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Other media: Comics:KAMICHU!
Anime total pnts rank Rank 146in 6,556 titlesTotal 155 / Deviation 73.17
Anime avg pnts Rank 518in 2,892 titlesAvg 1.46=Good/106 reviews
Anime rank of 2005 Rank 9in 191 titles
Statics of evaluation and Ranking
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Character/Setting1.88(Very good)17
Graphic1.65(Very good)17
Voice/Actor1.53(Very good)17
Made me think18%3/17
Shed tears6%1/17
Learned something6%1/17
Hot heart0%0/17
Information about this title

TV Asahi Asahi Broadcasting Corporation(ABC-TV) Nagoya-TV AT-X
Besa Me Mucho
Kouji Masunari
Hanaharu Naruko DENGEKI DAIOH Media Works
Taraku Uon
Yoshihiro Ike
Hiromi Kikuta
Toru Nakano
Aoi Studio Co., Ltd.
Noriyuki Zinguuzi
Tomonori Ochikoshi STUDIO ORPHEE
Brains base
Hideyuki Kurata Katsuyuki Kodera Kenji Kodama Harume Kosaka Hiraku Kaneko Hidehito Ueda Michio Fukuda Noriyasu Agematsu Junpei Fujita Maho Tomita MAKO Rika Morinaga Kaori Mine Ai Nonaka Issei Miyazaki Kousuke Okano Chiwa Saito
Mitsuaki Hoshino Miki Ito Makoto Tsumura Yukie Maeda Kanako Hattori Misato Fukuen
Daiki Nakamura Kanda Akemi Takashi Ohara Megumi Kubota Takayasu Usui
Mantarou Iwao Hirosi Horimoto Noriaki Sugiyama Mochizuki Hisayo Katsuhisa Houki Ryo Hirohashi Ryusuke Obayashi Shinichiro Ohta Hiroshi Matsumoto Yuko Kato
Hiromi Hirata Reiko Kiuchi Kiyonobu Suzuki Yumiko Kobayashi
Kaida Yuki Hiroshi Okamoto Akeno Watanabe Yuuki kodaira Mayuko Yunoki Yuko Kaida
Japan Released:2005/06/28(Tue) / End:2005/09/27
Official sites
1. http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Animation/kamichu/ (Translation)
Opening movie (1)
Song:Maho Tomita Compose:Noriyasu Agematsu Arrange:Junpei Fujita [Fan reg.]
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2016/04/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13573 Host:13673 Browser: 7911
The original is unread.

Fluffy, relaxing, heartwarming.
Showa nostalgic is accompanied by flowers there, but is the idea that God is a cursed girls middle school student ...?

Clearly speaking it is nothing.
Everyday everyday.
I think that it is God as a little spice to get in there, ... Does it take a lot of dose to say spice?

It is the most difficult thing like medieval.
If this is perfectly mediocre, for example, I got the power of God 〓〓〓I can not use it well, fail !! Or if a girls junior high school student gains the power of God there is nothing to change ... that I hope to enjoy interaction, but I am doing various things using God 's power.
That does not mean that hero is not treated specially, he is not doing so.

It will be classified as a non-routine everyday thing, but it is not a thing that does not enjoy unusual circumstances, but it can not even be a daily thing to enjoy youth etc ... and a life-size girl who is not halfway It seems like it has gone unnecessarily magnificent for the reason I drew a junior high school student.

I think that it should be praised where the country town of the Seto Inland Sea is drawn firmly and invite nostalgia, but since the nucleus of the story can not be grasped at all and message quality does not appear at all, evaluation is "bad".

By the way, this work is an unusual everyday running like a god.

2016/02/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14502 Host:14515 Browser: 7920
Is this animation a work "makes me think" or "no idea" work? It is not clearly shown in the work. I think it is a nice thing about the work Kamichu!

Let's say that this animation is a work made to appeal some viewpoint to the viewer and make it "think". Having assumed that, I think that this work has the impression that it is the worst. Even though there are various elements, such as setting (SDF, government, gods, youkai, etc), we have no context and poor consistency.

Let's say that this animation is an "unthinking" work that provides some kind of sensibility and sensation to viewers. Assuming that, this work will make viewers feel the highest impression. It is possible to immerse in the unique world view of this work by accepting warm landscape, character nature, and gods and youkai in the real world as it is, and accepting the extraordinary everyday existence.

Kamichu! Frequently uses materials that raises various viewpoints of ideas and unusual feelings to viewers. Nevertheless the view of the world is everyday and warm. Two contradictory things live together, it can be said that it is appropriate for the title "Junior High School student in God" correctly.
However, one disappointing thing is that the part where non-everyday feeling and daily taste do not mesh well well was seen. I think that the cause lacks expressive capabilities of the script. It goes without saying that this work is an experimental animation, but as a perfection degree of the work it was still not a perfect score.

2015/08/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32194 Host:32351 Browser: 11040
[good point]
.op, ed The songs are wonderful. Especially op is a fascinating picture and it has a glance.
Painting is good. The atmosphere of the rural town was expressed well.

[Bad point]
.character. The main character is uncomfortable both in terms of talking and exercising, and the surroundings are spectacularly surreptitious for the habit of junior high school students, a woman wearing gold, a man with a hero's disappointment There are too many settings that can not be done, it is too much and Iratsurasuru.
.story. Unintelligible. I felt as if I became a god suddenly, an alien came, it became a cat, I did not know exactly what I wanted to see, whether I usually want to be in love or to become a student council president. Originally it was not explained at all about "the god" of this world, but there was sense of incongruity because there was sometimes lifting as "God" every time.
Overall it looks like a child.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even if it is a nostalgic local youth product, the fantasy part pulled out of the foot, and as a Japanese fantasy, I was not digging in there at all, so I could not deny anything halfway feeling. People who are evaluating this will feel that there are a lot of people who do not usually watch anime a lot, so I think that people who are watching anime from now are not enough. I was too foolish to expect this animation, but it was an anime I regretted watching after a long time.

2015/01/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16508 Host:16510 Browser: 10092
[Comprehensive evaluation]
A polite making of a historical world view of a somewhat nostalgic Showa in the work that God's subject matter.
Although the character 's pattern seems to be apparent at first sight,
It is designed to be easy to accept for the general public unlike Moe Moe work.
Individual characters other than the hero are arbitrary and attractive.
Screenplay is also excellent, none of this has a faulty part either.

I think that this is a wonderful everyday object.

2014/07/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31499 Host:31569 Browser: 5958
[good point]
It is different from a common God thing. Well, if you look at the first episode for the time being, I think that you can grasp the atmosphere of this work, so I recommend you to watch the first episode first.

Take a note of the main impression

The main character and God 's thing, the school girl who felt disgusted feeling

Despite the God thing, although the hero is doing his best by being enthralled, there is neither ambition nor a trial

God has the power, but the setting is ambiguous. For example, if you think that it took one night for a typhoon to occur, there are times that seem to be expressing force instantaneously. The school became a pool or a pudding in the school election. Even if we consider the theory that a typhoon as a natural phenomenon takes a minimum overnight, we can not answer the question, what is the reason why schools can change in attraction in the moment? Well, it can be said that the setting is ambiguous whether God's power is also a god like this, but it is conversely able to express a work that is Godlike.

By the way, I thought that I was a marriage relationship as to what kind of god is Yuri. It is impeccable. (It was a Kannagi)

[Bad point]
I did not particularly have a bad point

But. Dare to say that there was a time when Cyrus was living a lazy life all the time because it was after working at a shrine for three days of New Year. That was easy to convince a lazy life when describing the work of the New Year, but since I was drawing only the lazy part, since Cyrus did its best with the mouth just for the mouth I'm tired and I can not talk about it Even so, it is hard for me to feel sympathy. If you look at the whole work including that kind of things, you still have a greater proportion of what God likes to do, equals it? Because of suffering and busy depiction is poorly depicted, if you are a chosen person, you can only do what you like The impression that it can be sent, it may receive a theme.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is very good

2014/06/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11562 Host:11444 Browser: 5171
Works depicting Yurie Hitoh who suddenly became God and the people around it and the everyday life that God can laugh with a bit of tears.

[good point]
Yurie Chan The main character of this work! It is shameful at Doshi but very sweet and cute!

Shunkichi - kun is cool. I'm going to give you ice while complaining about it but I am cute.

Both other humans and God think that the main character was good.
Although Sasami thought that he was the only person who wields people at the beginning, persuasion against Nishimura was cool.

〓〓〓Story I did not like it at first.
Talk of a welcome party in the world of the seventh episode of God, I caught on with this unique world view.
I'm satisfied with the last to be tied!

〓〓〓OP credits melting into everyday landscapes

[Bad point]
Why did not you know why you became God if you were to be strong?
I could enjoy it without worrying about such things!

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is an anime that thinks that it is not bad to worship God as if God such as this is okay 〓〓〓
Evaluation is "very good"!

2014/06/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1082 Host:1101 Browser: 5133
[good point]

Loose basic warmth, sometimes surreal.
Every character is good (except for the prime minister of 4 episodes w)

[Bad point]

I can not find it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

A middle school student who said that he went to God when he woke up one day, New Year God struggle record.

While setting surreally, the surrounding people are basically comfortable and indifferent to God 's existence (but not indifferent), so I was able to watch and listen to themselves by pulling the power of my shoulders smoothly. After being accepted smoothly, I enjoyed it for the everyday life of the chestnut. As a god, as a junior high school student, as a girl in love, she looks like a crying baby and her gentleness to support her seductive, unreliable chestnut naturally flutters her face, and her heart was unraveling.

The one that was made the most grim was not the love love but the brother Chikichi.
It is very innocent feeling that the attitude that Tsunken was behind me is suitable for years. Miko likes me too, but you can leave it to me! W

Gods coming out were also very individual and good. Just watching 8 million gods gathering at God 's meeting is fun.
Tama after the poor god possessed was too cute. Behavior that came out several times Favorite suspicious tama and favorite scenes of Chikichi that love it.

The manner in which girls are drawn was far from the modeling of impression body type and common girls' animation on skirts up to kneeless naked knees, but I think that it was why I could taste pure moe.

Because it is the best Moe animation right now, "highest".

2014/06/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14549 Host:14558 Browser: 5710
Although it is a daily thing of junior high school students who set in the Setouchi district of the 1980s (model is Onomichi city of Hiroshima prefecture), it incorporates a fantasy that suddenly became a god by the heroine's cry. It is not unusual to have a hero with power not found in humans, and it is often the setting that an alien suddenly came, even if it is not a battle item.

What is unusual in this work is that the character who has this tremendous power (causing influence on others) is crowded alone. In most cases, a character with a similar power comes out later than the main character, but in addition to the eight million gods in this work, that is, those who move the surroundings to humans by virtue of power There is no, only slightly has the ability to communicate with Mr. Yashima san. Therefore, it will not be a development that competes for virtuous power, and since Cyrus is the stage of learning how to use that power from now on, we do not actively use it, and we know that we focus on everyday life as a junior high school student to the last .

A faint love pattern to classmate Ninomiya, which is somewhat childish as compared to two friends, is also attractive. When this work was broadcast around 2005, it seems that some awful views towards girls students have come to be known as dating assistance, but since the setting was also in the 1980s, mobile phones There were many people who felt "the good old days" in the relaxing love of a pure love in the relaxed atmosphere of the local city without the Internet and the Internet.

It is not a work that is drawn into a lot of things, it is a work that is not going to be aired on Sunday evening, and I have not found anything to say particularly. Recently girls 'groups' everyday things tend to be muddy, but the flowing atmosphere is different, so it is also recommended for those who are not yet seen.

2014/02/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16639 Browser: 3015(Mobile)
It is in the period of the honorable mention last year. Screenplay directing motion is coloring. Also, the performance of MAKO is good. (However, as long as one season is long, if it gets tired if it is long)
The world of the gods is slightly Chinese, the nipple for the first time in the nipple, the skill is a flaw.

2013/12/17 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13304 Host:13262 Browser: 8937
What to say ... When I watched this work I am troubled with honest comment ... Because the world view is unknown, before watching this work, it means that "the main character's girl becomes a god" Nde knew,
At first, "(A) a girl encounters a fellow of a foreign body like Death Note's Ryuk and becomes a god" (A) "or" (A) a girl releases the seal of a special thing and becomes a god "
〓〓〓I thought that it was a work like "(B) a story depicting a girl who became a god" ... but,
Actually this work starts from the beginning of 1 story "I became God," but,
I thought that this is honest "I think this daughter is crazy"? I thought about it (I thought it was a real radio wave)
Rather than saying that such descriptions such as "How did she become a god?" Or "How did she think she would become a god"? So this work is a so-called "work that completely omits the part that will trigger a story" There are certainly other works that "omit the part that triggers the story", but in fact the mostly For example, in "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST", "Why is Ed and Al the body of a machine?" Or "Wagon's Takkyubin", "How can Kiki fly the sky?" .
Rather, it is not unusual that the work "omission of the part that will trigger a story" is often described as a past talk later as the part that becomes the trigger later, so this work is the latter "Kiki's Delivery Service It is a work like "witch" of "Witch" of "It is a setting that looks like it normally is from the beginning already", but why "Feast of the Witch" did not feel any discomfort in this work To say whether I felt strange incongruity,
I think that it is from "Witch's courier service, it is not important whether or not Kiki can fly the sky" Actually Kiki was unable to fly the sky for a while at the end, but it was working as it was, In the end she was able to fly the sky,
I thought that 'the way she lives in the appearance of a witch' is important, so I thought that 'why can not the sky fly'? ', But this work seems to be similar In the setting "Although the scenario is started with the hero becoming a god from the beginning", I can not be convinced here by any means ...
Although I seriously thought about the reason, after all it is because "God" becomes the "core" of the story of this work, the part which becomes the foundation is not clear at all, so I am not convinced The guys in the group are also calling God as if they were brainwashed, and even if the public is also a weird person and witnesses the gods of the gods, we are dealing with the true face at all,
Originally this work was not a different world story like "Spirited Away", but I have always wondered why they are doing a normal face For example, "Monster is the only girl in the hero" but you know if set Toka, such as ...
Everyone in the ordinary can see the appearance of the monster, so it would be impossible for us to respond to ordinary, so to say briefly, because the scenario and so on did not agree with the view of the world or supplementary explanation before, this evaluation became It was

For example, if the title of the work of "Kiki's Delivery Service" is "Sky Takkyubin" or "Flying Girl"
Absolutely many viewers think "I wonder why Kiki can fly in the sky?" The reason is that "There is a word reminiscent of flight in the title" hence the title of the work "Witch's Delivery Service" At least, I think that "It is not important whether or not Kiki can fly the sky while working" As mentioned above, this work is not "I would like to draw a girl flying in the sky" but "Witch I wanted to paint a girl of "I want to paint a girl" in "Witch's Delivery Service" so I did not have any doubt about her flight ability and everyone else in the other handled as usual, In the case of this work, since it is titled "Kamichu!", The title properly contains the word "God", but despite the word "God" is contained in it, the most important in this work process Completely and has been omitted,
After all it did not matter at all because of that reason and I was bored with honesty because I could not understand what I would like to draw

Although there are many other works that "There is absolutely impossible setting from the beginning", there are certainly many others, but such works are still tolerable, but this work is extremely exceptional among those works The scenario started from (B) mentioned above, in other words, even though (A) is the opposite, in other words, Evaluation changed at all when depicted, but in the end even though the title "God" is included in the work title, the supplementary explanation as the foundation is completely omitted,
I could not reach the scenario fundamentally. From the conclusion ... All of the characters in this work could only be thought of as "brainwashed radio corps"

As everyone says "God!" "God!" "God!", I realize that "you are fascinating!"

2013/11/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40736 Host:40887 Browser: 4936
I did not understand until the last what I wanted to claim by the author.
My intention is not clear at all whether I want to draw daily life of junior high school students like Sunday evening system, want to draw battle of Sunday morning system, or want to draw girls of weekday evening system.

I just received the impression that I just made an animation that I felt as if I were anything.
I feel that time has just been wasted.
This work is not something to see and enjoy, I felt it would not be an obstacle to flow back to that back while doing something.
So there is nothing called impression that you get from this work.

It is a work that does not fit my claim of [anime is a drama, drama is not dramatic].
I make the evaluation very [bad].

2013/09/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 505 Host:199 Browser: 10240
It seems that everyday life and extraordinary elegance are blending.
Although it is a god, an ordinary junior high school girl is drawn in life-size.
It was healed by the gentle feelings of the hero.

2013/03/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19651 Browser: 10293
[good point]

Story cast directing
[Bad point]

Sun channel
[Comprehensive evaluation]

I grasp the human heart I saw.
About the abstract of impression, middle school year becomes God. Work based on the work of the extraordinary life called the work. Nevertheless the main character is a guy that is kotatsu and action not to be God. Junior high school students are junior high school students even if junior high school students have the power of God. However, it was rough that learning and growing what you can do and what you can do in God is heard, listening to something worrisome with a variety of hearts and trying to solve it Although it becomes a flow, however, it seems that the main character of a junior high school student got not only growth as a god but also growth as a person. For example, I think that it can be read from the scene of love of the hero who is under construction.

There is no particular comment about drawing.
Regarding the music, it is the thing which fits the flow of time of being under construction. Also, I think that casting was the best way to bring out the world view.

Overall, the view of the world as the charm of this work. As a point of view, what uses the god power for the hero in each story? I think that what it was like was what was given to the characters by what you used? The charm of the whole work may be called a love of the hero.

2013/03/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49918 Host:49820 Browser: 9824
Although hero is an ordinary junior high school student, even though it is an ordinary middle school student, it is the existence of "God", and there is nothing special that neighbors treat as special, and I dislike tests, and in addition to the hero who also catches a cold, There are millions of gods, and as with the hero, they have different troubles and problems but they are like ordinary humans (though they are not normally visible to normal humans) I am spending

There is nothing difficult setting and limitation for this animation,
It is just that work that humans and Gods live normally.
I personally do not think that it is such a wonderful work that something deviates,
It is a piece that looks like a warm heart when watching it, it is a work that is easy to see without thinking about difficult things

It is a work that allows you to see such things through the main character, even God and even human beings

2013/02/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1679 Host:1617 Browser: 5345
[good point]
How to put a life feeling, depict the gesture of the character carefully The ingenuity that draws director's character of Masunari Koji

Various facial expressions like Cream coming up in various events happening in a relaxed atmosphere are cute

As a model of the actual scenery, there is a depth in the background just to make it feel like actually being on the stage

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The feeling that I am doing my best to draw Yurie-sama is doing my best I am also looking for a wonderful usual expression My maiden's expression also spends time with friends Expressions that are troublesome also draw a landscape that can be seen from Yurie for how to make use of it Mr. Cry feels like I felt that I telled the viewer what it was

2013/01/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12956 Host:13036 Browser: 4692
Crying as the hero, "I became God"
This animation starts with a sudden confession saying.
However, the explanation to that, and the reason why I became God after all is not clear to the last,
I do not plan to explain it at all.

But the interesting part of this work is that the principal who has become God and the surrounding people are terribly large, calm, gentle,
Moreover, I admit the existence of that god and are warmly accepting.
For example, you might be a bit like the witch's position in the world of witch's courier service.

I think that whether it can accept the great kindness of this world view will be the point of whether this animation can be evaluated or not.
Basically, with the relaxed scenery of Onomichi of the 1980s, a story is unfolded with such a world view,
There are not many large mountains in each talk, it seems to be a royal road of witty animation at first glance.

However, the excellent point that this animation is a bit different is that the attitude of "Yuria" who is the main character over the full story, "Ganbaru" is steadily drawn.
This point is not only warm hearted but it is becoming a factor that I can pass a single line throughout the whole story.
In other words, without seemingly big mountain ranges, we can express the charm of the hero firmly in the relaxed everyday development.

For the friend who works hard as a God who is trying hard as a junior high school student I will do my best to take a new step for the people who are struggling to do my best Gamba etc.

As a normal girl became a god, her clothes trying hard trying hard while clumsy,
Along with the scene of Onomichi, it is drawn very attractive.

Also, how to draw also expresses the heart of the looking naturally shaking,
We are taking expressive ways of giving emotion to the side looking naturally without using so-called outright tear-dropable directing.
This is also wonderful and the evaluation is high.

In this way, the producer side does not have extra ego like "to try to forcibly show the work to the highest" which can be seen recently,
It is a masterpiece that expresses charm of characters and stories carefully in nature.
Evaluation is "highest" I will.

2012/11/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25330 Host:25366 Browser: 5829
[good point]
In addition to the goodness of character, character,
A scene modeled on the "slope town" Onomichi of the Seto Inland Sea, the retro world view is still alive here.

[Bad point]
Although it is a thing in common with the manga version, the part such as sudden feeling and boredom feeling of the part where Yuri became God,
Can you still see it in animation?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I knew this "Kamichu!" From the manga first, I saw the animation later.

The atmosphere of this emotional city such as the town of Saka in the Setonaikai which is the stage of "Hinode no machi" of this work, the townscape overlooking the sea from the slope of Onomichi, the ferry crossing overland,
And from the old-style telephones, televisions, electric fans etc, the world view feeling nostalgia and warmth with "a long ago" motif as a motif is as well as the original,
It was a pleasure to have been able to see such a nostalgic view of the world with anime too.
(In a sense, maybe you remembered that "ALWAYS third chapter sunset"?)

There is also a story unique to animation such as an exchange with a Martian who was not in cartoon version in animation, a story telling a fishing boat and battleship Yamato to communicate,
These showed interesting not found in the original.

A scene reminiscent of a sightseeing place by the sea which overlooks the wide sea from the top of the hill, a worldview feeling nostalgia,
Even if it seems a bit clumsy, as a god, as a single middle school student, we focus on the lily that works hard for people around me rather than me,
The gods of the surrounding gods such as friends (ensemble, Megumi, Kenji etc.) and her family, innocent butterfly (original story is a flower card?) Etc are firmly firming their side by the favorite all together,
I think that the part is such a good place of this work.

2012/11/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27699 Host:27771 Browser: 3458(Mobile)
There are mysterious charm in the character.
The crown of the hero is shy and many complaints, it is frustrating and frustrating. A good place that seems to be a nice thing actually does not reflect so much.
The gentleness that can become a person 's troubles is said to be good by strength and Mitsue is under construction, but honestly if it is the world view of this work most Mobukara will be so.
If it says, the person named Cyrus is not a hero nor anything, just being an ordinary junior high school student as long as you treat it as one of the mobs.

That is why the power as a disproportionate God is interesting. Even the use of force is mediocre but it is also interesting. It is such a wonderful thing.
Atmosphere of the work which makes this setting accept naturally without any reason for this absurdity. Just because it is a world of radio waves missing common sense, it is not so. There is a peculiar air that does not convince "〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓quot;, and does not make such a catch in the first place. I guess this is a kind of work that can make a talent ... ....

The charm of a character is not limited to anything else. I feel good about the shrine that made me cheerful and pleasantly surprised, and I mourn about everything as I see men and women. I mourn that they want moisture. They mourn in the fruit of Miseme (of course exaggerated expression), the insensitivity of Kenji is likely to be a long time ago, Let me imagine junior high school student's simple love affair and to relax. My younger brother 's attitudes towards adolescence, the sister' s simpleness of the shrine makes everything smart.
This sparse refinement exquisitely skillful. If you push too much a character, you put it on your nose, and it becomes plain if you do not give it. I think that they are arranging characters that are skillful at that boundary.

Episodes such as contact with Martians and cat fight are also strange product lines as if they symbolize this work. Nevertheless natural animation that does not put effort on the shoulder and can relax and enjoy. It is recommended.

2012/09/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6965 Host:6777 Browser: 4783
[good point]
Why are boys and girls written by Director Masunari so attractive? There is something peculiar to that child of that age. Fetish is a scary thing.
Therefore, it has a crisp, it is cheerful and somewhat unclear and it makes me look a cute little feeling a little bit. Junior high school students who appear in this something are cute. Including Chiichi and Ken chan. Tama is also cute.

The setting itself is actually meaning unknown though it is good, making it amazing It is also wonderful to create an atmosphere that is rounded up, it is brilliant that it is beautiful and relaxedly finished in a lyrical, pastoral fashion with it as a landscape.

As a god as a god, as a junior high school student, there is a story as a female girl, and there are few similar stories that are composed by tying each well well.

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a completed work. Perfection as a work is Pikachi

I want a cat to release Saito Chiwa ...

2012/08/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 567 Host:431 Browser: 7740
While this animation is a surreal and fantasy setting, all is slightly pretty too cute, in a nice sense it admits well for Totoro points where adults and children are acceptable well, and it is quite a unique presence in the TV series I think. . The series composition of one episode is clear and it is very easy to see, and drawing is also very good.

I do not understand why I can watch this work with a heartwarming sketch so I have been thinking for a while since I finished watching it but that is probably because a lot of scenes that make up things are being drawn by mutual friendship among friends I thought it was one reason. Even if you become a god and acquire a special ability, the crown of the hero is a junior high school student who does not depend on Doshi, and you can not live by yourself at all, let's help each other, friends, family is important I like the atmosphere, is not it? The nostalgic director and the landscape of Showa's Onomichi emphasize the direction further and are harmonizing with each other as if wrapped in soft cloth softly and creating a unique healing space. I also like quintessentially phonetic lines because they are funny. Is your own highlight a support speech for Misa chan?

I am glad I grew up in Japan, it is a work full of pure Japanese sense that seems to make me think that children want to grow in a small town in Japan 〓〓〓

2012/04/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The main character is ordinary pretty character deza is good atmosphere coexistence with good person youkai (?)
[Bad point]
When the hero's hair grows suddenly it is a bit
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Very good

2012/02/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a work that I like very much if I am in the vase

At first I thought that it was a healing system warmth animation as you are written

If you look closely you can also enjoy it as a very surreal gag animation

All the story "What kind of god is it !?" will be wanted to get on the screen

I was told my younger brother "Why do I have to worship Yuri until New Year" (That's right)

Although I am a god, I got an amulet of sickness and disasters

It is not an active part of the New Year Dare to draw a story with a kotatsu Dirty one episode

Because I am not good at studying, I try to go to Sugawara

I shoot pencil dice with divine duties and all 3 are written in the answer as it is

I was repeatedly kicked in for people searching

Since there is no role for snatching, the area where I stuck in viewing the whole screen was a pot

In the last two stories, the two people 's exchange did not stop for a while

I'm cute and I want to cheer him up

I like OP's breakfast panda in the morning meal

I think that it is boring for boring people but I am a very favorite work

2011/07/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A girl who is suddenly a junior high school student suddenly begins to say, "I became a god," this story begins.

Yuri is a junior high school student and God.
But it is not a pursuit of what I became God, but I am depicting everyday life as a junior high school student in a style that I became God but that is not good as well.

〓〓〓"Although it is God, only a middle school student"
When you look at it you will find that it is still a child.
Although it is God, it is not God.
I thought that place was really good.

Characters and gods appearing in this work are also attractive and cute.
The world of God is also wonderful!

〓〓〓As far as I saw, there was a slightly different place between the DVD version and the TV version.

Although the TV version has unavoidably cut talks and scenes due to the problem of 腟〓〓 you can see perfectly with the DVD version.

I think that it is a work that splits opinions between people who watch only the TV version and those who watch the DVD version because the modification of the drawing is also done.

〓〓〓Kamichu! I thought it was an animation that made me feel good.

With a good meaning there is no bad development in the heart and it will continue in a calm atmosphere but will not let you get bored, so you can watch with confidence as it has properly developed.

In a sense, it is a funny and strange addictive animation that looks like a medicine that takes fatigue.

Characters also move to the extent that it is not quite the current animation, the background is drawn finely,
Eyes will go to various places w
Perhaps it is a reason why you are not getting bored with looking at such visual parts of Kamichu!

I think that it is not suitable for those who like a hard story that is not good at everyday systems, because it is a mysterious world view but everyday things are everyday things.

2011/03/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Clearly saying that it is only works of background and drawing.
There are some unavoidable parts because there are only 12 episodes, but there is almost no content or there is a useless story or there is a useless story and the end is a feeling that I finished brute force with the usual idiot called Valentine.

Since I am doing it with such a world view at a great pace, I wanted to show how to end it along a little more.
I went to the beach that was forgotten, remembered the past and watched fireworks, and the times of the battleship Yamato was good, but the times when the aliens came and the kotatsu one day got rough was too much hid.
I know that I wanted to do the Kotatsu times, but I do not want to get out of the kotatsu It is also good to show a loose one But even if this drawing and characters are available for the first time I'm relying too much on drawing and a script player I have not done it. (You can put enough episodes of other characters and show me that there are still kotatsu on top of that.)

Although I was at a loss as to whether to add a good or bad thing, when I first watched it for the first time I was overwhelmed by the image side and the impression remained strong, but when I looked it up with a rerun, after all the screenplay and the content was terrible, Is it the way to finish the last?
With this, it becomes a work which does not remain in the impression truly except the image surface.
Even if it is made by the alien 's story, there were lots of stories that were delayed because there was no relationship between development and promotion or expansion, and even though it became suddenly God or whatever, setting came out abruptly, the setting and the story diverged There was also a short time there was not much excavation of characters other than Yukari and there is not much left in the impression, so I am interested only because I was able to publish content, but I do not know if the story can not be made, but in a good sense it is mediocre but I could describe the other gods more and I'm sorry I guessed it would have been the best work if I entered the story and improved the tempo better.
Although I am a god, I also understand the balance with the feelings and lives of ordinary girls junior high school students, but I feel that they have become too plain at the end as they are too ordinary.
Even one pattern.

On the other hand, the drawing is wonderful and not just good, but the details of the depiction is well cute.
It is about to be seen only by it, so it seems to be deceived.
Depending on the artistic nature of drawing, if it is oversized or aimed too much, it will not be a realistic depiction, and this is a cute little detail in the range not to be overlooked or beyond before being displayed.
I think that I would like to show off if it is a drawing by Kororo, but I think it was just a good save and I trusted the drawing.
Even if the drawing has gone too far before, the world view may be destroyed.
It is like a background and art, it has a warm atmosphere and nostalgic feelings are coming in. It feels like a country country atmosphere as if something is lurking around there.
I felt like I saw a work that has been convincing as much as Kol by background and drawing for the first time in a while.
So it seems that you will misunderstand whether the script is amazing.

The character itself was good, I think that I was able to publish the relationships and character descriptions and the contents there, and I think that the character was able to move without pulling the leg of drawing.
Because it is a story of mostly Yukari center, I feel like I wanted to see the story of other characters a little more.
Especially the sister of the shrine and the relationship of younger brother.
Of course the drawing is good, but the voice actor was good even if it said anything.
I have found a good cast as if I could not say I could not use this character if it was not this voice actor.
Even though I'm somewhat like spoofed voice, I do not feel disgusted but it is a natural feeling, it is not a selling skill but a truly amazing character, so it seems to be said that I am speaking, so I can differentiate it from my younger brother.
Because I can not study and get lazy or say selfishly, my brother is getting scared and abandoning it, because it's a character, so it's out because it's a character, it's not a minus but it's a depiction of human beings so it's cute and it makes me feel likable .

To be honest it would have been very bad - if it was not for this painting and background - it was getting worst.
Well, in a sense, it may be said that I did a job (screenplay) that did not disturb the drawing without making it too good or too bad.

2011/03/21 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I do not know the original. I watch it in real time. Now I watch and listen to the rebroadcast until the end.
Works of a parody and satire that disguised his appearance as a heartwarming. It may be that there is a problem in the original, but the impression that the focus is not decided due to overloading is strong. Also, in real time, this work and other works such as Mr. Peppe and others were mass-produced and the story was extremely boring, so there was not much left in memory.
The point I think is good. background. I feel that the cityscape was well drawn. cast. I feel that the hero who MAKO plays has had a very good taste. Acting is never good (clearly speaking, stick reading) but it is very good with the work and contributes to making the atmosphere.
I think that it is bad. Other works neta. Other pieces of story netted in each place are painful. Especially, I felt it was terrible 1, 2 and 8 episodes. The two stories are cold with the pillow of the hot spring story of Ghibli. Eight stories are Yamato. Especially the camerawork that I often saw at the headquarters, it was extremely cold as to say that it is going to pull backward after zooming on port ahead gun. What I think is bad with this work is that it painfully expresses that this work is beautiful only, while the head family has drawn firmly what is called the emptiness of war. In addition, it is very poor quality because it has lowered the hurdle in a loose atmosphere. In general, I do not have a favorable impression on the depiction of a ship in which many battle dead are sleeping. We should also include the fact that the survival rate was less than 10% if the crew of Yamato says how many people. Style. In everything, a strategy to lower the threshold with a relaxed atmosphere and pass the author's argument hurts a pain. The story of the alien was terrible. The scene where the SDF thrusts guns to university girls junior high school students was painful. I do not like the story of the election as well. If you want to criticize the current situation, you should do it with more appropriate work. It is wilted because it incorporates real in half way. This piece of work can empathize because it removes the real part that it feels painful for the viewer to thoroughly eliminate it, but in the case of this work it is not done. It is not real at all when I say God, but I can not see what I want to do. story. It is good to have suddenly become a god one day, so what kind of thing is not drawn at all. The creator can make it as a self-satisfied work that cluttered and made all-you-wanted things. Drawing. Disturbance is noticeable. Especially the severe thing is the change in body shape. There are many scenes that make you feel uncomfortable as being chubby and tall. Although there are scenes in which the animation is strangely strange, because the condition changes depending on the round, the handcraps are cold.
The story is bored and the tempo is bad. It can be said that pretty viewing is a painful work.
Evaluation, but it will be the worst.

2011/01/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Good place]
The expression of the character and the streets were good.
Ninomiya-kun was cool. I do not know what went into such a point, but it was a really good character. In addition to the poor God and Tama Festival chances, Miko Chan and Mrs. Chan to Misetshi and my brother, the last two stories which were many impressive good characters were not good although the personality is not so strong.
[Bad point]
I thought that there was nothing in particular, but I thought that setting God was not necessary separately ... (Is the book going over?)
[Comprehensive evaluation]
If it is up to the last two episodes it is good, but the last two stories were good so it is very good.
I just feel like I'm a bad work if I expect a lot of it.

2010/11/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

Display of credits is very devised. Even this alone is a high point personally.
Animation that makes such a unique director is hard to find, in my memory is "Azumanga Daioh".

Theme song.
OP is refreshing music and lyrics are exquisite, I will not get tired of how many times I listen, I smile.
ED was MAKO's charm explosion, and I got hooked while listening several times.

At first I thought that it was close to the "Natsume Yujincho", but Natsume was a painful story, but this work is occupied by the whole, and it is a difference.
The talk of Yamato was feeling tears.
The perfection of music is exceptionally high.

[Bad point]

Mr. MAKO, who starred in the show, has seen various roles at various appearances for various occasions, so I do not mind, but now his work debuts.
So it may be unavoidable, but maybe there are pros and cons. I got used to it from the way.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Cream has eaten egg-tea toys Used to eat as early as possible from the beginning w

I was recommended by an acquaintance and watched it.
An acquaintance expressed this work as "Ghibli animation seems like." Although it seems to be piggybacking, I think it is exactly right.

Warm music, heartful story.The world view ...
Ryosaku who blessed the goodness beyond the grade point.

Of course evaluation is "highest".

2010/10/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Animation Division Excellence Award Japan International Media Art 100 Selected Works for Animation Division

Since other super-masterpieces of the past were chosen, on the contrary the low profile of this work stands out

Bored about the story ...
I feel like setting something ...

However, there is a charm that somehow sees it! A wonderful mysterious atmosphere

I recommend you to chill out

2010/10/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
A little nice atmosphere is somewhat funny

[Bad point]
Overall boring

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is probably a work I am not good at. There are atmospheres like K-On and Hidamari, but they are completely different. However, after all I like the things like blood dancing, so I can not familiarize them. Perhaps I would like to go out if I could live in this town. There are things that are likely to attract something if nerves get worn out and become tattered. As Tora - san and Snufkin it is only a few weeks if I want to live by all means.

From the beginning I knew what kind of work it was, but I saw it because it is too popular, but I did not match. However, the goodness of making is visible, the story is carefully made and it is often connected with interest. But I do not see the fundamental.

Still, I think that goodness is a pretty good work as it is noticeable. Because there were many times I was looking forward to some. Because it is not liking, it is not limitlessly close to normal. I am sorry for those who like this work, but I do not understand the fun at all.