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Other media: Comics:Kamisama Hajimemashita
Anime total pnts rank Rank 1,035in 6,557 titlesTotal 26 / Deviation 51.80
Anime avg pnts Rank 800in 2,880 titlesAvg 1.24=Good/21 reviews
Anime rank of 2012 Rank 43in 238 titles
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Character/Setting2.17(Very good)12
Music2.00(Very good)12
Story1.67(Very good)12
Graphic1.50(Very good)12
Voice/Actor1.50(Very good)12
Shed tears8%1/12
Learned something8%1/12
Hot heart0%0/12
Made me think0%0/12
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Suzuki Jurietta
Akitaro Daichi
Kayoko Nishi
Toshio Masuda
Kazuya Tanaka
TMS Entertainment
Mimori Suzuko
Shinnosuke Tachibana
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Akira Ishida
Natsuyo Atarashi
Daisuke Namikawa
Akemi Okamura
Yui Horie
Ryouhei Kimura
Hidekazu Ichinose
Hiroki Takahashi
Satomi Sato
Kaori Shimizu
Shuta Moreshima
Nobuyuki Hiyama
Yu Kobayasi
Mamiko Noto
Japan Released:2012/10/02(Tue) 02:05-02:35 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2012/12/25
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1. http://www.mikagesha.com/ (Translation)
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2016/01/31 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44284 Host:44493 Browser: 7878
The original is unread.

... This work is also difficult to evaluate.

First of all, the place where you appointed Mr. Yamazaki Vanilla, an activity benshi, to the narrator is correct.
Her voice is interesting.

Well, this work is less love degree than love comedess, there is no degree of cunning.
This is probably because the relationship between Nanami and Tomoe is strong from the beginning.
For one, KURAMATA.Mizuki and other candidates are also included, but the relationship between the two is too strong and the two people do not shake at all.
It is only lively.
The story has fun in places where the fluctuation width is large, and the fun is lacking when the runout width is small.

Well, it may be paraphrased as being stable, but it is monotonous by any means.

But if I say I'm fascinated by a comedy part ... Mum.
The most interesting thing was fallen angel 〓〓〓Mix.
There was no interesting exceeding it.

If it says whether it is a bad work, in fact it is not so.
Even if it says to point out individually, although it says differently, it is not particularly bad.
It is not boring nevertheless, but then, if you are asked "Is it fun?"

So evaluation may be good with "normal", but usually there are good parts but there are also bad parts so we are doing it comprehensively from "I can not say either", good places are bad It is not even to make ordinary works ordinary ....
I think that it can be said that it is a safe work, but because it is a personal policy issue "+ 〓〓is not a work", I will assume it is "bad".

2014/11/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33984 Host:33872 Browser: 10024
[good point]
All the characters are lovely! Of course, the main character 's cute nose and bamboo is pretty cool, of course, the Ogi Fire daigo is lovely, and the Kurama horse is cool and can be relied on as a gag character (lol), and the other characters such as characters are solid It is.

The story also completes perfectly perfectly without waste with no waste, timing and amount of gag is just right.
It is good that the old man and Mikage Otani are coming out everywhere from the 'Uncle Aunt Uncle' who did not come so much in the original work. The connection with the original is just right.

Songs are also good. Especially the taste of Mr. Kishio Daisuke acting as the Kurama horse is delicious (laugh)

[Bad point]
Nanami wants us to do a little more work with God.
The line of kiss scene and Tomoe appears to be a girl 's cartoon. I like it, but maybe some people are weak.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Recommended for you who want to be cute with love comedy. I think that it is suitable for women.

I think that it is good as a work, but since it starts with two periods that it was my favorite, I will make it very good.

In the original, this is a prologue, it is going to be fun in the past edition of the past from now on. So I am looking forward to the 2nd period.

2014/04/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13084 Host:13192 Browser: 10202
[good point]
The first half progressed well at a tempo, and the feeling like Furuba was good.
I felt better than Nori of Fulba, Nanami feeling it was not hypocritical.

[Bad point]
I wanted God to take up the work of God and show God's ability because it is the title that started God.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I am sorry that the first half was really enjoyable, the second half just became a love comedy. But overall it was not bad.

2014/01/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15466 Host:15351 Browser: 10698
[good point]
Very high-quality picture is the best

[Bad point]
Not at all

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A result

2013/10/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18839 Host:18912 Browser: 4689
Watching it as directed director work

The tempo is also good as a love comedy, and not too persistent to seriousness,
I could watch it without getting tired till the end.
I think that it was a very obedient work as a solid love comedy.

I enjoyed it as it was.
It is "good" which is usually close.

2013/05/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19468 Host:19614 Browser: 4895
It is a work based on the theme of [love], thinking about the feelings of the opponent.
I do not feel like seeing it from the first start with pretty good settings, so it's better to flow here.
After that, love for all living things of "Nanami" is drawn strongly, it is not aggressive content.
"Nanami" is a setting to become a god with a gentle heart, but of course the love of men and women is painted, it is a work that makes you feel at ease.

The bad point is that I do not see this work I think that "Kawagoe" is the setting stage.
Although the work itself is not a future but a past talk, Kawagoe is a sightseeing place reminiscent of the past, so I can not feel the gap between the reality where "Nanami" lives and the past where "Tomoe" lives.

It is a story to get rid of the youkai with bad hearts one by one, to raise my experience value with a good heart.
I think that the episode is going to be similar, so I felt it was just cool with one cool.
There is no big episode as a whole, but you will not get a bad evaluation.
I think that it is a work that can evaluate "good".

2013/05/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28192 Host:28183 Browser: 11265
[good point]
The main character is a cute point

[Bad point]
A point that ends in a place where it will be interesting from now

[Comprehensive evaluation]
At first I was looking at somehow, but I was quite looking forward to the second half.
After the end of the broadcast, I was concerned about the continuation and read the rest in comics.
It is a pity that the TV ended with the introduction degree of the characters.
Will it be around "good" if it is evaluated only for the broadcast on TV?

2013/05/17 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19468 Host:19614 Browser: 4895
The character is not a ski.
I think that the content is not very deep because it is episode 1 episode.

I will evaluate it later.

2013/02/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:18913 Browser: 4894
It is an impression from seeing the last episode.

[good point]
For the theme of "God", there is no problem at all without preliminary knowledge.
Characters appearing around Nana and Ayafu will unfold their love comedy with a good tempo,
Because it was swinging in the direction of a doctor gag type comedy, I could throw away the prejudice of the original girls' manga and enjoyed purely.
I enjoyed including the OP.ED in that it had inflated the image of the work in the positive direction.
The special ED was doing a very good job.

[Bad point]
Nothing particularly noticeable. Nothing like having bad feeling especially on characters.
In other words, although it is not directly related to the work, thought that the original introduction story in CM is interesting,
In terms of enjoying the work it can also be said to be an excitement.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I thought that it was a work of Director Hitoshiro Ohda, but I made no mistake.
Although it is not a masterpiece, if you do not dislike the comedy system you will not lose it.
I think that I can enjoy enjoying without choosing the age group and sex too much.
I wonder if you can evaluate such points considerably.

2013/02/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5346 Host:5038 Browser: 10239
This autumn was my favorite among autumn animation girls' original works three original works.

There is no difficult point in the story, and you can easily see it from anywhere. Although there was a serious story, basically it is a bright atmosphere with slightly gags (because the hero is so)

It was more interesting since the Kura horse appeared around the middle stage than the early stage, polish also came to gag. I got laughed in Daddaden flowing every once. I want to see if there is a continuation, the evaluation is very good good-natured

2013/02/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24426 Host:24566 Browser: 4694
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original unread. Works that were easy to remove, simple and straightforward, and frankly enjoyable compared to other girls' cartoon original animations that were broadcasting at the same time.
While gradually worrying about the distance between the main character Hana Nana who is a cheerful personality, the body like favorite such as Baan-gu, Kurama horse, confidence as the land god and the God of Beauty, gradually strengthening his own thoughts, The story to find whereabouts was bright and very stable as a love comedy. Rhythm of rampant deployment is also good, and the depiction of deformed character which is often inserted is felt visual pleasure.
I have not felt any bad points, but I strongly say that I am always good and stable, so I guess that I can not expect the dramatic development of the most.
The evaluation is "better" than "very good".

2013/01/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36554 Host:36747 Browser: 5345
[good point]

Character setting story

[Bad point]

Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I like No. 1 in this year's animation. "

2013/01/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1771 Host:1707 Browser: 4891
When I was in the beginning of the story - until about 4 episodes, the development when "Nana" and various youkai started involvement was a lot of episodes that felt "gentle and warm personality" of "Nana" and it was a lot of fun However, it is the ability limit of female writers that the center of the talk shifted to the romantic side of "Nana" and "Ayase" from the middle stage, so that it became less interesting.
I think that director's directing was quite good.
〓〓〓It may be an expression that derives an unexpected thing called "deteriorated fruit basket" which the artist says is below.

2013/01/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50808 Host:50648 Browser: 7400
[good point]
I do not mean anything concretely but the overall atmosphere likes
Togiren: Togetu voice: coupled with the voice also had a very good taste

[Bad point]
MIKAGAGE: One thing in the belly ... or saying it is too distracting

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Originally unread Reading troubles and everyday life involving the existence of human beings and others ... There are already many similar works like that, but in the past of stageless Mikage or Baptist who enjoyed even though it was the second decoction third decoction There are lots of materials that are likely to be seriously seriously, but if possible, I would like to leave certain comedy elements even if I do a sequel

2013/01/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27550 Host:27619 Browser: 4894
Works that I felt regretfully personally. If I thought that I could play it more on a slapstick, I felt it was gathered in small ...

However, the flow of the story of each story is not a flow of feeling that it is put together cleanly with a good story, but I think that it was feeling that it pushes out more violently and tsukkomi, and it pushes it to the last with a spright tempo. So as a viewer, I will eat shoulder watermark at the moment I thought "Okay, it's a frequent gag from here".
I think that it is strange something like love romance moistly, although the pre-swing is foolish gag rice. Although I like love butterfly love comfort as a personal hobby, having felt a discrepancy between pre-swing and punch is not a hobby preference, but maybe there was a problem in the construction of the work itself.

As the quality of gags, such as "Bigger Goddess", "Air", "Tailoring MAX" bill name, etc., is high, I wonder if I put more emphasis on it more. I think that the ending was easier as a creator, such as Fallen angel 〓〓〓Mix or that nori. Something, feeling that he was stuck.

Both OP.ED did not like it, but it was not bad, but there were times when I did not look at the back, so I guess it is not "good" in myself.

2013/01/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2749 Host:2629 Browser: 11128
Degradation of fruit basket.
But I enjoyed the good balance of comedy and drama.
Especially the comedy feels like Kotaro Oshima. I will decide to piss. Onigari, I could laugh at the Kurama horse.

2013/01/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23122 Host:23164 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Nana 's cute
Youkai are rich in personality and interesting
Theme songs that remain in the ear
Elegant ED elegant singing ED

[Comprehensive evaluation]
2012 was busy with tests and did not see much animation, but only this animation could be watched smoothly to the end! It was very fun!

2013/01/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20695 Host:20610 Browser: 11856
[good point]
It was very funny!!
I usually do not see a high school student's romance thing at all,
This may be because the other party is a youkai, but I was able to see it very fun.
The slender of the hero is also a very good girl, it is not a character disliked by women.
I think that it is the original of a girls cartoon!

[Bad point]
If you read the original, I think it's a bit high-paced ...
I wonder about that.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I started watching anime and gathered the original.
I would also like people to see it if you are not interested in girls comics as much as possible.

2012/12/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12744 Host:12668 Browser: 9672
[good point]
Character .. Character that Kurama is fun individually Voice actor gorgeous talk

[Bad point]
CM It is interesting, but regrettable that it became spoiled after about 5 episodes ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Personally, comedy, love affair and battle was also well well balanced and enjoyable.

Also, I thought Nanami's appearance rank is C .. It is a harsh world .. (laugh)

2012/12/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28695 Host:28793 Browser: 11280
It is a continuation that I evaluated before.

In the first half the balance of love comedy and gag was good, but after mid-range it struck with just momentum and pasted bills written as air to myself Nana's life was interesting but pillar horse and so on are somewhat runaway gags and a character There was a place where it was difficult for people to understand their psychology.

Still the second part was a cute figure of Nana's jealousy of the past acquaintance woman's snow road of Baayeu and the last was good at putting together at a kiss scene from serious who falls down from Nana's life.

Evaluation is "very good", personally it was funny that gag is interesting and not love love stuff

2012/12/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8568 Host:8348 Browser: 6171
A story that ordinary school girls become Gods with a certain reason and go to school while living in the company.

[good point]
Both OP and ED remain in the ears
Kurama ED
The flute of Mizuki (lol)

[Bad point]
Not particularly

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I just wish that I could watch the last round of Mizuki.
Contents are ordinary love comedy

Sometimes I got a blow at the gaze and I got a good evaluation.

2012/11/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9959 Host:10032 Browser: 4895
An animation of ordinary love comedy as I thought.
It is based mainly on youkai, there is no surprising development and love comedes development in relationship of civil service.
It just feels like the directing of gags is not good for this work.

2012/10/26 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12622 Host:12469 Browser: 9931
I watch up to 3 episodes.

Lot of gods, youkai and so on elements of ordinary love comedy with a good feeling.

While basically getting scared, it is reasonably easy to understand "it is a good story" element and it is stable and funny.
Especially a bad place was not found, a good story gathered firmly.

At the moment, "comment thinking normal" + about the evaluation of 〓〓

2012/10/22 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33327 Host:33198 Browser: 10265
Nana's life with a hero's Nana student and a cool fairy-tale guard, Nana's life was escaped by the parent's circumstances by her parent's circumstances and she was driven out of the place where she lived, and the company decided to live with Aapa, the economic situation of Nana It seems to be miserable, but since it began to live in the company, at the beginning, as I mentioned that there is no story like a no - no - no - kone, there is no hard work and there is no neighborhood that the original is a girl 's comic book

At the moment, the gag which Nana no ki and Ayafuji and other storytellers have slammed are centered
The sense of the gag of the scene where Nana's followers are chased by one story was quite interesting and funny.
Besides, there is also a love comer and it is easy to see because the balance is good.

Nana 's main character is pretty nice personality, so it can be likable.
Especially, I like Nana's gentleness when I cooperated with Koi way of the three princess swamps.

The evaluation is "It is a good comment" The place of present is quite funny.

2012/10/02 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3551 Host:3351 Browser: 11265
[good point]
Writing on the bill becomes reality, but nothing that does not occur beyond the ability of the person himself / herself.

[Bad point]
Pakuri of the dragon ball?
Pakri of Hayate?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it seems to be divided into evaluation, I do not dislike myself.
I look forward to future developments.

2012/10/02 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1382 Host:1312 Browser: 4784
[Good point] Laughed at "Do not be a giant soldier!" [Bad point] The character played by Mr. Nobuhiko Okamoto makes cold spine everyhow [Comprehensive evaluation] The cast of Mobukara is luxurious and it is luxurious, the supervisor's competence It comes with origami. However, as a result of outsidering, leaving one episode, dismissed play.