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Anime rank of 1965 Rank 17in 19 titles
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Yosida Tatuo
Kenzi Yoshida Kuri Ippei
Kenji Maruyama Hiroshi Sasagawa Kuri Ippei Zinzou Toriumi
Komori Akihiro
Tatsunoko Productions YOMIKO ADVERTISING INC.
Sumiko Shirakawa
Iemasa Kayumi
Mariko Mukai
Kinya Aikawa
Japan Released:1965/05/08(Sat)
Opening movie (1)
Song:Asahisonorama Lyrics:Takashi Yanase Compose:Izumi Taku [Fan reg.]
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2010/08/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Tatsunoko's SF action animated drama aired in 65 - 66 years. The prince "Ace" of the `Pearl star 'which had disappeared exploded, came from the space flying fleet and came to the earth of the 21st century. Aces picked up by Dr. Tatsunoko on the earth is a special ability as courage and wisdom and a Palm star, fighting evil people and monsters to protect the peace of the earth.

It was this work that Tatsunoko Pro was piggybacked because it was boasted of popularity as a boy such as "Super Jetter" and "Space Boy Solan" who became a hero became a hero and defeat evil, and Tatsunoko Pro led by Tatsuo Yoshida Is a memorable work that I made for the first time as an animated work. Therefore, helping Ace and becoming a proud parent is called `Tatsunoko Dr. '.

The story is Prince Pralm 's Prince and a special ability "Ace" fighting against the evil organization and invaders for the earth, it is a reality as an animation of the time, being fueled by the trend of the time It seems to have been set, so it is comparable in content to animation works of the same time in content. It was rather a character that seemed to have changed a little from "Ace" "Astro Boy", and the story development was similar. Just a 'platinum ray' from the forehead It is different from ATOM that we could use the special attack technique such as ring type attack technique `silver ring 'from the fingertip. Because these techniques also appeared in Ultra series, maybe this work was a pioneer. Also comical characters such as `Tatsunoko Dr. ',` Asari-chan', 'Hermit crab reporter' robot dog `Wobo ', etc. are also good, and it seems that these became prototypes of later tatsunoko characters.

This work is the first animation work by Tatsunoko Pro, but the story.The character setting was patterned in the style of a boyfighter's justice of the time then, so the attempt of lightning technique did not lead to the uniqueness of the work , Evaluation is [normal]. Although Tatsunoko Pro will newly build new footprints in the animation world due to this work.