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Sora Kajiwara is the protagonist of the series, a girl with a playful spirit and an observant nature. Her undiminished, childlike ludic inclinations are in evidence throughout the series and tend to drive her actions. The world is her toybox; she rarely encounters an object she doesn't want to experiment with. Her active, somewhat impractical imagination envisions a multitude of bizarre scenarios, leading her to often absurd assumptions and conclusions. She is particularly fond of cats, befriending and naming various neighborhood strays, of tea, always keeping a flask-full handy, and of drawing, which induces her to join her school's art club, thus commencing the events of Sketchbook.
Kajiwara is extremely quiet; it is not clear whether she ever speaks at all. She is easily frightened, and even mildly startling events can send her into hiding. On more than one occasion she flees her close friend, Aso, because her hairstyle is unfamiliar. Among the things she has admitted or been shown to find scary are bowling balls, high voltage towers, gym instructors, escalators, security cameras, frozen pike, passing trains, Daichi Negishi, and a balloon-seller in a cat costume.
Sora has long, straight hair, reaching about to her waist. Its color is uncertain: in different illustrations, it has appeared in various shades of blue, green, purple, and grey; in the strip it is not distinguishable from black; in the animation, it is a light blue-grey. When not in her school uniform, which comprises a white dress shirt, tie, double-breasted blue blazer and ankle-length skirt, she usually wears a light collared shirt over a dark undershirt, with knee-length trousers. When out on a walk or hike she accouters herself with a wide-brimmed straw hat, backpack, umbrella, tea flask, and sketchbook. She will also occasionally wear a watch on her left wrist.

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TV TOKYO Corporation TV Aichi TV Osaka AT-X
Mag Garden Corporation Shochiku MEDIA FACTORY,INC. HAL FILM MAKER Co.,Ltd. COMIC BLADE
Junichi Sato Yoshimasa Hiraike Mari Okada Michio Fukuda Kiyoko Sayama Ono Katumi Ryuichi Kimura Takeshi Mori Yutaka Yamamoto
Kana Hanazawa Asuka Nakase Yui Makino
Momoko Saito Ami Koshimizu Goto Yuko
Yukari Tamura Tomoe Oumi Masumi Asano Kuwatani Natsuko
Ryo Hirohashi Mamiko Noto Hiro Shimono Hideki Tasaka
Sayaka Oohara Yoko Hikasa
Tomoko Kaneda Shizuka Ito Jyoji Nakata Miho Saiki
Kaori Shimizu Takashi Ohara
Kenichi Mochizuki Keiji Hirai Yuko Mizutani
Japan Released:2007/10/01(Mon) TV / End:2007/12/24
Official sites
1. http://ani.tv/sketch-full/ (Translation)
Opening movie (2)
Kaze SagashiKaze Sagashi
Song:Natsumi Kiyoura [Fan reg.]
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