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Yoshinori Nishizaki
Yutaka Izubuchi
Yuki Nobuharu
Shinichi Yamaoka
Takashi Imanishi Yasushi Isitsu Kimitoshi Yamane
Takakura Takesi Makoto Kobayashi
Kazutaka Miyatake
Minoru Maeda
Tomohiro Yoshida
Miyagawa Akira Hiroshi Miyagawa
Takayuki Sugo
Daisuke Ono
Suzumura Kenichi
Houko Kuwashima
Houchuu Ootsuka
Kenji Akabane
Shigeru Chiba
Keiji Fujiwara
Aya Hisakawa
Rie Tanaka
Rina Satou
Aya Uchida
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Daisuke Hirakawa
Hiroshi Tsuchida
Toshihoko seki
Motoki Takagi
Kouji Yusa
Satomi Moriya
Ryuichi Kijima
Mitsuru Miyamoto
Unsho Ishizuka
Sinji Ogawa
Tessho Genda
Masashi Ebara
Kikuko Inoue
Koichi Yamadera
Yousuke Akimoto
Akio Ohtsuka
Norio Wakamoto
Katsunosuke Hori
Shizuka Ito
Yutaka Aoyama
Kotaro Nakamura
Junpei Morita
Minori Chihara
Masashi Hirose
Jyoji Nakata
Setsuji Sato
Shinpachi Tsuji
Suwabe Junichi
Kyohito Yosikai
Yutaka Shimaka
Daisuke Egawa
Hiro Yuki
Toru Ohkawa
Takashi Onoduka
Akemi Okamura
Japan Released:2012/04/07(Sat) Movie
Japan Released:2013/04/07(Sun) 17:00-17:30 MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. TV / End:2013/09/29
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1. http://yamato2199.net/ (Translation)
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1. https://twitter.com/new_yamato_2199
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TV版 宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199 OP 「宇宙戦艦ヤマト」
Lyrics:Yuu Aku
Compose:Hiroshi Miyagawa
Arrange:Miyagawa Akira [Fan reg.]
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2017/04/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 170 Host:402 Browser: 10144
[good point]
Must see the visual beauty. When I first saw the mechanism group that moves with the current technology, I was touched.
Improvement of convincing power of mechanics centered on Yamato (breadth of bridge etc)
Although it is a bad point, division of the role of forest snow (detailed in bad point)
Drawing people and regime on the side of Gamiras, the thickness increased in the world view (thickness in stories, miso that can not be written)
The existence of white comet empire has already been told in Samgyung of the Gamirasu power zone, and expressions are added to show the magnitude of Gamirasu. It is difficult to imagine that such a big country is engaged in one Yamato, so this is good.
Mr. Nishizaki 's revival story and Matsumoto Oita' s New Yamato is a few times better, as the original story is solid.

[Bad point]
Obviously Matsumoto Character. Even though Matsumoto Mekki was born, the situation of an adult who does not appear at all in the table. I feel a sense of incompatibility. Was it not possible to credit even with the original character plan?
Stories and characters that are concerned with reality are generally light taste. The theme does not come.
There is no need Moe Nori. Is this obviously a harmful effect of a geek director? Of course, there is a scene to heal the tiredness of a long journey, but ... I think that I can make a new fan even if I do not do such a thing.
It would be nice to increase the number of female crew members to share the role of forest snow of the old work (I think that there were things like communication, searching for enemies, nursing, living etc, There are no figures of forest snow. Naturally it is abruptly approaching ancient times.
President of Desler is just a guy. (However, it can be said that it is correct from the original model)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Since I am also an old generation, I think that I would like to keep comments including probable nostalgia for old works by mistake, but it is also true that there are still many disappointing parts about this work. I think that the old work was delicious and the teaching stuff was there but there was a skeptical theme with a single line.
Also, I am depicting Gamiras side, but this is incomplete. Although I forced such an episode, it is less than the number of stories of the old work, so I think that it is tough to be tough. I wish I should have painted it carefully just like pulling out there just like Gundam. The Origin ... It was a tough overwhelming result that it got thinned down to the depth of Yamato side because I took the number of talks halfway.
The aim of drawing the Gamiras side is still the part of "There is logic of the partner in the partner", but while making it a mysterious enemy to some extent, the old work made to tell the ancient after the main star destroyed may be refreshing.
Tsutsumi is the behavior of Starsha after arriving at Iskandar. It will not be a word to cast a long journey to the crew that finally came through the dead ground.
I think that it is a bad example that sticking to building a worldview geekly too much, the story of the main thing became disagreeable.

Sorrow, chasing after new works are complaining and complaining. I hope to see 2202 after having a whole story.

2017/03/30 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16115 Host:16010 Browser: 10241
[good point]
Image quality, character looks,
The details of the mechanics, the music, etc. are faithful to the original, and the quality up is done.

[Bad point]
It is a massive assault on the whole, lack of feeling of tragedy, crisis, lack of sense of crisis, every time on the old TV TV Yamato How many days to the day of the destruction of the earth, if there are many things to say, I do not know, it is regrettable that the image quality or the like is high expression, etc.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As a remake, I think that I made it well,
To the people of today's generation, I think that it is somewhat funny work, but expressions of emotions are not good, so I do not know the merit of real Yamato.
Anyway, Yamato is a pioneer of SF animation, there are a lot of artists and animation works influenced by this, 40 years since remaking, so I think that the original Gundam and Evangelio are being remade after 40 years I think whether it is hard.

2016/09/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22364 Host:22235 Browser: 4703
[good point]
Mr. Mizuki who is doing the theme song as an anison, Mr. Moriki, Mr. Horie and other big choirs. Described and movement of beautiful mecha by CG anyhow. It complements the part which old part does not reach. The crew of Yamato who increased and the person on the side of Gamirasu and each human pattern. Complex internal circumstances on the side of Gamirasu. Presence of the citizens of Gamirasu and the future There will be symbiosis with Iskandar. Arrangement of a good meaning in the process of rebuilding old episodes.

[Bad point]
Some crewmembers who died at the end but remembered "Farewell" to feel uncomfortable. I am thinking that directing .. .. little .. is .. .. .. For example, Yuki blew up the base of Gamirasu and find the ancient of Cosmozero it is a wide space so let's put a scene that I desperately want to search with a communication machine or radar.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The old work was an important work that changed the common sense of Japanese animation. Ruminating that story in the mind at that time many people should have made doujinshi. There may have been such people amongst the staff, and probably I think that I made this animation with the feelings of those days (I want to think). To be honest, I am myself watching with tearful eyes when I am watching. I would like to thank the advancement of the times for CG depiction which is beautiful and smooth for Yamato and other mechanics anyway. Human drama is also Yamato side.With respect to the old work that both sides of Gamilas side are getting thicker, there was enthusiasm for that feat "Because we make it" like this. I do not think that everything is going well, but first I would like to accept this work. Although I was an insulated mouth from Yamato after "Farewell", I met "Yamato" which was convincing for the first time since the old work "Yamato".

2016/09/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44839 Host:44790 Browser: 11106
[Good point] The picture quality is beautiful.

[Bad point]
Because the name of the ship is also snowy in Japanese anime, it would have been better if the martial arts singing in the snowy ship of one episode used "warships march".

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that BGM was good as it was in the old work without re-recording.
I think CG can be slowed down and I think that hand drawing can reproduce gritty texture peculiar to Zenji Matsumoto. I thought that the old work is winning that point.

2016/02/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8594 Host:8651 Browser: 7918
[good point]
1, the image and BGM are excellent, and additionally, the movement of the ship is considerably concerned. Therefore, the scene of the fleet warfare is terribly spectacular.
Movement of fighter aircraft was also excellent, dog fight was also spectacular.

In the image, I think there is interestingness as image DVD. It is not a gravure idol, but a mechanism is the main character image DVD.

2, as a whole, it was not interesting. But in some places, a very interesting episode was pinched.
The battle on Pluto was exciting. I was amazed at the activity of the dimension submarine which I command Fulaken. I love all scenes where generals are active.
But, other episodes were not very funny.

[Bad point]
1, because several people are writing scripts, the headaches of funny stories and bored stories are intense. And there are many boring stories.
An interesting story was as enthusiastic as I felt as a shortage. But otherwise it was mediocrity. It was mediocre rather than bad.
Furthermore, I think I get angry when I think that the scenes of the activity of the Domen fleet have been cut in order to enter that mediocratic episode.

Although I am individual opinion, I think that Mr. Moutohibi is not suitable for screen writers. I think that it is better to devote himself to Mecha deza.
The story development is unusually roundabout. Conversation also has a marvelous place. Therefore, dynamism is not born in the flow of the talk, there is no catharsis.

2, Deserr is too small and I can not feel intelligence. It is a character whose limits of creation came out that you can not make smart characters better than yourself.
At the time of the first appearance, it is Nakaji's disease but it was cool, it gradually became a dwarf character. Therefore, the climax does not get excited at all.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because the fluctuation of interest is intense, I will evaluate it by DVD.

Volume 1: Bad. I was irritated by the circling development peculiar to Mr. Ideobuchi.

Second volume: Very good. I was thrilled about the first full-scale fight at Pluto.

Three volume: Normal. In a common story, I did not feel novelty. To be honest, if you have anything else you want to do or you are busy with work, it is a content you do not mind having to go to the rental shop to borrow.

Fourth volume: The best. At the beginning of the eleventh episode, the Domen fleet is too cool. Although the fleet warfare of the Gamirasu fleet led by General Domen is drawn, it burns with the superb command of the Demlus !! And it is Moe to the goodness of the Gamirasu ship! It is a synergistic effect of burning and Moe and it was the most funny.
Episode 13 is a full-scale battle episode alongside Pluto, and it was fun to the highest. It was a thrilling breathtaking deployment that took advantage of the feature of the dimension submarine that can not be founded because it is dive in a different dimension, and I could not take my eyes off the screen one time. I love to compare wisdom with an enemy that I can not see.
Furake Ken of the new appearance character is also coolest at the highest.

Fifth volume: Good. In the 15th episode, the first battle with the Domen fleet is drawn. It's a hot fleet fight, it's cool. Although the ending is incomplete combustion, I think that it is a good development in order to draw the domain as an excellent commander without ending the story.

Volume 6: The best. The fleet decisive battle in the Niiko clusters was the most interesting. Especially twenty talks, three of them are enough, and their eyes were nailed on the screen. Although it was a runaway in the final stage, it is interesting that it feels that the scale is insufficient.
I think that twenty - one story and twenty - two story could be put together. And I think that it was okay to turn that scale to the Niikii clusters edition.

Vol.7: Bad. Because Desderr is a small item and is just a madman, it is a late final stage that does not excite at all.
After talking about when I arrived at Iskandar, I wonder if there are also three stories, I think that the development of the final stage was summarized more briefly.

The average in all volumes is "good".
I just felt that there was a lot of useless episodes, I wanted you to omit those kinds of things and increase the scale of the Niikai Star group edition a little more. The deployment of the final stage is running so fast that I agree with the dialogue that Burger's phrase "Such a conclusion can be convinced!"

2015/02/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24095 Host:24094 Browser: 4894
[good point]
The best battle scene. I do not need a robot and I can do well here.
The opening section is also the best. I am trying to solve the impossible part of the old work.
[Bad point]
Although the story of the main story is solid, how do you get short of the scale at the end?
Also, it is light. Anyway it is light.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works that are insufficient.
It would be nice to have lots of women. Now it is not uncommon for female crews to be in both the real world and combat ships.
However, as for Aho hair as design. It is not a work whose evaluation is a girl character.
Also, could not you prolong the total number of talks as long as there was a shortage at the end?
It is not a regular anime planning, it is a remake of the masterpiece Space Battleship Yamato so it is necessary to have a sole.
As a result, even if it becomes an odd number of stories that does not fit in each cool, it is better than a masterpiece falls to the ground. The direction of the decision is wrong.
And the biggest problem is the overall lightness. As the story progresses, the sense of Koreajanai becomes stronger and stronger.
Originally, the action criteria of characters of the space battleship Yamato should be a strong sense of mission arising from the sense of stoppage and despair.
Of course, there are no reasons such as easy dedicated dedicated factions and violations of orders to occur,
If such behavior is to occur, the price must always be life.
Soco needs to be prepared. However, this preparation is bad for young women.
For mankind, a woman who is ready to prepare for a macroscopic reason, smells something religious or brainwashing.
It is natural for a woman to prepare herself for herself and it is natural that Mother is always prepared.
A man who needs preparation for each such opponent will not be able to come.
So, in the Yamato where there is a young woman who is not Mother, the atmosphere gets lighter and lighter, and the heaviness of the old work can not be reproduced.

However, Kore was able to do because almost all of the staff were old generation which is the middle generation,
It will be extremely difficult to seek solos to the current staff.
A war ship with only an old man and a young man is a replica of the collapse state where veterans of the fighting band died,
There is no need to take the trouble to put in the description that the original crew dies.
There is no reason to be obsessed with the old work which brought Okinawa relief which the battleship Yamato was supposed to have originally performed in the anime to reproduce it by changing its form.

Well, if you go through a heavy theme, it's a very good work. Especially the early stage. That is why it is OK.
I do not know because of XEBEC, but I wonder if there is a sign of Nadesico because I care.

2015/02/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4292 Host:4047 Browser: 7858
[good point]
Battle scenes, mechanics, uniforms and designs have been redesigned for a better look
I was able to see the effort to add explanations to places where there were various inconsistencies in the old work
There is a part that kept the atmosphere of the old work by taking over some music
The cute female characters increased

[Bad point]
The character of major characters such as Mori Snow, Daisuke Island etc has changed
Analyzer does not work at all
Speaking of old works, the atmosphere that is extensive disappeared

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I would like to evaluate that the expedient part that I feel watching the old work was greatly improved. Certain explanations have been added to battle scenes and story development that seemed to be "not all" but "it would be impossible". It is also good that the battle scene became very cool and the presence and the speed came out.

However, the characters and settings have changed significantly from the old work, so I felt a sense of incongruity there.
The character of forest snow has also turned into a woman with restlessness, like a modern heroine, whose part it is awful has disappeared. That would not be convincing to those who liked the old work of forest snow. Other female characters who are not in the old work are increasing. Personally, the work got colored, and I think that it was good to increase the number because it is impossible for a crew member of Yamato to have only one woman in modern times. However, there was no need to change Yamamoto into a woman.

Also, as the number of characters increased, it was too bad that each person's spotlight faded away.
There is no place for an analyzer to do anything at all and I can not even find out the significance of existence. Even though we were showing great success only with old works. .

Since it seems to be a new work that inherited the setting of the old work, I think that it is a work that is not possible and impossible if such a way of enjoying is done.

2014/12/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3277 Host:3420 Browser: 4690
I am seeing all 26 episodes only fragmentally.
I watched a two-hour digest version published at Shochikuishi in CS Family Theater, but I think that it would have been better to take it as a whole new animation without bearing the name of Yamato.

If a human being who has a long-awaited old work watches it, the discomfort can not be wiped out by all means.
Especially it is rude that the name of "Matsumoto Zero" has been erased from the telop of the staff.

The biggest reason why the TV series of 40 years ago succeeded is that it is largely due to the visual of Matsumoto Oita who was responsible for the main flamboyant mechanical design and character design. In this remake version as well, the ancient and forest snow, the design of Starsia is the old work It is polite to name the name of Mr. Zenzo Matsumoto as it is the one that took over.
Regardless of the circumstances of various adults.

It is easy to think that crews other than snow are all men in the old work, but indeed it can be confirmed that there are some female crews in mobsheen on what story.
However, it is certain that there are few people, so you can see how the ace pilot 's Yamamoto was made a woman, or Mr. Sado' s assistant was put on the aisle for a new - generation animation fan.

However, this is the reason that makes Yamato's old generation fans feel a sense of incompatibility.
The new member's character deza is too modern to match the old members.
Especially Mr. Sanada's assistant's new finding was unnecessary.
Mr. Sanada there is no meaning in that place.
There was no sense of despair of the old work of the scene where Yamato was penetrated by drill missiles.
Episode that Mr. Masuda of technology chief of technology chief rushed into cold sweat and reversed it was a name scene, but in a new work it was made to feel like being going to such an excursion ....
It's not GJ!

A woman pilot who is a prisoner of the Yamato of Gamirasu (comes out with a sister of Starsia) or a woman pilot (a male in an old work) comes out and a man who is a captain Okita and others who tore the ulcers to the episode of those female characters Our drama is being sacrificed.
Basically Yamato is a sweaty stupid man a war story.
The woman's ingredients are disturbing in this work.
(If you want to supplement female ingredients you will see other works ..)

The feeling that the whole story became redundant can not be wiped out because various sort of omake is attached somewhat.
Wakamoto was playing the commander of the insurgent molecule on the side of Gamirasu but it is a good example that the atmosphere was being destroyed by a monster who was acting excessively in a funny intonation like "Sinobu" I

The music has renewed the score of the old work and it is only using it, the quality is not complicated and complicated.

It was pretty good until the episode that destroyed the reflective satellite cannon and the base at Pluto, but the side of the character was increased too much Including too much episode has been backfired.

Ito's rebellious episode (Ito's are conscious of Shinsengumi Ito Kousakutaro)
Although it was supposed to be used in the old work if it was originally, this also has a sense that it did not match the entire story for a moment.
To the end viewers are seeing all 26 stories of the old work.

(As a digression, the former Yamato was supposed to be originally scheduled for 39 episodes and was supposed to be drawing the process of returning back.) Ancient Mamoru became a cyborg and he was planning to enter "Captain Herlock" to cooperate with Yamato)

It is a minus point that Irritating (coexisting with Gamirasu) was done and the theme of the entire work became obscure and the presence of the members of the old work was deleted by incorporating a new episode.

Nevertheless, I have to evaluate the suitability of Yamato 's emerging scene and the weight feeling properly.
It was coolness not too good for foot step such as live-action version of Kimtaku.

Evaluate it sweetly and keep it "ordinary".

2014/12/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4954 Host:4853 Browser: 5141
Remake of "Space Battleship Yamato". The human race who was at risk of extinction by the planetary bomb of invader Garamisu,
Send the Space Battleship Yamato to the 1600 thousand light years far Iskandar ....

Although I have only seen the old work in a jump, I do not feel like getting back looking back at the old battle scenes of old-fashioned mechanical design and insufficient strength. I guess I was excited at that time, though ...
for that reason. It is very appreciated to refine with the current mechanical design and drawing technique.
The famous phrase familiar to the next announcement "Earth Day after death ..." and super famous theme songs sung by dandy beauty voice of Sasaki Isabi are alive. (It was unnecessary to arrange in the early stage of broadcasting)
A large-scale fleet warfare that reminiscent of Silver Britain, although there were few turns, the battle portrayal such as the wave method of deep powerful power was a masterpiece.
Also arranging songs of old music is used, and it is also a place that is fun for fans of former years.

Besides, contradictions of old works were solved in various ways, and I felt that there are quite a lot of good changes as a remake.
Among the changes, the biggest thing is that the characters have nearly tripled. Originally it is impossible for the main character to handle multiple functions simultaneously as in the old work in the ship 's work and it is impossible to handle it for 24 hours, at least for the reason that it is necessary to have about three shifts.
This is not a story told from an ancient or island point of view, but a group picture played by many characters.
Even with the same synopsis as the old work, the impression is quite different. The ancient era of hot-blooded people, the islands of silent are each ancient,
Character is reversed rather to a cheerful and clear island. Also, the reason why the number of female characters increased was the influence of women's advancement in society from the time of the old show. If I think about it now, I think that the crew was there so much that the red ripe point was too extraordinary.
Human relations became more complicated, I think that the gamiras camp and the Yamato ship internally had insurgent molecules, and by drawing circumstances that are not monoliths at all, I think that it became a more precise composition.

It was a shame, as the number of characters increased, the place where some of the key figures were insufficiently insufficient.
It feels that the hero and the heroine became lovers abruptly without too much events.
Also, depicting the final stage of President Desler. Early as a lonely dictator appeared, charisma was also pretty,
The last one is terrible to small objects. Where did the charm of the original version go?

2014/10/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
[good point]
High battle scene quality.
Especially the decisive battle with General Denaru and the decision with the Deserratt ship reduced the impossibility to develop the aggressive of the old work.

Okita vs. Dormle. It was good that there was a certain synopathy among people who are rich in actual warfare and stand on the front line.
In addition, circumstances in Gamirasu are detailed in detail, and on Yamato side, Deputy Managers. Because Sanada's judgment is standard,
I think that the two generals were outstanding.

[Bad point]
Weakness of digging down other characters. Especially ancient, Deserr, snow.

Brotherhood in ancient times, hatred being killed by Gamirasu is rounded to the island and the settlement on the inner side of the island is also Ayaya.
Even though it is important that such suffering and the protagonist face each other than the resultant life and death.

Deserr also loves the country and the citizen himself, and as it may have promoted the expansion of the version, the process of becoming a dictator of that crazy is not depicted at all, to truncate what he tried to protect himself.

The snow was kidnapped by being mistaken as Ulysha Although the foreshadow was stretched from the first half, after that there was no development like understanding the inner circumstances of the enemy country by touching various Gamilas people and there was no catharsis in the reunion with the ancient times .
I just wanted to do the situation of two people pulled apart like the old series "Forever" ...?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As stated by others, the stall after the middle stage is a disappointing work.
For older works, generations who felt warfare in their early childhood (although there is a sweet point in SF verification etc) chewed the experience and it is making it for the character story centered on the story of the first half and Okita and the dolls I felt the intention of inheriting from.
However, to describe a character centered on ancient times, a thing like "anime generation generation that does not try to think war with other people's affairs" is felt
(Including a negative legacy story of "Eva" etc) In the second half I saw the latter eroded the former.

Evaluation is "normal".

2014/09/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5171
"Space Battleship Yamato" and Sparrobo are fighting.
This is the word that came to my mind while watching this work.

The story begins where the fleet of Okita is unilaterally destroyed by the fleet of Gamirasu.

Ancient people head for Iskandar waiting for Starsha with Yamato loaded with wave motion engine sent from Starsha and return to Earth within one year.
Although the line of the talk is the same as the original, the modeling of the character is bad in the sense that it is a modern style and there is no fine dust as seen in the descrar where the line became thin and elegant wind,
A female character increased in vain has attached it with foil.
In particular, the insurance of the producer's female character such as DJ, Melda, Misela, Harada etc. in the ship's broadcast is quite a thing.
Even so, in the ancient times of the protagonist and in the original ancestor there is a partner called Starsha.

Melda witnessing the glance of Ling and Melda, the place where the fighter's ship is hit by a friend, Ito's coup d'etat,
Yamato cooperating with the ship of Gamirasu to pinch, Yamato and Deserr who tries to make the people of Gamiras prey to Desler guns,
It is clear what the producer wants to say through these.
However, with a typical spa robo style, as seen in the ship's banquet and the scene where the crews are unlocked after arriving in Iskandar,
Because the characters' behavior is light, there is no persuasive power like a picture to witness the town of Gamirasu whose ancients who dyed their hands with the blood of Gamirasu people became ruined,
The manner of talking is also childish as can be seen in the behavior of saying "Please doubt" Kaoru and Ito in the Izumo plan,
Shooting Ito's hand (I think that it is the head or chest if it is a grandson), the spa breeze around Ito's cool parentheses.

With this, we can not do a good evaluation even if we close our eyes to the ability of casting.

2014/08/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17782 Host:17882 Browser: 5173
[good point]
I got an opportunity to revive an old piece by remake.

[Bad point]
I do not understand the work "Yamato" at all and do not draw the theme, it is like a hobby doujin a color article animation of another thing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a stuff that used a big name of the past while saying a remake.

2014/04/19 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34612 Host:34535 Browser: 5147
I'm sorry, I will tell you a story that seems to diverge from the subject of the review.

Although the former Space Battleship Yamato was a science fiction warfare animation based on the composition of the Great East Asia War, I think that this Space Battleship Yamato 2199 was an animation based on the former "Space Battleship Yamato" to the last, I will.
Although it has certainly put the taste of the old army into the place we decided to be, "What meaning was there in the war?" "How should we take it?"
The former Yamato production team, or the theme that those people of the time thought to have thought out thought that it was not drawn only from the part which took over from the old Yamato in this 2199,
Moreover, I think that it was forcibly bent to make up a story.

If Yamato is to be remade now, I want you to take the theme that I dug into the past to accept what it is supposed to do in terms of the perspective of reality in the past war, and how to live it now It was.

It is wisely to blame the army which is not related to the hero or to put a mud on one of the deserrs who had to be a strong leader for their own country and then toss out the wave and make the gun also the Earth ... dare to use them to protect themselves We are deceiving the "poor aftertaste that triggered trigger" that should be owed to excuses for being able to blame.

"Army is doing arbitrary war, I started."
"War is a blame on crazy selfish leaders"
"It can be useless to use weapons of mass destruction (to be used) for self-defense"
What is it?
Is this what the war of the past seen from this era is good?
Although I do not think that it is good to easily overlay reality and creation,
The disappointment can not be forbidden to be such a thing when thinking about the theme and persuasive power which former Yamato had.

Descriptions of mecha, character, early stage was a result that made myself embarrassed just raised for directing.
It is very disappointing to have become an animation "Do not look at the forest by watching the trees".
Even if it is possible to be good as it is possible, I write it with "I think it is bad" from the bad impression.

Is it too much to say that if you do it up to Yamato, which somehow became an animation like Gundam SEED ...

2013/12/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14704 Host:14682 Browser: 5141
[good point]
Drawing that is overwhelmingly improved compared to the old work. Even though each time stability and high character deza are becoming modern, it is good while incorporating the features of the old days
Battle scene is high level. There is also a bargaining element, and CG is also using it well
The first half was interesting and interesting. I felt that I can fully understand how to proceed from the world view, rough story
Captain Okita 's presence
[Bad point]
Strong stall in the second half
To have a sense of urgency Every time until the end of the story the human race until the destruction 〓〓〓The day should have been displayed
Although it has only two courses, the group image dramatically drew out characters and dug down,
Drill down on any character. Because it is not a scale of legend of the galactic hero,
Should not be worsted
If you do not have the scale, girls talk, do not use weddings of armpit characters or 腟〓〓 the second half is too complicated. I was surprised when the battle talks with the important Gamiras moderate were done with narration
Because of that hero ancient and heroine snow even close to the air exists. Even if they do not exist, there is nothing wrong with it. Why did you change the cause of death with regard to snow? Even though the love to ancient times is a motive, although the behavior of the old work died in the act of saving all Yamato as a result at the expense of self, the current work shoots by covering the enemy Because it is an act of criticism or disappointing that it is a pros and cons, it is a problem that it is a problem to be impressed even if it comes back to the last.
There seems to be some aspects complementing the mystery of the old work, but the relationship between snow and Ulysses, the relationship between Gamiras and Iskandar (why is it faith), Iskandar 's technology, ancient guardian " There are many indifferent acts including the mystery leaving throwing away, explanation deficient, including the actions of the above snow, such as having performed an indecent act as a soldier as if using a soul (?
Deserr 's unpleasant accessories. Although it is the same thing that it is an accessory from an old work,
Invasion seeking a substitution of the star which is going to be destroyed from patriotism, there is a side which can understand that I obsessed with the defeat Yamato overthrow and sacrificed to the people. But for the woman who wrote it, the dictator who misunderstood the ideal is too empty, emptiness, discomfort comes out first. It also spurs that it was a headache in the bad meaning that it actually made the atmosphere that it seems like a crack of the current work from putting out a small smell from the beginning of the old work.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
About the old work knows including spoileriness. Because the name scene was something that I had seen with special feature etc.,
I watch it with expectation that this work is just a good opportunity.
In the first half I thought that it was more than Takuma 's "Advance giant" of the same period,
The stall in the second half was intense and I wrote it in the bad part and it was conspicuous, and overall I could not have a good impression. Although the old work was problem with the old work (such as stuck with Starsha due to the survival of the ancient Mamoru), it seems likely that it would have been more interesting to recreate the old work almost in a stupid way with this image. It was obviously more interesting to hear that the alteration is almost none.
Evaluation is "normal" in the comprehension of the first half "very good", the second half "very bad".
Although there are voices saying that the old reproduction reproduction remake is incompetent when looking at such kind of things, people who made it frankly are realized that they were actually capable.

2013/11/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19639 Host:19576 Browser: 5386
It is good that it is not a simple remake.
The thinness of the defense of the gamirasu main star twisted his neck with the old work was described as it was.
Yamato 's striking strength is set with a new setting "wave barrier"
Gamirasu VS Gato Lantis' dream card,
I think that the number of female crew members (although there were excesses of Moe elements) was also being arranged in contemporary style.
It was a good impression that the artillery fight which was not seen much in the old work increased considerably.

As a negative factor, deserrators' pure homeland love for the mother star Gamiras was almost completely denied,
It is an attitude that Starsha is experimenting with tribes suitable for surviving the earthling.
The fact that the Earth attacked first was not an important factor for the subsequent development,
It is too bad that the emptiness of the war was definitely lacking, which was intensely appealing in the old game Gamirasu this weekend.
Although it may be impossible in modern times to describe that enemy ally killing each other thoroughly.

Since we can understand the spirit of mutual understanding and coexistence and mutual prosperity that the creators reconcile with the gamiras,
Evaluation: Good ... but will it lead to "Farewell" or "2" in that way of tightening?

2013/11/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27550 Host:27619 Browser: 4894
I do not know the old work, it is before it was born. I saw what I was doing on TV, so I rated it accordingly.
Was the story also warped with Yamato, it was a composition that it seemed that the story seemed to be skipping somehow. Looking at the comparison with the theatrical release version, it seems that it was such a constitution as it knows how to fill the story of the second half.

Although I do not know the detailed circumstances, the original "Space Battleship Yamato" itself seems to be a political or full of adult circumstances, and its merits and demerits will still be discussed. I think that there were various twists and turns even when remaking it.
It was thought that the twists and turns seemed to have oozed out in the work.
Or, if I arrange and brush up the redundant part and the unclear part of the old work, I started thinking that it would be a work that shrunk the work of one year to about half, so why is it so? Is it a fact that it did not become?
But I wonder how much I can do by increasing the number of characters of that character?

I hear the rumor that the producer who worked on "Space Battleship Yamato" fell in love with the character of Desler and that there was a big influence on the subsequent development of the work.
This work is stepping on that stuff for some reason. Why is the depiction on the side of Gamiras polite?

No, I understand the reason. In order to avoid the situation that Yamato destroys Gamirasu, I draw a madness of political conflict on the side of Gamiras and Runaway of Desuler and I have to fortify with the elimination of Deserr. However, the depiction bias is bad.
Descriptions were biased to the extent that ancient times and Mr. Mori did not understand how well they got along well. (For this matter, it is also a problem that the depiction of Mr. Niimi is too thick).
Something, I've done too much extra on the whole, and I guess they did not need it.

If it could be evaluated, it would be a picture of a female character. Betty line emphasized by Pori's space suit, especially eroticism of the line from the waist down is a remarkable point. She is neither Moe character nor PR for young people. It's exactly the services for the Osan. (As the age goes up, the line of sight for male females is going downwards downwards.If female characters of late night animation must show pants, if there is no immediate physical thing called underwear, Male junior high and high school students do not show interest in the lower body of women)

On CBC TV, I usually do golf relay before this program starts.
On Sunday evening, how do you keep the channel attracted attention by 30 minutes until the father who had been sleeping in the living room and watching golf change the channel to the point at 5:30 pm?
Whether the name value "space battleship Yamato" and this erotic female character had certain effects.

Oh yeah, I saw it to the end, but it was a work that only comes down to such a downfelt impression. Although it makes beautifully, it is a work that feels like something.

2013/10/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1165 Host:1082 Browser: 5345
〓〓〓Original series are not seen at all.

It was really interesting from the beginning stage to the middle stage.
Each character is truly unique and each has a story.
No complaints of voice actor as well. The cast of Gamirasu luxuriously wrapped his tongue.
The battle scene is also impressive full mark.

I was looking forward to this weekly that it probably could be a masterpiece,
From around the dollar battle, it became extremely boring as if the work had changed.
Inadequate explosion in explaining,
Significant omission,
Destruction of Desertler,
The ending with no impression,

It stalled to the extent that I thought that the momentum so far was what it was.
I regret to say that it was totally interesting until then.

2013/10/16 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11207 Host:11443 Browser: 7424
In the first place to create Yamato now ... big question. It is a big deal with live action Kimtaku and "Revival Hen", but this is a mechanical designer of "III" and "Completion" as Nishizaki producer died and released the original author, Mr. Matsumoto It was not a mistake that I started with an attempt to let Yuki take a megaphone and create a new Yamato in a completely new form, but after all it was the first rehashing eventually, I think that adding arrangements seems to be very different from the way of making remake movie version of some kind of human complementary animation .......

There was consideration that I renewed the color of the character and did not give the image of the former Japanese army too much in the old work ... and the Yamato expression salute (putting my hand on the chest), but there is no such consideration here It's time to say that because the times have changed ... until then it still seems a bit different to call it anti-war. Arranging military terms in order ... Because for military fans, there is a feeling that "will Yamato close to reality a little more?", It is not difficult to imagine that it became such a form. However, it may be fresh for those who do not know Yamato or Yamato, but it is not very interesting from the standpoint of knowing, and if you do not consider such things so much and create various settings, it has ended in vain I think that it is.

The feeling of sadness of the old work "One more year before the end of humanity ..." is not felt so much in this work, and giving a light impression is because the ending is clear from the old work ... However, as compared with Yamato Side, "Ginkgo hengami" like various dramas on Gamiraside side ... Because the part is different from the old work, but the impression that "old enemy enemy gamirasu" was in the old work It can be said that the fantasy has been blown off in this work. Even attempts to change Akira Yamamoto to a woman also obviously acquired a fans of the system ... and it can not be denied that it can be said to all the female characters newly appearing, even though it is strange to be a modern fan I am not very impressed with the female character growth, and the tension and tension feeling that the female characters such as she is a dangerous front line ... will be light. I do not say that female characters are to be issued, but maybe it is a factor that has made the style lightening when it is possible to utilize them well, and that there is no sharp contrast.

Battle scenes make full use of the power of space battle by CG, but in dog fight, it is not the same as that of late Kaneda Ichi used from "Forever", and the suicide bombing scene of Domen is a feeling of sorrow like the old work and Preparedness has been dispelled and seems to have denied to draw a figure of a man who was prepared to die. Such samurai roads and chivalrous things are outdated in the present age, so there is no choice but to think that such things are not limited to the dolls, but individuals have in various forms, so I could not draw such parts I feel like.

I thought "Is not it?" To the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he earth regeneration in the latter half and Iskandar, arranging variously to various things and making it tough, and the old work had "a limited time only for one year The battle and struggle in "," the lost by the battle, the lamentation of those who scatter ", and" the young people growing in the ship Yamato "are considerably thinner, and the range to show As a result of expanding too much, there is also a feeling that it became only light taste.

Although it became a beautiful image and world view which is not comparable with the old work, it was not able to narrow down the theme and the main point of the style, only the setting and the thought of the staff progressed too much, only became thinner than the old work Although it is severe, it is Yamato now, as long as this taste flavor can not be enriched, no matter how much remake, no matter how elaborate setting and character incorporation, it does not end with the old work series after all I think that it is a conclusion.

2013/10/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21186 Host:21067 Browser: 10810
For those who decided to adopt late OP, go ahead.
Although the OP of Space Battleship Yamato only needs to start with "Farewell Earth Yo", I think that this was rude to UVER world as well.
I also wanted to hear their solos.

Just like the late OP's regret, I think that expeditionism was also conspicuous in the second half.
President Desler was sorry to be sorry somehow unfortunately. The president is at the forefront.

Although it is not in the real-time generation at all, I know about the outline of the old work but it seems that the older work seemed to be similar to Inomura on the Gamiras side, so it was nice to enjoy the brain fighting as well.

As you know, the German Third Empire is a motif, but maybe it is interesting to make history animation made on this third empire stage? Perhaps it is likely to come from a country with claims.

2013/10/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20415 Host:20543 Browser: 4180
[good point]
- The story which was given a great arrangement for the present age, the muddy faded, it became familiar as well as the traditional anime fans. A lot of female characters were also introduced, and the overall brightness style was penetrated.
〓〓〓rawing is stable on the whole, it is distinctive that it was friendly to young people of today, such as character design and mechanics arranged to be easy for everyone to receive, beautiful. It is wonderful that the pittery suit design that even the perfumed fragrance drifts is suitable for this character design.
〓〓〓he quality of battle scenes by 3DCG is high, modeling is quite finely. There was no such thing as 3DCG's "CG creation alone is elaborate and there is no dynamism in the image", stable quality was kept comparatively relatively well.
〓〓〓F depiction of the part not related to battle is also quite fine, and there are abundant "Geisha comics" which is unbearable for maniacs.
〓〓〓ast was also luxurious, from a debut newest voice actor who did not stand as much time until the big veteran of the road for several decades was casting well in balance. You may listen to young capi-capped performances or listen to experienced astringent acting, but also selective.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓 am sorry that the existence of <Deserta>, which forms the backbone of the society on that side, was felt too small, although there were many depictions of Gamiraside. Sometimes I was worshiped, sometimes fearing from the height of that intelligence ... rather than ... I felt like being afraid because I am in the position of President. The depiction of the other executives had reasonable persuasive power, so I wanted to see plenty of Delete 's cheeks.
- Moreover, I was worried that the influence that the depiction of the Yamato crew became less increased, and the Gamiras side 〓〓〓descriptions increased, in various parts. Especially depictions of ancient times and ancient love of forest snow which become main factor halfway from latter half are suddenly abrupt. I could not hide embarrassment in the relationship between the ancient and the forest, which will soon become closer. Besides that, the impression that the adverse effect was erupting in the last stage is.
Also, because the story through the whole was pursuing contemporary entertainment, it is quite mild. I could describe a muddy like a little more "war". Conspiracy is also conspicuous.
〓〓〓he image director is entirely faint. Especially the shortening of the scale mentioned above also affected, especially the character's exit play and Yamato's brave appearance can be felt without any sensation. The part that is helped by music is very big.
〓〓〓D and Phase 2 OP, the theme song far away from the image of Yamato too is a bad word. Even if it is said from the so-called "modern youth", this is not.
〓〓〓lthough the drawing is stable, it is lacking in movement as a work published in theaters, and it lacks sight.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a remake work of the monumental science fiction anime "Space Battleship Yamato", which had a great influence on "Gundam" and "Macross". It redesigned the image of the original with strong impression of man smell, features visuals and contents that contemporary young people set as target.

Compared to the image of the original work, this work was impressive that the image of bright and fun science fiction movie became considerably stronger. Character design that simply became "clean and modern", the bright and lively Yamato ship, the courageous appearance of Yamato going through the painfully and the work making importance on popular entertainment as a whole. There are also many depictions on the side of Gamirasu, but there are few things that are intimidating and stubbornly descriptive of domestic expression, rather it is characterized by featuring the weakness of the side of Gamilas.

However, it is forced to modern. There are also a few areas where evils are coming out trying to make it popular. Especially the main character.The large boss of the ancient and the enemy.The existence of the deserrators is thin and the expansion which is strangely favorableismistic, such as uncompromising, the consciousness so that everyone is easy to receive, it is coarse thin I also became obsessed of becoming it. I do not feel much such as the muddy of the war who bet on life or death. There is also the taste of deployment, it is difficult to lack emotional excitement.

Although it may be a bit of a vulgar making, it is a mania science fiction. Although it may not be enjoyable to animation fans and older work fans much, it is beyond the standard level as entertainment work, and it is possible to enjoy it as it is if you look without wearing a color glasses I wonder if it was.
Evaluation is "good".

2013/10/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8210 Host:8637 Browser: 5137
Watch chapter 6 on theatrical version DVD, chapter 7 watch on TV.
By the way, the original version "Space Battleship Yamato" watches in real-time and rebroadcast in early childhood, rebroadcasting in the late-night zone in recent years. I am watching the movie version as well but memorizing it is unclear.

[good point]
Music was particularly brilliant. The original Yamato has released many soundtracks such as symphonic suite, but the music of 2199 is perfect justified evolution that was updated contemporaneously while respecting the original song.
I think the character design is also brushed up like a contemporary style, and I think that it is put together very well well.
I think that the battle scene by CG which the CG group of Sunrise was doing was generally good. There were also parts with low completeness often, but in general it is finished in a flashy picture that is unique to CG, and some scenes where you want to applaud you to wish to applaud it "I wanted to see these battle scenes!" It was scattered.
Several minor modifications were good, such as that ancient times were in front of a guy and captain Hijikata's appearance.

[Bad point]
After all it was being a secondary creator made by Hiroshi Uebuchi full of Gamirasu love.
That it has come out to the world as an official Yamato work.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Those who saw at the theater, I am distressed.
"Yamato" in a desperate voyage with low probability of survival to save the crisis of human race in the 21st century Musou Masou warrior in the main character correction Everyday scenes from the existence of the earth and Gamirasu by the boosting of the boobs of the school festival Nori It seems that love, thin, short and small Nanchatte SF that the love affair is more important.

Especially pathetic is that there were many original Yamato generations who went to the theater version, what was made by the original Yamato generation paid tickets fee or BDDVD purchase cost was "similar In addition, there is a lot of incongruity that the final version was not seen in the theater up to chapter 7. People with dissatisfaction with seeing in the theater think that they should raise their voice saying "Do not make fun of fans!"
The style of opening theaters in advance has been increasing in recent years "Means like betting in production cost shortage animation", but the "result" that the final chapter theatrical release is incomplete lost the bet I wish to distrust that it might be that.

At this time Twitter, there is an impression that there were many things "There are not enough hands" and "The drawing can not make it in time" in the drawing related tweet. I think that it was about a week before the TV version broadcast that there was a tweet that seems that the part which actually did not make the schedule was completed was finished.
Before that, with regard to the drawing from the middle stage (or overall), it was a thrilling movement or a lot of stop pictures, although the original picture is beautiful, but it can not be regarded as a theatrical version with less movement. As a character of Mr. Nobuhiro Yuki who is attractive in dense paintings, it can not be said that it was regrettable as the line was organized and easy to move.

Regarding the contents as well, since I am misunderstanding the fundamentals, I feel like "Yamato is different but something different ..." is not wiped out.
Deserr has declined to an egoist, not an absolute ruler, the depiction of the destruction of the earth will be less than the Kimtak version Yamato, female crewmen are reinforced though they are battleships, and if they sail for a year at such a ratio of men and women, they will come out who can not protect their military rules ... If I thought that it would celebrate the martial law violators grandly in the last round (laugh).

Well, is that the marriage that made "love" "space love" in the first Yamato series?
As a result, there was almost no exchange episode of the ancient progression of the hero (maybe) and the heroine (maybe) forest snow, it is the level that I do not know the reason why ancient times suddenly desperately fought I thought that ....

Besides, the scenario is one-sided overall.
In Episode 11 "The world I saw someday", it is an episode "The war began as the Earth side first attacked Gamirasu", but since there is no supplementary explanation in the play at all, unless you know the historical fact that became the source It is made so that it can be interpreted only as "the earth is bad." (Although intentionally feels even the director's malice)
In the novel, there is a case where it is sometimes required to read "line spacing", but in this work it is necessary to continue the work "to favorably interpret what is not drawn", "If you say war fight quarrels defeat Both of them are bad, is not it? Perhaps the director aimed for something liberal, but such things say "liberal" rather than "deflection". The stance against the war in this work is consistently in this condition.

I do not have such a deep feeling in the first Yamato, but the most uncomfortable feeling is the 23rd episode "the only war".
Certainly, in the first Yamato, Yamato, who won the fierce battle with Gamiras, makes Gamirasus a star of death. So ancient times victory, "I should not have fought ... I should have loved each other!" I regret violently. The destroyed Gamirasu star becomes a pitiful appearance like the Earth on the verge of death, and I regret to tears despite having won the fight.
Although the first Yamato was a work that suffered from a low viewer rating contrary to the enthusiasm of the producer, I think that the evaluation covered it because it was sublimed into a drama that looked like a science fiction though it was an SF war animation. But in 2199 I cut down the most important view of the big bossary as an easy and hypocritical "animation for a good child".

In one word Yamato 2199 is an animation that "the bad guy's desert is dead and the earth and gamiras are happy!"
I can hardly believe that this is the "Space Battleship Yamato" that laid the original anime boom.

There are many other complaints ... ... In fact it is true that I was quite enjoying it even though.

A service like a school fantasy animation that there is a public bath in valuable spacecraft with water resources and the earth is becoming a star of death but Yamato restaurant can eat parfait. Cool Mechanism, Body Conscious Women's Character, Even if it does not exist, it is a new character and a hero who have nothing to do with the crisis of the earth at all.
Even if it does not move in CG, CG moves around abundantly, and even if it is merely guerrilla tactic, if it says "This is Okita Tactics!", It turns into a painful battle. I forgot about all the earthly dying situations, I was able to show off the circumstances of Gamirasu's house endlessly, in the Yamato ship in the party & rebellious cacher Uhufu.
The memorized lost setting of forest and snow, etc. "The pompe was tried, but the fact was not meaningful! Bukkake I think that "If the original crew rushed to the enemy with the first episode and got caught in the enemy and the original crew would not kill the battle, you could save the planet more carefully," but still it was a fact that you enjoyed quite well ... ... as if I had seen "a well-made secondary creator".

For example, if a masterpiece of music is covered, you can enjoy it in a fresh feeling for a bit, but when listening several times you will often find that "after all the original song is better". Yamato 2199 also enjoyed such a feeling.
On the other hand, people who do not know the original song often prefer an arranged version. Yamato 2199 also has a lot of favorable voices on the net, and I do not mean to deny them. I think that new animation is for young people.

But if Yamato 2199 has something like a series even after the new movie version, I would like at least the director to change.

2013/09/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17751 Host:17896 Browser: 9673
It is based on last time

[good point]
Drawing .. The image of the background itself is clean and beautiful, and on the other hand how to show the angle of the aircraft is like a long time ago I feel that the feeling is also good at that time Character picture .. I think that the past forest snow is also cute, This time is Maji Beautiful voice actor theme song effect sound .. Does the sound of the beam and the aircraft move dare? I think that it is good to be old-fashioned.

[Bad point]
I'm happy to hear the snow in the last but how I got it (bitter smile)
When I thought that I only wanted to return to Earth with 23 episodes, I suddenly began to feel embarrassed by the story of deployment in 24 stories .. Maybe I was just an idiot (sweat)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Pictures and characters also enjoyed considerably from the old days, with the looks rising.

2013/08/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43027 Host:43296 Browser: 7413
For the time being, I watch up to the 1 hour special edition (up to episode 19).
I am a fan of Mr. Hiroshi Ubuchi of the director (I think Raisefon is the best), I am also a fan of the original Yamato.

It is good. It's not ironic. It is a remake, and it has changed to a modern style. It might be setting change or reinforcing women's team. Because it is business.
However, it is inevitable that question marks like what it is to change to the leading role, and I am continuing to watch it as if I am prepared.

Honesty, perfectly, main, is not it Gamiraside? Clearly say.

Wolf of captain of a marine diving submarine, highest commander idol, rebels zealick, and absolutely dictator Abelto.
In each of them, I am eating the Yamato crew team completely by the performance of Mr. Joji Nakada, Mr. Atsuo Otsuka, Mr. Norio Wakamoto, Mr. Koichi Yamadera. It is exhausting.
(To the heroine, Melda of Gamiraside who practiced Shizuka Ito acts, not feeling Mori Snow in front of Ms. Noriko Kuwashima acting, Rie Yamamoto who plays the girlfriend Rie Tanaka, Mr. Ditz feels that he occupies that seat)

I think the only thing that can be compared with the Gamiraside in the Yamato crew team is not only Mr. Sanada who plays the big veteran Yoshitada Otsuka.
He is not an adventurist like Captain Okita, he is super solid, he is a technology fool, and he is outrageous that he is kind as a human being.
Mr. Takayuki Sugo, who plays Shinkansen Okita, is a fan who likes the gentle tough guy in "Heat Guy J" and "Tiger Birdie DECODE".
However, it is lacking in the madness to smell war shops such as Mr. Goro Naya 's "Baka". Human beings are too much.
I will tell you what it is about ancient leaders who are nominal protagonists. Is not it the air hero one step ahead?
By the way it has been a fan of Mr. Daisuke Ono since the animation "Air".
However, even with full use of his performance skill, it will be difficult to make a presence in the "script-like temples of protagonists" on the script.
Clearly, even if it is not on the story, it is ancient.

Video, music, setting, acting actor Any very first-class item.
It is a military political drama depicting the end of the best, corrupt dictatorial state Gamirasu.
In that sense, it is a work that I think is not bad.
Since I try not to consciously listen to the earlier things, I think that I want us to continue through this way "as it is" Yamato as a wedge for dictatorial state Gamiras collapse story ".
As entertainment, that will definitely be interesting.
(I love to say anything)

When I saw episode 20, I became Pokhan. In the "scenario 's convenience" it is a huge fold that is not collapsed. I am stupid. I'm dead.
Besides, as long as it is a long tongue, the wave barrier is deployed and it is useless to die. It is useless. this.
In the 21st episode, I do not even know what to do.
What kind of design is an airplane that is bombarded with instruments and the engine burns fire. Mr. Toshihiko Seki, the secretary-general manager who plays, wonders if it's nothing more to fight, I guess it's a contrast.
The stars that went to patrol duties for supply supply "happen" on the enemy camp's camp planet, the "why" ignorance of the gun blows the fire and burned the fire, and at that time "miraculously "The riot occurred, and only the security manager who took over with progress was shot" unfortunately "and died.
There is also a degree in "Mihammadism". Although it seemed to be a style that enjoyed including the part of the hole from the beginning, it became a feeling that it was suddenly "silly!" In this 2 story.
I will keep going to the end even if I come to this place, but I wonder if there was something wrong screenplay and production a little more.

- Watch till the last episode -
Noran, corporal Oschett 's "single war" times, I personally liked it very much. I do not know the president of Nakaji disease who was playing another "war of one person".
"I think that it is an eternal dream," a bad illusion "of" a boy "that a baby bet on a chip for himself is due to the beautiful" Princess (and moreover, a fake princess) ".
Originally, the role that meets that fantasy is the one of the main character, and literally "spotlight" of spot entrance & spot exit is hit in supporting role. That's fine.

But alas. The main character of this work is truly air. It is neither poison nor medicine. It is a woman I do not know well but she is a beautiful woman. Unfortunate second hand in the midst of human crisis.
Also, the president of Nakaji disease, a rival character, is a woman I do not know well at all, but it is a flower of Takamine, so I put it in. A disappointing second hand between the lost country and the downfall.
What's going on, sense of composition and supervision. No, I feel like I can understand. I was drowning because I was overflowing with "supporting love" to the supporting role, especially Gamiras side. Maybe.

Domen was cool. It is easy to understand. Due to the circumstances of the script, I am too sorry about death, but I will do my best for what I value cherishily (stupid or family).

Fraken was also cool. It is easy to understand. I picked up the forbidden people and made a place to recognize the balance between my role and my own stance.

Even His was cool. From the beginning, I was struggling to manage Gyamilas' strongly brittle and biased country. Gimirasu will not function without him. Pickup is my duty.

Even Ditz was cool. He was stoned by the rebel stigmas and caught up by the camp planet, but when he was counted, he became the third power by self-judgment and walked the way of the liberator.

The supporting role is too light. That is my favorite, but the main is not too shiny. Do not be guilty.
The main shining spirit, a moment, but a supporting role that shows what is inferior to that glow. I have to do this.

From time to time, if only the supporting roles are shining, the story collapses. In fact, I think it was bankrupt.

Awesome video quality. Especially beauty of CG mechanics created by extracting members of "MS Igloo" in general. Beautiful female character of this world. This is not complaining.
Music was also said sporadically, but I liked the new OP with full battle spirits. Early ED was also wonderful.

Personally I feel that only scripts and composition have fallen into a dual strategy of old fans and new fans and fail. Therefore, I think that the hero and the heroine will be like parsley of crispy.

You can change it, or you can be faithful to the original. However, it is not good to form a work with my own hobby (it is rather good in itself), "Doing this is true".

This work separately stepped on that truth, whether it is a conviction criminal or not.

Since Gamirasu was able to enjoy considerably until about the time he broke down in the game of champion Nakaji 2 disease, it was plus or minus "good". In fact, I think that it is a suitable evaluation.

2013/06/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Picture is beautiful

[Bad point]
As for the opening again, the one with female scatting entered is the best.
This OP is unsatisfactory.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2013/06/27 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Watch up to Chapter 6

[good point]
Mechanical design
Drawing & CG
Bandai released a kit of Okita and Gamirasu ship of large size It was kitted up to the high - speed aircraft carrier and the Schulz ship! It was good to live

[Bad point]
The human race is supposed to be on the verge of extinction Despair has not been transmitted at all
The human drama inside the Yamato ship can not be drawn (especially what was the reason why the former regular members, ancient hot - blooded and Sanada aimed for scientists?
It seems that they are trying to fix as much as possible contradictions of the old work and plunge dokoro, but it feels just like a minor
I take a measure to the side of Gamirasu
Earth side first strike attack setting
Even though I've been sending a design drawing of a wave engine without permission, Ikandaru who reveals discomfort when diverting it as a weapon
Setting that the spiritual body of the Iskindar person possessed by earthlings
The ancient ship of the new mold is smaller than that of Mechokore (I want the missile ship 17 as a bigger kit)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As a modeler it is "very good"
However, as a remake of that masterpiece ... Current stage "It is very bad"

2013/06/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
I think that the picture is beautiful because it has been rebuilt with the Hi-Vision generation.

[Bad point]
Do you mean that it is close to reality?
It seems that each person got blurred by increasing the characters too much.
In the old work, there was a character as essence of each division, it would be the result of seeing it as unrealistic.
Also, you probably wanted to take a recent trend.
Beauty and beautiful woman, I am giving out a beautiful girl too much.
The old man's odor and manga style like Love Romance, which is slightly in it, has been lost.
Likewise, "anti-war" and "things like circumstances (families) are also in the enemy" things are excessive from the beginning to the front.
Because of that, the flow of the talk is becoming tigger hug overall.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was also the live-action version (movie version), but did not you dare to name the "Yamato"?
I think that it is interesting as it is as a separate item.
However, the more I have the old work, the more I feel uncomfortable with a sense of inconvenience.

2013/04/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Drawing .. The image of the background itself is clean and beautiful, and on the other hand how to show the angle of the aircraft is like a long time ago I feel that the feeling is also good at that time Character picture .. I think that the past forest snow is also cute, This time is Maji Beautiful voice actor theme song effect sound .. Does the sound of the beam and the aircraft move dare? I think that it is good to be old-fashioned.

[Bad point]
Not particularly

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I am still enjoying it although it is 4 episodes

2013/04/29 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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A remake series that began as "Yamato nowadays?" I made various kinds of things to be used for actual ship and military terms in this, and furthermore, now popular female character multiplication (well, even at the first Yamato, female crew members other than forest snow were on board, but like everyone else in this work I did not do things to put it out), it does not resemble Matsumoto kyara (It may be better than a lake river character in "Revival Hen") Character design with less fresh taste.

It is hard to say that Yamato is turning back to the part called "why did it hit" in the first place. It is now a fashionable remake and Yamato created in a modern style, there is not much freshness and the synopsis is roughly regained. Well, I heard that Mr. Utubo is not a "2" route, but a form of remake of the "Farewell" route, but ... ...

I am thinking that the current Yamato series started from Yamato of PS software has a strong tendency to be remaked in such a way and I think that I do not create a new Yamato which is more modern than the old ones, but I think that "2520" and " There was also a failure of Kimtaku Live Recording ", I became cautious about creating it, after all it seems there was no choice but to run to the form of remake of the first work.

In that sense it would have been born at the end of various stasis and experiments, but when you look in the position that entered Yamato of the past, it will surely awake and I will not say Iromono sight, but "it is somewhat different", this In addition to Yamato as well as Gundam and other famous national animation, although it is also said that it is also a famous national animation, it seems that there seems to be a distorted part of such remake and theatricalization, and in that sense it is Japanese anime It may be that Yamato also steered the helm to one of the works showing a dead end.

2013/04/28 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Refine version of "Space Battleship Yamato".
Characters newly added in the current work from familiar characters in old works (roughly women)
Although I felt that I'd like to be honest, but as far as I watch the fourth episode (first) I can say that the process itself is not complaining. If this is normal viewing will not be painful, I am looking forward to the future.