[Anime]Song of Wind and Trees (Kaze to Ki no Uta)

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Anime rank of 1987 Rank 29in 85 titles
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Keiko Takemiya Keiko Takemiya
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Noriko Ohara Yuuko Sasaki Yoshiko Sakakibara Kaneto Shiozawa Hiroshi Takemura Tsutomu Kasiwakura
Japan Released:1987/11/06(Fri) Media(ex. DVD)
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1. http://www.boysonboysonfilm.com/reviews/kazetokinouta.html (Translation)
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2011/10/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30580 Host:30303 Browser: 11755
OVA seems to be based on the initial story of the original ... ......

[good point]

Although it may be felt somewhat old indeed though it is truly seen from now,
The drawing was beautiful. First. I was expressing well the original aesthetic atmosphere of the original.

Serge 's conflict that was trying to rescue him, sometimes with other classmates, was also well inferred, with a magical boy, Gilbert. The scene which implied Gilbert's end was also strong impact.

The voice actors were also luxurious, but it was up to me to recognize again the extent of Mr. Yuko Sasaki 's performance repertoire. I think that he may be more appreciated ......... Lost of the role of Augusti, Mr. Kaneto Shiozawa was also exactly the cast of the image.

[Bad point]

At the time of its release, the original series was already finished, but for that it would have ended with a short story count.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

However, one of the reasons I do not like the original so much, maybe it was not necessarily bad in that I did not see the last painful figure of Gilbert (although there was a scene that I suggested as mentioned above). I do not like all the works,
I think again Mr. Keiko Takeyami is extraordinary. The person of the OVA version is evaluated as "good".

2006/09/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49951 Host:50069 Browser: 5234
I think that it is a work I do not understand if I do not read the original. I think the original itself is very wonderful. My heart caught my eyes to the enormous spectacular and enchanting depiction of the background of Gilbert and Serge. Since the OVA version is the scope of the meeting between Serge and Gilbert, it was unsatisfactory. There seemed to be a scene where Gilbert was drawn by a horse carriage and died, but there was a bit of a scene in the last, but it is hard to understand.
Well, you can enjoy it as it is for use after reading comic books.

2006/04/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6458 Host:6560 Browser: 5234
In the meantime, when I returned home to Tokushima, my mother had borrowed the original cartoon full volume and OVA, which is the masterpiece of Professor Keiko Takenemiya who is "a great local folk" for some reason why. Well, it's a familiar name work and I started thinking to see if I read it .... I was knocked down. It was not such a work but I thought that I could not read with sanity. Still it has never failed to read until the end ....

However, there is certainly an atmosphere that it is a monumental work in manga history with its own style. Indeed, psychological depiction has such a tremendous sharpness that almost all of the writers selling at this time can not do a handstand. And, above all, things like "elegance" that has been lost from the comics of this time are transmitted from this work.

Although OVA had only Sachiko Kanemura at the top of the drawing, it was quite a picture in painting but I felt that the impact degree of the original was considerably neutralized as a matter of course.

2004/01/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 10364 Host:10467 Browser: 4924
A masterpiece of Keiko Takeyami's masterpiece, which portrays the dreams and love weaving of adolescent boys brilliantly, into an original animation.
Because it is impossible to imagine the large episode comic of 17 volumes with one OVA, the video draws an encounter with Serge and Gilbert 1 volume of the original.

Serge with aristocratic father and gypsy mother. Girlbert, a young boy who has been raised a prostitute spirit by his uncle Ayugu's hand.
In the 19th century French prestigious school Lacombraard Academy set two boys draw attention to each other suffering while suffering.

The original work is a masterpiece of numerous.The popular manga artist Keiko Takegimiyan's long story comics which has continued to announce the power production.
A dream and love that boys will live. A masterpiece whose romantic world develops brilliantly.
Weekly Shoujo Comic. Impressive work series serialized from Showa 51 No. 10 and calling a lot of topics.
It is also known that that Terayama Shuji was reading with love.

--- In 1887, we headed back to Lacombraard Academy in the Provence region of France in the fall, to Professor Serge Watz, who is still guided to that Room 17 that still remains the same ...

Gilbert. Cocteau is the biggest flower in my life and the greatest flower I am far away from my youth's dream of a middle love of fireflies that burns red ...
You were the wind that barks my neighbor Winds and wooden poems I heard You can hear poetry of youth ----
Oh, there are also some who remind me of the day of my youth

Shogakkan / Herald 1st partnership work "Wind and tree poetry" SANCTUS - Holy kana - (1987)

Project. Production: Herald Enterprise Co., Ltd., Shogakkan Producer: Minoru Teramen, Ryuichi Tomoki (DK - 1)
Production Desk: Katsumi Yamaguchi Producer: Udagawa Higashi Ki (Konami), Asami Isamu (Shogakkan), Shintaku Katsuichi (Herald Enterprises)
Assistant. Producer: Keiko Takemiya Director: Keiko Takemiya Director: Keiko Takemiya Director: Yoshihiko Yasuhiko Director: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Director: Tatsuya Hiramatsu Director: Sakiko Kamura Original: Sugino Shoichi, Niki Miki, Yoshinobu Inano, Hideyuki Itohashi, Makoto Itohashi, Yuri Morigaoka, Yuri Hirata, Jun Kariwa, Jun Tomita, Kunihiro Hayashi, Koichi Hayashi, Koichi Chiaki, Toshihiro Kawamoto, Yuka Higashimurayama, Ryosuke Fujikawa, Ryuzo Fujikawa, Chieko Kudo, Norio Kaneko, Terumi Muto, Tateyama Kaoru, Kurosawa Mamoru, Takemiya Yasuko, Grasscat, Keiko Takemiya Artist Director: Ishikawa Yamako Director of Photography: Akihiko Takahashi Special Effect: Toyohiko Sakakibara Acoustic Director: Koichi Chiba Acoustic Production: Keiko Chida Acoustic Effect: Junichi Sasaki Mixer: Distant Nishi Katsuzin Recording Studio: New Japan Studio Editor: Masahiro Matsumura (Studio IN)
Development: Tokyo Developmental Music: Nakamura Kumiaki Soundtrack: Canyon Record Title: Maki Pro Production Cooperation: (Yes) Tranquilizer Product, September Company, Triangle Staff, (Inc.) Triangle Staff, Tokyo Media Connections Producer: Konami Industry Co., Ltd. Sales: Pony Corporation

Serge: Yasuko Ohara: Yasuko Sasaki Rosmarinet: Ryoko Sakakibara Auguste: Kazama Hashimoto Pascal: Taku Takemura Carl: Kashiwakura Tsutomu Jack: Takako Nishihara Kurt: Asami Tanimori Drain: Hayami Azumi Sebastian: Kosugi Yoko Watts: Junior Kosugi Rui. Rene: Chiba Koichi RUCHU: Norio NEMOTO President: Nishio Norika: Rin Suehara Student: Yoshiko Akiyama Toshiharu Sakurai Tomohiro Ono Tomomi Ohno Asami Yamato

In the meantime I come to mind early as a "geeky garden school?
Professor Riko Ikeda's "To Yuni-sama ,,," and his masterpiece, Professor Keiko Takeimi's "Wind and Trees poetry".
In the former there is partly a girl-loving picture that the main character "Gensenkunanako" holds a love for a selfish falling senior class "San Giusto, 膣〓〓name: Asaka Rei"
Of course the pure boy love things that depict the twists and turns of the love of platyphonic girls "Serbu. Batul" with the girls of course of the latter (膣〓〓膀〓〓as well as small devils (fallen angels) girls "Gilbert and Cocteau"?
Both of them are already called classics, but they exert adverse effects on the Manga work group afterwards that they dragged in the way of a number of adolescent girls and dragged them into the wicked face and later In the point that it was said that the poem "Wind and tree poetry" is a forerunner and it is said that it has become a work with a presence that can not be followed by other works Is not it?

As Keiko Takenemiya,
OVA "Wind and tree poetry" which became an animation production after it, such as "To the earth ...", "Door to summer", "Andromeda story" ... etc ... etc.
Elegant BGM playing the melody of Bach and Chopin, the background that the color shades match exactly with the mood.The finish of the art, the work which is totally disturbed ...
'87 Production OVA has so far not been able to see the work with a high degree of completeness,
Throughout the whole thing, there is a price of horror at first glance in the image beauty of quality that the attention of the director went to details to such an extent that there is no hefty,
To make the story convoke to the time frame of OVA less than about 60 minutes, in order to depict the episodes of digests in only a part, the original 〓泣〓膣〓〓〓〓〓surely? 1 〓〓〓~ 4 膓〓〓5 windings, In the story itself the way that Gilbert and Serju are attracted to each other from present and past comings such as Sergei's parents' beloved love and refugeing affection in Serge of August, etc. I can not feel the thickness much?
However, it is somewhat suppressed in relation to human beings (meat 〓潟〓) Corresponding to that extent, it is safe thought that it is only a glimpse of the aesthetic world only in the fairy tale?