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Ofice Academie
Yoshinori Nishizaki
Eimei Yamamoto Matsuokaseiji Ryuji Yamada
Yukiyoshi Hane
Yuji Kaida
Masaaki Hirao Hiroshi Miyagawa
Michio Yamagami Mayo Kawasaki
Toru Furuya
Akira Murayama
Chiyoko Kawashima
Shibata Hidekatsu
Masatou Ibu
Shigeru Chiba
Kan Tokumaru
Hideyuki Hori
Hiroshi Ohtake
Toshio Furukawa
Koji Yasuda
Keiko Yamamoto
Yumi Nakatani
Kouhei Miyauchi
Kouji Totani
Kunihiko Kitagawa
Makio Inoue
Masaharu Satou
Ryo Ishihara
Japan Released:1979/10/13(Sat) / End:1980/03/30
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Uchu Kubo Blue Noah - Oinaru Umi e -Uchu Kubo Blue Noah - Oinaru Umi e -
Song:Mayo Kawasaki Lyrics:Michio Yamagami Compose:Masaaki Hirao [Fan reg.]
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2004/07/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 6219 Host:6290 Browser: 4696
Very interesting, for the first time a good series ( even if dated) with futuristic fightings and warfare across the oceans, and not only...

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2011/12/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34046 Host:34042 Browser: 10714
SF animated drama aired in 79-80 years. AD 2052. The Earth established a federal unified state and was developing immigration to each planet of the solar system, but each invader area was destroyed by the invasion of the artificial planet `Godom 'which flew from outside the solar system, a major catastrophe also occurred on the earth 90% of the population will die. The Earth Federation is the capital city that will hold a conference in Tokyo, but this will also be destroyed in accordance with the invasion of Godom. So "Kagoshima" who lost his father knew of the existence of the last trump card "Brunoa" of the earth from his father, and finally finds Brunoa with the pendant entrusted at the end. And now the space battle aircraft carrier "Brunoa" starts, and the crowds will challenge Godom with the survival of the earth.

With the popularity revival of "Space Battleship Yamato" and the popularity of the movie version of "Farewell Space Battleship Yamato", Yoshihiro Nishizaki will become post Yamato a new marine adventure.It was made as a war sci-fi animation in this work , I am finished as an action drama by a grand battleship like Yamato. Because the story is like the Yamato set by the invaders from the outside of the Earth to the extinction of the planet and the deployment is similar, the main mechanism is not a battleship but the place where the aircraft carrier raises the grade I feel a sense of being.

The main mechanism of this work "Brunoa" is an aircraft carrier, a universal ship capable of going all over the sea, the ocean floor, the universe and so on (of course Yamato, of course), and opening the left and right flight deck (flight deck) It was different, there was a charm that it was a huge and dynamic ship. (It seems that it was originally produced for suppressing the occurrence of rebellion of the colonial planet.) Even though there is no big elevated car like Yamato, missiles, Gatling guns, anti-aircraft laser cannon, phonon maser Neutron Beam Artillery etc Equipped with a special cannon comparable to Yamato, 'Anti proton cannon' was not as terrible as the wave cannon, but it was quite powerful. "Shiira" set up in the ship department is a huge submarine, but the style is too orthodox too. Fighter aircraft also appeared, but these are not too unique and there was not as charming as Black Tiger.
Since the protagonist "Kusakabe" had no individuality as of ancient times, there was only an image of a hero blooded hero who came. The heroine `Daimon Kayi 'and the crew`s Shimizu Tadaharu .` Hikaka Sho'.` Tamura Daro '. Kome Katsuhiko' Miyoshi Katsuhiko 'also did not feel much personality compared to Yamato's people.

The story is to compete with the space battle aircraft carrier "Bruneoa" where the invader `Godom 'is likely to be invaded the earth, unlike Yamato, which travels and fights in outer space, unlike Yamato, which invites the earth invasion Although it is development similar to robot animation, it is a development similar to robot animation, but the fierce battle with various mechanisms including the weapons of Brunoah and Godom was not inferior to Yamato, but most of the sea of 〓〓〓〓〓he earth plays the stage although it is touched as space aircraft carrier It seems that he finally flew to space after the end of the game, so I felt unsatisfactory. However, although I thought that it had a different taste from Yamato, I think that it was a magnificent and dynamic setting and a story drama, and I think that it was never a bad construction in content, so the evaluation is [very good]. It seems that this work which started with four stories and two hours ones for the first time was canceled because it did not reach as much as Yamato, but I feel a little regret. Although it was produced to match the flow of the streets, it may have been early in the day.

2009/05/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35635 Host:35571 Browser: 6520
Post that mixed "Sea Triton" and "Space Battleship Yamato Series" Yamato work. However, SF color is stronger than "Doraemon" which was canceled by 24 talks without going to all 39 stories as planned. Well someday it is a work that the DVD will resell or expect re-broadcasting with Animax or Kids Station.

2007/11/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47208 Host:47134 Browser: 8090
It might be one of the defeats that the design of Brunoa was plain.
I have made a Plamo, but I could not say that the dress is also good for flattering, no matter the spinning deck, shiira, or bison gimmick.
Yamato was also always in space, while Brunoa just ran around the earth.
It seemed to me that Mr. Godom's invasion purpose was "migration" as well.

The work was pretty elaborate though.
There were also "strategies" that not only push the enemies, such as pinching enemies with Shiira, I think that human drama was not too bad.
I was also planning Yamato VS Brunoa in a juvenile magazine.
Brunoa felt the strength to surpass Yamato for myself who heard what superiority of "aircraft carrier" to "battleship".

Anyway, how did the onboard machine fix in the hangar that rotated 90 degrees ...

Rating: Normal

2006/04/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9673 Host:9558 Browser: 4483
The OP of the lyrics "I believe in your power ~" burned considerably.
At the first show, the production team such as SP for 2 hours seemed to have had quite a lot of power, and rather than being obsessed with the Yamato boom, he might have wanted to challenge.
But from the viewer it would have been the second decoction.
Besides the last one, I have been moving the ocean of the earth forever.
I feel that this was also an ingenuity to make a difference with Yamato.
Gimmick which can be partly separated as a submarine was quite interesting.
At the end was the impression that "It ended normally."
Originally it might have been thought about two parts of the earth edition and the universe edition.
Is the evaluation "ordinary" rather than "good"?

2005/08/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19915 Host:19877 Browser: 5234
If I do not know well this work, it will have the image "Yamato's noodle dish". I tried to compare the literal version of the literal version with the Novels of Shuzo's cobalt series Novel (Shueisha cobalt series) I bought at the secondhand bookstore, but I could trace the memory fragments by reading that kind of thing, When I looked at it from the viewpoint of becoming an adult now, I thought it was quite interesting.

Although there were various criticisms, it may be interpreted as "work too early". There is also a part that seems to have been referring to this person from "Yamato" even after "Nadia". The feud between Heroine Kay and his father Daimon Captain is reminiscent of Nadia and Nemo and it is not easy to fly a ship until the final decisive battle or the struggle of a submarine Shiira (a fish 's Shiira) is an early Nautilus And it is Nadia better than Yamato to travel under the ice of Antarctica, dodge while striking enemy attacks, and go through various southern islands.

Although SF seems to have taken an idea as it is, it probably was unfortunate that there is no entertainment as much as Yamato. However, when I look at the real sense of reality, reality setting, and military viewpoint, I think that it was a more real work than Yamato and even though the title "Space aircraft carrier" is attached, even though it is a space aircraft carrier It is about the last 4 stories to fly like Yamato, and until then it has become a real viewpoint, such as diving warfare and maritime battle, I think that it got out as a distinction point from Yamato and another taste . Well, nevertheless, Tsukkom who will fight against the flying objects from outer space will definitely come out, although Takada can compete with a single aircraft carrier.

Well, the best tsukkomi is this Brunoa is a hare of the aircraft carrier, if it dives in the water (it was said that there was also a submarine aircraft carrier called Ii 401 Latest in the late Pacific War ...) soup stock I did not do much of the dog fight by skipping the obvious aircraft carrier as an aircraft carrier (although it is probably the main reason that the heroes are submariners, not pilots of the aircraft carrier), like a battleship, It is also great that you showed a fierce battle worse than Yamato, in a sense, if you let your opponent eat your body with an angle of attack (ram). I think that the growth of the protagonists of the loading shiira 's crew was more real than that of Yamato.

If you let me say for this work, there are "Yamato 〓〓〓quot; and "Infinite Orbit SSX" if you can give a work that was not good for what you expected. The former is an example of crushing with brands, the latter is an example that failed in the sequel TV series although the movie was good. I think that this place is better than such a thing.

2005/08/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45955 Host:46021 Browser: 3874
I can not afford "awesome" a bit.
Well, "very good". Somewhat sweet. Personally I like it.

As you all said, the title is a problem.
Or rather, it was not a problem of "space" of "space aircraft carrier", but it was supposed to be a submarine.
If there is no mistake in my memory. Always a submarine "Shiira (was it), please correct it if I make a mistake"
It is supposed to have been mostly in submarines by the solitary behavior of the hero. At least to the final stage.
If you are going to be an aircraft carrier, at least you should not have a good cosmetic aircraft like "Cosmo Tiger"
I can not talk.

The excitement of the talk should have been where the captain (?) Of the submarine was going to die (I remember it well, while doing it).

Well, I think that it is an interesting work if it sees fried legs this much, without a title, looking out without "Yamato".

2005/04/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13958 Host:13804 Browser: 3646
I get the impression that I was stimulated by "Space Battleship Yamato" and produced similar animation.
A veteran's voice actor is also an special feature introduction special number which had been broadcasting late at night,
It was a comment of a feeling that said this work is imitation of Yamato ................ It was a long time ago.
The theme song can be fairly good.

2004/10/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6658 Host:6603 Browser: 4127
Personally, I was not able to feel the best, of course, even though it was not the worst.
I expected the feeling like Yamato, but it was plain. Overall.
Even though it is "Space Carrier", there is no image fighting in the universe.
But, as you read your writing, I'm getting to want to see "now".
I think that I feel interesting if I watch it now.
(Ahh, after all ... I will be made to recognize again, possibility is also "big." (^ _ ^;))

2004/07/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4395 Host:4405 Browser: 3874
From the viewpoint of a third party, from the era of the era, a dramatic drama expansion that can be said to be a different color as an animation of the time was impressive.
Although there are many sweetness of the point of realism, even if it compares from other animations of those days, I think that it is sufficient level.
It is taboo too pursuing realism. Because it is animation ...
(It is because Godom with the scientific power that fly from space fears by surveillance satellite and if it searches seriously, it will not lose sight of the aircraft carrier with the standard drainage of 170 thousand tons, making the story itself boring)

On the other hand, there is also a problem of product planning such as sponsor Nomura Toy and so on, it can be submerged by deforming, it can be combined with a submarine and combat helicopter, and it became a tremendous aircraft carrier with a main gun battle gun.
I think that this is a pros and cons, but it was a gimmick full of charm if you looked only at the part called product.
But, if you think calmly, it is not a carrier a moving fortress.

After all, I think that it was the reason why it appeared in an anime society that had not grown enough, and did not evaluate correctly.
It was an era when it was only possible to evaluate simply as "the decoction of Yamato".
I think that there might be a part actually aimed at it ... I think that it was good even if there was another evaluation.

As for the title "universe", those who took it until the end may have received the correct evaluation.
"Aircraft carrier Bruneoa", gradually releasing information while watching the reaction (it is an era when nothing was exposed as soon as the present era), to the universe and the finale ... and the finale.

But, then, the sponsor, I guess I was not convinced.

2004/06/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40569 Host:40530 Browser: 4960
Even so, it is a shame work.
A minor series work obsessed with the shadow of animation history. Unfortunate work.

Without mentioning Space Battleship Yamato, if you spend a little more time and spending money with staff, it will have been evaluated as a masterpiece remaining on the front stage of history. It is very regrettable.
Brunoa has the aspect of "Ocean adventure" as opposed to the basic style being greatly different from "Yamato", "Yamato" raging in the different world called outer space, and because the earth is the stage, "Yamato "Is a style that surprises the audience with a flashy director who has broken out big conceits, while Brunoa is a type that is attractive with" astringent of professionalism preference ".
It is the greatest misfortune for this work compared with Yamato.

I wish I had not been cut off.

The real line is pretty good (the bow is a submarine, the stern is separated into a battle helicopter etc), but it is pretty good, but on the other hand it is too realistic (Brunoa is the "current weapon of the earth" to the last, sky can not fly) fancy There is not, it is oversubscribed and it is terminated after it is terminated before turning back. It was near the last round that it was remodeled and became "Space Carrier" according to the title.
It was cut off before rewinding with the return of the second half.
It was a bad thing that the drawing was hentax, the viewer was sluggish, or the picture with low quality was delivered.
It is a work that I want you to remake with the current technical strength.

The theme song is astringent, I think that OP and ED are the best.
I think that weapons of real routes will receive a professional. Submarines, battle helicopters or working weapons.
The main drama that overcomes the hardship of the hero who continues fighting as a guerilla to the last is main.
"Brunoir" is not very strong, but actually it is attractive.

---- Again, why "general" did not get rid of in general.
It is a disappointing work at all. People who liked those days would also like to buy a DVD-BOX, but this work is a censoring work anyway, it is not a good idea to purchase it for curiosity as it ends in a trailing dragonfly.
It is impossible to overcome the standing position of a worker who has a trauma to the end, a work to soak in nostalgia.

〓〓〓If you look at only "Anti - proton cannon" which is Bruneo 's biggest weapon, it is a "carrier aircraft" that has considerably flashy weapons for people who have knowledge of the weapon' s amazingness ...

If only Tsukkomi were to be included, would you rather say that you should not use antiproton guns on the ground? Even though it is a group to combat guerrilla to save the earth, if you make a mistake you are destroying the earth. Only that part is not a real line.
I thought that anti counter proton cannons should be kept until the times when they are remodeled to space aircraft carrier. That way, there may not have been any super-military weapons, real real line guerrillas, and never compared with Yamato .....