[Anime]Inochi no Chikyuu Dioxin no Natsu

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Anime rank of 2001 Rank 65in 148 titles
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Katsura Souzaburou Koide Kazumi
Setsuko Shibuichi
Nobuko Sakuma
Ai Orikasa
Takako Honda
Yuri Shiratori
Kazuhiko Inoue
Tessho Genda
Yuko Mizutani
Naomi Kusumi
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Japan Released:2001/08/18(Sat) Movie
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2016/08/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Even in Yahoo Chiebukuro, perhaps the question of people I saw in Gao as well as me was seen,
Certainly there were things that overlapped with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. This Italy. The Severno pesticide factory explosion incident.

This work is an animation with it as a theme, Enriko of the hero and its friends formed a detective team and investigated the truth of the incident, but as Japanese animation movie, as their reliable support role Japan An elder brother, Ando, 〓〓〓〓〓 journalist also appeared.
If I appoint Mr. Kazuhiko Inoue as a voice actor it would have been better to have drawn as a handsome older brother, but I did not think it was a real mystery.

It seems that Enrico, which had similar apparel to Ikari Shinji, also became a windbreaker to hold a meeting with them that his father was a mayor, "We are the mayor of the dangerous substance contained in the mayor I reported properly. "(And the mayor naturally had a belief that he was" not 100% surely infusing information and confusing it by strangeness ", but he did not release it in real time) It was a painful feeling that he was suffering, like the president chairman who had escaped responsibility to the company side, suffering from health damage, and the living houses were also like pinching between the lost victims.

Nevertheless, as you can tell from the valence "There are people, there are politics and chemistry there!" And so on, such a strong intention to seek the truth while suffering like that almost did not blur all the time.
Whether it was also a place to think again somewhere, even when the police tried to stop the demonstrations of the residents, it was probably meant to be his crime to have stopped it.

Julia also said to Lucio, who also had a fight with Enrico, "It is easy to complain about someone, but just complaining is the same as it is in the end that you have to fight as your own problem. I was saying something like "I'm still a kid who did not feel like they could understand so much .............

Some people were forced to make a painful choice not to bore children due to the fear of the influence of dioxin, but as well as damage to those residents, as well as at the subsequent press conference, there was still dishonest correspondence Voices of their serious anger towards the enterprises, even after that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident and the accident of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident also occurred, it was made me realized that we must accept it again heavily. On the other hand, also speaking so to speak, it was a topic in Japan for a while, but I did not draw the company side as a one-sided evil but danced in information etc., captured in the immediate convenience , I was also alarmed about the danger of using what kind of chemical substances are not well recognized.

If it says so, it also appeared in animation which the girl who had intellectual impairment had been the main character which had been delivered in the same gyo recently, it was too early to be departed to heaven,
Mr. Mizutani Yuko Mary plays a decline that the trace of the damage on the face remains, while remaining anxious about the influence of dioxin but firmly raising up as a child of herself
Was the courage to overcome such an unreasonable tragedy as well as ED songs was also ordinary salvation?

I did not know this incident until checking delivery at Gya, but I definitely have to leave it as a lesson. This time, it was an explosion accident of Union Carbide Co., which occurred in India. Bhopal, but ... The evaluation is "very good".