[Anime]Please Twins (Onegai Twins): 2004/07/24 Carlos Ross

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If you don't mind the occasionally cheeky adult humor in this show, it's like watching more Please Teacher. That's for better AND for worse.

Pros: Maiku is actually a very mature and likable lead, the storyline progresses in a logical, understandable manner. Karen and Miina are very, very cute.

Cons: Due to events at the end of Please Teacher! some of the character dynamics have changed. Ichigo now has this weird trademark laugh and acts somewhat psychotic. Matagu gets the worse makeover, from UFO nut, to being creepily obsessive over his little sister. (You didn't know he had a sister? Well, you'll wish you didn't, very very soon.)

While it will suck you in (like the first) and make you want to see more, the occasional perverted scenes and some really strange plot choices really throw a wrench into an otherwise above-average character piece. It's good, but like the first, it squanders potential for greatness.

And like the first, avoid the OAV unless you really feel like watching all the characters do the horizontal mambo onscreen. (Isn't that what doujinshi is for? Honestly.)

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