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These fantasy anime series are derived from the same title comics, which are affected by Chinese old novel "Saiyuki". Sanzo Genjyo, Goku Son, Gojyo Sha, and Hakkai Cho combined a team to seek the holy sutra, and had a trip to the far west in China. And Kogaiji, a son of Gyumaoh (a bull demon king) aimed for the Sanzo's sutra and leaded his team combined by Yaone, Dokugakuji, and Lirin.

"Saiyuki Reload" and "Saiyuki Reload Gunlock" are a consistent story divided into 2 titles. The content consists of four parts, which are Kougaiji episodes, Kami-sama episodes, Hazel episodes, and the other episodes in some villages. Kogaiji episodes are difficult to retrieve from all episodes because they are ramdomly shown in each of the first half part of Reload/Gunlock. I don't remember Kami-sama episodes. Hazel episodes are good. The other villages episodes aren't so good.

Sanzo team had many of quarrels and their appeals in front of monsters to fight almost soon. It's funny. And, Sanzo team and Kogaiji team had some retired members, and then they combined again. So, we know their team spirits. And, women in some villages didn't fall into love with Gojyo, though he appealed his bravery well. And the voice actress of Yaone is well-known for the cast "Yawara Inokuma" of the anime "Yawara".

Many monsters were knocked out by Sanzo team. It's cool. The boss monsters had dreadful techniques, for instance, Kogaiji's summoning evils. But, these anime series don't have no cool combinations in the battles. They were often several images to express a simple hitting or summoning a evil. And there were many kinds of monsters, and showed varied techniques but they finally lost.

Expressions of the main characters were straight and excited. In spite of many of episodes, these anime series haven't much of mature plots and ideas. So, my grade of Reload/Gunlock series is down to be good. The first title of all the anime series, "Gensomaden Saiyuki" has old fashoned images and about 50 episodes. I recommend not to watch it. It could consume your time.

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