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Yoshinori Nishizaki Reiji Matsumoto Hiroshi Miyagawa Itabashi Katsumi YOMIURI TELECASTING CORPORATION TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION
Yuu Aku Isao Sasaki
Kei Tomiyama Youko Asagami Shusei Nakamura Takeshi Aono Ichiro Nagai Kenichi Ogata
Shinji Nomura Yoshito Yasuhara Akira Kamiya
Kazuo Hayashi Yuji Mitsuya Masatou Ibu Akira Kimura Koji Yasuda
Osamu Kobayashi Noriko Ohara Chikao Otsuka Ichiro Murakoshi Kousei Tomita
Hiroya Ishimaru Shouzo Iiduka Masaru Ikeda Osamu Ichikawa Mari Okamoto
Japan Released:1978/10/14(Sat) / End:1979/04/07
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2014/10/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2163 Host:2096 Browser: 7907
[good point]
The last fight with white comet empire was spectacular
Where the circumstances of the comet empire were carefully written
The fight of Yamato

[Bad point]
Unreasonable deployment, brute force development is felt in places
I also wanted to see places where the Earth Defense Forces other than Yamato was active
Mr. Saito, Kato, Yamamoto etc

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I watched this work after watching "Farewell". Since all 26 episodes are made, since the part which could not be drawn in the theater version is also solidly made, it is easy to understand the movement of the emotions of the person, for example.
Also, I think it was good that Saito and Captain Hijikata are also active in the scene. The white comet Empire side also has a relationship of relationships, and Desire who is involved in it has a place to feel philosophy beyond the previous work and it can be likable.

Regarding the last, I think there are pros and cons, but I felt that the theater version and the TV anime version were not so bad either. It is not important whether to die or to live at the end, and I think that it is important how many people took care of our lives to save the earth, and in that sense the development of anger towards the end does not change so much I think that I did not mind. Especially Saito, Kato, Yamamoto was cool.

However, I think that it was almost impossible to win victory almost by Yamato alone. I also wanted to see the activities of the Earth Defense Army, and in the end there was also a part that I felt like Teresa.

2010/07/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17500 Host:17507 Browser: 4891
Since I saw it after a long time evaluation.

Because there are many scenes using the theatrical version of the picture as it is, the drawing is beautiful.
There are also many battle scenes, I think that you can enjoy it for people who like fleet fighting.
Because the scale is long compared to the movie version, various scenes are added to the point that was inadequate explanation in the movie version, making it easy to understand.
Compared to the TV series 3 works, I think this 2 is the best possible.

However, I think that it was unnecessary to talk about love like the one that the island and Teresa took.
And it is not convincing scene of the special of Teresa of the last.
It would be unavoidable to think that it would have been better if I had done ahead of that than over there.

However, I enjoyed it very much and I was able to watch it, so I will assume the evaluation is very good.

2010/06/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4500 Host:4304 Browser: 15674
It is a sequel of TV anime "Space Battleship Yamato" It is a reprint of the anime "Farewell Space Battleship Yamato Ai no Senshi".

With this work, the story of "Farewell ~" has been made "nothing".

And the main fatalities of the Yamato crew were Kato, Yamamoto, Tokugawa, and Saito and the technician's new rice, which was the defense captain of the eleventh planet.

Saito was drawn as a troublemaker disturbing the discipline inside the ship because it is not a creeping crew. Well, with parents' skin, my subordinate's troublesome was a good Australian god but it was a non-hateful man.
It was disappointing that we lost our lives to destroy the power department of the urban empire in the final battle. No, I wanted him to survive.

Personally, it was a good impression that the treatment of Zoarder Emperor 's President Dezler was better than "Farewell ~". In honor of Desler 's obsession, as touching as an ally.

He called himself the law of the universe, and reigned as a dictator who was arrogantly irreverent as much as Desrater, but reigned in the comet city empire, but I felt that I had justice for fellowship, so I did not feel so uncomfortable.

Well that surabeller is drawn as a very sneaky and disgusting person. That is exactly a fox.
I have taken disgust and destroy Deswarder, kill the fellows who fight at the telezart star, or not reporting to Yamato that the Yamato crew has invaded the city empire in the final decisive battle, or taking extremely selfish acts.

Truly, without this fool, the ancient people Yamato crew would not have destroyed the city empire. Even if there is information leakage by Desder who woke up to love and the sacrifice of Saito and Kato.

Although it is the ending, unlike "Farewell ~", there was not a special feature of Yamato against the super-class battleship of the Zodar, but Teresa lost power in exchange for his own life and destroyed the super-class battleship as well as the falling battle I could not have done it.
It was not that I saw honestly that the Zoarder who was dignified plenty enough to overturn Teresa 's survival undauntedly takes his helm of the battleships and reverses and explodes.

Until then it was disappointing that I showed dignity, power, fairness that is appropriate to reign as a champion.

In general, the fight with the mighty enemies was worth seeing as it was, but I still enjoyed but I can not wait for the last.

2009/09/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29438 Host:29185 Browser: 4891
Personally I'd like to place "worst" ... but one "making as a TV animation" has to say "good", it is a frustrating work.

"Who is the Lord of a mysterious message?" "Overcoming disturbance and encountering with Theresa" "The difference in position between Yamato crew and Saito and the space cavalry" "Death Battle with the enemy army such as The Vival and Barsey" "Revived Deserr And the White Comet Empire Army "," The final battlefield back to the Earth sphere "" Captain Hijikata teaches the weak point of the white comet empire to Yamato "is built almost without waste, and among the three TV series Then I had the impression that I got the most conclusion.
As "complete as a completed work" overall composition is perfect so we decided to accept "good" even though we did not accept it personally.

It is also characterized by many modifications of the setting of "Farewell Space Battleship Yamato Ai no Senshi".
The beginning of Saito is also a brute force man who can not read the air in a different meaning from the ancient times, he also serves as a third role, Captain Hijakata who was the captain of Yamato has become the role of Captain Andromeda to protect the earth. If you know "Farewell ~" you will notice that there are many differences (as well as memorizing discomfort).
Personally, the island is able to roll to Theresa ... Looking at the later series, I feel that it does not come nicely in various ways.

Personally I want to attach "worst" ... I think that the evaluation will change depending on whether I watched "Farewell ~" for this work first.
As a human who first saw "Farewell ~" that came out earlier, there are feelings that it is impossible for the above setting and modification of the story to be "a producer who spins the work".
"Farewell ~" did a touching way of finishing, but in this work I was dissatisfied with being tampered with in such a way as to get deep emotion.
(It can be said that the situation is different from "Farewell ~") Because some people are dead properly, this "halfway tampering" is visible.

As it is repeated, "2" as a single body is a wasteful thing, and forget the "Farewell ~" (or to the unexpected one "after seeing the first work)" 2 " I think that you can enjoy it if you watch it.

2009/05/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11399 Host:11367 Browser: 7049
The space battleship Yamato fans can evaluate which works can be evaluated by people, but this "farewell" "Yamato 2" is one of the divisions.

"Farewell" certainly impressed me with the splendid lasting characters of the characters, but I also saw a part I was not convinced about the trauma or miserable death.
Because I know "Farewell" to see, "That? That person should have died here, you did not die?"
In the final story, I was disappointed with the result that I survived unlike the movie version, and after the "new journey" it is being forcibly continued even though it is a work that ended in one death! It will be seen while memorizing the sense of incompatibility.

Space battleship Yamato is not just a battleship for fighting but also feels like it is a ship for "living", including himself, from the first work.
I never thought that "Farewell" was a trash, but it was the biggest failure of the Yamato series that I tried to complete once with "Farewell" personally, if I made it from the beginning with "Yamato 2" I think that the evaluation of the series also changed somewhat in a good direction.

2008/08/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 6885
Farewell, Farewell Space Battleship Yamato's IF Story Farewell to the Far Away This expression is inevitable Mr.! Voice of the feeling of the earth saying that the earth is waiting for the sequel of Yamato, the surviving ending There is a strong feeling that I wanted to have had a farewell to create a sequel, and surely the fans would want to see more.
In the television series, I think that there was a lot of useless scenes, although I was inflating a lot of scales and expanding the scenes. Suicide bombing of a few trivial sequels later as well as afterwards ...
Whether it was better to decide that there was not this one is good except for the ending, normal position lower than the standing position and behind the work is convenient,

2008/08/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6794 Host:6761 Browser: 8090
[good point]
A fleet decisive battle is well written.
The story is brighter and lighter than "Farebee". It is easy to see.
The feeling of "living" is expressed better than "farewell". (Still someone is dead.
[Bad point]
The story property has been reduced.
I will hesitate to the last. The bad part of Yamato is beginning to appear.
Teresa's eventual special feature is the last that does not change much like "Farewell."
[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Farewell", the story nature is good.
This "2" is good for entertainment.
It is a ratio of.
I answered that I like "2" if asked "which one is" Farewell "or" 2 "?
Something "farewell" does not like it anyhow ....
The deadly thing is the last that Teresa specializes as he stops trying to specialize in ancient times. Either way I feel like the same thing .... (Private prejudice.)
But it is wonderful as a work. It is strange to say that the wonderful work is a beautification of war.

There was also a point of bad evaluation, but privately, because I enjoyed it from "Farewell" it is "very good".

2008/04/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50367 Host:50292 Browser: 5234
The word "live" was emphasized.
I think that this is a decisively different part from the movie version of "Farewell Space Battleship Yamato".

Although Yamato treatment before going to the place of Theresa, the relationship between the island and Theresa, the part different from the theater version is conspicuous,
Recommendation of surrender to the earth, the end of Saito, indiscriminate attack on the earth of the Zoard,
It was the same thing that many Japanese scenes that reminded me of the Pacific War are being seen in the works.

Especially eye-catching scenes are the scenes where Sanada inquires about Destler and preaches life in ancient times,
A scene that apologizes to Captain Okita that ancient times go against the teachings of Okita and intend to specialize in Yamato,
This is the scene where Theresa entrusts the island to the ancient times.

In those scenes, the importance of the living thing, the weight was expressed brilliantly.

2008/02/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 909 Host:758 Browser: 8090
In "Farewell", there was not much fight of the fleet of the Earth fleet and the comet empire fleet because of the scale,
In this "2", the fleet fight was firmly drawn, the fight with Andromeda and Yamato was realized,
Also, the deployment which destroys enemy carrier aircraft fleet also burns.
For the battle scenes only I think that "2" in the series is the most interesting.

However, at that time, I thought that I wanted to keep my fans away from sorrow, so I was aiming for a sequel, so I deducted it

Rating: Good

2007/09/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4926 Host:4780 Browser: 4184
It was funny if I simply stated my impressions.
Compared with "Farewell ~", the impact degree is small, but various episodes and battles in the journey of the journey made me excitement.
Especially about the love stories of the islands and Theresa I was hoping that I wanted to be happy.
Isamu Daisuke was a troublesome maker and a major figure with a quite presence in all good and bad things throughout the series.
Shinji Sanada is a person with a very good person whose clarity is brains, calm deposition for the first time, anyway, it is astringent. Personally my favorite character. I think Yamato was sinking soon if he was not there.

Anyway, every single episode is deeply dug down, is not it the best work in the Yamato series?

2006/11/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40935 Host:41100 Browser: 3650
Although I feel that it is a work gradually beginning to show the bad part of the Yamato series, I think that it is still a work that is fully seen.
If it does not last, I feel I was able to evaluate a little more.

I think that it is a work specialized most in battle among three TV series.
Therefore, Cosmo Tiger is also a big success, there are also melee combat, the battle is interesting anyway.
If you want to see a piece with a battle that is simply bad, you may want to see 2 rather than 1 or 3.

Most of the characters are continued from the previous work, there is nothing like digging down the personality of the crew as much as the previous work,
Because new characters are attractive as it is, I think that drama nature is also well equipped.
Although early stage can not help being attracted to Saito's attitude, the final stage turns into quite nice characters,
Personally, from Saito who had many turns, I liked the new rice who had a strange presence while there was little turnaround.

However, I was not convinced much about the last.
I do not know that "You should not make beautiful specialty", and I think that what you are talking about is not wrong.
However, it is totally different whether it is correct or not and whether it is interesting as a work or not,
Even though "Farebee" is a work to beautify specialty, I think that it was "Farewell" that the unit was good.

The last of 2 has a sense of attaching as a whole in its entirety,
Because I wanted to tell even contrary to the special opponent, self-assertion of the author is overwhelmingly on the whole, it is strangely preaching.
Besides, although Yamato is not specialized, Teresa is specialized, and in the end it is solving with special measures.
If you cast a counter-measure against you, I think that you should take a story with a wave cannon rather than make it special to Teresa.
Also, although the ancients survive, it is slightly subtle that there is no change in the fact that a large number of dead people are out.

I am sorry that I was unlucky in the last, because it was fun until the end.

2006/09/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
I saw this before "Farewell".
Scenes that I could not defeat Rasubosu with their own power and return home to the earth with full creation was quite impressive.
Because of that, I felt a sense of incompatibility with the theatrical version, which most of the major characters died banging up.
However, after having survived Yamato, he must admit his guilt that the quality of his work has declined.

2006/09/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10396 Host:10550 Browser: 5623
The second bullet of the popular science fiction war series.

Although there seems to be many people who are lowering the evaluation compared with the original movie "Farewell ~",
Personally I prefer this "Yamato 2".

Characters such as Saito and Zodar the Great in "Farewell ~" are said to be "just being" in bad terms,
In this work his personality has been strengthened because his character is fleshed out.
(Although it is a troublemaker, Saito will do it when you do it, the big trouble you do not see enemies while copying it, the three villaine comet empire three executives (haha))

Andromeda who was a biting dog at "Farewell ~" is also good as it is.
It is not merely a sarcastic existence but it burns with the feeling that it is a friend who tries to protect the same earth.

Above all, it is good that the number of dead people is decreasing.
The movie is killing Bang Bang (initially) as a closed edition, but if it is done to that extent, the impression of it will be diminished.
No matter how much it is a war movie (?), It is what you do when you are here.
Saito's death was the same for "Farewell ~" or "2", but combined with the above-mentioned personality characterization "2" was impressed.

"Farewell ~" last in the same way, what is it, but I feel unnatural.
In the previous work, Captain Okita said "Even if it is miserable, it survives (summary)",
The captain of "Farewell ~" (irrespective of whether it is a vision or genuine thing (laugh)) is inconsistent and does not come true. It is a matter of previous matters of specialty.
Rather, I think that it is natural and cool for "2" 'Ancient' trying to take responsibility even though I betray Okita captain '.

Something "Yamato 2" became a solid compliment (bitter smile), I do not dislike movies (lol)
Evaluation is "very good".

> Hayate I also heard that story somewhere.
Well certainly it is not invisible also to "the story of" the great empire of the justice 〓〓〓the empire knocks down reconciliation, evil amusia while having twists and turns "(it is a model of explosion / Gatlantis It is famous for that)

2006/03/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45319 Host:45167 Browser: 3646
Evaluation will be lower if compared with the movie "Farewell" in the same story.
Basically it is impossible to stretch a two-hour story to 26 lines.

However, the final round, painting is sorrowful, but serifs are often deeply implicated.
Something like ancient snowing, I like the Yamato series the most, but I guess.

2006/02/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7706 Host:7387 Browser: 5237
"Farewell Space Battleship Yamato ~ Ai no Warriors ~" was released to the theaters in response to the arrival of a boom by the rebroadcast of the previous series TV series "Space Battleship Yamato", although it was very popular, "Farewell ~" The principal Yamato crew died including the hero, the ancient crew, and Yamato itself was lost due to body hit by the white comet empire 's huge battleship.
Although it was acclaimed as a movie by this thing, some characters reorganized the theatrical version under the strong request of fans who refused to death of the characters who existed even to the fan club, and it was the book created as a TV series It is made. Although this is generally accepted like this, from August 5, the theatrical release start date, until the 14th of October 14th of the start of the broadcast of this work is only over two months, this theory is not a fact .
In fact, in response to the request for Zoji Matsumoto, who can not convince the death of the main character and the result that beautifies the specialty, as a request for proposal of the TV broadcast series, changed the ending and the like in the form of "new translation" for "Farewell ~" It is said that it is the fact that this work is presented that presented the work.
As a result, the setting of minutiae has changed, and the appearance of characters has been changed in various ways.

Deserr who is the greatest villain leader of the previous work again, Yamato and, in terms of saying to confront with the ancient times, there is no change in theatrical version and this work. In contrast, in this work, the standpoint as an "enemy hand" that recognizes each other of the ancient and the deserrators as shown in subsequent works will be established, and in the movie version it will survive each other who died.
There are instances in which we let our hearts communicate with the enemy aliens even before this work and recognize each other as a rival but continuing to strike each other across the series and striking each other in the story I think that this work is the first in Japanese animation.
Although it seems like a bad guy at first sight, although it can be understood that it was a humiliated position of the mid-son to the white comet empire, it is understandable, but in the form of betraying the white comet empire where life was aided, It is unclear whether I felt absurd and whether I felt that the Yamato who tried to take away made friendship to the ancient and to teach the weak points of the urban empire.

The symbol of this work is the Teresa star Teresa. In the movie version, it was a woman with settings commonly used in the domestic sci-fi animation of the time called residents of the anti-substance world, and it was another key of the final Yamato special, but this work has the power to overturn It will be drawn as an ESP.
Although the romance between this teresa and the voyage daughter Daisuke is also one of the elements to raise the story, there are some places where Teresa twists his head, such as transfusing his blood to seriously injured island doing.
Also, while persuading the survivors of Yamato, the earthling person, Teresa himself collapsed the advanced civilization of the Terezart star by supernatural power before that, and the orbit of the white comet empire with the energy of the explosion In addition, after persuading Yamato, they are destroying the super huge battleship in exchange for their own lives. However, this is also a "special feature" by Theresa, it seems to be a depiction which depicts the gist of this work production.

Satoshi Kato, Akira Yamamoto Descriptions leading to the death of the Cosmo Tiger Corps are almost equivalent to the movie versions except for a few differences, and the part of respect for their death may be an aspect that can be appreciated.
Saito's beginning is quite different from the convenience of surviving Sanada. Continuing to shoot guns by himself, although the bomb that Mana blew up blew up the power reactor of the comet city and it disappeared into the explosive flame is surely spectacular, while gunning the theatrical version of Sanada shooting the gun Continuing, like Musashi Fusa Benkei, it is inevitable that it is inferior to the impact of the scene in "stuck".

It is this work that had differences in various places from the theater version to survive Yamato and major passengers, but there are many places where you feel absurd in terms of consistency, giving a higher rating than the theater version It is difficult.
As a result, it is true that it was possible to create a sequel that was difficult to handle in theatrical version as "Masashi", but it was already around "Space Battleship Yamato III" and "Space Battleship Yamato Complete Edition" already "Mobile Suit Warrior It is drunk by a big boom of real robot animation with Gundam as the lead, and the momentum of the heyday does not exist.
Taking this into consideration, the series of Space Battleship Yamato might have ended with "Fareus Space Battleship Yamato - Ai no Warriors ~".

2006/02/03 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19915 Host:19877 Browser: 5234
This work is divided more or less than "Farewell", and in that sense it makes me think about the influence I gave about the subsequent series in various ways, and in the case that many of the subsequent series follow the path of deteriorated reduced production version There were also many feelings that it was impossible to give good results to the later series in such a meaning.

Still this work is a work born at the top of the boom and it may be said that it was born to be born. Even if we can still forgive the series after that "forever", I can not deny that I could not make that "forever" a beautiful form of work, and such production team and prospects sweetness is after this work It seems that it becomes remarkable as it becomes a series.

I think that "〓〓〓quot; was a good work even if it was not born, and it is a case example that created "finished edition" and "YAMATO 2520" neither "yes" nor "new space battleship" I think. I feel that it was incorrectly looking at the timing after this work.

Yamato is unique in that such opinion happens, but it seems that this work is still a work born to be born.

2005/11/18 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46795 Host:46757 Browser: 3646
> Not limited to Yamato, what is it like to make a fuss with the imaginary, distant future, which is the beautification of war with the story of animation as militarist resurrection?
> Whatever you think you are doing in a world view that is impossible at all in real society, such discussion itself is out of the question.
> Do not confuse this with war problems in real society.

If Yamato is inexcusable in beautification of war, it is a very serious crime (theft) beautification such as Lupine the 3 th drawing a thief (a hero) and drawing a thief story At least Yamato is fighting to protect the earth Lupine is just thieving with his own pleasure. It is quite a mystery why Lupine is not condemned.

2005/11/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37075 Host:37213 Browser: 5234
>> Unlike the present day, the left wing idea made a wide range at the time before the quarter century ago, and there were many people who made noise as to what Yamato was also a beautification war. Particularly in the last ancient body scene there was considerable accusation from political groups and education pressure organizations. As a result, it became a form to live it alive, it is true.

Not limited to Yamato, what is it like to make a fuss with the imaginary, distant future, that is also the story of animation beautification of war, militaristic resurrection?
Even though I think it is done in a world view that is impossible at all in real society, such discussion itself is out of the question.
Do not confuse this with war issues in real society.
It is a blatant murder like a remake version of Getter Robo in recent years (see the section there), but if the bleeding description continues, it will be another problem.

2005/11/17 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13217 Host:13112 Browser: 5234
The problem of current military action such as "air striking" or "air raid" such as "Grosa X" which is bursting robot animation buried in history was reported. Although there is also a problem that this work does not transform to Robo at all and it did not show a powerful fight.

Even now in the world there is a feeling that the atmosphere is flowing somewhat because air that is likely to repeat again drifts 60 years ago. In that sense, it is understood that animation which makes the battle ship Yamato, which is a symbol of war in the first film the hero, has a lot of resistance.

However, while it was an era in which such a thing was thought and carefully judged, the tendency to push everything with brute force in the recent trend is noticeable also, so the change in the times and the decline in quality I also feel that it is echoing. (Eg Gundam SEED Kamen Rider etc)

Yamato also has a part that the quality of the work declined every year, but unlike the Gundam which is still too complicated, it may be the only salvation that "Yamato is Yamato!" Remains not.

If you think so, it may not be too bad if you think that the works other than Yamato continued animation production without considering such a thing though it might have become a teacher, although the work after "Farewell" later became a teacher.

2005/10/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46795 Host:46757 Browser: 3646
A word as a person who knows the circumstances at the time.
At first, like the movie version, it seems that the ancient process and the snowfalls were dead.
There is an upside to the fact that the voice of "Do not kill" from the audience side rushed to the form and it turned out to be okay, but it is not actually the case.
Unlike the present day, the left wing thought made a great advantage at that time before the quarter century ago, and there were many people who made noise as to what Yamato was also a beautiful war. Particularly in the last ancient body scene there was considerable accusation from political groups and education pressure organizations. As a result, it became a form to live it alive, it is true.
I learned that there were various shady circumstances even in the 〓〓〓and the final edition, but now that Yamato reminds me that there were quite a variety of unfortunate circumstances on the back stage, I will not be able to criticize myself.

2005/10/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2804 Host:2495 Browser: 5623
The beginning of Yamato Nightmare. Although I did not expect it to be such a thing at the time though.
Although it was a perfection degree more than "at that time" sufficiently as a single TV series, after all, "Farewell"
I can not wipe a sense of incompatibility because I know. Chara who died in "Farewell" did not die in that scene, but it happened frequently, and in front of the television it crawled his head with "That ??? The last thing, if you think that it is a special feature, if you think that it is a special feature, the "dressed clothing" Teresa settled on and settled on me and I'm feeling mouthfully I was also in front of the TV in the ancient times and snow "mouth 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓quot;.
"Farewell" The last haste is often criticized, but how is this work? Far from being a special feature, she is in the middle.
Besides, I just did not do it. Before that, it will not be possible that the heroes will not put on the climax of the story.
Besides that, there are plenty of things to do, such as "Aiko Chikwa" or a new rice (Aarome) standing death flag from Hana, an island to be incorporated into communication with Teresa by Sawyo Aihara. However, the OP of Yamato starting from underwater is cool as good as the old work.
It is the same as Ichi Prep Animation. The problem is the work which will be continued after this .... Although they are not fatalities individually, even if you stopped by "Farewell", it was true that excellent beauty was decorated.

2005/10/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a TV version of "Farewell" drawn at the peak of the Yamato boom.

Although criticism as to whether it is good to arrange a movie slightly less than two hours originally like this is flying from that time and there are many opinions that the last is not good, even though the fareofs of farewell looks beautiful, Okita Ten Three = The dialogue of the first episode of the TV version of the author, contrary to the phrase "to endure today's humiliation for tomorrow !!" and the scenes of "I was saved if this were done" repeatedly I felt a messy look after seeing it later.

Whatever route I followed, like "Ideon", the destiny ended up being better after all, and I remembered the bad aftertaste like "dumbbine".

Still, this TV edition has many parts that make me think that "this is strange" and "this scene is unnecessary" when I get used to movies, and people can not deny that drawing is inferior to movies, so people who like movies I think that it can not be helped to be condemned from.

It may be the most interesting if it is Yamato just looking as a war victim. The first work was an emphasis on adventure, and Yamato itself, which became too strong after the new, broke the balance, enemies are crushed one by one in such Yamato, even as adventure, it is not interesting as a warfare article Because it became a work.

I think that it was not necessary to put the romance between the island and Theresa separately. Compared to the movie version, the urban empire became stronger (from the fact that Andromeda was mentioned at the blood festival), there is a part that seems to be a weak white comet and ultra huge battleship instead of the movie version fans gaze at the eyebrows It might have been.

Still, it was drawn to have less diversion scenes from the movie, the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓elevision was well-kneaded, and the scene that Balsae vs Hijikata's Saturn Battle of Battle and the hands of Evil Desirer's Evil approaches I think that it was really good. In the movie, the mechanics which could not be used so much in the TV version was quite conspicuous, and both the Earth and the comet empire put out original mechanics considerably and excited the work.

Todo, who failed to surrender to the comet empire in the last battle, thought to be an ancient shoji who saw the power of the enemy worse, but this work was unique in that there were many battles that were more prosperous than the later series.

Many people say that Yamato's first experience is from this work.

2005/10/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Unlike theatrical version, it is the original author 's idea that it does not specialize at the end, and I think that it is appropriate for the original theme of Yamato to personally come back alive rather than bashfully rather than bashfully,
However, I think that the last version of the movie version was above as the completion degree of the work.
Somehow, I felt that I forced it to use it to lead to a sequel.

Mecha is the coolest thing and it is "good" taking into consideration that it is fascinating that Desuller and the Earth fleet work quite well.