[Anime]Iron Virgin Jun

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Anime rank of 1992 Rank 119in 128 titles
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Go Nagai
Dynamic Production
Nippon Columbia
Chisa Yokoyama
Daiki Nakamura
Shunsuke Shima
Masako Katsuki
Kikuko Inoue
Masahiro Anzai
Kiyoyuki Yanada
Nobuo Tobita
Toshiharu Sakurai
Takko Ishimori Seiko Tomoe Mitsuru Ogata Hidenari Ugaki Ayako Shiraishi Kuga Kenji
Japan Released:1992/07/21(Tue) Media(ex. DVD)
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2015/03/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Nagai It is relatively minor in the work, recently I knew that this work, which is hardly to be a popular work, was made into OVA, and I saw scary things, and I decided to watch it w
The original is originally based on the tastes of women's pro wrestling Australian, the action that the beautiful girl heroine boasts of ridiculous buddy like bodybuilder rampage ... Erotic comedy ... OVA version generally conforms to manga Because the heroine's JUN is drawn much more massively than the original, "Face is a beautiful girl.The body is gorillaccio.The voice is stopped by voice" Taro is not understood at some point, it is in a state of chaos " Muscle beauty "is a pattern that is being produced out of the edge from users who do not accept physiologically (bitter smile).

JUN and her exclusive deacon who rebelled against the outcome of "married bidding auction" to decide marriage partner at the amount of dowry Kurata, thinking that such two escape was "eloped" and the transformation cost Attempting to capture by attracting a pursuer (like Demon Tsuguoka's honorable mother), residual thought of a grandmother who is uneasyly engaged behind it ... ... Throughout the whole story, a three-person three-sama's idea that brought the existence of a bourgeois family named "Asuka Zaibatsu" There is content to crash, but without going to the unnecessary erotic direction like the original as it is (Well, there is individual difference as to whether it can be done to that macho buddy w) JUN & mother all the time I thought that the drama policy that I devoted to "competing for nuisance" was correct. "My mother, who seemed to be arrogant, also carried her a conflict, was also clever enough.

On the other hand, I am trying to commit JUN by growing an animal type "ARE" in the crotch as Mr. Shimura Ken with a continuation that is similar to the ordinary "farce" except that "mother-daughter relationship" is excluded "Golden Cherry Boys" It was a bitter laugh at adjusting the solidness of the pursuers. Well, Australian taste It is nice to have a thoroughly open but w
JUN who suffered a princess wig with a tiara wearing a tiara in the middle, made a hard eyed makeup with shadow or rouge is not cute at all but cute, and it is also a difficult point not being consistent with Yokoyama Tomo san's peculiar voice quality I did it ... Tsuka, OVA version is too delicate as to arrange for the character deza, so it looks like he's been puzzled as "Who the guy is?" What is it like to be a goddess "Pretty girl animation (once)" that does not feel charm at all in the heroine of the most?

"Iron Fighter Musashi" "Rambo Sensei" and the original manga that ended in "rice cake" influenced by things that were serialized at the slumping time of halfway half even if it drew anything (hence, animation is " Although it was a little bit better than "Mother daughter fighting" compared to "Mother and daughter fight"), the impression that it did not reach until the original "land mine odor" was dispelled is strong. Well, it is worth seeing this work just by being able to recognize again that "Gorimaccio women are weak at best" w

2015/02/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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As the title, although there was strength, it was OVA of the heroine who was a virgin and the story of parent and child Genka of "mistaken" parents of mother who wanted to marry her.

A certain elder brother who was a stereotype-like bad son who left a strong impression from the beginning as a matter of fact was a candidate for that brutal grandfather, but the heroine's family seek a man for their own strength and others for generations,
Her grandmother who was supposed to be dead is actually ......., and "the seedling love" with the elder brother of the employee who is not permitted originally ETC ... well Oh well or not promised Although settings were also seen, of course, such a parent and child genka also had hatchamacha that seems to be a Nagai work.

Mother's side was always a tracking device that could identify the current location of heroin & employee's brother, and a lot of thugs sent me back to bring it back home, especially the people who "that footwear" was chaos. (Bitter smile) Well erotic scenes were a bit somewhat seen at the first appearance of them, it was animation, so the original may have been more awkward with suppressing eyes,
I absolutely do not want to make them opponent. (Bitter smile) "It is a thing that said" art helps you "well.

I felt that they fight off and I think that negligence fighting battle with Mother began at last.
Whether the heroine luck was good or if it happened that there was no bronze statue behind her, she could not have escaped permanently from the fence of the house, but with the girlfriend's soul who had finally died .. Especially in this final stage was a similar pattern in a certain manga whose hero was Benkei, but that employee's older brother too.
The battle abilities naturally bought clothes so that they did not stand out despite their escape to the city even though they did not reach them, trying to fight hard to protect the heroine, and at the end the grandmother's soul lived It was conveyed that he had worked quite well with contributing to Mother-chan 's extermination,
It was a favorable character.

A voice actor also wondered whether Mr. Masako Masako who is aunt acting was a bit different in image of voice and character,
Mr. Komiro Komiya acting as a mother was a certain sense of lyricism and, of course, each heroin, Tomo Yokoyama, serving as an employee's brother, and Daiki Nakamura were also good. I do not know the original, but the heroine was released from such a fence, I guess that made me happy with that older brother. Evaluation is a normal story, but with "good" in consideration of the performance of the voice actor who was generally good with such efforts of the elder brother.