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2. R.O.D -THE TV- Child
Other media: Comics:READ OR DREAM / Literature:READ OR DIE
Anime total pnts rank Rank 186in 6,384 titlesTotal 137 / Deviation 69.92
Anime avg pnts Rank 446in 2,844 titlesAvg 1.52=Very good/90 reviews
Anime rank of 2001 Rank 10in 146 titles
Statics of evaluation and Ranking
Reviews' statics
Post review by myself
Character/Setting2.00(Very good)4
Music1.75(Very good)4
Voice/Actor1.75(Very good)4
Story1.50(Very good)4
Hot heart25%1/4
Shed tears25%1/4
Made me think25%1/4
Learned something0%0/4
Information about this title

Kouji Masunari Hideyuki Kurata
Taraku Uon Taku Iwasaki Takashi Kodama Takuya Hiramitsu Noriyuki Zinguuzi Eiji Suganuma
Eriko Miura Michiko Neya Hozumi Goda Mika Sakenobe Masami Iwasaki Bunmei Tobayama
Shoji Izumi Otaniryosuke Jyunko Takeuchi
Harii Kaneko Hiroki Takahashi KIUCHI HIDENOBU Yuki Nakao Eiji Takemoto Ryo Naitou Hiroshi Shimozaki
Chiwa Saito Hiromi Hirata Shouko Kikuchi Satsuki Yukino
Shinichiro Miki Mitsuki Saiga Shigeru Ushiyama Takaya Kuroda Taeko Kawata
Reiko Takagi Ryoka Shima Ai Nonaka Yukari Tamura
Japan Released:2001/05/23(Wed) Perfect Choice Media(ex. DVD) / End:2002/02/06
Japan Released:2003/09/01(Mon) / End:2004/03/16
Official sites
1. http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Animation/ROD/index.html (Translation)
2. http://www.mxtv.co.jp/rod/ (Translation)
3. http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Animation/ROD/index.html (Translation)
4. http://www.mxtv.co.jp/rod/ (Translation)
5. http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Animation/ROD/ (Translation)
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2015/09/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]

Using paper. Sometimes I use it like a knife. Three sisters and work of darkness. Cats Eye?

Was it five episodes? I got two toilet paper with reward, how much is one piece?
In comparison with other works etc, if you are a person who passed by so well, one piece is about 10 million yen. If it is more downgraded it would be 100 to 5 million yen?

Professor Nene heading to Hong Kong for a handshake party. The intimidation sentence arrived for the event and we meet the three sisters hired for that escort.
With the flow of escorts from that culprit, I came to Japan and start living together for escort.
During that time, she is asked to collect secret books at the request of Kodoshida Public Corporation and hits the mission.
However, Mr. Sensei caught senior teacher, and three sisters headed for help.
Up to this point is a scenario up to 1 course (13 episodes), but detailed explanation was not given on the "installation" that was done when the teacher was caught about the book.

What was drawn so far is mainly the sister's affection and affection. Trust with Professor Nene.
As a deployment there was a feeling of a slight extension in the first half, but the tempo is interesting well in the case of rescuing Nene teacher in the second half.

Because there is a detailed explanation in the expression method of looking back on the past about 14 talks from the past, those who do not have time to see all the 26 episodes can skip to 14 story next to 1 story without problems.

From the latter half the scale develops widely, and now the things that existed in the past start to connect.
Trauma in the past gradually appears and the story progresses while overcoming it, but as in the first half, it does not expand slowly and draws depictions of human relationships emphasis.

There is a line saying "I bought the National Diet library" on the way, but I think how this is.
To sell the National Diet Library is the same if you give all the information of the country. In other words, it is the same as surrendering the country.
The power of the British Library spread to all over the world and I can understand it under circumstances in which it is impossible, but I felt it was too unnatural in setting at that time.

Another point is that Anita's memory was installed, and Anita says "I was not a sister", but it was originally such a story, since I met at church. I wonder what they are talking about now. In that case, two older sisters would be shocked.

It was about the above two points which I became concerned, there was no such expeditious as to protrude extremely from the setting.

The deployment was bigger than I imagined, and there was a fairly hint.
I go on to stoic without playing times.

Besides the last, it was SF ticky development.

There was not surprising excitement, and it finished safely.

2015/03/05 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9859 Host:9839 Browser: 7897
(〓〓〓It is evaluation of both OVA and TV version, together.)

It is interesting as animation and video work. Even if you look at anything you do not have an exercise taste, if you use paper, change paper to any tool with its special ability of "using paper" and also correspond to flashy action scenes and flying the sky with paper airplane.
The same is true for the three sisters of the same paper appeared in the TV version. Action scenes and battle scenes that make use of the paper usage part are spectacular.

The main character of the TV version (in the position of a genius writer), in particular, is a regular person who does not have such a special ability, and is a normal person, many daily scenes of her and three sisters are drawn. Personally, the view of the world that matched the reality.It is not interested in the animation of the setting at all, but I have not felt it was boring to watch because their characters are clear also for their daily scenes.
In addition, the TV version begins with the three major singles of the three sisters, Nene and Riko, Nene and the three sisters, Joker and Wendy,
It seems that Drake and Reader as well were able to draw about human relations as a whole.

However, the difficulty of this animation is that in the OVA version, "Selection of humanity by suicide symphony", in the TV version, "Thought of all human beings through restoration of Gentlemen, unity of values 〓〓〓〓〓brainwashing), and that The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he enemy side, which is like a lanobet in a bad sense, could only be thought of as a useless element rather than giving depth to the work.

If you want to get deeper in such a thing, you will need to mix well with the explanation of the background of ideological ideals with a serious route from the beginning to the end. Failure to do so may blur inevitability of battle and become a farcerer.
If you can not paint it, the enemy is easier to understand, it is more refreshing to make it a form of morality.
So, as this animation progresses expediently as a development of the story, from that point the enemies should have been "just bad people".

That part is definitely a point to lower the evaluation, but in reverse it is a reader except that part ... Nene ... Because I think that there was power to make me want to see more of the three sister's slapstick acts more, "so.

2014/03/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42795 Host:42854 Browser: 5931
It is an evaluation of OVA only, but this is interesting! (I saw it well before.)
It seems like it is a terrible achievement for OVA of 2001 production.
Even if it says anything, the making of drawing is very wonderful, images with depth, the cityscape of Jimbocho,
I think that it is worth seeing the battle scene of the British library side and the great corps group to which the hero belongs at once.
And it was nice to have a battle with paper that was not until then.

However, if it says something noteworthy about this work, although OVA to that point was mostly for exclusively for maniacs, this work is rather a story that can be enjoyed by ordinary people It is very novel about the incorporation of actions such as setting of characters familiarly known as greats and watching overseas movies,
In the framework of all three stories (one and a half hours), I think it is wonderful to describe various elements such as SF, mystery, history, action, seriousness, laughter, emotion, etc. with high quality and a good tempo.
However, the tempo was too good and I felt like I was running fast,
Is not it a bit minus the point that the character's digging down was not done so much?

Overall evaluation of this work is difficult unless you first watch TV version first
If OVA alone, you can put on very good quality than the maximum? About 89 points!

2013/12/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15146 Host:15289 Browser: 7858
Watch TV version only

[good point]
Action scene
The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓sing paper as a weapon
Individuality of each character

[Bad point]
There was a part that feels a little loose

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Initially, I enjoyed it more than I expected, just because I did not expect much.
Personally, the picture was hard to stick a little, but the development after the latter half became serious and it was fun.

2013/06/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3327 Host:3325 Browser: 4179
〓〓〓It becomes the evaluation of the OVA version.

[good point]
〓〓〓anga, including special abilities such as "fight with paper" and enemies who revived the great man of the past, the animation setting is quite interesting. Especially great neta is pretty fine and you can enjoy more by knowing each great man.
- The story was Hollywood action-like thing and the points were also suppressed, it was becoming easy to understand for everyone.
〓〓〓he action was not an animated haunted action, it was also interesting to have a strange reality as it was a way to show off from a foreign movie. Energetic feeling is enough.
〓〓〓haracter is attractive. Especially the reader of the main character.The lead man is beautiful but it is extremely Vivriomania and natural ... ... and quite unique. But it is also a point that how to show is not too bad. An exceptional female agent.Nancy and those who are pulling somewhat poorly and somewhere stinky Drake, everyone's brain and British gentleman Joker, as well as the charm of allies, the great men who are hostile to them also have impacts I have all of them.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓rilling down on characters and relationships, worldview, such as depiction of settings (especially special ability and agent position), the overall lack of the story's thickness. The conspiracy of enemies is also shallow, and even in a bad way it is cartoonistic. To be honest, I want another story. (It also smells a bit strangely that the reader sticks to Nancy)
〓〓〓 received the impression that the reality creation has also ended halfway because the thickness of the setting depiction is insufficient. It is unnatural to have Joker's trust in one hand though the reader is not like an agent at all.
〓〓〓ecause fostering of reality was half-way, it might be better to make the action scene more like an animation-like penetration.
〓〓〓iko: Rieko Miura's performance by Reiko was very well matched to the character of Riko, but serious performance is not very good.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Koji Masunari for director. Hideyuki Kurata in the whole story script. OVA work hit in the early 2000s, a piece in the media mix project. It is an animation characterized by Hollywood style stories and actions, with settings that fly with cartoon ticks.

It is noteworthy that its unique setting. The ability to use the hero's paper and setting the past greats as enemies was unique and quite attractive. Still, the way to show stories and actions is easy to understand in Hollywood movie style, and you can enjoy it easily with the key points kept down. Characters are also attractive, especially I think that the reader is becoming an individual and interesting character.

Just overall I have an impression that the stories are not thick enough. The view of the world such as the handling of special abilities in the work and the position of the agent.With the depiction of the setting, it was silent and the depiction of the protagonists such as reader.Dimension of the relation was also diluted. The enemy was drawn only as a brutal villain, and was not able to make good use of the greatness except small neta.
When dealing with special abilities and seeing as a work with reality in the Western style painting, reality is not enough now from the thinness of the world view portrayal, and if it is seen as an action work that seems to be an animation, something of the action Keren taste is unsatisfactory.

It's not a bad work, but I think it's a more interesting work. Whether you want to make entertainment vectors to be Western - style or cartoon - like, maybe you could have enjoyed if this area was solidified more firmly.
Evaluation is "good".

2013/05/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27428 Host:27300 Browser: 4895
[good point]
Setting to fight with paper as weapon
Attractive Characters
Action scene
.op, ed

[Bad point]
Late half painting collapse

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Overall it is interesting and the quality is also high.
Evaluation is "highest".

2012/04/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29536 Host:29550 Browser: 13577
[good point]
Action scene

[Bad point]
There is a character whose character has changed dramatically from the OVA version

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was fun as an impression.
Although the main character enters this volume from OVA and changes into a nobleman,
Afterwards OVA version characters are also active, it is a nice place.
For personality altered characters, it was useless because a real purpose came in,
I was surprised at the beginning because it was so changed.

But Mr. Ikko was as good as ever.
The rest are three sisters.
I will transfer emotions.
The episode was also good.
The movement of action scenes is brilliant.
Music is also good.
OVA version OP, ED did not complain.
It seemed quite to me that there were many favorable characters

2011/12/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2851 Host:2555 Browser: 7739
Evaluation of novel / manga unread / OVA version (3 episodes minutes) only

[good point]
The action scene is splendid. The unique battle development itself using paper is also interesting, but it is a camera work that complements it, or there is a feeling of movement in the viewpoint, I can not get bored. Also, as 3 story 90 minutes, it can be evaluated personally that I finished it before converting to mannerism. Just a good length, easy to take.

Reader Reed Man / Nancy Makuhari 's character. In addition to the fact that the design strongly agrees with personal preferences, although the intellectual atmosphere of the reader Reedman is in the work, the natural beauty atmosphere of Nancy Makuhari is fully utilized in battle parts and non-combat parts It does not lose the charm of the character.

A portrayal with a horny ambience is about a breast and a costume of Nancy. It is an element which can be evaluated personally though it is felt as a work which puts a distance to somewhat more, although it has no direct etical expression (although it is unknown whether it is intended or not).

[Bad point]
The story is "just to defeat the obvious villain", there is no novelty. (However, even if complicated story is prepared within the frame of 90 minutes, it is confusing because it is only confusing, so I can not think of it as a problem separately, I think that it is obvious minus if it is such a composition like 13 episodes.)

I understand only the fact that the setting as the foundation of the work and the world view are complicated, but I do not know the details. (However, even if you increase the number of stories for the purpose of explanation, it seems that the direction of the work is unclear and it will only make it unknown what you want to do, so you have focused on the action)

I just wrote in a good point that there is no direct ethereal depiction with only a depiction with a horny ambience, but maybe I'm worried about the tranquilities emphasized every time.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In order to entertain as a 90-minute video work, a work that summarized as an action animation in which a beautiful older sister is a big success with almost completely omitting explanations of difficult setting and world view. I was very satisfied with this composition.

I do not get tired of this work repeatedly and I think that it is inevitable in the 90 minute OVA work that I gave it a bad point and it is divisible. However, if I try to improve the bad points for a long time, I think that it is also a composition that another disadvantage seems to come out (whether it can not understand the setting or it seems like a mannerism). Evaluation is "very good".

2011/10/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34603 Browser: 3012(Mobile)
Both content and action are dense in the OVA version.
The action using paper is innovative and good.
Since the daily part also comes into play when it comes to the main part, the scene that can be seen through the power also increases, it is interesting to see with it.
There was a wonderful action scene from the first episode.
Three sisters are dummy just by reading a book all the time except Anita,
When doing it will do, depiction depicting sisters many times comes out, so the likability increased there.
As we gradually understand the objective, the characters of the OVA version of character are changed, and the production such as being overkill
Although it came out, it did not matter because I liked this work at that time.
Last time I was glad when Nancy also fought. After all it is strong.
The word Bibliomania was long ago by seeing this animation.
Well I have not read books much, but I liked this animation without it.

2011/09/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30726 Host:30807 Browser: 15147
[Good point] I thought that it was boobs animation, but I was watching the first half overwhelmingly, but the development's tempo was excellent and it got drawn in quickly and wonderfully.
Although gradually becoming heavier from the second half, it became a story property, but I had a lot of emotional imports to the three sisters and it was very impressive until the last.

[Bad point] Boobs too big w

[Comprehensive evaluation] Although it is difficult to recommend to anyone as a geek, it was a wonderful work of considerable completion.
Thank you for a relaxed happiness. It is such feeling that I want to see it again someday. Anita best!

2011/06/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31956 Browser: 3020(Mobile)
"OVA version" is an action center.
Anyway it works well!

The "TV version" is the first half where the everyday and mission are well mixed and the ladder that appeared in OVA from the second half.The truth of the three sisters and the purpose of the enemy will become clear, centering on Nancy Drake.

As far as I can see, Part 1 is completed in the first half.
In the latter half it looks like a different piece in the first half and the second half as there is an impression like part 2.

Personally I liked all the actions of the story in the first half, all the actions, so I was a bit tired looking at the serious serious development from the second half.

I have missed that unwilling feeling that my three sisters got drunk. W

I also wanted to see more paper actions like 12 episodes and 13 episodes.

However, this work which showed various stories using the theme which was not so far called "paper use" remembered very much!

I think that there was an impact on what kind of sentence actions it was.

2011/04/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23087 Host:23177 Browser: 10738
We have all watched OVA, TV version as well
It is Ryosaku who was able to view OVA version seriously over the whole tempo

In the first half of the TV version I felt a little comical with the talk of a little comical feeling but I enjoyed it quite a bit but as I approached the core of the story my taste disappeared and it was heavy and it was not unusual for the tempo of the taste to disappear in exchange for heaviness And thinking that the appearance of the readers suggested that the three sisters are short of power? The image was attached, it was better for the readers to just read the entrance to all three sisters?

Overall it is an interesting work, personally I wonder if you tried digging Anita's school life.
Although it is the evaluation of the TV version, it was "highest" until the middle stage but stayed "good" from the second half

Take the interval and keep the evaluation "very good"

2011/01/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23732 Host:23884 Browser: 10157
spoiler alert
The OVA version felt very innovative in a new direction approach "fighting with paper". Great men and people in the British Library liked the characters standing. Personally I liked Sancho and Nancy? (^ _ ^;)

The TV version is not like three sisters, each of which has its own good and bad points. That is why the friendship of the four people and the sister love of the three sisters are more prominent. If it is the former, it is a scene where the three sisters are going to help when kidnapped (it should be called abduction?) If it is the former, after three persons are known not to be real sisters if it is the latter, three people I felt they were noticeable in the scenes settled at the end of their suffering (although it is personally). Well it was a work I liked although it can not deny that the tempo got worse because it became seriously second half serious.

I can say both, but I still enjoy music. It is pretty cool in the instrument. I like it very much and I like it very much.

Evaluation is "good"

2010/12/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11572 Host:11542 Browser: 8869
Impression of viewing through OVA version, TV version.
[good point]
Fresh and light action with paper
A good story of the tempo of which the continuation is anxious
Attractive Characters

[Bad point]
View of the world too realistic
The reason for the hero 's fight ambiguous
Universal common and cheesy story

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A novel work incorporating paper into battle. Just as it is said to be paper animation, fresh battle scenes that are fresh and powerful are wonderful accomplishments that do not get bored of what you see. The TV version is 26 episodes long, but thanks to its fascinating battle scenes, characters, and a good script of tempo, you will be able to see it fun to the end without getting drowsy. It can be said that it is close to the best as entertainment by this alone.
However, this work has value only as entertainment. Although the world view is quite ingenious and innovative, it does not have sufficient grounds to convince viewers, and there are many parts that you want to thrust. (I omit it because I can not write it in detail, but I only write that I should have made a stylistic story that matches that if stuffing cramped elements.This work is for the government and whatever I am doing Because it is null, even a serious scene can only be seen as a farce.
The reason why the hero fights the biggest enemy is ambiguous. I was amazed by my friends who agreed with Riko who complained about my work (perhaps casualties should also be good) because of my self-centered reason to want my son to help her. And the heroes do not clearly explain why he wants to stop the resurrection of the gentlemen and why it is against the plan of unifying the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he world. Although it says things like that at the end in the work, it is insufficient as a reason to fight until it puts a life and is not too convincing because it is suddenly abrupt. To protect the last book by the reader was to make it impossible to install the gentleman to junior, how many killed it for that? Joker said that she is selfish, but it is exactly right.
The story is tempo nice but clearly it is common and universal. Because it is too common, the development can be read easily. It is inconvenient if you go further. People watching from now wish that they will be relieved until the end. Because your favorite character will never die.
Considering from these things, this work should be seen as a simple entertainment work, it is not recommended for critical people thrusting each setting or those who are tired of ordinary works. A good story, a character, a flashy action scene is really wonderful, and although it is not written on the top, drawing, music, etc. are quite excellant and it is quite enjoyable and it can not be bored with enough to enjoy it. Although I would like to make the evaluation very good if I try it as a simple entertainment work, I would like to make the final evaluation "ordinary" considering problematic settings, story composition.

PS Anita is cute yo chutushu

2010/12/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46106 Host:46143 Browser: 6300
[good point]
〓〓〓I think that the setting to use paper freely is interesting.
〓〓〓One of the themes criticizes the power struggle of the modern world
FormID: 01002E DECEMBER 31, 0 ___ ___ 0 I have a part, very common theme in any age
I think that I am drawing well. (British and American arrogance)
〓〓〓I think that depiction of a person was as good as it was.
[Bad point]
〓〓〓There are many scenes with no overall speed feeling, boring
I have a place to make you think.
〓〓〓If you do not pay attention to the treatment of quiet characters, boring 〓〓〓
I will amplify the feeling that something is wrong.
〓〓〓There is a slight difficulty in the picture. To make it colorful,
FormID: 01004F2 SENQDWilderness INFOGENERAL 0 To delicate the movements of the main characters,
I want you to devise some ingenuity.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there are faults, it is funny overall and can sympathize,
I will make an evaluation of "very funny".

2010/09/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1798 Host:2009 Browser: 3876
I like reading, but I am not a Vibrio mania. Because there is a place that I am paying attention so as not to intentionally do so. So I do not know the feeling of those who do not control it. Perhaps becoming addicted is not harmed. I write it as a premise only that there is emotion that can not be sympathized about that.

A fantastic story is interesting. Both OVA and TV were fun. Just saying that the story was very good. The battle is cool. From becoming an adult, enjoying the extreme battle itself has diminished. It feels like I really am attracted to the battle scene. I think that I can probably make it even higher quality now. However, it is pleasant to show how to show and strange ability. There is a place close to JOJO, JOJO is an interesting battle, this work is really cool battle.

However, because there is a part of the sensitivity of the individual, I think that it is a work that is numb to the pictures of the battle privately. Especially the battle scene of the main character paper use is funny and beautiful.

2010/06/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7073 Host:6885 Browser: 11787
OVA is short, but because it is short, it was seen without much concern such as setting. The quality of the OVA was also satisfactory. In three episodes, destructive power is important. That point great corps, British library, paper use was good.

Well the problem will be TV version.
I could not complain to the neighborhood where the first half Nene sensei was kidnapped. It is because the balance between action and everyday was good in a good condition. It is probably because action times and everyday times are often divided.
When this makes a mess of real power and different powers, any seriousness will be laughed. It's nice to buy a book in Jimbocho, but do not burn, if you take a book from a bookstore somehow it's not possible (because it's an anime) but it's filtered, it feels like a farce. It looks crappy.
Of course it will be allowed in China and India to do, but it is forgiving because I am not a real category. I think that is a big mistake.
I am sorry for the poor flow of the middle stage and the collapse of drawing.

The most important thing I felt was Vivriomania's position.
The biggest weak point of this work is that the thought on the relationship between people and books is very sweet.
It is too unnatural to use books other than books, no matter how much humans that obsessed with books are fighting over there. It has already been evaluated by someone, but they are only seeing the book as information media. I think this artifact is caught because I myself have a Vivreomania-like aspect. If I use my own book, I am quitting paper consumption and so on.
There was a dialogue that Anita who dislikes books in the dialogue in the play is paper usage is ironic, but it is a true turnaround ...

I liked the joker's masterpiece and three sisters' relationship.
Also, the voice actor choice of Riko and Anita is wonderful.
Although I thought that the connection of the ED etc from the OP and the last story is also good,
I was concerned about the above ideological gap, I tried a step.
Assume that the evaluation is bad.

2010/03/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6293 Host:5992 Browser: 9671
[good point]
The bonds of the three sisters.
The strength of Mr. Sugawa 's mind.
Action using paper (both thinking and movement).
Vibrio maniacs of the characters.
The only paternity: the existence of Drake.
Connection with OVA.

[Bad point]
.Latter half.
Connection with OVA.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
First of all I was fascinated with the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓quot;using paper" fighting with paper. After watching the OVA version, I watched the TV version afterwards, and the first half "Kenji Sango" edition came with Jin in the bonds of the three sisters, and the connection with the OVA version was fun.
......, but the late come to my mind. At first, I felt something strange about Joker or Wendy's character, but as the plan became strangely grand and as political things came out, just strange discomfort was recruited It was.

In a word I was feeling bad that things that the British Library was doing were useless. It is brainwashing to "unify ideas and build a peaceful world by sharing knowledge." Of course, this way of thinking is also annoying with this idea itself, but there is little resistance in the majority of stories I will memorize what I made as moyamoya. Do not people question the fact that they are going to lean on themselves? So far the popular people are just stupid enough to be wound in long things? As if the thought of individuals were almost ignored I will not be disinterested. Even so, the other party is only one institution of the falling country, and things are carrying too much conveniently not having absolute enforcement power.

It is nonsense that you think only books for "knowledge" in the first place. Because I do not think of it as a tool in that way, even if I read books, I can not become a human being for people's mind.

The ending is happy.It is good but end, I wanted you to paint the location and responsibility of responsibility exactly. On the way, military fighter aircraft are being shot down and obviously it comes out to the person, that is. Beginning with the joker, the British Library says great things, but since it has no idea of 〓〓〓〓〓tself as a starting point, there is no responsibility for actions throughout. Ignoring humanity and taking actions that lighten people's lives, you can fulfill your atonement. In spite of expanding the stage to the world scale, it seems to be said that only few people are talking about in a narrow range. I think that the concept is not catching up on the scale of the setting.

It may be a huge success as a villain to say that coming out only as female servants in the work is coming out. But although I was having fun in the first half, my second half got angry just .... I can not bear the feeling that I am insulted about culture and inner side .... I like the settings, I like the idea, I also like the character on the hero side, I also liked Wendy ...
Evaluation is "very bad" by turning over affection.

2010/02/15 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31927 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
First of all, it is an impression from the OVA version. Since OVA version has only three stories, I managed to watch it until the end. The character was not used up and anyway the script was childish. Since the story or expansion is unusual, I can read it, and even though I wanted to look cool, it was extremely cold as I aimed too much. The true good-lookingness is what nature does. This looks visible.
Next is the impression of the TV version. From the beginning I saw the story's forcing, funny portraits, thin contents and so on but it was still good but the characters were able to see up to six stories. The severethings were the seventh and eighth talks and the seventh talk was just a story (as I saw somewhere as well), the story was not collected at all and I could not explain it, the scene was flying or a story could be made There was not. It is not a killing translation, neither catching it properly nor a translation There is not a talk but there is no understanding what the enemy wanted to do halfway. There was no punchline. It is too convenient to just play. Still, because there is such a terrible story in the story complete one story, it does not put on the worst only by it.
The problem is the eighth episode. Thanks to the character, I have seen this only so far, but it caused the character to collapse. It completely cooled down. The depiction was a mess and the conversation was incoherent and so bad. Toru himself suddenly caught up with Anita, was funny from the start, but I am looking forward to Kumi abruptly at this time (it is not such a character that there are few of them before). The girls in the class had told you that they liked Anita, but they knew that Kumi actually has a feeling. Even though Junior met Anita so much that day has not passed, you will say that you are the one before you changed.
Although Kumi may be the character I liked the most because the voice is cute, I can not say it because I have not shown the scene, but I apologize but probably refusing my confession and saying something like Anita (girl) feeling something . It is not such a work, it is not such a character, there is nothing to describe and everything abounds. So do not accept it. It cooled down at once. I wish I had only taken a relationship with Tohru normally. There was no drawing.
Maggie was funny and I wish I let only the character alive, but I will collapse the moment character that I tried to put out a story or content. I am looking for music or directing, but I'm just looking cool. I do not think that it is cool because there is no contents. I am sorry just because my character was really good.

2010/01/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The story of the bonds of the three sisters was moving.

A grand scale of the Gentleman revitalization plan.

The ability to use paper is pleasant.

There are many things you can not enjoy without looking at OVA,
I think that the way of intertwining with the story at OVA was very good.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally I was very moved by the strength of the bonds between Michelle, Maggie, Anita and the three sisters.

2010/01/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The OVA version has a good tempo and a great man has good enemy settings. The story is dark when you make three episodes
The TV version is sister love and a little horori, the strength of Nene.

[Bad point]
Wendy was getting afraid of TV version. Leave from the middle.
Mr. Riko is slow to come out. I wanted you to draw a little bit more about setting paper usage
[Comprehensive evaluation]
OP is both TV and OVA! Music is also fond of liking. I listened to the soundtrack often.
The level of drawing was also OVA good, and one episode of TV was pretty good

2010/01/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Manga unread
[good point]
Good sense of .OP
Attractiveness of characters not relying on drawing
Good skill of a voice actor

[Bad point]
It was hard to understand what the enemy wanted to do.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a good work.
Although it may be a bit old-fashioned from the viewpoint of 2010, I feel that it is "taste" of this work.
Those who adhere to drawing may not fit.

Characters etc are not ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ also being uncluttered, but it is not honestly beautiful compared to the characters of recent years.
It is not beautiful, but it is very attractive, expressions by voice actors and stories are good. Sugarawa nine was good privately And then I stuck with the analogy of this animation, the stuff roll that does not use subtitles of OP is cool.

Although there is a place where the story became a little difficult to understand, I was curious to see what the direction to go is clearly seen, it was likable.

2009/07/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I tried to watch the TV version first before OVA.
It is like a cowboy bebop which added youkai elements till the middle stage.
Maybe I wanted you to paint the episode of Nene and Mr. Riko in more detail. I have not read the original, so I could not understand her greatness very well.

Although I enjoyed it overall, there was a part that the last few stories could not grasp a little about the world view.

2009/07/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Character's charm Innovative setting called paper usage God drawing
God action
Good production
Tempo's good story in the first half of music
[Bad point]
Latter half Gudaguda

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The first half was a good story of the tempo, but it became Gudaguda as it became the latter half Well the last depends on the person but my overall evaluation is the best, especially the music was good!

2009/06/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I will evaluate the TV version.

If only in the first half, "very good".
Each of the three sisters enjoyed a very good character with the characters standing well and developing hot.
It was so wonderful to think that it was okay to end with 13 episodes.

However, it was one more time since Riko appeared.
It was darker than the first half, and the desire to watch has fallen considerably to the deployment which was frustrating.
I did not see much activity of the three sisters.
The impression of the whole series is not bad so far because the last round was gathered up neatly.

Music, including OP, ED and BGM, was wonderful.

2009/06/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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If only OVA, where you want best

The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ction using paper is wonderful, the television whose scene is very polite and powerful has a good story, but feeling that it is hard to draw an action scene with a sense of warpedness or absurdity as a midnemura It was

2009/05/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Idea to fight using paper Peculiar characters Characteristic action

[Bad point]
The excitement after the middle stage is not so good

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Feeling like an idea victory.
Both OVA version and TV version high-quality animation with high quality overall.

2009/03/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It will be a comment from the viewpoint of watching only the TV version,
First of all it was quite good for the first course, the action scene of the one episode was terrible,
The way the drawing of the everyday scenes of three sisters and Nene is laughable as a comedy,
It is interesting that this book intensely tells the impression that the book which can be placed in everyday scenes strongly tells me that it is only a slightly strange style of book animation in particular.
Especially when the room was scattered all over with books, the actions of two older sisters of Michelle and Maggie who buy a large number of books in Jimbocho,
Unlike my two older sisters, Anita hates books a lot,
It is pleasant to watch the multiplication of the three nuns, looking after three sisters.

Also, although Anita and friendship of Kumi since Anita moved into school could only spend a short time together, it was drawn attractive,
There was no bad luck in the 1st cool Kenji Senga edition and it was fairly enjoyable.

Personally, however, it seemed to me that the second cooldence was indeed inferior compared to the first course and seemed to have completely stalled halfway,
The reason for that was that I felt that it was unfaithful to handle the three sisters since the old characters of the readers since the second cool became conspicuous,
As a position entered from the TV version, the attitude that the reader did not boil over halfway was impressive and it did not have a good impression on the reader when it was first seen.

I certainly thought that it was not good until the middle of the second cool,
In the end I was greeted with a good circle of pleasure at the end,
I'm generally convinced if I recall the whole story.

Finally, if you mention the points that were good in this work, the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓aper usage setting, which is the best selling of this work, is interesting,
There was a feeling of dynamism in the movement of the battle scene, and BGM was also good, I think that the quality of the performance surface was generally high.

Evaluation is "good ~ very good".

2009/01/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Novels, OVA, TV animation, cartoon, drama CD and media mix works that developed

First of all excited about setting super burning glasses beautiful glasses fighting with OVA's impression paper!
In battle scenes incandescent!
Music is super cool too!
This OVA included the first audio commentary in the animation industry and it gave you a lot of fun

Impression of TV animation The place of daily depiction in the first half of the comment is interesting.
The battle scene was also good.
The talk becomes serious as coming into the second half, it is quite scary to see it.
Both OP and ED were the best. No way it was a hint ...
Overall the evaluation is super very good

2009/01/12 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Action scenes of face - to - face movies.
Paper expression technology.
The size of the scale set in the world such as Japan, Hong Kong, the UK etc.
Mystery. Action. Multiple genres such as thief 's business are mixed and I feel high entertainment.

[Bad point]
Episode of the resurrection of the Gentlemen from the middle stage to the final stage.
Because the climax feeling reached by the editing of the reading company of 13 talks, it became no longer interested in the subsequent story.

[Comprehensive evaluation]