[Anime]The Wind Rises (Kaze tachinu)

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Hayao Miyazaki
Toshio Suzuki
Kitaro Kosaka
Takeshi Seyama
Joe Hisaishi
Stadio Ghibli
Hideaki Anno
Miori Takimoto
Hidetoshi Nishijima
Masahiko Nishimura
Morio Kazama
Keiko Takeshita
Mirai Shida
Jun Kunimura
Shinobu Otake
Mansai Nomura
Japan Released:2013/07/20(Sat) Movie
Official sites
1. http://kazetachinu.jp/ (Translation)
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2017/01/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12667 Host:12509 Browser: 5137
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Horikoshi who made famous Japanese fighter, Zero type fighter fighter is the hero. It was a very beautiful movie.
Hayao Miyazaki has spun out a story as a slave to the so-called story in what way it is made. It is very easy to understand.
Our audience is made to let Ms. Hayao Miyazaki's story go. Likes and dislikes may be divided, but I personally think that it is a good worker. Evaluation "Good"

2016/06/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11087 Host:10858 Browser: 10339
[good point]
Well. I wonder if it is atmosphere, if you dare say. It was somewhat good that I felt that I felt overtaking and overtaking Japan before the war.

[Bad point]
My voice was not good, but the story moved too much and it was boring. Specifically, the story of romance and the story as a technician are not engaged at all and it is unbearable to see by disassembling in the air. Or rather, it is not a movie made to show it to people, this. I just draw the things I want to do.

There are those who often have a bad head does not know the goodness of this movie, but why are we giving out money Why do we have to think in order to enjoy the movies? Do you have a movie entertain us? The movie adapts to this thought. Please make it content that makes me want to consider this movie with difficult contents.
That was more complainant.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Hayao can not be around Ponyo. I wonder if a masterpiece like Laputa is already available ,,,,,.

2016/02/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11388 Host:11350 Browser: 7468
[good point]
I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the buildings and the landscape I do not know if it is true But the place where the times are being expressed firmly Personally I think that it is the last heavenly cloud that raised the evaluation of this work to the maximum,

[Bad point]
Whether the hero is so or the place where there is undulation But where the talk is expanded to my pace Voice of the hero, this is terrible at the level of breaking the work. The sense of the director who decided that this is good is not a funny scene where Japanese planes are falling down that can not be understood at all

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The scenes acting in the face are not talking anyway, but when I saw the movie I thought it was various when I saw the movie I thought that when I saw a movie I thought it was interesting I saw a movie that was misrepresented by Hikoki cloud, but only the memory of the last I was dissatisfied with how to end it, but it was a work that I could see more than imagined

2015/09/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19178 Host:19261 Browser: 9155
[Good point] picture. After all it is wonderful!

[Bad point] A story. There is no help on the theme of the work, but there is not much undulation, but a little tough

[Overall evaluation] Director Hayao Miyazaki's last feature film. I really appreciate your work!

2015/07/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4830 Host:4763 Browser: 7906
[good point]
I can sympathize personally
High image level
A human odor comes out at the same time as a weirdness of a weirdo

[Bad point]
It is not easy to understand
Depending on how you look out, soap opera smells

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If you show bad points briefly, I will follow this "Personally sympathize". The protagonist is a genius, except for that point, he is just a weirdo and a man. Incorporate into things, find unique philosophy and aesthetic sense not understood by people, to be inclined. It is mysterious from other people, a genius person, some people may look very attractive. But looking at the contents well, it is nothing but a stupid man who loves beautiful girls. It is such a thing! The world seems to be mixed in such ambiguous standing position that such "beautiful" parts and "human smelly" part are bothersome. Even if it becomes a weapon of war, the hero will continue to make a "beautiful" airplane. This may seem like a beautiful story that is consistent with aesthetics as a technician, but you can also view it as a story of a fool who kept following her desires. To put it more, even the aesthetics as the technician may have some impure motivation. For example, in the early stage scenes, everyone is women who are waving their hands to the hero riding in an airplane in their dreams. I think that is fine. I think it is quite sound. Whatever swirls in the deep part of the heart, you can do as you like. However, what we have to be aware of is that if you say that you like this work, you may be told many things, "Looking at a woman by face" or "I do not think about a woman" It is that. Oh, I'd like to say such a thing, but I can not go that way. In order to live happily in the world, it is a place as a man, you might as well be careful.

2015/03/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3970 Host:3880 Browser: 7866
Although terrestrial broadcasting finally was finally carried out, well evaluated even in yahoo movie review (average of 5 points
3.3 points, as of March 1, 2015) is not good to say that it can not be said good.

Well, Mr. Hayao Miyazaki was left, so I thought that he would not do absolute zero war praise and so it was actually, but the situation surrounding Japan at that time (the scene where the officers of the Imperial Navy appeared was seen Hachikoshi Jiro's character, which was a life-size "aviation technician" who was faithful to his dreams and was faithful to his dreams, was kept consistent. It is also coupled with frequent talks with Caproni in a dream. The scenery of a smooth airplane run and the grassy field swaying in the wind is also beautiful, especially one scene with the last caproni is felt like a transcendent fantasy as well, and it is also different from the original Ghibli work There was a lingering finish.
But it is ........

This is already "usual thing" already, it is a voice acting team. Mr. Miki Takimoto, Mr. Nomura Nomura,
Besides, I think that Mr. Otake shinobu and others talked about how to talk relatively naturally.
However, originally it seems that they were hoping to participate as a staff since Nausicaa,
It was Mr. Anno Hideaki who is Jiro's role. Certainly, a gentle voice whose image is different from its appearance has a presence, or it remains in the impression. However, I did not feel young and I thought that it might not have been misleading with Jiro Jiro 's passion for that airplane. Although Kurokawa also served as a matchmaker of marriage, he was a stereotype-like solid, and the character itself was not interesting and there was not a good impression, but Mr. Masahiko Nishimura is also acting in a bad meaning. did. Mr. Kunimura of Mr. Hattori also could not demonstrate his personality that he was not Mr. Yaharu as well. It was a remarkable casting again that it was another acting as an actor.

In addition to the progress of other train accidents, studying abroad in Germany, and Tatsuo Hori 's "Windless Stuff" also had a number of undulating relatives such as Naho child's fighting that might have been a hint,
It was another feeling I was hanging on. Interaction with Honjo was somewhat dull, and my sister who Mr. Midori Shida plays is also a bit naughty, I accidentally denied Jiro who was indifferent to the disease condition of Nanohiko and was a contemporary character for me Is it?
The tears I shed when she returned to the sanatoria were also excessive, and it was a character with another nose with another character from Kurokawa.

It seems that it was also a retirement work of Mr. Miyazaki, but in a Ghibli work of recent years it was a person who was a good one. At least, Jiro's voice actor, even a celebrity, has a louder voice and more seriousness (Mr. Anno was not unfaithful.) If you are appointed by the atmosphere ... ...is not it. Evaluation is "bad", but it is different.
Mr. Anano is also a talent who says anything, but recently I have noticed that Miyazaki's more animators than Mr. Miyazaki's more than noticeable disadvantages are noticeable again in recent years. It is also strongly hoped that the studio ghibli will not be captivated by strangulation in this way as well, and I really want to remind the animation making and the significance which can really enjoy simple regardless of age from an adult to a child.

2015/03/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9770 Host:9858 Browser: 12723
[good point]
It is interesting to see the people and places that make and think about the plane.

[Bad point]
Better or bad as regular animation as Ghibli work quite modest.
I do not mind if it is plain, but it is hard to get impressed because I can not like the characters because of the emotional nature of the hero who also acted.
(I examined it later, but it seems to be a controversial argument after all.

I thought that the last is also over with this.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I recorded and watched the TV broadcasting the other day.
I watched the award-winning work and Hayao Miyazaki's retirement work, so I watched it, but I guess it would not suit you.
Evaluation is "normal".

2014/12/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28947 Host:28922 Browser: 7872
The early stage is drawn into a dreamy image of a cinematic leap and a fantasy scene of the transition from a real scene to a fantasy scene.
After the middle stage such parts become fewer, the actual life of Jiro Horikoshi is carefully drawn, romantics etc are also drawn.
Miyazaki work has eaten a little side to the vivid love picture depiction which can not be seen much. Imagine Anno who is playing it and you will be laughing.

Mr. Anno was really interested in the first time, but I soon got used to it. Mr. Amano personally thinks that acting of voice was pretty good as it is also a live-action work ("catchball shop") and having experience of the performer and also an excellent director.
However, it seems that I can not deny that there is also a place where it seems to work badly as I feel that the somewhat disappeared.
Somehow Jiro seems to be oversimplified and I get the impression that it is hindering empathy.
Love with Nachiko is a bit of depiction, I wanted to see the stacking of two more, but maybe because of the scales' convenience.
I think that it has become unsatisfactory content as a work which draws a person like a digest as a whole including the romantic part.

I appreciate that it is a honorable mention but not a masterpiece.
I think that it might have been good even if there was more animation-like dynamics, foreign relations and challenges.

2014/09/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7612 Host:7822 Browser: 7905
[good point]
When Japan was a developing country, the story of making an airplane is interesting. A series of painting scenes that thrill you. Acting children who tried to give Siberia, the scene to eat with Honjo afterwards, and so on, these other anime in Japan can not be seen anymore. Wonderfully completely exceptional.
Multilayer nature of the theme. The world with the pyramid, the purity of motivation and the cruelty of the result, industrial revolution and lost Japan, work and family etc.
The character of Honjo and Mr. Kurokawa is done very well. Their performance is amazing.
The scenery from the late Taisho period where Miyazaki Hayao reproduces and the time before the war is wonderful anyhow.
There is absolutely no explanation of the snake feet that seems to be foolish trout.
Maybe Sorge is a German character of the Karuizawa hotel model.

[Bad point]
Audio is mono.
Anno's stick reading acting romance part is not fun. Character of Nanako is slightly smoother. I feel it is Kurarisukara. Perhaps the scene to fly a paper airplane, or maybe the hobby of Hayao Miyazaki, but I did not think anything.
From director's anti-war philosophy, thorough seal of exhilaration of war depiction, action scenes. Mr. Miyazaki still does not know that for adults the coolness of weapons and the inhumanity of war are different things, that is not a contradiction?
There is no mountain or valley in the story, there is no mystery or problem to solve. That is, the denial of the basic structure of the plot.
The scene of the first night is completely unnecessary.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a movie full of problems, even if it is deducted, this person's drawing is different in the case. The best.

2014/08/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17625 Host:17652 Browser: 5171
[good point]
The director Miyazaki brought a love story early in the Showa era as its curtain.
It also mirrored the nostalgic drawing of the ghibli and the director's own love view is classic ... In other words, it was matched to the era in the opposite way that it was a male ego principal.
Even if Mr. Miyazaki, who professed to dislike "Anne of Green Gables", draws a female-oriented love story, it is decided to fail.
Nanoho's heroine turns into a wife from her little girl through her daughter Mostly on the purple of "Genji Monogatari".

It is also wonderful that I can point out Jiro's ego burdened by placing her next to her and point out her sister and his boss Kurokawa and show the ego beautifully with picture depiction while maintaining objectivity.
Two people 's familiarity was an airplane, Jiro who heard that Nanoko bleeding blood continued design while crying on the way,
In the end, finishing the design while grasping the hands of his wife, the explanation by these lines beyond necessity is unnecessary.

[Bad point]
As for the work itself it is the content with legs attached to the ground with a biographical story, such as a lot of scenes of dreams and living creature depictions of the scene of the earthquake such as "Ponyo" expressing the waves in the fantasy overproduction is exciting It was cut.
I think that the threat has been fully transmitted only by roar and smoke clusters such as earthquakes and the portrait of a few years later.
These scenes like "Laputa", although the initial work is more adventurous fantasy, I feel calm.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Is Mr. Hayao Miyazaki who declared retirement exactly a total decision? (Laugh.
Romachism to the sky and airplane drawn from before Ghibli was founded, a love story that began to stand out in recent Ghibli work,
After combining the old and new elements, the hero is self-projecting by the director.
Although the bad habit part of the work was seen also in the directing aspect in recent years, I think that the image to the Ghibli work originally differed depending on the work touched for the first time and I think that the contents which various generations can see from various angles were finished.
Evaluation is "better" than "very good".

2014/08/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5171
There are many places where a story flies like a boyhood 〓〓〓encounter with Caproni (in the world of dreams) 〓〓〓student days.
This is the most interesting point of viewing this work.

The story begins with a dream that Jiro juveniles flying in the sky with an airplane on the roof.

Nanoho picks up Jiro's hat blown off by the wind by the train, after the Great Kanto Earthquake happens, she evacuates with three people, she goes to work and crosses Germany and shows off as an engineer,
Jiroko's drama that leans passion for pure airplane construction is developed so that you get hints from Jabu and Nacho child love romance and mackerel bone in making a reunion with Nanoho in a summer resort.

Falcon's test flight failure, touching the cutting edge of airplane construction in Germany, the light and shadow of the airplane Kapruni speaks, being banged by the boss by being marked extraordinary,
Jiro's dream is fruitful in the form of zero battle while being tossed by reality such as the footsteps of war heard through conversation with castlepup etc.,
Nanahoko decides to spend the remaining few life with Jiro.
Behind the goal was the reality that it lost the remains of dreams and Nanohiko.

Miyazaki did not run in the political direction with the creator of Zero warfare called Horikoshi Jiro the leading role, never escaping from reality,
Like someone else like you did not run cheesy heroes and we spun purely beautiful stories like Jiro who is working.

It was a human being.Saying behind Hayao Miyazaki 's person.

2014/06/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5251 Host:5420 Browser: 5716
Even if you keep chasing the beautiful things, they will never die forever and will eventually be broken.
The plane does not come home, Nanaho also does not come back. But, I must live.
Even if you lose something important, you must live in this world.

Jiro was very dedicated. The first half is drawn by Jiro, a masterpiece impressive and hard work towards the dream of building an airplane,
In the second half I love Nanohoko all the time, I shed tears in the fear of losing, I saw a human place and it was impressive.
Is it because of this dedication that I will not break even if I lose it?
Although not direct, the strength of his heart has been transmitted.
It was a short time to be a couple, but it was a very happy time for the two of us.
Having priority to each other's happiness. I feel that beautiful things and happiness are paired with each other.

The depiction of the earthquake disaster, how to draw Hashiro san. I was amazed at how I can also think about it.
Speaking where I was concerned, Honjo was saying "hypocrisy". Was that truly hypocritical?
Maybe my understanding is short, somebody tell me.
Another is Jiro 's voice, but I do not know honestly whether it was really good to adopt Amano.

As a whole work, it was truly amazing. It was a really good movie.

2014/03/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31059 Host:30950 Browser: 5949
Evaluation from the memory when seen at the time of film release.
[good point]
Some expressive techniques. Well it might be a problem of hobbies.

[Bad point]
It was a pretty boring work as a long time work.
Several months after the release, I had seen various positive evaluations, but in reality, it was hard to say that none reflects the actual work. Well it may be a matter of hobbies, people I like may have enjoyed even such a work, but I was bored with most of the time.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As a work I think that it can be an ordinary evaluation.
The policy of this site that the evaluation of a bad system is not made as much as possible is a policy which does not basically do evaluation of a bad system by being able to understand in a certain meaning. Bad work is not something that you can watch all the talk in the first place, since there is no such thing as immersing in the feeling or considering after watching it, do not put a rating on such a site.
However, it is a fact that I felt that this work is paying as much as 1500 yen at a movie theater and watching it as a consideration for that. On the way, I could endure the toilet, but in addition to continuing boredom, a very boring scene, a half-hearted adult love scene began, judging that it would be better to go to the bathroom than viewing and then slowly toilet There is a memory that went to.
Based on the above, we made a "bad" evaluation.
Although it is a famous Ghibli work, it seems that it was popularly enjoyed everyday as a box office, but the content of the work is disappointing because it does not match the price of 1500 yen for viewing in the hall.

2013/11/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16515 Host:16546 Browser: 5386
It was not like "excitement", "crying" or "movie that moves the mind" was not it?
As I felt so frantically, there were interesting things like pure literature works.
An old fashioned phrase or expressions that came in from play have been shining.
Of course, Miyazaki 's animation director' s height is far beyond the standard level, and artistic thinking is probably perfect.

First of all, I thought that it was interesting individually, was it a "dream" scene in the "windless world"?
It is a scene that made use of such a medium whether it is ghiblious or animated. This is a mysterious world view that can only be done with either novels or animation.
It is a sci-fi tick and a fantasic scene that dreams and dreams are linked ... It's a scene ... it's a scene that can be enjoyed even by a few children in a slightly adult-oriented and old-fashioned dark work.
The last scene is also a dream world, I think that it was a good scene that skillfully depicted the heart of the hero.

The cast was a little surprised that casting Hideaki Anno to the hero ... It was awesome in the end.
Personally, I thought that "casting an actor as a voice actor" of Ghibli was a good attempt, but I certainly did not think that he would bring Anno in such a place.
It is a story of Hayao Miyazaki's final work and I do not think there will be such a new thing in there. Even actors and even actors ... no, they are not even celebrities who will go to public.
So, the goodness of Director Anno is still obedient to feel like this thin. Anno is a fairly straightforward geek, and there is a feeling of quite a good person as an atmosphere.
The voice is also gentle, and there is also a sense of security with a voice that seems to be rolling in somewhere around him, such as "school teacher" "relatives' uncle".
Besides, Amano of "I love animation and special effects and it's nothing to do with the world" is quite like the main character Jiro Horikoshi of this.
Although I felt initially that it did not match the main character's father's face, I felt that role and emotion were linked at the end.

Although expressing "sound" with "voice" was also novelty, there was also a little surreal part (laugh)
Well, well, the unique world now is in such sounds as "Bobo Bobo Bobo" or "Brulleuluru".
Even though I do not think it is good, it is said to be one taste.
It will be surreal if you do such a thing with a pattern other than Ghibli, but it was seen without any discomfort especially when it was a ghibli who gradually made a distinctive "taste".

On the story side, I drew a life of a man straight, but while drawing a very everyday thing such as "dream" "work" "love" "experience", there is not much feeling of the person who becomes the viewpoint there I think that it was interesting to portray it so as not to feel it.
Anyway, throughout the hero's emotions have no clutter, I feel slightly noisy. I certainly describe the personality as I understand it, so I did not think it was cold like a machine human.
Anyway, if you compare it with screaming or deploring lamentating movies, it is quite something quietly, if you can concentrate and see it you will not feel annoyed.
Because this calm atmosphere, various conflicts, how to accept the last ending was very good, I will be given a high rating personally.
At the end, it seems as if the hero comes at a price to pursue a dream, or a hero or a heroin 's living cost compensation has come around.
I do not think that it is suitable for watching, so I think that it needs tremendous attention.

After that, the heroine was almost cute.
It is two of Nanaho and Koshiro. I wonder why Ghibli heroine is pretty plain and cute.
Kami was a typical sister character, and Naho child is purely a character deza.
Even marriage scenes seemed to be really "pretty", and although it is an animated style, the design of the ghibli heroine that does not change from the past is really good.

Throughout the whole viewpoint is not talked about other than Horikoshi Jiro, there is nothing to touch other human dramas in detail, so there are not many scenes that I can cut and there are few scenes that I want to add ....

Evaluation is "very good".
Even this year alone, "Film Doki Doki Pretty Cure", "Precure All Stars NS", "Pacific Rim", "Ultraman Ginga Theater Special", "Fang Wolf ~ Sailor noodleu ~", "Flower I saw that theater version We do not know the name of "We still have not seen the animation and subcart-sided works, but none of them are good ones without correcting theaters.
Among them, this "wind standing" had good merit that made me feel like moving my heart, so entertaining was a wonderful work even if it was thin.

2013/10/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15639 Host:15667 Browser: 5386
A writer told the author's saying, "Writers are not allowed, it's useless to get out of pants. There are lots of readers to talk about when you take off your pants and dance naked and dance."
There is something called.
I do not absolutely affirm this word, but I think that it is one prejudice.

And this animation, superbly director Miyazaki is taking off the pants.
There is not so much in other fiction dramas that I'm pulling out so far.
In that respect it certainly is splendid, but for some reason there is nothing to touch the heartstrings of my heart ...

First of all, what I have to say at the beginning is that this film does not mean that the documentary was the core of a person called Jiro Horikoshi.
Mr. Horikoshi's wife should have had 6 children with comparative health.
Speaking of Mr. Horikoshi's most respected aircraft-related person, it should have been Sikorsky instead of Caproni.
This is a matter of knowing even Mr. Horikoshi's books are not read so much by thin army so obviously Miyazaki should have known.

Well, why did you change that there was something you wanted to hypothesize, so change it.
Considering nature, Jiro Horikoshi who changed it would be Miyazaki himself himself.

How to get off the pants from here is brilliant.
I sacrificed my lover and family for my dream.
There are as many such criminal cases as to investigate at the expense of a suspense drama family for 2 hours.
For a dream, I sacrifice from my family to the life of others.
Although this is also less than the previous example, it is a pattern as a great drama in Brown 's biography drama etc etc.
A great place for Miyazaki's director is his work, not the pants that took off about his dreams, but the pants that took off from the ladies.

Do not present reasons for love other than "for being beautiful".

This is amazing.
People who are coach directors, who are far from being humans or egoistics, or those who naked naked after taking off their pants.
Normally, "beauty" is a beautiful skill or work that the person wore, beautiful belief is that it is beautiful, but it is sticky, but without doing such things it is naked.
That is certainly a terrible thing.

But can you be impressed with that?
Speaking of all, it is impossible for me to do anything.
Do you want to engage with such people?
If you are told, I would like even a man of mine.
I can not understand this feeling and I do not want to understand as Ichijin's one elongate person.
It was such anime ...

Also, another F6F who overwhelmed the zero fight was not a fighter aircraft that was said to be beautiful also in flattery.
Somehow, I do not feel like running away from it to make a thesis.

Well, but it's a "beautiful" movie.
It is my problem as a recipient that I can not receive that "beauty" obediently.
So we will make the evaluation "good".

2013/10/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19992 Host:20147 Browser: 5386
[good point]
Where the person depicts each person properly Flight of the airplane Especially the depiction that the feathers of the airplane breaks is a place where the superior hero Horikoshi Jiro carefully depicts the era when he lived

[Bad point]
It may seem like a different story depending on where the viewer focuses if you change the way the part to become the axis becomes difficult to understand In that sense it is more like a biography than a story ... such a movie

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I do not know whether such expression is appropriate, but I felt like I saw the first director's work.
Later on thinking,
The adult's love story was drawn,
Actually Miyazaki seemed to be the first time for Mr. Miyazaki,
Perhaps the atmosphere around that was out.

As for the drawing, it is possible to be called Ghibli.
Especially the bride shape of Nanako was beautiful enough to doubt my own eyes.

Rather than a story in line with some theme,
I think that it is becoming a movie depicting the living habits of Horikoshi Jiro.
So, as a story's impact, there is a slightly weak feeling.

Also, Mr. Anno's voice, acting I thought that I wanted a voice so much more than anything else.

When you see it over time, the impression may change again.

If it evaluates as a movie it is the best,
As animation, there was a part unsatisfactory constitutively,
I will make the evaluation very good.

2013/09/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27550 Host:27619 Browser: 4894
Even though time passes since I saw it, I do not feel like I can write well even if I think a lot, so I will evaluate it soon.

It was fun, but I do not know what is interesting. Anyway, there is no story that seems to be a story in this work.
There is no conflict, anguish or jubilation. The hero does not feel madness, betrayal or enthusiasm for betting his dreams (I thought that he chose that voice so that he does not feel, a play is not necessary for this hero). All such mental actions that create waves inside the work are carefully removed.
There is really "the most beautiful place only". It is not a dynamic beauty finally obtained through a story, but a static beauty that exists in the moment in the screen irrespective of the story.

Whether the work can be established with "beautiful places only" in the first place. Whether a movie made with one person as the main character and chasing his life can be made up of "only beautiful places".
That is true. Therefore, I do not know what is interesting.

Perhaps this is a meaningless work even if you follow the story.
All the screens that make up the work probably have secrets such as movie technique, secret art of animation technique being stretched around. There is no useless time even for one second, there is no extra color even in one color, and there is no unnecessary movement even for a moment. For an amateur like me, I can not think about what the secret art is.
However, because of the secret arts that the layman can not understand at all, this work of "only the most beautiful place" is made as a work.

I do not know what's interesting, but it certainly is fun. I will not stop myself until the last moment, and I will get into my work as if I dig into the screen.

I can attach "very", but I do not understand anything.

2013/08/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23872 Host:24014 Browser: 7863
I watch it at the movie theater.

Because the ghibli movie has a commitment also to a little effect sound,
I think that it is suitable to see in a movie theater.

It was a work for adults with true opposite to Ponyo.

I always think that the animation power of Ghibli is a measure of the technical capabilities of Japanese animation, but this work is also a word of wonderful delicate scenery depiction etc is wonderful.

The story is not fantasy, it depicts the half-life of a real person, so the fanciness was compared with other ghibli pieces.

The rest is a voice actor indispensable to animation, but the hero is Mr. Amano. . .
It was such a regrettable situation that Mr. Anano says that if he is a director Eva and his performance acting as a voice actor it will not be OK.

Although Ghibli works always chose voice actors oddly, because I think that the level of voice actors of Japan is high, I wanted you to deal with professional voice actors.

2013/08/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In the Miyazaki animation of recent years, it certainly passed through one and was fun.
When I finished watching it was not so much, but I came from after Jiwiwa.
However, as there is no mountain in the story itself, this seems to be bored if the child goes to see. I do not think that it was quite a bet as to how far the box office would succeed.

Sorry that the depiction attracted to the heroine was a bit weak.
I think I wanted to draw a little more about the relationship that would create a strong bond with her not a long death.

About the problem of cigarettes that had become a problem.
I think that the depiction of cigarettes is OK at all, but I feel I was talking about "tobacco, tobacco" a little more than necessary. On the contrary, I thought that I am too particular about tobacco.
I think that the scene which sucks next to Nasobo of the last person was necessary in a sense.

2013/08/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7370 Host:7493 Browser: 7863
It is Nichido; Nisado.

New prize; it is fresh.

Two stories; a story depicting the half-life of a man who created a zero fight.

Shimbun; a series of meta descriptions. 〓〓〓It is a movie that you can see at a glance whether characters are showing by real as it says.

Bishop; If it is from the eva generation like us, hero ... Anno colleague ... Ikuhara (model of Kawori Nagisa, a person who made Utena.)
Caproni ... Miyazaki Zero warfare ... Eva (white and black fighting aircraft is like Eva mass production type) Anno works will not work. Mr. Anano plays (acting in the first place by I pro) so hero.

New Sho; Well this is already inspiring a connection between various teacher relations and human relations. Caproni can also be thought of as Tezuka Osamu. Especially it is said that Mr. Tezuka burned because Mr. Tezuka was throwing away the film of his work made in the ocean or the real visit with Atom. An anime creator who does not know how to make it. Well, as long as you can make animation somewhat more, it is a setting imaginable. It is a narrow world of animation circle, it is a question whether the public can understand it.

I think that children born recently understand it. Children have pure eyes without eyeglasses, but when they wear glasses with age they get blurred, frames are included, and it is hard to see. Moreover, it can not be removed. There are aspects where it is evenly divisible by adults.

New fish; I felt that that part was with the steam boy in a sense. In the end, I think that steamboy bursts are not raging because I want to settle as to which one is better from the point of view of becoming an adult and the point of view after becoming a child because I think that it is the cause of lack of steady boyfriend . Anyway I started glasses, treats like a hat as well. When I was wearing a hat, I was not talking about real intention, but talking about standing beforehand. It is delicious to use props.

I thought that it was a piano or an Eva Q indeed.

New shoes; especially I got water depiction.

Nikko; is it water? You were dumping some shirt with water.

Shin: It is there. I noticed that Okina and heroin were handled differently.

Mr. Nibido; Okinu drank, the heroine was wiping his face.

A scene that you can see that Okinu is a non-virgin and that heroine is a virgin. With that scene alone Okinu knows that there is another man. One by one, later Okinu got married or said that the explanation dialogue was for children. Irasay. Moreover, I think that it is Okinu who came to return what supported the legs Imagine it or Miyazaki san is not like a rocket? Are you targeting a married woman?

Well it may well be indeed probable. Nobody likes to be labeled by a crib. Whether to appeal to what it sees as an animated movie.

New waste; if it is after a long time with a prayer or a puddle, after a long time, it will rain with body. Well do not do water merchandising anime as opposed to kids. When I made Ponyo on a cliff I went to Wayne Machiyama so that I could return it because I was told various things such as film making. It is raining and soaked in sandals or boys' jumps.

Nikko: I still care about the boy's heart somewhere. That is where everyone will catch on.

Shinbun; actor who returns the neighborhood to Park 〓〓〓〓〓is also overkill. This guy is a great answer by this voice actor. It will be understood because of a writer, but as you work, you are immersed in it and acting without questioning such a thing.

Nichido; but it seemed like something like whether it would be fun to talk about something like craftsman temperament = artisticity but it seemed like a halfway place I could not thrust into.

New Sho; After all, as long as you live as a writer as a craftworker, you will not misbehave the loved one and become absolutely pleasant things. I think that this story will come to be consistent if I think about it as a story of a human being who just made it and just made an animation.

Bisuto; I also thought back paintings were bad compared to the past. I wonder if Mr. Miyazaki is also getting worse. Where Laputa, Cagliostro and others were naughty wrote certainly the face, I wrote buildings and so on.

New Sho; It is true that I also noticed somewhat a lack of stereoscopic feeling. Miyazaki san's declining though. Humans are not written where the last credit was different from steamboys. It may be that I dare like the background like a set of the stage. So it might not be the nucleus of this story that I want to make a story to make another zero battle. Another stage was also good. I try to make the set of the stage look three-dimensional, but actually I merely wrote the landscape on the veneer board, that is, it lacks three-dimensional feeling and fineness. This work is deep.

Bishopdo: Maybe rather deep, it may be for smart people or rational ethnic groups.

New fish; I feel a lot from now on, and there may be roughness as well. But this roughness was the fate of a writer. For example, if you are in a cities withdrawal from tuberculosis patients then at that time they would not touch that point though it was a biological weapon, even though the special police were being targeted, they would be caught normally in Tokyo due to love. Sorry about it, you should write what you really think is the most watching animation, that is, those who wear spectacles and always wear a hat and feel it. But after all I do not have a child's heart.

Bishopdo; after all it is not a preaching animation.

New prize; that's right. But you had better not look at such thought. I will not tell the last, but Hayao Miyazaki's last time to tell the hero Anano-kun what you want to hear. Maybe Miyazaki san wanted to tell Anano-kun, I think I started writing scripts. I think that the chance is such a trivial thing. That trivial thing will make a terrible work. Honestly 'Bad'. Although there is depiction of juvenile magazine level, since it is absolutely not for masses, it is a premise that knowing in advance about animation industry and animation work in advance. I recommend you to watch after studying for a while.

2013/08/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is obediently a good movie.
I let you shed tears.

Well, when looking at a little warped line, the main character is Hayao Miyazaki heroine is Nausicaa ...
My colleague is Takahata.
Caproni is Mr. Walt Disney.
Zero warfare, of course, works that Mr. Miyazaki has made up to now.
It is still interesting to see this.

I draw merely purely beautiful and funny things and what I made are overtaken and distorted and transmitted

I reclaimed Nausicaa (heroin) taken by coach Rin Ruriguri's Arrieties and Cochryko Zaka to director Uri Hayashi and manager Goro Miyazaki.
I will kiss and I will stay up to Nakaya ...
In the end is where no hand reaches anyone ...

Jubri is bound to one heroine called Nausicaa thought, but is it whether the ending was a good act in such a meaning?

Another work that made director Anno a voice actor.
Did you want to tell you that pilots (voice actors and original artists in anime) are suits, or did you admit him and play Mr. Horikoshi (Mr. Hayao Miyazaki)? It is interesting just to make a delusion.

2013/08/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Happy creation Hayao "Many troublesome, oh, just create anime, do not mind if you stay with me as a beautiful girl!"
And that pretty girl will show me just the "most beautiful places" and it will not disappear Hayao broke w
I thought that it smoked cigarettes w

But that is fine Hayao is such a man All old fans think so (I think)
Personally I think that I started to be crazy from "Mononoke", but it is said that it is "national", "moving" or "nature" and is featured in Nittere, which is true in Hayao There is no It is an otaku man who wrote maniac cartoon in a model magazine It is perfect that a lovely airplane is made to fly and a healthy beautiful girl comes out

Just Miyazaki Hayao's amazing place, not to mention the zero fight thought to be good, to chew around, to say good, to put it badly, to satisfy his own desire, to put a spot on the designer, to the spot of the designer If you are good at sorting If you have workmanship of that person who incorporates romantic and social circumstances into it, it is a digression to deceive ordinary people (also known as non-otaku w), no complications, this is a digression Cameron of the neighborhood "Titanic" also wanted to shoot only the scene that sinks a good ship, but clearly drawing out the hand, making around love affair, surrounding cheating method and it is also a well-accepted digression It is further a digression, but Takahata Mr. Yamada 's "Yamada Kimi" in everything is too rough. I like himself, but I am concerned about Kaguya Hime. I will see

As I have been told many times in the world, that is around here. Leave it to that person w
After all, depiction of an airplane is terrible. When walking on the area where the "softness" and "danger" of an airplane can be expressed, it is a fuselage of a winged fabric that is concave, so if it takes a depiction engine that is likely to come out due to the weight of a person Breathtaking seven trial ship fighter aircraft in flight, an engine that blows out aircraft oil that is rattled and then crashes as it is
Moreover, the airplane of the beginning dream is "deflection wing" is not it?
Good thing about the flight scene, Tenka Ikeda Again, Oshii can not win on this line w
If there was a battle scene, it would have been more amazing

Earthquake scenes are also amazingly descriptive descriptions themselves, silence immediately after and the baby's crying, etc. It is really good, but at the beginning it is a good skill of the Kanto Great Earthquake Disaster The human beings in the east of the Kanto region are probably " Will remember the shock at that time and what I was doing Here, I will draw the audience to the movies at once in a while Hayao is a genius

Besides, almost depiction of glasses almost deviates from all cuts w
What is this sticking ww

Whether or not I can understand Horikoshi's way of living is said to be different from the previous ghibli which evaluation is divided depending on whether it is otaku (having a kind thing) or not, but I think that old Miyazaki works Perhaps I felt the same thing as above I think that Hayao's selfish bear and me are not able to hide as it is hitherto, but to the old fans, the evaluation that is nice there is very Good

2013/07/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Recommended object: Ghibli work for adults who can understand the way they live, if there is love for airplanes still better

[good point]
It is a point that I summarized drama and designer's way of life well in the framework of human drama about 2 hours where message is transmitted too, not too deeply into mechanics, especially in airplane design and deformation while sticking to detail. Representation and expression of period background

[Bad point]
Where the scene changes suddenly, the sense dreams like editing digest suddenly appear like reality, the sense of incompatibility of the hero's sense of incompatibility with the TB patient in the coexistence of reality and unreality

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In a word I felt that it should be expressed as a "very good work" rather than expressing it as "an interesting work".
Regarding the romantic drama with Nachi child, while feeling a sense of incongruity in dealing with tuberculosis, I thought it was enough to describe my feelings. Even though the word that I love is transmitted straight.
As Miyazaki 's view on romance is seen and hidden as it is, it is kind of embarrassing to be honest.
I do not feel dexterity to love in work, a figure to drive into work. The attitude of Nanaho who makes it good.
There seems to be some people who dislike it because it is quite different from the feeling of love now, but I felt it was like a director (old man).

Well, Jiro's way of living of the main character. There is no shake in goals and actions as a dream as an airplane designer.
And it is straight to love affair, it is a figure that it is everyday anyway. On the contrary, somewhat unsatisfactory,
How to draw emotional aspects. It just flows like a wind without almost feeling the conflict of the hero.
Still, from behaviors to children in the scene where you purchased a sweet called Siberia,
Ideal, but I can see the sense that it is slightly misaligned, so I should understand that it is such a hero.
It also costs money to make an airplane and feels the division that it is useless if you deliberately describe poor.
I have not touched it, but it is the world of the elite who can go to visit abroad.

However, if this work, why the hero can not sympathize whether it loves a mechanism or an airplane so far,
I thought that I could not arrive until I enjoyed it. Most people will understand the part that the airplane is cool. But I felt that there was a person who could feel sympathy, where I fall in love with the former shape and love engines and parts themselves. And expressing and expressing powerfully in the depiction, we made love for an airplane into a dream, and overlapped the figure of the director who drew hard.
An airplane is a man's wanderer. I just felt like to follow the man who understands! Because I'm really stuck with sounds and so on.
The part of enjoying this work is connected with affection for that airplane. So most of the people who can not understand this manike line will feel "good" instead of "interesting" as the beginning.

About the essential theme "If I can not live", the earthquake scene. reconstruction. And seriously facing work etc.,
Improvement with friends. Of course Namiko has also steadily transmitted. There are expressions of various director's thoughts, including confronting things hard and ever being throwing up arrogance.
But it was a soft message than I imagined before watching it. I thought that I was going to press more hard, but it was a level that I could accept obediently if I did not deeply read the back of my thought.
It is not such a feeling as against the war. Rather it felt a contradiction that I love fighter aircraft.

Evaluate the work as "very good". To be honest I wanted to watch this content with 1 or 2 cool works, because there were places I felt that I was editing and cutting various things. I wanted to see Jiro and Nanako as well as Kohno and Honjo in various ways as well as drawing a human figure with that background.
Lastly as a digression, I think that Mr. Jiro Anno 's acting was there. I do not give much emotion,
It was kind of somewhat irritating, but it was a serious and hard-working hero anyway at work.
I can not say that flattering is good at acting itself, but I think whether this is fine.

2013/07/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Age of war. The storm and the indomitable story of a man fascinated by an airplane.

[good point]
〓〓〓 place to escape by an earthquake and an airplane that decomposes in the air, precise drawing and its politeness is the place where he said that it is a drifting Payao Animation.

As for voice actor appointment of Mr. Amano who was noisy in various places, there is no dissatisfaction. It seemed like a reasonable recruitment for considering the character's simplicity and simplicity. However, even if it says, it is still not a pro, so you can not deny the feeling that you can not make a strong line of speech. Because there were not many such scenes, there are also things that I did not mind.

〓〓〓he hero's younger sister "Kayo" is cute. All the female workers are cute as humans. The image of the affluent woman who seems to live in the neighborhood is also still fluffy Payao.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓ow to draw a story is flat and lacking excitement.

The theme was "I had to live", but in proportion to that I did not feel strong adversity in the main character's life, but rather I was impressed that I was only showing the adventurous right and wrong of a blessed human.

Although it is a wartime story, the war for the hero only looked at me in the event of a fire on the opposite shore prepared for making an airplane.
Because it was that it was not an anti-war movie, the scene singing the misery of war might have been deliberately pulled out, but of course, the feelings of the hero's war against the war are also becoming adversarial Is not it necessarily inevitable?

For those who have no experience or knowledge, there may have been parts that were felt by people who already had a feeling in the era of war, poor and unreasonable daily life, weapons history, etc. outside of this work, It seems that there are too many missing parts in this work.
Because of that, Tuberculosis and its death of the hero's wife "Nacho Ko", which can be said to be one of the best adversities of this work, did not exert strong empathy or empathy for me.
The director of the producer cried, I did not cry. I think this is an easy-to-understand example.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If you evaluate it as a work to show to others, you can not help saying that the previous work "Kokurikozaka" is more fun to get sympathy.
Many of the story and the directing that I see through the street were made by thinking about the viewers.
As a production intention of this movie may be a successful making, I think that it was making as a viewer a taste insufficient.

It is the final evaluation. There was not an unreasonable expansion of the railroad leaving many viewers in recent gigs and it was not enough to say that it was boring, but to express this flat feeling is still a place where the evaluation of "ordinary" is reasonable Is it?

Kayo who calls herself or her scene with hand holding hands down with her sick bed was very favorable though. Well, I'm sorry.

2013/07/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29835 Host:30122 Browser: 5386
[good point]
Picture and sound I thought that the sound was good, and it seemed like Ghibli.

[Bad point]
Anno Hideaki's voice ... I was expecting the voice to be bad from the beginning, but this is terrible.
This is the responsibility of Ghibli staff, so it can not be helped even if you angry Mr. Anno.
However, if you use it with such a voice actor, it is said that the next Eva making is said with 2 ch (sweat)

What this work was not a war movie.
I went to see for that, but there was no such thing as betraying expectation with a good meaning (lol)
Jirosuke Horikoshi is an aeronautical engineer, but we have not put much weight on the content as an engineer,
I could not find a theme.

I was able to sympathize with Jiro who is too beautiful human beings by prominent or genius.
I think this is too big.
Mr. Amano creates Shinji which is quite useless, so I thought that this time Ghibli gave him a voice actor.
Needless to say, I like Shinki Ikari humanly.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Mostly, in the comments such as Yahoo, I often see people who are intelligent people and baby-boomer classes acceptable.
I am not a smart human being, so I did not feel impressed (sweat)
I was impressed that there was no impression that I thought about it.
I guess it is because Japanese are too weak as a message to finish with a little strange love story and excellent Zero Battle! (Doya)!
Anyhow, it did not suit me.
It is an animated movie, but it does not seem to be anime. This (lol)
I forgot it although it became a comment like some animated geeks.

Also, please do not show it to children.
It will be two and a half hours absolutely boring and painful.


2013/07/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1350 Host:1458 Browser: 4684
[good point]
Director's fetishism against airplanes, locomotives, aircraft carriers etc. mechanics is still being demonstrated to this extent, and Miyazaki from "Future Boy Conan" unexpectedly appears in "Conan" in the wings of Giganto I saw it while remembering that it was the former story that there was a passage and a gun seat was set up.

The depiction of the people affected by the Great Kanto Earthquake, nerve scenes and nerve scattered even to small parts are distributed and carefully depicting the nuance of subtle expression of the heroine.

Nomura Mansai 's casting was wonderful.
Voices trained with the literal stage theater (Kyogen) are very well passed along with the tongue, speech, and speech turning to the professional voice actor but it is rude if it is compared with the recent self-proclaimed voice actor.
It was disappointing.
Baishi at "Howl" also had something to overwhelm the audience with acting with only voice.
People who have a foundation are different.

[Bad point]

Hideaki Anno who hit Horikoshi Jiro 's voice (guessed) can not be forbidden sympathy. Is it too bad?
I thought it was bullying against Anano in Miyazaki Hayao.

I'm talking about emphasizing reality or something, but tears appeared in the degree of childishness of this speech turning.
Are you making fun of the audience?

Also, the way of finishing is too easy.
When it was true Zero fight was put into the Pacific War, at first it was proud of the advantage to the US and British fighters with a powerful firearm and exercise performance, but defeated at the Midway and excellent It will probably have to be drawn firmly until the process of losing its advantage over time due to weak points such as engine inefficiency, armor thinness and the like losing the pilot.

It is supposed to be literally that the catch phrase "I can not live" for the first time after the war when Jiro Horikoshi drew up to work on YS 11 production ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Roughly it is rumor that the director cried in his work but honestly I was dissatisfied.
Of course there are lots of wonderful things but as I mentioned above, there are places where Anno's performance is childish or not enough, and regrettable that a fatal fault stands out is unfortunate.

"At most ten years human beings can burn themselves at work"
There was something like a line of speech or the like indeed.

I should have properly depicted farewell to Nachi child rather than just image. In the Miyazaki work it was a heroine that makes us feel the body of a living being unusual.
Anyway, are Takahara hospital really out putting the patient outside and laying it down?

Leave evaluation to [Normal].
Works where there are as good and bad places as there are.

[Additional notes]
When I looked it up on the wiki, the love affair with Nanaho and the death division by the disease were fictional by Tatsuo Hori's original work ....
It was unexpected whether I am mixing real life episodes of Horikoshi Jiro with literary works

I will also read the original literary novel by Tatsuo Hori this time