[Anime]Space Boy Soran (Uchyu Shonen Soran)

Other media: Comics:Uchuu shounen Soran
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Kazuya Fukumoto Miyakoshi Yoshikatsu Weekly Shonen Magazine Koudansha Aritsune Toyoda MASAKI TSUJI Toyo Asida
Yasui Kazumi Izumi Taku
Asai Yukari Kuwayama Masakazu Masako Sugaya Yoshiko Matsuo Gorou Naya Toshiko Maeda
Japan Released:1965/05/04(Tue) TV / End:1967/03/28
Japan Released:1965/07/24(Sat) Movie
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2010/07/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12010 Host:12222 Browser: 10070
SF action animation drama of the original Fujimoto Kazuya aired in 65 - 67 years. In the accident while flying with parents and an unknown in childhood "Tachibana Soran" who escaped one was rescued by Soran star, and Saoran was made a cyborg with a heavier gravitational heavier star than Earth, a space squirrel `Chappy ' Returning to the earth to search for an older sister who was alive together with him. Archeologist `Dr. Kogetsuki. While living in a parent and child's house, struggle against evil with cyborg power and super powers cultivated with Soran star.

This work animated the work of Professor Fukumoto's original work which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine, and at that time, a boy such as "Astro Boy" or "Tetsujin 28" etc., "Super Jetter", "Wolf Shonen Ken" etc. It is believed that the work whose main character was proud of it was popular and was produced by piggybacking on it. The protagonist "Soran" is a cyborg that has been remodeled by other planets, fighting the evil of the earth by taking advantage of its special abilities. Well, the setting around here is not so different from "Rainbow Squadron Robin", "Super Jetter", etc. that were on air at that time, but it may be that the elements of "Cyborg 009" are also included in the cyborg Hmm.

The story is a special effect at the time that "Soran" who returned to Earth as a solo star became a cyborg, fighting against the evil of the earth while searching for a sister who lives behind.The typical of a good moral type of animated hero program Although it is a form, it was attractive that the boy who is looking at elementary school (upper grades) raw type blows evil one by one with superhuman power one after another. The style which imitated his space suit will also be handed over to "light speed Esper". The partner 'Chappy' was also pretty cute. But he seems to have somewhat disputed with stealing Tezuka characters, so Tezuka sensei went out of the magazine, but he did. The enemies also appeared variously unique things such as `New Mankind Mu '' Demon Godrona '' Super Electric Brain Guy Bar '', and it was a great idea how Soran will break down.

Although this work is early in Japanese animation work and its animation technique is also monotonous, characters such as "Soran" and "Chappy" of the mascot were also nice, both the story and the action were monotonous but powerful, it was quite fun I think so, the evaluation is [very good]. Even before, there was a work in which a boy was active with special effects like "Magokori Detective" "Shonen Jet", but I feel that it was this work that gave the impact as a boy fighter.

2004/09/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9063 Host:8898 Browser: 4184
Regardless of the evaluation of the posterity world, despite the scenario of opportunisticism,
I was knocked out by the charm of the character and romance.
What is the "girl in the unexplored area" who used the tower as a motif, the romance with Sheila is something in my heart that hurts my heart.
Mika was unrequited love when you looked big.
I imagined one after that and enjoyed it.
It is the same as the anthology of contemporary children's doujinshi. surely.
There were many defects in the scenario, and I think that the theme was also an undigested story, but it was a piece that attracted much and appealed so much.
It is unusual at that time, I think that the hero who has many troubles, which is caught by the enemy or is torn as soon, has attracted many girls' hearts.

2004/03/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 277 Host:86 Browser: 6537
No, it is already nostalgic. (I was watching it in real time)
A globe (?) Spherical ride from Soran star comes out in the middle of the program.
There was a plan to recruit that naming to viewers. (Originally it was called "bubble machine")
I also applied, but the final name was eventually "Angel". It was something I thought to my child 's mind that the sponsor was determined by various companies due to the influence of Morinaga. I would like to have an opportunity to meet someone involved at that time. (It is still in the 60s now?
A metallic sound effect is left in the ear that can not be called "Tashita" or "Shashasha" when you rush.
I had a doubt that the "shining pendant in my heart" actually shines on my belly.

2003/09/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11024 Host:10915 Browser: 6993
Ooooo, like this ...
It is meaningless to add commentary from the current point of view.
There are various ways and disadvantages.
The feeling when I was watching it in real time was still the best

2003/05/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5736 Host:5775
Recently, I reviewed it with CS. I know that there was a flowing story through the whole.
Now I use the story that has one season for one episode gently.
Is it because you want the story of a bad picture?

2002/11/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:2532
It's interesting as a story, but something like Atom is unpleasant.

2002/11/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:3898
It is quite a long time ago Anime is born It was already after the end of the broadcast, I have seen only a little, compared to other animations in that era, there is not much difference Why and why Or, Atom before this is more funny. If you have objections, please pardon me

2002/11/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:2399
Twelve years ago (1990) At the time of a baby, a nuclear rocket (spacecraft) that was on board with his parents came in accident and one of them in a small rocket (escape pot) by hands of parents, from a nuclear rocket on the verge of breaking down and exploding After being injected,
Cyborg boy "Soran" bred by Solan, the most civilized planet in the Galactic Federation.
In order to search for an older sister who is supposed to be on the planet, it will return to the earth with the chapter of the universe, but for some reason it fights against evil .....
Draft of 1965: Kazuya Fukumoto, Haruyuki Kawashima Original: Miyabu Yoshinobu Producer: TCJ (present Aiken)
Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)
Screenplay: Kazuya Fukumoto, Yotsu Toyoda, Mitsuji Tsuji
Director: Isao Kawachi, Tsuneaka Seko, Yoshiyuki Torii
Drawings: Shizuko Shikaoka, Toyohide Ashida, Norio Yazawa
Music: Izumi wanted voice appearance Yukari Asai (Tachibana Soran)
Masako Sugaya (Chappi -)
Kuwayama Shoichi (Dr. Kogetsuki)
Yoshiko Matsuo (Old Moon Micah)
Goro Naya (Dr. Tachibana)
The secret pendant of a passage in the theme song "~ shining in the chest ~, secret pendant ~ 〓〓〓quot;
In fact it is estimated that the number of people thinking that it is a buckle of a belt rather than a chest, estimated?
The pendant of Soran 's mother' s memoirs was a perfect map by combining with the other pendant of the weaver (Hitomi Tachibana) a map of the places that hidden the anti - proton bomb design drawing, You seem to be able to understand its plus (seems?)
(The place is certain, is not it the Taklimakan Desert?)
Anyway, is it a bad party Soran aiming for Soran's pendant? (Jupiter) Then, a tough enemy and others with strong Galant and supernatural fighters and others are appearing one after another!
The battle against the rogue always accompanies the space boy Solan.
As for Soran, there is only a fossil cyborg and it is extraordinary even in outer space and without space suit! (Was my breath long?)
350 Km / h. Rapid foot faster than a sports car, and a super jumping ability, a strong body and a robust body are weapons.
(There is something that can also communicate with the director 's "〓〓〓〓〓〓boys 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓quot; as for this tremendous physical ability?
Space animal with ability to hide predictive abilities and figure Space squirrel (〓〓〓) 'S "Chappy" has an antenna for telepathy communication? The tail glows, it flew around the air and was a talkative squirrel?
White beard bald "Dr. Kogetsuki" has only one hair at the top of the head, a heavy smoker who always has a cigar (although it seems to be the world's archaeologist)
Then, "Mika" who was preoccupied with Soran at the beginning, these were regularly appearing as regulars (do you think?).
Although it is a serpentine at the end
In TCJ production, the Super Ji 〓〓Tatter ride was "Meteor Shop", but that of Soran was a spherical "Angel" (provided by Morinaga?
It does not matter, but in cartoons it was a "bubble machine" (apparently?)

2002/10/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24005 Host:24186
Haa, it was a nice monochrome animation Morinaga Sponsored.
S For about 40 to 42 years.
There is a memorandum that I was pretty happy to see, too

2002/10/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:1588
Well this nostalgic anime was up already.
As for contents, it is long before it becomes so long ago, but it is not in the memory at all,
Memory that I was watching the black and white screen every week remains.
The pet like a squirrel (name: Chappy) is left in the impression.
I think that it would be good as it seems that it was fun at the time.