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Takaya Kagami
Kamiya Yuu Dragon Magazine FUJIMI SHOBO CO., LTD. Fujimi fantasia bunko
Shigeru Morita
Masaharu Amiya Kiyoko Yoshimura Keiichiro Ochi
Itsuro Kawasaki Nagisa Miyazaki Yasunari Nitta
Yoshikazu Iwanami
FrontierWorks Inc. Mei Yoshikawa
Shinnosuke Tachibana
Megumi Takamoto
Yuuichi Nakamura
Iori Nomizu
Jun Fukuyama
Chika Horikawa
Aya Gouda
Yuu shimamura
Fuyuka Ooura
Mutsumi Tamura
Toshiyuki Morikawa Maria Kawamura
Suwabe Junichi
Natsuni Takamori
Yumeha Takahashi
Yuka Saitou
Misuzu Togashi
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Suzumura Kenichi
Midori Tukimiya
Hisao Egawa
Japan Released:2011/07/09(Sat) 01:05-01:35 Television Saitama Co.,Ltd. TV / End:2011/09/24
Official sites
1. http://www.itsu-ten.jp/ (Translation)
2. http://kadokawa-anime.jp/itsu-ten/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. http://twitter.com/info_itsuten
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Song:Shikata Akiko
Compose:Shikata Akiko
Arrange:Shikata Akiko [Fan reg.]
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2014/08/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12432 Host:12323 Browser: 10442
[good point]

Chara cute little hair and looking at the hero and harmony
[Bad point]
Indigestion not enough to end

[Comprehensive evaluation] Personally about 2 or 3 when 5 is MAX

2014/03/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3394 Host:3477 Browser: 5147
Iron rabbit who contracted with Vampire's site heia when it is small is a special constitution with an ability to be okay even if it dies up to 7 times in 15 minutes.
As a school self-proclaimed genius and a student council president's red moonlight partner, Mr. Ando Michiro who can attack a small and electric attack can help the place where the track seems to be run over, so the seal of site heime comes to the same school .
Although I am good at cooking with my childhood, my eyes golden, but when my eyes golden, Haruka Toki got involved with the rabbit and became a scuffle, and my head seems not to be bad But I observe the events of another world as an ordinary person Kim Mamoru who is stronger than Moonlight at the student council adviser, such as Philiel, Yuichi etc comes up.
There are various places to see, such as cuticle hair that has a gradual rotation of the site himea and roundabouts that go round and girls' uniforms that do not seem to be seen outside of the world of animation, battle scenes properly drawn, The basic setting of the talk is too complicated and I can not keep up with it.
I mysterious characters that appear in the last round, I go to the sea at the strengthening camp, eat curry, I understand that Temple is such a wonderful thing.
Personally, Ikusui Izumi, which is set to not have a long lifespan, made me think that I could have a chewy medicine medicine medicine at the camp.
Something funny of this child is irresistible and irritating.
Compared to it, the heroine 's site heia is saying even one of the characters, but a persistent sex witch is a small devil.

[Good point] It is a wonderful part of character design as an animation style, and people who do not know much about voice, but I am trying hard.
[Bad point] Although I watched it while reading Wikipedia, there are too many places I do not understand setting.
[Comprehensive evaluation] I read the original.

2014/01/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14700 Host:14509 Browser: 10239
[good point]
〓〓〓Preference for drawing 〓〓〓In the character with many poisons Haruka was a really good child Salvation 〓〓〓Moonlight was relatively good (the setbacks and progress of the genius character, although it is common but the man character Tsundere is still open space There is)

[Bad point]
I tried all the animation, but there are too many places I can not understand.
I did not understand anything (laugh)
Below, a mysterious point.
〓〓〓First of all, how many site shimmers are there? Although there was sai and inscription only with paper in the training camp, others are written in katakana ... last names, ate letters, Japanese?
〓〓〓General memory of Himea and Okaba at early childhood (What is the ability to die six times in 15 minutes? What are the reasons for sticking to each other?
〓〓〓Why did Hyuga kill his parents? What is sacrifice?
〓〓〓Why is the moonlight strong? What is that sword? Are you a genius because you are all done?
〓〓〓What is the curse of 900 seconds after all?
〓〓〓What is happiness's magic after all?
〓〓〓Himare is a human experiment that was done in the past?
〓〓〓Although Haruka seems to be a watchdog for Okabe, who was ordered to watch? Why was Haruka selected? Is not it a dangerous existence that must be monitored in the first place?
〓〓〓There was no explanation of the army, the church, the relationships of the heavenly world and the power of the Makai, etc. 〓〓〓What was the boy who was in the name of the barr score?
〓〓〓What was the price that Okabe paid instead of getting strength after all? Before that, who is like a witch who fulfills my wish in exchange for that price?
〓〓〓What was the black rabbit in the title?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
For the time being, this is my first time I did not understand the translation.
It is not a level that common "hints are not collected" level.
Speaking of what I learned, "The rabbit liked him and I tried hard a lot".
Even if you show a hot-blooded battle () in emotion theory without knowing any background of the stage, it's a mouth poker, not empathy.
Rather than saying impressions, I just listed enigmatic points ... only that I can write.
Kusoge will carve a name in history rather than a bad gauge gauge, and if you look out from a different perspective by dividing it into the neta, it may be enjoyable.
At least I was able to laugh with reading reviews of this site and empathizing with your opinions violently.
The existence is said to be the ultimate gag animation in the sense of gag.

2013/06/08 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44475 Host:44416 Browser: 11176
[good point]
That's it.

[Bad point]
Story does not come to my mind at all It is really talking in Japanese?

Every character has no funny charm at all

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is an animation that appears to the head when asked what boring anime is.
I feel that half of the lines were "Himea!" And "Oabaki!" For the time being.
Anyway, I do not understand the technical terms anyhow, suddenly saying "I am 3 scuderles" on the face of the doya and saying "What is 3! Scudules !?" I am irritated, but it was frustrating how great it is.
But it is very bad because it may be interesting if you look at people as there are too many thrusts.

2013/01/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2749 Host:2629 Browser: 11128
Animation rare so far that setting or worldview does not come to mind.
To the contrary it seems to be amazing.
I do not mean you can use any difficult words.
Shallow shallowness will be visible. All seem to be a farce.

Also, gradation drawing. It is hard to see.

2012/12/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24674 Host:24855 Browser: 5345
[good point]
All stories, watching. Speaking of a good point, heroine and childhood friend are cute.

[Bad point]
First of all, the hero, the heroine is thinking only about myself, I do not feel any attraction. The appeal of the supporting character Karasu is still alright. Next, the scenario. Especially deadly, the story can not be understood at all. It is a level that you can understand until finally watching Wik. For a while, this animation is about the subtitle "Keep viewers on and off". Is it such that voice actor 's performance is not possible and impossible?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Somehow, I saw it to the end, but it is a level of animation that makes it painful to see. The gag part is also not interesting at all, it is just an anime suitable for the subtitle of "Keep the audience on and off". With this, if the drawing was terrible, I was worsted, but since I am at a certain level of drawing only I think that I will make it very bad.

2012/02/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35983 Host:35872 Browser: 1974(Mobile)
Is it because the original is unread? It is hard to understand the contents.
I thought that it would be understandable naturally if I took a look at what the story was, but it was impossible.
I'm sure that the original is written in detail, but I could not feel like reading the original.

I think that drawing and the world view were good.

Evaluation is very bad.

2012/02/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11121 Host:10959 Browser: 4642
Because the story develops very well at a tempo, it is possible to watch multiple stories quite a bit.

Although the hero's rabbit is saying "It becomes absolutely strong for Himea", it is full loading as to whether it did not become strong at all until the end, but it is full loading, but is it impossible to complete with one cool at a time (Recently, just like this).

But I wonder if it is better than any other skeleton work. Oh well that's normal.

2012/01/16 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4077 Host:4073 Browser: 11252
I have not read the original.
It is okay if it dies six times in 15 minutes and it is a hero of an inconvenient setting that can be resurrected up to seven times, although it is a rabbit but its very special setting, it is not made alive at all.
Besides, I do not know if it is struck by blood rain or death or I do not understand the definitions of death on this animation so much and I do not know if I count the number of deaths.

Other characters seem to have various special abilities, but the reason why that ability can be used has not been explained at all and only the explanation of the world view can not be thought of as bad.
The heroine 's site Himera seems to have a sad past, but it is still not impressive anymore. I seemed to have put a curse on my body that I could not die for a rabbit, but I can remember only that.
It was only black guard who sympathized with the character's thought properly, so it was only a character that was not good for himself.

The story is
Suddenly when another person came and thought that the moonlight and the rabbit were doing a battle in two talks, the moonlight cooperated with that person with the Moonlight, and I do not understand the battle and the development well. Although I was talking about the mysterious story about the story halfway though, it is difficult to go through and talk about other story though.
I did not know exactly what he was doing training times.
I was at a loss for a work that I could not understand unless there was anyone to explain.
Although the story is not completed so much at the end, it is closed only by service times though it is not complete but it is only regrettable.

It was only when I thought that there was a standard drawing level of ZEXCS.

Evaluation as mentioned above, few places to praise, painting only from the standard level to the good level will be inevitable low evaluation.
Therefore, I made it "very bad".

2011/12/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1485 Host:1161 Browser: 4786
It was awfully challenging because of awful kitchen two diseases, but since I liked the character deza and the last episode was so good, "normal".
Undyed ED animation, last episode (bathing time), TV non-broadcasting story was so addicted, so it turned out to be a better work if it gets comical.
It would be unavoidable because it is because of the original, but the lesson is that it is not easy to draw seriousness.

2011/10/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35983 Host:35873 Browser: 2141(Mobile)
The worst animation so far is unusual. Anime is watching all the story, first it is unknown what you wanted to do. Personally thought that the picture was not bad, the story was the worst. If there are two periods, it will not be seen.

2011/10/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24654 Host:24816 Browser: 6403
For viewing wikipedia is a must-have animation. I do not dislike Chunji Animation, but the explanation for the proper noun is truly too short as expected.

As long as you do not die seven times in 15 minutes you will get a lot of settings that irritate invulnerable or middle two gokoro. Somehow, I got the impression that it was a scenario that was made with gaming in mind rather than an animation (or a development that traced the RPG scenario).

However, since the proper noun unique to this work frequently occurs, since it does not make a script that deepens understanding together with its appearance scene, even if a new explanation is added afterwards, I do not remember the original setting Frequently there was confusion. Moreover, the story which is currently on the screen is what kind of thing, what kind of relationship each power is, how often the different world going often goes unrelated to each other is unknown whether the talk is progressing unknown and the audience is not hesitated I left it leaving behind. I do not even know where the opponent forces fighting is every time I think that it was a problem in the script itself as expected. I think that it was completely backfired that I tried to produce a mysterious powerful force to draw viewers without explaining the world view completely.

As for characters, it is a fatal injury as a work is a cool fool named Moonlight and Mirai and a simple moron unit is an oasis of this work, and there is no character that can empathize. Haruka of childhood friend is a character of heroine type of sorrow, but the way of making episodes did not work in the direction to deepen the feelings of characters. The main character Okabe screaming, I did not do much in the battle which makes the story excitement, and Moonlight is a simple biting character, It is a shame that there was no character shining glitteringly. It is a failure that the character deza of Haruhi and Izumi resembled similarly and was inconspicuous.

I think that it was a work that could be seen as it would be if it were a screenplay that could properly comprehend the setting unique to this work to the audience for both rabbits and horns.

2011/10/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12700 Host:13030 Browser: 4894
[Comprehensive evaluation]

All the story has been viewed, but the original is unread.

The tight speech at the end of the first episode is "Why have you forgotten about Himea!" And it was not "why have you forgotten?" Although the delicate difference, the viewer tightly shares the doubt with tight as the tight is self-contained in the former and the latter includes an interrogation to the viewer because "the reason why it was forgotten? What is the cause?" I think that will be done.

In such a story that changes from ordinary everyday to unusual everyday, viewers can understand the world view smoothly by sharing doubts with the main character, so it is a little different, but I think that it is very important .

Of course, I think that the depiction of "why do I say so" is insufficient, but I feel that this work is a lack of explanation, a sudden development is that all characters are self-completing I think that it is one reason for saying lines.

I can not understand because I have not read the original, but since the original is a light novel, I think that perhaps the world view and the emotions of characters are explained. I suppose that it is necessary to express with images and to change the expression of lines, etc. in order to supplement the part that I omit when animating, but it seems that it is not done.

OP. ED. I think that the drawing and settings were good, but I was watching this work, I felt it was a sudden expansion due to lack of explanation, seems not to make use of the hero's setting in the battle scene, what It is regrettable that I felt it was halfway work.

Moreover, I think that the behavior was unnatural enough to think that heare is not seen even though the hearer is tightly stuck. Although I am fine, I feel that Haruka looks at tight and heare for a moment, or shows a look that I will never go, I do not want to say that part too much.

I think that there was not enough explanation or abrupt deployment if there was a fine stack of those. It is disappointing to think that it seems that it was a work that you can enjoy normally if it keeps the place to describe in a safe manner such as setting materially.

Evaluation is "very bad".

2011/09/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5823 Host:5546 Browser: 9669
It is based on last time

[good point]
World view is fashionable drawing theme song voice actor character picture

[Bad point]
I am sorry that the patterns are good but there is no heroin 's like mature.
The view of the world is stylish, but it is not very exciting.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Early morning was not fun, but it was nice to be interesting since the midfield girls like Meh and disgusting guy and beautiful came out.

Finally, a shady fellow was summoning a girl with black hair, but I got that character feeling and it was pretty fun and late in the second half so it seems like a second term in any mind.

2011/09/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21186 Host:21067 Browser: 10228
I watch it on Sun TV.

[good point]
I passed the momentum to the end. It is refreshing in a sense.

[Bad point]
When asked as to whether he likes or dislikes the heroine, he answers that he does not like it.
Because this is the future, I do not think that I do not receive much eloro nonsense I do not understand.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation "Normal". When asked if I would like to see it again I will reply.

2011/09/30 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34609 Browser: 3012(Mobile)
Because I can not find anything in two episodes stop it.
There is no need to see erotic description, wording meaning unknown

2011/09/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12726 Host:12754 Browser: 4784
[good point]
Painting is wastefully beautiful and the effects are amazing. Only this can be evaluated

[Bad point]
Written the original and properly read the composition and wrote the script
Unnatural panchira Lori animation

[Comprehensive evaluation]
About the casting of a voice actor should be a draft instead of an original that is neither good nor bad

2011/09/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11122 Host:11191 Browser: 10409
Episodes in which the rabbit is remodeled by the military and battle with the church in Europe, almost eliminating such interesting elements.
I was hoping for quite a while about having one volume finished in two stories, why did it become such an awful anime?
The painting is also bad.

Eleven stories were so so so I changed it from the worst to the bad.

2011/08/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10844 Host:10696 Browser: 10253
[good point]
I can not think of it

[Bad point]
It is too meaningless and I can not even mention "bad points" specifically

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original unread
Frustrated at the 4th episode Although the same author's "legendary legendary legend (anime)" has a similar atmosphere even though there are similarities, this is a story that has passed beyond the area that can endure earlier Although it is a serious class, it has become inconsistent with the high mobility of the moonlight which was exaggerated like a gag and Mi rai etc. It is a mysterious state which is inconspicuous

2011/08/11 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15624 Host:15469 Browser: 9669
[good point]
World view is fashionable theme song theme voice actor picture

[Bad point]
I am sorry that the patterns are good but there is no heroin 's like mature.
The view of the world is stylish, but it is not very exciting.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although I was expecting, it is not good.

I do not feel like watching it much, but my friends like it so I feel like watching them for the first time.

2011/08/06 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11905 Host:11794 Browser: 9245
[good point]
Breasts. Drawing.

[Bad point]
The transcendent feeling of transcendent viewers.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I want to cut it but I am looking for it because of my tits. Is it like it?
I think that if I enter an explanation tone in animation, I think that I am losing, but I think that I lose more if I seek an explanation from the person I am looking at.
What is the concept of this animation?
Confused by a mysterious story 〓〓〓let the viewer study the setting by making the original work 〓〓〓view BD again. 〓〓〓Aairui Hanashi ... Cana?

It is not possible to understand as much as you want to do with the strategy of.

The viewer understands not just understanding while watching but the premise animation is ridiculous.

2011/07/30 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30849 Host:31070 Browser: 11756
[Comprehensive evaluation]

The original was unread and I watched until the fourth episode.

Is it called style of this hand, it is only when the hero does not understand the story while keeping the world view and setting as a mystery. It is a royal road in other world fantasy etc, but in this standing position of this hero, this method must be told that this method is very awkward.

The viewer is in a state where only the story is proceeding without knowing anything, and it is in a state completely left behind in front of the screen. With this, it feels just like being shown a farce play. From now on setting, worldview, mystery etc. are revealed, it is doubtful whether I think that this work is good.

It has only just begun, it is a comment from a bad position.

2011/07/29 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 4895
Works of only typical "feelings".
Basically there is no basic foundation at all but just dressing colors properly.
Even if it is set to the world view, it is not done work to explain to viewers probably also do not know the person who is writing this probably somehow thoughtfully do not even think of detailed settings etc, I think that explanation will be introduced often and settings will come out.

The story is also so.
Anyway, it has impact, it's just placing a point.
I have not been able to work to join it.
Although it was still good if it was 1 episode but the second episode was terrible and I thought that the enemy appeared suddenly or it was dead girls got transferred or I was not able to do the work to make the contents, I can not read it because I can read it because there are no contents.

Even action scenes even with strong enemies just pushing down or just thinking that there really is not any idea and I said that it is necessary for your power or something but the strategy was nothing but a strategy without girls We left behind.
I need to devise a little more action scenes and stories, and I understand that they are doing properly.
An enemy appears suddenly and the planned harmonious development is also a nice thing personally, but it can be cooled down, but at least it could be saved if it made contents so far.
I can not do that kind of detailed work and my feelings will be developed ahead of time, so the contents will become thinner and only there will be floating.
Although it is okay to do ordinary deployment, it is absolutely necessary to make a story and contents because it is a common material because it is minimum.
After all it is only using the worn out neta, and it is supposed that it does not devise anything by myself or incorporate an idea.

Will it be a professional doing this to forcefully transfer to the somewhere that it was a serious scene by dying so far, to a transfer school ...?
It is not a good level that you are doing just in your head without permission and putting it outside.
I have to consider that there are viewers (customers) outside and there is an obligation to explain it to those who have viewers, and this is nothing but a handmade work but a professional setup properly I have to make it.

I do not have to do the task of connecting the scenes and the viewers can follow it, and I'm not sure if I'm doing it properly but I'm not sure if I am poor but I should show about effort.
I think that I do not think that it is funny, but I can not see the content or story, so I just want to hang out and go to the next development.
I wonder if it's only feelings that only expansion is coming first.

I do not see the desire to see whether it was all decided in this scene, but I know that development that can be drawn only in the head will continue even if I do not go looking.
It is impossible that it is the ability of this work and the ability suddenly improves.

I do not have explanation of the setting or the world view, I can not make any content, so it is unknown why I am thinking about girls so far so it is unknown why winning with feeling is not convincing power, I know exactly in my head I can not tell my audience without it.

I do not want to say, but I think I can say (write) as often as 20,000 steps ahead or 20,000 steps behind.
Elementary school student 's conversation is exchanged, and even if it is a dialogue, I am badly making parentheses, but my parenthesis is not going to be good because of this, so my parenthesis is not reduced by half, but rather it is down drastically.
With this, there is no charm and no presence, and I can not see the shovel at something.
That enemy will also come out, but it gets soaked and there is no presence at all and I do not care enough that I can not come out Anymore It became Zachochara.

Serifs themselves are often cold, but they are basically bracey, but nothing painful is as painful as painting that parentheses are bad.
Moreover, since the cold serifs are pinched one by one, the tempo is also bad, and since there is only the thing to say that speech without considering the whole atmosphere or flow, the dialogue will float and it will not match the scene and only the world of only two It becomes something.
In that moment, regardless of the view of the world, the characters other than the two are forgotten.
Even if you make a line, you must make a story and content to say the lines before you think about the flow around a bit.

Without considering the story or contents, the lines and lines are expanded (neta).
That's why it's only a matter of self-satisfaction, it's difficult to make a story thought about showing it to others, but I also have to do such an unpleasant task.

The name is also bad.

2011/07/29 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6186 Host:6135 Browser: 14891
Since it seems to be the topic of Ranube original, I only saw one episode.

Dance in the Vampire Bund?

I thought.

2011/07/21 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44771 Host:44729 Browser: 7713
I happened to get up at the time I was doing so I watch up to two stories
[good point]
Drawing and effects are very funny I guess the movie is not bad music.OP.ED also has an atmosphere.
... But this male team cast and scenario sauce,
As long as I see some dialogues, I feel like a woman ...

[Bad point]
Even though the composition of the story is bad excitement and it is explained from the mouth of the character suddenly without double line, even if you win or lose it ...
Somehow it is reminiscent of Sword master Yamato.
I think that it might be OK even if such a CD drama or something like this ...
The way to draw the connection between the characters is also abrupt and dilute.
Do not let your pants look unnatural Please do not panic if you push bamboos.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seems to cry because there is not too much inside.
Who is it?

2011/07/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11674 Host:11684 Browser: 9466
I watched the minutes broadcast now.

[good point]
〓〓〓Character design.Drawing points The good points of this work are exhausted here.
It is hair which is gradation and it is cute pattern although there is a disagreeable disgust, and it is Ryosaku for the part which is watching only the character.
Despite being a character design which makes the collapse of the drawing conspicuous, its efforts not to make the anxiety feel at all in the drawing side is wonderful.

〓〓〓Harada Churn Nobu Himeji ... ... No Harada says she had singing ability so far .... I heard the rumor, but it was the first time I actually heard the song.
It's just good. If you categorize, Mizuki Nana's type of singing voice. I am looking forward to his future success.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓Keep a viewer and sink
The curse setting of 900 seconds is not bad, I think I am impressed that Kusanishi has a unique sense of fantasy, nothing else.
However, the development is too poor enough to break all such good points.
The psychological depiction of the characters is obviously insufficient and as a result doubt has arisen in the development, no battle scene is also twisted, I can not make use of the invulnerability of the hero, and as for fantasy elements such as magic, it is like a common sense It is used inside and it is zero tension.
Also, who is Hyuga in multiple meanings?
Rather than a lack of explanation, I felt like I was promoting the story on the premise that every viewer knew the original work.

〓〓〓I think that it is red sunlight character. And I do not dislike the second mind.
Still, this domineering man of this work is not fun to watch.
Anytime, anywhere, I do not care about me, but there is not any content in the remarks, it just looks like I just want to vomit.
That haste, I was disgusted honestly in the battle of the second episode. If anything goes wrong, I want you to go through to the end.
As an aside, the intonation of "moonlight" was different from what I imagined. I guess it would be eight, but I did not like it.

〓〓〓"Slave" heavy use "You (you) are slaves of me (slave)!" ... I'm sorry. This line is unconditionally NG.
Recently, I feel that there are many works that encounter this dialogue at the beginning of the meeting. I do not understand at all what I do.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
To be honest, I am not looking too much and not interesting. It's not just 'boring' but something of the kind 'looking and not being able to understand'.
I am doing my best only in drawing, so I could improve the screenplay a bit more. At least not it was not decided to moss from before doing.

Evaluation is better, but I will keep [Good] in consideration of good points.
"Legend of the Legendary Heroes of Legends" was enjoyable so much, so I was expecting this work as well, but it is regrettable. Since there is still the possibility of flowering afterwards, I think whether to continue viewing.

2011/07/17 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13177 Host:13017 Browser: 7385
I have seen up to 2 episodes, so it's cut, so I can evaluate it

First, from a good point

I think that it is very good drawing Top class in the work of this term

Apart from being a voice actor, I like the voice of Megumi Takamoto ..

Next, bad points

I am not good at useless gugroos themselves .. but this work is kinda ..
Although I can not explain it well

Panchira full throttle It is better to end like this a while ago

Tsukkomi Full of loading situation Adaptation Too fast, uncomfortable

It is full of mystery anyway what the expansion is too standard pattern of Ranobetu Anyway, despite that it can not do empathy something naturally when putting in the emotional scene or because it is not good how to tell oneself in content or fundamentally a story I wonder if it becomes useless if animation is made according to the original as Ranobe is useless

What is fate, how it's causality is too strong So it would be fine if it was actually fate, but because it is destiny, this is a tendency to tend to be a bad tendency It works

In a minute detail, because the position of the woman in this work is very low, woman uke seems to stop learning

Evaluation is "worst"
Because it is boring