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Other media: Game:Kemono Friends / Comics:Kemono friends Youkoso Japari Park e!
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Mine Yoshizaki
Tatuki Shigenori Tanabe
Akiyuki Tateyama
Victor Entertainment,Inc.
Nobuyuki Hosoya
Yoshitada Fukuhara
Yuka Ozaki Aya Uchida
Ono saki Motomiya kana
Haruka Terui
Kondo Reina Minami Tsuda
Mikoi Sasaki Nemoto yuka
Tomoko Kaneda Fujii Fumiyo
Miyuhan Yu Kobayasi
Shimoji Shino Naomi Ohzora
Mariko Honda
Natsuko Hara Fumiko Inoue
Mariko Kouda Thuji Miyuu
Miki Maruyama Omigawa Tiaki
Shiori Mikami Akari Uehara
Tamura kyouka Aiba aina Chikuta ikuko
Mami Yamashita
Yuuka Aisaka Mimori Suzuko
Kanae Ito Ai Nonaka Masumi Asano
Eriko Matsui Takehana Rika Misaki Watada
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Japan Released:2017/01/11(Wed) 01:35-02:05 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2017/03/29
Official sites
1. https://kemono-friends-20170110.jp/ (Translation)
2. http://ani.tv/kemono-friends/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. https://twitter.com/kemo_project
Opening movie (1)
TVアニメ『けものフレンズ』主題歌「ようこそジャパリパークへ / どうぶつビスケッツ×PPP」
Song:Ono saki Yuka Ozaki Motomiya kana Aiba aina Chikuta ikuko Mikoi Sasaki Nemoto yuka Tamura kyouka Lyrics:Ohishi Masayoshi Compose:Ohishi Masayoshi Arrange:Ohishi Masayoshi [Fan reg.]
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2017/04/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23728 Host:23746 Browser: 8593
I recorded an unexpected miraculous hit and it became an animation that represents 2017, but as a child I am feeling better than I expected. It was an animation that comes with only the impression of the degree of.

Coupling with Kemono Girls With content that can be said to be rare way, various anthropomorphized Kemono girls are appearing on a fun journey between Serb - chan and Kabang - chan, and I will become friends with everyone, When it is said whether it is interesting ,,,, 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓

Because CG production is being done, there is sense of incompatibility both in drawing and movement, and it is the same even if you act as a voice actor.
It is somewhat stick reading, but since it is common for an animation for children to act actively like an amateur theater, I wonder if I was aiming for that kind. I was able to take it favorably

Therefore, if I send it in a time like a child watches it seems like children's popularity is likely to be normal, but it's an animation made for big friends after all because there is broadcast time. And it is sad that this is popular with adult anime lovers, sorry or rather miserable ,,, What is the feeling of making this mooyamoya

I am worried that animation of Konomo Friends Modoki will increase in future if this is the only hit, but I want you to stop only that. It would have been a big success in commercial terms if only this topic was taken, but from a viewer's viewpoint I would have no concern at all

Oh, but OP is good as usual, "There are kemono, there is no mochi monkey 〓〓〓quot;. I was impressed and I thought it was a really good song as a catchy animation song that remained in my ear. This seems to be popular among children, is not it?
It is true that it is not for children, is it kanji?

It was this work which grew to such an extent that it left the name in the history of animation, but my evaluation is [good] is a good place

2017/04/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15526 Host:15332 Browser: 5213
I wrote that in the previous sentence "I will quit evaluation because I did not talk about everything", but I really worried, so I tried listening again through the whole thing.

Although the bad impression when seeing the first episode was solved while continuing viewing but as various animation works it has seen a poor place and a place difficult to understand and it is said that it is a work worthy of high evaluation so far It is inevitable that "?" Will be added, so I will keep it as "ordinary".

However, I think that it is not bad if seen from the viewpoint of animation for kids.
It is also a good impression that hints are pretty.
It is also clever that the question of "why humans have gone" gradually becomes known from fragmentary information.

[good point]

The theme song "Welcome to Japa repark" is a complimentary masterpiece!
It is a catchy melody that is remembered and deprived of by a single shot and is perfectly matched to the atmosphere of the work. 100% of the goodness of "animation song" properly made for the work properly appeared. It is good to be made without calculation.

Every time the stage and character are replaced by the road movie, I got tired of the excitement of "What next stage will be the stage"?

Personally I liked "Toki" (CV: Tomoko Kaneda) that appeared in episode 3.
I laughed a lot.

[Bad point]
The low level of CG due to low budget work.
There were many scenes where directing was pretty long. The last party at Yuencha is redundant.

Moreover, a lot of performance actors of the voice actor were closed.
Well it is OK to ask deep behind acting or staging or the like in this hand's work.

Originally the production team was saying "I do not know why this work hit" l so you can see that it was made with a considerable low budget and was not expected at all from the surroundings.

The contemporary SNS era that does not really know what to hit .....

[Comprehensive evaluation]

There were not any unpleasant characters, and I could watch it as it was. I think that the story did not complain if it made the density of the episode a little more a little more.

There was something awkward in the expression of the expression of the character by my poor CG, and I lost my empathy. I think that the life of animation is still in the face of the character.

Even though I wrote it even afterwards, the impression which is still overvalued can not be wiped out anyway, so the evaluation is limited to "good" close to "good" without limit.

I would like you to solve these problems if there is a second term.

[Additional notes]
I am watching re-broadcast on AT-X, but after all it's enough to watch it again.
It is not a work that is so popular in the public.
It is an animation like a chewing gum at the end after chewing once rather than a work like a sulme that increases the taste every time it is repeatedly viewed.

2017/04/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15030 Host:15199 Browser: 7968
[good point]
Japa repark setting is interesting.
Personification of animals, even in beasts still leaving a little strength of character but overall it is set to be loose atmosphere feeling, if there is such contact zoo, it is definitely fun and fun to think that it will be fun.

A common ethical view that does not make it good to hurt someone.

For one person, for everyone, everyone has noble and strong courage and moral ideas for one person.

It is a place where everyone cooperates and confronts the existing threat.

Particularly climaxes face each other to huge Cerulean, the place where Kabin is rescued and beaten is a masterpiece.

[Bad point]
The movement of animation itself is also loose and not broken. (Although it seems to be playing a role in giving out a loose atmosphere)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The voice actor is only those who do not know the name, but the content of the story is good so it is very good.

I think it is one of the best works among all kinds of works.

It is simple and healed, it is moving.

2017/04/10 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7504 Host:7681 Browser: 5141
Many people are puzzled about where this anime is good but this seems to be caused by idol voice actors

By publishing an idol voice actor on sale the writing by that fan was successful and interesting Summary The site spreads and only the topic walked alone AKB thing is true

It is said that the proof was buried with tens of thousands of acclaimed retweets but the main disc is not sold out Only the disc of OP song hardened with idol voice actors broke through 10,000 copies This is also a voice actor purpose rather than saying animation purpose In a way that I can clearly see what I say

I think that the summary site experimented how far it could create illusions using this phenomenon?

2017/04/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3691 Host:3646 Browser: 7926
The original application game is unplayed.

When I saw an honest story, 1 story, I thought "I do not have to look at the continuation ...". (Lol)
To be honest, drawing is a strange thing or movement, and in fact the story is a common thing.
However, as a story 2 episode 3 episode, it turns out that it is a work that is demonstrating its overwhelming constitution.

First of all, mystery arrangement is very good.

Stopping application game distribution before animation broadcast
Even though it is on the air, the series serialization ends
Although it is contents for kids, late night animation

oh, I made a mistake.
Well, well, these are also deeply dark.
I think that it was often broadcasted with this. (Lol)

It is a road movie in which a bit of things happens everywhere I go, and I can tell you something about my baggage ... but my wallet gets wisdom and solves things and it's going to be for kids but with humans It is very good to have something educational and philosophical (?) Composition.
In addition, in the last C part, Mr. Arai and Fennec are going to pursue bags, making a small skill deepening the mystery while re-appearing the last time Friends became an effective composition to the ground I will.

What I thought was better than that, what is Japaepark?
Why was it abandoned?
Tetsuke is the photographs of the ending's dream traces ......

And the world's background is disturbing.
It is the underlying disturbance of these worlds, breathing, behind the darkness and so on, it makes the contrast with the bright and novel weatherful stories of this work stand out.
Such a view of the world is together with the composition of the old ghibli.
Not to mention Nausicaa, the darkness of the world that is also in the red pig (the time before the Great Depression) or the courier service of the witch (the era when the witch does not need) stands out the brightness of the story.

So it is "very good" for its superb composing power.
The only thing that caught me is that Pepap is singing an opening at the concert times, but with twists and turns continuing a bouncing concert Continue the concert at the next moment after saying "Please listen, welcome to Japa repark" It fly to.
Let's pass the opening here! It is! I thought.
It is such a composition that it is a good composition .... It is a composition that is the most failed here whether it is mistake.

2017/04/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30334 Host:30598 Browser: 10209
[Good point] The gesture and character of the character faithfully reproduced the original animal and I went to the zoo and wanted to make sure.
. There seems to be something behind it
.OP and ED
Shinzaki Oka

[Bad point]
It is treated as syngeneous with a wild beast senior who does not distinguish some characters

[Comprehensive evaluation]
At first glance ... Okinawa is a royal road, but if the back side setting is quite poorly done, there is a possibility of a bad end so that we can not keep an eye. It is good to see the site after considering everything.
Evaluation is very good.

2017/04/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36184 Host:36199 Browser: 5141
There was a 3D late-night animation, but this work is the first time for a work with such impressive content. I think that I can bear the appreciation though it is not unprepared, although it does not feel unpleasant like I looked in from the side looking at the game which others are playing with the cheap image. The script is not smooth, but maybe I could have written better episodes than the professional animation screenwriter of recent times? Positive if I blew a new breeze into the anime industry that is showing deadlock I want to evaluate it. However, although OP songs can be evaluated with various hands, is not ED songs managed?

2017/04/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19786 Host:19796 Browser: 7876
[good point]
Make it safe

[Bad point]
There is nothing special, but as a matter of fact, there was only an air feeling that the personality of this work had gone out somewhere.
Perhaps it was boring for those who do not agree with this feeling of air.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As others have said, the quality itself is higher than in the middle and is common NHK educational program, but I think that accidental reasons overlapped and it sold.
Let me give reasons appropriately 〓〓〓I healed society people like healing elements like daily animation (the same reason as K-ON). That is why I received a dark development in the final stage and a development to overcome it.

〓〓〓I received it because the common black back setting was common for NHK children's program.
I think that the side which was helped by Nikoniko and Twitter comments is also big.

〓〓〓Because the picture is somewhat surreal ... I can use it for a cola picture & a good illustrator posts Moei Illustration to Twitter 〓〓〓Gap Moe is received and diffused.
(For illustrators, drawing illustrations of fashionable things = job hunting activities)

〓〓〓The first episode is actually boring. Therefore, when you try to investigate criticism, you always get a lot of praise opinion "The first episode is boring but interesting from the next" on top.

〓〓〓Topicality and sympathy that the director was a person who was blindly buried

〓〓〓Because of the above and low budget CG, it was noticed by the famous odor of smell hiding (it was rude).

〓〓〓Originally anthropomorphic and 〓〓〓apan that is weak to ears girls and loli. There are examples of hits of former neta pilgrimage that is not a pilgrimage to the sacred places such as this ship and swords.

〓〓〓The zoo is piggybacked for receiving

〓〓〓Dialogs and screws with head screws shifted were received by "people who like word play and people who can not enter even if they are interested from before". Similarly to Nico Nico, if you say the traditional word game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Yukari dreams, cookies etc are raised, but these are
There is a condition that "There are some people who recognize the word play as an act of profanity to the original or must have difficulty entering due to vulgar lower neta" in order to know the original work well.
However, Kamomo Friends was also received by those who wanted to participate in the word game so far, because the word popular in new works is neither a neta nor the application, it is easy to apply.

Even people who do not usually consider it, I think that it was possible to enjoy it because there were Niconiko and Twitter.
The work itself was not boring never but it was safe, so evaluation is normal

2017/04/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26515 Host:26590 Browser: 8242
Because the reputation was good, I watched it.

Well ,,, If it is said whether it is Ryosaku or not, it is probably "Ryosaku".
But, I do not think that the theme is bad, but it is probably a work for children.
Of course I think that it is a good moral animation as a work to be shown in a child of a certain age but it seems that it was not a story of a level that a person of a certain age can admire that it is wonderful for letting go.
Why is he making such a noise? I was wondering at a moment.

About the foreshadowers and the like, the whole world view of the story can be understood by talking about a few stories, and it was not even a deployment like being overwhelmed.
I think that the world view itself is not bad. As I wrote above, I think that it is "Ryosaku".
However, I do not dislike it but if it is asked if it was interesting, is not it much like ....?
Anyway, for the time being

2017/04/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11819 Host:11828 Browser: 10209
[good point]
I know what I am going to do at a point of one episode
Friends of distinctive richness comes out every time until 11 episodes
Wisdom time (namelessly named)
Mystery and hints
Clean up with 12 episodes
Growth of bags and serverle
Eye catch brother.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I am amazed that I wanted to make it by more than ten people.
The application is unplayed. I was hooked. It is interesting It basically loose feeling Going with the other friends We meet and solve the problem. But in the shadow we are going to dispense the elements that approach the core of this world. This is a habit.
The growth and appreciation of the 11 story bags, the scream and growth of the 12 talks Serel seemed to cry. Especially the growth of Serb - chan. I was scared, but I tried hard.
Eye catch is a commentary on the real animal appearing at that time. I was covering not only Japan but also overseas zoos. It was a very good explanation.
The character deza of Friends is a design incorporating the characteristics of the original animal. It is slightly different from the application version, but both are pretty.
It seems that Mr. Tatsuki has been making animation for 500 days. Looking at interviews with other production staff and Cast, a tremendous passion is transmitted. Even if the number of people making it increases if there are two periods, as in the last lower screen on the last screen of the animation, please do not forget this amount of heat.
I love baggy, serverle and boss trio!

2017/04/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13509 Host:13488 Browser: 5173
[good point]
A gentle world and a decadent world mixed world view
Excellentness of character design made by Professor Yoshinori Yoshizaki
All the characters that appeared were good children
Though it is a low budget, things that the creator side want to do are clearly conveyed
High screenplay composition (especially the talk from the talk to the final story)
I think that it is because Niconico videos have a high number of playback because I want to see one episode after seeing the latest story
The final round of the great circle. It was the last round I came the most in the past few years

[Bad point]
There was a scene that made you feel a low budget
I think that abruptness of the beginning of one talk was a kind specification that is not friendly to the first look I am wondering because I am watching 150 laps in total so I am not worried but because people are worried, Hey,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It's a nice work ... (ecstasy)
I was watching 1 episode from before for a long time but in the whole I watched Nico students in one broadcast and the last round
At the time of fashion around 4 episodes actually I was not addicted so much but the final stage gotchicked normally normally Especially the scene where the Friends gathered at the last round became almost crying (It is not crying though W)
There are still many mysterious mysteries that have not been well revealed (why did the serverle cry)
It is anticipated for new projects already announced from official

Evaluation is "highest"

2017/04/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16884 Host:16896 Browser: 8242
[good point]
Heartwarming and serious allocation is exquisite. You are a kind world that recognizes what kind of friends you are good at.
Both OP and ED are good. OP songs will be lazy, and after seeing the last episode of ED songs, their eyes moisten for some reason every time they listen.
The design and setting of the characters who grasp the characteristics of animals. I am trying to express the characteristics of an animal neatly.
The mystery invokes a mystery, where the stage called Japa repark is unraveled while gradually recovering hints.

[Bad point]
An episode. It can not be helped even if it cuts it in five minutes.
Drawing or CG. Obviously it does not match the movement. There is no choice because it is low cost animation.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Please do more than you 〓〓〓quot;
The impression of the first episode of 1 episode was that the way the server talked somewhat resembles a character of educational program of CG of cartoon or NHK and thought that the animation introduction animation of that nori. So, it is no wonder that it does not suit people who do not agree with cutting in 5 minutes, so I guess it is OK. I have cut off one episode in five minutes, but after the third episode I have seen it two or three times per episode. (I do not remember how many times I saw it with Nico Nico 1 talk now. I cut off the net just before the final round for the first time in a while.

Overall, it is a road movie type complete with 1 episode, the situation is found little by little by continuing the journey, and a new mystery is created on the contrary. At the beginning, the purpose of the trip has been sharply focused on searching for libraries to search for someone's baggage, and after the library for friends. A viewer imagines that a bag is a human, and in a scene showing a constitution that suspects that it is really human and intelligence of humans (applied power, comprehension ability), even a hero bag fits into the mystery of Japa Pak It has become a screenplay.

I think that it was one factor of the hit of this work that the OP song was a sled. Maybe I heard it more than 100 times. About ED, it is a black and white image of a disturbing amusement park, it is like an everyday animation and it has brought about the atmosphere that it is not everyday animation.
Also, by fixing the regulars to the serverle and the boss, it was also introducing animals that we meet one after another on the road, and introductions from stakeholders such as the zoo that enters along the way were also studied. I heard that the moose is huge, but when I looked at it with interest, it certainly was big and I thought it was scary. I think that how to widen the width of such anime was also good.

Also, the last two stories cried with animation after a long time. There is something that comes to the lacrimal gland as a fierce determination of a weak existence. From one episode, the bag was said to be an animal that can not do anything that is not good at "running" "swimming" "tobu" "climb". I have surpassed bad situations with intelligence, but it must have been an entirely protected existence. And I think that the development that this protected existence eventually resolves to protect everyone and causes actions shakes human emotions. And the royal road development and the new journey of the final story were also impressed. I think that hints from one episode and how to give ramps were well done.

Although the story is not particularly deep and it is the contents which can be understood even for children, although there is no work which has excited up to this point in recent years, it is said to be the best because there are also rare works.

2017/04/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26737 Host:26802 Browser: 5171
[Bad point]
.An episode
Talk about five people in Pepapu

First of all, from the bad one who can do it easily. If I watch one episode without any information I think that most people think that it is a kind of collapse of mediocre Moe Animation that has no place to praise especially for low-quality CG and slow and weak story. Naturally I started chasing after my fuss. Later, mainly five people of the penguin appearing in the next notice, the so-called metaneta is said to be called so-called metaneta or wisdom that interpreted the human circumstances are contained and there is no friends udity, these five people also had the main times that story Also a lot of fun

A baby without memories wearing a hat and a bag on an anthropomorphized japaepark? It is not until I see the friends of Friends I've met for the first time and it is named a bag and I do not know what kind of friend's bag from a serverle In order to investigate the true identity of the boss who comes to the apartment together with the boss who takes care of the Friends will be traveling by three people

Animals that appeared only with the name of Famies Famous are strikingly friendly and the first server we have encountered is that we care for this bag as well and take care of that bag as useless Friends and self- "The bag is a hard worker so you can find a good place soon" etc. Supported etc. As a good partner, a good partner with a wide mind of character, the bag against the adult character is also an adult character but the core is strong and seriously also the troubles of Friends Thinking and thinking up when thinking about it Here comes up with a good idea, when it's time to solve it, if it's the final round of development, it is curious that he is curious as he tends to be a front swing and it will brighten up the field brightly and the server and the effort who seriously do their best for the Friends The best combination candidate in 2017, both extremely attractive characters, I am lucky that I like the most in Fugen It is a beast.

There are also such aspects if you think that it is a healing system that only animates an anthropomorphizing an animal and it is such a part, "Friends have intelligence kept from kindergarten children to junior high school students' ranking," Baby chan is terrible! "" "It expresses emotions from the true emotion, not emptiness, it is very honest and healed." There are too many unreasonable places for Moe animation. "Friends", "Original animal body" "Person? Extinct Whether it was not ... "etc, remarks such as bus, ropeway, buildings and other human hands, it is also quite years ago. Even though Friends do not know that this is pretty ordinary just by saying that the lucky beast of the guide robot only speaks only to the bag because there is only a bag in the vast japa repark in the beginning, I do not notice unnaturalness because there is nothing. It feels like a feeling of loneliness that makes only one's own surviving in this broad world. From such a point of view it is boring that one story is actually all the things that the producer who was carefully controlled was noticed after watching the second episode and beyond, And scenes that seemed to be just laughter, etc., such as ability to read intelligence and characters to solve the low body ability as a living creature as a bag with tools and wisdom, and almost all are utilized in the later story I am surprised at the skillfulness of the story building, this is not an animation made of date and drunk but an animation created based on solid objectives and targets so I noticed the secret contents, regardless of the size of the boom This situation that made noise from the strata was inevitable.

So, to enjoy Enka Friends, read the backside.An active force such as imagining the previous deployment is necessary, so that low profile characters, loose talking way, interview of breeders who comment on animals etc. Educational program style Although it seems to be an animation for children for children, producers are not even touching teeth such as low age groups. Perhaps a child under 10 years of age will not understand half of the fun. Would it be an animation for anyone who would like to be big for your friends who have little exposure and service scenes in this CG?

There was also a road movie side that the boy travels and grows throughout the region, and encounters with each pair of friends, helped each other, helped and helped and grew strongly in both mind and body so that it was accumulated until then, so in 11 episodes "I am a customer It was possible to win with the development after the "not ~ ~" and the whole power of the first half of 12 episodes. It is not a story of not being able to be interested if it is for a friend in a deep emotional scene where the fight and humility of the bag have been fruited, as anything. You will be watching with tears in your eyes, that you really grew up with a moving development that feels your bonds between different races

To the bad appearance of CG it is unexpected that the conversation as much as that story is only a few words of conversation Disposable taste, sweet drinks and information due to times too much information is time consuming to digest, such as times There are shades Four gods There are some meaningless settings such as wild liberation probably brought from the game, etc. There is roughness due to low budget, but such things can easily deny as "Being different" before entertaining! Even though Kimono Friends is not hanging gold, wisdom is packed a lot, an anime that you can recommend with peace of mind to other people. I will wait for the big adventure by connecting the next hand

2017/03/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8477 Host:8739 Browser: 10718
[good point]

[Bad point]
An illustration

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2017/03/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13628 Host:13773 Browser: 4721
[good point]
Motivated scenic style CG

[Bad point]
Significant lack of themability, message nature
There seems to be something, a mystery that none revealed

[Comprehensive evaluation]
You do not have to scatter mystery if you do not want to reveal it

As I think that it is the bone point of foolishness to put a rating of "worst" before watching the whole story, so I watched the whole story with this work as well as the majority of the work that was just waste of time It is this work that did not remain in my heart so much as to forget everything three days after the end of the broadcast

2017/03/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4863 Host:4636 Browser: 5141
Application not yet played.
Reviewed at the time of 4 episodes. I thought that the library was 12 episodes at that time.

3DCG animation that was buzzed gigantically on the Internet from around February.
It became a hot topic at the same time in SNS and net bulletin boards at the same time, a crowd was created in the zoo to see animals of the original story, when it was 11 episodes it was ranked in the world trend of twitter, I had a flat tire.

In the fictitious land, "Japa repark", where the animal 's humanization phenomenon (called frying in the play) is occurring, the main character of memory loss encountered "serverle" which is Friends of the server cat, I will tell you what it is. " This animation is a typical road movie in which two people visited various areas and caught up in various incidents, encountering characters who live there, and parting. Or RPG.

Daily stories Characters based on various animals have appeared, and animation commentary corners by zoo and facilities staff at home and abroad are placed before and after CM. In addition, the application game of the same name that had been ahead of the project for about 2 years ago has been finished without waiting for the animation version to be broadcast, and casting is different in almost all characters between the application version and the animation version.

[good point]

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Thanks to the popularity of the grand prize it seems to be often spoken in terms of "why the popularity has got a fire", but in the Internet area where it is always hot and cold, it is always hot topic, "Pot and fire went on It was supposed to be a very rare phenomenon that it continued to be maintained until popularity became the final story.

I think that there are various reasons why the popularity came out. It can be said that it is healed by a character that freely behaves only meaninglessly, such as rules of the human world, and there were layers that enjoy surreal comedy with it. There were also layers that enjoyed imagining backside settings that can be read from every corner of the park, and there were many people who simply enjoyed it as a story of meeting and parting.
If you take a look you've watched, as a project of disappointment (started doing) after the end of the application version, some kind of judgmentalism (like the hero side of the drama "Shimomachi rocket" for example), this animation Many people may have taken themselves to themselves.
I think that there are luck and accidental elements many once it is said.

Rather, even if you temporarily attract viewers, the difficulty is to keep that viewer to the end. This animation has been successful in this way, the attention basically rose to the right and continued to grow to the final stage. Even if popular ignition is luck or coincidence, it was victory of constitution power that kept momentum until the end, it can be said that the power of the work itself.

〓〓〓Constitutional power I think that it is a model of nearly one cool anime with a composition that is faithful to the basics of script screening.

The arrival (7 episodes) to the "library" presented as the original purpose is located at the midpoint of all 12 episodes, and it is set as one achievement point.
The first half is an episode that searches for human residence based on the episode which draws "what is human" as the medium with the hero as the medium, the fact that the second half got in the library, and knows the past's past. Before the final story the main character falls into an unprecedented pinch, but it is rescued by the result of the journey that has been done, a new journey and a great circle.
Despite the flow of such a big series, one episode one story has its own start-and-finish properly. 〓〓〓The hints to collect with the number of stories, 〓〓〓hints to collect after a few talks, 〓〓〓hints to reveal at the final stage are well organized and arranged in each story, even if you do not notice about 〓〓〓〓〓〓 It is configured. This would have greatly lowered the hurdles for viewers entering from the middle. It is a modern strength that if you are concerned it is easy to look back at the past broadcasts relatively easily.

It is worth noting that the composition of the script is not innovative, but rather rather solid and very serious. And it is the first episode that can be said to be unique only in this serious overall configuration.
In this round consisting of no explanation of the situation to the audience, the viewer will naturally have no idea because the story talks to the principal with unavoidable interaction by a hero with no memory and a serverel with no knowledge. If a nice scenario, I will put out the boss earlier and put the phase of the situation explanation. Why is this the first episode, it seems to be because it made back the first story back from the second story of the last stage, many viewers are confused by the first story, even the final stage It is a natural phenomenon that there are fans who are looking back at one episode.
This unique first episode is always a big shackle for this animation and it was a big weapon.

〓〓〓Because it is a character road movie, a new character appears every few stories, but since every character has a strong impact and the animal is also the original story and there is also a tricky character character, so who knows who he is It is almost impossible. In addition, design sense is refined, such as reproducing the characteristics of the original animal with detailed detail of small clothes and small gestures, and it is impressive while it is coarse 3D.

The reason why 3DCG was adopted probably because it is easy to express the vastness of park. Background art is beautiful and you can feel the spatial spread like the open world RPG.

〓〓〓Drawing Probably preview There are so many bye-bye-bye people.
It is a 3DCG reminiscent of drawing for children, and obviously the human resources are not enough and it seems that the end will be exhausted. I think that people who can not bear this will not bear it. Somehow, it may be familiar to the generation that experiences the RPG around the first stage of the play. It is such a character drawing of such feeling.

Very well-structured and well-rounded animation. It tends to be thought that it is an animation that is faintly blurred, but it is definitely steadily made seriously. Even in gag-like depiction, the distinction between characters without knowledge and characters without intelligence is clear and well thought out.
The scenario that the search for the inner face of the hero himself closely approaches the fundamentals of the stage of the story as it is is reminiscent of the RPG of this year and again (Breaths of fire in series, FF 7 and FF 9 in famous dokoro I guess).
It is quite convinced that there was an animation that is most popular in his thirties in the survey somewhere. Perhaps it is this generation that can feel nostalgia in such paintings and stories, it is probably that this generation is probably wanting to be immersed in this world view that stripped off something that is characteristic of humanity.

Personally I like the place where the SF element is delicately contained, well Well this animation is not SF, because the subject is not SF, although it is not made to a fine place, it is sci-fi scene. The production team definitely knows. Episodes of the boss after episode 11 are hot enough to squeeze out in the mind (mystery). Especially the scene of the "provisional park guide ~", including the production is too perfect.

Evaluation is "very good" in consideration of the performance aspects of drawing and voice actors that will not be admired even if it goes anywhere
I thought I wanted to do it, but I enjoyed it for three months, so I will make it "best".

2017/03/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46478 Host:46664 Browser: 8284
Personally, it was one work of the dark horse frame of this term along with Akiba.
1 episode is not good 〓〓〓2 talks may be a little fun 〓〓〓Guest friends (Kim Voice's Toki san & dialect accent acting superb alpaca san) who came out with 3 episodes are wonderful and determined to finish w

People who were able to identify the cast with that accent role performance are amazing. Noticing that it is usual acting, but that is impossible g

Both OP and ED were good songs.
A light tuned OP plays well with a worldly view with an ahoi lyrics and a good tempo ED loses parting with someone who is by the side (I do not know if it matches Furei w)
Especially the ED is impressive. The tune itself is good, but the contrast of monochrome amusement park images where nobody has turned into ruins and contrasting lyrics that make you feel someone's presence and gently stroke is good. It was not every time, but it seemed like tearing away. W I do not know why, but w

There is only one complaint. If you are going to explain about animals that were modeled, you should have an image of the animals, at least a picture www www


An amusement park with a very large site called "Japa repark" is set in the stage.
There lived "Friends" (living creatures anthropomorphically speaking) born by the power of a strange substance called "sandstar".
The hero named "bag" because it had a backpack, not knowing what kind of friends he was, wanted to clarify his identity,

"Seruel" which is Friends of Server Cat,
"Boss" who speaks only to the bag, guides the park, and "Lucky san"

Together with you to explore Japa Park.
While meeting or fleeing "Cerulean" which is the natural enemy of Friends, encounters with various friends, it provides "healing" through exchanges.

Synopsis is like this.
Friends have common food like Japaline which is Japaline, peace is not happening even in a world view full of nature without survival competition w
Because healing is boring only if you do not like your taste, it is better for you to verify this anime with your own eyes than to read reviews.

[More detailed introduction with impressions]
As a major feature,

〓〓〓Designs that draw a line from the animation you usually watch and especially the design of the character

The facial expressions change too much and I laugh. Eyes do not move really w w wow eyebrow movement and voice actor's act alone expresses emotion w voice acting also receives a quite unusual impression according to its characteristic design.

It is impatient and outrageous, acting that seems to be a personality character raised while helping each other in a peaceful environment with individual acting (each part of each friends) that seized the characteristics of animals Not only the part common to friends)

It feels like acting that also feels a heterogeneity that emphasizes that it is not a person even humanoids (like w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w)) w I feel that way with that kind of eyes It may be, but w

〓〓〓I feel the atmosphere of not only "healing" but also "degeneracy" It is the reason why big friends jumped into this work that feels like it is not a late-night frame to the two-sided sex w w w w w watching almost net I can not affirm assertion because it is a type that does not pick up information, but as long as I hear the reaction of acquaintances around me, it was so.

A face of a table that provides "healing" to see the process of solving troubles by cooperating with each other in a funny manner where individual friends quickly become friends, using their strengths to compensate for their disadvantages,

While leaving traces of humanity in standing hardships and visited facilities, the face of the back fascinating the viewer's anxiety, scooping the atmosphere of the world that has been "decadent" for human beings who do not appear unidirectionally.

Worried about the uneasiness that such back face brings to the viewer and the uneasy embracing it Strange feelings of the story that goes on and on is intriguing and it is attractive w

In addition to the decayed atmosphere, since human beings are gone, but humanoid animals (friends) are appearing,
I thought of the setting of darkness which is completely out of the atmosphere depicted as "Friends are like chimeras made by combining humans and animals?",
Try anticipating the existence of a SF-like masterpiece saying "What sort of sandstar that creates that friends has a secret? Who made it?",
While I was watching it I was made extra deep reading extensively w w

I taught it after completing the rest, but there is no highlight in the eyes of Friends modeled on extinct animals. If so, this is also a bit scary w

[There is a last episode spoiler 〓〓〓
If there is an exchange with Friends, it is the way to settle, it is solid but it suits your style w
Every time the friends I met encountered a small emotion, but after the first two people came out we could predict to some extent.
The most unexpected part was a scene where Saarre rescued Cerulean's attention with a paper airplane and rescued bags.
Of course it was not simply grinning with the opposite composition to the one talk,
I like scenes that I can feel that Friends firmly received "wisdom", a baggage that has contributed to solve problems in a human form. It is also good that the paper airplane is inattentive w

Apart from the role of Cerulean, I feel that the core part has ended with throwing, but it was good because it is the way to end it in the second term.

Because it is only 10 people 's fascination, there are relationships that are fascinating but there are no bastards world

Envy you ah ah !! I'd love to go Oh ah ah ah !!
After a while it will be going again to Japa Park.

2017/03/31 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15526 Host:15332 Browser: 5213
can not understand. I do not know why this was a hit.
"Osomatsu-san" is nice "This Soba" is nice to me As I see that works that can not be understood are mega hit one by one, I wonder if my judgment criterion is out of order.

Even though I think about it, I can not see it as a work that is far there.
It is noticeable that only acting and minus elements of childish voice actors are noticed in the production of the cheeky CG and it is noticeable, but reading is being carried out when everyone is complimenting is coming alike.

I think only the theme song is very good.

I did not listen to the whole story but because I watched it in a flying jump, I will stop evaluating but I feel somewhat enormous synchronization pressure.
I feel something close to the brainwashing of emerging religion (is it too much?).

2017/03/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6106 Host:6059 Browser: 9786
It is an animation about the anthropomorphization of animals.
There are various kinds of blessings such as unexploded fault of media mix that the application version of the service is terminated at the start of the broadcasting and 30 minutes CG which is too long as an animated version of the work which even the app will be slumping Although it was in the environment, it would have been a miraculous thing that was evaluated late as content.
The content of the animation is not so high that it actually makes noise and in the animation world there are animations that could be as good as this, and the protruding personality grabbed the person's heart.
Well, in real time it may have been an animated value of glance at first glance. I think that when it comes to future generations, it is such a good rice cake that "is it enough to make a noise?"

The story is simply "a girl with a memory loss, a girl serverle in a server cat, a guide character of a mystery, a road movie by three people of a boss".
Three people will continue traveling to know what kind of animal the bag belongs but, knowing that "Friends" of various animals have some troubles and problems in the middle of such a journey, In order to use wisdom.
The guest animals we meet on the way also benefit from having characteristics based on each animal, and since each one has its own character characterization, it can be seen interesting every time even by that alone.
In a lifetime encounter with such friends, a baggage and a serverle grew little by little to grow, and a baggage whose inferior ability was inferior to the serverle is going to find its own merit and identity .
Although there are many warm hearted stories, there is also a strange monster called Celrian and, as you see it is the place where people once existed, so the story will proceed while letting the darkness like mankind resembling "gankko" resemble mango.

Basically, there are many episodes that make "things". In human society, creating the "things" and "games" that are commonly founded in the world of friends that do not have it.
It is the most interesting place of the current work that imagines the state of "not", for example, even if curry is one, there is no name for "curry" (because there is a recipe, curry itself can be made), so call it "cooking" No, no premise to eat with a spoon, no one knows how to have a spoon even if you use it.
Even if it says "not", it is not entirely absent. The traces of the civilization which the people who were there once existed certainly exist, and Friends also lives independently by using it.
Well, in a world where people are no longer able to live, bags with intelligent creatures of the animal level rebuilt their own culture while referring to the things that people left behind, and there was a baggy having a slight memory of the previous era there I think that it is a SF tick story to add wisdom to evolve creatures there.
It is a land that humanity has abandoned, and it seems that friends who do not know are doing brightly.
It is usually fiction that the land abandoned by mankind is like Jurassic Park, but this time it was not so.

The main line is whether the baggage or the identity of Japa repark, "What happened to the person?", But this neighborhood did not overly eloquent talk while "doing the place after the human race disappeared" I guess.
Although it is eerie at the beginning, as you can see, it seems that it is not bad so far (it does not mean that human beings have not been destroyed), and last should be returned as a seed to a bag, a person who is also a person It was a good ending that made me feel there was a place.
So, I have a farewell compassion with Sael who has traveled together so far ... ....

Activities of each animal are also generally good.
Saru - chan 's loose acting, which fits perfectly with the unique atmosphere of Japa repark, was a highlight of the whole.
"Umi Mamya" or something cute.
Guests of each time also had many unique speech turnings, but what I can say is that it was fitting somewhere loosely in the world.

Evaluation is "good".
Even though it is only one course, it is the most important point to draw a story firmly depicting the relationship between the bagberg and the serverle and making the story surely feel the friendship that is growing between the two.
Also, it will not be said about love and how to make use of "original books" that I think most necessary for "anthropomorphization" of today. Individuality and behavior based on the ecology of each animal seems to have been made based on the interview, so it became a study, it became interest of the viewer, I also felt like animals ... ... It was like feeling.

2017/03/30 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25003 Host:24991 Browser: 8284
Although I was stopping viewing after seeing the first episode, since I was bothering to hesitate, I watched two stories from the fourth or fifth talk again.
Even if it got reputed after all, I felt that the intuition that I felt in the first episode was correct as well ... There are things that change the evaluation occasionally though.

There seems to be a lot of people who like watching girls feeling loose heads like calm and it may be that there is no wonder that such animation will be supported ...

Although it seems to have various things from now on in the story, it seems that this character's development will be anything, so it seems to have only the impression that what? Because it seems to be stressed just by watching honest conversation and multiplication, viewing is abandoned I will.
Even though development may change from the middle, character characterity is unlikely to change at first.

2017/03/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27129 Host:27466 Browser: 10209
[good point]
Unique Friends. It is also superb in that they characterize the characteristics of animals that became models in various forms. I knocked knees in spite of the nature of sanneco in particular. Design is also excellent.
The ambience of the whole story and the unrest in the ambience are living together well.
Introductions of animals and nature, such as explanations of serifs and eye catches in the works, are quite powerful.
Various ideas have been made to make a picture with a low budget, so I do not get tired of the landscape.
"Frequently specialized on friends" which is frequently introduced as a symbol of this work is to say that "everyone is different everyone" if it says simply. If it is normal, it will be cleared up with just beautiful things, but in this work it works solidly as one of the subjects of the work and does not feel stale.
Bags are humans, they come up with various ideas, but even though the ideas themselves are baggies, it is often that Friends' power is indispensable for execution and there is no sense of "human wisdom Banzai".
The arrangement of hints is very skillful. I did not notice it as a first look, but when it was collected, how many times I was surprised, "was that something like that"?
Sometimes the battle scene quality is high.
Dramatic accompaniment of good songs. It is an idyllic, heartwarming song, disturbing songs, tense overflowing songs and very expressive.

[Bad point]
To cast off even a little bit, casts are unknown, mainly based on young voice actors, the performance is overall lower (some people can of course listen to them as normal). However, since the intention to act well is enough, if you see what story you can enjoy as a unique taste of this work if you get used to it.
It is ambitious to shed commentary by a professional keeper at eye catch, and the commentary itself is also good, but due to this point the time of eye catching has become very long.
There is a word to say a bad point, as you see the head screw loosens as you watch, it is not highly recommended to appreciate just before an event (such as a test) that requires modest tension.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The original is a minor and service before the broadcast, service is over before the broadcast, there is no budget with a super budget and production with a small number of people, goods like the goods, casts are almost unnamed, and the themes are also common animals as animated subjects, To say the least, it was an on parade of landmine odor and death flags, but if you open the lid, you can say that it is one of the gems that stick to the preoccupation that does not compromise a small scale production system.
... and so on, we have posted reviews as far as this, but if you say clearly it is all these things you thought of on this occasion, and when you are watching it is "Wow, that's fun!" The idea completely dominated the head. It is simple and fun to watch. This is the biggest charm of this work.
Although the meaning of the review may be lost, it is very difficult to translate this enjoyment into a language, so I'd like you to go through about 5 talks for the time being. Then you should know why popularity so far has come out.

2017/03/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11194 Host:11000 Browser: 4721
There were things I wanted to say somewhat, but something I did not care about it all blew away.
I do not want to say the time when I really encountered works that exceed the highest, and I felt that I was going to contaminate the work rather than to word.

Anyway I can say it is all cute, everything is adorable and everything I love is so much thank you for making me hammer so much.
I am thankful to everyone involved in this work.

2017/03/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1227 Host:976 Browser: 8284
It's a low budget animation as you can see but this is a pretty good animation

Initially it is made difficult to set up in the same way as the main character's bag and it seems to be unlikely to get rid of towering but gradually it is making a desire to be in the world view and finally one story has an important meaning unintentionally grows unnoticed Friends character deza And speech is an attractive thing which interpreted the original animal well and it is top notch and OP and ED even if it sees it as a character mono animation but this is also full of generosity with this classic song but OP which makes us feel like traveling, deep friendship etc. ED play It can be said that it is blessed with acoustics as well as medium BGM etc.

There is a reason for the reason why it is popular though it is an animation which was a big trend of a mystery It is not only that it received not only a word but I think that there is a story that was well-knitted

2017/03/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1416 Host:1593 Browser: 8265
No doubt it can be said that it is a 2017 dark horse animation.
Although it was a nomad at the beginning, although it appeared as a trigger for the popular delivery at GyaO for the first time in a fashion trend, ... it certainly was "It's a shit!"

[good point]
Healthy cute of serverle. I felt it was a very suitable Friends as a leading role coupled with its Noh weather.
As a result, the action taken to help the bag in the last round was invited to tears.
A wonderful crazy word of a bag. A story that shows the characteristics of human beings while intersecting with Friends as 'human friends'.
Regarding the sex as well, it was thoughtful that revealing that it was a girl until then until then and returning to humans from Friends again becomes unknown.
The cuteness of the boss is cute. Although it was functioning as well as SF gadget, it was unexpected that it finally becomes ah.
Ali - san and Feneck have parts to follow, so that we can enjoy that chair more doubly as a result of our previous review.
The depiction of seemingly extreme friends are also depicting politely based on model animals, with the pleated doe of 5 episodes being the first.
The explanation part which is sandwiched along the way becomes beneficial, and it is safe even if it shows this to a child if it is this.
The merit of .OP songs. I think that it is a fun song that expresses the contents of this work briefly and quietly talks regardless of age and sex.
.ED. Sounds that showed the dark side of this film and songs that suggested a relationship between a serverle and a bag showed good chemical reactions.
It is reminiscent of the early days of Aikatsu, there is no bad guy and a style that does not break down in any theater while catching anything positive.
On the other hand a superb depiction as a post - apocalypse that is studded to attract viewers' interest.
Flow that made hints of evolution of the development from the 11th episode. Especially, I felt growth in the actions of a bag that seemed to resemble 1 episode and I could cry.
The final round A part - aggregate development of all. Though it is solid, it is very hot, the end of the battle and bag was also very wonderful.
Late departure from the party of the last round B part. It was also solid again but it was a wonderful ending that I could cry and laugh.
Tatsuki 's overwhelming service spirit and footwork, which published 12.1 episodes of November in personal production.

[Bad point]
Hints might have been stocked, but one talk was boring to say very well. I think that it is useless to have many people to cut.
Although it can be touched without a doubt if it sees until the last story, since it is different from viewers' good things, I will not force it.
Since it is .CG animation, occasional unprecedented spiritual facial expressions are to be found.
Media linkage failure. If I continue with the application a little more management will have picked up now.
Poor weakness of servers on certain distribution sites revealed at the end. I was sorry only for the site which became one of the driving force of this work's hit.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Suddenly I was surprised when I was buzzing but as I continued watching it I thought that this was certainly made seriously.
I'd like to think that the serious attitude of the production staff to describe friends and the wishes of "I want you to be healers of the audience" have resulted in a fruitful result that has led to the current excitement.
It seems that it will be rebroadcasted on AT - X in the future but I felt it was an animation I would like you to re - broadcast in NHK education as an ideal.

[Look at last round]
Distribution with the largest distribution medium was over, so we corrected the evaluation from time to time due to spoiler.

Although there is a direction that it is not such thing as being evaluated to that extent, I think that it is useless as well.
On the surface, CG technology is not high, the talk is not magnificent so far, there is no turning point of the story to be surprised.
But this work's white eyebrow is not that kind of thing, is that because it was not originally anticipated it is the work that made it possible to maximize it without distorting any talent of an excellent creators called Tatsuki.
Gdgd Lopoli continued from fairy s. The only genealogy that fuses the genealogies of the "gentle world" from the lineage of Presco CG animation and continued from "Akatsu!" In the best form and sublimates And Fukuhara P's anime will handle)
In this work, it is called a masterpiece and there is no so-called deeply treating one of the animation works of many places.
People who were impressed by seeing this work do not get misled by a noisy noise, and I want them to take care of their sensitivity.

It was a very good last round. Thank you Tatsuki. Thanks people for the production staff. Thank you Friends.
It was a "highest" animation work without complaint.

2017/02/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4099 Host:4058 Browser: 9629
Even though it became a serious development, it was changed to a bad evaluation because it looked like a corruption, leaving a holeful script as it was. I did not know how dangerous Cerrian is to the end

2017/02/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26511 Host:26562 Browser: 4693
[good point]
At first, there are parts that try to convey the characteristics of animals, the natural body, the usual appearance.
Even if it is a brief period between the curtains by breeding staff, even if it is stick reading narration ... If there is not this, it is already only tough.

[Bad point]
As animation, low level in all directions such as drawing power, story, direction.
Animal knowledge is too short and too shallow as a wrestling, so it is unsatisfactory.
I do not understand the concept of the original in the first place. Although there seems to be an original game, too.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"bad-". In the early stages of the story I was surprised by the poor performance of laughter at serverle, overly over CG, a suitable world view. I thought it was awful, but I was convinced by seeing the name of Yoshizaki Kannon on the concept.
Oh, it looks like it's done. Although I was looking at scary things & inertia, I heard that it is a festival with Nico Dyna, and I heard that I can not understand recent trends, I feel full of feeling.
I can appreciate involving zoos and safari parks, but the depth of digging is too shallow,
It also does not function as a wrestling. So far, it's a super-half-hearted moe (although it is not even moe)
I feel that animation is progressing. Every talk also continues to appeal to people's specialty,
It is not even presumed to be the main work of the work ... It is staying in the work "super - halfway".
It is hard to recommend.

2017/02/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12243 Host:12616 Browser: 11672
I saw it until 5 episodes.

[good point]
Good for dramas. For example, if there was a game to adventure in nature, it would be fun to walk around if such a field song is flowing.

[Bad point]
The story is boring. The dialogue of the character, exchange is not fun. I do not feel like making characters moe, but I do not feel like telling animal's charm.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Animation that is dissatisfied in most respects.

First of all it's set, but there are places where there is a feeling of devastation of Japa repark, where the lucky beast speaks to the partner, or the mystery is scattered, but because the person under construction never pursues, the existence has floated ing. It is obvious that the bag is human for viewers just because they do not understand the person under construction, and Japa repark does not know whether it is nuclear war or natural disaster, but after something has been abandoned and thrown away. As an animation of everyday things, it is only an appreciation stress. It is not a serious animation that elucidates the world, so there is no need to worry about these factors.

So the content is what it is as an animation of everyday things, but since the character interaction is superficial and there is only what you want to flatten it can not be touched at all. For the convenience of going towards the library, it seems that there is something we have to do separately with the character, but even without it, it seems that the conversation is lighter and there is no plan to shape the character at all. It has become a strange character only. Not only the new characters that appear every time, but also the serverle and the bag are thin. Even with the relationship between these two people, there is nothing to shake your heart.

All the appearing characters are "making friends", and they are looking like people almost with the characteristics of animals. Regarding the original animal, although Lucky Beast is talking and speaking commentary voice in the middle of the work, and even real married personnel explain it in the intermission, just flowing as voice will reinforce its commentary There is nothing explanation video. For example, while explaining the personality of animals, if they showed themselves to the comic through a character, it would have been a certain evaluation as an animation familiar to animals. With commentary on this animation, even animal personality flows from right to left. It's not funny and it does not mean interest in animals. It is disgusted by the feeling that bagan wanted to convey the superiority of human being rather than the charm of an animal where bagan solves each trouble utilizing human wisdom.
It will not be anything to do with this animation, but if the animation is worth it, I think that it would be fun to watch animals as intact as animals, with the help of animals that people adventure with.

For everyday animation, the depiction of each character and character is too thin, just as a SF anime has a mystery left alone, the bottom is shallow, it is not exciting as an adventure animation and there is nothing to be obtained as learning animation . I am dissatisfied from every direction. If supplemented, it is not animation that pursued so-called surreal, and the neta of laughter being made is also flat and boring. I felt it was clear and handmade animation.

2017/02/11 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7504 Host:7681 Browser: 5139
This animation has a high level

As the quality of animation, the quality of the low level voice actor is also low level

Then what is the high level?
Produce quality and the level of a few fans supporting it are high

Where does this amount of heat and precision come from? Perhaps there are reasons in the voice actor It is unknown whether it is a shelf or intentional, but it can be said that it was successful that it was cheap with a cheap idol voice actor on sale

It seems to be a phenomenon that the fans intensively gather and it seems to be a phenomenon which is raised and it seems that it is a phenomenon which is raising it. So what you see animation is empty and you can satisfy just by seeing only the flowing video and sound In that sense there is a sense of AKB
It is also an animation that has the possibility to sweep the anime world like AKB

2017/02/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4863 Host:4636 Browser: 5139
Currently 4 episodes have been broadcasted.
Since I think that it is thought that it is organizing a scenario under a solid theme quite steadily, except for the first talk that is thrown out by the unfamiliar world view, I want to do after evaluation ends.
SF-like considerations are also found on the net, but this setting is probably a way of comparing human beings with a variety of other animals as a kind of animal (Homo sapiens) by peeling off the skin called sociality I think that is for. The storytelling of each episode is configured to inductively express "what kind of animal is human", and the viewer does not see the end to the library which is "search for the hero of the hero" You can know the ability.

Using the tools.The hero solves the problem with these human capabilities with the human dexterity of the hand (1.2 talk), the spatial recognition ability (3 talks), the recognition and analogy (4 talks) of the symbol, but the wonderful part of this animation is, With that, it is in the place to capture the perception that it is one of "good times" that each animal does not regard as "a person is superior".
And understanding such theme, you can see that everything is packed up in that redundant first episode and noisy OP song.

Scenes that I liked from a different perspective than those.
Scenes that have been programmed before the attraction where Lucky Beast was devastated in the fourth episode of the fourth episode are supposed to be tragic scenes from the situation undoubtedly but the setting that the characters do not know before anyone is devastated as one person Because it was handled as a complete gag scene, it was a bit amazing scene that the audience only goes by lonely.
This should be the same kind as the episode of Dr. Sebot of Dragon Quest 7 or the planetarium playing scene of planetarian ....