[Anime]Kashi no ki Mokku

Anime total pnts rank Rank 2,798in 6,603 titlesTotal 4 / Deviation 48.15
Anime rank of 1972 Rank 9in 20 titles
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Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Zinzou Toriumi Sakaiakiyoshi Hirohisa Sota
Yosida Tatuo Kuri Ippei Hiroyuki Toriumi Motosuke Takahashi
Yoshitaka Amano
Kenzi Yoshida Tatsunoko Productions
Hiroko Maruyama Minoru Yada Masako Ikeda Kaneta Kimotsuki Kousei Tomita
Japan Released:1972/01/04(Tue) / End:1972/12/26
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2011/11/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54925 Host:54988 Browser: 10228
Fantasy animated drama aired in 1972. The oak tree fairy gives life to the oak tree doll by listening to the wishes of `Zeppet grandfather ', a wood carving artisan with long-time loneliness. I am named for that child as "Mock" and drowsed, but eventually he will be taken away by the bad guard who tries to make him a spectacle. Mock's endless life begins.

Original work by Italian fairy tale "Pinocchio" Tatsunoko Pro has made it as a fantastic animation, this work is finished as a dramatic story that felt in line with the original work. Like the professional 'insect narrative orchigo hatch', it is a point that uses a fantasy element as a model, while teaching the actual condition of a tough society and what survives in it while modeling a foreign fairy tale as a model While it is human drama style, it is a real pleasure.

The protagonist "Mock" is a model of Pinocchio, but his face looks like Tsubame no Jimpei (Gachaman), but it was a funny yet poorly weak atmosphere that appeared. It was a charming character as it was impressive by turning only the neck or a comical movement like a doll. `Zeppet grandfather 'and' cricket 'are also unique, and Mock' s fellow animals and dolls also have a feeling unique to Tatsunoko.

The story of this work is in line with "Pinocchio", and there is a memory that "Mock" was also made to be a spectacle or a thief like being dragged down like a circus or a bad throne, I do not remember it well so I am not sure. I certainly remember that mocks were used by bad people due to dolls or persecuted by adults of the world and so this work was fantasy animation but because it was only felt like a dark development and atmosphere, the story was not so much I could not see it deeply, but now I think that this is what people are, teaching what Mock learns to become a person through the harsh world of people. In other words, I think that Mock 's position is a child in the growth stage and I wanted to appeal to the appearance of a child being swayed by an adult.

Although this work is fantasy as well as "hatch" as a fantasy thing, I think that it is well done as a whole and I think that it is a work that highlighted a person's heart and contacts well, The evaluation is [very good]. The last mock will be a human, but the circumstances were not as stated in the original. It seems that it is not easy to make such a deeply-minded work so much, so it makes sense to that extent that the producers at that time have a terrible enthusiasm.

2011/08/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
Tatsunoko Pro who worked on "Minato-ku Hatch" visualized "Pinocchio".
... It is quite absurd to say that it is a fairytale look (lol.

For example, in the first half an old man who mixes magical medicine appears in the village where Mock and the old man live.
As a mock who became a friend by being told that "If you help to distribute medicine that makes you happy, I will make medicine to make you human later", but this man is old and makes a mistake in preparation It made me feel like a fuss.
I return the palm to the villager who was ordered with medicine that works normally first and kick out the old man from the village.
I swear I'm witnessing the humble whims of mock "I will be a good man without relying on medicine 's power!

A lazy mock with a hard-coreed trendy person has a low learning ability and does not grow easily.
(I will not tell him that he will grow rapidly around his right shoulder)
In the latter half, when I got separated from the grandfather, I went to a scenario from a rogue party and said, "I will live a human life!"
The grandfather will become a disliked person of the town where he likes all-you-can-like favorite ahead of oblivion.
Even though the old man poured affection into mock and beat the old man as he worked hard (lol.
There is something crying with ED drawn by the mock as a tombstone in the ED drawing, so I'm sorry I do not know when the old man died.

Although the last seemed to be running fast, in front of a mock that got to work hard for the people
It was a happy ending when the difficulty stood up and the feeling of hallucination was kept until the last (by the original deployment).

2009/05/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34731 Host:34713 Browser: 8593
Mock mock oak tree mock 〓〓〓
There used to be such a lot of anime education animations in the past.
An orphan hatch or an oak tree Mock or Calpis manga or something

How are you doing these days?

Evaluation is "normal", but such animation is important.

2008/02/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20027 Host:19956 Browser: 8090
[good point]
It is surprising that no one is commented though it is quite a major work.

As well known, "Pinocchio" is based on this work, but there was originalness over the same work "Picolino".
The theme song is easy to remember and fun.

[Bad point]
It is a shame that it was 2 cool (26 stories) and a short-lived work (maybe wrong?).
The content which was continued for one year was "Piccolino" (this is also doubtful in memory), is not it?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I want to evaluate since it is ahead of piccolino .... Good. Evaluation.