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Other media: Literature:Rakuen Tsuihou -Expelled From Paradise-
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Anime rank of 2014 Rank 81in 272 titles
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Gen Urobuchi
Seiji Mizushima
Masatsugu Saito
Zyunya Ishigaki
Shinya Ogura Tomoki Kyoda
Masafumi Mima TechnoSound Co,Ltd.
Shizuo Kurahashi SOUND BOX
Rie Kugimiya
Shinichiro Miki
Japan Released:2014/11/15(Sat) Movie
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1. http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/movie/EFP/ (Translation)
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1. http://twitter.com/efp_official
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2017/03/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2627 Host:2366 Browser: 10179
It seems that it was rather a recently made animated movie, but is it a place like a theatrical product set in the electronic brain world?
It was as impressive as heroine enjoyed a leisurely leisurely vacation at a beach of a southern country like Hawaii, but as it was exactly the scene of paradise itself as it was the title, it was the world of the electric brain the next moment However, it seems like a place where noise runs due to system abnormality and runs like a "Dennou coil".
Although it was a heroine, I was initially set to cool, but since my partner was made, I was made a grin after the first tsundere was full. Although I think that this neighborhood has served as a hammer of the middle person, on the other hand, as for my partner, it was not Mr. Shinichiro Miki so that I thought that Hino Satoshi had been better than I thought personally, but this is also quite bad I wonder if it was not there. Aibo was a cool and nihilic feeling, did you say that you were balanced with the heroine of Tsundere, such as acting stylishly at key points while working with so-called money-driven mercenaries, did you have a good taste .
As a matter of fact, I felt that last was a bit frustrating but I guess it was a high-quality animation with high quality overall.
Finally, although it will be an evaluation of this work, I will say it is "better" than very good.

2017/03/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1236 Host:1398 Browser: 8319
Although I watched television broadcasting on aircraft ... ... It was quite an animation with high quality.

[good point]
Angela 's loveliness and 3D drawing that supports it. I am convinced that I was concerned about drawing her cute.
If the director is watching Gundam 00 for just the same, you can grin and voice actors, robots,
A worldview that mixedly coexisted cyber punk and Western flavor, although it is cooked well.
Frontier setter has many things while continuing Hitoshi, development until it is recognized as "human" at the end.
Storyless story with solid start - up and transition. A division as an entertainment work that can be refreshed after watching it.

[Bad point]
The emphasis on the buttocks and physiological phenomena etc are not described at all and the "male viewpoint" is strengthened to Angela 's depiction and it took a nose.
On the other hand there was a feeling of oblique feeling in consideration such as grueling which got angela caught and swiftly raised a knife without feeling down.
There was no surprising and it was a story that I could read ahead, so I was unsatisfactory in terms of depth.
The deployment that confronted the last large troops was too stylish and the pinch feeling was thin.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I felt like a work like this that reconstructed the elements of Gundam 00 with original animation.
3DCG was a high quality, the talk was fun, Angela was attractive and I think that it was not damaged.

However, CG graphics with high quoity and values 〓〓〓〓〓nd sexuality values 〓〓〓〓〓s if they had returned to the 1990s and world view were incompatible with each other,
There is a sense of conflict.
Because I think that the current German Friends of the hit is in the release of the world view and sexuality along with the era that I am receiving regardless of the fact that CG technology is not so expensive, in this respect this work is an old geeky I felt that I could not get out of view.
However, I think that it was a surely high-quality work, so "good".

2017/01/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20231 Host:20293 Browser: 5137
Watch on a rental DVD.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

SF action adventure that the girl of the hero who lives in the world like paradise searches for the criminal on the ground which was devastated all the living body for the incident investigation.

The greatest point is the high degree of completeness of CG animation with Kelen taste.
Beyond the level of hand - drawn animated style with CG, there is nothing I can not do with hand - drawn, but it is too hard to show how to show it is impossible to use CG abundantly.
Although it is stated as full CG animation, effects such as explosion and hand drawing work are interwoven in some character expression (it seems to be). So even people who are discerning with hand-drawn CG animation will think that more than half of the images are "Oh, I forgot about CG!"

The script is fictitious Xuan Xu, the mismanagement of "sweet SF setting of stuffing", "dystopia-like world view", "wasteful and explanatory too much" is still as usual, when this man learns the script Or is it like a harassment like packing a visual novel script into cartoon forcibly?

In spite of the high degree of completeness of CG animation, the finish that is not so concerned about the poor performance of the script is said that it is called director Mr. Shinji Mizushima who is making effective use of it and Tomoki Kyoda of directing It will be the achievement of two skilled people. Bad places are not conspicuous, the places where the screenplay is good are made full use of the compatible settings with CG animation, and are put together in amusement tastes such as thimble buddy movies and adventure movies.
It seems that Mr. Ichiro Itano, co-author of the circus drawing, is cooperating with a more painful action scene.
Rie Kugimiya 's voice and acting who plays the leading character also very well matches the character. On the other hand, it also has a protagonist's luxury voice actor also as a supporting role of Choi and its casting is somewhat unknown.

And ... well I thought that CG animation could be done anyway (laugh).
In the scene of the camera angle at the angle looking up at the character, "Oh, after all CG characters ..." will be disappointing, but the character design is also good, the mechanical design is not bad, the Mobukara and the stage design are well made, Actions and effects are also amazing without complaint.
It can be said that "CG is amazing but it can be done without being frightened by the anxiety that suddenly disappoints at the limits of CG."
It is probably because CG animation is finished in the image that can be enjoyed like an ordinary animation because the motion is finished in a movement with Keren taste thoroughly. By properly incorporating the indispensable part for reproducing limited animated cartoon drawings in CG, inorganic polygon characters seem to be moving characters and the battle scenes are painfully completed.

As a general comment, it is an animation like "Revived the 90's OVA with super-rich footage to the present age!" (Laugh).

Although it might be unsatisfactory if expecting masterpieces or masterpiece because it is a cowardly sci-fi setting and a story which is not surprising astrayly, this work which was completed by making it densely has charm like 80 to 90's OVA.
There are a few places that are attributed to the screenplay, but since they are "anime is not good because it is not good," it is attractive and interesting to only look at the eyes, it has strength, plus "the fascination unique to animation" Are fully packed with full use of CG.
It is a work of a feeling that there is also a work that is better to penetrate than to be coherent and gathered.

By the way, this work that the main character's hips are often talked about, but since the chest is more emphasized, it is also strongly recommended for those who like such characters (lol).

2016/05/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 482 Host:300 Browser: 7866
[good point]
Kinomiya Ms. Female Battle Scene Setting Frontier Setter Good Fellow
For 3D CG animation, I felt a sense of hard work where I got a good look at key points
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because I was expecting a lot of expectation in the theatrical version of one story, I saw without expectation.
Kugimiya-san's classic Tsundere character was grabbed by midfielder in the middle of grabbing but it got a little exciting since I met with Frontier Setter.
Although there is a plunge into a fine setting, how to show the battle scene was very good, I enjoyed it as entertainment work.
Evaluation is "good" I will.

2015/10/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5587
[Comprehensive evaluation]

Frontier setter where Angela who got down to the ground following the unauthorized access to Diva and Dingo of the ground - based investigator met. Angela who knew its intention ..

In the first half of the conversation between Angela and Dingo, stimulate the brain with a story that looks at itself, such as the situation of this world, its existence, the environment put in it.
Robo action changed in the second half.

Where did we come from? Where are you going? Who are you? Although it is a work subject to such a thing,
I could feel it as a whole work.

However, I feel that it is vague and not in focus.
I like the world view very much and the robot action was also good.
However, the reason why the frontier setter who is the AI 〓〓〓〓〓eaves space alone is unknown.

If only a program can do the same thing forever,
If you wear yourself, I feel like I will not have such a question with doubt on the way.

The subject may be too large to handle in about 1 hour 40 minutes time.

2015/08/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2202 Host:2306 Browser: 7909
[good point]
It makes me want to see the continuation forever thanks to the goodness of the scenario tempo.
A character deza is good.

[Bad point]
It is somewhere that Diva's investigators are all women.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This work is an SF work, a story that begins with unidentified illegal access to a Diva citizen who has shifted all of his life to the electronic brain space.
Angela gradually changed the way of thinking, because Dingo of the agent of the earth who appeared to the female investigator Angela descending to the ground to find out the source of illegal access was too unconventional but capable of being unconventional, And what is the action taken by Angela after knowing the identity of the illegal accessee. A work called.

The composition of the screenplay was faithfully conforming to the composition of the three acts of the theater, it did not feel like being unsatisfactory by looking, it was firmly sharp.
Besides, while introducing something completely different view of the world, such as a victorious girl (spirit is an adult) wearing a rocky dusty Osan and SF style suit, a gun and Robo, a hard boiled wind scene in the wilderness and an electronic battlefield in cyberspace Through three people with different values 〓〓〓〓〓four people called Diva society, to be exact), originally intellect in the first place, intellect in the first place, the spirit and human definition is a free society and a theme of a happy society plentiful Because it was a glazed content, this work was awesome.

In addition, I thought that the reason why I made Angela who should be over 20 years old as a body of teenagers without feeling discomfort, is honestly amazing, taking advantage of the setting that the body in the Dennow space is a bonus.

I think that the final selection of this work was divided into two by the director. I think that the conclusion of this work seems to be like an ending point.

2015/03/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1856 Host:1892 Browser: 5171
I think that this is the highest rating in an imaginary work. There was a criticism that Mr. Kayabuchi could not draw a drama that describes everyday tampering. Yes, I think he is not that kind of person. Madameagi is also more interesting. It is time to make up for it all. A view of the world as Gargan and Psychopath coalesce. I feel a culmination of something. I do not feel strong wish as much as Madokaga. That point also has a light feeling drama. But I wonder what that lightness is like. Two people fighting at life only to go off the AI 〓〓〓〓〓hen traveling to outer space. On the contrary it is becoming interesting in an action-oriented animation movie where something is not severe. Naturally that alone will not be highly appreciated. I feel that the part inevitably inevitable compared to Madokaga may be reversed personality.

Well where did you get dressed? AI you felt at Gargantia is a friend. This felt very strong. The scene where AI is strongly claiming that AI is equivalent to humans until Angela who was a faithful agent of Diva rebels against his boss. This was touching. His existence is a foreshadow that makes us feel vaguely human odor. But this is not the only thing. The scene where this explodes is the claim to Angela's boss. Humanity dignity of AI is enhanced by this act of defending Ai to save many people of others who defend to save Frontier Setter until she bends her way as a Diva citizen of her gashic. It became a strong stimulus by feeling the compatibility between the SF theme nature that draws from AI so that something similar to many works of AI thing saying what is human and human drama.

You have to touch 3DCG animation. Angela's expression on robot battle was quite hard. There were scenes that I felt that some might be monotonous, but as a result I saw it severely on purpose. Just like an early viewpoint of the two people who were watching the frontier setter with a suspicious eye with eyes as AI. We saw the possibility that 3DCG could be a substitute for 2DCG unless we wanted a limit at a high level. I think this is a view that is similar to AI 's contrast with human beings. Because 3DCG is an animation drawn by a machine, 2DCG is an animation that caused human beings to handwrite to CG. Machines and humans are suitable animations for this theme theme.

After that is the last robot battle itself. This was fun and the combination with the trump of Django was also good. Just watch and have fun battle. The flow of flow as a movie by combining the purpose of rocket launch and the scene of that moment here. I think that it is probably the flow of the royal road in alligatori. But there is something that has been accumulated until then, so the excitement of these royal roads glows.

After that it becomes the basis of the overall world view. This world view becomes essential to develop the story. This is attractive. Mr. Kamiuchi Mr. Kuzuchi does not consistently describe the revolution of the system itself. Even though there was the birth of another system that surpasses even Diva this time, it draws the tale of one person in it. Thereby making the axis of the foundation he thinks firm. Do not draw any part that is overwhelming with mu cha. Do not draw a hero who is a creator but comparable to the Creator.

The part which becomes the axis this time was easy. However, I liked this work from the beginning. Because it is attracted to a conversation based on this world. An event called illness is also depicted in a form deeply entangled with the world view of this world. One of the conversations is full of extraordinaryity in the other world. Somewhat reasonable Jango or Angela's conversation is exciting.

Finally I felt the possibility that perhaps there was a different life if there was an idea of 〓〓〓〓〓oing out to the world outside Civila in Mokushima of Psychopath. Daiba restrained by guys by society than the outside world with the danger of life is distrustful to Djiba of Jango whose world is cramped and can not bear anything. It was a part that felt that it was probably another form of Mokojima.

2015/03/12 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6007 Host:6052 Browser: 5173
In a theater work, probably in the theater, at least it is a little more fun to become fun.
Nonetheless, it was a mismatched work between the staff who can not say how much it depends on you, whether to sleep or not go to sleep in the theater.
Mizushima Shimji 〓〓Kakabe Gen, it seems that they are quite fitting together, and they are assembling tags, and the impression that the bad companion of robot animation + electric brain is short-circuited by a tomaking animation screen is not good It is such feeling to accept all the time.
Is it really necessary to see this in length animation?
... Honestly, there is not.

First of all, this work is a feature animation for the theater. According to the GEO, it was 104 minutes.
However, I do not need to think about such a scale. I think that most of it was in vain while having the scale of that much.
What I would like to say most in this work is interaction with Gudaguda which seems to be only suitable for "theatrical feature animation" (more speaking, it can not be regarded as image oriented) and poor tempo. And, what's more problematic is the tiggag production that worries whether the staff's cooperation is taken.Both sides of the script.
Clearly, I feel that they are scattered to the extent that they are individually divergent. As good as selling it as "Drama CD", the first half to explain the setting over the line as opposed to the video, or the first half, "Easy plot as if you think that this is a collection of about 5 minutes PV with just enough pictures?" . "If you explain all the settings and themes in dialogs, do not do such a drama CD with the media of Novels! Do not do with the video work!" Do not know if you should tell the script whether to write a screenplay or not, Complaining to the thinness of the density came out at the same time that it is not enough if you poorly get this content, extract only the part that you need by placing it for about 5 minutes song and flow it like "On Your Mark"? It was.
Well, I will think of sometimes even a work around Mukuro Oshii. Patlabor and so on. However, after all, the view of the world has been sufficiently completed, and there are plenty of images that do not emerge unless you paint it carefully. That is kind of crazy. But this is something like a late Odoru Odori Odori Line, "It seems like a cynical part is also a cheating procrastination".
There is not much space in the movie separately in this work. Mostly the image side is chasing a story.
If you name the Patlabor as a ball, if the scene that the crow is flying is fine or not, it is not such originality, too much "Originality is not in the 80's OVA There are many parts that look like a picture that seems to have come out even with the present picture ".
However, after all, meek design, desert, the world with ruins, etc. are comfortable and I feel comfortable and recently it has not been drawn so much recently, so in about 5 minutes to see the general flow of the story of this work It seems that you can get enough content by putting it in music and carrying it. I felt like I had to scratch the things that were worn out and scarce as much as that content, with three characters that were not attractive.
The battle scenes in the urban areas of the end of the street were badly done in the battle scenes of this work, and there were also a few parts that made it reminiscent of "Macross Plus" (things such as missiles are not avoided at all or rubble Although there is a melee that was buried in the wreck, there are many Tsukkomichi places, such as the fact that the main character aircraft is somewhat rubble broken down, even if the enemy 's attack got attacked, it was almost straight - headed correction.

Well, perhaps, the worst thing is the first half.
It was boring from the scene of the coast at the beginning, but it got more bored after coming out of Diva. In the second half, the drawing is evolving easily, but the first half is already unnatural figure drawing and a very bad mechanical battle (a battle scene only enough to keep the camera's view going to various places) and quite bad It was an evaluation of ....
Furthermore, although the scene to explain for a long time is large overall, it was a level which was not the ratio of the past imaginary work, but is the technique of the production which misleads that it is immature, also "the scene to explain long Even though I was watching it, there were places where I was bored, even though I was watching it, "the image that is flowing is just moving up the old staircase".
Instead of investigating, it is not tracking the perpetrators but just examining the identifying method of the criminal so it's quite plain in the picture as well, so in that sense it may be less than "psychopath". Of course, it does not fall to the "Ghost in the river" of the same movie at all.
In a movie just listening to people 's story when you put it away.

From the middle stage, the story of the dream of the robot to the universe becomes the main axis, but this also does not show Robo's way of living so far by directing, for example, it will just explain the dialog by endlessly, It feels like moving mechanically. Saying that the robot's person is also a human being! In proportion to it, we are just advancing with the mismatch feeling of "robot but human beings", and there was a sense of insufficiency in directing to remember humanness.
Unlike "chain bar" this time, since there is emotion from 1, such a sudden "I just wanted to do this scene" There was no change in emotional sentiment, it was relieved but well, as it is.
From there, "Angela and Kamiya robot exchange" is a scenario where Kamiya robot continues to speak unilaterally all the time, but when Angela goes out to the ground why, as if it was involved, it was "Hitoshi" There are also some sorts of things to say about each other, but after all it just makes us feel uncomfortable.
The word called "Hitoshi" came out abruptly from the mouth of Dingo is bad, goose bumps in a bad sense ....

Characters were not so attractive too.
Especially Angela. Angela who seems to be easy to change, like "plenty of plenty", "being pushed to the opponent's pace", "like a character's position" by the surrounding reactions seemed to be badly manly and " Especially when Angela walking, nearly all the Deva people come to the ground like the other), which is different from humans (more speaking, after all, nearly all Divas come walking on the ground) I feel that Doraemon is walking in the streets somehow I also thought that it was strange that I did not care as promised.
She just looks like a heroine of eroge, male characters are small in the contrary because their eyes are small, because they are in the form of human beings, as if two people line up, they made a "drama co-starring two works by Dengeki Bunko in a Dream!" All that different worldly picture is like. It was unnatural too much to watch, were not it?
Dingo was thin as a pretty character, right? Just talking about endlessism.
In Angela I will do my dingo or Kamiya, while the situation is moving, the individual feelings are characters that look like dolls that only change in interdependence, I have not seen any drama each time I was watching. This is really the same as "Almudow" and "Aldooroa" which can only be regarded as late in imaginary people.

In the first half, many strange creatures came out, but that was not touched after the latter half. In response to the sound of metal or something, almost all of Robo Battle in the second half did not come up. It was one of the settings I thought of like "what was that?"
Monitoring on the ground is already monkey, agent is only one person, Diva's human-like character is not wandering at all on the ground, a huge station in the universe I did not notice, it was super incompetent.

After all, this was one of the work which seems to be a nostalgic kitchen, how Mamoru Oshii and Kazunori Ito were good. "It was impossible for Mizushima & Fuuchi Combi to do anything that they were made ...", such feeling. By the way, I did not see all of Oshii Mamoru's works, but I guess half or likes and dislikes ....
Kazuyoshi Ito, who was partying with Mamoru Oshii, had a good tempo after all, except for my believer compensation, and it was rich in variety, and as you thought, "Magical Girl" "Special effects" "Hard boiled" "SF" " Robo "from the 80's to the 1990's (in fact, it is a feeling that Kabuchi Xu is doing a work that is like Kazunori Ito now ).
But, it is all fun entertaining as entertainment, it is an analysis that is not caught by the affection or image of the original, so I made a work that says "If you see imaginary see if this is before you! You came.
At the very least, I want you to instinctively realize that "the essence of the work you are reading.It makes the work you are seeing really interesting" instinctively, and make a work based on it Is not it ...?

Evaluation is "worst".
By the way, the final song of Mr. Shinichiro Miki laughed, and I thought that the song was over, and laughter leaked unexpectedly when the space station sang for only a few seconds.
I guess that's probably because you wrote a scenario assuming Western music ... Hey ....

2015/02/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39258 Host:39413 Browser: 5147
I do not like images or actions.
If you think that CG animation will also increase in the future, something that you cultivated in the future will come out.
Scenario is split and royal road.

However, as it is said already, it may be as long as it is a novel or a manga that seems to describe the setting, but it may be a sentence of the earth, a monologue, etc., this is a video work.
I get tired when the explanation goes on and on without any time to put on the head at your own pace, to put it in the head, or just to put it in a corner of the head that it is not necessary with just the flavor and it is not needed in the corner of the head.

Also, although poem-like things are often used in the past work of the screenwriter 's fictionalist, this is not an exception, and it is tired with the explanation of the speech.
Please do not be busy and say normally.
It is too bad that things like intercultural exchanges were thin because of the scale.

2014/12/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7612 Host:7822 Browser: 7870
[good point]
I can understand the willingness to make something new.

[Bad point]
Endless line of explanation.
A failed work that complicated the nature of originality with the second and the middle word.
CG is unnatural.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As a basis for writing a script, "Do not tell. Show it." (Do not explain. Show it.) However, as a professional work, works that explain this setting and the world view with lots of speech First of all I am surprised. How to convey such a draft usually with a picture and a drama is a showcase of the video work, but the production staff has abandoned it completely. Also, the theme of the work is "Dentist vs. Real World", a thing with no freshness that was interdicted so much as not to say in the animated Ghost in the river. The offense shell itself was originally William. The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ibson 's New Romanser was imported by Shiro Masamune in the 1980' s, and it is embarrassing that it is depletion of any original idea rather than homage when it comes to this place. It is terrible to make it complicated by blending it with medium-sized words though the idea itself is the same. Furthermore, the world view and the image closely resembles the short piece of Katsuhiro Otomo.

Even if the trembling big tits or the voice actors are also Kugimiya and Kamiya, it can not be helped as a planning equation to secure the number of disc sales, it is disappointing that the screenplay does not have dame and originality.

2014/12/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23381 Host:23455 Browser: 8385
"Gargantia" "Psychopaths" etc. Mr. Kuroyuki Gen Ken who has been engaged in screaming scenes, said that the box has become smaller, but the expectation that Yaya will also be excited up in the theaters filled fully even one week after the opening is disappointing I was not satisfied.

The point of this work will be "the electronic brain world, the living body," "managed society" and "intelligence body".
In the work world, living in the electronic brain world is positive, which is similar to what the enemy Naga aimed for "Zega Pain". However, there is no place where the electric brain world is excellent with a story.
Angela (or say Diva as a whole), which should be "an excellent investigator", does not notice the danger of being connected to the hacker's opponent all the time and neglects immunity measures on ground activities. Following because you disconnected the internet connection is "Completely take measures, right? Leave investigative activity itself too dingo. In the end, it was only Dekirase that "It is better to have a living body after all" from becoming. For example, in "Sword Art Online" (although the original work is not completed), whether it is a living body or a cerebral world, I am stepping on as "the place of the mind is important" and the advantage of living in the electronic brain world You can dramatically evolve knowledge by accelerating time) works often touched on novels. If you sing the splendor of the real world show it its beauty and show the faults of the Dennis world. Then, if it is supposed that there is a "managed world" for that reason it will be a mistake. Is not Mr. Kuyabuchi Gen, "Psychopath", depicts the horror of a managed society in the real world = Management society is not a problem of "Dennou World". The management world of this work is brought about by people who have been brain-brained, and it is not a problem of the electric brain world itself. No, for the first time in the place where Angela who returned home before that, the management world (the existence of powerful person) is revealed, but my eyes became a point of abstractness.

The only thing that I could evaluate fairly is "intellectual body", but it is not letting go with it. It is only a conversation with the dingo which persuades the frontier setter with the intellectual body and it is because the character modeling depends on Kamiya - Araragi calendar - Hiroshi's play. It is unfortunate only to Mr. Kurobuchi who created a "superior character not leaving machine zone" chain bar at "Gargantia".

Other complaints are not exhausted. As I mentioned earlier Angela without any good place, the result of the investigation (?) Finally I thought I got clues? I thought that the frontier's setter appeared on the shoulder, I thought that the reason for attaching the power to the world of Denno was involved with Dingo Because the boss was not caught and caught by the boss, escape waited for the frontier setter's guidance, excuses that "It is not pleasant to kill even though it is a material body = okay to kill"
I could not feel comfortable to the end while watching the screen.

Another thing to mention is 3DCG, but since the director himself says "This work is 3DCG meaningless", it seems that there is only a meaning of future benchmarks and tests. I think that it is certainly progressing, but if it is drawing (although it could be made properly) a better screen could have been possible. In short, it is only a matter of cost performance. In addition, in a fine play, the mechanical movement was still an adder and it was "too smooth and unnatural", and when the face of a flat person is moved, if the angle is changed for an idiot, it will be impossible become. It seems to be because human-like three-dimensional way of thinking can not be done. If all the animation of the world becomes 3DCG, I will no longer see new works.

As a whole, "a bit of an essential new essence, 80 to 90's OVA-like work". If this is a pilot version and it becomes a series, it may be seen as entertainment work. "If it was made by a staff of staff," Good ", but Mr. Kabuchi Geno et al. And others I wanted this set to go even higher, so this evaluation.

Aside digest 〓〓〓 My ear became painful with Kinninomi 's quinquin voice as soon as I started. It would be a mismanagement of the recording supervisor.
Aside 2: Mr. Hayashibara, Mitsuishi, Takayama who were surprised at endrol. It is only to add wasteful time.
Aside 3: Angela, which has been materialized with "young" to make living body quickly complete. Nice buddy and insignificant meaning.
I'd like to ask you what the casting was done for.
Aside from 〓〓〓 This is the most important thing to say. I thought that Angela is blushing his cheeks early in the first part of the scene is absolutely peeable. It was nature to let the urine to get nervous before the body became bad and I did not expect it to ignore the immunity as before and I was admiring that "excretion will not be reproduced first in the electronic brain world first" . No, really it is serious (focus).

2014/12/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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First impression that "It was a very good work to let the explanation be heard."

Even if you are watching or listening to the question-and-answer response that the heroine sent to the present world from the E-brain space and the male partner of the local investigator who is its partner spread, is very comfortable.
Is it because I've only seen meta-statements, word-playing, odd-numbered metaphors, word-overturning phrases?
It is a work that can reconfirm the primitive pleasures of "Rikkusu", which assume assumptions and assumptions, and confirm the facts by accumulating verifications.
Although it is rigorous and rigorous, it does not preach or enlighten it, so it does not touch the nose at all after hearing.
Is this the gift of the supervisor's sense?
I think that this sense is to make it possible for the heroine he has done from the second dimension, the man who lives in the wilderness, and the artificial intelligence who got the ego coexist.
Therefore, in this work, the ground world where the life and death of the old death remains, the limited universal electron brain world, and the unexplored outer space world can be equivalent on the story.

In addition, although the mechanism works well in this battle scene of climax, it does not turn the camera unnecessarily and it is very gentle to the eyes.
I think this is important for viewers who have grown to age.

Based on the above points, it is "very good".
But that is true, such reasoning really does not matter.
This work is a pleasant work as pure entertainment, even if people who do not usually watch animation see it.
Not only "Eva" but also such original animation movies will do at the Friday road show?

2014/12/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Set in the devastated earth of 2400 AD. Full 3D animation.

I will challenge the case where a female investigator who came from the electric brain world and a middle-aged investigator who survives on the devastated earth combine tags.

About full 3D.
In general, the mechanism is the best, but there is a doubt about how the human expression is fine.
Especially angry face, surprised face, there is certainly a lack of expression width compared to the cell.

In this work, a lot of facial expressions such as the face that surprised were built and devised so as not to be the same pattern.
There is no big surprise compared with existing 3D work TOP (pretty rhythm 3 stage etc.), but it is good.

About the script.

The reasoning part is quite easy.
Although there are places with too many serifs, it was devised to prevent audiences from getting bored with inserting a long line of explanation in an interesting picture such as a brain girl eating udon.
Moreover, the main line also is easy to understand without accident like FF 13 which Rusi of Fal'cie said purge.

About the flow of big talk.
Roughly speaking it is classic SF. It is a good feeling, but I can not say whether adults who have cut their threads are impressed or not.

Just like Summer Worth, I think too much hurdle by conscious of many eyes, I think that it will not be a thing to look a little to look at it.

Where are the main attractions?
The first half is a character girl of a 3D girl in a devastated future world.

Uri 3D girl is a sexy design, but it is not blatantly thin, it is nothing to be watching and embarrassed.
It is one factor that makes it easy to recommend this work, but I personally think that it was good to shake more like a heaven like going by this character daughter.

Battle scene in the second half. This is the main part of this work.
A great cut can not be forgotten even after years. In the theatrical version of the first Macross, when the desk is blown off the blast, the scene that blows away after being absorbed for a moment is Sore.

In this work, the scene where the container descends from the satellite orbit, the smooth deceleration from the exaggerated sonic boom expression.
Coolness and reality, expression of fineness are complete and I felt a very good sense.

Battle scenes are also good, you can feel comfortable at Itano Circus with techno music back,
When you meet with an armored core machine gun, it is made with power.

If we focus on this battle scene only, we could make a little more villain service.
There are people who have been pointed out earlier but I agree.
I could not translate to wear a strange mask, but I was glad that I could take time to scenes that smell any enemy.

Overall rating Rather than a futuristic video work, it is a culmination of current technology.
It was a good evaluation with a sense of several cuts shown in the latter battle scenes.

2014/11/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The quality of the robot battle scene that is why it is full 3DCG
How to spread the wrapping cloth, There is no way to fold
A story with a good length for one movie

[Bad point]
Full 3D CG animation has also evolved considerably, but the game movie is still strong yet
Better or bad the deployment is very easy to read and there is no surprise in the story itself

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works that enjoy the visual beauty of 3DCG.
However, it is not that the story is bad at all.
The coexistence of machine and human being, warning bell to forget the sense of physical body, both sides of freedom and bondage caused by body and system, journey to space, powerful robot battle, powerful robot battle, journalism and change of girls, SF story of royal road straight line is polite With hint recovery, it progresses without any stagnation.
A script written faithfully in a textbook does not disturb at all when enjoying images. If the audience is enjoying the production in front of you with peace of mind, the story comes into your mind quickly.

The quality of 3DCG is also quite high.
The depiction of robots and cyberspace makes me feel the evolution of animation video technology.
However, the description of human beings is not perfect yet, and some discomfort of things that does not go far beyond mud figures remains.
It would be better to divide this movie image first as one that enjoyes the depiction of inorganic matter.

Although it is not a movie whose great wealth remains in the mind after seeing it, it is very well done as an amusement movie.
It may be the most recommended movie now if you see it with the purpose of blowing off daily fatigue somewhat in 90 minutes.

Finally, this movie is quite "Kinki".
I do not feel it particularly good or bad, but it would be better to prepare people who are not good at "Kugimiya" elements in advance.
On the contrary, people with Kinki disease should go absolutely.

2014/11/24 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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I happened to have the chance to see the beginning at uncut.
I think that it was about 10 minutes in the beginning, but it was not interesting.
Probably, I think it is a work made considering showing with CG and flashy action.
Otherwise it will not do such a boring scenario at the beginning. I never thought of seeing a continuation at all.
Although a boring scenario is a peculiar expression, what it says, the sense of crafting of each frame of the image was not hesitant.
It feels like I'm showing stuff that is ten times more expensive than ExpMeyden (which was a good animation I was selling ah).
For example, while the momentary moment of anime Mushishi is connected alive and vivid, each scene of expulsion of this movie paradise is dead or a feeling that it is being forcibly connected.
The gap with the impression received on PV is terrible. Perhaps the action of the climax felt like the level of PV, scenario deployment is not greatly deviated from the level felt from the beginning 10 minutes, and so on.
Since it would not be bad to evaluate it as bad by looking at only 10 minutes, it was ordinarily commented.
Or maybe the beginning scenario may not be my hobby. I entered from a service scene with a bathing suit at the beach resort, in fact it has come through a mission, and even if you attack an enemy with a brain game in a sudden enemy attack, I will miss it, Yes opening. Next is a transformation scene. Is this way of entering essential as the whole work?

2014/11/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
While full CG animation, handwriting feeling is quite good. Although there are places that are uneasy indeed in the first half, the result is quite good from the second half, overall the current highest peak

The main characters of Angela, Dingo and Frontier Setter stand in the work that the characters are not so much The expression changes to the corner and Angela who is cute and Dingo who is calmly responding to the calm are fun to watch as a combination and the role complement each other It was fun.

.SF The robot action is terribly good. This is also the highest peak of the present time

Fascinatingly looking at the world of the SF While the world surprising unexpected identity of the frontier setter, one who endorsed his plan did not come out in the end After a while, there was also a part that made the thinking such as a bad world that is not simple evil about

If I think to make a sequel, I can make it and cut it all in one section. Recently I am likable in many works of end way that is awfully aimed at continuing to blatantly follow.

[Bad point]
Was there a part that the story could be twisted as a whole? There are few in the place of surprise and impact. It is also a fact that the enemy side was like a battle with a small fish monster and a mob mass-produced machine, so it was scarce except for the excitement of drawing. If you approach the mystery of the Denno World Centered Center or become a battle it seems to be hard for 100 minutes,
Although it is one correct answer that I left it from the beginning ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Raw road, if it speaks badly, it is a story that lacks punch, although there are places to see in (drawing) characters and drawing. Especially since the drawing is the highest peak of technology now, if you like animation it is worth a look. I would like to watch it if the sequel is made with "very good" considering the evaluation