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Haruka Minami is the oldest sister and in her second year of high school. She has been taking care of her younger sisters for many years, and this fact has led to some misunderstandings with her classmates. Haruka is the most reliable of the three sisters, but becomes infinitely lazy when she is by herself. She was called Bancho (gang leader) during her junior-high days, though it is revealed soon after that it was simply a title. She is the only person whom Chiaki dares not oppose or be rude to; Chiaki views her as a role model and greatly respects her. This can be seen in her tendency to address Haruka as "nee-sama" instead of the more usual and casual "nee-san"; and the only person Chiaki uses polite Japanese with (even though it is not customary for siblings to use polite Japanese towards each other). "Haruka" contains the kanji for "spring".
Kana Minami is the middle sister in her second year of junior-high school. Kana is an impulsive and lively girl who never thinks before acting. She often acts or talks impolitely without thinking, much to the annoyance of Chiaki. She has been mislead by Chiaki into thinking that Fujioka is challenging her. She generally does not get good grades in school, though she thinks that if she puts on Keiko's glasses she will act and speak intelligently. She frequently invents random new holidays and also recruits Chiaki's classmates into joining her silly escapades. "Kana" contains the kanji for "summer".
Chiaki Minami is the youngest sister in elementary school. She is in class 5-2 (a reference to Kyo no Gononi). Her apparent high intelligence often makes her over-analyze simple stuff. She also tends to ignore idiotic behavior displayed by Kana and Makoto. She also places Haruka in high regards; she respects and looks up to Haruka. Although being the youngest, she is the meanest out of the three; most of the time, she is quiet during group activities, and almost always uses the word "bakayaro" (meaning 'dumbass' or simply 'you fool' in Japanese), which is a more forceful form for "idiot" in Japanese ("baka" being the less forceful term). Chiaki seems to know that Fujioka is genuinely in love with Kana. After talking with Haruka, Chiaki has come to associate Fujioka as a father figure and will often place herself on his lap when she seeks fatherly affection or to complete the family experience. "Chiaki" contains the kanji for "autumn".

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Koharu Sakuraba
Oikawa Kei
Yasuhiro Misawa
Rina Satou
Marina Inoue
Minori Chihara
Nana Mizuki
Rika Morinaga
Kakihara Tetuya
Daisuke Ono
Shintaro Asanuma
Shinji Kawada
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Tatsuya Hayama
Reiko Takagi
Ryoko Ono
Saeko Chiba
Saori Goto
Ao Takahashi
Eri Kitamura
Aki Toyosaki
Ohara Momoko
Japan Released:2009/01/05(Mon) 01:30-02:00 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2009/03/30
Official sites
1. http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/minami-ke/3/index.html (Translation)
2. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/minami-ke/index.html (Translation)
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Zettai Colorful SengenZettai Colorful Sengen
Song:Rina Satou Marina Inoue Minori Chihara Lyrics:Uran Arrange:Kikuya Tomoki [Fan reg.]
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