[Anime]Pepero the Andes Boy (Andes Shonen Pepero no Boken)

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Series director:Kazuhiko Udakowa Company:NET(TV Asahi) etc
pepero:hiroko suzuki Kayna:Yoshiko MatsuoAsteco:Mie Azuma Chuchu:Rie Miura Titicaca:Toshiya Ueda
Japan Released:1975/10/06(Mon) / End:1976/03/29
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2012/05/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12871 Host:12614 Browser: 3876
This work is a hero's boy "Pepero" who travels pursuing after the "father who headed to the golden city Eldorado to save the poor Indi", "Kena" of a mysterious girl who lost memory, and a favorite supporting character It is a kind of adventure activity played by "Azteco" and "Tutsch", and Maboroshi's white horse "Jupiter", but the South American Andes Mountains is a unique work not seen as an example except the stage.

Especially, overcoming the various hardships of natural disasters, human disasters, animal damage, ... etc etc, the appearance of "Pepero" who deepened friendship through the road and grew strongly appeared quite well .
This work, but rather the deep emotion after becoming an adult is deep.
Also, I do not know if the argument is right or not, but it was also an interesting animation that the Andes' customs and ethnic costumes, the nature of mountain ranges etc can be seen everywhere.
Petit love patterns of "P莨〓ero" and "Kaena" was also good.

Although it is an orthodox and old fashioned work as an adventure activity theater, it is truly disappointing that in recent years the work which tickles adventure and courage of such a boy can not be seen truly.
Besides, it is too bad that the picture has become a bit older, but I hope that such a work can breathe modern animation and make remake work.
And I think that it was a Ryosaku that I want to show to my children now.

Although it is a digression, this work is a translation that was after the end of "Magical child Meg chan" after real time broadcasting.
After the animated cartoon plush witch child animation such as "Meg" and "Non", the only girls are "Qena", the story of boys who do not have sex appeal ... ... (-_-;) I also made a lot of disappointment, but it was also an animation that betrayed such prejudice in a good way.

2011/11/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13751 Host:13990 Browser: 9466
An adventure anime drama aired in 75-76. Indio 's boy living in the Andes "Pepero" turned 10 years old, saw the' golden condor 'one day. And, after being led by the golden condor, I am determined to go on a journey to search for a father who was left behind while aiming for the legendary Golden Township 'El Dorado'. Pepelo aims for El Dorado with 'Azteco'. Tutu '.' Kena 'we met during the trip.

From the popularity of "World Anime Theater", this work was made with an intention to make a work like "Heidi, the girl in the Alps", as an animation work set in a foreign country whose main character was a child, this work, It is finished as a work set in rare South America with the fairy tale thing. It seems that South America has a mysterious world view and it is thought that it tried to escape from imitation of Western work, but it is not certain. It seems that it was not accepted so much because it is a world that is not so familiar with the child heart of South America.

The leading role "Pepero" was a boy of a godless innocent heart and a very favorable feeling. `Kaena 'is also an innocent girl, and somehow it felt like Heidi. `Azteco 'was originally a selfish feeling, but gradually changed with empathy with Pepelo. It seems like a pop (Dragon Quest Die's big adventure) position. `Tutu 'was like a brother of Pepero.

The story goes to search for a father who was forced to go to Golden Town 'El Dorado' with 10 years of age and saw the legendary 'golden condor', and goes to Pepelo, Kena and Azteck are not juveniles who can not be in the middle of the year.The girls traveling through the endless world of Andean while progressing to meet various sufferings and incidents while gradually resolving while solving the problem, Three thousand miles searching for my mother "It looks like a South American version, but it is nice place to show in South America, where we do not know so much. There is no sense of incorporating the view of the natural world like "Heidi", but ruins such as the people of the Amazon and Nasca Machu Picchu, incorporating aspects unique to South America such as the living of the people of Indio, etc. There are other attractions that are not there. I think that the balance with the innocent Pepero in that was well done, I think that it was good.

Although this work is not so well-known for being set in South America that was not well known at that time, I think that it is a very well done work that is inferior to the "World Animation Theater" series in content, Even the characters were nice and it is a story that the mind calms down, so I still have an impression in my work, so the evaluation is [highest!]. At the time of making it was still unfamiliar with South America as a stage and because it was a counterprogram of "Genius Genius Bakabon", it was not popular so much that it ended in half a year (26 times) I will be missed. If you were doing with NHK, it might have been longer. I was looking for it now because I missed buying at that time.

2011/07/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14067 Host:14112 Browser: 10030
[good point]
I also bought a DVD with my favorite work. It is the first impression that I especially liked OP and it was good for this work. There is a memorable yearning admiration of being able to call the appearance of P莨〓ero straddling Hakuba Jupiter in a brave manner at that time.
I think that this work is an animation that aims at the same El Dorado while having different purpose but admits each other each time it overcomes difficulties, and shows the process of making efforts and growing with friends. Especially it was noticeable between Azteco and Pepero. I think that it was also a work that makes me feel various as a royal road as for children.

[Bad point]
The thing that Titicaca who broke up in the middle of the trip arrived at El Dorado before Pepelos. The grandfather 's leg is too early! It is not a match on this road in the way of one road.
Pepelo was a bare hand when confronting the bad habits, now I feel "reckless" rather than courage.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Though I think that it is a good work, since the one with the target age lower than the older cell work is the target, I think that those who have seen before can be enjoyed with nostalgia, but how about those who first saw it? I may not be able to get such a high rating.

2010/10/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 823 Host:861 Browser: 6425
A story that a hero's Pepelo and his friends are led by a golden condor and set off to aim for the golden city "El Dorado".
Each purpose is different and interesting Pepelo = want to enrich village! And find missing father!
Kena = Because I lost my memory, I regain memories.
I want Aztec = treasure!
Tutu = I want to see a sister who has been separated by living!
I do not understand only Titikaka, but I will leave on the way (it will appear properly in the last round)
Beyond the harsh journey, the Pepelos will know the identity of Kena, and the meaning of the true treasure of Eldorado too!
It was a moving content, but it was surprising that there was a fairly severe setting such as being abused at the circus before Tutu met with everyone (That was really terrible!) That tutu is sister I was really happy when I met.
Donkeys and small animals also helped Pepelos so hard that cuteness was outstanding.
But OP and ED are moving, but the lyrics were created by Professor Kazuo Kazuo, a horror manga artist .... I feel like I can draw emotional system cartoons if I can make such beautiful lyrics.
But the content was so wonderful that it is "the best".

2009/04/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41631 Host:41654 Browser: 7637
In this minor era, there was a time when regional troops were able to produce cartoon animation of boys and girls adventure.

2008/07/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10757 Host:10944 Browser: 7395
I never knew that there is such animation,
I saw it about two years ago. Although it may not be a famous animation, it was a very good animation.
Pepero and Asteco of the hero overcome various difficulties and arrive at the destination, but the process so far is good. Growth of characters is properly expressed.
I think that the last round was also good, but the scene of reunion with Titi Kaka,
The doubt remained about how I came back.

2006/09/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32419 Host:32540 Browser: 3874
Are you out of DVD? I want it (it is a game against the amount) !!

I remember well when I was young and I also saw reruns.
It is my favorite work.

I also like the theme song, I bought a CD here. Personally I especially like ED.

"I still believe that the mountain of the Andean is still far away Eldorado wind I believe that someday Mom who wants to tell me I am fine."

Wow, I could tell by sky (driving time about 20 seconds).
it's recommended.

2006/06/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38608 Host:38617 Browser: 4184
Positive and brave ideal hero, Pepelo boy, Qena of memory loss,
Azteco which somewhat obliquely settled, and Tutsu traveled to El Dorado, "animation that asked the father three thousand miles", but,
I was quite comfortable with their appearance growing through various events happening in the middle of adventure. Especially one of the stories I saw in Gao, episode 20, although I can say that the kindness of Pepelos in Tutu, who was still young but broke up with his family, appeared well,
I wanted to continue traveling together again, and the chewy flowers and giant spiders who caught her on the way I followed were pretty crazy. (Lol)
Boys. Andean style BGM with a theme of girls' friendship and heartwarming
I think that it is one of hidden masterpiece animation.
There seems to be several fan sites, but I will keep that UR.


2004/05/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2955 Host:2953 Browser: 3875
I bought the whole DVD.
I am impressed by my childhood and it is one of my works that I can never forget even if I become an adult.
Recently I learned that it seems that it was a Forclo - Revume,
I often admire it as a story that made Indio the hero of South America. How do you tell that story ... I want to know.

When I was a child, I longed to want to do such an adventure, but when I turn to DVD, when I look at it again with adult's eyes, another impression.I am moved.
I love the process of growing children, including Pepero, throughout the journey.
My child also brainwashed thoroughly.
I am thankful for being DVD.

2004/05/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12106 Host:12187 Browser: 3875
This work is limited to songs. The result which studied the music of the Andean area well has come out. However, there were Hakuba in that area, although there are only animals such as llama and alpaca. But I do not care about that. Masterpiece.

2004/05/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34420 Host:34377 Browser: 4925
I thought that it might be a hidden masterpiece, I will add it.
I feel I was watching it hard. Basically, following the father who left off earlier, the story of traveling with the grandfather El Pedro, the girl's capital El Dorado, the girl Qena who lost memory, Asteko, Tutu and the other girls. Thinking now, it seems like three thousand miles to visit my mother - w

Lastly, I met a dad, I could solve a case like a house fuss,
I felt that it was nice to have a good journey. I mean, it was something that I was able to make a story that settled in the Andes region. It seems that it is pretty much broadcasting abroad, it is also known to the world unexpectedly.

So, in fact, the reason I wanted to register this animation the most, because Mr. Mitsuko Horie 's OP was very good - ^^; Obviously,
It starts with the condor fly, but the melody line is the best for me.
About last year, when Mr. Horie Mitsuko appeared at NHK's Friend Park - I saw a lot of requests for this song - I thought I'd like to do as many people as I liked - yo