[Anime]Princess Arete

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Akira Senju
Onuki Taeko
Hiroyuki Hayase
Houko Kuwashima
Tsuyoshi Koyama
Minami Takayama
Yusuke Numata
Satomi Korogi
Yuuko Sasaki
Japan Released:2001/07/21(Sat) Movie
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2006/05/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:82(52%) Normal:19(12%) Bad:56(36%)] / Provider: 3396 Host:3329 Browser: 6326
While extremely slow, this beautifully drawn fairy-tale drama is fairly solid and largely enjoyable for family audiences. The visuals and music often border on the exquisite, though the character design itself is simplistic, and the plot equally so. To quote my own review: "it's refreshing to see a film starring a girl who uses her brains instead of fan service to get herself out of tricky situations." Not a perfect film by any means, but it's fine for its audience and I'd rather show this to my nieces than Yu-Gi-Oh any day.

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2009/03/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53118 Host:53044 Browser: 4549
I think that it is a well-made work with a positive attitude and messageability,
It was not a work that I would like to see again.
Bloody meat Dancing and Moe, because there is not clearly intense one so dare to evaluate.

In addition, Princess Allete was a character that was a little energetic,
Although it may be faithful to the original, I feel like a negative element.

It is a gentle story. A fairy tale.

2008/10/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31927 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
Deployment is clear and three points.
A cramped story at the castle.
A story trapped by a mage. In the meaning that girls and wizards are in the same position, the wizard is the main character. I empathied a little to the wizard.
A story that girls make to wizards. Because the wizard is catching up the city, open from there and fill it with greens.
It was a bit difficult to understand a bit earlier and I was thinking that development was pushy, but I gradually became aware of the content and gradually got in.
Perhaps it was better to just make the beginning a bit simpler.
The contents were overloaded and the sermon was getting stinky.
A setting such as wizards came out and suddenly I felt that the girls turned into transformation and aiming at a composition to a strange way and it felt as a danger.
Girls and wizards were good at showing them in the same position (gradually showing them).
What makes you relax makes sense and makes you realize your true feelings.
The girl who wanted to leave the castle was made empty and trapped in the mage.
I was trapped because my heart was made empty, but I do not think I want to go out.
In other words, you do not have to fight destiny.
We will overlap with ourselves forever wishing that fellow wizards will come across.
I used magic to relax my mind but I did not mind the girls who are dignified.
The fear that the wizard is immortal and boring time but it is not immortality and its content was also good.
A message that shows the pure white cloth and becomes a new self You dye yourself in color. The girls were trapped in the castle and others had jobs in their hands, but since they were still white, there was nothing yet, so it got released and a fun feeling is transmitted.
The tempo is relaxed but the depiction was good and there was a connection and there was a message nature.
It is not a work that will remain in the impression, but the last one was bold.

2008/07/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2339 Host:2336 Browser: 6342
It may not be a known movie, but I think it was very good.
For people who want "flashy" or "glamorous", it may be a bit unsatisfactory, but the content was very wonderful.
Princess Allete was a cute or beautiful appearance, but it was so attractive that she had a pure and beautiful heart that purely touches what the people of the town produce and can respect those who make such things did.
The "magic" in this world is drawn as if it is on the extension of "science", and the helicopter was also controlled by the electric circuit. Magical civilization built by old people was also created by one's own hands. It was not a special ability person but a gift of human wisdom. I think that the level was different, but it was a movie that people felt the wonder of creating something with their own hands.

Finally, it was very good for Princess Allete to go out for adventure with her own feet by herself.

2005/11/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10228 Host:10130 Browser: 4184
It is an animation work created by Ghibli work production staff.
It is 180 degrees different from the familiar fairy tale princess in general,
I understand the theme that appeals the princess' s image to open up its future, but it was not a good work.
First of all, the main character Allete princess had mediocrity in mediocrity, the impression at the first time seeing was not good at all, but was the character 's depiction power insufficient, or was Mr. Noriko Kuwashima' s acting as the voice actor was another one,
I did not feel the strength of the core which is a necessary element with such a theme. There was no power that could empathize.
It was revealed that the box of wizards who dredged her could only be able to change the appearance of living things in the end of the crystal, but it seemed pathetic as if you excused it with a grieving look on that.
I was returning to an appearance at a young a second for a moment, but it was a beautiful young man who felt like holding it at an angle.
The ampule felt like a female repca, but the feeling that Ursula and character were covered. The same voice actor is also Takayama Minami - san who has many roles in boys these days, but I would like to see a figure that plays more such a troublesome sister type character. Grovel and the witch .............
It was a typical type of character.
Especially the former spoke chubbyly of the bad mouth of Princess Allete but he was really terrible disgusting person and it is nothing special for the voice actor Yusuke Numata, but "Yeah !!! Shut up !!! !!! "
It was a touch. At the end I was returned to the original frog to the master who stumbled out to the town, but please do it sooner ............

Oh, well, the talk was also short of the persuasive power of the theme, it was so boring that the missing was out, and the character was simply useless, such as lacking appeal except for the ampule, so the evaluation did not hurt " At the worst ".............

2005/05/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25450 Host:25340 Browser: 4184
Tonight (already last night?), I watched it for the first time at BS.
I missed the first 10 minutes, but I forgot such regret, and a storyteller who can not put a viewer.
What is exhilaration like wiping away the little uneasy feelings that I had held, especially after watching it?
I feel really washed my heart.
Although it is neck overall although it is indolent and less excitement, it is perfect for this work that is never grand.
A princess who got his possibilities and hopes in exchange for high price and prayer of the throne.
Although it seems to be a part of everyday life somewhere, BGM drifts sorrow,
Tears came out in the end that made us feel a certain kind of sadness in beauty.
A minor impression is strong, but I certainly want more people to see.

2004/05/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 55099 Host:55276 Browser: 4123
Because Princess Allete 's reputation was good, it was a work that did not have any opportunity to see other than seeing it.
A picture of anime first. But, it was a character, it was very cute and it was a picture of a work that made a Japanese animation work 〓〓〓〓〓
It seems likely that it is screened in various places, but is he making it by thinking about being screened at school or town, a fierce battle is man's manifestation of 'chivalry spirit' or something. Kanji ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 I felt as if I had weakened one or that it was a gentle expression.

Also, the story is a story of "Princess". It seemed like a lot of glimpse of what it means as a "fairy tale" or a narrative, which was said at a small time. A man takes a lot of adventures to meet the princess, takes treasure, is magically put into a frog, a princess sleeping with magic, a princess knitting, a princess turning into green. In a story where a lot of fragments of the story of "Princess" read somewhere is seen, the neighborhood is very nostalgic and parents and children also see together. It may be a good story to say so. It was a work I thought.

2004/04/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 269 Host:40 Browser: 4924
Do you say that atmosphere is cute and the story is easy to talk to the picture-story show?
I think that a villain also has a part that can not be hated somewhere.
I like the works full of such a warm atmosphere.
Not only is it warm hearted, but Allete has changed his body ... the place where the place was also good, like the aunt acted by Minami Takayama

2004/03/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3764 Host:3569 Browser: 5092
Somehow my heart got warm. It may be weak (in a good sense) to aa characters, world view, stories (I also want to read the original). Songs are also great. Origa, Mr. Taeko Onuki. Both of you singing, really matched, in addition to inviting tears. Since there is a rebroadcast soon, I will record it and think that I will soak in sentiment again.

2003/04/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 30084 Host:30028
--- Time is medieval, the stage is European paradise.
The princess will be locked in a small room of a high tower of the castle and never appear before people.
However, when seeing the people in the castle town seen from the window of the tower, Princess started thinking about the meaning of what it really is ... ...
A story of the adventure of the heart of the new heroine Allyte who intends to open up the future with his will.
Directed by Mr. Kousuzo Kasubuchi's first theater director who was selected by Hayao Miyazaki and displayed its essence in the screenplay of "Detective Holmes".
"The princess of that castle took one person in the tower and stayed away from all the sorrows of the world for the people who would be someday visiting the bridegroom. Keeping waiting for us today, keeping ourselves clear, It was said that ... "
Koshiba Yoshinobu 1st Director's Work ("Witch's Delivery Service" Compensation Director)
"MEMORIES", "SPRIGGAN" STUDIO 4 絮〓C production "No matter what we wait, nothing will change, I know that."
"I will give you the courage to go ahead."
"The story of a girl who has found the heart of the heart"
Digital animation for theaters "Princess Allete"
"Princess Arete" 2001
Planning: Yamashita Hikito, Takano Force, Nobuyuki Toya, Eiko Tanaka, Toyohi Yokohama
Production: Fumio Ueda, Masafumi Fukui, Takeshiko Chino, Akira Sakurai, Takuji Ushiyama
Producer: Eiko Tanaka
Associate. Producer: Ryoichi Fukuyama
Original: Diana. Cole's "Adventure of Princess Allete" (published by Shioryo Shobo)
Director / Screenplay: Kazutoshi Sasaki Character Design: Satoko Morikawa Artist Director: Kazutaka Ozaki Artist Director: Nishida Minori Color Setting: Hayashi Yuko Acoustic Director: Hirosue Hayase
Edit: Takeshi Seyama
CGI Director: Keisuke Sasakawa Music: Akira Senju Theme Song: Taeko Onuki "The Golden Wings"
Lyrics: Taeko Onuki
Composition: Arrangement: Akira Senju
Theme song: Origa "Krasno. Sonce"
Lyrics: Origa
Composition: Arrangement: Akira Senju
Production: STUDIO 4 絮〓C
Production: Allete Production Committee
Allete: Noriko Kuwashima Box: Takeshi Oyama 〓〓〓Boy: Shozo Sekiyama Ampule: Takayama Minami GLOBEL: Yusuke Numata Yuko: Kohrosu Satomi Narration: Yasuko Sasaki
A style that makes old comic book "manga movie" 〓〓〓〓〓膀〓〓nywhere?
However, with regard to the flow of strange things that has been frustrating throughout the whole thing, if you do bad jobs you will be comparable to the traditional Kadokawa Anime movie work? Redundancy adjustment?
Also, regarding the way CGs are used, there are neither feels nor impossible !?
Then, there is nothing as impressive as there are no impacts as to say characters, drawing, stories, art, anywhere at all.
It seems to be overwhelmed to Poetic making emphasis on the poetical part that deliberately excluded entertainment!
However, the theme song Russian woman Vocalist "ORIGA (ORIGA)" "Krasno. Sonce" is a wonderful theme somewhat lurking nostalgia and sorrow!
Also, Taeko Onuki's "Golden Wings" is also good!
A wizard box that goes pursuing the princess with getting out, saying "it is the princess's son-in-law that is the one who was able to solve the curse that was put on the princess" etc. Then, the princess can once again be in a room Although becoming captured as a result, in order to be freedom from the middle stage,
Although it seemed as if he would try to solve the three impossible difficulties to come out of the Wizard Box, the spell intended by the box did not work for Allete who was lost at the Bikini High School principal, then Allete is free action Although it rushes into and it continues, the redundancy increase / decrease of the story continues fraylessly without being resolved, and at last the lost quartz ball of the box in the final? Or let it return to the child Finally Let me pretend Allete to head to the trip and finish it?
"A boat that fly to the sky?", "Program to the crystal ball?", "The way of gold (electric circuit?)", "Water snake pebbles (If you fill the pot with water and tilt it, water will overflow without stopping The green magic pebbles that come "
And there are genes by witch's lecture, crystal is just a catalyst to amplify the artificially imprinted ability there "gene existence?" Etc ... etc ...
What seems like a meaningful thing in the play?, Yet it looks like nothing? There are various kind of things like messages coming out Although it seems Juvenile, it does not empathize to the characters at all Such as looking to ... Although it was basically such a style it is needless to say that such things were not good at all?
The era of wizards who were once prideful of pride and everlasting life was destroyed, and if they had no other love, they would not even create them with their own hands again,
And it has only the ability to transform things into things that have no meaning, a surviving box of a pathetic wizard that can only live by going to the crystal ball.
Its appearance will depend only on the numerous heritages (civilized musical instruments?) That many pioneers created in the past as a result of their hardships, and will solely focus on the glory of the past. The appearance of one human being's accustomed? It looked like it too?
It is a snake, but the last gigantic "eagle of golden" that has emerged as if it appeared at the end, and keeps flying for 1000 years without the Lord,
Why is that? Did you slightly into "Golden Condor" of Esteba, the child of the Inca Empire?

2003/04/13 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:2063
I'd like to see the studio 4 〓〓〓was made and I really want to see it, but why is not there anywhere ...
The picture looks like a story of Popolocroise cute v

2003/02/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10773 Host:10807 Browser: 4184
(〓〓〓We sell DVD.
The balance of the sound is like a radio drama, you can enjoy even without a screen. I think the influence of Akira Senju's music is also great (moreover, in DVD, it is 4CH sound, it is totally nice than 2ch).
Pictorial touch is painful and old-fashioned, but it is really beautiful and effective when it moves.
The story is totally plain and progresses gently, the princess has just gone, and there are places that do not fit as quickly as how to show the flow, but within an acceptable range (Just a bit, the early stage is hard to understand if you do not see it for a while) Do you? Recently there are many animals with complete collapse.
Also, in the early stage to the middle stage, the message nature seemed to be strong, but on the whole it is not so? ... Finally it ended refreshingly. It was a bit of a shoulder watermelon that the talk did not rise with the golden eagle, but it was quite interesting as a movie animation of less than two hours. I want this animation to increase more (since there are not many hands except Ghibli .. But this work is also ghiblious, it is a minor treatment).
Somewhat dissatisfied with the handling of the message of the work and the production on the progress of the story .. After all the net story thing, that place remains in the impression.