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Anime total pnts rank Rank 5,833in 6,385 titlesTotal -7 / Deviation 46.28
Anime rank of 1988 Rank 91in 92 titles
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Voice/Actor1.57(Very good)7
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Nobuyoshi Habara Hideki Sonoda
Yuko Mizutani
Kazuhiko Inoue
Shinya Ohtaki
Kouichi Hashimoto
Toshiharu Sakurai
Issei Hutamata
Kenichi Ono
Hiroko Takahashi
Tessho Genda
Japan Released:1988/02/05(Fri) Media(ex. DVD)
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2012/02/06 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20089 Host:20180 Browser: 7541
[good point]
My brother Rom was cool.
Refined bi - kung fu.
Reina made the hero.

[Bad point]
Although it should have been seen very recently it is so plain that the story can not be remembered at all. Together with the previous work to Imif.
Death of Brother Rom. It was a shock.
Rom brother & Garudi brother and abrupt setup that Reina is not connected with blood.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I liked the machine Robo Cronos, but I do not like this much.
Who knows the existence is pretty rare in itself?

2011/12/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15570 Host:15738 Browser: 4437
A story of a girl boasting a rare charm that remains in anime history.
Due to the unity of the picture, staff in charge of each story compete for skill and are proud of the cult popularity, leaving the sponsors' tie, leaving the voice actors and the staff with elements of the plays and having a high degree of freedom.

While the first part is a fighting heroine, it leverages the generic appeal of Rena (Reina) with straightforwardness, turns it into a female graduate school and directs the light and shadow everyday covering urban girls.
Tyrant is an abstraction of anxiety that shakes rather than a simple villain.

The second part is close to Cronos, Myla appears as Reina 's antithesis as her sister. Together with his older brother Zaluk, he is a Kempei's rom, who stands as a user of more than Reina brothers, but Reina's kindness is shining with a favorite of Ms. Yuko Mizutani.
With the popular Kuronos extension, the action scene is smooth and the camera angle is unique and likable as the previous work. My brother Romu is also a deciding place.

The third part is often mistaken, but the elder brothers are reincarnating again and promising reunion.
How to draw a picture How to draw is unchanged high. If Reina 's soldier struggle fights, it will make you feel growth if you see it from the Cronos star who lost consecutive losers.

As a whole it seems as a girlfriend's story that a bold incarnation invaded the delicacy of a girl, the bold videos like paying it and wonderful music became uniform and flowed as a story of a girl.
As a work daringly challenged by young people in this era, I will buy motivation as a work with many material implications.

2011/11/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 55134 Host:55003 Browser: 11755
I do not know anything about machine robot, but .........

Although it was a three - volume composition, in the first episode, the hero came to school as a transfer student, in order to help a friend, hasten the bad guy playing Mr. Hayami Sho, then think what happens next,
Although somehow a planet that seems to look good even with other animations was set as a stage,
It was abrupt. Do you say yea?

No, it can be totally overlooked, but it is good to draw the bond between Reina and Rom's brothers and sisters, but there was no one appealed because it was so bad and smelly ((That's why,
I think I never killed Rom).

The enemy character was also bad. Besides the above mentioned Guruti and tight, the side which was assisted by Mr. Hayami 's favorable performance was also great, Bartun and Zaruk were just brutal and strong enemies and it was not attractive at all.
Mylar who was manipulated by that zaku was also not worth anything other than coma.

Also, what was "?" Was that the voice actors did not praise the performance of Mr. Mizutani Yuko too much, anyway Mr. Hayami and Mr. Kazuhiko Inoue, etc. Anyway.
Of course, although he does not deny his ability, I emphasized more cuteness than necessary and honestly went to his nose.

The theme song was well brewed by adult atmosphere, I think that there was no missing, but the content was not catching up with the gorgeous voice actor's face, being uncomfortable being ordinarily being fueled. Evaluation is tough, but I will make it "worst".

2010/11/27 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1454 Host:1186 Browser: 5660
Unlike the main counterattack of Cronos that many famous animators participated and runaway,
It is stable with a drawing along the picture of Nobuyoshi Huhara who is well-known for beautiful girls and beauty forms.
The expression and gestures of Reina are also finely, it is pretty powerful and it spurs for the first time in a beauty girl.
Rom and fellow actions also move well. Music may also be unbearable for people who like Space Crime Style.

Reina is weak.
Even if you have a sword wolf, you get lost a lot, you feel embarrassed that you are an enemy opponent who is not a bad guy, and you are counterattacked backwards and fall into a dilemma.
"It can always be bullied by the enemy" "Weak" It is the same as Cronos edition which was also popular in animation magazines. Or, the personality becomes even more rounded, and Reina is a girl in the legend of the sword wolf.
One of the screaming and young grandfather sister Moe who is extremely bracon is healthy.

Reina is a fighting heroine, now his work is a transforming heroine.
Reina who fighting against the enemy for a healthy justice, but there was not one in OVA full story for the other person who could definitely defeat by one person alone. It is quite unusual "fighting heroine".
If anything, it seems that the pinch scenes are constantly being hit by enemies.
But it is likable that I still drink without giving up.

2008/02/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10931 Host:11092 Browser: 5235
It is a work I regret violently if I did not see it honestly.

I saw this last scene in "Macho Robo: Counterattack of Cronos" in the last round, but I saw this work, but I can not accept it anyhow.

Anyway Reina will be active. I will defeat the enemies with grasshoppers with a sword wax. It is natural that Reina is the hero. Reina is strong.
But do not kill Romu. Is it reasonable to give death gracefully to 〓〓〓as it pulls with a good feeling up to 〓〓〓 Finally I met I saw you again. What will happen to the heavens and minds?

There is no choice if you originally thought of such a conclusion from the beginning, but if you come to III and your brother Rom dies, you will feel very absurd. It feels like there was a pitfall at the last jump in three hop jumps, steps, jumps.

For me who likes Rom, this process is not really convincing, but since the inserted song was enjoyable as it was, the evaluation will be "very bad" close to "worst".

2006/04/23 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
I wrote it before, but I do not have much memory when I saw "Machine Robo".
However, I know the story because I have purchased a periodical magazine "Animage" at a secondhand bookseller and have been reading at the manga library.
So, since this work is OVA, I could watch it lightly and it was a good impression.

Everything that I liked in character design would be great, anyway, I think that I would not watch it.
In that sense, I felt that this work with many "Moe" elements had more impact than "Machine Robo".
More than anything, the splendor of music will never be forgotten.

2006/04/09 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20686 Host:20782 Browser: 5234
Originally "Machine Robo" itself was not able to do anything in the end before TF, and because Reed pro decided to do as a bad animation without permission by Bandai toys without permission, this OVA version was also soiled by mere reed pro MR's stain-like work.

Reed pro itself, Ryou Nogashi ruin strokes with Character Moe and young people do not know, but the original animation of "Macho Robo Cronos' Strikes Back" that is active in the current "SRW" is more than TF Hepoco drawn up only to let me go to the battle scene which is not excited, so this OVA was nothing more than that.

For MR fans and voice actors, it may be a work I want to forget, MR is forced to run to Moe animation, not being opposed to TF or ZOIDS at all, and it is seen as a symbol of self-destruction after all There is.
Along with self-bombardment equipment which is nothing short of "Machine Robo Butchtucker Battle Hackers" which is the worst robot animation in history, which is the senior system of the current "Gundam SEED Destiny", this work is also a stain of Bandai's original concept toy history I feel strongly that it has become a thing.

My older brother says that he likes MR better than TF, but as I see how TF's are better than MR, because he is involved in the production of a boring domestic TF, re-professional also from that point , This work is stronger in impression as a meritorious work.

MR conflicts with the goodness of toys, it is full of tragedies that lowered the evaluation by virtue of the animation of the important animation, and the tendency that the toy sponsor neglects consideration for their products is remarkable.
The absence of consideration of Bandai is to spread to Takara and Tommy, and even from such a point of view it can be said that this work symbolizes that the concept of an excellent toy falls I will.

2006/04/08 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 4314
In the last episode, Guruzios, Devil Saturn 6, Dion Dora has also appeared, but why is the voice of Guru Gios only replaced with the TV version? Even though I liked Mr. Inaba's voice .....
Also, it is incomprehensible Ariary that everyone other than Rom machine lovers was transforming into a human form. Especially the drill. I do not have personality and facial features .....

2006/02/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Sorry, I have not seen much "machine robot"
(How it was, not in memory), it was pretty funny.
I liked character design ...... Moreover, I think that the music was wonderful.
I like songs when Reina appears (Reina encounter?) And OP. ED.

Personally I can not forget the ED song "Eternal lullaby" 〓〓〓
It is a person who compose the theme song of special effects "Android Kikaider".
Also, the ED song of OVA (Lightning. Trap?) Not "Reina" was also good ~
(Mr. Yoshino Takamori's song)!

2004/04/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40244 Host:40048 Browser: 4925
Machine Robo Gaiden? This.
I saw it while I was not sure, but it was interesting as it was.
Personally, I was deeply moved just by meeting Romu again. I will die. W
Machine Robo main member total appearance, as long as the fan is happy.

Conversely, it is not interesting to see people who are not machine robotic fans.
Does not such a person see the work itself? W
It is where I want to make the evaluation "ordinary", but with respect to my brother Rom, with "good".

2004/03/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33021 Host:32998 Browser: 5978
It is OVA in the posterity position of TV animation "Macho Robo Cronos' Strikes Back", Rom who was the main character of "Cronos ".Stale's sister Reina, stole is the hero.

It does not matter, but the stage development is suddenly As a matter of fact. Reina is the high school girl without any context in the beginning. It is delicious that the TV version of guest characters such as Kina and Sofia are similar.

And the second place suddenly moved the stage to another planet. Well, in this story Romu big success a long time ago. Ken Ryu: It was such an accomplishment that he thought that he was incompatible with Bai Kung Fu and came back to the lead role ....

What is that final volume?

Although Reina is the story of the hero, it is nothing to kill Romu's brother !! That's it! Hey Hoe Hahara .....

No, I completely caressed it. In addition, it seems that there is a feeling of incompatibility in the appearance of drills and gyms that have become human-like.

2004/01/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 10364 Host:10467 Browser: 4924
Now, one star was frozen and trying to perish.
It depends on the venom of malicious intent and ambition ......
The name of the star is B1. It is a legendary planet which was once said to be the center of the universe.
Welt used from the dark world The stars were destined to collapse with dawn due to the magical power of Zarq ...

Nobuyoshi Huhara 1st Directed Work "Reina Sword Wolf Legend" (1988)

Staff planning. Production: Junji Fujita (Yumex), Hiroshi Kato (Reed pro)
Producer: Masaru Umehara Producer: Hiroshi Tsuzaki, Director Shigei Shimoda Director: Nobuyoshi Habara Screenplay: Hideki Sonoda Storyboard: Nobuyoshi Huhara, Kenkichi Direct Stage: Hideo Kato, Yasushi Murayama Character Draft ::: Myra: Ryuji Kawamura, Shuri: Okada Yasuko, Ral: Iwamoto Akira Character design: Nobuyoshi Hamahara Mechanic design: Takahiro Yamada Director: Nobuyoshi Huhara Artist director: Tojo Toshihisa, Takashi Tojo Director of Photography: Kazuo Hirokawa, Kazuo Ozawa Recording Director: Katsunori Shimizu Music: Watanabe Seikei Production Cooperation: Easy Film, Kim Seung Moon Movie Production: Yumex, Reed Productions

Theme Song "Future ROMANCER"
Lyrics: Fumiko Okada composed, arranged: Watanabe Karika: Watanabe Hosho

Ending theme "NEVER ESCAPE"
Lyrics: Fumiko Okada composed, arranged: Watanabe Karika: Watanabe Hosho

Insertion song "Crying warrior"
Lyrics: Fumiko Okada Composition: Watanabe Karika: Yuko Mizutani

Soundtrack board release Toshiba EMI

Theme song "Streets of Mabrochi"
Lyrics: Fumiko Okada Composition: Watanabe Kumoni Arrangement: Shuzo Tozuka: Eri Murata

Insertion song "Burning sword wolf"
Lyrics: Fumiko Okada Composition: Watanabe Kumoni Arrangement: Shuzo Tozuka: Yuko Mizutani

Insertion song "WE CAN GET PEACE"
Lyrics: Fumiko Okada Composition: Ikehi Arrange: Shuzo Totsuka: Eri Murata

Ending theme "THANK YOU FOR YOU"
Lyrics: Fumiko Okada Composition: Watanabe Kumoni Arrangement: Shuzo Tozuka: Yuko Mizutani

Soundtrack board Toshiba EMI

Theme song "Eternal lullaby"
Lyrics: Fumiko Okada. Arrangement: Watanabe Karika: Hashimoto Maiko

Insertion song "A warrior of love"
Lyrics: Fumiko Okada Composition: Watanabe Karika: Hashimoto Maiko

Insert Song "Thought"
Lyrics: Hideki Sonoda Arrange: Watanabe Karika: Mizutani Yuko

Image. Song "To the Harukaaru Journey, Kimi"
Lyrics: Hideki Sonoda composition: Arrangement: Watanabe Karihiko: Kazuhiko Inoue, Yuko Mizutani

Soundtrack board Toshiba EMI

Cast Reina. Stall: Yuko Mizutani Rom. Stole: Kazuhiko Inoue Blue Jet: Shinya Otaki Triple Jim: Sakurai Toshiharu Rod drill: Koichi Hashimoto

Bartun: Taketoshi Genda Guru: Norimichi Issei Dio: Takahashi Hiroko Devi: Kenichi Ono

Nami: Fukami Rika Yuuko: Yumi Takada Yoshimi Kyoko: Isao Ando Sara: Takamori Yoshino

Myra: Shimazu Saeko Ral: Eri Murata Shuri: Yuko Kobayashi

Kirei. Stall: Junichi Kagaya Wert. Zaruku: Koichi Yamadera Rom. Stole "Boyhood": Minako Arakawa

Gardi Stolle, Tide Thailand: Hayami Hayu

Although the bamboo pattern which made her funny girl manga Norihiro Habara change a little,
Despite being the first director work, I feel that it was quite nice to appoint Watanabe Kaiko to the sound and musicians.
I do not care if it is OVA 's stylish director' s direction (I do not need it?) I feel like I had a good taste 臂〓〓

However, as a crucial animation, it is not very easy to say that "I" is a narrative of the fantasy "Nami" which always holds the mental clock of the mother's keeper who stopped moving, Set aside the center of the "Elysse's Demon" It is a beautiful girl who is talking about a story like a pretty girl who is old and takes age and she is taking a time from the girls as if to take a turn as a bashful, the time ruler "Tied Thailand" Those who are said to have a sword of the theory of what is called, the people of the Cronos tribe who came to this star to fight against the wisdom from the darkness Kirei tribe chief of the story The stone's son "Reina stole" is its evil Domination of the dark A story line striking a person is said to have been clearly adhered to, the decision word is exactly decided and fantasy type special effects OVA? It looks like a kind of relaxed thought,
It is a story to the last "I", and to the big story of a scale to talk about to save the star from the power of darkness with a planet B1 as a change to "〓〓〓quot;, "〓〓〓quot; to the last story of the brother Rom and sister Reina Once the story brothers brothers sister's brother and sister love and other stories were expanded and the story was developed, it would not have been very difficult for the OVA framework to acquire it, even more than ever it seems more and more impossible to talk about it, and it is getting more and more unreadable Needless to say anything I've never seen?

I do not know whether it is discouraged by it, but also did not you remember seeing Nobuhiro Habara "Lightning. Trap LIGHTNING TRAP"?
However, also in Hashibara Nobuyoshi "Nadesico" GEKIGANGER 3 "(1997) only about it,
I thought that it was quite a wonderful appearance (or think?) That it was effective to have the animator teams aligned with it.