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Other media: Comics:Iriya no sora , UFO no natsu / Literature:Iriya no sora,UFO no natsu
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Mizuhito Akiyama Dengeki bunko Eiji Komatsu Michiko Yokote
Tomoyasu Kurashima Yoshinori Sayama Hiroshi Takaki
TOEI ANIMATION CO., LTD Happinet Pictures
Yuki Matsuura
Daisuke Namikawa Ai Nonaka Saeko Chiba Hiroshi Kamiya
Naoko Takano Takumi Yamazaki Misa Watanabe Houko Kuwashima Kazuhiko Inoue
Japan Released:2005/02/25(Fri) / End:2005/06/29
Official sites
1. http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/animeister/iriya/ (Translation)
Ending movie (1)
Arrange:Hiroshi Takaki [Fan reg.]
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2016/03/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33828 Host:33882 Browser: 3986
Although it was a short animation of 6 episodes, it was possible for me to encounter, get close to each other, and sometimes collide with each other, but in the end they could recognize each other as an important person. It was a very good animation incorporating all such elements.
From the last scene of the story, I think that Iria probably never came back from the last sortie, but still I think that I was happy that I eventually met my important person.
If there is something somewhat dissatisfied about this work, I think that the latter three episodes are a bit overwhelming.
As it turned out, this animation was a good animation after all.

2016/02/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3668 Host:3475 Browser: 5213
It was good until the middle, but as I approached the final stage, it seemed like some rags became conspicuous.

On the last day of that summer vacation, surely if I swam in the summer evening pool alone I thought that there was something extraordinary comfortable, but like the summer it's going on, there is a mysterious It was a "Boy Meets Girl" that seemed to be somewhat fantastically encounter with beautiful women and Ilya.

A comical part was rather impressive in the first half, and when the main character Naoyuki and Ilya went to watch a movie, the director of the newspaper section was eavesdropping, "Is it good?"
Although it was director and Naoyuki's younger sister, Yuko was like a relationship like "getting close to each other."
Although it was said that it was also a hero of a type that I see often, or in contrast to Naoyuki who did not depend on it, the big eating game of Akiho and Iriya also seemed to have been stunned by this girl Sone, There were also competing and funny things.
Although it was meaningful to have appointed Mr. Juro Kosugi as a clerk at a Chinese restaurant.

However, the parts that crushed the neck with this big eating game also prominent.
Iliya's past and fate that can not be escaped gradually became obvious,
Enomoto who had also acted brutally when thinking that there were a lot of people as well as energetic, and told Naoyuki suddenly beating himself, saying "I do not know compassion without knowing the circumstances" or something There were also Shiina etc. Especially Shiina continued to exist as an important person holding the core of the story till the very end of the story, but even though they seemed at first glance, their adults who knew well about Ilya also had their own beliefs Things were also communicated.

However, if actually it is said that even if a war breaks out in Japan, it is said that it would be like that, or that "abnormal circumstance" also occurred, and the escape which Naoyuki decided was also "a prone pattern" ....... Even though Ilya was commanded until the shooting down of the battlefield, halfway also at convenience stores convenience store, Naoyuki also struck a beard with a pervert metamorphotic guy, being immediately abducted by Naoyuki who had gone down , I was convinced that he is not in Naoyagi to the end, also because I wanted to make everything unfavorable was "nothing" was also a painful thing because of such an escapeful fate. That is why Naoyuki's curse was a bit terrible. Well, because it is a boy of age it can be said that those who are not interested in it are abnormal, although they should have excused variously, but they should have returned to her quickly after completing the situation in a situation, I was crazy about it and I read it at convenience stores (why the clerk was looking at the white eyes, though it was easy to understand) Who are you doing?

Even though I go to my relatives' house, Enomoto eventually arrived and there "I will take Iliya for 30 minutes and get away with Ilya, after 30 minutes I'll be chasing you" will eventually be said to be a match I do not intend to criticize for not having responded at all. I thought that it would be impossible for him who sprained against Ilya. However, although it ran away from home, moreover, it was under abnormal circumstances, parents and school teachers (he also said that it was a bit strange to Ilya's strangeness, such as a change in hair color, or different from Enomoto et al. Although it donated normally), it seems that classmates also accepted him as if it were not so serious, but is the world in which Naoyuko lives, is originally interest or dilution to others? It seems that Yamako was rather irritated, while on the other hand there were people who liked usual like Sister of that railroad company .....

Even though the war ended, Ilya had to sort again and it was even though Naoyuki was brought ... ... but Mr. Namikawa Daisuke ... ... It was.
"Asa wing Naoyuki likes Ilya's thing ~!" Scolding screaming is poorly crying,
I was up and it seemed like I was missing somewhere. Climax of the corner,
It was a scene that should furiously appeal "strong feelings, strong love" but this was a bit of a disorder in the mood. Speaking of voice actors' performance, I wonder if I was not in line with Mr. Hirofumi Kamiya who is the manager of the newspaper division. Mr. Kamiya has a more individual voice than a character deja.
Although I heard a little about this kind of character, it is an ordinary serious voice quality, but it may have been a cast where a cast that can produce a destructive power that can make you laugh at the gap with its voice quality in a comical part. In the voice quality of Mr. Kamiya, the goodness is not utilized, and it was a normal mistake in the casting.

The fate that Ilya did not escape did not change, Naoyuki could seem to escape from the hetare system and it seemed as if some hope was felt at the end even though it could not be removed,
I wonder if I was missing it because I thought that it was a different SF fantasy thing that could be completed even though it was "very good" until 3 episodes. In general, "normal" on the "good" side is "stop" is not it?

2015/08/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]

I met Ilya at the end of the summer vacation and start from where I transferred, but the story keeps evolving her information.

Expansion not going beyond the category of mysterious girls high school students in school life.
However, there are many developments that deviated from the main line. Is there a need to be short for 6 episodes?

The biggest problem is that the deployment is headed obliquely downward. Beyond that there is no future.
It is only escaping from the present situation, no solution can be found. To make such a decision itself is miserable.
If it acted positively and the result was not good, there was no help but ...

When calling from Asaba, it is very painful to reply "I just came .. ..".

And the only thing I liked was the older sister of the railroad company who spoke to me at that time.

As the final story Asaba said Iliya loves it, but there is no persuasive power as there are words that he said during escape.
I can only catch it as a ruler word.

The speech of any character is not convincing or light.
Only Iriya's feelings towards Asaba were the only things that resonate in my mind.

Although it was "ordinary" if I summarized the first three episodes into one episode, it is "bad" because there is a sense of undefined meaning and a sense of inflation in the first half.

2015/07/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2320 Host:2192 Browser: 7458
In the first episode, Aya 's sweet voice (bittern) ... "There is not that ... nearby ... Ah, put it in, put it in, put it in ~ ~ ~ ha haaaaaaaaaa ~ This story that the dialogue that "- - - !!!!" is impressive, something seems erotic (lol)
Two people of the main character, if the neta breake is done, two of the hero ... Izatano Kana (Iriya. Middle person is as stated above Nonaka Ai) and Asaba Naoyuki (Asaba) ..., while playing the combat flight simulator, "(Target is not there) (Target is near) (the target approaches), put (put the target in the Rectill ring of the sighting machine) and put it in and put it in ~ ~ ~ (I will be impatient because it seems to be struck by a counterattack from the target ) Ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

However, I will worship Ilya's "raw breasts" just after that, it is truly "OVA for sale" work (laugh).

...I mean,
The character in the surroundings including the main character Asaba is a "setting" husband called "junior high school student", yet it is ...
Senior Suizenji Drives Hara Chari & Light Tiger 〓〓〓Unlicensed Driving
(And it is also a problem if it is a 50cc class because it is a two-seater rider /
At the school festival Sudo Ako drinking 〓〓〓Well "Yari room" (perplexing) complete of certain Is it better than high school
On the contrary, Ilya steals the original Chari with direct 〓〓〓〓〓〓Then two people on Noher Hold These these "gokigen" (lol) parts are "original" compliant?

This story is "There is an original" There is something like "masterpiece" Ranube (laugh) which was said to be "a pronoun of" Sekai "" in the original place "
Well, even if the Sekai type is released something, this animation version is interesting as it is ... even if there is no "tits" ingredient ... ....

I mean,
"The sky of Ilya, the summer of UFO" ... The time series of the story is already not "summer" (bitter).
The main "period" of the content of the story itself, from the night of August 31 until the evening of October 26.
(The date on the last is confirmed in the calendar of the Asaka barbershop in the story)
In Japan 's four seasons it is not summer anymore ... even if it gives maximum, "late summer" It is nothing short of autumn, but also "early autumn" has been crossed and it is around "Mid - Autumn".

"Lie in Kanban" fake "There are so!
... But,
In terms of author (Mr. Akiyama), I definitely could not remove "summer" "Kotoba" ... I think that "reason" is ...
Otherwise, the line of Ilya in the last "die only for Asaba"
It will be stupid and ridiculous.

Ilya who must die for "whole humanity", in other words it is a wake which is being forced to "self-sacrifice", written in her pilot suit like "cursed" "from" others " There probably was not anything called "come alive" as one.

Speaking of "self-sacrifice" ...
Similarly "for all humanity!" Hibaru Koganei Hibari (Akihabara Densetsu) who was forced to self - sacrifice, but she refuses to be a sacrifice, chooses the way to fight with his own "effort" I will.
By the way, she is 13 years old, because she can not be helped at the end of fighting when it breaks down, in that case it can not be helped (= convinced) "After crushing me and going down!" (= Go after killing!) .
In the same way, the real reason why she became a magical girl is Kaname Madoka (Magical Girl Madoka 〓〓〓Magica) that seems to be scattered as "Magical Girl" to "save all humanity" "Effort" that he is going to become "the last magical girl (on that system)" from now on, "to the effort" of the magical girls who went scattered in the past as well as "consent to reward For the sake of being, "By the way she is 14 years old.

Even just by comparing with these two people ... the two who did not become a sacrifice, the judgment of the above "self - sacrifice" under 15 year old Ilya seems to be empty and not contents at all,
If Asaba had already been lost at that point ... If Enomoto had been killed by Enomoto for some reason, or Shiina was literally beaten by Shiina in literature 4 (laugh) ... what was wrong?
(Does Azaba make it "ghost" like Erika?

I mean,
Speaking of "convincing", I thought that not asbestos other Asaba should also be "beaten Shiina until consenting", not in astonishment to say "I am not convinced, I will not do" in its fourth episode Lol).
In this case, grab the hair of the fallen Shiina and drag it up,
(It will be contrasted with the previous scene, the scene where Ilya gets the same hair at the mouth of a violent teacher!
"If you say" I understand about Kana ", you can kick the Shiina's belly as much as you do, as well as Ilya," exhale as much as "blood breathing"! " Well,
(Do not say "I'm savage" to a female partner, In Suicide 2, Suizenji says, "Even if the other party is a girl, you can not go back!" (Laugh)
How old
The opponent's Shiina is because he is drunk but he said to Azaba "I will kill you!"
I wanted Azaba to confront Shiina for the purpose of "killing".

in this case,
Iliya who regained consciousness stops like Azaba, not Shiina like you talk, right?
"... I do not need Asaba to pollinate my hands, that person, I will kill everyone at the end" But if Iliya is told to say, I'm surprised!
Asaba still likes it if it returns as "It is only Enemoto's guy, let me kill him."

However, Asaba in the story does not say such a thing, and does not do.
Naoyuki Asaba is a very "salty" boy who seems to be "the hero of" Ranube "
For me who does not read Ranobet or something, that neighborhood is very "itchy".
(The same thing is similarly the main character of animation "half the moon rising sky" which is the original work of Lanobo.I also felt by Yuichi Erizaki)

Is that a reaction,
To me, "adult character" in this story ... Enomoto and Shiina ... ... looks like a "rogue" very much.
Enomoto "I was satisfied if you were killed by you (= asaba)" Do not bother the person's hand, let me finish with your own hands.
I laughed a gun for Asaba, smiled and smoothed the muzzle towards himself, triggering ... or not, I am looking at "I do not agree".
As for Shiina, it is time to get over the "letter of" defense "which is stupid in the last scene, and do not reveal his real name, too?
Even if I was closest to Ilya and did not do anything (= no effort), even for "task", that "sin" can never disappear.

In short, the adult character of this story is "No one takes responsibility (= not compensating for sin)",
"Shimoon" that I did in a year from this OVA ... In the same way I talked to girls with "special abilities" to fight on fighter aircraft ... In the same way,
Just to the contrary, two adult characters, Anubituf and Onacea take responsibility ... Anubituf is "only commanded from above", even though Onassia was "only carried".
He and she are "being deceived", "I did not want to keep deceiving themselves", that "compensation" is that Anubitu is "political criminal" (= escaping with lover's Gurigiev), " Onashia was "annihilation" (= death).

You and
In this story, such a thing is really nothing (lol), in short it is "lazy in the" background "," It is good to have done something with "behind" of Ilya and Asaba something,
It can be paraphrased as "stereotype" sign "
(If you explore this area, it will not fit on the scale of only 6 episodes!)
Including "Has been done" war ".

Returning to "the subject" here,
Why did Iliya say "I will die only for Asaba?"
I've been writing up to here with self-sacrifice for Asaba, which is obsolete,
Then, how about conversely thinking like this?
"Ilya has already" died "already at that point.
"Ghost" was not Irika but Ilya.

〓〓〓The story of the vagrant in the fifth episode "Why, there are legs (despite being a ghost)" was not actually sharpened.

If "expression" that it was dead is too strong, how about saying "You are already lost" in advance?
As Iriya himself said as "a child not needed", when it was elected as Black Manta's pilot, "Iliya as a" human being "will be said to be lost" .

I want to recall another one here,
Although the authors are autumn talks, they could not give up the word "summer" because there is a big "meaning" there.
Yes, "One big event to be held in the summer of Japan" = "O bon" ... for the dead man 's soul to come back.

in short,
The lost Ilya who once was Kana Izano was "a living dead man who came back to the Bon festival with a delay of two weeks." The dead man seeking "relief of" soul ".

Ilya was being deceived, but I had to "keep deceiving" and "naruto" until the end, otherwise Ilya's soul could not have "relief"
From the night of 8/31 of Ilya to the evening of 10/26, was not it "was a short but fulfilling" dream "that the dead soul last saw,
For the salvation of the soul of the dead, even if the means is somewhat obsolete, it should be forgiven.

* It is in the original, there was nothing in this animation version (= It was not murmured 〓〓〓by Asaba?) Serif,
"Ilya will go back to the sky"
I know it later (because I have not read the original), but I think that this is an important sentence to understand this story,
"The souls of lost Ilya who once was Kana Izano found a barely small" meaning "in death of himself, finishing the Bon festival two months behind the tray".

... and say,
"Sore" is not in this animation version "It is said that" Ochi "is not attached" (laugh), the story itself is interesting as it is ... Because of that evaluation is "Futu" (bitter ).

[True story]
Even so, at first it is Mr. Suizenji who existed in this story as a so-called "transcendent", but it is a little disappointing that the scale of the story is short (6 words) so it did not work very much , Irisa & Asaba of two episodes, I was fascinated with the son of Azaba's sister and the slugger "I'm going up" flag "(laugh) The appearance was funny, confession to the evening of 3 episode is" success " It is good, is not it? Neither Yamazaki Takumi is "middle man" Dad is also "official" relationship (bitter).

[Narration] Part 2
Regarding this story, "with original"
What it says "To original" in general, it is generally favorable ... it seems like "good takeover" of the original ... ...,
It is a translation that there is a possibility that Koto will go down as "Digest version"
Vagrant of the fifth episode of the example ... In the original it properly avoids getting a digest version by properly "character" with "name" and appropriate "story" ... and so on.

I also think that there is no "leap" in good takeover,
This is the story of this, "I think in a good sense" Original "Les Pa" "(laugh) Fujimoto I think I wanted you to supervise.
Although it is not director's work, I wanted to see a story in which Naoyuki Asaba, acting like Mr. Takamori Kajiya (〓〓〓Note 1) appearing in the MUNTO series of Kei Ani is active.

〓〓〓Note 1: Takamori Kazuya (Takamori Kazuya), the main character in the MUNTO series.A male character with only one episode other than Mundo, what character it is called "Character like Tenshi Utena men" "Violence junior high school student" (laugh).
Like Utena, Hiromi Konno is going out with "a man in the middle", "Lori Chara in" Wonderland "
It is also a character like a crying boy with its face stuck in her mother 's pet' s chest.

[Narration] Part 3
"Original Lei 〓〓〓quot; ... In this case the meaning is "to develop the story different from the original by doing the original interpretation?
Masami Yuki, a cartoonist,
"Where is the reason for borrowing the original work?"
(= I wish I could do it completely original?)
There are some things that I've been stuck in seriously.

Mr. Ale ... The painting of white and black, the robot with the red turning light is active ... Because, "That" modeling "is not completely original created from" no "at all,
Even if it looks "There is a painting of white and black, with a red turning light attached" It is the original of the guy or "original neta" exists.

There is no such thing as original material or "fiction" without "inspiration" (Kippari).

What is it,
"No matter how much the original is" Ipu and Nambo ", there must be" love "there! (Alejandro. Hodorowski, film director)"
It is also said that.
What is more important than that Mr. Alele has recently become a hot topic in something bad direction as a victim of the original lesbian? (〓〓〓.

<Honorific title abbreviation>

2013/04/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27428 Host:27344 Browser: 4895
[good point]

[Bad point]
I am short of emphasis and hard to empathize, I do not understand the meaning of behavior well
Little psychological description of characters

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I did not know what to do.

2012/09/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31357 Host:31470 Browser: 7300
Sekai type love story.

[good point]
The thought of Ilya The feelings of Ilya against Asaba are gathered in a simple and beautiful manner.
With a secret that can not be said to anyone, embracing an unusual degree of vigilance when the siren rings, distance to others, disappearance of obsession with Akiho and Asaba.
It is not unusual behavior (I do not know common sense), such as inserting a cat into a shoe box or handling personal items as treasure, taking the word of Asaba as a drunkard, but Iliya seems to be thinking about Asaba Is strongly transmitted.
It is painful and painful, because everyone has the position in which they are located, every action will be undermined.

Simple World Structure What kind of worldview was it is summarized in a conversation with Enomoto and the last letter of Shiina.
Although it is a structure frequently found in Sekai, since it is 6 stories and a short scenario, it is better for this to be about as smooth as this.
Because the thirsty country is so far as to think that war is really happening, by making the gap ambiguous the boundary line between reality and reality in a good sense,
Two people's view of the world is well built because of the interaction between Asaba and Ilya in daily life, the position of Ilya who is not ordinary, the two overlapping. (Although it is mainly Ilya)

[Bad point]
A lot of people are talking about, but the thoughts of Asabi's Ilya are not transmitted though there are 6 stories and a short story.
I think that it will become a liver of the Sekai system to deepen the exchange with each other, deepen the exchange, and keep in mind, but the behavior to Ilya taken by Asaba is ambiguous and it is painful to empathize one more time.
I think that she probably felt the situation she was in with the first unusual riot, but I could not sense my determination to overcome such a danger.
Iriya's tears are cut out when taking out, and Asaba himself has few descriptions that take active action.

Were living at school really necessary in a short plot such as scenes that Iriya hit everything from disharmony against himself?
Especially while reading erotic books at convenience stores, I even wonder if the scene was really necessary at the gymnasium.
Even though there was only that scene that escaped from there, I wondered if there was not even a gentle voice (lol)

Regrettably, Asaba, such as attitude towards Enomoto for the first time, was a self-centered guy, so many depictions made me draw a link.

It is clear that it will eventually become such a flow helplessly, so I wanted aggressive action ....
No, because it is rather helpless, maybe I might have summarized in this short flow ... Because the behavior of 6 talks was a good impression,
In the long run it would be all right if the closing was OK The idea would apply to this work structure.

I wonder if the tempo is bad after that.
The scene of my sister and Suizenji is a wasteful flow, and the war ended on television against Enomoto in the final story,
Wherever Ilya is looking at flowing scenes and wherever it is, it is obvious that he is heading for Ilya
(I understand it from the flow of school) There was a scene that badly disturbed the flow of tempo by vomiting useless speech against scenes that can be understood by Aho.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Since it is a short story with 6 episodes, injuries with a lot of thrusts are eliminated, the point where the wasteful part is omitted and focused on the two is simple and easy to understand, it is easy to see because it is short.
If it is as simple as this "weapon of the last weapon" which is listed as a similar work it seems to be quite good.
Drawing is also beautiful, and Iriya point of view makes me feel as freaky and romantic love affair, so I am satisfied with that point.

Evaluation is good, bad deduct and "normal" place.

2012/07/08 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27699 Host:27766 Browser: 3458(Mobile)
Asaba eventually wonders what I wanted to do, I can not understand or sympathize.
Were you fond of Ilya? There is no reason to swing her like that if I like Ilya. He is not acting for Ilya. I have consistently protected her for myself. I do not want to use my favorite toys for others, just because I wanted to keep them at hand.

Otherwise, that curse scene on the railroad would have never been, and at the last minute, it would not seem like it would be over with a fancy expression. "That toy, it was my favorite, but it's not bad," a prominent expression that is not dragging anything.
Anyway, Naoyuki Asaba was an unpleasantly unpleasant hero.

......, and if you only watched this animation without reading the original, it would have been thought of this way.
As mentioned above, Asaba is anything terrible anime. As we have omitted just Asaba's conflicts and fine psychological depictions that were in the original work, I have drawn only the scenes of his negative aspects exactly, so there is nothing to be likable. I can only think that there are malicious intentions in the production team to read erotic books at convenience stores or buy razors ......

Of course, the scenario is also quite possible. It is obvious that it is not a story that fits on the scale of the six stories in the first place, so the production team can not feel the will to draw a story within this limited framework.
For example, scenes that are hard to convey even somewhat aggressive are told by the monologue of the character, or to make more expressions move more. Regarding Asaba, expression was particularly lacking. There was no sharpness in the facial expressions at all times, and in addition to the above elements, acting conscious of the voice actor's junior high school student became envy, establishing a completely bad junior high school student.

In addition, my father who is intelligent and has a sharp falling down Suizenji as a stupid thing, it seems to be stiff, my father who is missing a bit of speech is in a state of dad on Sunday, and my sister told me that it was good not to put out anything .
There are no tightness when raising a bad point. So leave it around here.

The only good thing was that we could see the last crop circle. I only had a good time here.
However, for those who have not yet read the original, it is noticeable for Asaba that stands out shortly, because it is a work of the level you want to erase from memory, for those who have read the original, we do not recommend it.

2012/05/14 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12622 Host:12448 Browser: 9930
Original unread.
A number of people already mentioned as comparative examples already,
A story of a feeling that he said "the last weapon she" of the Runov version.
(Incidentally, the last weapon she is reading in manga)
A heroine somewhat shadowed that he met one day seems to be a tool of war though it is his own intention,
The main character talks about so-called Sekai-style love affair that keeps Ira on my helplessness, deepening relationship with the heroine who is in a very important position in war.

First of all, it is controversial argument, but in this work the depiction of the direction of war is totally ignored,
We focus on love between hero and heroine.
In the first place, it is impossible to touch war with this work as it is a story of the hero's point of view because it is set by the hero who lives everyday itself that saying there is war.

So the problem is that despite focusing on the hero and the heroine so far,
Things that impossible empathy can not be transferred. The number of narcotics is briefly short.
For that reason, there is no change in the change in the psychological state of their two people, what they think and what they felt at that time.

... and, although it may be because of the number of talks, I do not think that only Sole is the cause for me.

I said "Lanova version final weapon she" above, but it is a bad meaning to say the Lanova version here.
Regardless of recent lanobets, both heroine and heroine were lacking in appeal.
The heroine Ilya looks cute and mysterious,
There is no "something" that the hero can fall in love with and stick.
I think that it is not sympathy for emotions or sorrows to protect, and it does not lead to emotions like love,
Indeed some depictions that Asaba who is actually the hero likes Ilya really?

Asaba spat out terroristic languor at Ilya during escape,
Finally, even if Ilya did not come back, it was not easy to return to daily life as much as possible, because after all I did not like Ilya much much?

To be more honest, Asaba seems to be drunk on him who defends a poor girl.
So when you do not like it Ilya victims will vomit,
You can argue with asking your mouth like anyone you know.
When I came to that conclusion, what I came among them was very comical and it fell down.

I wonder what Asaba is like at the end.
"Iliya has died, but this was her intention, it can not be helped."
Things that can be cleared up with such reasons can not be called love or love.

Nuclear in the work 's nucleus, the best selling that pulls out the other was not a real fact, it was not a big deal.
There were a few points that seems to be good for putting on the worst, so please bear with it and it is "very bad"

2011/12/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18388 Host:18370 Browser: 4895
For every setting of the era, background setting of the drama, setting of the hero, I could not understand the setting by all means.
Is it about the end of the Showa era as the era?
That computer at that time?
The building is in disorder with Heisei around mid-mid-Showa era, contents are present and future ....
I did not understand the meaning at all.
Although I'd like to say "worst", I feel like there is a drama, so I will keep it as "very bad" as an evaluation.
It is the first time I do not understand this much.

2010/12/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46106 Host:46143 Browser: 6300
[good point]
〓〓〓In a thing drawn with war and love affair together, side by side with "final weapon she"
I think that it is a very wonderful work.
〓〓〓The characters are unique in character and the two who escape are particularly well drawn
I think that it was.
〓〓〓The fact that the war destroys the two love affairs without mercy is deep
FormID: 01004 0 0 I am depicted and have become a stub love story.
〓〓〓unbearable feelings, urgent thoughts, sadness, very much in my chest
There are a lot of name scenes that come close.
[Bad point]
〓〓〓I do not know which is the previous work, but "final weapon she"
__ The settings are very similar.
〓〓〓The main character's verbal abuse in the scene of the example problem, in the reality of the war
FormID: 01005F5 SENQDWilderness INFOGENERAL 0 You can not completely suppress the feeling of desperation brought in
0 I think that I tried to stop it, but I wanted you to keep it down.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a very wonderful work. I have been watching it several times, but each time I can make you think about something.

2010/09/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7859 Host:7528 Browser: 3876
When I see this work I remember the sky where half of the moon rises. The heroine is not incurable. There is an image of what goes to death something. There is no doubt that he is in danger of death. The last is a bright feeling, but there is a danger, but since my feelings are positive, I do not feel it.

To say clearly this work is challenging. Adults and children are all in contact with irritability. It is similar to the one mentioned in the former part. It is similar to the atmosphere of Holland of Eureka in saying that it is an adult who puts frustration obediently. It is painful to watch the collision.

Although this work is a typical Boy Meets girl thing, it is better to stop thinking it is a light thing. The fate of the world is on the shoulder of a heroine, the hero who was chosen to relax that stress. Clearly speaking, existence of dissolution of frustration exists from adults. It is pretty disgusting - setting. The hero is going to change that relationship to a good one. Until then it includes somewhat bad mood.

The start is not so, even the early stage SPs are only watching with gag-like gags, but they all know the secret and will change. The middle tone of the pressure that I want to escape in a state of tension is always going on until the last. Particularly painful is the story that two people go out of town with two people, but this is too tiring. The relationship between the two also begins to twist.

I think that perhaps it is better not to see perhaps if you can not enjoy the annoying story that is irritated on the way from the last little positive one. Because I like this story.

2010/06/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 760 Host:546 Browser: 9643
[good point]
I love talking so much that Iriya's everyday feelings will make me cry any time.
How to exhale that feeling, how to bring a story is also very skillful.
Although it is extensive, the story itself is as it is, so it is satisfactory just to say that the scene becomes a picture and a voice comes out.

[Bad point]
I wanted you to go to the bowling even if you increased one more episode.
The voice actor is awkward when hearing it now.
Mr. Namikawa is not good at honesty. My feelings are not transmitted at all.
Ilya is a difficult role, but now Mr. Nonaka can do better.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was able to enjoy it because I did not make extra arrangements.
Cup Yakisoba hot water cut scenes, that kind of motivation to make that chase.
I remember every time I cut the cup of yakisoba.

2010/04/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1165 Host:1082 Browser: 10070
[good point]

Theme song. Especially OP is pretty good.

The picture is pretty, the facial expressions are somewhere better.

Hat off to Mr. Hirofumi Kamiya.
Extremely high tension, just a weirdo w
Although I saw a lot of casts by Mr. 's work, this work was the best work among myself.

[Bad point]

Anyway the deployment is too early and I do not know exactly what's coming out with too much mystery from the beginning.
I think that hints are skillful.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I guess I could have turned it down if I did it on TV series.

2010/02/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9207 Host:9204 Browser: 9671
To be honest, what I wanted to do was refreshed.
From the scene in the fighter plane at the beginning of the first episode, I felt like a war stuff.
In fact, thinking that it was a story called a summer love story beside the war, it was a mistake that I watched the whole story.

This work tends to be in recent animation, the scale is huge, eventually the story ends at a small place like an individual, it is a subside work.
If that last, I think that it is not necessary to make the setting so far.
In addition, I think if Iriya's point of view is another impression, I think that another point of view is a hero's point of view.
Besides, I could not empathize to the hero.
It is hard to say that it is a good work.

In addition, it is not extraordinary that the supporting members of the supporting players are irritated.
Whether it belongs to the informal newspaper department to which I belong, whether my sister or my classmate.
If only I want to do the second half part, I think I could have reduced it a little more.

After all, I think that I drew too much in everything.
Because of that, I think that the smallness of the whole work stands out and the evaluation shakes.

2009/08/09 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31926 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
It is too much. Clearly amateur works. I'm getting irritated watching works that I have done without thinking like this without any idea.
The main character tries to protect the girl why the girl who met for the first time for the first time does not know whether there is a relationship or who is not doubtful. I do not understand the translation. I understand if this is a girl who is one-sided by a classmate's girl. I do not even know the name I met for the first time today. The man may be a family that may be acquainted with a girl Maybe he came to meet me Maybe he is waiting. What I know at this point is that the main character and the girl met for the first time today. From the perspective of the viewer, the hero is a painful child whose air can not be read but only appears nice and cool. There is no reason to be covered because there is no connection or relationship. I will put the scene where the police will come next, but this also has no meaning to put this in alone. Since the character is not standing, it is zero charm and only setting. My voice does not match either. There is no personality just by gathering the common material from various places. The director also does not fit the world view, it is only cold, the view of the world falls apart and there is no conclusion. It's a perfect girl's work so it's nothing to persuade and frightening even if war, spicyness or sorrow is done. Reality to make use of the world view There is no depiction which is done at all and the hero moves only conveniently, so there is no empathy transfer. If you are going to play a war, the scene of the pool that you are going to do with the first 5-stream beauty girl game is long and long. Because there is no thought or script capability, it is unnecessary and there are many, and if it is only one talk, it is collected well in ten minutes.
Why do you look at that Why the hero is upset Why do you say that line Why does the girl take out the hero Why did the main character collapse in a collision Why a man or a health teacher wants a hero Who was the wind I knew? (When I first met, the man was unknown) Why did you put that scene? Why does everything take that reaction? Moreover, because it is OVA, you have to put in war and battle in the first story and bring it in. Nothing ended without excitement or contents. It would be better if you were still a school girl and a love comedy. This is a work by which the story continues with the theme of war as a theme. There is a wastefully long time the story is in harmony and the multiplication is not natural so the sense of urgency is not transmitted and the contents are really out of tempo really bad. It has become a bikubiku and suddenly put out something that was taking a bath with my sister and it is too cold and the absence of this script capability tells everything.

2009/07/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13014 Host:13348 Browser: 5234
It is a bit difficult for me to cry a bit.
The drawing is quite good and the voice actor also matches. Although the original was not read, I felt this OVA was also good enough

I feel like I can not empathize with Ilya

2009/04/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34731 Host:34713 Browser: 6399
[good point]
"Final weapon she" was 13 episodes, but this work got almost the same impression with only 6 episodes.
I felt that the "final weapon wearer" also fell off pretty well, but was it that I cut off more and left only the core?
The picture was also nice and clean here.

[Bad point]
A point to be bothered about having to read the original.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was able to cry a lot. It is sufficient to cry for only 3 hours or so

"very good"

2009/03/24 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47051 Host:47006 Browser: 5173
From the original position I read it, it is extremely exaggerated when I say it.
I can not express the splendor of that original with a short story of 6 episodes.
I felt an insult to those entering the original from animation.
Even though the original is so wonderful ... ...

I will say it over and over.
The original is the best, but animation is the worst story.
I gave up the evaluation and made it "very bad".

2009/02/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17681 Host:17423 Browser: 4549
I was worried that 1 talk was not amusing, but in the second half I was a little better.
But I do not feel like spending my time again.
Also, I do not know which is the destination,
Judging by the content of animation, the outline of the story is exactly like the final weapon.

Because it is only 6 stories, the reason for the action is hard to understand,
Since I can not fully empathize,
I put somewhat on bold behavior and conflicts due to immature so I got hit by a barge.
You might as well wish not to expect as much as this site ranking.

Evaluation is "bad".
Although there are good parts,
Less perfection depression animation,
It's a waste of time just to sigh.

2008/07/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4577 Host:4566 Browser: 5234
Well ... I wasted time. It is the lowest.
I do not understand as much as to say that the psychological change of the character is totally because of the shortness of the scale of 6 talks as the other person says.
I will explain the downfall of this animation.
First of all, I aim too much for Moe and erotic from the beginning. There are many other animations of that lineage, but this animation is beyond the limit. It is too vulgar, there is no chinese operation, temporarily stopped watching with the first episode.
The thing which is particularly impressed by looking to the end is 〓〓〓the teacher of the health department, Shiina becomes a horse riding a protagonist and strikes, 〓〓〓the main character violently speaks to Ilya.
I laughed about 〓〓〓 When Iliya bleeds and fell down, suddenly the teacher of Health goes mad, hits the hero and hits him and hits him. However, if you think that there is something serious reason, there is nothing until the end after all. Probably Ilya was fighting for the main character at the expense of herself and it seems that he got angry about that hero did not properly understand it, but how to get angered exceeds degrees.
〓〓〓This animation is the number one factor that has slowed down to the lowest animation. Iriya is attacked by metamorphosis while two people are escaping living. Iliya who survived the spot by himself without doing anything after all, I think he received a considerable shock. As I usually do not express self expressions, if I thought that I should follow from the hero, I will eat "eat rice" without any worrying words. The hero who cheats by talking about no retention. Although I was saying that I was using mind later, misplaced is also extraordinary. If I thought that it was a fucking guy, I saw a hiding place in a police officer and escaped further. Two people walking on the railroad track. I suddenly sprained lily to Ilya saying "I am not done anything" desperately. That content is terrible, it is already the worst. It was only unpleasant.
Of course the evaluation is "worst"

2008/05/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17895 Browser: 2144(Mobile)
I felt strongly that there was a shortage of explanation, but I wanted to see the original work.
Last weapon We thought that the atmosphere of the talk was similar to her, but I personally like this one.

It is supposed to be insufficient, but from about Ilya's attempted rape, something like this, I guess it's not easy ... Yeah.

I want to read the original.

2008/05/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23253 Host:23501 Browser: 6542
Sometimes it is 6 episodes, I have seen it in one day.
I think that it was quite interesting. The setting was a sekai type which tends to be, but it was purely enjoyable.
I think that it can not be helped in a short time of 6 episodes, but I thought that motivation of the actions of the characters was not able to be clearly sympathized.

I thought about seeing the original, but I do not think I will see it until I bought it. It is about that evaluation, impression.

2008/02/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2444 Host:2236 Browser: 3876
Was good.

I was worried whether it would be half way through mixing war things and youth stuff, but it was very good that it was included in a good feeling. In the last scene the lacrimal glands came into my mind ....

However, I did not fully understand the development of the story of the 5th episode to my unread original.

I will read the original from now on.
Evaluation is "very good"

2007/10/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29440 Host:29264 Browser: 4184
The pilot who had 5 people died and only Ilya remained.
I can only ride a child who can synchronize under special conditions.
Oh well. Demo, then I can not replenish anything. .
It's painful at the very bottom of the setting.
At the very least the driving system of the fighter on which the pilot is riding with an alien synchronizes only to the alien (Ilya = aliens). It is not easy to say unless it has such a strict setting.
The content of the story too much emphasis on the part of the original of the liver, it was quite hard since the fifth episode where frequent characters are fierce abruptly. Then I wanted you to scrape a little more "early episode" before that.
It is a pity that I did not feel as much as "final weapons unit" or "Hoshino goe".

2007/06/24 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 737 Host:488 Browser: 4696
June 24th is UFO day globally.
After having finished watching animation, I read on important days carefully the original work to meet on that day.
Since it is too painful, I'm writing this comment while drinking a little dish with Fuji Pan's "Disc bread (reprint edition)" while sipping the theme song.
The original was a nice juvenile novel firmly sci-fi, keeping the unwritten law of the light's bell (hero is the hero).
Other evaluators better understood the meaning being said that "the anime is a digest version of the original".

Wonderfully impressed by comparing the impressions, is not Suikamizu director director who does not fit in the frame of sub character again? Serif, behavioral principle, depiction leaving room for imagination to restore memory. For his expression only, for the sake of time, the animated version is not incomplete but I am honest that I am sorry (I want you to publish "Suizenji Dark" or a sequel).

However, in other respects, I'm feeling reassurted that it is a good idea to incorporate the original world into all six episodes.

Contrary to the fact that "half the moon rising sky" puts it in all 6 episodes in a form that scraps off the original, this work is fully compressed.

After all, I also got a DVD-BOX and bought a novel and thought that I would not do anything to the original author, I also went to that novel and bought a drama CD as a phrase.

Although I am reading mouth of Hogan's hard SF in general, I feel that "Iliya" is really a recommended work for SF fans and Juvenile (youth stuff) fans.

2007/06/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8516 Host:8589 Browser: 4928
I saw the whole story, but there is also 6 episodes, I wonder if the tempo was fast. It is a pity that Iriya and Asaba ended without finally meeting at the end. As for half of the moon rising as well this adults hit a child a little bit I hate it. You can get youth with each other fighting about the same age .... It was good that the last director survived. (Laugh) Both theme songs were good.

2007/05/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46868 Host:46809 Browser: 3875
Works whose hero's love affairs affect the world,
There are mostly painful bastards that are hard to empathize for some reason,
This supporting character was unique and covers that well well.
I do not know well whether Sudo, Suizenji and sisters and others are disturbing love affairs or helping.
Well, I think that natural part of that part was good. Kamiya Hiroshi may be a harasser.
Also, the gourmet sense of the Iron Settlement and Green Ramen or TV Tokyo Burr was good. It seems to be summer. However, I was dissatisfied with the treatment of adults like Enomoto.
Enomoto's life is not heavy? Is there not much in the case that the Sekai system is an adult becoming a villain?
Well, I think that I compiled the original volume 4 successfully with 6 episodes.
It was high point that I could express neither the difficult part of the novels into the imagery.

2007/04/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30529 Host:30426 Browser: 4696
As I was worried about "What is Moe animation? What's inside?", Because it was a stupid sale of 70 yen for a rental, I watched the whole 6 volumes at once.
It is an animation that does SF properly. Satisfaction. It was interesting.
It is the only subject subject to personal deductions, which is the hero's inequality (which also sighs as it is the current of the times). Other than that it is good.
A sub character (especially a self-defense military officer played by Mr. Kazuhiko Inoue, director of the newspaper department which Enomoto and Hiroshi Kamiya perform, Suizenji) is also standing and GOOD. It is recommended.

2007/03/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42836 Host:42876 Browser: 4984
It was wonderful, fun, it was painful, it was very good.
I saw it from the animation version without knowing the original work at all, but I enjoyed it without problems.
Scenes that dance with fighter aircraft are beautiful and very good, too.
Compared with the original, I thought there was somewhat missing part, but I think that it is good enough.

2007/03/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5027 Host:5224 Browser: 5234
"You can enjoy it without knowing the original, if you know the original, you can enjoy more".
Thanks to that, I will introduce three points that I felt particularly well focused on narrowing down.

1, The first thing I watched this work from the eyes of the original fan fans is "I have expressed it without breaking the wonderfulness of the original although there are some omissions" did.
From an original fan, there is nothing that can not be tolerated as it spreads to those who do not know it at all because it has been corrupted by the original. For example, "eye shield 21" and so on.
In addition, knowledge of characters, acting of voice actors, etc. were all relieved as mostly as imagery.
Besides that, it is wonderful that the charm of that original remains intact, and it is beautifully gathered up with a short story number of all 6 stories.

2, OP, ED
It does not matter that both of them match the image. Once you hear it, you will not be able to think of other songs.
Besides, the quality of black manta of OP is also high. It may be because it was hard to imagine in the novel, but I felt it was still so.

3, unique animation ...
The biggest difference between novels and animation is, of course, "whether the character actually moves"
In that sense, I think that this work makes good use of the advantage which is not in that novel.
Facial expressions and gestures of Ilya, Asaba, Suizenji were well represented, and there were many things that I thought was "Oh, this kind of expression at this time", it was fresh.

If you ask me to put a sting only in one place, this word "Let's do it more carefully" No, I should.
I think that it is impossible to express that masterpiece in 6 episodes only.
Another thing, the treatment of Suizenji is terrible than the original by animation .... After all six stories are impossible.

Because it praises so much, evaluation is naturally best! It is a place I want to go with, but apparently it does not seem to go.
It certainly will be close to that if you look at this piece by itself. No matter how low you estimate it is very good to be sure.
But what will happen when comparing this work with the original? It should be considered there after evaluation.
Well, once again reviewing this work, then reading back the original, honest animation version will look inferior.
I think that it is attributed to saying that it crammed in the six talks that I mentioned earlier, but the best cause is still the tremendousness of Mr. Akiyama's ground force, I can not catch up with it Is not there something wrong with the skills of the staff?
The composing power of the work.The scene change, how to move the character, in all these animated versions have lost the original.

It is something you want the remake to be exactly in 24 story places if possible. Of course supervision is Mr. Akiyama.
From the above, the rating will be ranked as "good" by dropping one rank from the original.