[Anime]Space Emperor God Sigma

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TOEI TOEI ADVERTISING,LTD. Tokyo 12 channel Itaru Orita Kanda Takeyuki Taguchi Katuhiko Hisashi Yamazaki MASAKI TSUJI Hirohisa Sota
Kaoru Shintani Kazuhiko Utagawa Yutaka Izubuchi
Yatsude Saburo Asei Kobayashi Takeichi Masahisa Isao Sasaki KOUROGI73 Columbiayurikagokai Kaori Kumiko
Kei Tomiyama Yoshito Yasuhara Tessho Genda
Kousei Tomita Kumiko Takizawa Kenichi Ogata Rihoko Yoshida
Noriko Ohara Shouzo Iiduka Mikio Terashima
Yuusaku Yara
Japan Released:1980/03/19(Wed) Tokyo 12 channel SUN-TV TV / End:1981/03/25
Opening movie (1)
Ganbare Uchu no SenshiGanbare Uchu no Senshi
Song:Isao Sasaki KOUROGI73 Columbiayurikagokai Lyrics:Yatsude Saburo Compose:Asei Kobayashi Arrange:Takeichi Masahisa [Fan reg.]
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2011/05/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15278 Host:15503 Browser: 8753
Sci-Fi giant robot animated drama aired in 80-81. In the year 2050 AD, the Earthling entered the universe and developed the planets of the solar system, but Jupiter's planet Io will be occupied in accordance with the attack of the `Elder star` came from the future of 2300 years. Yoyo 's young man "Ikitoshi Yaya" rides the 3 - body united super robot "God Sigma" developed by Dr. Kazami Dr. along with a friend' s Julie Noguchi 'Kira Kensaku' and confronts Elder 's army corps.

This work was also produced by the flow of the robot animation prosperity at the time, it is being produced under the influence of "Mobile Suit Gundam" or the space robot thing line. Since the appearance of Gundam, the content set on the earth was thought to be old, this work is also the other planet as the stage, but cooperation with the hero blood hero and friends. Union etc. included "Getter Robo" I follow the traditional route.

The protagonist "Tatsushima Tadashi" is a hero of a hot-blood type which is common in this animation work, and `Juri Noguchi 'seems to be a combination of mad elements in the adolescent form of Kita Kochi (Converter V) . `Kensaku Kira 'is a human type that is fragile to friendship, it is a common character for this handwork here. Although it is `Dr. Kazami Dori 'which is the essential part of this work, the appearance is an ordinary scientist and there was no such impact. `Kasuga Rie '' Minako 'Our female character had its own charm.
"God Sigma" consisting of three bodies of 'Vampire King', 'Hakuikao' and 'Land Earthquake' had a distinctive atmosphere different from that of a human face robot until then. The technique by 'big wing attack' using the back wing and the giant sword `Musou sword 'was powerful as it was, but this also inherited the flow of other robot things, so there was no unique impression.
The president of the enemy 'Elder Army' Total Commander 'Terral' and the invasion mechanism 'Cosmo Zaurus' were also present settings, which was not what it was.

The story is attacked by the `Elder Army 'from the future, the planet' Io ', which became a colonial star of the Earthling, was attacked, and the altars and altars to get back to Io fighting into the huge Robotics and fighting , It involves a fight of `Trinity. Energy 'which controls strength and fate with powerful energy. However, as these were also contents of conventional work, it seemed that there would be no distinctness if proceeding as it was, the development of betrayal of the command scientist`s Kazami Dori 'who supports the leading actors It was done. I certainly made the talk exciting, but I do not know if it was good.

Although this work may have been characterized by the design of the leading role Robo, the overall setting is not inferior to other works, it feels like there was nothing unique in everything, so the evaluation is [normal]. Still it seems that it has been continuing for one year, but I feel a lot of twists and turns compared with the first half. The current robot animation is similar to this work though.

2007/06/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40763 Host:40597 Browser: 5234
The place setting is good. But the major drama is useless.
Drawing also spoils the Shinya character of the corner. Therefore, the mechanical warfare is also very tasty.
Power-up drama too fits into the mold and it does not get excited at all.

It was a boring work that Kawenen taste as a whole was insufficient as a robot animation.

2006/02/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3491 Host:3588 Browser: 5237
Although the impression of the story is thin, the theme song of OP and ED is a mysterious program remaining in the impression.
In the meantime, I learned the order of water, gold, fire, tree, soil, heaven, ocean and dark by the ED of this program.
OP was surely Sasaki Kiso. So, do you have an impression? I like you, Isao Sasaki.
Certainly, the enemy's commander is a beautiful manly dancer, it seems that he understood as a hero in the last stage and became a friend ...
Because the alien who attacked is actually coming from the future, because the stars of the aliens had been invaded by the Earth forces in the future world, aliens who changed the history changed to save the mother star near death It seemed like a time slip in the past with sensible preparedness.
It sounds like a story that ...
Talking about the heroes who sympathized with it by traveling to the future world to cooperate with the aliens and fight the future army of the global army?
Even if I dig through my hardest memory, I can not remember what episode was at all by the synopsis.
It may be a mysterious work in a sense.

2005/09/04 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18924 Host:18609 Browser: 4487
Tentatively, ED's songs and toys are memorable. Particularly with respect to superalloys, there is a memory that was high in perfection alongside Golione of [lord Beat Golayon] of the following program. However it may have been impossible to completely reproduce the proportions. It seems that there were even things I thought of "It is a lie!" In the figure of the village throne, landmask quake, Hakuon king standing all together with ED animation. With BANDAI's current technology, I think that God Sigma, but Giorion can be refined to a more complete "superalloy soul" ... Is it impossible?

By the way, this work was said that the quality concerning drawing was remarkably low due to the large number of oversea ordering, but further cells of the earlier times disappeared in the fire and it was reluctant to make it again, It was said.

2005/09/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19915 Host:19877 Browser: 5234
The picture is also shabby, but the story is also shabby. Later on I got a substitute "Psycho Armor Government", but it was a level that was somewhat strange.

Mr. Kaoru Shintani was a character design in this work, but what kind of thought was it about the severity of so much? God Sigma itself is also a sharp gimmick and a weeping design. Well, I did not know Kaoru Shintani at the time I saw it, I was simply looking at it because it was an early childhood that I do not understand at the time, but the last Toei robot of Sunrise cooperation which is the previous program of this It seems that the work "Future Robo Daltanius" had an impact ....

Because it was too bad, it may have changed to a form close to safe in "live Beast Golayon" of the later program. It is a long time ago that was an infant I did not know anything and it was a long time ago ....

Although it is a participation in SRW, I think that it is reproducible if Mr. Koichi Yamadera who played Duke Fried and Ancient Division in game played. Well, whether to put out is another matter.

2005/06/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32606 Host:32453 Browser: 4487
I like the design of God Sigma, and likes songs from ED, but the most important animation was pulled by footsteps such as the worst paintings of quality due to oversea orders. Kaoru Shintani who had a character deja may also have been laughing at the moment when he was watching TV whether he was absolutely indignant or laughed. Shintani characters are said to be difficult to move, but it would be impossible for overseas teams that are technically immature. It was a cruel substitute such as the position of the foot of the Land Earthquake and the Sea of 〓〓〓〓〓he Phoenix at the time of coalescence of the first God Sigma being reversed and both being the Landmark.

The late Dr. betrayed crazy and betrayed that the hero who was ally to Sole will be killed and will be surprised also by Nagai Kazuya and Sakura multigogo work The origin of the expansion in the first place is that the enemy Elder people are the ones who came from the future So, it is lucky that I got interested in the technology of the time leap, and Dr. Kazami tries to know Solle and betray it to Elder.

Although it would be impossible for one of the main casts to be a deceased, although this event seems to be interesting ...

2005/01/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20067 Host:19814 Browser: 4184
Although it is interesting after the appearance of the latter half of GaGaun, it is interesting though, but the drawing and the first half of the deployment is a personally favorite work, but these two points can not be defended.

"The enemies from the future" "The identity of Terral" "Understanding between Mr. Yagya Terar and Mr. Terar in understanding" "Betrayal by Dr. Kazami" was a good element but it is regrettable that it lacks a conclusion. Just because the previous program is a masterpiece, I will compare it.

By the way, I loved jury, my second-best character who is not mercilessly trying to kill my father and doctor rather than cool.

2004/08/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1069 Host:666 Browser: 4925
It is a story saying that if it aimed for being able to forgive, if Kiwamono deployment also done so far, it decomposed in the air. Not only was Shinitani character feeling bad, but the second half of the bankruptcy was a problem. There is no catharsis, too.

2004/08/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6393 Host:6259 Browser: 4925
> I remember that someone of the enemy rolled over ... ... ... and the enemy's boss was being shot and killed by the hero in the hero

I am remembering that a friend Dr. Kazami turned over instead of being an enemy.
Even though I went to bed, I was talking to the universe with the hero, but ,,,,,
If you are pretty bad and I hate to have so much together Why are you with me?
I had an impression that. I do not remember why I went to bed, but ...,,

2004/06/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7611 Host:7405 Browser: 3646
This is an old coalition super robot animation.
Both the opening theme song and the ending theme song remain impressive.

The lyrics of the opening are "Sigma Sigma, God Sigma! Sigma Seeum God Sigma! OH ~ Union ...!"
I recall that I was singing enthusiastically.

"Water gold basement fire soil Tian Amai 〓〓〓~ 〓〓〓quot;
Certainly ... Certainly .......... (Wrong?!).

But ......... I can not remember the details of what the content was all about.
I remember that someone went back to sleep ....... And it seems that the enemy's boss was being shot and killed by the hero in the hero ... ... anyway, the story Although I do not remember details of it,
I think that it was not a bad animation.