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Other media: Comics:One week friends / JP movie:Isshuukan Friends
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Suga Shotaro
Motoyama Tetsu
Irone Toda
Brains base
Yamaya Yoshitaka
Sora Amamiya
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Ookubo Rumi
Mai Nakahara
Jyunji Majima
Japan Released:2014/04/07(Mon) 00:00-00:30 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV / End:2014/06/23
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1. http://oneweekfriends.com/ (Translation)
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1. http://twitter.com/1weekfriends
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Song:Natsumi Kon Lyrics:Kawashima Ai Compose:Kawashima Ai Arrange:Miyazaki Makoto [Fan reg.]
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2017/04/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3763 Host:3735 Browser: 8292
[good point]
Despite the expeditious development against the setting, I did not feel unnatural or uncomfortable in the actions of the main characters.
Also the orange (Orange) which also drew high school life, the level which each character took impossible actions, asked Question Bag what everyone thinks.

[Bad point]
Sunflower class students mixed in ordinary class

2017/02/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10205 Host:10290 Browser: 7468
[good point]
I felt that the original was made so as not to hurt the world view seriously, in a mixture of the 4 frame format and the story form.
It was a work wrapped in warmth and softness while setting the cheekless setting that friends' memories are reset in one week, while melting it in ordinary high school life.

[Bad point]
The scene of the bridge where Mr. Fujinomiya and Mr. Hase is meeting the final story, but the point that the car is running on the right side.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a very good work.

2017/02/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29070 Host:29193 Browser: 5173
A story that slipped accompanying to a setting that is unavoidable.
It was a bad work.

Memory with friends will not be a week,
From the unavoidable setting, memory reset on Monday.
To avoid it, keep a diary,
I think that it was still normal until I posted a paper in my room.

Anyway, the conversion of the story was easy.

One Monday, the state of Fujinomiya returned to the state before the diary and the poster started,
It was because the chance lost my note by chance, and accidentally the stick paper fell under the shelf because it overlapped.

Eleven stories were even worse.
It is a scene that triggers the distance between Fujimiya and Hase Vol.
Hamatani and Kujo from family members from two classmates at Fujinomiya elementary school,
Fujinomiya happens to be in a place where Fujinomiya is listening to the story that led to memory loss.
Although it is easy at this point, Fujinomiya will drop the bag with sounds that are noticed by so many people in shock.

This work is a work that depicts the subtlety of the adolescent heart regardless of the setting.
However, the story has been developed by accidental and heroin 's impossible behavior.
Although I exemplified only two points, it was only the story deployment, places where there was discomfort concerning branching.

In any case, Fujinomiya who heard the story of his trauma with 11 episodes,
I should have left the four people to not notice.

However, since this work does not know the subtlety of the heart even if it does so,
Even if you draw Fujinomiya leaving the place so that four people do not notice it,
The next day, let Fujinomiya feel uncomfortable in the action of the Fujinomiya immediately, it seems to run into an easy idea noticed by Hase valley.

If you want to give girls of this age even a little reality,
What I am depressed, what I do not want to know,
Absolutely not to let the boys know, it should devour things not noticed.

In addition, why so many of the main girls are natural so much?
Yamagishi is out of the question, Fujimiya thinks that he will not make friends so as not to hurt his friends, but actually he is just natural.
Actually, the meaning is different from the fact that it is bright.
I would have wanted to contrast with the first cold image, but it was really bad.

Speaking of good points, the place where I could have got a slow and pleasant atmosphere is the biggest.
Among them, character design and pale color design suitable for atmosphere are all right.
It was good that we intertwined good theater enthusiasts well.
ED music is also very good.
In the character Kiryu's existence was saving.

Although it was a bad work, I think that it was able to follow with a good atmosphere.
So it does not do bad evaluations.

Last episode Last scene, I was glad but very regretful.
Although it was very good with respect to showing the fact that the last Hase vali is actually wearing a diary to the viewer,
I did not need the Hayato dialect.
Actually, although Hase vali can keep a good reverberation for viewers due to the fact that it keeps a diary,
To get in the way of stuff by putting lines seriously,
If you are a professional, you should make it firmly.
Although the original may have serifs, the last of this work,
Even without serifs it will be transmitted firmly, rather it will leave a lingering finish, so believe your audience,
I think that a more sensible director should have taken the initiative and made it.

2016/12/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26696 Host:26629 Browser: 10229
It was healed by the relationship between Mr. Haseki and Fujinomiya.
I did not feel something like newness in the setting itself, but I was really good at making a feeling of disappointment, including ED. I am feeling that I feel like a lady's girlfriend who is often seen by a female author and is cool, but a kind boy is also making a good feeling. Also, Mr. Fujinomiya's good mother After this work cv Amamiya It is a work I like to remember Fujinomiya every time the character of heaven speaks.

2016/07/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26863 Host:26830 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Cute as devised as setting
ED songs are the best exchange

[Bad point]
The episode that seemed to be shallow as the cause of memory disappearance is less undulating, I think that there are few episodes that remain in memory

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation changes greatly depending on whether he likes the hero, the heroine.
It is highly recommended for people who like heartwarming works.
I will assume it is good as evaluation.

2016/05/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1830 Host:1884 Browser: 5171
[Good point] In fact, when you make a wound in your heart, it seems that there are cases where symptoms of everything appear. I asked experts. Aside from that, every other week, hats off to persistence and thought keep on saying "Please become a friend." I like the atmosphere of the whole story, including drawing, so it is very frustrating. Although it seems at first glance how it ends halfway, it seems to lead to a happy end.

[Bad point] None in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation] As an idea's idea, it seems to be simple, but the setting that memories are reset in one week, I think that nobody can think of it without considerable crazing. I saw it in the same period as "April is your lie", but I could enjoy the delicate movements of the true heart that I can not defeat the former 's elaborate (refined) setting. Was good.

2016/03/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26048 Host:26017 Browser: 8416
A girl "Kaori Fujimiya" who loses memories with friends in a week, "Hasebe Yuki" who hopes to keep herself with someone's desire to maintain memory somehow, and the stories of those surrounding it.
However, it is felt the lack of mass that it seems to be an itchy pruritic "it is quite funny but somewhat thin".

It seems to be a work that aimed at animated cartoon animation, but it is the deployment which relied on the strange setting of that setting and the unexpectedness which is a bit too sweet,
The reason why "Kaori" lost his memory and its story was not such a serious thing, and in particular there was a feeling that somewhat gathering became unstable in the final stage, and the last round which I compiled brutally could be impressed very much It was not.
Also, although the character is cute, it also has weak memories "Yamagishi Saki" and Ikemen "Kiryu Shogo" as a supporting role as well, but the existence has become thin in the last stage.

The hero 'Yuki' is fairly feminine, so it was impossible for me to tell a story as a story develops with him alone.
But only the OP song was good.

2016/02/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22244 Host:22149 Browser: 10247
"Next time is sea times? You can worship Fujinomiya's swimwear figure!" Huh! I was expecting such a silly self I was ashamed of pure animation.
Life-size interactions of the characters and cheerful atmosphere were combined together.

I loved the relationship between Mr. Haseka and Mr. Fujinomiya who finished as a friend to the last.
Well ... Hasegawa-kun ... Well, at first it was a reason to be honest, that is, "his face is good", but since his jealousy or worrying mind is a sense of pure itself, his impression was pretty good.
Mr. Fujinomiya is already pure enough to be bad, as it is a force majeure, even if he is pushed down, it is incredible that he will end in "in dust" innocently ....
I like each other, but "relationships over friends, less than a lover" are very well suited, so I looked at the figure that made me think of dirt not knowing pure white and I got it very well.
Tsukkomi like these two people to be "no longer lover" Let 's clean up the heart by being struck by the waterfall itself, the soul that is covered with coloring (Boomerang).

It was good that the characters supporting Kiryu-kun and Mr. Yamagishi were good people.
Kiryu-kun is a person who is supposed to support Haseki when he is here, and it is exactly like a tsundere (he probably is not going to care for himself absolutely (lol)).
Mr. Yamagishi worried, "I am more serious than Mr. Fujinomiya?" I thought that it was encouraging to encourage Ms. Fujinomiya, and since it is a gag-like nori there was no dislikes.
If these people are there, I do not mind a bit of dark scenes and I can see it on the whole with confidence.

In addition, OP was surprised that Ai Kawashima writes songwriting, and ED covers skimswitch and it is luxuriously crowded.
Especially, I listen to the original songs more often, but Amemiya 's singing voice is good feeling and I feel uncomfortable at all, so I immediately liked it!
Moreover, it is nice selection because it has contents.

At the end is not a fundamental solution, but I feel like I was good.
I'm telling you that "What is important is a process", and I can imagine that the goal is still ahead and I will continue to make fulfilling daily (process) from now on, so I thought it would be perfect for the end of this animation It was.

Basically it is a frustrating animation that goes down three steps and falls two steps, but I thought that it was making a good taste in reverse.
It is a type of animation that is pretty much like a character or atmosphere, evaluation is "very good"!

2015/11/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16424 Host:16097 Browser: 5173
[good point]
I hope that you will see a good work that echoes in my heart and makes me cry
OP ED etc. It's really nice and I think the voice actor is amazing.

[Bad point]
In this work and April you have to realize your favorite works such as your lies or if you want to do animated version as a movie

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the work itself is perfect for moral education, without complaints

2015/08/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9163 Host:9239 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Although it is actually a theme with a heavy theme as a theme, the depiction which cherishes and connects to the future was very interesting so as not to miss the days spent thinking a lot with their individuality of their age, respectively.

The gentle and soft song of OP / ED was perfect for this animation.

I felt expressive expressions when I trust people.

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The reality of a heavy theme of memory, such as memorizing only a part of losing and not returning even after many years, is even more severe and hard, but in this world only medicine and treatment are not, their I want to cherish, I feel like I want to be friends and efforts, I can not see in the eyes that anything goes on for years to come, but I could feel something really important.

2015/07/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1165 Host:1082 Browser: 5171
[good point]

The theme song is wonderful. ED is also good, but personally speaking of anything OP. I think that it was very cool and gentle tune because there was produced by that Kawashima Ai.

Five stories are personal best. Even if you look at it many times, your heart will warm up. And I can cry.

No complaints of voice actor as well. Especially Mr. Amamiya was very good.

[Bad point]

This is useless, but as the original reader, the place where I did not want you to scrape out is noticeable.
Especially the monologue of Mr. Fujinomiya at the end of the 4th episode, it is very unpleasant that I cut it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although it is the original reader, I think that the animated version was well assembled, such as changing the time series.

As for the way to end, I think that it was the best way to end if the original was incomplete.

2015/06/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2572 Host:2474 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Setting to lose memory for one week Heroine 's cute friends Two people have good taste Painting has not collapsed so much

[Bad point]
Pros and cons in the hero's action

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I lost my memories for a week, and my hero's exchanges and youth match a fresh and neat pattern, and of course ED's "play" also puts out this song perfectly.

2015/05/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44839 Host:44659 Browser: 10118
Drama is a thin character attachment is thin Contents are light If the color is thin, it is somewhat thin

The setting itself is ambiguous, for convenience, to attract with the setting of memory impairment, among other things. Such a thing can not have a heart that tries to attract tears.
By the way, that forgetful friend.
What is that? Honestly I am stupid of various things.

Since only the impression such as atmosphere animation for teens remains, the evaluation is bad.

2015/03/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1071 Host:721 Browser: 5171
Regarding this work, the part that Fujinomiya's character liked and watched was large,
Moreover, I think that there is no place to think extraordinarily bad or even unpleasantly for the current work that passed a while since the end of the broadcast,
Just saying that there is nothing left to remain strongly impressed,
Originally due to the nature of the story of this work spurred the impression and excitement of the story in this story's poor progress, including the heroine's memory loss factor or the balance with the original story I feel like I'm multiplying ... ....

Regardless of whether it is good or bad from the present, it seems that evaluation is not more than "ordinary" or less in that it became air-like personally personally regardless of this work.

2015/03/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9473 Host:9304 Browser: 7901
[good point]
Subject (You can lie down to prevent spoiler, but the story of this line is a favorite thing.

[Bad point]
I think that was not particularly.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I watched all the stories.
I do not remember the details until a minute, but I think that it was half way between "very good" and "good".

2014/11/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1812 Host:1742 Browser: 10986
[good point]
What you need is something that's in the world today. I first thought about changing this myself by looking at this work. It is a good work that goes beyond entertainment.

[Bad point]

There is not it. If you want, I would like to see the second term
[Comprehensive evaluation] Matcha who brought out this work Thank you for being born.

2014/10/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45022 Host:44846 Browser: 10347
[good point]

There is no disgusting character, Mr. Fujinomiya is cute

[Bad point]

Haseki-kun thinks too much

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I was looking forward to the weekly animation with a relatively simple atmosphere, Fujinomiya singing ED song is the best!

2014/09/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19033 Host:18927 Browser: 5173
"A heartwarming and pure good story."

〓〓〓Read the latest edition of the original (6) read.

〓〓〓Outline of the work]

One cool work of manga original. Since the original is under series, it is incomplete by example.
The heroine Kaori Fujimiyama who disappeared with friends in one week and Hasei of the hero who became a friend of her, Ohanashi of the people around it.

Although it is a very heavy memory loss setting in terms of setting, it is very pessimistic.It is composed of heartwarming good stories where heartfulness and excitement live together without becoming too tragic too much.
Basically it is a story which is separated by one talk so it is very easy to see the advantage.
However, in other words it somewhat difficult if pursuing deep drama nature and realism etc.

Quality is excellent.
I think that the drawing was able to make the soft feeling of the original feeling feeling good,
OP.ED.BGM. The acoustic relationship of voice actors etc is also exactly the same as this one.
(Wonderful thing Fujinomiya is too cute, it will die moe.

〓〓〓Good point]

〓〓〓Extremely pure

It is the standing position of "friends" in this work, the behavior of characters, the carrying of stories,
This work is basically pure, gentle and innocent. variously.
So if you are watching it you can "steal" with stability.
Even so, if it is an animation in which a cute girl appears, it is like even canceling the swimsuit that could be said to be an iron rule .... It's a bit too clean.
Fujinomiya is also a high school student in the process, and she does not even understand romantic love, how pure or what.

Thanks to you, even if something bad character comes out,
You can watch with confidence because it does not stink into strangeness.
As I said, ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1
It responds to the needs such as wanting to touch a gentle story.

〓〓〓Bad point]

〓〓〓Difference in impressions coming from features of the original.

The original is made up of 4 comedy-centered pieces and a normal comic strip part centered on the story.
And the comedy sheds off with good tempo, in the story it is made to show off as a good talk.
I think that it is a harmful effect of making Solle an animation, but the stain of Nagatani which flowed silently was able to flow out in a tempo manner slightly, but a little Uzzai .....

No, at the time of the original already ... already ought to be said that it is life -
It was a stupid child named Pure (to love), but in anime it is in a form that makes Sore evil.
Oh, but it is useless because it is a media difference.


As a bought original, I wonder if it was a good animation to the extent that I could hardly expect more than Kore.
After all it was great to express Mr. Fujinomiya 's character perfectly. Again this cute pretty baby.
Evaluation .... "Very good".

2014/08/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8477 Host:8677 Browser: 10192
Every week, only friends' memories are reset?
Regardless of whether it is realistic that such a thing can happen, speaking of a work similar to this work, that is, a work dealing with amnesia with temporal restrictions on memory retention, "Is famous place.
It was also felt that the number of 18 was keypointed, or around the time that heroin Fujinomiya was making good progress in mathematics, it seemed that it was making somewhat conscious of it.

When I saw only one episode, the story after that was a very worrisome thing, but after all, as a frank opinion after watching it was somewhat disappointing.
It is because the fundamental setting of heroin 's memory impairment only seemed to be only a tool for causing a storm in the story.
Again, for human beings, the memory ability will remain the fact that it is one of the most important elements of that person's identity.
It is content which is not inferior to ordinary school everyday objects, there is no problem in themselves, actually it is done well.
However, was it necessary to handle such a heavy theme if so?
I do not know because I do not know well whether there is a possibility of treatment by medical practice in reality though.
First I thought about going to a hospital or a short circuit.
Even if it is not, it is a solution that is one solution to get over knowledge of such obstacles and it should have been possible.
I do not know well how far Mr. Fujinomiya's memory is kept, and I do not understand what kind of mechanism the memory impairment will trigger under the specific conditions. I'm feeling suspicious, I'm getting huge.
That's why I received somewhat diverse impression in this work.
It may be because my personal desire has gone too far, but I am still dissatisfied.

About the contents of the main part below.
Hasei of the hero is a useless man who is definitely wrong, perhaps the preference of this work may be divided into two main parts.
It certainly has a gentle personality, but she is somewhat selfish and quite lonely and has a jealous side. Fujinomiya 's delicate feelings could hardly be drawn off, and there were many scenes that stuck to her nose.
However, straightforward behavior that is not backed by confidence, is a place to learn as a man.
Actually it might have been impossible to open Mr. Fujinomiya's heart without him. Besides, I certainly liked the figure that I always thought about her and tried to break the present situation.

And Kiryu who always boosts Nagatani who can not stand as a friend is an essential existence in this work.
Mr. Yamagishi is also a forgetful nature in a way different from Mr. Fujinomiya, hence he became a catalyst to have a relationship with the surrounding people.
They and the four of Hase Valley and Fujinomiya are the main character, but it was very well-balanced, including their personality, and it was something that I could watch and enjoy.
Lastly on songs. The original song of the Ed song was Sukima Switch, and although I heard it to a certain extent, it seemed to be a good song again because there was a part that links well with this work.

Well this work in a word, anime watch over relationships less than a friend of Hase and Fujinomiya than a lover.
Personally, the relationship between Kiryu and Mr. Yamagishi will be concerned with Sue.
I was not expecting the story development because I was not able to solve the obstacle or overcome it, but I think that it was not bad.
Evaluation is "good"

2014/08/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 107 Host:247 Browser: 4721
[good point]
Cute eyes are cute heroine
The gap between classroom and rooftop is wonderful, heroine
I mean, I'm making good attributes by setting the attribute Tsundere

[Bad point]
The main character ... ....
Friends for a week. (Provisional)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Very good work, what is it? Just saying it did not agree with yourself ... ....
Even if it says anything, it is the heroin 's shaping. Really cute!
Before I got acquainted with you, I take a stabbing attitude with blowing up my eyes, but if I get it, I will be straightforward and my facial expression will change and I will be able to respond to the date and I can also give you an attentiveness.
However, she can only see her like her when she is alone, and she will not make me a partner at school, even if she talks to me other than at the rooftop ....

What time is it.

By setting the memory reset in one week, the heroine has a tender attribute without birthmarks. I'll figure it out without sticking to this advantage.

..., but the strength that I felt from this work is about that.
Well, for example, it may be fun to watch how the main character captures the heroine of Demonious Difficulty that you can force compulsion to make it to a lover from a acquaintance to a lover at a stretch within a week.
But, I certainly do not like this hero very good.

What I say is that heroine Fujinomiya does not make a brief scratch, but Hase is too bad. Azathos Gil.

Fujinomiya's interest in Kikkake is "face" and the point where I try to become friends with a hollow outrunner is somewhat disgusting with a feeling like a male.
Whether it is saying something of a speech or saying that it is oozing out from the whole body, or anyhow, Kamari-chan Aura full throttle is watching and it is Tsurai. A scene to talk about trouble to Shogo, a scene to run into a self-destruct in front of Mr. Fujinomiya, it is already cold. It becomes "hi".
"Comfort me!" Feeling full. I guess [boy] including such a place though, maybe.

After that, it says that the theme of a friend is not related to the title Wari.
It is love that the hero was interested in Mr. Fujinomiya. "I want you to become a friend" is also a matter of love. You do not have friendship to communicate after becoming a friend. (I am emphasizing the appearance of the two people using 'the friend' of the protagonist, "Shogo" as "This is a fluffy feeling"),
It is because you know how attractive girl Fujinomiya is about seeking a connection with Fujinomiya. ... I am aware of how to view things twisted.

In order to become a lover first from a friend 〓〓〓a state of friends only lasts a week 〓〓〓Let's overcome memory obstacles

Wake, I guess it would not be a want to write books and want to draw friends separately.
Jealous of Shogo who appears in the story of Fujinomiya is because the girl who likes talks about another boy and friends of the same gender as Fujinomiya will appear from the middle as a disorder of love. To put it other way, I feel love for the past events that caused Fujinomiya to fall into memory.

At Mr. Fujinomiya, I can make it with friends of the same sex, I see signs of improvement in memory disorder, and finally I am trying to get rid of the denomination of [friend].
It is going to fill the outer mouth steadily and only step on the lover ... ... it will become sunny.

I feel like "what is it".
When I saw the title, "A variety of relationships with various friends drawn every week" Even though I thought that I was a story imagined.
Or, a solitary hero who can not make friends encounters the heroine of memory disorder, and they will seek out what the friends are like. I could not help raising such a delusion. (The base of the main character is Shogo and Onasseras)
It is a pity that my friends did not step into subjects than I thought.
It was okay even if you made a cut to the part or something like "Can friendship between men and women be possible?" From the viewpoint of women?

Just saying that I did not suit me, I never made it a bad work, so I praise it less, but the result is popular.

2014/07/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10296 Host:10316 Browser: 5171
[Good point] The stage is close to the sacred rice cherry blossoms and feels intimate (passing through on the way to school). The background itself is as it is, the drawing power is impressive.
At first glance it seems that Hase and Sori do not match, but it seemed to me that Kiryu who cares about Hase valued somehow. Character setting is also not unique, I feel close to life size, it may be a factor that I could see with confidence.
.ED matched the theme of the whole work

[Bad point] Although there is convenience that Fujinomiya accepts Hase vali immediately, since it is fiction every time, it is not particularly unless you do not mind it

[Comprehensive evaluation]. Although the original comic of a series of youth magazines is an original, it is a life-sized youth stuff that is not a common color material in its hands, and it is the best ryosaku in the first half that you can easily put in even late night anime beginners.
For her clumsy clumsy Hasei is a memorial note as a base to connect with pretty Fujinomiya, and it is also youth to interact on the rooftop with it as its axis.

2014/07/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48962 Host:49032 Browser: 7464
[good point]
Shigero Kiryu: I'm not sure if it is a good friend in the usual way, the ladder is more delicious than the hero
.12 episode: saying that it matches 12 episodes after a long time, I forced it in and pushed in ... Also it is a dullness shivering ... just a good volume that does not feel

[Bad point]
(Although there are signs of getting better) Kaori 's memory disorder can not be healed

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Originally unread If it depicts memory disturbances seriously, it will only be a dark story that can not be laughed honestly but after all there is no manga animation, there is no place to thrust in, but it is just moderately stupid It would be better if the memory disorder was cured completely in the final round (even if it is said to be an expeditionist) as a happy ending

2014/07/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28111 Host:28230 Browser: 5171
Anyway the heroine is cute It keeps watching a cool one by myself, as I noticed, memories were reset in the last week in a week and as a result of repeated it a few times that I started from the beginning I felt as if I had not developed anything in the end There is nothing but I think that it was a good or good animation.

2014/07/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 832 Host:564 Browser: 7916
[good point]
〓〓〓Time does not loop, but there is looping fun.
〓〓〓Nagatani told Kaori to write a diary was to omit the process of becoming a friend, to notice it, to apologize and apologize.
It is amazing that high school students can reach such ideas.
No, if it says that I thought about it as an author ...

[Bad point]
〓〓〓Nagatani finds the diary Kaori dropped as soon as it is divided. Did you understand why you are there?
Counselor fears. In the middle stage my memory began to stabilize and it seems I lost a little excitement.
〓〓〓ED is the cover of "Sukuma switch". No, it is my favorite song, but I heard it many times, but it took me a while to recognize it as an ED song of this animation.
I think that it is in line with this work, but if you are not so addicted to basics it is not honestly welcome to use covers or existing songs for thematic songs.
If I do not know this song I probably would have praised it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The way of saying "Please become a friend" was initially incongruous but I think Nagatani really did not want to be friends with Kaori without love emotions.
If so, a bit w

It would be nice if the day we can be a Lover's for a week.

Even if it is wonderful, I thought that this is the story of a person who will be friends for only a week when hearing this title for the first time.

2014/07/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14549 Host:14558 Browser: 5710
Kaori Fujimiya and Ms. Hasebe's high school pure love story, who likes her, that memory of one week will disappear the following Monday. A story suitable for the word "chi".

Haseki's approach got along well and it got along well and friends with Mr. Fujinomiya gradually developed progressively, but somewhat disgustingism seems to be conspicuous in the beginning, but with Mr. Yamagishi and Kujo from the middle stage, As we are changing a bit, such as influencing the relationship between the two people, it seems likely to be about to break off. After all, Mr. Fujinomiya 's memory impairment has not healed but it is the last round, as long as the original remains unchanged.

The story itself has a handic of memory impairment to ordinary pure love, but it is not that much new, except for the disappointing of the first part, after all the charm of the characters is all. The two of the hero who are both favorable characters, who tried hard if you think that voice actors are also newcomers? However, because it is still a female writer, it seems that the depiction of Mr. Hasebe is partly in reality. Fujinomiya 's depiction is without complaint, let' s put out a large number of fans.

"Sound" adopted in ED is originally a song of Sukima switch, it fits this work well. If this "tune" was the original song, this year's animation would have been treated as one of the best masterpieces. However, in fact it is a song known as a fraction and song of a male singer. I think it is difficult if the cover of a known song does not have the competence that exceeds the original, but even though Amaomi Ten, singer who sings Kaori Fujimiya is singing well, this is a male song and original It is difficult to surpass the skimmer switch, so I think that should have brought the original not the cover.

2014/06/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Everyone is a good child!
Songs, characters, all nice.

[Bad point]
More impressive production!

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Hasse, be more firm!
Every Monday, Mr. Hasei who challenges to become friends with Mr. Fujinomiya who loses all memories with friends.
Haseki who was honest at the beginning but who was forced to forget in a week also decided to step forward. I think that the grab that makes me want to see next was good. Seriously due to the appearance of Article 9 in the second half. I thought that I would go for a moment from deeply love things, but it was okay not to be like that. But on the other hand, Hase vali became a Ujiji character, and I was interested in it.

In the scenario, if you encounter a difficult question in general, there is a big place to bear to Kiryu, and in a way it seems to be a divine entity, but I became able to enjoy the talk with Mr. Yamagishi thanks to that kind of warmth character. I think that it was possible to make it more interesting if a lot of various events were entwined a little more.
I think that the production was weak slightly. I wanted you to work hard for a while.

I think it is a good story on the whole and I think that it was a ryosaku wanting to cheer characters.

2014/06/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27550 Host:27619 Browser: 4894
A work that makes me realize again that the love story is not a love "done" story, but a love "do" story. And, when I fall in love, I painted a straight line on what to do next.
What should the boy do to the girl who came to like it? You have to face your challenge every week and always have to say yourself with courage, "Please become friends."

There are things that you fail, you do nothing, you are driven by monopoly greed, you may be afraid. Still, if you like, stepping on your feet, holding out your hands and calling out.
In this work, since the heroine has a special setting, the boys approach always repeats a step-by-step. However, without special setting, if you think to get along with girls, you ought to have to prepare themselves as natural as you can go back and forth. Because heterosexuals are inexplicable things in the first place.
But if you draw it honestly, you will also have a corner. So I prepared a "reason" that memories disappeared every week and expressed their inexplicability. The setting of the heroine would be an oblate to wrap the real men and women dating.

Taking into consideration the feelings of the opponent and straight to the feelings of himself, the hero acted. It's neither smart nor cool. However, the hero likes the heroine, not myself. If you want to get along with your favorite girl, you do not mind if yourself got bad.
That's surely the "ideal boy" statue. Even if the hunt is poorly carnivorous. I will not imitate anything like opening the mouth and waiting for a girl to come down from the sky.
This is a work that sells quarrel straight to a boy with late night animation.

In addition to that, notwithstanding any number of works that portrayed the side to reach out, this work consistently continued to draw out the side to reach out. There is no talk developed on the heroine point of view, and the heroine 's feelings are never clearly shown to the viewer.
A person who continues to reach out still while the feeling of the opponent who extended his hand is "I do not really know". It is nothing other than carrying the risk of deeply hurting yourself. I wonder if this is the story that is now being sought.

Despite being a honorable mention of 1 cool, I think that the content drawn was a very pioneering work. In the future, the story of the side that you like and the side that takes action will increase, will not it?

However, this work, the first episode was perfectly organized, it was like using the same thing as the first episode with one cool. I understand that the grab is the key, but how about all the grabs constitutively ...

The backing theme of the digression work is Mr. Yamagishi's proposal ... Is a lifetime companion "a reliable guy"? Things that I can not do depends on others and will live.

2014/06/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2340 Host:2320 Browser: 4894
I have not read the original. I have watched until the last episode.
Recommended Objects: For people who want to enjoy their first love patterns without asking for drastic drama. Good results.

[good point]
Fujinomiya's expression. A cold gaze, especially thrilling.
Kiryu-kun. To that kind of thought, I think that it is better to change the leading role anymore.
Pictures and music that gives a soft feeling. The theme song feels like youth.
"Journal" which was published at the same time on the Web was a good project that can look back on feelings.

[Bad point]
It is where Hase is sometimes indecisive. It can not be helped though ...
Since there is also a balance with the original also here, it would be unavoidable, but it would have been better if it made a little progress.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I like tastefully emphasizing such feelings or emotions. The basic was told in the first episode,
It is as good as the final story. I know immediately that it does not match. Although it may seem mad, it will be basically enjoyable if we can watch warmly friends who progress little by little.

A love story with so-called frustration put on the front. The heroine whose memory is reset in a week felt like being caught in a cage of time, especially the atmosphere like the time leap thing with the theme of impatience not changing even in the early stage felt. Even in that sense, I think that I was successful in incorporating the change and unchanging balance.
In fact, the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ncreasing the thickness of the background is interesting, as the gap and progress by time goes by.
I felt that the staple item named Diary that appeared in a love affair was successfully connected to elements of record and memory.

Although I will not say that the obstacle is equal to purity and equal. The story focused on memory and human relationships, while drawing brittleness and strength, created a heroine statue called Mr. Fujinomiya without back and front. Because viewers know the biggest weak point of lack of memory, even if they hit Hase Vol. Somewhat, they made it difficult for me to hate. It's like a heroine who seems to have converted faults into the biggest charm of purity.
The final drop is to be a perfect lover beyond friends. Since memories with families seem to remain, it will be that you have overcome all obstacles when you have reached that kind of friendliness.

It should be noted that it is a love affair that does not become broken heart. Even if it seems as if you are hoping for a one-to-one relationship with each other as a story in relation to "Okinawa friends" as the title, even if it does not step on, it is good to continue to connect without breaking it. So-called, feeling of security to stay in the mistake.
It is also a point that Kiryu-kun who acts cool also is a cushioning material, or it is a casting that keeps connecting various relationships. Talking about the hero who is directly connected to the unpleasantness and persistence, existence in consultation.
It is a good point that not only friends of gender relations but also friends of same sex as original meaning are drawn firmly.

I want you to change, but I want to spend time that does not change. There is also a good balance of everyday elements and youth elements.
Drawing slowly with focus on the feeling that she was happy without painting a flashy drama romantic drama,
It is surprisingly difficult. Because it always has boredom. Therefore, I feel ingenuity in tilting the balance between everyday feelings and developments in which the resignation flickers. I am converting it to a sense of security and comfort without being bored.

While giving a weight to the depiction of love in a relaxed atmosphere with a directive that creates a breezy waves,
Even if I draw love, I will not go to love, so I will not make it a serious drama of muddy. Along with the picture, there is left a somewhere quiet atmosphere. So even if the relationship suddenly suddenly it will not be difficult and the drama element will be a little lacking, but the initial feeling of being a lover has given me a fresh sense.

Evaluation is "good". As I wrote in the beginning, it is a carefully made making emphasis on emotion, it is a work finished in a rice ceremony in which youth element and love heart firmly engage.

2014/06/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41167 Host:41148 Browser: 4721
I thought that it was a work like "ef ~ a tail of memories ~" and "Mr. Kotora san".
It is the same feeling as "Kotora-san" that the contents are "almost the same as" ef ~ a tail of memories ~ "saying" Remember the memory and keep a diary "gradually comes to have no friends .
I can not feel the development of the story is not good.
Because the number of talks is small, I think that it is the cause that I can not get the thickness to this story by all means.
Because I put a hand at the base of this work saying that memories disappear in one week, I think that I wanted to paint there more clearly and I wanted to completely draw "transfer".
It is a very disappointing work as I think that it was good as a flow of a story.

Moreover, I think that I wanted to draw more things about the two persons "keygirls" and "Saki" in key players.
I think that it will not be evaluated badly in a story, so if you intend to develop more than two courses from the beginning, it should be evaluated as gun.

Ending is splendidly "halfway".
You can not evaluate unless you draw from the first relationship to a much more advanced place.
Although it does not become a bad evaluation, it is said to be "ordinary" because it can not do good evaluation.

2014/06/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32210 Host:32238 Browser: 5666
It started from the point where Yuki the hero is interested in Kaori of classmates and starts interesting to want to be friends but Kaori's attitude is cold and it is negative to become friends so it seemed that this was a stalker unless the hero was a handsome guy.
Just a refreshing production and the picture was also beautiful so I felt it was good not to be a bad mood.

While chasing a little to Kaori 's help to the roof, I did not know if I became friends because I became friends but I was convinced because it was an anime.
Well if it is an ordinary animation, it will rush into romance mode from here, but Kaori has a secret and because of the constitution of forgetting memory other than family on Monday it will be on Monday to start with less than friends again in this work flow It is getting.

I thought that it would be convenient for me to attend regular high school even if I agree because it is animation because I lose my memory on Monday.
Since school is a place to go to study, that point is unnatural because you can not remember studying.
If it is this constitution from long ago probably also probably will not receive high school.
Even though there are no obstacles to everyday life, memory loss itself is sweet and Tsukkomicho is abundant.
As real memory loss is quite tough, we have to convince you because it is anime too.

Yuuki who noticed that memory disappears advances as advancing to attach a diary, but as soon as it sees whether Kaori properly watches the diary or not, it is easy for viewers to think, but such a story There is a mountain There is a valley There is interesting development.
Shogo who is a friend of Yuki advised himself at the time to have a good personality and had a good looking sensation.

Although the new character is introduced after the middle stage, the girl who becomes the partner of the hero's friend and the boy of the old acquaintance of Kaori Well the original is not a magazine for women but it seems to be a female creator and there are frequent developments in female-oriented manga It was seen.
Strangely the girls of mobs are jealously tossed and they are not useless if the story development of the implicit situation or old man's shadow story is done too much but I could endure if it is 1 course I guess that kind of relationship is related funny .

Another good thing personally liked Yuki 's strong desire to monopolize and the idle appearance that comes from it is well like high school student, is not it? Because everyone has humanity like that, human-like place is good.

It is attitude of Kaori to those who are not familiar with what the only person who caught my ears caught listened.
Kaori seems to be a bit dual personality though it seems that it is hard for Kaori to take a cold attitude to forget even if it becomes a friend. There was a feeling of incongruity since it would not take a cold attitude towards people who might be acquainted from the personality of Kaori 's soup.
Since I think that refusing to feel like normal as normal, I thought that it was unnatural because I could not make desperate production on Monday that comes with that guy.
Just because the character in the work was also a double personality, I thought the opposite was whether there was a purpose to direct such unnaturalness. It seems that the creator side was aware of unnaturalness for the time being

I think that the evaluation is interesting except for those who can not accept absolutely forgetting conveniently on Monday "good".
Evaluation is thought that setting is unnatural or strangely normal, but I think it is good because the drawing-like atmosphere is good.