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Yun Koga
Keizo Kusakawa
Kiyoko Yoshimura
Masahiro Yokotani
Ide Naomi
Yoshikazu Iwanami
DAX Production Inc.
Fujisawa Yoshiaki
Studio Barcelona animation studio
Ayaka Suwa
Hisako Kanemoto
Yoshino Nanjo
Azumi Asakura
Fumiko Uchimura
Uchida Mami
Sachika Misawa
Yuka Ootubo
Miho Arakawa
Yosimura Haruka
Chika Anzai
Manami Numakura
Yamada Yuki
Takahiro sakurai
Sugita Tomokazu
Japan Released:2014/04/04(Fri) 02:19-02:49 MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) TV / End:2014/06/20
Official sites
1. http://www.akuma-riddle.com/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. http://twitter.com/akuma_riddle
Opening movie (1)
悪魔のリドル OP  創傷イノセンス
Song:Maaya Uchida Lyrics:Chiaki Ishikawa Compose:Ron Arrange:Ron [Fan reg.]
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2017/06/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6659 Host:6258 Browser: 8318
[good point]
Contents that make characters like you Content There are weapons irrelevant to assassination, but I think about mysteries that have been out putting out content that makes people like black people 10 years without putting out scenes that kill people much It is interesting.

Background and character color usage.

Mr. Ryou 's role as Mr. Takayoshi Ezeki Although voice actors who played other characters also played, the voice and role played was good.

It was good enough to convey that I was looking at Mr. Takahiro Sakurai and played it with great emphasis on the role.

"Wounded innocence", all ED.

[Bad point]
I guess there was an idea, but the contents of the shiina.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There was an addition and cutting, but the content of the original was made use of. Evaluation is very good

2016/07/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26863 Host:26830 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Concept is easy to understand

[Bad point]
Pictures that learn to embarrass in the tension of characters and the like have a unique post-fitting feeling

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I think that it is interesting in some places, I was concerned about various questions and complicated points and I could not enjoy it.
I will assume it is bad as evaluation.

2016/06/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46115 Host:45939 Browser: 10902
A girls high school student who has a complex origin who is targeted for life from many people Assassin who fell in love with Ichinose Haruhi and her warm personality and turned into a knight to protect the sun from the other 11 Assassin's. A story depicting the fight and bonds of Hakuzaka. (Including spoiler)
[good point]
Unlike just a battle thing, it has all the enchanting spices (especially two points after a certain meaning in a certain meaning of this work w) to make a work such as comedy, lily, exclusive ED music ... Place
Deployment to knock down each enemy group one by one. After all the animation is such a story is simple, it is the royal road, it burns most.
Dedicated ending theme of the black group students. None of this is an impressive song that character character and circumstances, living style is oozing out as well. Kiriko's "ACROSS THE FATE", Mr. Chidori & Angel Trumpet "POISON ME", Ryo Ban chan's "Sukku", Iso's "Angel's Smile", Juniko's "Innochino Curriculum", Mr. Survival ", extra edition" LAST PARTY "personal favorably my favorite. (Why are not you only Sayona ... ...)
.OP theme "wounded innocence". It is also a classic masterpiece even if it overcomes the ending song above. The picture was also batch gou! (Old?) The rakuzaki who had no intention of killing the sun and had a preliminary vote of up to one thousand feet was the evolution that both of them eventually aim at the sunny lives, from the expressionless expression to the eerie Was it suggestive that sweet slimy laughter would make her become able to kill people in the late at the end?
Black families are rich in personality and appearance. It is cute to Haru and Iosuto, Kago, Otoya, Ryo and Kureiko have grown-up feelings. Strength is Juniko> Otoya 〓〓〓Chika 〓〓〓Hakusan> Isa> Chunki> Midnight> 〓〓〓gt; Kushi> Coffee> Ryo> Midday ... Is not it a feeling? (Clearly it is impossible to measure because the sun is targeted and escorted subject, Sena has been knocked down before the assassination execution.Small-chan seems to have a high potential to see that activity in net Ronzo war ... ...)
The picture is stable and beautiful.
Masked rider element is strong.
1, Multiple competitors aim at one or two enemies 〓〓〓Stronger's DELZER corps.
2, Murder according to the rule in game sense is done 〓〓〓Gulongi tribe of Kuuga.
3, 13 people fighting for wishes 〓〓〓Ryuki's riders. The standing position is set for the night in the east (fighting for the precious person), Ichinose is Ryuki (goodwill character), running is Guy (innocent and cruel), Inukai is Zolda (in charge of coloring), Saga River is the impeller (Fighting), Ikuta eyeballs Ryuga (equal strength with the hero), Kirigaya is Berde (cowardly tactics), Banchi is a royal snake (militant personality), Britain is Odin (the most powerful person), God Shiga (scooger & low fighting power), Takechi is Taiga (bizarre personality & distorted affection expression), sword carry Is it such a place as Rya (common senseman & being sent off by cowardly attack) ... and so on.
4, the position of a ruler and a liaison 〓〓〓___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0
"I, Mr. Midnight by" (Laughing Chaou) (by Inuka Iesu) serif 〓〓〓together Deno. The former is similar to the character of Rasubosu (Kai) that the expression is emotions are not synchronized with the latter, to the famous word "I, go on !!" which can also be called the Momotaros' signboard.
I feel that all of them are too similar to each other as though they are just paku ... ... Is it just a matter of accidental removal?
Both the painting and the story are serious but the behavior and behavior of the characters are comical. "There is a card in the juice" It's not water !!!! "is the name exchange of laughter things. Professor Mizuki has already existed (ry
All the black group survived to the end. "Medicine power of alifa school is the world biggest !!!!!!!" I guess that's fine.
In the final story "If you look up and be respectful". I did not expect that this song, which is also a pronoun of a graduation song, will be an insertion song for this work. I knew it recently when it was also recorded in the character song, and I got a big sense of humor as well (lol)
The voice actor of the fellow character is luxurious to what mind. I am using Nishimura Oitai as something like a principal like a one-story guest character ......
[Bad point]
There is no human appeal in the rabbit corner. There is a nasty and cowardly place and I feel like trying to kill the sun just for myself. Protect defending fraud is not a level.
Kaiba sensei of early stage. According to the official guidebook, it seems to be its own educational theory, but I wanted to give you a little more ways of showing characters like that that would be transmitted properly.
The treatment of the repair is too bad. Did you want to dunn the strike series intentionally treated fishes as much as you could be misleading like that. It is no longer a legendary classic that things like having only one private song or something. Well, I think it is convenient for the scale ... ...
Only the chairperson is not a happy ending. Let's believe that you will escape from the organization safely ... ...
[Comprehensive evaluation]
"It is the best!" It was really my favorite work! I will also buy cartoons and CD! And hopefully the second stage & the movie version (confrontation with all assassination organizations such as Azma, Kuzunoha, and the sunny clan! Hope) to create! ~!

2015/08/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27384 Host:27466 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Setting as Des Game Assassin Classroom
The feeling of suspicion in the opening stage
Battle BGM or Discord Tone BGM
Latter half of the queen saying

[Bad point]
There are many people who are assassins but have no tension
There are few people who use assassination techniques (Does not it face a lot?
Unforgiven for those who were poisoned when talking about the stage
The way to end (regardless of living things, whatever you wish)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
BGM was really good!
I feel sorry that setting loses something or not

2015/04/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4287 Host:4210 Browser: 5171
Satan 's Riddle is a school assassin whose original work was manga. At the stage when the original was in 2 volumes serialized, it became a hot topic with animation.

Privately, I liked the work with thrill action at school and death games and abnormality very much. I think that genres such as faint lily are not quite suitable for character character of hero and heroine.

Because there are bad points, I will stop it as "good" as an evaluation.

[good point]
〓〓〓Although it also leads to character setting and cartoon evaluation of charm original work, the backbone which each person built was also a seller of the devil's riddle and it is also attractive. The complicated relationship of heroine aimed at the main character of the assassin is converted into a "sense of crisis" for the relationship between the two people at the end of the work. I think that the thrill was also the axis of this work through one episode through the last episode.
Also, the assassins who become the enemies also recognize that there is life, each person has a personality, thinking, birthing, growing up, growing up, and being able to understand, there are people who can not have it at all It is also an ambitious work that shows us the character of twenty men.

〓〓〓Overall Statement Incorporation Ridul is presented every time, and the story development along with it is good taste.
Also, "Minority Stance" to help the hero's target in reverse, is also "courage to rebel", it is the royal road of the hero of the fiction world, and I think that both men and women can empathize.

〓〓〓Consideration for the theme of luxurious development that is honest and not persistent Basically, the expression of lily expansion fundamentally includes erotic description from homosexual elements, but there is no such eros in the work now. Even if it says lily, it is a "friendship" between women, so simply think that Lilly is an attribute of some characters. For example, Takechi Otoya is considered to be a kind of extreme lily in that it targets "beautiful women".
About the hero and the heroine it will be "friendship", not a lily.

〓〓〓Although drawing ability of drawing cartoons is also favorite privately, I think that the point that it does not collapse so much during animation is one of the merit of this work very much.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓In the story development and compressed cartoon, the story expands on limited express, with limited animated scales, so that each depiction of each person can be taken long. It was also one episode divided by the second part of the first part. Except for the two stories, Inukai, only the Battlefield Battle. Originally, if I take the scale even in the battle between the last round and the assassin in front, I think that there was a thrill development and excitement.
It is regrettable to finish with 12 episodes.

〓〓〓Inadequacy of character representation Because of the compressed story, character depiction is also inadequate, so regrettable that the setting has not been utilized. In cartoons, that point is made up. If I overcome this problem, I think that the devil 's Riddle was a better work.

〓〓〓About the death of a character Usually, it is unavoidable for a dead to appear in such a work, and I believe that we want all of us to survive privately. However, in the final story there was a character who was in an unreasonable way of survival, so I felt something wrong with portrayal depiction.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is a very well-balanced thing in the theme of setting, drawing, voice actor, and lily.

However, due to the story development, the lack of settling and collection, the sense of crisis in pencils, we will stay at "good" for evaluation.

The speed of the story deployment is one cool, so it is unavoidable, but it was insufficient to make charm's charm. Somewhere, I can not deny the feeling I made with a quick pitch work.
Due to the speed of the story speed, the furious turning point continued, I felt unsatisfactory. In addition, the battle description is also small. Personally, Inukai: I think that Battlefield Battle is an incandescent "Ho".

The shortage of settlement collection is also conspicuous in 〓〓〓 Coffee shoes, it is very difficult to understand the backbone etc. Especially with regard to coffee, even for the purpose of assassination, it was retrofitting. Saya was set up and was portrayed in detail, but that does not mean that you do not have to depict it with animation. As a result, why do you try to kill the heroine? A question mark crosses over your head.

So, although it is not possible to attach the highest or "very", it is a "good" evaluation.
Privately, it is a very favorite work, so I am looking forward to the deployment of those who are original in the future.

2015/04/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27185 Host:27154 Browser: 4721
[good point]
The story of the protagonists & rasubos' setting, comparison and main spindle is finished without blurring with a very funny setting
I think that it is the point that "the number of pieces" that existed in the hearts of the above people, "the devil 's Riddle" changed and changed
Every ending song is different as a character song

[Bad point]
Although there are only 12 talks, there are too many characters not related to the spindle and "devil's riddle" has been pressured
The oppressed characters are pressed against each other, often the depiction or motivation kneading becomes thin and it feels like a gag
Battle and assassination are professional wrestling like a classic boys' manga so it will be disappointing to expect a killing like a general work
The final story of the bottom is a digest
It is difficult to understand with a bad composition that the focus is blurred including the intentional part for Riddle.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally I like it.
Although there are also head gaps in 3 and 4 talks, I gave up viewing abandoned very badly but when I understood that it was a boys' cartoonistic style, I was doing very well and I enjoyed it as B class entertainment

Although the final story was too leapful development and digest, understanding could not catch up with first look
I decided to follow only the main story from the first story and decipher the contents very interestingly and I felt something that shines even though it was for maniacs but I still regret that the balance between the ulter and the number of characters and the kneading are bad and the noise is too much is

I understand that I wanted to increase the number of classes more than making a place meaning school ...

2015/03/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2260 Host:2253 Browser: 10976
[good point]

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2015/02/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45568 Host:45421 Browser: 10470
I think that it is a good work.

The character deza is good, there are voices with voice actors as well.
The story, too, was easy to see because there was not much scenes like lily. (I'm sorry about whom I like)
The theme song was also good!
The atmosphere of the song and animation is good, I think that it is a god song, and I think ed of each character is also good. (Especially my favorite is paradox and suffering)

Well ...
Because it is 1 cool, I thought that I would like to see more stories about each character. After all I think that about 2 cool was good for this animation.
I think there are pros and cons for saying that all of us lived in the last, but I think that I was good.
To be alive is to be forgiven 〓〓〓 Safari 

2014/09/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1501 Host:1713 Browser: 7904
Work that you want to evaluate highly.
Personally I like the world view.
Heroine Academy Battle Royale things.

Personally, the action that heroine is active,
I like works with thrills like battle loyal.

This work is a combination of two elements, personally it was a work of the best view of the world.

Why do each heroine make a murderer work?
A hedonist or an assassinator?

It was good as a battle action that assassins the heroine with various backgrounds and past.

I think that the story also got deeper if I dug deeper into each past of each heroine.

The acting skill of the voice actor was also wonderful.
I think that famous female voice actor and future newcomer female voice actor were doing good acting as well.

I was surprised at the luxury that Mr. Sugita and Mr. Sakurai cast to two male characters who do not appear much in this work.

It was good that I changed ED every time.

I think that the last was a happy ending.
Because I like works of happy ending.

2014/08/26 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 290 Host:424 Browser: 4721
It may be that I wanted to have [11 people!], But I think that 11 people did not need assassin ordinary thought. (The protagonist is excluded)
While preparing for the excitement of being a professional assassin who has the capability but a hero who has never killed a person vs 11 people, when it starts, professionalism has no dust and no smart feeling Battle. Do not say this as a shoulder watermark, what should I say?

...... Bukkake, it is certain that it is not a kind of ambush that an assassin can do it just like that. Even [NARUTO] 's world is SHINOBI, not a shinobi.
But, at least, I'd like an action, like an assassin-like thought circuit.
Episode 2. Iso will carry out assassination of the fine before the orientation. At the time when the hero who realized that Isa is [smelly] human being made a cheek at the tea party she called, at the time when it was made to be alone with only fine, I'm watching "I'm watching" .
Sure enough, Sun is sleeping with medicine, and the leading character rushed to fight with Isosu, but here a fatal weakness is revealed to Italy and the situation is reversed. ...... Mr. Issei who raised the place though .... 〓〓〓〓〓uh?;

Next 3 episodes. The assassination begins in earnest in full.
It was the pleasure murderer Yuya who cut the lead. A hero who says that she is happy to show her a friendly attitude towards himself, "Do not believe so easily". ...... Such a girl believes Otaya's remarks frankly and stops as swordsmanship. 〓〓〓〓〓uh?;
Now I will immediately believe in Kenpo 's remarks and engage with Otoya. However, the mount is taken soon and pinch of desperate situation. ...... In the scene before this, the weather that has fallen into a similar situation has broken down by oneself. (Moreover, with the body restrained)
So, it was sunny for the escort subject that saved the hero's pinch. Creeping from behind, Okaya's head is cheerful. And the assassination ends in failure. 〓〓〓〓〓uh?;

In this two talk and three talks, [the assassin who appears in this work, the hero and the enemy are both poppies] have been revealed. To expect a continuation with this is disappointing, but difficult.
Indeed, even in the 4 episodes that I watched with a single request, the enemy will be losing martial arts merely by being forcibly murdered by the usual question of "Do not kill people because they want to quit an assassin?" . Come on ....

The main subject of this work is Yuri. It is a setting for Yuri. Then, I feel like I have not tried it seriously so far. Comedy is the main, sometimes serious, just good at about.

Tentatively, I did not feel like watching until the end.

2014/07/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17843 Host:17793 Browser: 5173
"It is short to the belt in the fucking animation circle" (with spoiler))

〓〓〓Outline of the work]

Manga original 1 cool. It is unusually complete with only the range of animation.
What is the meaning of the title, is it reasonable to think that Riddle = riddle, devil is .... "proof of devil" comes from.
That means "a riddle that prove answers are extremely difficult". If you look at the last round, you will know what Sole is.

Contents are a set of escort subjects and escort guards in a certain school class (13 people), the rest are assassins.
The main character Tokoku to become an escort guard can protect the escort target hull?
...., a pretty much unspeakable work that felt like a "lily surgical gag & action".

Even though it is an intentional setting, everyone else's escort target "other than Hull" is ponkos. I do not do 'assassination'.
In other words change again. It seems to be an assassin is rather Mr. Hull who is the object of escort, except for Sore, it is just a matter of story.
In addition, the hero of the escort guard is also a ponkut.
And in this work. In a scene other than reminiscence, "There is no one dead". There is only one person.
Let me just say it again. Although this animation puts an assassin forward, no dead person comes out.

Heartful, is not it? (Unwind)

Yes, Assassin 's intelligence. Skill - Tactics. Strategy and everything else I want to see will keep silent and turn right.
This work is an animation that enjoys extremely surreal gag fighting that they weave, with the lily element and character personality.
.... However, there is a halfway good thing that does not end with sole in trouble. (Described later)

Regarding quality, it is not bad for being in trouble again.
I think that the drawing did not collapse so much, ED is luxurious as the character runs every time.
(It is said that CD debuts if you lose, as the character who goes out with that story flows.

〓〓〓Good point]

Personality of the character.
Although the character attachment has a blatant feeling to flowing though, I do not dislike it because the character deza is also good.
Personally BBA ... I think cool cool is the most cute.
(It is cute to the extent that it is far from reaching the character animation of the main character just because it is not a character animation.

Basically, it is easy to see because 1 talk is complete.
It is quite a nice feeling as a neta anime.
Part of the title (described later)

〓〓〓Bad point]

〓〓〓Dark .... killing ...?

The author thinks what it is like to assassinate once, and it is not a sin to investigate even if it searches.
"Before the prey licking the tongue is a triumphant thing" It is a fair and easygoing person, it is squirrel a lot There are quite a lot of enemies who come to kill with game sensation.
There are only a handful of characters that show the high level of murder skills. In addition, it comes out to the guy who will be destroyed .... Oh, assassination? Www

Although there is a background that fundamentally due to the setting circumstances the enemy is seriously not in the situation to kill you,
It's a story that if you are Sole, you do not have to forcibly bring in extraordinary settings as "Assassin".
It is good with naming which somehow somehow still feel like such as a certain variety hunter role.

Moreover, although it becomes spoiler, even characters that can only be seen as dead live somehow and come out in the final round. Hey, assassinate.
It goes without saying that Kore has born Titanium 's strongest legend.

Of course, the battle scene is not interesting 90%, and it is filled with a surrey and manuke atmosphere. Tsukkomichi is constantly going after.

〓〓〓bout the proof of the riddle [Consideration?]

Eventually it is enough for the last 3 episodes about the title "Riddle of the devil" of this work ... ...

The content of the riddle,

1, Hull owns the ability to manipulate others under unconsciousness unconsciously. Therefore, if that power grows, one day the world will be beaten by the back.
2, The person who is in trouble doing the assassination of Hull many times until then, human beings around Hull became a shield of Hull and prevented Kole.
3, Hull suffers from having his unconscious manipulate the person who was friendly to himself to make it a shield?

Q, So how can Haru not be bothered by the guilt feeling? Prove also whether Tokaku likes Haru at the same time.

A problem like this.
Tokak must prove that he has "protected" the hull, not for "being protected" for himself or for Hull.
However, Hull 's ability is unconsciously invoked. I do not know if that ability really exists because it is not clear, so I am not sure.

Then what should we do.
The answer was a wonderful piece of poke that seemed like a poisonous Tokaku as an assassin.
"Well, if you can kill Hull that you think you do not want to be killed, you can deny Hull 's ability?"

As a result, Tokaku chased Hull to the point where he died and answered the devil 's Riddle. .... I think that was a story.
(Since suspicion is born by Hull 's ability in this, it is a matter of the possibility that the possibility that the assassin of the past might have been really prime point emerged.
Looking only here, I think it's funny and funny animation ....


It can not be said to be a good flattering work and the overwhelmingly surreal development has said that there is no stopping evaluation of animated cartoons lovers favorite cartoons,
It is original work for Sore, there is feeling that the staff made seriously. Positive, long to the belt.

What is a good fucking animation? No, what is fucking animation in the first place (philosophy)
..... and, I do not feel like I was made to think about such a translation of "devil's Riddle".
Evaluation ... ... It is a place to get lost, comment. If you think out of the sole, the place "bad" will be reasonable.

....Finally. The best victim of this work can be declared, but it is the homeroom teacher of the black group. He did it well ....

2014/07/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14897 Host:14993 Browser: 5133
I thought that the author was a big boy, and I thought that voice actors and characters were attractive works, but the final stage was a faraway and faraway way of finishing.

Characters who have been sent off until now (some characters have died in the play)
It was a funny development that seemed like various things to the viewers with meaningless and happy ending finish in the last round.

Even though it was critically acknowledged, it was not funny but since the heroines were not bad, the evaluation was "normal".

2014/07/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32833 Host:32741 Browser: 5171
It was interesting if it was funny or not interesting, but I wonder if the last thing is wrong.
Characters themselves were each unique and interesting, and it was fascinating to see how they tried assassinations as well.
I thought that the two people who deepened their bonds in some way though it was various, including the first time in the head of a rabbit horn and the fighting power until the terrible fight of the last in the final stage.
A voice actor and Akihi Suwa still seems to have less activity, but it was very good, and Ms. Ami Numakura's crazy thing, Taketoshi Ogiya's crazy thing, Mr. Yuka Okubo who was told to be scattered in a stupid stick reading, Isao Inukawa's Asakura Annie etc (It is terrible with Kumin senpai ...) The performance of the voice actor was impressive.
I could not see the part where the painting collapsed, but I personally enjoyed it comparatively.
Even though this work was also interesting until then it feels like Oita Moss has been mossed in the last round.
It is good to look sweet.

But all I was alive is that it means that the medical technology of Minojo Gakuen is amazing.
Besides that school building has been blown up that much, that school is open without problem, is the speed of concealment and restoration also considerable.

2014/06/29 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32210 Host:32238 Browser: 5666
I wanted to thrust into the police with a taste of character animation, but it is easy for me to easily understand the format that an assassin trying to kill the heroine sun wrote a preliminary vote and it is simple Was it good? Is that the good point? Other than that it was a terrible content without any particular place to see.

The rule is that the assassin will win if the assassiner kills the sun in 48 hours after the assassin gives the preliminary vote to the fine and the assassin is promised to be able to make one wish from the organizer-like organization, every time the assassin There was a certain wish There was a certain wish of each character, so even if I killed the sun, there was a motivation enough to make it, but there are also murder and life imprisonment and the death penalty so it may be easy to do .
I understand if it kills and killed, but I did not think that the members had the preparedness to do it systematically.
It is useless to have seemed to be killing a member who normally talks with the member despite being dead killing virtually living or dead with members other than rabbit horn was.

Regarding the way of killing, if you answer correctly to quizzes, you can cancel bombs, game formats and thrusts are many, but the personality of the assassin who comes up every time is surprised.
It seemed like she was looking forward to killing herself also because she was a scissor, so I was able to see the strange place as a story Just because other assassins set up various ways of killing but impossible to kill the force I was doing it with a gag so seriously I can not see a game and I am honestly boring.
Although the sun is active in 10 episodes and it is to beat the assassin, it is strong as the soldier's baste is nothing to do with the soldier 's deep blue colorfulness but it is strong It is strong, but why it is fine even if it is seen to the end I do not know whether it is so strong, I want an explanation.

After the climax and the black curtain told the truth there was no persuasive power Because it was sunny all the people in the black group had died so I could not understand the meaning.
I thought that this system was something that I thought might be somewhat though it was a masterpiece.
After that, why do not you give out a preliminary vote and Rakuzan tried to kill the sun, but another rabbit horn enters the stop and it will become the two rabbit joints confrontation, but the real rabbit umbrella already destroyed the preliminary vote at the beginning Since I was trying to understand which is real or imposter, I thought that I knew mostly, but since the person who tried to kill by issuing a preliminary notice vote is real, it is anxious, so I was concerned about that contradiction point.
The reason why the true rabbit horse tried to kill was handled by the fine to prove that he was not protecting it, so it seems that he may not understand his mind but for a moment I thought, calmly but after all I tried to kill my loved one I can not understand it.
Is it also a kind of love?

Also after that it is surprising that the convenience of the choot is too good.
The fake rabbit horn died and it seemed like it died even though it was sunny but everyone was alive and it was clear that there was a living explanation for mid sorrow but the other members died poison and died also members of the black group also why Everyone was alive and finished in a happy ending.
I did not understand the honest meaning and I was convinced to some extent that the author was thinking to kill characters but I was alive without any meaning but actually it was not dead, right? I wanted you to do nothing but chot live without explanation.

Anyway the battle can not be seen as a gag or a story, but when I think of what anime it was, I did not understand well because there was no theme.

Lastly why did you care about why the scissors returned with 10 episodes, did not you know the intent of the viewer service which is a wonderful viewer service?

Evaluation is "Very bad" Killing game has a lot of stupid talks but many works are useless at all but this is one of them.

2014/06/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17222 Host:17319 Browser: 7465
Heartful Honobon assassination Lesbian comedy.
Cute girls caught up with Capaca Ufu! But all the assemblers got assassins! (I do not say tough)
Target is serious angel, Haru-chan, it's ridiculous that such a child will be killed!
Therefore, the staff thoroughly made barrier-free style of BLACKCAT buried so as not to put a burden on the viewer's mind.
In addition, we all have a happy ending of survival, and we succeeded in further emphasizing this work as a heartful animation.
'Cause now, you think that someone is saddening with lesbian animation, it's like this to avoid it.
Lesbian and assassinated Millefeuille. It was a wake-up that drew such a method to taste it sweetly. It's awesome, sole.
Also at the same time this work seems to be advocating titanium's strongest theory.

Anime that is hard to handle like being shaking the boundary between disappointing animation and fucking animation.
I had a feeling of shaku animation's unique feeling, but I do not want to handle fucking animation a lot.
But after all it is fucking animation I wonder because it makes me indecisive for anything.
I can laugh, the characters are cute, yet they are fucking animations. I want to cast doubt, I do not know how to handle this.

Even if it is a lesbian assassination, it is delicate. I tried to balance the two major factors.
I feel that I'm honestly unsatisfied with lesbian depiction, but let's energize with viewers and secondary creation there ~
Let 's suppose that Mr. Rakuaki and Haru - chan finally made a lesbian couple.

As far as assassination is concerned, it is a farce drama that the Hippo assassin prosperses to the extent that he does not want to kill them at all.
In the final stage it is said that the fact that "Haru-chan has weakened assassins!
It is becoming an answer that puts keli under the weather so far, but why did you bring such a disgusting setting?
Do whatever you throw a real assassination off. And even if weakened, did not you feel uncomfortable with usual regular tone?
In 2 episodes we brought a very ecstatic composition of "target & guardian Gachiries couple VS transformation girls high school students assassin"
It is disappointing that the result is such a bad assassination. Even if weakening is done, roughness is seen.
(Mr. Rabbit Kaku who is caught in a lie in ex 3 episode, Haruchan who is superior in physical capability for some reason rather than Mr. Rakanaka etc)

I wonder what challenged with the short scale of one course is a problem. One person per episode, or two or three people CD debut at the same time.
It was impossible for me to try packing the assassination with Mr. Rabbit Kazu into the one episode of the debut of the CD debut planned character.
Many children are attractive enough to say that enough digging down most characters. Haruchan 〓〓〓chan Izusa is the best.
It is also due to the shortness of the scale that you want to ask the exit of the target character (CD debut) so much that you can try hard on the training ball.
It is OK with this as a devil survivor and a good dangan rompa, and the animation frame should not be a problem there.

It was fun with animation that can be told enough grass. (I also became obsessed with the original) and I will switch over.
It was rare that a running impatience and a shitdrying sky's ear was boring. That OP, every debut CD covering all genres was excelled.
This animation will be good if you handle the animated Parallel Another Animation like Sakura Trick.
Oh, Mr. Yoshiro Mizuki and Ms. Sugita just said that they were lily pigs.

2014/06/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 832 Host:564 Browser: 7916
[good point]
〓〓〓OP. The introduction of OP and speedy intro are cool. "High!" Part feels good.
〓〓〓Although it is impossible to get along with the assassins who are trying to kill himself, it is impossible for him to send school life, but somewhat strange and magical feeling has taken place.

〓〓〓〓〓〓 I liked the stingy smell visible to this girl's eyes.
臂〓〓臂〓〓 Er ... I'm sorry. Looks are the only favorite.
〓〓〓Chidori & coffin. Always staying together, but in reality .. While studying at the school festival plays the students who came to see it is a play, the development that truly exchanging lives was spectacular.
I wonder if this was the peak ...

〓〓〓Ridiculously linked with every episode, the title is becoming a riddle.
The character of the assassin who 〓〓〓D exited. Charasan is innovative though it is a character disappearing.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓OP's dialogue "Do not let anyone touch you". I did not personally want because the rhythm I've carved so far is interrupted. There will be some people like this.
〓〓〓Even though they are assassins, everyone is sweet. Rakuzaki also thinks that there are more various ways such as restraining when Ii-sama faints if people can not be killed ..
Mr. Issuke also thrusts the rabbit horn from the window and does not confirm it, it says that "the rabbit is dead" end.
Rakuzaki was usually pinpin afterwards .. What is 'durable'?

Well, in fact the sweetness of this assassin 's packing was also revealed afterwards, but I heard only an excuse. Show me the battle that is thrilling and spectacular from such settings.

〓〓〓Mr. Toshiro Morogure. As the students in the black group gradually get rid of themselves, they are in a silent way, so I wonder if there is something behind.
(Although there was a scene that I thought suspiciously at the end in the first place though)
Is it simply Noh ..?
〓〓〓Mr. Kaiba was talking about his target in a way he said it was foolish, so I thought that the real target was someone other than fine but he was caught in the other way. But there was no surprise beyond that.

〓〓〓The difference between an assassin with a strong impression and a weak assassin is large,
Often I think that "This girl has gone away?"
Am I not just watching it properly?
〓〓〓inally when Rakuzaki struck a preliminary notice vote in the sun, I shouted "Unnamed: Kitter !!" to the unexpected deployment, though ... Why do not you break the preliminary vote in the early stage of the raketaku? Thing is

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Let the target girls high school students and 12 assassins take classes together and let school life go, who is the first to kill the target.
Ooooooooooooo. Why are you so annoyed.

Just as if the title is "Riddle" it is clearly a Riddle Story.
I thought that the word Riddle Story was not penetrating in the world so it was just right, but "Riddle" seems to have meaning of "riddle", it seems it was there.

I was hoping for more surprising developments, but they were all betrayed in the negative direction and I could not read the other way. It was a bit disappointing.

2014/06/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8456 Host:8405 Browser: 5931
[good point]
I think that it is interesting to set the guidance that the main character leads to graduation against the remaining 11 people while defending the target while all the assassins except the setting targets of the black group are 10 years.

The mystery by each story also becoming a subtai

[Bad point]
Tactile assassins who do not have a sense of urgency at all talk about torturing the detained target, choosing time - consuming strangulation,
There were many scenes that I felt like "kill me quickly .." such as challenging the game.
There was a story in the late stages saying that the Queen primer of the sun had been throwing down thugs by the effect,
I feel strongly that I got honesty.

Bad treatment of sword carry

In the final story everyone survived
It's obviously dead with a thousand feet of 6 episodes and it is obviously .. or something that is dead in this work Remembering the scene reminiscent There is not even one person ..

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As a talk stream, it was a one - pattern of predictive expression -> battle scene -> returning
Because it is one course (actually fewer stories), I wonder if it did not matter so much.
However, if you treat the assassination as a theme, you wanted it to be a slightly urgent style.
(The final story was also favorableism ..)
Evaluation is "bad".

2014/06/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18840 Host:18847 Browser: 9673
[good point]
Ike Sou theme song

[Bad point]
Although the impression like the Takarazuka combination from the middle stage remains impressive, the first half black hair does not come with a pin in the process situation to fight .. Well looks are good but .. impression.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Well, overall it is good to have the first killed character or something happy as a whole ...

2014/06/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27494 Host:27399 Browser: 4721
I have seen that the original was posted on the new type. It was Romeo and Juliet's play.
(I evaluate it because I watched all the stories 2014.06.22)

[good point]

Chara doza, drawing is refined

Professor Kaiba = Ms. Sugita. It was a good story BOX

It is correct that the existence to be protected by Ichinose Haru was properly made and he did not make the rabbit as a lonely mistake Hero like like the Ark of "Blade and Soul"

That fine day occasionally exerts its bottoming power

[Bad point]
It is good that sunny occasionally exerts bottoming power, but in such a case the rabbit horn eats off

Preliminary vote 〓〓〓Raku - saki and battle 〓〓〓It is too simple with repetition of exit.
The eighth and ninth questions showed pattern breaking that Rakuzaki and Sunny acted separately, but the enemy eventually ended with weak points (?) It was done unexpectedly and unexpectedly

All the assassins seem to be included in various settings, but I will feel like cramming by inevitably because I'm leaving from the soba I made a preliminary vote.
If the scale is good, I guess it will be drawn a bit more

The last convenient way to finish

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Thanks to Mr. Kaiba's presence, it was good as a neta animation.
Just something was wrong with the ending.
Whether the way of finishing like a censoring cartoon like we are coming from the battle of us (no, "we are") was probably related to this work?
If you show me where it was opened up, it may have carved its name as neta anime (leave it at this time to see if that is a good thing).
Evaluation is "on bad".

2014/05/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4721
I was disappointed.
First of all it was boring and attracted more than the similar diary of the future diary.

Future diary also seems to have bad, but I was worried about the continuation, there was expansion to be excited, story was thoughtfully made, attracted to a mystery because there is deep depth in the world view and setting Although it was done, I think that the future diary was also well made when watching such kind of things.

The character was nice, but setting is impossible and can not enter.
Why do I have to kill Why do I have to fight, I can not follow without proper explanation of the situation there, even if I can not empathize a character, even if I understand it afterwards, that does not make sense.
I can not attract even if I showed a fight without knowing anything, because the battle has already begun, this is a mystery or a pull, I did not need any comment at all in the beginning.

Even if one girl keeps it, although development seems interesting at first sight, it does not become an unexpected development because the fundamentals of setting are unknown so it does not become an unexpected development and it changes the rule easily because it does not understand the rule at all, it becomes even more obscure Because the foundation is hard to see, characters and so did not live.
Because there was a solid foundation in the place different from the future diary it was able to enter into the world view and atmosphere, because the base is thin, it has a good atmosphere but I can not get in.

Even if it is a targeted girl I do not know what kind of character it is, I said that I want to graduate with everyone and want to graduate and it seemed to be a wasteful mystery rather than a mystery that this pull is concerned.

Personally I think that the charm of this work is in that situation or battle, so it would have been easier for those who had made it simpler to explain all the circumstances in advance and fight then then futile There are too many setting and subtraction.

Even though I have a good atmosphere or character, I can not simply enter that situation.

Then it is only unexpected development and there is a second third mystery, but even if it is not understood, even if a mystery is issued it does not matter and it ends with self-solution, self satisfaction.

If you speak in a small place, there are teachers who do not know anything in the ordinary school or do not know anything, everyone is having a good time, everyone has a setting or circumstances in the immediate future and thinks that they are not thought so much thought Then, it seemed that the setting inevitably looked apart and I could not enter there.

There was no psychological warf and such kind of bargaining as to who will issue the advance notice first, and the setting was not able to be used well because it was useless, and it became invisible only to the work which was troublesome.

Even if it made a mystery from a guy it was troublesome, and although it was sent as an excellent assassin who won the victory, it turned into a form in which it betrayed and it is also quite possible that there is not any change I could not go.
I think that girls themselves should be replaced easily as an assassin.

We needed more twist and better natural flow.
For example I tried to kill, but as a result I guarded it, gradually (to the girl who was trying to kill) emotionally transfer, I feel doubt about my own conflict or conflict, because engagement between deployment and setting is bad, Gudakuda It looked like an unnatural flow.

The reason that I got the worst thing out of it was that I could not bring out the charm of a character because the battle of my mind was boring.
There was no ingenuity or idea in the way of killing or tactics and there is no content so it is absolutely impossible for any character to end with one story.
It was better to have it too unnatural and show some more characters a little more or draw out the content, or make a point of impact with impact.
It was just a gimmick and it made me cold.

While defending or saying it is not protected at all, it is too stupid and killing the charm of the girl who said that lowering the opponent and putting out value would be protected by poor people doing it.

It is impossible to say that we are not aiming for the girls who told them to defend, so the setting is postponed with ideal deployment and it gets attached anything, so contradiction arises.
You must first have a proper configuration and deploy it within it.

2014/05/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11876 Host:11854 Browser: 6175
[good point]
Mr. Itosuke Only

[Bad point]
Even in the usual hoover deployment,
It would be fine if you put out a gap like Higurashi, but even when you come to killing you do not have a feeling of tension is mortal

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I tried hard until 6 episodes and watched it ...
I can not do my best now.

Feeling that character and setting are idling

2014/04/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5716 Host:5484 Browser: 7916
[good point]
Drawing characters
Squid's voice is cute

[Bad point]
What is something fresh ...
There is no explanation as to why the battle royal is being carried out It is not necessarily transmitted why the hero decided to protect Ika even if it can be said that it will be revealed later.
In a bad way absurd. I can not empathize with anything.
It seems like a typical work with no content just because it is trying to buy a pleasure with intense expression alone.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Temple girl battle royal. I can recommend it for people like Danganronpa. .

2014/04/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4369 Host:4090 Browser: 7917
[good point]
If you give it a strong picture

[Bad point]
The story does not progress
Harassment of bad character from 1 episode.In provocative rush, the main subject does not progress much and it does not seem interesting and it is slightly uncomfortable

[Comprehensive evaluation]
We will evaluate "normal"