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Katanagatari centers on Yasuri Shichika, the seventh head of the Kyoto-ryu (literally "swordless style") of Japanese sword martial arts. One day, a girl named Togame, arrives on the island where Shichika and his older sister Nanami lives with a favor to ask from him. She tells him that she is on a mission to find and collect the final twelve swords forged by a master swordsmith by the name of Shikizaki Kiki and she needs his help. They then both leave the island together to seek out the swords.
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Ishin Nishio
Keitato Motonaga
Makoto Uezu
Tadashi Kudo
Ebina Yasunori
Taku Iwasaki
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Yukari Tamura
Mai Nakahara
Toru Ohkawa
Haruka Tomatsu
Rikiya Koyama
Chihiro Suzuki
Tokuyoshi Kawashima
Mitsuru Miyamoto
Atsuko Yuya
Hikaru Midorikawa
Tsuyoshi Koyama
Rina Hidaka
Aya Endo
Miyako Itou
Wataru Hatano
Tomohiro Tsuboi
Makoto Yasumura
Daisuke Sakaguchi
Hiroaki Miura
Michiko Neya
Shinji Kawada
Toshihoko seki
Kaori Yamagata
Ryo Hirohashi
Ryotaro Okiayu
Katsuji Mori
Masako Ikeda
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Japan Released:2010/01/26(Tue) 01:10-01:40 Fuji Television Network, Inc. TV / End:2010/12/11
Japan Released:2013/04/12(Fri) 00:45-01:45 Fuji Television Network, Inc. NoitaminA(noitaminA) TV
Official sites
1. http://www.katanagatari.com/ (Translation)
2. http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/katanagatari/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. http://twitter.com/katanagatari
Opening movie (3)
Meiya KadenrouMeiya Kadenrou
Song:Minami Kuribayashi
Lyrics:Aki Hata
Compose:Noriyasu Agematsu
Arrange:Daisuke Kikuta [Fan reg.]
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2017/04/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6659 Host:6258 Browser: 8334
[good point]
Character and background, sword design and color

OP and ED, almost all. Put in the noitamina version too.

A thin knife. A forehand notice of a lie in a needle It was a foretelling way of entering an interesting force in a strange place.

I thought it was good when I heard from my younger brother who read a scene novel that was dull and cut. It was good to cut when the seven flowers in the early days killed Tsuruga camouflage and did not like anything that I did not feel it was said before.

I chose the role of the characters of the voice actors. Since the character of the voice actors who played it is good, I got the merit of the character.

[Bad point]
Although it was a half screen on the last story, I did not want to bring up the broken day-of-the-week issue.

Eleven people think that it was okay to put a bit of an outlook into the disposal facility even though it took several tens of seconds with serifs.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Animation works that were made with interesting contents that were discovered in an uninteresting state and looked at it and made an unexpected discovery. Evaluation is the best!

2016/12/31 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27312 Host:27568 Browser: 5213
[Good point] Narrative in good sense
Content that collects swords every episode and battle with enemies was a little good.
Japanese style drawing is good
[Bad point] The author seems famous, but the contents are bruised anyhow. You will not need a complicated explanation every time.
In a bad sense prose
Last time too suitable
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original unread

It seems to be a work by famous authors, but it gets tired at all about unnecessary conversation and development without content. It was good how it was set, but the way the authors express various things is not suitable for me. OPED is very good, but since the story development is so slow that it seems to be extremely slow, I would like to make it worst honestly, but "well bad"

2016/10/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3549 Host:3320 Browser: 4721
The virtuity of making one episode one story carefully and ending it in the short term of 12 episodes was very attractive.

Looking at the evaluation here, it is not thought so well. Contents skuska, partial expression of picture is severe, etc.
But I personally think that this work is an animation that enjoys expressive expression.
Although there is no content, a character drawn in small beauty makes a spinfully sweet speech in a beautiful world, sole-like music flows.
... It's good! LOL

What do you want for a work ...
If you ask this work for a heavy story full of contents, you can not recommend it,
I came to the fast food store and said, "There is no course meal that the chef thought of this store!" It is indignant.
Well, if there is no content, it is not because I advertised it from the beginning, so I do not have an understanding. Lol

I think that it was entirely artistic. Children of little design show fashionable and tricky development in colorful landscape ...
This is such a dish. It is a work called "There is something like this!" Tricky selling out of the right path!

It was a piece like instant snacks, snacks with a length of 12 stories just right.
Personally the one I liked the most was the creation of the video of the DVD menu screen than the story ...

2015/06/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24537 Host:24577 Browser: 5151
Made of Blacksmith of the legendary "Four Seasons Saki Kiki"
Twelve Completed System Variant Swords Swordsmanship who is ordered to collect the twelve swords and no censor and sword, seventh owner of imaginary flow, 〓〓〓7 Flowers
12 of the story of the journey to collect the sword

[good point]
Music, animation, character battle scene, atmosphere
OP, ED are old.Newly wonderful things Battle scenes, awesome paintings Wonderful things The way of rising in the last battle of the last episode was an awesome thing and the owner of the protagonist's cheeksman and cheesecake and 12 swords shinobi our Kikatana of Maniwa Ningun to a certain personality rich swordsman us. the owner of the blunt, 腟〓〓〓〓Ginkaku It's very cool, "or pride?" with Nanahana
Naked Sword and Saw to Nine Talks such as the Interpretation of "Interpersonal" and Interpretation that Myself Only Protected Only Such a Sword Misunderstanding the Relationship Between Seven Flowers and Kekko, Explosive Jealousy The story was also very wonderful And at the beginning of the journey I did not care about things naively and the seven flowers that were scarce in feelings attacked Owari Castle with a burst of killings of the censure and the owner of the new sword It will not be necessary to gather not to destroy the swords one after another and because we no longer need to gather the swords to give full power and the swords' users are much inferior to the former owner and the power of the sword I will beat it easily so as not to be pulled out And the battle with Noda Okamonmaden who killed the clown It was forgiven that the sword would be destroyed, and even he could not hurt herself Seven flowers knocked down the right armyman gate without fear of even death Ri and No thing really great

[Bad point]
Toka one leg against rust if Kurere drawn finely a little more battle scene ...
I regret to say that the heroine 's damn died after all

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are even 12 things that are no longer swords. Completed deformable sword It is an uneven combination for collecting that sword, a journey and a trip of a cherry tree It is a good animation

2014/09/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27291 Host:27483 Browser: 7905
[good point]
There is freshness in the way the phrase speaks
Painting of 4 episode notice, other action scenes are good in places
If it is something other than the 4th episode, I think that the fight of the "Deborah" Hirokazu about the eighth episode is the best personally

[Bad point]
I do not feel the necessity of seeing the screen coming in almost all the conversation at the picture-story show (scrolling with picture)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is an animation of a main feeling which is called a conversation or a word play or the like.
I talk to tell you that there is only "word" in the name. I thought I was going to fight quickly.
I talked about 1 episode 1 hour and felt the tempo was bad.
In the final story BGM and development were hot and painting was good, but the chaquichagi red and blue battle at the center of the room withered at a stroke.
I wish I at least drew an effect ..

2014/03/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3346 Host:3447 Browser: 7910
[good point]
Sword idea
My older sister 's character
The charm of the main character is not good

[Bad point]
There is a brute force development to make it complete for each episode.
Moe - like characters, speech turning etc.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the purpose of collecting twelve swords and the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓words that is not bound by stereotypes was interesting.
However, I personally did not like the characters and dialogue, including censoring, that I do not feel imaichi charm in the character of the hero. The strength and severe nature of the seven fruits were attractive and I think it was fun.
The development of the talk is somewhat aggressive and there is a part trying to comprehensively and there is an impression that it finished without being able to fully understand the final purpose.

2014/02/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24691 Host:24773 Browser: 6686
Somehow, I feel like an anime to fall in love with a tortoise. Although it may be that it likes pale white picture which is personally ah.

Honestly I have not left any impression at all.
Twelve swords are not swords, they are not swords, they have some things that seems to be intrusive, I did not feel like I'm feeling like that for the enemy, and the bite dog guys really chew Only the impression which the dog was too far remained.
For the time being, I made a suitable enemy and made only the feeling that I forced to make a sword of twelve (I suppose one anime of anime)?

But I thought that only Togame was full of charm and I felt the author's thought.
I think purely enjoying watching the tripe and the trip of Sitika.

2013/12/29 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38719 Host:38716 Browser: 5716
[good point]
can not think of

[Bad point]
Bring in the unreasonable way of Showa 's work saying to kill and compete with just twelve swords without trying to understand them. Episode 7 The main character who does not grow and its wretched personality Lightly look at the life of a person If things are overseer if I am a director I think there are many places I think that this way

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Seeing that Nishio Ishin is the 2nd Tomino Yoshiyuki! The era drama version "legend giant idea" is feeling. Because, aside from all the people involved in Ide, including ideal character, Iddeon also survived the twelve mutating swords of Shikisaki Oniki, and many of the blood flowed, and those involved were one Everyone except myself is unhappy. Yes, as the characters of Ideon were danced by Ide, all the characters of this story were completely captured by the curse of Shikisaki Oniki and its twelve swords and they were dancing in their hands. It is a story just to kill and kill just 12 swords around each other without trying to understand each other. C'mon is already in the 21st century. Why bring Showa 's unreasonable work way now? No longer there was no justice in this work.

Especially when Seven Flowers beat their sister in Seventh Talk, it was a bad story about entering five fingers among the animations I've seen so far. I think she was a regret to defeat, I regret that I could not use such a force for the sake of the world, for the sake of the world. Eventually, only by killing her older sister, Shika could release her from the power of the curse of Shikisaki Koki and could not save it. Born with the cursed power of Shiki - zakisaki, his father was afraid to be killed and his power was likely to be killed, and at the end he was killed by his younger brother who helped himself from his father, Okay! What is your life in life! Originally this story should have been a story to collect 12 swords! But, a lot of blood flowed to compete with the Ukkinkinkaku, Tsuruga camouflage and seven fruits and its twelve swords! Camouflage In the end I said that he would not kill me unconditionally! After all I killed seven! And seven flowers! Because I killed my older sister, I feel drawn to this journey and feel more depressed! Many lives were sacrificed by you !!! I thought that these two people should die in the final story!

When I told you in the eighth episode that Yamemon Yanmen was saying, "You seem to have defeated the seven grueles," hey, please be careful, I thought it was a delicious guy. At that time, I wanted you to say to the Seven Flowers "Do not say what I have defeated ~! I want you to know how my feelings I had to kill my sister until my sister ~ ~ ~ !!!".

Among the characters, the treatment of Maniwa Shinobu Twelve Heads was too cruel. Especially it was disgusting how to die such as Maniwa Maddog, Maniwa Kagei and others. This animation is overlooking people 's lighter lightly!

And at the end of eleventh episode it is accused to be shot by bullets of the right shogun gate. I could not bring misery to the heroine 's death if this was also a natural reward. What did you say at the time when Seven was breathless? I make it that I said "I'm clown, I'm sorry for your sister in hell."
As long as there are twelve mutant swords, as long as there is a death of death, this tragedy is repeated as it goes around it and a bloody battle occurs. So I suppose it is good to end this fight and break up the chain of tragedies by destroying all twelve swords we gathered over a year.
And then abandon everything and fight with the last enemy, Shonmaden Yanmen. I wanted Seven Flowers to hit the last enemies with all the misdeeds involved with 12 swords so far involved in the 12 swords, so if I were the coach, I would like to say to the Seven Flowers "How many people are there for you Let's say it is a dead grudge of those who died so far! "," This is the first part of the Manjinbat dead! This is the part of the Ukkinkinkaku! This is Tsuruga camouflage! This It is my sister 's part! Maniya Shinobu Twelve Leaders'! Of the eleven people I knocked down now!', I thought of the blows of attacks, the names of those who died so far While hitting it in, "and this is a minute's damages !!!" And it was trying to stab the end last. That is to say that I did not want Shikisa to have forgotten about those who died in the journey and went dead.

I do not like that the seven flowers survived, but let only the complainant dead just let it be good. However, it was bad aftertaste that I played Yukari Tamura, my favorite voice actor.
In the recent years, Nishio Ishinhashi has bought himself a disgraceful act like Yoshiyuki Tomino so that in order to appease such anime world while the quality of animation is declining in recent years, even if it is halfway In the end this animation has been forgotten without leaving a name in history like Gundam, Eva etc in the animation circle! This work is truly one episode three months ago from now It seems that it was broadcasted every hour, and it seems that he did it on a rebroadcast for some reason, but he did not want to be honest. I wanted to remain unaware that I had a bad work like this aftertaste. It was an unpleasant work that enters 10 fingers with the animation that I have been seeing. I thought that all the characters and animation that Mr. Yukari Tamura played can be liked, but I could not like this animation alone. I did not want her to appear in this animation.

So, at the end, I put it out for animation that is not like this in my compassion ~~~ !!!

2013/08/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7720 Host:7510 Browser: 4686
The hero is too strong ... beat nearly one enemy.
Well, it's good because it's funny.
I thought that it was not good personally about the story of a thin sword with 4 episodes. Next notice !!!!
That was it! Fishing? Is it fishing?
Nee-chan is a villainous person! Insect bites, super good guys.
I think that this animation is the first time that I wanted to survive enemy characters until that time.
The first in the last round. It's too sad....
Well I could enjoy it normally.

2013/08/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21941 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
To be honest, when I first watched, I felt that the picture was not very good and I could not bear it. However, as I watched it many times, I gradually became likable to the character, I became less concerned about the picture, I rather liked it.

Although the first episode was rather serious story, there was hardly any place to laugh, but from about two talks that that "Cherio" neta came out, I think that it turned out to be a fairly fashionable bright story. However, it was a shocking development that suddenly stoppings were shot by the story just before the last round, I was surprised. I did not anticipate that the hero would die, so I felt that my expectation was betrayed in a good way. And the final battle of the rest of the seven flowers and the fence of the leftista Yuemon gate was very exciting. The quality of the drawing was the best though it passed through all the stories, and it was impressed also by the scandalous recollection scene. And at the end, the place where Shichibana shouts "No Cherio" to shame and defeat the general as a whole, by acts spreading all kinds of crouching habits to everyone, if it came to having fulfilled the wishes of the 6th episode I thought that.
Ultimately, for some reason Shikana was a feeling of traveling with the negation princess, but I thought that this way of finishing is also good because those who lost each other's partner are each other.

Evaluation is "very good" I will.

2013/07/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2267 Host:2039 Browser: 4179
[good point]
〓〓〓 think that the character design that the distinctive deformed sense shines was very individual and good. It is definitely one of the personality of this work.
〓〓〓haracter settings are quite unique. It is a "personality" with a considerably cartoonistic bias, but very much matched to the style of this work.
〓〓〓oice actors' performance is also very attractive. I think that it was a wonderful acting that makes each character's personality stand out, and I think that it contributed very much to the entertainment of the work. Especially the main character: Yoshimasa Hosoya who played Shichibana, heroin, Yukari Tamura who played the clown, was a honorable player.
〓〓〓s a main element of "conflict between beliefs", boys' manga development which is advanced with completion of one story is also attractive. The story which advances like a road movie with the aim of sword gathering is very easy to understand, it was quite interesting as a combination of the character with the above-mentioned individuality, the unique character deja and voice actor combined.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓o be honest, "twisted elements" such as time axis modifying elements are completely unnecessary. Necessity is not felt, and depiction has ended halfway because of insufficient delineation. In an effort to add a twist to the story, the simplistic and simple boys' cartoon-like goodness (growth of seven flowers etc.) was fundamentally diminished.
〓〓〓ishio Ishin Seika's development of turbulent tea (rusty white soldier and last "Chellio") is thrusting in the midst of seriousness. I was not able to make use of it in the production, and it floated in a bad meaning.
〓〓〓n addition to that, the fun of the conversation play and the style set on gauze are not made available on the image side such as the production, "Talking content is an evolving ball but the image is orthodox", a chig hug is born for the style I am sorry. I am sorry that I could not cover the boring conversation scene well as a video work.
〓〓〓artially oddly grotesque descriptions are included, so you should take care when people are weak.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original work Nishio Ishin. Director Keitaro Motonaga. It is unusual as an animation of the TV series and it was made with a long length of 1 episode 1 hour.

Attractive is a character full of personality and its design. Individual character design that I understood at a glance, and character setting that Hattari was effective were quite attractive. I also match boys' comic making, I think that voice actors also had a lot of honorable roles and was very good. It is wonderful especially if you are interested in the performance of the protagonists.
I think that the story with the main conflict of characters 'beliefs due to the completion of one episode is also easy to understand in boys' cartoon style, especially with the attractive characters until the middle stage, and it was quite interesting finished.

Just as good or bad, Nishio Ishinjin likelihood is also a prominent work, and scenes that seem to get cold as a side watching because it adds a meta-description like watering a story, is also a chilla hora. Probably the whole making including the video was orthodox, I guess it was extraordinarily conspicuous. If it was made to make use of the story that was more oblique, I might have enjoyed that around ......
Also, the story, which was originally simple and clear, is also added to the latter half when a serious element is added, and it is regrettable that the simple junior manga clarity, which was originally attractive, has been lost.

Although it is a kitsui work of Class B odor due to the unique style of Nishio Ishin, the content itself is comparatively easy to understand, I think that it was a work full of the charm of the character's fascination. Coarse is conspicuous, but it is not bad work.
Evaluation is "good".

2013/07/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12744 Host:12668 Browser: 9673
[good point]
Conversation theme song voice actor

[Bad point]
I am familiar with the picture, but I feel bad (sweat)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

When I was about three years ago, it was hard to memorize it because it was a bit confusing in content with an hour broadcast, but because it was a frequency of 1 episode per month, this week it was weekly so it was easy to understand a little, so it was good .

Base, the enemy 's woman character was good.

2013/06/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27550 Host:27619 Browser: 4894
I watch it in the noitamina frame. What it was, it was content which was not grasped.

The story is to fight against the owner of the sword while traveling throughout Japan to collect twelve swords. It itself is normal, in the meantime there is a relationship between the hero and the heroine, the past of the characters is told, a very ordinary structure. So, if there is a normal impression there is no problem, but it was not so.
It is not the relationship between the hero and the heroine, it does not draw a love pattern, it is not a growing story of the hero, no power is included in the battle scene, I do not know well where I put the attraction .

No, love patterns, growing stories and battle scenes could have been drawn. But it does not remain in the impression what it is. The scene where the crouching was shot, I did not feel any climax as I was surprised.
After all, is it because it is a work which the original work is a word play idle and not paying attention to the story and it is a work that does not understand unless it is written.

What is the work that will make you feel like you do not understand likes and dislikes after seeing it to the very end?
Something like this, this is not like this, or something like that, it is definitely more something overall, that aspects about animation techniques and directing etc that I do not know well (if it is not a skill of simple technology I think), I wonder if there were major flaws.

2013/06/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 215 Host:496 Browser: 7455
After a long time, animation originally is "child's entertainment", as expected. I feel made aware of it.
Although there is a possibility that it could be enjoyed in real Nakaji, on the other hand, I feel doubt as to how it is.
At least, as a good adult, now I feel a bottle if it is wine, a bottle of whiskey and a glass of straight waves if it does not go full glass.
It is not bad. But what was it was "Kubikiri recycle" or what was it, I read a book by Mr. Ishin Nishio and recalled the memories I felt as "impossible".

As a Juvenile with a changing sphere, "Bakemonogatari" which was cleverly animated without loosing the tricky nature of the original beautifully was very enjoyable with the synergistic effect with the shaft production.
I think that it is impossible to see this work on the extension line of that expectation. I can not fake myself who seems to have failed by talking to episode 11.
I guess this work has not reached "strangeness of bargaining". Honesty.

Although it was tolerable if it is as extreme as "unnecessary interdiction control selling C class labor action of selling".
I felt in the 11th episode that "I do not have a kore" as myself pouring about 10% of my life to enjoy time paradox, time leap, so-called time axis correction thing.
Something else is good. Even "Owari Shogunate". Do not you have to fix it?

I can only enjoy it at the place deviated from the essence of "(very little) action" and "17 year old teachings of the father of the father of the 17-year-old teacher" and "excellence as an OP & ED music clip", but I also twist the final story That's why I have not abandoned a whole desire.
I hope to deceive vividly in the final round.

I watch last round.
I wasted my time. I can not sympathize with Mr. Ishin Nishio's branch and author policy. There is nothing inside.
The production of lively feeling by WHITE FOX and the Japanese-style music clip (OP & ED) in which the John Gala clause is chicky are not bad, but there is also a degree that the talk does not have contents.
(The point that the original clearly cleared the squid project planned to be published "One month per month" will not be a target addition.) Mr. himself seems to be a finding that there are no creations more than time, but this is also empty I want to ask the definition of "creation" of Mr.)
It should have never become a topic at that time at the first show. I am sorry for myself jumping to the topic of unusual re-aeration in the Noitamina frame.
Movement and music are wonderful, but the bottom line is not reaching the minimum level. I had to say this, but I was deceived.
If it is only a story, "It's very bad (or not very complete)", but I will evaluate it as "ordinary" considering the efforts of staff involved in animation and music.

2013/05/03 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9538 Host:9377 Browser: 4680
[good point]
The setting is detailed and individual characters stand good

[Bad point]
The drawing is good, but the character deza is Henohenomohaji so it is not serious 4 is the most severe, the fight with the strongest swordsmen is not drawn and only the narrative (the original is the worst if it is the original)
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Though it was through with a picture, but when I saw it with Noitamina there was only the original which could be watched normally but there are various contents and the contents are dark but compared with other stories series it talks that is commonplace and everywhere

2013/03/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10857 Host:10790 Browser: 9369
Original unread.
Although the character design was not familiar with first look, it was almost accustomed to the second episode.
This work is drawn. I judge that there is difficulty in production.

There is no objection to the battle scene being short, but there is a way to show it short. Impression is "burning" in a bad meaning.
For example, the fight with phoenix is 〓〓〓〓〓lso a battle with Keiki who is the creator of imaginary flow, it can be said to be an important point of view, but I can not forbid the surprise in the dangerous death that I died nothing deeply.
Even though it cheats up, I suspected that it is a story telling the heartlessness of death and its unfathomable nature.

There is much waste for volumes worth two cool. It is a point to worry about the insufficiency of the scale at the necessary scene and the feeling of penetration at unnecessary scenes.
I felt that Nishio Ishinoshira 's unexpectedness, unique characterization, word play, etc. did not match with the way the drawing company drew.

It seems pretty looks pretty, but the evaluation is likely to change depending on how you interpret the interpretation that all of that is being calculated, which is explained in places.
Both of us personally liked Nakahara-san's performance, including her elderly sister who crazy well transmitted.
I do not know whether CIROKA is how to express Park, but I think that some people may be wondering about their performance. I did not mind since mid-game.

I finally felt that the things I wanted for cheering or denying princesses could not be conveyed well, and there are parts that I can not afford for the feelings of the shika who traveled with her in the last.
Although the story is thin, there are some deep words such as conversation with Ringo.
Although we can not recommend it as a comprehensive Ryosaku, I think that you can enjoy unique and unusual characters and settings.
Evaluation is better than good ~ ordinary ~ good.

2013/01/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11464 Host:11578 Browser: 10995
[Good place]
Counterfeit is cute
You can see that the seven flowers change mentally
My sister 's overwhelming strength is exciting
Construction of an episode of one hour Because I see animation all together by rental, it was good that I could see songs and the next notice without interruption.
It is easy to understand the point that the story is easy to understand and one sword is gathered per episode that is the royal road.
Although there are impossible thought of 12 swords, it is an attractive sword and I am concerned about what kind of sword is next. Personally, the king sword was attractive.
[Bad point]
There are a few stories such as how to settle with enemies is going to be dangerous
The Phoenix of Naniwani who is not enough to dig into enemies, the denying princess and his purpose and past wanted to know a little more.
I wanted it to end in a happy ending. Because it is a way to proceed with a royal story, it was a bit difficult to expect just the refreshing last.
. Late OP
It was not in the work a little. I was concerned just because the previous term was good.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I enjoyed it because I did not see anything and borrowed somehow. Since I think that it is an animation which was not much talked about on the net, it was interesting that it was nice to see the continuation obviously being seen with a flat feeling without knowing any spoilers such as a story.
It was impressive that Mr. Yukari Tamura who is famous and skilled but Yukari Tamura who thinks that role is unexpected is small.
If it is a happy end, probably it was very good or best but I made it as good as I thought the last place was different from where I thought. Besides, the last is not bad translation.

2012/12/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4179 Host:4315 Browser: 4894
[good point]
Personally like the story

[Bad point]

I like the work of denying princess but I did not understand well
[Comprehensive evaluation]

People I dislike seem to dislike works, but personally they were addicted to key points.

2012/12/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Animation that made fighting game animated.
I like this one better than Bakemonogatari in the original Nishio Ishinaka.
Because the character is not intentional.

There are lots of quirks in the habit, but I think that I was dealing well with the goodness of the multiplayer tempo, and the twelve swords were tastefully pretentious, and next I was interested in any enemies.
Look, you fight fighting game, the feeling that it seems that you are thrilled with the deadly technique that the enemies come out one after another and come out.

I do not have content, was it an animation that was simply interesting as entertainment?

2012/11/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9280 Host:9294 Browser: 12740
Original unread, view all the animated cartoons.

The degree Nishio Ishin Seima watched a fake story.
Since it is original unread, I can not write it deeply, but I will attach it as being very good.

Speaking briefly, there are 12 variant swords (special swords) and they talk about collecting it.
The characters seven flowers of the hero character are swordsmen who do not use a sword, the imaginary sword flower seventh main owner. Because I grew up on an island I do not have common sense.
A woman who self-naming a heroine's clown is a mysterious master who is not a master. A man who thought of collecting 12 swords.
The trip of these two swords collection is the story of this sword.
Besides this, the ninja group who cooperated with the sword collecting in the past as for the Shinobi Maniwa.
Japan's strongest swordsmen, rust white soldier. Thank you for stopping by me!
There are such things as, but it will be long so far.
Despite the large number of such characters, all characters are dark.
If one were to be raised, Maniwa Shirasagi, one of the Maniwa Shinku warriors. As street name as inverted chirpedirisugi, setting that talking is always opposite. It is a pity that I became a played role.

The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he sword was also nice. I thought it was going to be perfect when I told you that even a sword like this is not a sword!
The sword, the armor is not a sword, it is the last twin sword.The gun is not another weapon because it is not a sword, but it goes to the end, it feels like I can not help it.
As for me, the king sword saw. A sword is said to have no curse of a sword. Rather, a sword with the curse of becoming a true person. It looks like a wooden sword.

Animation is an episode of an hour of the month.
Thinking that I can not draw enough with three enough, it is one hour. Was not it supposed to be content that matched it (there are many places that have not been told as stated in the original ... ...)
Personally, the impact of four story "thin knife. Needle" was strong. I feel like coming like this ....
I also like the deployment of the last. I do not want to talk much, so please take a look at this feature.
The action was cool, and it was enough to make me think that there was nothing wrong with the battle scene.
I think the story, the characters, the development was good.
The reason why I did not give the highest was that I did not read the original, so I thought that I could not put it at the top, so I put it as very good.

2012/09/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I have watched all 12 episodes.

Compared with "Bakemonogatari" which is the masterpiece of the original author, I think that the habit of the character dazzle strongly chooses a person.
I also feel weak when comparing the Don Deng return of the story.
However, since it is talked about the death and death of human beings and lives, rather than the work, if it is possible to have a good impression on that part, it will be a favorite work.

[good point]
Growth of the hero and the individual character 's living like that around it
Speech turning, voice acting ability of acting
Narration at the beginning and the end of the story with the brush character and the story

Every action scene is talked but there was nothing to be impressive
I wanted more about the important role of negativity in the story

Personally, the composition of four stories was wonderful.
Since I did not decide the strength of the seven flowers by not drawing a battle with "Japan's strongest swordsman", I think that I could see the strength of the seven flowers as "the strongest in Japan" even in the battle after that.
Many victories due to fluke and bizarre might also indicate that the strength of the seven flowers is not human strength.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a nice work, there is nothing that jumped through the whole about drawing and production.
So, when advising others, I can not convey the merit of this work concisely.
If you do not see "Bakemonogatari" of the same author, I recommend you there first.
If you like "bakemonogatari", you may want to try it, but it will depend on who you like.

2012/03/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3236 Host:3025 Browser: 7809
Fans from Bakemonogatari

Because the character design was a simple setting, it was not my favorite character design,

I wondered if I should watch it.

However, if you look at it in fact, you can only say the power of a voice actor, but Yukari Tamura's acting

Describing a wonderful, simple expression, it is a wonder that a character can be seen richly expressively.

This work is a Sengoku period, as most of the progress is formed in conversation, while fighting in the Edo period,

The competence of a voice actor is greatly questioned, it is different from a book, I think that it is goodness of animation.

Voice actors who firmly set aside were also nice luxuries such as Masae Nakahara and Mr. Komatsu.

Descriptions of heroin's "damn" and "sekka" growth were well done,

It was a work that you can fully enjoy the contents.

I am a work I would like to evaluate highly

2012/02/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20089 Host:20180 Browser: 7541
I was enjoying seeing bakemonogatari, but the sword word was a disappointing impression.
I thought that the protagonist is Tsukomi's role as a hero but I thought that the exchange was interesting, but in this regard the hero is a fool without common sense.
The exchange was not interesting, and the character was not very attractive.
Although the picture is peculiar, there was a sense of security as watching NHK animation. Nevertheless, content is wastefully regrettable because there are times when there is no egg or salvation.
The painting does not move at all, and I do not know why it was made to look like it was shown in an hour, once a month. I wonder if there was more than a topic making intention.

The story is also disappointing.
There are many things in the sword that seems to want Tsukkomi "Do not be a sword anymore!", But there are as many such works as possible, and the skipping condition was also low and it was not satisfactory.
There was a story that the hero did not appeal well, and I thought it was interesting throughout.

2012/02/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
〓〓〓Story The simple and obvious royal road story of collecting twelve swords, but the constitution that the painful dropping place is prepared at the end is the greatest charm.
It was a work of very good aftertaste without having to follow the movie version, not only visualizing only the original volume.
The depiction of the seven flowers that begins the journey with the negation princess who is the enemy of epilogue is also linked with the depiction of the jokes that starts the journey with the seven flowers that is the enemy of one episode, and the detailed production is also 〓〓〓
〓〓〓I enjoyed dialogue play "Cherry" and "At the time of quarreling" at that time, and I could not stop throwing in to use it.
〓〓〓Design Although it looks like a picture book or Japanese old story, Japanese style taste + pop is a unique novel design that is nothing special, and transformation swords and characters also have deigned feelings with color designs that ultimately embody individuality I enjoyed it without hugging.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓Drawing does not move ... ....
There is a bakemonogatari in the animation work of the same author but there are very many conversations close to chat but there were also ingenuity that can be visually enjoyed using various animations such as collage and black exposure .
I will not say that I should imitate it, but the image is too twisted. Because I was expecting for the action scene, scenes that were literally "swearing" swords to the screen near stationary were conspicuous, and there were also times when it was painful to watch and listen.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A bit hard work for viewers who entered from bakemonogatari.
It is neither a style of Moe conscious style like contemporary reception nor a picture, but also a work that can enjoy a strict period drama.
Which layer was consciously made, animation that can not be helped even if you suspect marketing.
So, what is the appeal of such a work? As mentioned above, it is "Ochi" itself.
Honestly, you can ask some 12 stories to be thought of as being prefixed to the whole climax.
Evaluation is "very good".
This may be the first time that I felt so seriously that I wanted to see it to the end.

2012/01/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Sister Cherie 's word play
[Bad point]
Is it a character deza?
1 hour. A story where I slept many times. it is normal
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although this work or authorship is enjoying word play as well as a chemistry word, it seems that my older sister was good, as it is not something that I expect so much to the story or development. The voice actor of Sekichi was subtle.
If you are asked if it's interesting, "normal" If you do not see, I think you can see it, I think you can enjoy it if you like bakubono (Moe is not much)

2011/11/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19180 Host:19344 Browser: 4596
[good point]
〓〓〓A distinctive picture. I was shunned by looking at the official website but I was hooked as soon as I saw that it was actually moving.
I do not know without actually seeing it.
〓〓〓The setting called swordsmans without swords is innovative.
〓〓〓Talismans. Cool in a serious scene.
It is cute when trying to kiss the seven flowers. The gap is good.
〓〓〓Nemen. Manga It seems as if you are watching Japanese old tales. Perhaps it is not the strongest anime world?
If you can practice seeking, remember Kaien Fist or Star Platinum the World.
〓〓〓The bargaining till the battle is interesting.
〓〓〓Naming sense such as negation princess, forgiveness princess etc. It is not surprising that even if there is a prohibited princess.
〓〓〓While battle it may be because some of the characters talk so often, but I felt funny though.
The death of a crouch. I was really sad and I missed her ...

[Bad point]
〓〓〓There were many battles that did not agree with how to win.
Seven flowers are too strong and there is no sense of tension.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was able to watch enough with that unique image and charm of the character.

2011/11/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51273 Host:51500 Browser: 7714
Original unread
[good point]
picture. It seemingly simple and Illustration-like characters run around well.
I enjoyed moving this picture from start to finish very much.
Touch changed greatly depending on the story, and production like neta was also funny. (Especially times of bad swords)
The title itself and how to use was also effective and it was good. (There are a lot of stuff that does not hold if it is only voice.)
Cast was also luxurious, but its performance was also good.
Personally Mr. Masako Ikeda of narration was wonderful.
That voice was also a key point to say loose content in that voice, but the content of the final stage was really addicted.

[Bad point]
In the beginning, about 60% of talking has no meaning, it keeps going on.
Although it is also the style of Nishio Ishin, I think that likes and dislikes will come out as there are also sides that are all explained by lines.
Although there are some indications that there are few actions, I was not particularly concerned because it was holding down the part of the match between masters who narrowed points.
Besides, good and evil and ethics have penetrated somewhere.
That's why I have a lot of content that I can draw, but I think that there are also people who do not fit there as well.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Things stacked for the final stage were working very well in the final story.
I also wanted to see a happy ending without a multiplier, but then it would not have such a lingering finish.
I think that the function of January 1 story 50 minutes worked well.
I think that it contributed to the maintenance of the quality and the extent to which the scale is dedicated to the production.
It was good that I summed up the story that the dedicated ED is attached every time.

When I finish it reminds me of the lives of the characters who died and "I see, they are dead to live like I want to live".
(Although there are some characters that survived characters and exceptions)
Life and feelings are not necessarily rewarded, but if it is said that being rewarded is important, it is also different.
The decoration of this story is absolutely stupid, full of Keren,
There was a line of things, I thought that it was quite hard boiled, I thought that it was connected to a refreshing with bitter sweetness and it was completed in the final story.
I also thought that it was done.

Although it can not be said that it is necessarily a gentle story to a viewer, I got the power to live a lot.
I will keep sticking to this part because I will end up spoiling when I try to write my personal details in my favorite characters and episodes!

2011/10/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34604 Browser: 3012(Mobile)
I do not like pictures but I have a chance to get used to it. However, there is still problem battle that there are times when the drawing is bad, but fight only for a moment.
Even so, if the word interaction is main, it talks and does not move during battle so the tempo is bad and there is no refreshing feeling After all too much talking too much to proceed slow is a work that can be seen to be prolonged, a time-stretching work

2011/09/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31574 Host:31466 Browser: 2884
As my friends say it is funny, I saw some works I saw,
I do not know where it is interesting so much No work (laugh)

Something quite - I do not understand the meaning of speaking easy things all the time,
Even though it's a big anime, I do not have a screen. Move it more, face and feelings or actual actions and so on, I do not know.

Then why does not the character have such a fever ......

It's a puppet theater, do not you think?

2011/09/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21326 Host:21441 Browser: 5563
It is myself who calls me mindful, but I think that this is one of the cartoons I want to keep in mind. I like fun and many works of dialogue.
I think that the power of Kotoba is a barometer of animation power. On the contrary, it is scusker that there is no play of kotoba, but I do not think it will echo in the soul no matter how beautiful the picture is, but how is it?