lot of things, absorbing it and growing up wonderfully.

[Bad point]
Muc - chan is already a good year, so I'm thinking that Mr. Celica is too busy with Mr. Cecilica and he is a very nice guy himself.

There is a mid - point slightly, there are parts that seem to get bored a bit.
I could not be patient enough.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is recommended to people with peace. (I think that there are few such works at this time so it is a pretty valuable category)

2015/09/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24379 Host:24334 Browser: 7875
[good point]
A style that will motivate
His brother 's brotherly love with a humorous while having a sense of inferiority with his brother who can do anything
With the cooperation of JAXA, the story related to the universe such as astronaut's tests and training is interesting
There are many good songs in OP and ED

[Bad point]
The drawing of the last one was not stable
I feel that Japanese people are being given preferential treatment for a moment

[Comprehensive evaluation]
My brother who can do anything: My daily life, my elder brother who makes a losing while feeling a complex with his younger brother: a story of Hata.
For some reason, Rita quit the salaried worker and aim for the astronaut, but various episodes and knowledge of the universe are interesting every time, such as testing to become an astronaut and subsequent training.
I do not feel like Rokka stepped up with a bit of a tanton rhythm, or I do not feel like Japanese astronauts are being given preferential treatment, but I think that it is good that this dream can exist for as long as it is a work that was caught by the universe.

It may be a pros and cons to advance the story with a slow tempo, but if it is the atmosphere and contents of this work, it was comfortable to see this while pulling out the power of the shoulder.
Even though it is not slowly making it every time, the place where people landing on the moon and falling on craters day by day accelerates the development and it is very tense.

In addition, the trust that the brothers of the people day by day brothers and the friendship between the astronauts made me feel comfortable comfortably in my chest. There is humor in the blur that Rokka shows us.

Such a wonderful work that makes me watch and motivate. If possible, I want to see the sequel until Rota goes to the moon.

2014/11/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23476 Host:23419 Browser: 7864
I do not call the original, but I'm sure that the original is probably wonderful.
So animation is also wonderful.

I had a good brother with a good brother, I felt inferiority feeling while my elder brother but lived living fighting the company and fell to the bottom of inferiority complex, I grabbed the opportunity and drew like to become an astronaut It is a work.

The aura which the whole work is wearing is incomprehensible, it was a nailing with feeling that it conveyed intense message along with fun and binge.

2014/11/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3136 Host:3265 Browser: 10347
[good point]
Even if it says anything, the character of the hero Rita is good.
His Boyaki had a lot to sympathize, and the comical atmosphere born from it was very comfortable.
The way people draw surroundings around him also feels honesty as a work that is carefully drilled down without treating each person as men and women, with a feeling like age and sex.
Bosses who do not go on a regular basis, Fuji's close friends, Shirika and Big brother holding a light love heart (?), Etc. Everyday people exist.
I was able to immerse myself as if I were chasing the life of one (no, every and every character).
I will develop a magnificent and dramatic success story going into a tremendous dream called an astronaut while drawing a deep human pattern.
I think that it is finished in a story that gives hope and vitality to a wide range of viewers.

[Bad point]
It is definitely a wonderful work inside of me, but I can not deny the possibility that the number of stories will become one serious bottleneck.
Considerable consideration is given to the part that watches in real time as part of life, but it seems to be a work not suitable for continuous viewing.
The point that much of the ruler has been scraped off by the rough muscle or the short corner has a big influence on the badness of the progress of the story progress.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is a work that incorporates periodicity well.
Although the setting of the story is also near future, considerable part is in line with the reality, making actual astronauts appear, etc. It is reinforcing the persuasive power part well by a breakthrough method, You have created your own world view.
Although the story itself may be expeditious, anyone can appreciate the observation eyes, idea power, and person-friendly character of Six Ta.
I think that the way of birth of reality around me was a glowing work.
Also, although there are many Mobu characters that will become interested in the universe, there was such a feeling that they and the audience would be in sync.
I felt that the significance as a work was put here. There is no other choice.
(Significantly revised. Fixed m (__) m)

2014/04/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20051 Host:20241 Browser: 4894
[good point]
There was only the original work being a topical work, it was fun.

[Bad point]
I feel it was repetition of an interesting time and a time not so interesting.
And when I noticed it ended ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I did not know how to get to the astronaut at all, so I was excited the process until Mutta became an astronaut.
There was nothing for me to worry about the story that every day people are distressed by the moon.

I wanted to see Small Vince and his wife ~.

2014/03/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3539 Host:3308 Browser: 5171
I thought that it has been going on for a long time and it was over before the end.
The ugliness of enlargement has also become conspicuous, and since stock of the original work is not so much, I think that it is useless but a little disappointing. Since I have a movie in the summer, I want you to entertain me more.
Where the first OP song flowed last time, it was a solid production, but I was a little happy

2014/03/31 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18598 Host:18642 Browser: 9673
Essentially, it was interesting every week as a test to become an astronaut, and I liked quite a love aspect of hibito and olga, which is rare in the universe brothers.

2014/03/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48962 Host:49032 Browser: 7459
[good point]
Story: Though I thought that I want you to accelerate a little bit more slowly than I imagined to be impossible with the current animation, which often ends in about one course
Character: Furuya in Japanese edition and pico which appeared after that, even if it is a sub character it has to set backbone tightly
Voice actor: Saying real oriented, there was nothing particularly called animation voice
Daily people on the moon: Because I was good at directing, "Are you really dead?" Leaving you hanging out

[Bad point]
That it is over: It seems that it is catching up with the original and it can not be helped
Final round: too much turnover

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The original unread Although there is no flashy but can be enjoyed thoroughly The days of the final stage of the person panic disorder, although Gates is drawn like a villain, it sends humans to the world of death that can not be lived in life, it takes for that Saying that the expenses are huge so I've been convinced by dissatisfaction or rather dissatisfied with something, someday I will have to reconstitute the last round that ended in the second term someday

The matter of the UFO at the beginning of the matter is only the beginning, I wonder if someday I can re-encounter with the UFO

2014/03/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27550 Host:27619 Browser: 4894
I thought it was a very luxurious work, how to use time. It seems to be because it is a very long airing period, because there is plenty of time in that time and there is not enough space in the original (so it is natural that the stretching opinion will come out), it is very rich It was creating line spaces.

This work, the characters are all adults, adults who are also independent as proper people properly. That means that it is a person who has something to carry, something to carry on the back. Life, the dream, the family, the past, because it is a character with such things, life of the character seeps out in the development of one episode one episode taking carefully.
Actually, it is a work that took a relaxed time as taking over too much. But it does not look like it is impeding the development. Rather, the silent characters of the characters talk about the characters more than bad serifs. Each person's feelings of living with a different life should not be a simple thing. There can be no mere joy, no mere sorrow.
That is why I draw each person's different complicated feelings by taking enough time. I think it is the luxury that I felt in this work. The taste of adults is always complicated and spiritual.

The story aims to be an astronaut, and a male story aiming at the moon. The setting of the stage is talk of the future for about ten years now, but in fact it is a story of "the world where vigorous space development is still being done". (To be honest, in the current economic situation, NASA may even be crushed after ten years)
The examination to become an astronaut, the life of an astronaut, etc. are drawn carefully and plainly because the original is properly interviewing such part. For the characters, astronauts are qualified, work and living. The figure of an ordinary social worker who normally carries out the work of an astronaut is consistently depicted.
So, there is no dramatic element in that activity. Rather it should not happen dramatically. It is a trouble and an accident, and it is to the person's death intact to those involved in space development.

Despite being an organization dealing with advanced science and technology, at the same time, while simultaneously describing the internal state of NASA, which is also a rigid bureaucratic organization ruled under budget and due dates, and the appearance as an organized person who is being tossed by it, even though the underlying dream It plays the appearance.
Living normally as a society person, playing the role properly in the organization, making the dreams come true among them. It depicts the ideal ideal society.
I do not know what kind of work is for adults, but I think that it is an adult that I can taste this work.

It will not be the mainstream of the current animation, and it is impossible for such dramas and movies as this. Rather, it is mysterious that this work was being aired in this era. (If the backside is returned, it may be that such needs are present but it is not supplied enough)
If these works are aired at the time when ordinary people can be seen, I think that the evaluation of animation as a whole will change as well.

2014/01/25 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21255 Host:21264 Browser: 5386
[good point]
Examination for selected exams, no complaints up to distress in the moon

[Bad point]
Things that Hibito went on worrying about enlargement or poor tempo since the story that went to the moon
Extra version of Hibit

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I'm broadcasting for quite a while, I started about 80 episodes.
Although I finished seeing the buttocks for the time being, it was hard to finish watching all because there are a lot of stories.
Funny things with stable quality are interesting, but ...
I was worried about enlarging from the middle.
Especially when I got a total compilation that lasted 3 episodes, I thought for a while to stop looking.
Although I am concerned with enlargement,
As a story that Brothers gave the same thing to Sharon or something a nice story is broadcasted once in a while, I will eventually see it.
It is a work I would like you to see if you are not concerned about poor compilation and tempo.

2013/08/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13467 Host:13664 Browser: 6912
[good point]
The voice actor matches overall.
The tempo is relaxing and good to relax. to relax.
.op, ed is overall good
Since good people will come out, it will make me want to include Tsukkomi "I do not have such a good person", but if I change my point of view, "I wish I could meet up when people like this are in the world" or "I want to be like this I think that it may be inspired by thinking. I think that it is good animation for children in that aspect.
Work that tells compassion for people.
[Bad point]
For those who do not match, I feel the tempo is too late.
People who can empathize are limited.
Personally I think that Angela Aki 's ED did not match.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I entered from animation, handed out manga so I did not mind the slowness of the tempo. Rather, since animation was good, I became interested in reading cartoons, so I am highly appreciating animation. There was something that was familiar to relatives, such as Sharon 's illness, emotional transfer and it was a collapse of the lacrimal gland.
I am watching this when I am not feeling, I am energetic feeling the warmth of a person. One cry makes a lot more clear.
Therefore, I think that this animation should not be viewed as a successful story of Mutta but should be viewed as an animation to look at the connection of human beings. I saw this and said, "Why can not we trust people obediently?"
I got a chance to look back on myself. In that way, there is no such thing in reality, it is too gentle, it is too serious, it gets courage from the characters that are too good, is taught kindness, encouraged scolding and various things are felt I think so.
I hope that many people will be able to watch this feeling and share this feeling.

2013/07/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9331 Host:9279 Browser: 7858
[good point]
Selection tests up to 1-24 episodes and people every day The distress versions were interesting.
"Eureka" of Op 2 is good.

[Bad point]
Overwhelming drama, lack of catharsis. MOONLIGHT MILE Mix each other competing from the same route towards the same summit, or like a planetes, the ordinary people do not work hard without getting into love, either. Just clearly clear the exams with confidence. Although there are some troubles, anyway it will be fine. After all, the backbone going to space to the hero, intention, reason, purpose is weak.

A bit strange person comes out 〓〓〓That person is actually a great person 〓〓〓The main character I got bored with the pattern that he liked it.

It seems that it is not so in cartoons, but when it is anime, the flow of the story gets drowsy at a slow tempo. If Vincent Bold takes charge of the composition of animation, it seems to shorten the story so far until about 38 episodes.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was interesting to the hero of the first selection test and the thing about doing lucky things,
After that it became seriously serious, like trying to escape only the first from the earliest robbery,
As Mukkun was interesting, it seems that people who gradually can make it fuzzy will only break through the examinations purely.
The initial mediocrity older brother stuck to an excellent brother, the composition of drama nature, the feeling of inferiority to brother, feeling jealousy was scattered from the way,
I am sorry that it became a boring story as a spectacle as a work.
I am too busy to pass the exam. After that I understood that it would be this repetition until Mukkun went to outer space and the tempo was too late.
I could read that it will not come out any longer than my brother 's monthly distress already after all this talk,
Anyway, let 's watch it next week! Hook too much so I will not worry about the point at all so we abandon viewing with 53 episodes.
In this way it would have been fun because people who died on a daily basis in the moon and also made a touch expansion motivated me to go to the moon anything yet.

2013/03/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1856 Host:1869 Browser: 4825
After I finished my screening test I got a bit of pity and dropped my evaluation. I think that it is good as a dull. Just be sure to pull out there just because it will not be inside yourself.

Ironically it is that drama that I appreciated. The first half felt the tempo of the whole deployment very well well. After doing any selection tests, I remember who got stuck.

And the most exciting thing was the selection test. I am hiding in this work drama, but it is quite interesting here. It's cruel but it's fun to try people. I felt like this like kaiji. Quite a lot of things are bet for that person because it is pretty tense for the person, so there is a feeling of tension in the exam, and cruelty is alright as to how to try it more than anything else. Because this work Human drama is excellent, this dryness stands out contrary.

I think that it was the funniest space experience after all as long as it dares to say. This is not only an exam but also a drama well done. I remembered Reveias. A typical example of rain falling solid. A superb part where all the excellent elements of this work were intertwined.

I am satisfied after I have finished the selection test, but I do not want to see the following in particular. There is a sense of clarity in one episode one talk in a bad meaning. The refreshing feeling did not lead to the desire to watch next. Given that, the simulated experience was really excellent. I wondered what will become next next time.

But the trouble of Hibito was good. Apollo 13 is also so, but I think it is sarcastic to say that it is more interesting than trouble.

I have not finished yet, but when do you want to finish? I do not know, so I thought I could evaluate it already. Since I entered the training at NASA and picked up again, I think that there is no way to drop the evaluation. Is not there a thing to rise? I do not like works that are hard to get. If it is a manga this is not a disadvantage. But the works that passionate time like anime sees are quite painful of this.

Tempo is life for animation. I do not think evil or tempo control is bad. I think that it is a media difference because there is so much I do not mind if it is a manga. I think that it is natural because it is not a work made for animation. Because GAINT KILLING was also the same, I think that young magazines are more interesting stories about manga who is not for anyone's anime. You can say that the animator producer is bad. But I have recently come to think that it is something like anyone doing it. Since it is useless to talk about God's creation it will not be suitable for animation, but it's good to say that it's fun because the original is funny.

2013/03/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7339 Host:7379 Browser: 4895
[good point]
Middle-aged father can be evaluated only with this setting aiming for astronaut in the near future

Bad tempo
Because I am overflowing with 1 cool animation of Machine Gun Talk recently I feel bad extra tempo but in many cases in order to impress this line
In most cases there are reasons for highlighting this scene
I think that it is ant as a way to show

[Bad point]
Just a few story is simply a bad tempo

A storyboard is stable or not bad, but it is a mediocre storyboard, and there is no surprising production even at the best scene here

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is thought that adults are also seen works without going back to the original morning series

2013/01/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11834 Host:11892 Browser: 5145
[good point]
Music is very good. I'm getting it with music.
It was good until about the first 20 episodes. There was a mystery element in a closed room, and there are heartwarming stories in some places.
[Bad point]
From around 20 talks, the tempo became abnormally slow, the contents also became thin with the story sticking, and I could not bear to see it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
First half is very good.
Very bad in the second half.
Overall normal.

2012/11/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2347 Host:2271 Browser: 8230
Personally I am enjoying quite easily.
Because the animation of this hand which feels usually boredom and even boredom feeling is inclined to plus a little Aho but it is made to think something, you can enjoy the place where there is such undulating I will.

Evaluation is good.

2012/07/03 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1804 Host:1873 Browser: 10080
I was amazed.
Astronauts were such a simple occupation.
I thought that everyone who took the examination of Japan's proud JAXA was a genius of the University of Tokyo and so on. Aho with a low academic background like head-poking it to his boss kicks it off. Are you making fun of society?
You can not do stuff like head banging your boss in the profession called astronaut who is tested for superhuman mental power, etc. w w w w.
If it says "This is fiction!", There are neither yuan nor children, but the selling of this work is not realistic, since it makes it strange to real, extra unnaturalness stands out.
Unfortunately I saw this work and it made me unpleasant.
Even though there are a lot of people desperately trying to aim to become their own profession.

2012/06/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8407 Host:8360 Browser: 7310
[good point]
BGM is good

Story Actual JAXA, I do not think the selection of astronauts is this, but somehow realistic feeling comes to me Feeling is not cheap

[Bad point]
Tempo is bad a little long Hey ... The real production is wonderful, but I got bored ..w

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I am going to do it.

2012/06/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16475 Browser: 3012(Mobile)
Read the original.
I think that you can reproduce the original well.
My voice is not strange either.
For the moment I am enjoying it, I think that I will finish it as an interesting work without problems if I go there as it is.

2012/06/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2985 Host:2940 Browser: 4683
[good point]
As of now I feel supportive for adults who forget good dreams, children who follow dreams, or adults who can not give up dreams Fundamental dreams come to life Lost generations cheering animation

[Bad point]
Well there is a time to bring out the plateness to comparison, but from these two animated cartoons that they are astronauts who can be said to be animation similar to rocket girls and two spikes from Platenes and that they became astronauts and succeeded in the mission and said that ending It can be predicted that it will not replace the story flowingly as if he made his hero as his old man

In the case of rocket girl it is supposed to be forced into space astronauts but it can be predicted that this part will pass the aptitude test, pass, pass and pass to the universe and make the mission succeed

In other words, it is a human drama that is based on astronauts rather than SF
In terms of SF, it seems like a rocket girl told me one step ahead You can not expect such novelty as to show space development from now on
I anticipate that SF will be disassembled and realistic and will be disappointed with the content that is common

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I made an evaluation that I pray that I will betray expectations of this evaluation in a good way

2012/05/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36028 Host:36235 Browser: 8849
I am short of love

In short, this theme is not space development, I think that it is perfectly good looking and bad appearance to keep track of brothers' relationships and dreams, I think that it is inevitable to compare it with Planetes inevitably on the subject Even if the theme is different, the writing of the background material that is the background, depiction of space development in the case of this work affects the persuasive power of the work, the sense of reality, etc. The work which is overwhelmingly short of this planinales opening Even if it enters the main part in this work, it is zero even if it is already "understanding" feeling at already, it is not fatal in particular after 2025 that there is no feeling in 2025, after several decades However, even after subtracting the most difficult age from SF, which is ten years later, we carried out weightlessness tests that seemed to be problematic with free swimming of pools and aircraft, but there are no facilities on orbit I wonder if this type of There was a line called "face bases" (was it?), But it is not detailed how to describe "which" method, and there is no writing of enough to understand, but the mobile is modern it, the car as it is, Surprisingly, as it is

Not only technical but also social change can not be drawn For example, astronaut selection tests are carefully drawn, but regardless of how you think, the astronaut in that world looses the selection criteria from the present age Would not it be (it is tough to say that there is no difference, is it pilot degree?)
Although it can be thought that omission of Japan's space development until then, such as the fact that space development seems to be American monopoly or not related to the subject matter, we can omit contemporary space development from politics, economy, world situation From the perspective of SF fans in particular, it seems to be one-handedly felt that it may be depicted in detail, but since it can not be felt at the time of the seventh episode, it would be thin

I will not say that the drawing is also bad, but it is not good or not it is not good or not

However, I think that I can draw things like "people", "feelings", "relationships" I want to draw, comedies are more interesting than gags to be plugged into key points

Evaluation is normal

2012/05/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12744 Host:12668 Browser: 9671
I watched 82 episodes on November 25, 2013 and I will evaluate it unconditionally .. until the moment where Mutta and Kenji go to space ..

[good point]
Talking voice actor character

[Bad point]
I do not like the picture so much (bitter smile)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I did not expect much, but the relationship between hero and brothers, and the process until becoming an astronaut is much more than I expected but I wonder if you can enjoy it.

At the moment "highest".

2012/05/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34218 Host:34327 Browser: 5345
[good point]
It's funky to serious brother but "terrible" brother dog is real cute
OP is famous unicorn
[Bad point]
None at the moment
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I'm expecting it so "very good"

2012/04/30 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5886 Host:5866 Browser: 9671
I never read the original.

[good point]
There is a dream that can be a setting to become an astronaut.
On Sunday morning, as an animation playing on the nationwide network, the quality that you can see safely in the sense of seeing late - night animation.
Mr. Hiroaki Hirata's entertainment glows.
There is a reality where the story has stuck to the ground.

[Bad point]
The old man is a hero, a beautiful girl does not come out, and it is not a flashy development and may not be able to see charm by some people.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Among the animations that began in April, I personally may be enjoying the most.

2012/04/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22863 Host:22893 Browser: 7513
It is an impression of the point of viewing until 2 episodes. Original unread.

[About the work]
In the story of Japan in the near future, cars that appear are those that make me feel the near future, but the houses I live were almost the same as the modern day.
I think that the human drama is the main rather than the so-called space thing. Is the style brighter?

[good point]
〓〓〓Character - Hero of the hero (Mutta) is a little middle-aged man (31). With the unemployment as a trigger, I remembered my dream of becoming an astronaut when I was a child, aiming for an astronaut again while receiving support from people around me.
Even if you are older than a normal story, it is probable that the early 20s aim for the astronaut. However, in this work I felt that it is interesting to have dared to be 31 years old. The point that my younger brother has become an astronaut first is also a point in depicting the regret of my brother at the beginning.
In addition, Mutta himself is unexpectedly high in ability, and seems to have cleared the conditions of the actual recruitment requirements for JAXA's astronaut recruitment. When I looked at the application guidelines for 2008, I confirmed that there was no age restriction, mostly as Mutta was talking about in the work.
Personally I felt that the mother of Mutta that Mayumi Tanaka plays is good taste.

〓〓〓Actual Characters - It is a commonly used method to have a real person appear and make the story convincing, but it was quite surprising that the astronaut Mouri Mami came out. Personally it was a key point that being a legendary existence among astronauts.

〓〓〓Theme Song - I think that one of the charms of this work is "Dasakakko nice". In that respect Unicorn has many nice songs, and I think that the theme song "Feel So Moon" is also exciting the work.

〓〓〓Space photograph of this week - There is a corner where you can see a photograph of the astronaut's astronaut Akihiko Hoshide who trains at the end of the program. Hoshide is experiencing the mission in space in 2008 and will be staying for a long time in space from July this year. So I think that you can probably see photos taken in space, so I'm looking forward to this section.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓The story centered story - Personally I believe that there is no problem if the owner is interesting even if it is a hero. However, I think some people like beautiful girls, beautiful girls, and youngsters who like active stories. So it may not be recommended for those who like such works.
Some characters are likely to become heroines from now on, but at the moment we are not involved with Mutta yet so I can not say nothing.

〓〓〓Drawing - I felt somewhat sweetly the drawing of people and backgrounds. I think that it is necessary to make the background the same as thinking about the balance as character design matches the original. Just a space telescope and a car that appeared felt to be relatively high quality (probably CG), so I received the impression that the balance was not well taken.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Before watching, I was imagining "the two Spicas" or "Planetes" as the same astronaut thing, but this work has "Dasakakko Yo" and "Heatness" that the old man overcomes difficulties, and its goodness I felt it was showing the viewers well.
Although there are scenes with a sense of urgency, I think that there is a comical production in some places and that the point that we devise to accept it in a wide range of age groups is also good.
I feel that the power of the production side will be put into the fact that there is a rebroadcast frame.
I will keep my expectation in future and evaluate the evaluation as "very good".