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Other media: Literature:Anne of green gables / Movie:ANNE OF GREEN GABLES
Anime total pnts rank Rank 377in 6,558 titlesTotal 80 / Deviation 60.77
Anime avg pnts Rank 441in 2,892 titlesAvg 1.54=Very good/52 reviews
Anime rank of 1979 Rank 5in 36 titles
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Voice/Actor2.25(Very good)4
Story2.25(Very good)4
Music2.00(Very good)4
Graphic1.75(Very good)4
Shed tears25%1/4
Made me think25%1/4
Learned something25%1/4
Hot heart0%0/4
Information about this title

Nippon Animation Fuji Television Network, Inc. BS-FUJI
Lucy Maud Montgomery Takahataisao Kozo Kusuba
Shigeki Chiba Arakiyoshihisa Seijiro Kouyama
Yoshiharu Sato
Hayao Miyazaki
Yoshifumi Kondo Seiji Okuda Hiroyoshi Mitsunobu Yoshiyuki Tomino Yoshiyuki Tomino
Kuroudo Mouri Hiroyuki Hayase JUNZO NAKAJIMA
Eiko Yamada Fumie Kitahara Ryuji Saikachi
Gara Takasima Kazuhiko Inoue Miyoko Aso
Jyunko Hori Kazuyo Aoki Yoku Shioya Mami Koyama
Sanae Takagi Motomu Kiyokawa Hiroko Suzuki
Makoto Kousaka Kazuyuki Sogabe Chiyoko Kawashima SAIKO EGAWA KIMIKOTURUTA
Hisako Kyouda Ryoichi Tanaka KeatonYamada
Michio Hazama FUJITATOSHIKO Mayumi Sho Ritsuko Oowada
Japan Released:1979/01/07(Sun) TV / End:1979/12/30
Japan Released:2010/07/17(Sat) Movie
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2006/02/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:78(58%) Normal:57(42%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 11924 Host:11821 Browser: 6287
This animated cartoon is one of the "World masterpiece theater series" televised until 1997.
The original of this animated cartoon is a famous novel that Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote.
When this animated cartoon was seen on the television, I felt that it was very wonderful.
The scenario of this animated cartoon is well-done.
Moreover, all the characters of this animated cartoon are attractive.
Anne who is the heroine of this animated cartoon was a very short-tempered character.
However, she gradually changed into a calm character.
In this animated cartoon, the growth process of Anne is drawn in detail.
It is not a lie that all animated cartoons of "World masterpiece theater series" are comparatively wonderful.
However, I especially conclude that this "ANNE OF GREEN GABLES" is a masterpiece in the animated cartoon of "World masterpiece theater series".
In Japan, this masterpiece animated cartoon was re-broadcasted several times.
I hope for this animated cartoon to be re-broadcasted again.

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2017/05/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24782 Host:24840 Browser: 4721
Classic animation aired in 1979. Brothers and sisters of `Mashu 'and' Marila 'who live in` Green. Gables' in Prince Edward Island in Canada tried to pick up a worker's boy from an orphanage, but a mistakenly fancy fancy redhead girl "Anne" came over . At first, Marilas who tried to return Ann to the orphanage, but decided to take over her while talking to Ann. Anne grows into an intelligent woman, while repeating failure in the school life spent with the life at Greens and the best friend `Diana 'and classmate` Gilbert'.

In Canada's novelist LM Montgomery 's "Anne of Green Gables" was animated as an original work, and it is drawn as a real impressed story as in the original. The story depicting the girl Anne who has been taken over by the Cuthbert family from the orphanage to the point where Ann is released from the lonely past in the beautiful nature of Canada Prince Edward Island and finds whereabouts of herself. In this work that carefully depicts the beginning of the story of Ann, Ann's viewpoint and imagination power which overcomes joy and despair, seeing the beautiful part of the world is drawn vividly.

The hero's "Anne Shirley" has hair with red hair and freckles all over, freedom of eyes is large and has a sense of inferiority to her appearance. It is rich in susceptibility, and we are going to change joy by the imagination which is sad also good. `Maschwoo Cuthbert 'was introverted and silent, though he was small, but as I met Ann, I will gradually improve the personality of my dislike. `Marilla. Cuthbert 'is a sister of Mashu but it was a maid who was realistic and tasteful. `Diana. Barry 'is the best friend of Anne, I like reading books. Meeting Ann and struggling with each other, making a pledge as a "friend of the heart". Even after it grew up, its friendship never changed. `Gilbert. Blythe 'teaches Ann with carrots, and Anne who is indignant can beat the stone board on his head, but originally it is serious and a good boy.

The story will take Anne who was in the orphanage, from a brother sister who does not have blood at all with Anne, and the story begins from where she picks up at the carriage. Ann that is lively and indulgent is drawn as if it is a symbol of a child, and the everyday life that such a girl takes over brings colorfulness to the lives of the two people who have lived a sad life. Initially it was two people who wanted a worker, but gradually the girl of Ann turns into an irreplaceable existence. If the sad thing happens, the character of the hero will cry and grieve and grieve, and if you do something disgusting, you will get angry with your hands and you can not affix your hands. However, none of these are never tailed, but over time they will recover sharply and indulge in my favorite fantasies and have a very bright part that makes me think lovingly the world. In addition to the severity of such emotions and pleasures, I have a wonderful human nature that can make use of the talent that will be inherited from my parents, correct it and refresh it each time I make human relationships and live with the people around me I will. In addition, I can catch a glimpse of the pleasures, reassuringness and dependability of friendship, and I feel it is also an important point of this animation.

This work reproduces the original loved by all over the world faithfully, finished in a more deeply work, so the evaluation is [very good]. "An" which is also a classic masterpiece of childhood literature animation, which remains in Japanese animation history, was a very innovative animation that challenged new expression at that time. It is said that it is a big challenge for himself to express the original of the dialogue with animation itself, but because it was drawn with an objective viewpoint not too close to Anne, the audience became a position to watch Anne, I was caught in long chatting while doing. Through the series, the character setting to grow to a beautiful adult woman was epoch-making when it comes from the history of animation. Even with the result, even as far as 40 years passed even now it has been as a work that will not fade away.

2015/05/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8898 Host:8793 Browser: 8873
"Between" is wonderful
In the third chapter "Morning of Green.Gables" to try to go outside, stop, stop the door as it is
Still for 13 seconds. No music. Only birds' barking sounds are heard.
In the same director, I am afraid this time and I can not do it.
Although it does not cite one by one, it is wonderful throughout the whole story, the directing between and the detailed performance of the characters are wonderful.

This story is green with one episode and green.This is showing the wonder of Gables. The magnificence of its convincing power is just to reflect the scenery but its beautiful thing Also its scene design is also very good sense In particular, from the second floor, Anne looking out from outside is shown from the outside, the camera draws, the shot becomes the whole view of the green. Gables
I can not think it is a work of era without CG.
Because of its beautiful depiction, I can sympathize with Ann's desire to stay here.

Noteworthy is chapter 37 "Spring at 15 years old"
A lot of plenty more than two and a half minutes, showed "passage of time" from chapter 1, growing, and Anne whose design was changed greatly appears.
I think that if you think normally, that incongruity will increase.
However, in this work, Marilla speaks for the sense of incompatibility of the viewer "You were so tall?"
There is also a line of Ann's "It is strange to say such a thing at this time", and viewers will accept that growth.
Even the sense of discomfort of viewers is calculated and used for the production. Mr. Park.
However, as a story it gets boring from here.
As Ann grows, the behavior and naming that does not have a crazy are gone, and it becomes a so-called ordinary story.
Although it is a funny story that was still good enough for more than enough.

Voice actors also have a wonderful leading role Yoshida Eiko, but Kitahara Fumie, Mr. Kitagahara and Mr. Sopaya who played Matthew and Matthew are good, but the lines which are not anything such as "Goodbye" "Sasa no Oe" are fascinatingly felt each other In act of making a feeling of love to An also quietly indeed.
Especially in the late story of both stories "It's better than a dozen boys ... Ann is my daughter"
"Do not think you did not love you as much as Mashu"
Matthew's "get tap" (sounds like a heap) that is producing excellent effects coupled with the performance skill is also good

Although it is a bit long, I definitely believe that there is a deep, quiet touching, not a vulgar excitement, if it comes to crying bluntly, but also the long meaning and the impression that I want to see all the story.
Evaluation is very good

2015/03/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34883 Host:34899 Browser: 5145
[good point]
It is also a conversation in the animation, but a slightly exaggerated phrase of Anne who loves fantasy is a pleasant Japanese expression that is comfortable to the ear. It is like animation but it seems like I'm reading a play in the play or another story. Although there is some heavy content in the final stage, basically it is interesting to see various riots caused by Anne. The theme song and the ending song are composed by Mr. Akira Mikasa, it is being played in the orchestra, the layer of the sound is thick, I think that it fits the view of the world of "Akahame Anne" very much.

[Bad point]
Eiko Yamada Eko, who is still a newcomer in this work, plays the voice of Ann of 11 years old in the first time, so there are some instable points in voice, but I want you to watch it after a while because I think it will become familiar.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A slightly strange girl who sent a painful past as an orphan gradually grows while performing various riots and experiences in the life of Cuthbert family and friends. Probably this work will change interest and impression depending on the age of the viewer and the home environment. Or when you are a child, when you become an adult, when building a family, when you become a child, when you become an old man or an old lady 3 times, 4 times When you see it, is it a work that you can discover differently at that time? I thought. Even people who saw it once may have fun seeing it from the beginning again after several years.

2011/01/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25884 Host:25644 Browser: 9932
This will suffer with other people, but I will be curious about the delusional habits of Anne and the false tongue that speech jumps out of the mouth like a machine gun.
The shortcoming of this work is this place.

The story starts with a place where Mashu who came to take a boy to adopt a boys is a red girl, meets Ann.

Marisa who says "Do not put it out of the room until telling the truth" will tell a lie that "I broke a brooch"
I made a mistake for Marina's wine made by Diana, beat Gilbert, a teaser of Anne's red hair, with a lithograph,
The majority of the episodes are those in which the act of Ann becomes an inflammation causing a riot, often involving Mashu and Marilla.
Through them, the intention of the producers who showed the sight of people involved in Anniasis and learning something was clear.

Also, Matthew who hid the heart disease until the end whether or not to worry about Ann for study,
Green did not go to the university by caring for Marila who became inconvenient after Mashu left the world.An who chose the way to become a teacher in Gables,
The things that the creator drew at the episode since Anne 's Queen College admission were all important things for human beings.

Although the real intention is "highest", the evaluation point here is "very good" because I reduced the points pointed out at the beginning.

2010/06/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 755 Host:679 Browser: 9931
I was watching it in real time. I think that it was fifth and sixth grade at the time of elementary school. Three films followed by Perryne, Anne, Tom Sawyer remained very strongly impressed.
It was when I was a high school student who saw Anne next time. I came to want to keep it somehow wonderful. It was a time when there was only video in a wealthy house yet. Recording from the earphone jack of the TV to the radio cassette will be heard, and the last 10 episodes will be heard repeatedly after that many times. No matter how many times I listen to 47 episodes, it always makes me cry.
After a while, I will watch it through the video. However, the degree of excitement was deep when I was closing my eyes and listening closely to the radio cassette. Of course, the picture is also wonderful at best, but if you focus only on the sound that you hear, I think that the wonderful music of the voice actors and Mr. Mori Kurano will stand out.

I watched the whole volume for the sixth time overall. I have almost memorized it, but it is still wonderful. Laughing and laughing, crying with Jean .... It was friendship with Diana that I was particularly moved. I wonder what kind of story I was crying with Anne and Diana.

It is not that blood is connected. Besides, he was not the boy I wanted. An elder brother and sister who loves and raises such a girl. Why was there a warm love there? The point that I want to emphasize is that there is no blood connection. It is the wife of the second son who is not connected with blood to break hearts to the elderly crowd most enthusiastically. I feel somewhat in common.

However, because that beautiful world is too ideal, it makes me feel bad if you compare it with reality. The feeling was strong when I looked through the previous round. For example, if you live, that world would be the ideal itself, it would be great to be able to live in harmony with nature in such a beautiful place.
It is said that it has been a location hike, but it is brilliant. Really faithful, yet, Tenshi comes up. Various ingenuity has been incorporated carefully with Chang.
Also, it is a red tree strawberg that is particularly impressive as it is a beautiful picture. It really looks like a jewel. Even if you look at it you will be enchanted.

Mr. Kitahara Fusa died in the next year of this work. And Mr. Yamada and other voice actors. It is obligatory to say that I like it, but I think that it is one of the best known performances in the world. And it is a wonderful music of Mr. Mouri Kurano that excites it. All the huge songs are all masterpieces and inserted songs are really nice. Especially, that song which is said to be "Mushyu no Love". A scene where Ann cries when thinking Mashu in 47 story and that song which flows in other important scenes. It is truly amazing. Long ago, when I bought the soundtrack, it was LP, but I was really disappointed that this song was not included. I think that it is the most important song. I can only think that it was removed with some intention.

Certainly, it is a bit of anime. Because it was faithful to the original, it says something is quite old. I have never actually met a person who likes Ann of this animated version except for family members. On the contrary, there were people who said that they could not like Anne's appearance at the very beginning. This will be faithful to the original, but I thought that I wanted to see a nice Ann from becoming an adult.

Even so, there is no waste in all of the huge hours of 50 episodes, or it is necessary. The movie is usually from 90 minutes to 160 minutes, but it is wonder why there are no more 5 or 10 hours of movies. It is not a good long-term, but in some cases it should also take a huge amount of time. I think that this 50 episode was exactly Don Pissha to express "Anne of Green Gables".

Background beauty, charm of characters, best music, best acting. The best directing.
As someone else mentioned before, I think that it is the highest peak among all kinds of image expressions. I think that I can not make any more.

Mr. Kondo, Mr. Inoka, Mr. Mouri, who played an important role, everyone passed away in their 40's. How old are you?

Just the other day, I saw 'red murderous intent'. Although the appearance scene is small. I was impressed to see Mr. Kitahara moving. The voice itself is also. A very friendly smile that seemed to be Matsushita was impressive.

2010/05/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12347 Host:12288 Browser: 11173
[Good point] "Yamada Eiko legend started from this work" (It is a catch-phrase thought own) It is also a voice actor debut work of Ms. Eiko Yamada who I respect, still I, Eiko's child In the beginning, many fans love this work, and it is the feature of this work that is given high evaluation in overseas. In 1978 (before the main broadcast started) I thought that it was unusual for the person who played an active part in the stage to debut voice actors with the protagonist of the popular route. I was brought up by seeing many pieces of Eiko's works, including this work. Also, Mr. Yoshiyuki Tomino of "Mobile Suit Gundam" that started in April of the same year as "Ann" also participated as a director. As for myself, the scene which remains impressive is a scene which Anne is heading the head of Gilbert who touched his hair with a mini blackboard and scene where Annie cries at Mushyu's funeral (According to Eiko's story, In the scene everyone played while crying like tears stopped stopping). Anyway, this work is about as much work I'd like to show to my children today (together with "Hello An"). Also, Mr. Junzo Nakajima (now the representative director of San-on-kyo), the producer of Japanese animation at the time, said that this work is the most favorable, but because the schedule was so terrible that it was awful I could hardly take a rest), I left the masterpiece theater line in charge of another piece after this work, but I will be in charge of the producer of this route again from "Small Princess Sailor".

[Bad point] Almost not

[Comprehensive evaluation] It is the highest because it has been given high evaluation abroad!

2009/11/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19730 Browser: 7633(Mobile)
Good point ... None at all. Bad point The atmosphere, the music is dark. Overall rating 〓〓〓... It is a dark animation.

2009/11/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31210 Host:31293 Browser: 5941
[good point]
Faithful to the original It is good that there is not a strange arrangement The beauty of nature of Prince Edward Island is expressed vividly Anne with abundant delusion Anna, that friend of mind Diana is also a very good child with different character but It will be hated for a long time that I misunderstood Gil Anne, but it gets rolled away in the process of mutual friendship with each other such as studying, and in the end I will reconcile with Ann (married in the later work)
Mashiu and Marilla's brother and sister who took away an unidentified Ann It is also nice Mushyu noticed her charm and was a good understanding person listening to Anne's anonymous story, in particular he became gone The scene is healed as a truly sad warm character exchange play

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the famous drama, there is almost no original arrangement and it is an extremely loyal animation
But in this work the original novel is so wonderful that I think it was the best judgment

2009/03/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2525 Host:2400 Browser: 8445
Funny OP like Poltergeist reflecting character of hero

Overall boring, not something in particular. It does not matter how to make friendship with Diana.

I can not sympathize with Ann. I heard that the teacher is gone, I can only think that it is hypocritical such as being cried by the students who tears.

When I was suspected as a brooch thief in Marila, I thought it was abnormal, because I wanted to eat ice cream and acknowledged the lie's crime and I had to punish you quickly, so I could not forgive it. Originally you have to rush to prove your innocence. Since it is not a child so far by age, it seems that it is usually about this good or bad judgment. It is the lowest as a human being, such as trying to eliminate the problem for your own desire without considering the seriousness of things. It is unreasonable for Marila to get angry even if there is nothing. Anne seems to be said to be a delusional girl, but I felt that there was obviously psychotic oneself when listening to the idiocy at this time and the remark by Cordelia Princess. Considering that, she may not be guilty of herself. In short, it is not normal, can you just do this with your personality? And because of such discomfort, she does not feel any appeal to herself.

Female students who are disgusting girls who are in the class also seem to be going crazy about as if they were lying in the way they painted in the picture, as if the outside of the school had become snowstorm ... ...

Clearly speaking it is purely boring.

2008/11/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2016 Host:1990 Browser: 6342
It can be called one of the best 3 in the world class masterpiece. The other two are "Alpine girl Heidi" and "Mother-in-a-Thousand miles"
In any case, it is only if there is an excellent original, but I think that polite work making is serious.

I will abbreviate the description of the contents as it is now.
The evaluation is deserved at the highest.

2008/11/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15992 Host:15926 Browser: 4661
Many people have been told, but Anne Shirley both rabbits and horns.
They are rich in sensitivity, fond of fantasy, they come up with ideas that they can not think of.
Especially in early childhood, that part is strong, I think that viewpoint on An also leads to evaluation of the entire work.

Such Ann and characters will show a growing figure when it comes to the latter half of the story.
Children approach "adults" and adults "grow old".
Ann is not an exception, it is growing both mentally and physically.

Is it a particularly impressive episode in the development from here, is it the end of the story?
Mashyu and Marila who always wrapped the growing An with great kindness and harshness.
Originally for farm work, they were two who intended to welcome the boys,
〓〓〓Serif word of the last stage "It is better for you to be at you (Anne) than a dozen boys"
This line was very impressive, it seemed that the deployment until then flashbacked.

And, in the 47th episode of "a harvestor called death"
Sudden farewell to Mashu at sluggish Ann such as getting a university scholarship.
Especially, the performance of Ann and Marilla's tearing scene (really crying?) Is very impressive,
It has been a long time since I watched it, but it is one of the most famous acts I can never forget.

After that, Marila has a disease in his eyes, Anne's future shaking style.The idea for it seems to be very "Anne Shirley", it will not leave the bad aftertast that is suitable for welcoming the last It was.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
To the tragic episode of the last, just being sad was not finished because this is already the character of Anne Shirley.
Of course, with the accumulation of stories till then, centered on Ann, sorrow and excitement,
It is the end of the story with characters.

Even at the World Masterpiece Theater, I think that the scenario completion level is top level (although sometimes faithful to the original).

Along with the growth of Ann, is also one of the pleasure of seeing growth as a voice actor by Eiko Yamada of the role of Anne?

Evaluation is very good.

2008/05/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3321 Host:3294 Browser: 7395
I have fondness as it is made faithful to the original. I think that the character of Anne who likes fancy, emotion and pleasure intensely is also interesting and good.
I felt somewhat uncomfortable with Anne's voice, but there is no problem other than that.
It is a wonderful animation.

2008/03/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3252 Host:2982 Browser: 4184
It was fortunate in the animation circle that this work became the gateway to Ms. Eiko Yamada. Rhythmic acting (although the cast female members cried in general on the death of Mashie) was also seen in Rusien, Jimmy is the opposite pole even after the most intimate man and the most friendly man with the main character, It should be said that.

2008/01/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
[good point]
Better or bad, Anne Shirley 's character.
And the attitude of the staff who faithfully reproduced the original of the original with the character deza.
Even myself who is not good at "everyday" systems, they are totally bored with Anh's speech, which is rich in sensitivity even compared to the same generation girls (receiving a joke that poison was contained in apple-eating apple I was able to enjoy it when I tried to write three letters, it was about to laugh and die.
Speaking of Nori's vector, it's close to Shimamoto Manga.
As a friend of the same age you may draw, but from a third party perspective it is funny.
Even though Marilla viewpoint watching her, in fact, when Marila smiled or became frightened, I was also laughing, and when Ann's personality was in a bad direction, Marilla was also waking up.
(On the contrary, where the eyes of Marila do not reach, I can not help it ....
Whether you still forgive that much for that Gilbert who became a benefactor of life)
This work is a story of "growth of Ann" and at the same time can be said to be the story of "Marilla watching Ann."
(Since Ann that grew finally went to the side that supports Marilla)

[Bad point]
The direction of the opening petals and the fairies are not good.
Was it lost in the middle but was simply unpopular or was it kept in keeping with the growth of Ann?
In addition to that, there is also a theory that Mr. Hayao Miyazaki who was devoted to "Cagliostro's Castle" has an influence on the way off.
Even if you look at "Conan" or "Lupine" etc, because it is a person who directs a flashy style like "It is impossible for human beings", he did not like the everyday heroine like "Anne" ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It does not issue animal characters and EDs are simple.It is a masterpiece of the original masterpiece of the world masterpiece theater such as a sample of is best. There is no doubt that this work is original masterpiece as well.
I think that there is a part living by animation video media but not living part.
I did not notice it when I just read the original but I felt a big break in the first half and the second half.
The first half until the Queen group was formed and the decision to choose another way of life from the best friend Diana is solidified is "Ann's daily life", and "Ann's growth" that concentrates on subsequent studies will be the second half.
The original work was competing with Gilbert and won the scholarship gold prize and remembered the area where Mashie was pleased most, but in animation it is caught caught up and rolling around Puppy animating character is moved with a picture to show it with a picture = to be fascinated I enjoyed the first half I could.
Anne who came out in the second half does not fail, never fails, the passage of time also gets faster and there are many things done with few cuts and narration even if some event happens.
It was boring as an animation, except for the last semi - cool glory 〓〓〓darkness 〓〓〓the departure around.
However, the loneliness that Marilla feels in the growth of Ann in the latter part as well as the first half and the sorrow of death of Mushyu are conspicuous, and it is a serious thing that lowers the completeness of the whole work like "Lennonne" edition of "Annette" is not. But it will be the first half of the work.
It is also nice to have fans wish to visualize the sequel, but the character of Ann was completed and the reconciliation with Gilbert of the last episode was a folding back of hardship suffering for him, so a form suggesting a happy future I think that the last in this work that was limited to the best.
(If you do, it will be like "Professor Nan and Mr. Joe" and it will not be true faithful like this work)
Evaluation is "very good" in the first half but "good" in the second half, because ED likes ED, so the overall is "very good".

> Since I was watching "my Annette", I was troubled by the image of Lucien.
I agree completely. However, other than the features of appearance, sex, personality, standing position, field of specialty
(The latter half seems to be a talented anne but does not do handicraft etc. Rusien only genius wood carving)
Although it is all exactly opposite.
Unlike Ann, although it is Annet who made a big change from the original, I think that the influence of this work is seen in many in the customization.

> When firewood ceased in school, the expression looked a little over the gill was out This is a personal dissatisfaction story.
It was an episode that I felt unnaturalness in the story and the production, unusually for this work with the feeling that Ah has a negative eye after the Shirayuri Hime case and it seems that Gilbert alone is cool in male students.
It is a story that I do not have in the original I read.

2007/07/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16264 Host:16136 Browser: 4184
There is no unknown person, anime that made a novel original.
This is also a major category of masterpiece series.

I think that this work can be broadly divided depending on whether acceptance of Anne's personality is accepted or not.
I honestly honestly think that I can not enjoy this work at all.
I was an accepted faction like that.
Anne who likes fancy is chatty but very innocent.
I think that I do not want to be friends, but I thought that as a third person I liked it very much.

Well, I think that you all know, so I will not touch it much.
Even though ..., Ann often kept harassing Gilbert over there for many years ...
I suppose I can forgive for years. Without that trigger, they never made a reconciliation, and also ... (It is a story not related to animation, so I will not touch it here.)
In that sense, Ann may be very bad personality ...

Also I like the original plus, the evaluation is "very good".
However, there are places that are too loyal to the original, so some people may find it unsatisfactory.

2007/05/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18351 Host:18066 Browser: 4184
It is a work that became a gateway to Ms. Eiko Yamada, and there are times when the work of the same author was underlayed, and with that in mind, acting felt can be seen suffering with the growth of Ann.

Because of "Lupine III Castle of Cagliostro" for Mr. Isao Takahata's descent (there is a candidate for this work, Mr. Sumi Shimamoto is out there, so another viewing is also possible) After that even the visitor who continues even now, Prince = It is renewing respect for the staff members that Edward Island's four seasons nature is depicted. Ann is literally "friends of 〓〓〓kuku" from the words of Daima's mother's misunderstanding caused by an agony with Gilbert (and his correspondence problematic Philips) and a misunderstanding of Diana's mother. One story was addressed before I decided to go back to school so as to meet and to meet, the original was the frosty fairy fantasy fantasy fished at the mistake of the strawberry water and the wine and the failure of the puting sauce by it Talking while predicting the arrival, emphasizing the first time dreamer and avoiding the misunderstanding that tells the audience that you are not merely a coarse person, it can be said that it is the minimum adaptation color. On the other hand, when comparing it, the story of White Lily Princess and Lancelot was drawn more than the translation which was considered to be the most faithful then, and the story of fancy hair dyeing at "vanity and heartache" Eyes and ears can not be separated from the names of the products listed.

I thought that there was a project of the author himself (there were a group of chickens in the commentary also) and Cordelia = Montmorency and Geraldine Seymour's "envy" A deep love affair, death will also be released separately "as well as the dramatic production of the play in the play is a must-see.

2006/08/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8746 Host:8990 Browser: 4184
There is no unknown person, Mr. Montgomery's masterpiece.
Anne seemed to have a complex that was equivalent to the color of his hair,
There was a smell of vindication that persistently forgave Gilbert who was teasing. It was good because the last one was reconciled. The surrounding figure who supported her, Mr. Matthew was also a gentle person, but at the beginning I was preoccupied with Ann, but my younger sister who gradually became affectionate also had a good taste. There is something that can appeal such as beautiful nature in Canada, and there is no doubt that it is a masterpiece, but in later years it was a so-called "new woman" but it was a tragedy of the late family, It is interesting that Ms. Montgomery who was bothered by her life is more interesting .............
Well, I did not empathize to Ann too much, nor was it impressed,
Evaluation is "ordinary".

2006/02/15 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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> Originally she is intelligent.
"Queen of the snow" "mirror of the fairy" It is because of the heroine who transforms directly to the new type world,
There may be some viewers worried that "this girl is OK"
In her case, because it is rich in imagination, just enjoying the fantasy wall, not that anyone talking insensibly.
Joshi who had been looking down on Ann for the rest of the year did not make many opponents,
To demonstrate the state of imagination and descendence speaks as it is thought only to the person who can listen to your story without discomfort to the last. It is not the lack of social nutrition.
If you have a secondary creative hobby, you may be more comfortable with Ann.
There is no one who thinks like behavior as well as work that comes out to the right of Ann through accompanying brightness! It is decided not to be 〓〓〓
Anyhow, how many people will be shown to the living figure as a proof of the richness of life, Ann reigns at its top.
Talking is a child who pours more than 90% of power, but when saying that he wants Diana to eat the chocolate candy that Mashie bought,
Other virtues are unconsciously seen, this child.
Although it is an unnecessary commitment to a family of people, I do not understand the feeling of Aunt Josephine who lamented that Anne quit going to university is regrettable.
Although Ann also dreamed of a dream is a fecal thought, it is probably full of regret about regrettions that selected a family, rather than regret.
Marila did not seem to be sorry about that, but unless honestly Ann was there, I thought that I was going to be ...
They are good people (T_T)

> Somehow it was affectionate that Marila brought up Ann severely, both autonomous and others admit that it was close to the last round and said that he was too strict with Anne, but there is no need to apologize there, Marila .
No one can deny the goodness of Mashu but always "Yes. Just about any good quality probably does not mislead the direction.
I firmly control Ann in the very place. Because Marila is playing the role of the reins that I pay attention to,
Mashuu, the specific advice is that at least the scene as an asyl which allows all the current Ann stands out.
The exquisite siding of the three parties is the attraction of the Cuthbert family.
However, Marilla is not only a woman who only fists, but if you let Anne grow gently and loose your cheeks,
I return to myself as a cheek and there are many cuteness that I return to my usual self-control.
Mashu also struggled with a loud voice, with himself also as a cute habit. Actually, not only women other than An are weak, but also many orders.

> Have you reconciled in the last round of Gilbert?
My teacher was faraway, it was not inconceivable that he gave me a school close to Greens, but I decided to reconcile it after five years.
Or, if you asked me for help in the "Shirayuri case", say a reconciliation, but say about it, Ann.
When firewood ceased at school, the expression that girls were reviewed a little was out.

> Professor Stacey I am delighted not only by Ann but also by My wife. Because the former predecessor was the worst ...

Although the masterpiece theater widely, there are few characters devised as a creative so that visuals do not diminish personality and individuality as Anne.
Well, Ann of childhood also has enough cute points, but because there are complexes mixed in there, it also shines extra beauty points.
Ann has been bothering me for being thin, but I have an impact on the wider one.

2005/11/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Work that became one of the best masterpieces in the world class masterpiece.

Anne of an orphan girl who was mistakenly sent to Matthew and Marylea 's Cuthbert brother and sister living in Green Gables.
Actually he was a Cuthbert brother and sister who wanted a boy, but he picked it up ....

To think of it, Ann would have been very happy.

Originally she is intelligent and has a high sensitivity more than an ordinary man, and if the environment in which he was born is good, he would have become able to inform the talent to the surroundings more quickly. But her environment and circumstances were too unhappy, and she lived a life that has been rejected by surrounding denunciation and intensities coming from its sensitivity. After she became adopted by the Cuthbert family, she was still not so much aware of its susceptibility or intense temperament but never followed the way of honor studies, but soon grew into a diligent and excellent person. After all it was affectionate and Matthew and Marila, friend Diana, rival Gilbert etc. (Ann was not reconciled to the last in this animated version, rather than Gilbert himself trying to reconcile it many times ), And Professor Stacey who is my teacher.

Regarding the voice actor also, Mr. Eiko Yamada who performed Ann was unlikely to be deeply annoyed that this was his debut (Mr. Yamada purchased a scarce video deck at the time for this acting It is said that he was using it to improve), and the voice actor which hardens aside is the same. And the narration of Mr. Michio Hasama who was narrated by the sidewalk was also a nice taste.

Evaluation, this will present "highest".

2005/09/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is unpleasant to see a young selfish selfish woman. Well, it's an environment that forgives that. I just do not like selfish people. It may be another if you look at it when you are young, but the novel is also frustrated, and the animation is the current impression of setbacks.

2005/09/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30378 Host:30186 Browser: 4184
I can not really like Ann's personality. I do not dislike it.
I can laugh when I have an interesting delusion, but the time of the paranoid delusions strangely cares.
But this daily story is not dark and interesting. I did not particularly have any dislikes.
Also, I also like Black. Mao, I think that Short would look better with Anne (lol I think that Short is more cute than An ....

2005/02/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31659 Host:31670 Browser: 5234
Mashu is my favorite character.
The best favorite is the 27th episode "Mashu and swollen sleeves".
In order to present to Anne, I will go to a tailor to buy a bulge sleeve dress, but because the store clerk was a young woman, I am throbbing and somehow I buy raked rags or brown sugar.
It is unbelievably shy, but the figure that struggles for Ann is already belly cute!

2005/02/15 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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There is only one famous for the greatest drama works.

"First episode Mashu, Cusbard surprised"

Is it the first subtai, Mashi?
Nothing is rare in characters that are silent and most of the lines are "yeah yeah ... (-_-)", but characters that showed a variety of emotions finely as much as Mashu.
Ann with the most speech in the main character hero was a contrasting combination of talking and listening, as I said when Ann himself met, they were really two of them who fit their horses.

2005/01/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16709 Host:16500 Browser: 3922
An person's personality is too abnormal to say clearly ....
The bastard habit is intense and there are things to talk unilaterally ....
Well, I am enjoying it while pulling it in. (Bomb and then, I think Anne looks good on shorts than pigties (Is that only you thinking?)
The strange thing stands out, but the story is interesting as it is, the voice actor is also not strange and evaluation is "good".

2005/01/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6121 Host:6059 Browser: 5234
It is natural that people have various opinions, but it is surprising that there is a person who has a strict view on Anne of Animated Green Annel. The glorious performance of Anne's talking when Marilla goes to Mrs. Spencer 's house with Anne on a carriage in "Marila, to make a decision." I do not think it is a very voice actor debut work. Also, Kitahara Fumiyoshi who played Marilla was perfect too. I am very sorry that I passed away. Also, Ms. Hiroko Suzuki who played Professor Stacey was perfect performance for this character. However, when viewed from an animation perspective, scenes that are moving only by mouth are conspicuous, and since the character has little shadow, it sharpens on the screen. There are plenty of times in which it is clearly thought that paintings were not in time for dubbing. Anne after 15 years old should be a pretty girl with a high profile, clever eyes, but fun at a young age has disappeared. I certainly have such a place, but I will evaluate it as a masterpiece that I can watch over and over any time.
Please note that the above is just my personal opinion and it is not a slander to those who do not evaluate this animation, so please do not delete it.

2005/01/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19247 Host:19009 Browser: 5623
At masterpiece theater, I highly appreciate it at Dantotsu.
At the time of the show, my mother and my sister were passionate, I liked Tom Soya, who was later, but I was crying when I saw reruns in college days. Buy LDBOX up and down as it is.
The first half was fun with Anne 's imagination and the unexpectedness to visualize it, the fun action of Anne and the surrounding reaction that is being tossed by it, and from the contrast of Ann Marilla and Matthew over the latter half and Anne' s upslope Ann I was overwhelmed by my eyes overheard a lot. In this work, person setting is changed very carefully along with growth, even through the full story it is even an illusion that you are watching the character 's life.
I want to pay particular attention to the fact that the story progresses with narration of the bystanders' viewpoint of Mr. Michio Hasama. I do not think of any other works of this style.
Also, you can not miss the vocal of Mr. Mori Kurano's BGM that matched the expression of Green Gables, and Violin Ritsuko Owada who supported the expressive expression of Anne 's intensely roaring (lol) character. If you like this work you definitely recommend buying a CD.

2004/12/24 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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The expression of Ann who practices the theater is nice 〓〓〓Perfectly transformed state. But it is not a matter of Marila that he is screamed at home.

33 episodes are interesting. A story that Ann despaired of misunderstanding that he had eaten poison apple.
I'm fighting with Diana in the first half ... well, well,
"(T_T) friendship of our friends is already okay!"
Although Ann is just equal to unilateral declaration.

"(〓〓〓o 絮〓 You must apologize to Diana before you die, but you may die on the way ..."
"(〓〓〓o 絮〓 Face is pure blue! It will die soon!"
"(T_T) Marila, since I wrote my will, read it after my death ..."

I have heard that there are many people who are not good at Ann, but I like it surprisingly.
However, I will refrain from the role of Diana.

Anyway, there are a lot of esoteric difficulties that kindergarten children can not comprehend this line of animation navigation for children really.

2004/11/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3435 Host:3463 Browser: 3646
In the Japanese masterpiece theater it was a favorite category as it was ...
Although I did not like the character of An very much ...
The story itself was an animation that felt very interesting ...
Personally I like the series next to Romeo's blue sky ...

2004/11/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1601 Host:1626 Browser: 4354
If you look at this work and you feel aversion, it is because Ann 's richness of sensitivity is over.
But I think that is the basis of this work and it is the most interesting place.
Ann seems to be happy that people will involve people around them, and at the same time people will soak in that Ann's world.
Ann is drawn as such existence.
When you look at it you will move to an abnormally odd child of behavior, but the character of such Ann rather changes antipathy and changes people's mind to favorable. This time we are watching it will love the existence of Ann.
I think that animation would have taken place due to the interest of the original, but the level of the people who dealt with the original can be said to be one wonderful way of drawing people's emotions.
It was supposed to convey properly to depict Marella and Matthew 's feelings to Anne and complicated (a little understandable) emotions of Ann. I think that this part that can be written as a piece like a original can also be divided as animation, so it often happens that it is omitted, but I think that this was a really good way of drawing.
I felt that the feelings of Marilla and Matthew were so painful (I was emotionally empathizing too much for myself a little).
I think that it is the highest class in the masterpiece theater.

By the way, there seems to be the same painting actually in the house of Anne of Green Gables? (It does not understand whether it is true or not. In initial setting, Marila and Matthew were a couple, but it seems that it was set as brother sister.