[Anime]Love City(Ai City)

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Anime rank of 1986 Rank 81in 97 titles
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Itabashi Syufo Takahashi Yutaka
Kouichi Mashimo
Hideki Sonoda
Chuichi Iguchi
Shiro Sagisu
Toho MOVIC Ashi-Production
Hirotaka Suzuoki Ueda Yuki Nachi Nozawa Mami Koyama
Kiyoshi Kobayashi Ichiro Nagai Takeshi Watabe Jyoji Yanami
Kenyu Horiuchi Banjo Ginga Issei Hutamata
Japan Released:1986/07/26(Sat) Movie
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2013/09/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
I have heard only the name from a long time ago, but it was SF action animation with cyborg and genetic themes.

Drawing. Action. Music etc Especially 80 elements taste elements stand out,
I think that it was not bad with the serious and cool adult atmosphere. Just a side slip was also pointed out, but in the first half it was supposed to be a cyborg, but in the second half that gene or DNA
Was it somewhat crazy that I moved to pollution center? Lee of a cold-hearted voice,
It was a pity that I could not fully utilize the character because I was standing more than a chin like Tinpei voice chin which was crazy in a good way. Lee of Gillen Voyce who did not forget her gratitude from K2 of the Xylia voice is also a result, but it was like returning to abandon his life without throwing it away.

Rasubosu appeared instead, Alloy was just a weird scoundrel, and no character was standing compared to Li and Chin. Besides, the battle scene with him is not good tempo,
It was also a minus point that I was in Gudaguda. Speaking of voice,
The voice actors are also. Mr. Yukinori Ueda as role of heroine is an actress is an actress? Well, singing was trying hard but the acting in the main part of the essence was a little stick reading. Although it would be cruel to compare, there was a feeling that it was unnecessarily conspicuous as much as the surroundings were all big groups, including Bright Captain.

As for the change of the subject matter, it may be that there was also a place that was not enough on the scale of about 90 minutes or so. Unfortunately we can see several casts that are no longer of this world, but it was good that even more story numbers could be set up as a result of the participation of the best gorgeous voice actors.
Evaluation is good point offsetting a bad point and saying "normal".

2012/09/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29985 Host:30316 Browser: 5379
[good point]
Deployment not in recent works. Old directing is comfortable (personally)

[Bad point]
The picture is sloppy. Explanatory serif carry of Rasubosu.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

For those who do not know the original at all, I recommend good and bad, innovative developments. I think that it is better not to expect a picture.

2005/05/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10773 Host:10807 Browser: 4184
[Theater anime 1985 about 90 minutes SF action]
[Normal] Change to [bad] with -〓〓Reason for 〓〓is too old to shoboi

There is no mysterious thing as much as life ... SF action that the reconstructed human "head meters" which the ability figures are displayed on the forehead when literally using the psychic ability is carried out. The nucleus of the story is the anti-bioprogram "eye" created to prevent dangerous genetic organism alloys produced by genetic research institutes and the biohazard caused by it.

First of all, it looks pretty old, is it a little dark and a strong contrast of the contrast is old and it further emphasizes the class B atmosphere, so I first dropped it.
Although the story itself was fairly fun, I felt a gap between the early Cyborg battle and the latter half of the main setting. After all, it seems to be a story development of the type of sounding a warning against the possibility that mankind will pursue artificial evolution in the hands of his own with the help of biotechnology in the future, but the typing is a bit late and head meters Do not feel uncomfortable between the image of the story of the early stage and that of the last stage because the significance of existence is weak. At the very least, I wanted hypothesis about the setting of biotechnology. Gene organism Alloy is more strange than saying scary. Alloy is more strange than saying that it is scary because the image called Aloi - Rye. Lo - chin has gone burned. In this era it is funny that Pio is a contaminated material, but its expression method remains as a typical animation technique with a cottage before a decade.
Because music is quite good as this time, Mr. Sage said, music during battle is also better than Leda.
Shiboi when you see it now, it is not very interesting, but since the anime of this era has not yet been grasped, I will keep it "ordinary" for the time being.

Also, after the artificial life was destroyed near the last, "human beings (why somehow including head meters) are not going to be destroyed because of love ..." or something like that I was going to say, but I did not say that ... but it is the same as saying, the subtitle is "Love City".