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Yoshinori Nishizaki
Makoto Kobayashi
Tomonori Kogawa
Koichi Yamadera
Ayumi Fujimura
Toru Furuya
Kentaro Ito
Daisuke Namikawa
Ryoka Yuzuki
Kenji Nojima
Kappei Yamaguchi
Kosuke Toriumi
Akimitsu Takase
Fuyuka Ooura
Daisuke Sakaguchi
Takeshi Aono
Ryotaro Okiayu
Ichiro Nagai
Kenichi Ogata
Hirishi Yanaka
Shouzo Iiduka
Atsuko Tanaka
Kazuhiko Inoue
Masatou Ibu
Takehito Koyasu
Japan Released:2009/12/12(Sat) Movie
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2014/12/14 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3988 Host:3862 Browser: 7870
[good point]
A flashy battle scene is cool
Six successive wave cannon
Nostalgic people
Warp using black hole

[Bad point]
Conspiracy as it is
The thematic song of the Yamato departure scene was strangely loud
What did you want to do with the forest snow?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If it is this content it may not be good to resurrect 〓〓〓〓〓〓 With the passing of time, CG technology has developed and the quality of battle scenes has dramatically improved. Mr. Sanada and Mr. Sado also saw nostalgic figures, and six hexagonal wave cannon was also simple, but I think it was good as a charm. That was the point that was good ....
Although I was used to Yamato's world view and socialism as I was watching the series so far, I honestly honestly honest that I will put more emphasis on human squirrel and scientific consideration as a result of the times . However, exceptionalism remained superb as it was, but it was rather quiet.

Just when I saw Yamato shielding an immigration ship, the enemy frankly transcribed. Even though the enemy is special about the partner of the former allies for Yamato, it seems that it was able to sink the enemy ship as usual without special measures. . I think that it is Yamato 's way of enjoying watching the area with a bitter smile.

I'm planning to see Yamato 2199 after this, I would like to look forward to see how much it has changed, but I do not think it is necessary to forcibly watch this work as long as it is not a fan. There is no prospect of having a sequel thought to have been originally planned.

2012/09/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43617 Host:43640 Browser: 10265
Space Battleship Yamato has never seen a TV version.
The thing I know is about the story of a nostalgic television anime program and it is the approximate story and setting that I knew at that time.

The setting may be burned down with a story telling the earth's crisis with a time limit as before until now that the black hole comes to the earth after three months and the earth is dangerous.

Impression is that there is only Mr. Shintaro Ishihara's big credit at the beginning and I do not know what he originally drafted but this is how he treated it like the original creator of the Space Battleship Yamato Eerily something else The other person is not credited Then, I do not know what it is.
It may be the influence of the example trial.

The story is exceptionally good, maybe a little appropriate if it speaks badly.
If you think that immigrant places of tens of thousands of light years apart are easily found, if you accept it to the people of the immigrant, it will suffer a sudden refusal to immigrate as suffering from a relationship with the interstellar national union, and suddenly hundreds of millions Humanity may be selfish, even if I decided to emigrate without consulting with the recipient without appointing to immigrate.
Moreover, because the human race tried to immigrate, it is the theme that it is involved in the conflict between SUS and the Amur star, and although the mental theory and the political color are very strong in the process, there is an interstellar national union and an inner ring of SUS and old It was an idea but it was interesting that it was not monolithic.
The story of the enemy side carries out attacks involving his or her side in peace, so it is easy to understand the good and evil, and the story was easy to understand.

Although it does not write in detail because it becomes spoiler just though it tends to be found at the end in a certain secret in the black hole but I was able to convince that it was content that does not forcefully stretch.

The character was also easy to see because it is not a modern style design which was strangely fun with both the ally and enemy.
Especially on the enemy side I like the stereotyped design and I do not have the image of Yamato I have.

Although it was impossible to bring out the old-fashioned atmosphere by combat only with battle, there was power and it was impressive.
Just thought that music was good at using classic but I wanted it to be used only when it is here. Always sleepy in classic.

Evaluation is "good", the end finished in convincing form for the time being and I do not dislike the old-fashioned dramatic stories.

2012/05/10 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25219 Host:25125 Browser: 5345
[good point]
The flashy fleet battle scene was impressive.
The character of the previous work reappears as a veteran crew member.

[Bad point]
Anti-SUS camp which moves with the spiritual theory where fungus grew, such as the soul of warrior and proud death.
If I leave it alone, I will annihilate the immigration ship all the way to get the unmanned Earth in trouble,
The foolishness of Metzler who ruined the plan after doing unnecessary neta clearance just before.
Need to revive Yamato until making copies.
An enemy gigantic fortress that appears to break the surface of the water to a barrier that blows to the edge of the tree at this time.
Balance between the scale and the contents is bad, setting without explanation (Shinano etc.) is pushed.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Bad ... ... It's a good assumption, but what if you had seven avant-garde boots of dimension fortress?

2012/02/20 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10963 Host:11285 Browser: 9831
Finally Yamato has created a trash which goes beyond "forever", "〓〓〓quot;, "completion edition", and also "big Yamato zero." The person who said that honesty title made it "Space Battleship Yamato SEED" is early.

Did you have snow? However, I pushed the female team into the third bridge, which is not dangerous enough, the original idea's male and female base ideals Munmun has appeared in the last, and the ancient brain pains the Amar people to the Yamato crew It seems that it is forcing a battle, "Certainly Mr. must be abandoned as pride, but there is only one life, please discard it!" And treasure more pride than life The way to draw is largely departing from the Yamato idea that I traveled to save the earth.

I broke the star that became the stage of the first work Yamato, such as Pluto or Saturn in such a way, and the draft author and the staff were feeling Munmun "Are you seeing Yamato?" Even though that cruel Desirer president was seriously sad when Gamirasu and Iskandar disappeared, it is easy to erase the solar system planet in this form, and even if it saves only around the earth and the sun, by losing the constituent planet ...... The contradiction and Tsukkomi are ignored.

Regardless of the Earth-side Mechanism becoming a jarrele role, I've eventually annihilated the fleet of design resembling OVA's '2520', and I like 2520 as much as 'I'm also a grudge against Sid Meade!' Although it was not, Matsumoto fans, of course, there were not considerations for such 2520 fans (thought to be few, but ...). It is only good that we have used Yamato as a good sushi for the biased biased thought of the original drafter. Instead of lifting Yamato, the lifting of ideas of ideas was too prominent, and the Allied nations and Amar, which began to turn their banners against SUS, were stunned as "Ha?". I suppose that you can attach to Yamato, Yamato is on your side and it can be said that this is a Ton Demo work that is likely to be called Yamato SEED.

Real live Kimutaku Yamato is also an evaluation borocass, but this time the animated cartoon is as good as that and it is the severity of the contents of Ton Demo. Sexual harassment in the snow and missing, other former Yamato performers are too far outside the mosquito net and handling to the younger brother of the is also too severe (certainly, Jiro kun said "Someday my own Yamato I was telling you to be active on a ride. " Even the daughters of ancient times and snow were clearly appealing and there was no attraction (it was not even necessary to put out).

Yamato that is too invincible and more invincible than 〓〓〓 the tactical stamping tactics with a six-wave wave cannon. It was only the feeling that the ancient shoot brutally in the last, "Shojo-kun should do this, but do not keep it busy". Even though the ancient times of this work have passed more than twenty years, they are not growing at all, they are degenerating.

Even though Metsura's identity is true, I thought "Ah huh ...", and Mr. Zenzo Matsumoto gave me an extra man in the "999" new series, after all I learned everything from the mistakes that I had messed up I only revealed the part. Since the original drafter is the original draft, I will not accept humbly the failures and mistakes of those pioneers, and the results of the momentum that I did with the brutal feeling "I will not be this" will work with this shape, though.

Nishizaki producer does not know what kind of thought was playing Yamato which was such a monster ... but still it is not too fun as SF animation, not only Yamato. Even if it is made to cast the CG image and the old cast, it has been wasted (even though it was such a slim body that Tokugawa Daisuke was so slim !! Because it was a body type body, there was a taste), until the original and final version I can not feel the thought of Yamato. Even though this issue before black history is taken into consideration, both Gundam and Yamato are the two biggest anime representatives in Japan, but the end of the second work traced this way, the future of Japanese anime world is dark and dark is.

2012/01/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11785 Host:11552 Browser: 9929
The encounter with Nishizaki producer may have been the biggest misery for "Space Battleship Yamato".
This is what I realized by watching this work.

The story will proceed as follows.
17 years after Yamato's sinking, an immigrant flee who escaped the Earth that is about to be swallowed by the Cascade Black Hall is attacked by an unidentified fleet.
In ancient times, encounter a mysterious fleet that attacks an immigrant fleet as the captain of a space cargo ship, after returning to the earth, Yamato is again entrusted to Sanada.

Mr. Sanada who says "There is only ancient times to save the earth" Admiral of Ethos who was impressed with the fight with Yamato for the first time,
People in Amar who feel an obligation to Yamato who brought an orchestra to the battle scene (Bundle), fought for Amar by giving back the immigrant fleet to the earth,
After the Ethos' ship laid a special attention to the flagship of SUS, the SUS fleet which opens the way to Yamato, destroys the cascade black hole and concludes with a happy ending,
As for the work itself, the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he war of the original drafter was reflected strongly, and I could not help thinking that the scenery lifting the ancient and Yamato obviously also eloquently speaks to the original person.

Even if you see the battle scene, you can take various measures with one Arcadia,
Unlike Captain Herlock who fought against the Maison Fleet by setting a fight against Raflesia,
The first fight in ancient times is a soldier who challenges the huge group in the regular way, because the reliance on the wave cannon which enabled six shots was higher than the work of the past,
An unnatural picture abusing the hand of God (expeditionism) was conspicuous.

Besides, the Great Huarp Honeymoon Association = America, Ethos = Japan, SUS = United Nations, Amar = Oil-producing Countries etc.,
The fact that the smell of politics and ideology got on my nose has become a big penalty point material.

2012/01/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
[good point]
Warp using black holes was fun.
I will succeed in the real number by sticking a crappy idea,
I thought that such size was Yamato.

[Bad point]
The character of Yamato crew is thin and light. After all, discipline and sense of responsibility are both lacking.
Describing the reason why the ancient beat the upper ridge trying to shoot the wave cannon without permission explains why he tried to ignore the captain who ignored the captain who consumes a lot of energy and threw it through perfectly.
Toyama. In the ancient times, we will not do things like this freely, Captain Okita said that Keijima around me was a person to wear.
In the latter half, the crew depiction became a little somewhat, but it suddenly absent because there were no growing events and interactions.

Three times the pattern that a character of astringent system lifts up the ancient and dies in martyrdom. Hobbyist's dream?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Director who gives his name repeatedly in the ending to the original draftmaker who gets his name just after the start.
It is an impression such as a space battleship dragged out from the graveyard to satisfy some human vanity and self-evident desire.

If it is said that "Yamato" 's charm is something, it is a battle scene that a stark theme presented by a simple story and staff draws with a spirit,
In terms of the world view and setting, there is not originally a thoroughness as much as "Gundam" or "Galactic Heroes Legend" that swept the times later.
Without the ability to draw diplomacy and economy within such scale as "Yamato", we bring in setting imitating the real international situation, only small difficulty & complicatedness only (as soon as the union is separated, armed sanction and Is as good as the defect group),
I feel that the style of lifting ancient and Yamato stereotypes of good and bad people also reflected the production system.

In the middle of the work "End Completion" final cut was inserted, but I thought this was always Mashi.
"Final edition" was also Gudaguda in the story, but in terms of drawing and directing, the fight against curtain and staff Yamato Ai was still felt.
On the other hand, this work was too lightly dependent on CG to rely on CG, and I felt only the texture of the staff who was dating to the ceremonies of the elderly people.
Due to Mr. Nishizaki's death, I left it in the "continuing" state, but who would try to take over?

2011/09/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13483 Host:13642 Browser: 4646
[good point]
The image is beautiful relatively It is good that the Earth fleet survived to the last and was struggling fighting

[Bad point]
Although there was a scene in which the last Earth fleet is annihilated with a giant cannon, although I avoided it by reversing only Yamato just before I thought, the ancient issued an evasion order only to Yamato, but at that time also to avoid other Earth fleet If you do not do it even if you do not go up to the whole thing you think that you could have avoided a certain number of occasions If you think so, the captain of the ancient capital was quite ruthless and ruthless and thought that it did not say anything, so it became quite cold did

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was good as a work and it was fun

2010/09/07 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34210 Browser: 2060(Mobile)
Clearly, it was the worst. I was concerned about placing urgent circumstances 〓〓〓〓〓〓The first theme song was too loud too lightly!
〓〓〓Music is important for exciting scenes. It is full of classics! Battle scenes etc. Mr. Miyagawa's famous songs 〓〓〓The new characters are light and light.
〓〓〓Enemy is too weak! Heavy music when huge cities and huge battleships appeared from white comet, despair. 〓〓〓Why is the important brain in the third bridge? Did you die?
〓〓〓Nishizaki It seems I made Yamato ... What are you thinking?

A good point is that the image was beautiful.
There is no worst!

2010/08/29 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26666 Host:26942 Browser: 8416
I wrote so I will write. Yamato related is once watched and listened to once.
Work that I can not see why Yamato is now. I am quite grateful. Although only the image is finished cleanly by making use of the new CG, at the same time since what was in the old work of the cell picture era is completely lost, unfortunately it is only saying it is shoddy.
The point I think is good. picture. Especially the finish of the spaceship is wonderful. Compared with design, showing, movement, old work, it is not without complaint, but it is done very well.
I think that it is bad. Nishizaki. Even though I am not cooked by a single director, moreover, despite being a work that was obscure by the name recognition of past works, I was trying to give a name to staff roll by one person with bumps, or whitely "Brunoa" Try issuing a spaceship with a name, it is too cold. This work does not feel the need to be Yamato separately and if you want to do this you can do it even in Brunoa. Brunoa is a painful work, is not it sticking? BGM. Yamato 's theme song will flow at the start of Yamato, but the voice of the singer is too high to match the work. This song is limited to Sasaki Issa. The second half of the classic does not match the work at all. Anyway I guess I did imitate Silver and English, but I am made to feel keenly that the classic does not fit up to this point. There is no likeness of Yamato. The music selection is also bad. If it is impossible to create new songs, you can use existing songs, and BGM at the time of battle of the old work Yamato was really wonderful, but unfortunately. combat. Damage to ally, especially when you are hit by Yamato I feel something wrong with the casualties saying this. There are too many people with a strong desire to suicide as represented by "I will remain" as they protect themselves by defending themselves. And that kind of behavior withers with full expedition. Even though it is allowable for the fleet accepting the embarkation to become a shield against the enemy 's fire, the open mouth does not close the scene where the enemy fleet becomes a shield. It is natural for a battle ship to protect a shipping ship and it is impossible to understand at all what it says to interrupt a battle because he saw that figure. Battle scene is too light. There is no weight in the battle scenes, the repetition is gone, the melee fight is gone, the tinsely animated video by CG, and so on. Also, the scene where the captain 's ancient ride on a fighter aircraft to help her daughter is also a cold thing to destroy what she calls the captain' s statue that I have expressed so far. Crew is not hot. There is no ancient or blood-laden crew who stops crying the computer by stopping the cable and stopping it, everybody is cold in this work. It does not seem like Yamato that WW 2 story does not come out.
The battleship is good-looking and it is made very beautifully with CG, and there is what is called a speed feeling which was absolutely impossible to do with the old work, but it is getting better with respect to appearance, but Yamato's heavy feeling of solidness is gone . In the first place, it may be a mistake itself to make Yamato, which is completely different in shape in the perspective, a CG. However, the impression that it is just a meeting with a ship cannon is strong and the tempo is bad. The viewing for 2 hours and 15 minutes is too long and it is tough to do anything.
Evaluation, but it is very bad.

2010/07/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15476 Host:15520 Browser: 7963
Yamato revival.
That itself is a pleasing thing for Yamato fans like me.
Just by all means here are only two points ....

1. The staff introduction "Yoshihisa Nishizaki" is even bigger .....
To be honest, that sensitivity can not be obtained.
Is there no one in the surroundings to tell?

2. Why is music (during the second half battle) classic?
Mr. Haneda, and above all, there must be a huge amount of music that Mr. Miyagawa made.
I think that is the greatest property of Space Battleship Yamato.
Why will not you use it .....

If the sequel is not made as it is, the evaluation is normal.
I hope that a sequel will be created and 〓〓〓to include evaluation of this work.

2010/04/24 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19031 Host:19032 Browser: 11759
[good point]
Cool goodness of Admiral Goloy Admiral. I am convinced that the voice is Mr. Ibu Masato. It was a feeling that this person appeared burning.
Mechas sophistication, the beauty of the effect. There is no inconvenience. You should shoot the wave cannon as well, unless you have this. Moreover, I am satisfied very much with 6 shots.

[Bad point]
It was nice to be reliable that the dignity came out in ancient times. I was too restless, I was not dangerous in the story, I had no pleasant time to hang around.
The story is just harmonized, not very good. The scene that I saw the most in the end, after all, it was that the captain Okita was a recollection scene that died in special circumstances with the former Yamato.
If the image quality goes up, it is said that the appeal of the work increases in proportion to it, it felt once again that it is a mysterious place of animation that it is not necessarily the case.
Snow is suddenly missing. Anyway, I wanted to see her fighting with her husband on the front line and squing the command as commanded by Queen Emeraldas ....
Even my daughter, if it is SF animation by Mr. Zenzo Matsumoto who is drawn by a woman just as an object to be just helped, the woman must be mysterious and have a strong core.
I was quite aware that later this movie, Mr. Matsumoto was not involved, so I thought that it was oh so.
There was a response to the point that heavy use of classical music was on BGM. Mahler / Tchaikovsky / Mozart / Chopin / Beethoven, what's the rest, it matched the scene very much. However, when I left the movie theater, I left the impression that I went to see the collaboration between Yamato and classical music rather than going to see the story of Yamato. It may have been a bit overkill.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
subtle〓〓〓 I can not believe that the old fans saw it convinced, and it seems that it will not be so if the child of the present generation wants to see the old TV series in spite of seeing this work. However, depending on the result of the second work, the evaluation of this work may also be improved, because still making the continuation in the first work. Expectation for 2nd work.

2010/01/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21897 Host:21828 Browser: 9466
[good point]
Although sometimes being handled in the game version, although the ancient advancement of Mr. Koichi Yamadera sounds "It is a different voice" at the beginning, not only does it get used to it soon, but it sounds the same as Mr. Yamato Mutomi wonders It will come to come.
Powerful fleet fight
In the 200 year future that was an old work Sanada reads punch cards (the first generation), like the open reel recording tape (2), the point of discomfort due to the oldness of equipment is improved somewhat even from now ing.

[Bad point]
Nishizaki Yoshinobu 's name is underestimated too much by endrol
When it was finished halfway and it was displayed that there was a continuation, a laughter leaked from the theater as "after all".
Although there are things that have passed since years ago from the previous work, there are uncomfortable feelings, unlike the old series.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Good and bad "Farewell" The Yamato likeness of "2" and later is alive. Even Yamato and the aircraft are unusually too strong, even if it is six, you can not remove the wave cannon as well, putting the computer room in the third bridge, which seems to be at high risk, it's full of plunges into settings and stories It remains Yamato.

"Farewell" once declared "end", because Yamato made a sequel "We responded to the expectations of the fans", Yamato says "only the first generation (after the omake)" "Farewell" " There is also division among fans among works that can be accepted like "OK after 2".
With the addition of the resurrection edition, it will be divided further as "It is still completed in" completion edition "but it is still continuing" "Welcome after" revival edition "" too.

Since it is a work that you can enjoy enough if you can see it without such past problems, I will keep the evaluation "good".

[Additional note] Because I watched the director's cut version, I change the evaluation.

[Good (improved) points]
In the director 's cut version, since the sound effect has been changed to an animated version of "Farewell" "2" - "Completed", if you are accustomed to the old work, the sense of incompatibility in terms of the sound that was in the theatrical release version It gone, and Yamato likeness increased.
Alphie 's song at the start of Yamato, which was unpopular as "too light", disappeared.
Because most of BGM was changed, I never said that only classical music not fitting Yamato, which was in the second half, was told.
The unnatural point that the snow in the theatrical release version got naked from a whole - body bandage collapse and collapsed, enemies themselves give hints of weak points themselves has been fixed.

[Bad point]
The director 's cut version is the same except the last few minutes leading to the next work, so only Yamato avoids the hypernutron beam, the Earth fleet wiped out, the unnatural point that the ancient just helps her own daughter remains It has been left as it is.

2010/01/09 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5739 Host:5948 Browser: 11877
[good point]
I was worried whether Mr. Toyama son died and I thought that ancient times will not float, but I thought that this is also an ant for a mountain temple.
It was good that the battle scene was impressive
Yamato traditional Chinese was good to go out.

[Bad point]
I am sorry that it is quite possible that there are quite a few good parts that can be scraped out by stuffing too much
Tsukkomi was full of settings WW
I think that the story of an ancient daughter is too short and unfriendly.
Rasubosu meaning unknown and greatly lowered the evaluation.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was pretty subtle, but Yamato's peculiar convenientism was alive and good in a good meaning.
However, what was overfilling and that enemies and friends are too good to understand It is feeling that the last bastard rasubosu is meaningless and everything is destroyed.

2009/12/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53489 Host:53573 Browser: 5600
[good point]
It did not hide as hard as it was criticized (lol)

[Bad point]
〓〓〓Las boss design. Floating from the Yamato worldview.
Rather than being scared, disillusioned, lol. Has not anyone spoke out?

〓〓〓Animal kingdom. Religion caught my mouth

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are many tsukkomi in terms of praise and excitement and satisfaction with helping only daughters,
Well if it sees it as Yamato (haha), it is so so. I can not say it's good

BGM's classic was not bad, but the enemy who wanted to listen to Miyagawa sound more and more will gradually weaken. There is no atmosphere that Yamato is likely to lose.

So it is "normal"

2009/12/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17500 Host:17507 Browser: 4891
[good point]
Anyway the battle scene is amazing.
It is only Yamato that the big fleet shoots the main gun so much.

[Bad point]
Although I used Yamato 's old BGM in the first half, somehow it has become classical music on the way.
There must be a story without it.
The face of the character has changed.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anyway, you can ride a story and video that just goes by momentum, but there is no consistency etc at all.
It is full of expeditionism, and Tsukkomichi is like a mountain. And it's hot.
It is good and bad, old-fashioned Yamato itself.
Nevertheless I think that it was negative that I tried changing the character setting or changing BGM.
However, Yamato 's first matchless in battle scenes is amazing.
If you like Hot animation of Showa Taste, is not it possible to be satisfied?

Although I am fully aware of the poor evaluation in the public opinion, I am very satisfied with the flashy fleet battle, so it is very good.